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Babylon the Great – America!

May 9, 2017

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It is now clear, to me, that America has become Babylon the Great! This false, deceptive, evil political entity is run by two key mental concepts…’money’ and ‘military’ might! Money rules this planet and America has a corner on this ‘imaginary’ unit of nothing (the $$$$$). Some 67% of international reserves are living within our imaginary accounting system (cyberspace) and act as the core item for maintaining global hegemony. Yes, it’s this imaginary unit of nothing (called the America Dollar) which allows America to rule most of our planet. Our $$$$$ has zero value and zero substance but it acts as an ‘imaginary’ unit within our mind and this allows America to rule planet Earth.

Along with $$$$$ (money) America has a global military machine (some 800 military bases) scattered around our planet to enforce their global empire of corruption. The vast majority of common sense people are mostly unaware of their deep state policymakers and the corruption within this DEEP STATE. Our secret intelligence agencies and our behind closed-door banking operators can continue this charade until the vast majority of common sense people become AWARE of who runs our corrupt SYSTEM. The election of Mr. Negative (the Donald) will not change anything as he has now become PART of this DEEP STATE system. He may make some cosmetic changes (at the edges) but when it comes to the two core concepts (money and might) he will not change anything.

Mr. Trump is now part of Babylon the Great and the destiny of this spiritual entity. Babylon the Great is prophesied to fall suddenly and completely. My sense is that this FALL will come when a majority of traders and investors recognize the ‘imaginary’ nature of our money unit ($$$$$). Fantasy and illusion can deceive for a season, but eventually the intelligence of serious thinkers and investors will discover this fantasy/illusion. Our money is pure ILLUSION and FANTASY and all one needs to prove this is some serious private THINKING. Look and observe what is in front of your nose and you will discover the ‘imaginary’ nature of $$$$$ (money).

When will this FALL of America occur? Only the FATHER (God) knows the exact moment. My sense, however, is that this FALL is certain and rather SOON. Fantasy and illusion can maintain loyalty from the many for a given season. But ‘human nature’ prevails over time. Human nature is subjective and volatile. Watch the VIX index for signs of when this FALL may occur. VIX is a volatility index which you can watch on your smart phone computer. This imaginary index is part of our ‘imaginary’ financial system. All our financial system is now living within cyberspace (another imaginary space which I call our extended consciousness). People buy into all this fantasy and illusion as people live mostly in ‘fear’.

Powerful policymakers (this Deep State System) who run our banking and military operations determine what is reality for the masses. Few thinkers can think independent of this fantasy SYSTEM. I can name only some 10 to 12 individuals who I would suggest can discern our SITUATION correctly. I will not name my choices as I doubt if most would agree. But the number of thinkers is starting to GROW fast as our corrupt policymakers expose their fantasies and illusions to the public. Soon the number will be in the hundreds and then in the thousands. When this happens, change will occur rapidly and America (Babylon the Great) will FALL and perish into history.

Watch the news and the events as they happen. We are living in the LAST DAYS of a corrupt political sytem which AMERICA mostly runs. The coming time of trial will develop suddenly and then the unaware will become AWARE. Human nature does not change until the ‘money’ system collapses. MONEY rules this planet and currently the AMERICAN $$$$$ (this unit of our imagination) has control. All this will change suddenly and completely in a moment of time (a NOW moment). Live in the NOW to discern the coming events. The PAST is merely a ‘now’ memory and the FUTURE is a ‘now’ expectation. ONLY our CREATOR knows the precise timing on all this. Watch and wake-up! The time is short! I am:

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Image result for Babylon the Great! America!

Image result for Babylon the Great! America!

Image result for Babylon the Great! America!

Image result for Babylon the Great! America!

Image result for Babylon the Great! America!

Image result for Babylon the Great! America!

Image result for Babylon the Great! America!

Image result for Babylon the Great! America!

History is repeating as Human Nature has not changed. Germany (under Hitler) desired to the Great Again. It worked for a few years, then sudden destruction. This same result is prophesized to occur to America. That is MY judgement and discernment! Think for yourself! I am:


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