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The Science underlying today’s Money!

December 15, 2014

Money RULES over the economic survival of nearly everyone on our planet. But who RULES over money? Those who create/control/manipulate our ‘money’ do not inform the lay citizen on what they are thinking and doing behind closed doors! The science of money is mostly a private science which only a select few elite understand. Today, however, thanks to our global interconnected internet, a nobody (like myself) can gain insight and understanding into this arcane science…which is not taught in any of our institutions of higher learning. Following is my Revelation of this inner/dark/world of ‘money’ and of global market manipulation! Let’s think about the science of money and see if we can discern why our current monetary casino is a House of Cards…about to collapse!

Assume that YOU are the individual (the public) and that you wish for Transparency!

Science deals with all of nature (our universe) which lies outside my/your metaphysical mind/consciousness. The current science of everything is called Quantum Mechanics. This science deals with the motion of atoms, electrons, and results (entanglements) emanating from random motions of sub-atomic units…such as photons (the smallest units of light)…which contain ‘zero rest mass’. Our global internet is possible today because of this science and the radiation of units of photons (now pulses of light) from computer to computer to send messages from sender to receiver. Zero’s and One’s create bits and bytes which encode data (words, text, images) which later get revealed within the pixels of our computer screens. Let’s continue!

Science deals with all that is OUTSIDE my/your ‘mind’! We call this the Quantum World!

These computer screen pixels display WORDS (text), IMAGES (pictures), and SYMBOLS (numbers). Today, our money starts out with the typing of ‘numbers’ (into a computer account) and these ‘numbers’ get called by ‘names’ which we interpret as our currencies (dollars, pounds, euros, yen, krona, etc.). The inner MIND of a central banker (say Janet Yellen, Mario Draghi, Mark Carney, Stefan Ingves, etc.) can initiate an operation (like QE or Fractional Reserve Lending) to change the mix of ‘numbers’ within the overall marketplace (now global). After increasing their own Central Computer Account by the desired AMOUNT, they and their committee can then DISTRIBUTE these (numbers)…called money (dollars, etc.) to select financial recipients via their (the Central Bank’s) computer. Can you envision this process/operation? Can you discern how events START (within the closed doors of a Central Bank)?

Picture in your MIND (consciousness) what a Central Banker might think and do!

Put yourself in the shoes of one of these Central Banker’s and ask these questions : How much new ‘money’ do I want to create from my thinking today? Who should I distribute these ‘money numbers’ to after I type them into my Central Bank Account (say the Fed’s SOMA account)? What do I want these recipients of my money creations to do with these NEW ‘money numbers’? Will this process/operation lead to what I desire for the economy and for those who receive my ‘money numbers’? When I manipulate the markets with my new strategy, how might the trading community respond within my National marketplace and also the Global marketplace? If my strategy does NOT work, what is my fall-back strategy and what are the probable consequences of all my new manipulations? Let’s continue!

What is in the MIND (consciousness) of this Central Banker? What is he thinking up! What new manipulation strategy might work on the unsuspecting marketplace?

Now is the time for the reader of this missive to THINK like a Central Banker. The key Central Bankers on our planet at present are America’s Janet Yellen, Europe’s Mario Draghi, England’s Mark Carney, Japan’s H. Kuroda, China’s Zhou Xiaochuan, and Russia’s Elvira Nabiullina. These six central bankers can change all our global monetary markets with their inner thinking/thoughts. They can now create their ‘money numbers’ (dollars, yuan, pounds, yen, rubles, and euro’s) via their METAPHYSICAL thinking and manipulate all our markets via their decisions/actions. And all these actions are now MOSTLY done independent of what their political leaders, the trading market, and the general public might expect. Privacy and secrecy is the ART of Central Banking! Manipulation is the strategy! Let’ continue!

Who are the important Central Bankers on our planet? What are they thinking? Do they use a private network to communicate with one another? What do you Think!

Our WORLD, today, is ruled by a few Central Bankers who operate mostly independent from the 7 billion citizens of our world. As citizens of our planet we all must adjust to the secret inner thoughts of this CABAL of thinkers/manipulators/rulers. Yes, our markets today are Centralized and Manipulated by primarily a few insiders (select banksters) who have access to the legal tender monies for our entire planet. We all elect political leaders under the ASSUMPTION that these elected political leaders will change our markets for the benefit of the public. In reality, however, this elite CABAL of central bankers (operating mostly in secret/and independently) get to choose who rises/falls/wins/loses within our global economic casino. Is this Capitalism? Is this a Free Market economic system? What should one call this type of non-SYSTEM?

Who wins from the perks of MONEY rulership? Who benefits from the Money Power? Who doesn’t? Is Money a type of Ponzi Game? What do you Think?

I like to call this non-system MONEY FROM HEAVEN. My reason is that our currency units today are really METAPHYSICAL units (of nothing) which now appear within our computer screens as pixels of light (derived from zero’s and one’s, bits and bytes, pulses of light, radiated from computer to computer via speed of light frequencies). The only elite who really understand the process and the operations are the elite located within the private (dark) rooms within select CENTRAL BANKS on our planet. Does any of this make any SENSE? Think! We now create ‘money from heaven’ (the inner thoughts of a cabal of banksters) and distribute this flow of radiated money (pulses of light) from computer to computer. Who understands any of this? It seems totally insane to me! Give the above some reflection and thought to discern your own view! Continue your research by challenging yourself to think (independently)!

Could the inner thoughts of Dudley (CEO at the New York Fed) be crucial when developing U.S. banking strategy? William Dudley is also a permanent member of the FOMC! What is he Thinking up for unsuspecting American citizens?

What is this Vice Chairman (possibly the most influential banker) be thinking and strategizing? Can any American ‘read’ his inner thoughts? Will he stop QE going forward? What do you think?

The Global Banking Casino! Is this Capitalism or Ponzism for the select elite? What do you think? Where is this leading going forward? NWO???

In summary, we now live within a global monetary world which is entangled/interconnected similar to sub-atomic waves and particles (quantum mechanics) all within Cyberspace (our new global internet communication system) and controlled by the inner Metaphysical thoughts of a cabal of banksters. The ‘thinking’ of this select elite group of banksters determines everyone’s economic survival going forward. The entire global Casino system is now mostly METAPHYSICAL as the ‘money numbers’ derive from the human mind…also called one’s CONSCIOUSNESS. A few elite RULE over the entire 7 billion citizens of our planet via secret (dark) board room decisions within select Central Banker locations (all connected via a private network of communication for these elite). Who can comprehend this World Ruling System? When will this controlled Casino collapse? We definitely need this Casino/Ponzi operation to cease and desist! Reflect on this missive at your convenience! I am:

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