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How I ‘See’ our World! My Personal ‘Worldview’ on our Global Situation!

May 4, 2017

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As of today, we have some 7.45 billion viewpoints/perspectives on planet Earth. Each viewpoint/perspective represents a Worldview or Belief System. There are general Worldview’s which people identify with which we can describe. For example, we could divide the 7.45 billion person human family into two general categories. One category could be called the Secular Worldview and the other the Religious Worldview. Some 80% of our human family tends to believe in a Higher Power which rules this planet. The other 20% tends to accept the scientific/materialistic worldview which espouses that all reality emerges from material forces (called ‘matter’ in motion). Within these two general Worldview’s we have many additional variations and divisions. I will identify only a few of the major alternatives.

  1. Secularism:  this ‘Worldview” generally assumes that all reality derives from ‘matter’ and/or ‘energy’ (material forces). Life and all our species emerge from ‘matter/energy’ over vast periods of historical ‘time’. Even my thinking, ideas, concepts, and words derive from my material brain (an organ within my material skull). What is observable (outside my consciousness) becomes the only reality and what my brain produces reveals my real self/being and who I am. This Worldview is one which I now reject…but it is prevalent among a majority of our human family (billions). Most secular education promotes this worldview for our general public to consume as final reality. All my public education was mostly based upon this secular worldview. Even such concepts as ‘time’ and ‘space’ are viewed as material concepts according to our secular thinkers. The ‘inner’ self is rejected as illusion/delusion to these secular thinkers.
  2. Islamism/Mohammedanism:  this ‘Worldview’ generally assumes that one singular Source (God) rules this planet and these believers tend to focus on their prophet, Mohammad (c. 570–622), and his revelations as their core system of beliefs and/or reality. The enunciations of prophet Mohammad are recorded within a Holy Book called the Koran and this book and its ‘words’ provide the foundation for this Belief System. Today, some 1.6 billion people, within our overall human family of 7.45 billion tend to adopt this Worldview (with many variations, sects, and divisions). The two major divisions or sects are the Sunni worldview and the Shia worldview. These worldviews are based on the philosophy of Dualism where reality consists of two separate realms (the material and the immaterial). Secular materialism is rejected as illusion/delusion to these believers. Allah is real and active within our current social events and our geo-political events.
  3. Christianity/Catholicism:  this worldview generally assumes a Dualistic conception of reality similar to that of Islam. The belief system goes back to the historical Jesus/Yeshua and the evangelistic doctrines of this person called Saul/Paul. The basic views center on the revelations received by Yeshua during his lifetime and the revelations received by Saul/Paul after Yeshua/Jesus died (sometime around 31 A.D.). Yeshua/Jesus (after baptism) received his revelations from his Father God (Yahweh/Elah) and the core Gospel was called the Kingdom of God (Heaven). Yeshua desired to promote this heavenly Kingdom as his core worldview (reality) for everyone. Paul, however, changed this worldview (after the death of Yeshua/Jesus) into a new global Gospel. Paul’s personal vision on the Damascus Road created a new Gospel (called Salvation from sin and death) which emerged gradually after 35 A.D. and gradually evolved later within the Roman Catholic Church into a full-fledged set of dogma’s, rituals, and doctrines (a complex religious worldview) which we now call Christianity. Today, we witness thousands of divisions (denominations/sects/groups) within this overall philosophy called Christianity. The perspectives vary from group to group and within each group-think organization (church) experts attempt to convince followers that their particular ‘interpretation’ (set of doctrines) are the correct/final/remnant ‘interpretation’. Basically, a smorgasbord of ideas are being presented for followers to digest and absorb as absolute ‘truth’ or ‘final’ reality.
  4. End-time Prophecy Worldviews:  today we have a new worldview which focuses upon end-time prophecies as a reality that is happening and developing within real-time (now). Both secular thinkers and religious thinkers participate in expressing various prophetic worldviews for their followers. One secular prophetic worldview is based on the writings of this historical person called Nostradamus and similar thinkers. The idea is that history is determined by forces and sources which transcend the control of human beings but which determine real events on this planet. We also have various Islamic prophetic worldviews, Christian prophetic worldviews, Catholic prophetic worldviews, and Judaea prophetic worldviews. All these worldviews assume that human destiny is in the hands of transcendent forces/powers which determine events here on Earth. Man is essentially a servant of powers which transcend our minds and which then determine specific events on this planet. The idea is that we ‘war not against flesh and blood (humans) but we war against forces and powers in heavenly locations’ (beyond our personal control). This is a growing worldview which can be witnessed by listening to prognosticators on the internet, YouTube, and many podcast sites. It is growing as geo-political and financial events continue to deteriorate.
  5. Kingdom Econ Worldview:   Kingdom’s worldview (my worldview) is based primarily on this concept called The Now. All reality is a ‘now’ experience…and a continuing presence of ‘now’. I also call this ‘successive moments of now’. As of ‘now’ (this moment) I live with a global family of some 7.45 billion persons on a planet called Earth. What I experience in the ‘now’ is what I view as real. The now moment reveals what I can accept as real and practical. The second most important concept in my reality is this concept called ‘consciousness’. Consciousness is core to experiencing reality. Without ‘consciousness’ I could not experience ‘space’ or ‘time’ or write this blog. Consciousness is fundamental to my worldview and since consciousness is immaterial/metaphysical/spiritual I end up with a Dualistic philosophy of reality. My ‘mind’ lives within my consciousness and my ‘brain’ responds to commands from my immaterial consciousness. This means that I experience two realms of reality as part of my worldview. Within economics and finance this means that concepts like ‘value’, ‘price’, ‘dollar’, and ‘money’ are concepts derived from my inner being/consciousness (not from observation). They are ‘invented’ words which take on meaning when people agree to a meaning for a particular concept. The concepts have no physical existence within space and time but they live within my/your inner self. Consciousness is fundamental to reality and living with a NOW focus creates meaning for living. All truth and reality derive from these two core concepts (the ‘now’ and the awareness of my inner self). Dualism is fundamental to my worldview/perspective/point-of-view!

The above are five general worldview categories which encompass the vast majority of human thinking IMO. Today, I witness all five worldviews as being expressed on a daily basis. As events within our secular geopolitical regimes change and deteriorate over time, I expect that worldviews will be more diverse and confused (yet key to understanding a person’s perspective of reality). Who, however, actually KNOWS anything about final realities? Who can express final ‘truth’ on issues of human experience and life? My sense is that all serious thinkers will be challenged by a smorgasbord of worldviews going forward. The secular worldview (espoused by those in positions of power) which is currently promoting a One World Government for our planet will likely continue to dominate geopolitical thinking going forward. To counter this worldview will be those with a Dualistic philosophy and worldview (similar to those described above). The time for each individual to think independently on all these issues has arrived IMO. The above is merely an introduction of some general worldviews. Give them some consideration and then do your own research and thinking to develop your own personal worldview. Enjoy this challenge! I am:

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