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The Message

 What is the message of Kingdom Economics?

 The basic principles can be summarized as follows:

  • People come first –  All 6.9 billion now on planet Earth.
    For current global population data, check out Peter Russell’s World Clock
  • God’s ownership of our planet and all its natural resources
  • A recognition that 85% of our global population perceives God as a reality
  • The importance of total equality between all peoples
  • The global interdependency of economics and wealth creation
  • The spiritual nature of human consciousness (the foundation of reality)
  • The scriptural admonition to Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and then all other things will be added unto us (peace, prosperity, happiness, abundance, etc.)

Kingdom economics views the Kingdom of God as present RIGHT NOW. All may enter this Kingdom at the present moment. Our mission is to proclaim this reality and act on this reality each moment of NOW. God, not man, must initiate this new economic system!

 For additional information on the “Kingdom of God” concept:



What are some issues to focus on at this time in history?

Our lives are lived as successive moments of NOW. Past moments of NOW are experienced as memories in the mind. Future moments of NOW are experienced within our imagination. We need to think and act in the NOW to understand Kingdom economics. Our current system of Capitalism is seriously flawed and failing. There is no real future for this economic system.

The only other system that is marginally feasible under man’s rule is Socialism. This system has been tried and found seriously flawed.

With Capitalism failing and collapsing under the weight of debt and illusionary money and with Socialism a seriously flawed and controlling system, now is the time for Kingdom economics to advance and flourish. Only God, our Creator, can initiate this system, however. Is now the time for God’s Kingdom? I believe it is! See theAbout and the Philosophy pages for more important concepts and ideas on this new system.

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