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To understand more about the nature of consciousness and the mind:




Core Assumptions of Science which are viewed as deceptive and false:

Science assumes that reality starts with observation (that which is outside of self/being/awareness/consciousness/mind). This assumption leads to a viewpoint that all reality is that which we discover about the physical universe. Science has ignored our higher self (our objective beingness) and assumed that we are nothing more then matter and energy in motion. This mindset has distorted all of reality to some degree!

Science is now realizing, however, that our consciousness is the fundamental core of our being human. And science wants to explain consciousness as an emergent result of our brain. This viewpoint (and philosophy) is rejected as deceptive and false. In reality, I am conscious and alive and my awareness and behavior derives from this starting premise. It is my non physical consciousness which perceives the outer physical universe. It is myconsciousness which creates my thoughts, subjective feelings, and my individual personhood (who I am). Consciousness is my ‘spirit within’. My ‘spirit within’ then perceives the outer universe. All that I am derives from my consciousness/mind.

The starting point for any meaningful view of human behavior and human action needs to focus on our ‘spirit’ within (consciousness). Kingdom economics assumes that every human being is a ‘spirit’ being living in the Now moment! Consequently, all reality needs to be interpreted based on this fundamental principle. Time and the physical universe derive from our subjective consciousness. Reality is always derived from who we ARE each moment of Now. And we are NOT our physical body/brain. We are consciousness!


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  1. Jamie permalink
    December 7, 2012 11:27 am

    Hi Don,
    Really excited to find your site. Thanks for putting your thoughts out there. If you’re interested I found it by doing a general Google search using “power is human nature” to initiate my search.

    I’d like to run something by you comparable to what I think your philosophy is but looking at it from a different angle.

    I’ll briefly introduce myself first. Jamie Ans. Live north of Toronto in a small town called Orillia. French teacher. On the list at a Toronto hospital for a heart transplant. Former National level athlete in sports like cross-country skiing, white-water kayaking and hockey. Pursuing a path of being ‘in the world, but not of it’ intensely for the last four years. Think I’m getting very close now.

    What I’d like to present to you and hopefully get your comment on revolves around the idea of the Kingdom of God. You mention that “All may enter this Kingdom”. What I’d like to introduce is the idea that each one of us on the earth, in this universe that sees themselves as separate from another, is already in this Kingdom but does not recognize it in themselves because they are identifying with the ego?

    You also discuss the subject of consciousness on your site defining it as “not our physical body/brain”. What if what we are… what if our true reality is…..what’s left over once we dismiss identifying with our physical body/brain? No subject no object…no me, no you…just the Peace of Consciousness. Just the Kingdom of God.

    I’ve found out recently that this idea is called Oneness or Non-duality. All that I am is Peace….the fundamental element of consciousness. If I see anything outside of me and identify it as separate from me then I am not identifying with the truth and must be identifying with the ego.

    If I see Eckhardt Tolle, Ben Bernacke, Peter Russell, Ghandi, Obama as separate from me…then I am identifying with the ego. I know that to some degree that sounds goofy because we are used to an “us and them” outlook when we identify with the material world. But if we identify only with our “spirit within” as you describe it, couldn’t we be at peace all the time? We would simply watch the world play out it’s games knowing full well that regardless of what horrific deeds it does they are not based in the reality of consciousness?

    I bring this up because of the path I’ve been on and where it has led me to. I was tired of judging, jealousy, anger, frustration and all those other emotions. I had heard that it was possible to be a witness in the world, untouched by economic cycles, crisis, dishonesty, hatred, greed and all that. I was very interested in pursuing this direction and was led last spring to a place inside of me…I guess you could call it my Center…or the Self…that was only peaceful, regardless of what was going on around me. I could watch the world play its games with compassion and love as it desperately tried to pull me back in for another go’round….and I could say no.

    I feel this peace all the time now….this identity with consciousness and do not invest any more of my energy in the never ending game of trying to figure out the motivation of man, inequality, debt-financing, 9/11, Hitler and everything else. I have surrendered to this power that we know as consciousness. A power that I now recognize as the only power and watch the rest of the world identify with the ego ‘til it decides that it too is tired of the ageless battle of reaction.

    Anywho. Thanks for having your blog and taking the time to give us food for thought. Love to hear any feedback from you. And I’d love it if you’d send some of your weather our way  Missing the golf course!

    Jamie Ans.

    p.s. We have a town ‘bout an hour north of here called “Rosseau”. Two s’s to your one. It’s in the heart of a beautiful area we call “Muskoka”. Lots’o lakes and trees there, but no igloos 


  2. April 3, 2013 8:06 pm

    Jamie: I like your post and your comments. I understand your desire to find peace within your consciousness. This may work for a time, but I don’t think it reflects reality in the now. The now moment is reality to me. This means that I need to be engaged in the real world of ego’s and conflicts. To try to escape this reality may work for some individuals for a time period. But, in reality, we need to stay engaged and change ourselves within the environment of now. That is my philosophy, Jamie. Enjoy!


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