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Kingdom economics is based on the simple but profound concept that God is the foundational reality underlying all our consciousness and is also the Creator of all that we experience and observe on this planet we call Earth. The idea that man is equal to God or that discovering our consciousness is equivalent to discovering God is rejected as delusional and false. God is real and his/her Kingdom is emerging and growing over time. We witness this emergence as we reflect on our history and as we reflect on current events. The ultimate establishment of this Kingdom, however, is determined by God’s timing and plan and not by man’s efforts.  God is our Potter and we are collectively the clay. With this introduction, here are some basic concepts which seem applicable:

  • It is the ‘narrow gate or road’ which leads to Life and to Life more abundantly (the Kingdom). The ‘broad road or wide gate’ leads to death and destruction (man’s rule).
  • The Kingdom of God is present now…awareness is the key (all can enter now).
  • Life is lived as successive moments of now. Our consciousness and awareness is always experienced in the now moment (also called the present moment).
  • The past is really experienced as a ‘memory’ in the now moment. The future is  experienced within our ‘imagination’ in the now moment (neither past nor future, however, is actively experienced as we live our lives). All of our life experiences (assuming we are conscious) are lived within the now moment.
  • Life’s decisions need to be implemented based on the situation and problem(s) in the now moment. A problem always precedes any solution.
  • Our individual and collective perspective on any issue is governed by the situation we are experiencing in the now moment and the problem(s) which emerge from our situation.
  • Our problem(s) are the real stuff of life and our problems will not be eliminated completely via any chosen solution. Therefore, problem(s) need to be viewed positively. Human beings are problem solvers as long as we live on thisplanet. We need problems for meaning and for growth.
  • Entering the Kingdom is totally based on seeking reality within (one’s inner consciousness). The Kingdom is a mindset, firstly. Principles for action emerge after entering the Kingdom within. God is not an external reality within our Universe (a thing), but rather the Source of my (your) inner being and my (your) inner consciousness. God’s spiritual realm operates within our inner being and is then manifested by my (your) actions. The Kingdom is invisible to the naked eye and to scientific observation.
  • God should be viewed as my (your) Source and provider. All the relationships between human beings should be viewed as totally equal and all solutions to a problem would not be implemented without a majority agreement of those concerned.

Since my (your) perspective and attitude will be changed as a result of entering the Kingdom, many old concepts which were relevant under Capitalism will not be necessary or relevant for Kingdom living. Some of these differences would be:

  1. Money was a Capitalist concept and would not be relevant for Kingdom living.
  2. Abundance and wealth will multiply many fold when compared to prior levels of wealth under the system of Capitalism.
  3. Personal freedoms will allow each person to achieve their potential as each person will want to develop their God given talents to the maximum.
  4. All new technologies and information channels will be available in real time for everyone on our planet. The mindset of most will be living and acting in the now moment. Developing one’s potential will create continual growth and progress for the many.
  5. All leaders and administrators within the Kingdom economy will desire to maximize the beneficial effects of growth and progress for our planet and all people.
  6. The negative factors of crime, terrorism, unbridled greed, environmental degradation, and military conquest, prevalent under Capitalism, will gradually diminish over time as people   develop more positive and constructive attitudes towards humanity and our destiny.
  7. A new spirit of cooperation and support will create more opportunities for all peoples to participate and contribute to the wealth and spiritual growth of our planet.
  8. A powerful attitude of peace, abundance, joy, and meaning will grow as all people learn that the spiritual realm of reality is real and that there are no limits on creativity and/or freedom.
  9. Negative behaviors will gradually change as all people recognize that their self-interest and participation is at the core of the global interest.
  10. A spirit of ‘family’ will pervade the thinking of all people as we accept each other as children of the one Creator of all. One planet under God will be our motto.

The above philosophy is the core of Kingdom Economics.  Seeking wisdom and understanding is the foundational creed of this economic system.

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  1. July 25, 2012 6:31 pm


    This is an encouragement to me.Your philosophy corresponds directly with the vision that has held onto me for over 28 years. Unlike you I’m not a college graduate ;but I know the Bible.

    I’m just beginning to learn WordPress


    • August 4, 2012 12:53 pm

      Ray: Glad to hear you identify with this philosophy of life. I also view it as positive and a step towards healing our planet.


  2. Harold Frost permalink
    September 8, 2014 1:27 pm

    I agree. I wrote a three-page essay about what I call “jubileeism” with similar ideas. I will e-mail it to you if you send an e-mail address to me. Call me; I would like to talk with you. Harold Frost- (802)626-5379. I live in Vermont.


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