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Deceptions within Religion and Science run DEEP! Let’s Think!

May 7, 2017

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Today, I witness much deception within our religious organizations and our science organizations. Let’s review some of these deceptions which intelligent people accept as reality. After much study on the issues below, I feel confident that most religions and much of science are based on partial falsehoods/deceptions! Reality, to me, consists of living by ‘successive moments of Now’ and I interpret all events based on what is real to me in the NOW!


  1. Within Christianity we have this deception surrounding the historical Jesus/Yeshua. Vast numbers of thinkers have adopted the view that Jesus claimed to be God (YHWH) while here on planet Earth. This deception is prevalent throughout Christianity and most do not dare to challenge this obvious deception. In reality, Yeshua/Jesus was fully human and as a Aramaic Jew he worshiped his God called Yahweh. Yeshua was born (as we all are…normally) and was then circumcised on day 8, dedicated shortly thereafter to the God of his parents (Yahweh), and later learned his Jewish religion at the Temple in Jerusalem from rabbi’s and priest’s. After his baptism by his cousin, John, he had a revelation from Yahweh which led to his ministry. His Gospel was the Kingdom or Government of his God (Yahweh). He found followers and these followers helped him preach this message (Gospel) called the Kingdom of God (YHWH) until his death in 31 A.D.  He never claimed to be YHWH during his lifetime as he received select ‘words’ from his source (Yahweh) while living on planet Earth and preaching his message.
  2. Confusion over ‘words’ is what I witness within this religion called Christianity. Some point out that Yeshua was Emmanuel (God with us) and this meant that he was God (YHWH). Emmanuel, however, simply means that Yeshua received select ‘words’ from his spiritual LOGOS (Yahweh) and spoke as God when these select ‘words’ arrived. These ‘words’ were from God (Yahweh/Most High) so it is easy to jump to the conclusion that Yeshua/Jesus was also God. In reality, however, Jesus/Yeshua ‘received’ words from Yahweh and this meant that his ‘authority’ came from God (YHWH)…while he, himself, was fully human. Yeshua was similar to the prophet Muhammad in that he ‘received’ words from our Creator God. Receiving ‘words’, however, does not mean that Jesus was God or that Mohammad was God. Both were prophets. Jesus can be elevated above Muhammad, however, in that he was also the prophesied Messiah. As Messiah, Jesus/Yeshua, had a Gospel that was relevant for all mankind. His Gospel, however, was summarily rejected by the Jewish scribes, rabbis, priests, and the High Priest! These elite claimed that his message was blasphemy and a ‘playing’ of God! I summit that this was a false interpretation of his message/Gospel!
  3. The false theology which promotes Jesus/Yeshua as GOD is a gross deception which this person would clearly REJECT if present today. Yahweh/Allah/Elah/Elohim and similar ‘names’ can be viewed as our Creator God. But Jesus/Yeshua should be demoted to a prophet and a Messiah (not God the Most High Creator). That is my view after much research and study on this issue. The real GOSPEL of Yeshua/Jesus was the KINGDOM and/or the GOVERNMENT of his inner SOURCE. God, this inner Source, rules this planet and Yeshua/Jesus recognized this reality. His ‘words’ reveal that he viewed himself as a servant of YHWH (not God Almighty who sits on his heavenly Throne)! Muhammad also viewed himself as a prophet as his ‘words’ were from Allah (another ‘name’ for God…in Arabic). Muhammad, however, did not view himself as Messiah (a different title which has meaning and significance when fully understood). Muhammad’s message was mostly a gospel of ‘submission’ to our Creator. All the rest (which he enunciated) was mostly meaningless fluff IMO! The gospel of ISLAM is a gospel of ‘submission’ to the heavenly Creator. Submission then leads to a new worldview!


  1. Within science I witness much deception on this concept called the ‘origin’ of life and the evolution of man. Science has no real definition of this ‘word’ called LIFE. Life is essentially consciousness/spirit and this means that ‘life’ has no beginning or origin. Science likes to assume that a living organism (cell or similar) represents LIFE. This, to me, is gross deception. I can find a cell or an organism which ‘has’ life, but I can not find LIFE. Science confuses the issue with their selection of ‘words’ (much like religion). Since there is NO ‘origin of LIFE, this means that ‘life’ is eternal and everlasting. Life can best be viewed as metaphysical and spiritual…not a ‘thing’ which exists.
  2. Science has adopted this view/concept that ‘life’ is a ‘thing’ which exists (much like matter/energy). In reality, however, ‘life’ is eternal/immortal and should not be viewed as some ‘thing’ which exists within space/time. Science needs to rethink their definitions of ‘words’ and this could lead to less deception and confusion. Since ‘life’ does not exist (as a physical ‘thing’), this means that life derives from the spiritual realm of reality. Science can ‘find’ a cell or an organism and call this ‘thing’ life, but this is deception. The ‘word’ life needs to be viewed as the moving spiritual force within each of us. Life comes from our spiritual Creator and not from the material realm of ‘matter/energy’. If science could think in dualistic terms, I think they could solve this mystery easily. Dualism proposes that we all live within TWO realms of reality. The realm of existence (matter) and the realm of the spiritual (mind)!
  3. Words are key to understanding reality. I would propose that the ‘word’ EXIST means derived from matter/energy. That which does not EXIST is derived from my/your consciousness (our inner spirit). Objects that I observe can be viewed as ‘existing’. But inner words/concepts should be viewed as ‘not’ existing. Think of a ‘name’ as not existing. Think of the object ‘named’ as existing. Notice that we live within TWO realms of reality. God also does not ‘exist’. God is spirit and lives within each of us (our consciousness). To claim that God ‘exists’ is a deception. God is inner and part of our spiritual consciousness! That is my view of reality. Both science and religion need to clean up their ‘words’ and ‘definitions’. This could eliminate MUCH deception and confusion. Enjoy! I am:

Some additional images to consider:

Image result for emmanuel, god with us

Jesus/Yeshua was fully human and not God Almighty as Christians assert! His God was the Jewish God called Yahweh!

Image result for jesus was fully human

Jesus was called Yeshua (Aramaic was his language) during his lifetime! He did not claim to be God but a servant ‘of’ God!

Image result for jesus worshipped at the temple in jerusalem

Yeshua/Jesus was unhappy with the money changers at the Temple complex. His humanity was revealed to everyone with discernment!

Image result for jesus worshipped at the temple in jerusalem

Yeshua visited the Temple as this was the place where his God (YHWH) resided (in spirit). Jesus never claimed to be God!

Image result for jesus died as a human

Yeshua died around 31 A.D. outside of Jerusalem (Golgotha). His humanity was revealed by his physical death!

Image result for muhammad was a prophet

Muhammad received his select ‘words’ from the Creator (Logos) and then he verbalized these ‘words’ for his followers!

Image result for muhammad was a prophet, submission of Allah

The essential message or gospel of Muhammad was ‘submission’ to Allah (another ‘name’ for our Creator God)!

Image result for muhammad was a prophet, submission of Allah

The messenger (a human being) is never God! Words derive from our Creator and then these ‘words’ can be given meaning for everyone!

Image result for science does not define the word life, what is life

Science does not define this ‘word’ called LIFE! Where is the evidence that ‘life’ emerges from inorganic matter?

Image result for what is life (within science), what is the origin of life

Is the above valid science? It appears, to me, as mere conjecture and imagination! Where are the ‘transitional’ life forms?

Image result for what is life (within science), what is the origin of life

Does ‘life’ have an ‘origin’? What is a good definition of ‘life’? An organism is an organism (with ‘life’)!

Image result for what is life (within science), what is the origin of life

This myth and deception is promulgated by intelligent scientists. But is this valid science? Life can not arise from ‘non-life’! Show me! 

Image result for where did life come from

Is this valid science based upon ‘evidence’? I have witnessed these images from my youth! It implies what? Are there better explanations?

Image result for where did life come from

Can ‘life’ emerge from non-life? I don’t think so! Life is another ‘word’ for my ‘consciousness’ (spirit)! Life is eternal/non-physical!

Image result for where did life come from, did God create life forms

Science has zero evidence on issues of ‘life’. Where did it derive from? Can ‘life’ emerge from matter/energy? Or is a Higher Intelligence required? What is the law of bio-genesis? What is a good definition of this word called ‘life’? Think for yourself!

Image result for the throne room of god

An image of the Throne room of our Creator (assumed and imagined). My evidence comes for the book of Revelation Chapter 4 and 5! The Kingdom of God is inner (within each of us). That is my premise! Life is a spiritual journey that never ends!


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