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Sweden leads world to a Cashless Society in 2015!

December 12, 2014

The five top nations which are now nearly 100% cashless are: Sweden, Somaliland, Kenya, Canada, and South Korea. The United States, Israel, and Western Europe are not far behind. This trend towards a cashless world is accelerating with all our electronic, digital, and mobile devices. Even without a deliberate government policy to phase out physical money, things are still headed in an exclusively digital direction (for our planet), albeit not as swiftly as some aging pop stars might demand. Coins and paper notes are an endangered species. Checks have long been eliminated in Sweden. Stores in downtown Stockholm post signs saying, “We Don’t Take Cash—Cards Only.”

Digitization (a cashless global society) works only (in a globalized interconnected world). And then it would work only if mandated/forced upon everyone (where no choice is allowed)! Would Americans buy into this type of system? As of today, they have bought into this type of system! Think!

Churches, in Sweden, have installed card terminals for donations, and many banks now keep no cash on hand. Even the homeless magazine vendors are now cashless. Stockholm’s homeless magazine vendors no longer need to ask if you can spare a kronor. They take credit cards. In the most cashless society on the planet, a few of the sellers of Situation Stockholm, a culture magazine hawked by the homeless, were equipped in September with portable card readers to accept payments from fellow Swedes. The move marks a world first, according to their employer. This is the trend now in motion…for most of the nations on our planet!

Stockholm’s homeless magazine vendors no longer need to ask if you can spare any kronor. They take credit cards. Cash is mostly being eliminated in all of Sweden!

The music group ABBA is a big promoter of a cashless society for Sweden. “The concept of money is really a very abstract one,” says Bjorn of ABBA. “We no longer need that physical thing attached to it (meaning a paper note attached to the abstract symbol called the SEK). Not in 2014 and beyond, says Bjorn.” Bjorn does not allow any physical cash within his Museum in Sweden. This trend towards exchanging abstract symbols within a computer/smart phone screen is so simple and easy…and many think that crime will diminish as a result of going cashless. But is this trend really workable internationally? Can international trade work with ‘symbol’ money and with virtual/cyber money which is created ‘out of nothing’?

Paper notes and coins are not needed in a Cashless society! One Central Bank for the planet would be required (for administration) along with mandated currency use for all consumers/public! We are nearly there!

To eliminate all physical money from the planet we would need a system where ONE central bank issues a virtual/digital currency unit for everyone (per their algorithmic formulae). We would also need a One World Government with monetary specialists creating these abstract symbols for the entire global economic system. These monetary specialists would then need to mandate/force everyone to buy and sell using their abstract symbol currency. Essentially, every person on our planet would be selling their privacy and their loyalty to this One World Central Bank and its Sovereign control over their economic lives. Is this what Americans desire going forward? It appears that our Swedish friends want this system for their country! Sweden seems to desire to live in cyberspace and exchange imaginary/virtual currencies!

One Central Bank for the planet is necessary to enforce the system of a Cashless world! Which Central Bank would prevail and who would the policymakers include?

Essentially, select Central Bankers would administer the monetary affairs of all nations via these virtual/imaginary/digital currencies. Our global money would be abstract and metaphysical (mere symbols, names, numbers).  The distribution of all the virtual/digital money would need to be administered from some centralized location and probably via the means of computer algorithms. Algorithms now are used for many of our financial transactions and most trading. Voice activated apps are now available in Sweden and the United States for banking and monetary transfers. Speak and transfer money. Speak and trade currencies. Speak into your smart phone mic for all your transactions. Few seem to realize that our ‘money’ today is metaphysical (within our consciousness)! This allows us to ‘speak’ and create/transfer/trade cyber units (called money)!

Yes, Central Bankers now RULE over the entire planet! Money is the God of this World’s elite! The history of banking and money will reveal this reality!

Abstract/metaphysical monetary symbols RULE over all commerce! Who is aware! Where do these ‘symbols’ come from? Who creates them? Why? For whom?

The vast majority of our financial pundits, our media, and our politicians are ‘blinded’ to the reality of the ‘nature’ of our money. This blindness is so pervasive that even when a person admits that our cyber money is fake and imaginary, they nonetheless resort to using it and believing in it via their actions and financial behavior. It seems like people are unable to differentiate between what is fake/imaginary and what is real and outside their metaphysical mind. Blindness seems to run within the entire human family. I guess this is why awake persons call the masses ‘sheeple’, ‘followers’ and ‘group think’ zombies. The vast majority of mankind simply refuses to THINK about the ‘nature’ of reality. In fact most refuse to THINK!

The desire to follow the most flamboyant rhetorician as the Authority over reality! Is this typical of most consumers/voters/followers?

Pick out the most convincing media pundit and follow his/her advice! They know reality!

It’s easier to follow the BROAD road until the CLIFF is reached!

Yes, we live in world of mostly ‘group think’ zombies. People lock-on to a guru and then follow this guru to the edge of a cliff (before starting to think for themselves). I suppose the big problem with thinking is that it requires ‘faith’ in ones own perceptions and then ‘faith’ in the consequences which flow from a perception. Since all of reality (for us humans) is ‘relative’ and ‘changing’ it is much easier for most to lock-on to a guru who appears (in personality and rhetoric) to know the answers. Socrates, the great Athenian philosopher, also noticed this trait of human nature. When he questioned (in the marketplace) the ‘all knowing’ leaders and the general public, he observed that most everyone lost emotional control when they discovered their own ignorance (on an issue they assumed they knew).

Guru worship is all around us! This is also called the ‘blind’ following the ‘blind’!

Group think is evident in most churches, synagogues, and educational institutions! Science, religion, economics, money, and philosophy are no exceptions!

My personal view is that I must accept the reality of ‘not’ knowing. The reality of ‘no final answers’ for issues of life. The reality of REALITY being ‘relative’ and ‘changing’. The reality that mistakes are a given (in life). The reality of imperfection in thinking and knowing. And the reality that ‘ignorance’ will continue (to a degree) as life emerges and changes. Reality is always somewhat ‘fearful’ and ‘uncertain’. This, to me, is a given! Anyway, I would challenge those who deny the imaginary ‘nature’ of all our cyber/digital currencies. Try and discover, find, locate, hold a cyber dollar, a cyber yen, or a cyber euro. Where are they located and what ‘in reality’ is cyberspace? Get ready for a Cashless Global Society which man will attempt to implement at some point down the road! Enjoy! I am:

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