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Financial Warfare is now Cyber Warfare!

December 11, 2014

What we now witness in our financial markets are serious currency wars (over fluctuating exchange rates) and also the potential for cyber warfare within our computerized financial markets. There are those who think that Russia may start a cyber attack on our New York Stock Exchange (computers) to get this cyber warfare started. The Russian Ruble has basically crashed (in terms of our dollar) these past few months. Today, the Ruble exchange rate was 55.99 or we could say 2 cents would purchase 1 ruble. Just a few months ago (August), one dollar would purchase 35.00 rubles (a 40% loss in 6 months). What does this mean for the nation of Russia? What are their options and who do they blame for their financial calamities?

Putin lashes out at the West for destabilizing the World! Quite a statement!

This 40% loss in value (relative to the U.S. Dollar) is causing serious inflation within Russia as prices must increase to reflect this change in the ruble’s exchange value. Not only is the ruble crashing in terms of key hard currencies but a double whammy is hitting Russia with the 40% drop in crude oil prices. Within these past 6 months crude has dropped in price from over $100 to less than $60 (as of today). This situation is creating havoc in the Russian economy. Russia does not enjoy the status of being a Reserve Currency (as our dollar), so the national revenue of Russia is now declining precipitously and the national economy is entering a serious recession. So who does Russia blame for these devastating events?

The dollar/ruble exchange rate is now 55.99 (a 40% decline in 6 months)! This is serious!

Putin and his finance ministers are blaming America and the Obama administration (mostly) for all these devastating financial events. Not only is Russia suffering from its devalued currency and the fall in crude prices but America and the West is also imposing financial sanctions upon Russia. Putin’s perspective in his recent State of the Nation message (December 4) was reported as follows:  Russian President Vladimir Putin lashed out Thursday (12/04/2014) at the United States and its European allies, saying Western sanctions for Russia’s annexation of Crimea were just an excuse to weaken the country economically. Delivering his annual state of the nation speech to legislators,  Putin said the sanctions are just a response of the U.S. and its allies over Russia’s actions in the Ukraine. 

Russia is seriously affected by the 40% drop in crude prices! This reduces the national revenue which Russia needs for its governmental programs!

US Today reported early this year that: Russia, enraged by the Obama administration’s sanctions over Ukraine, could strike back at the U.S. via cyber warfare — then deny the attack ever took place, a former top intelligence official said Tuesday. Russia, considered the second country most adept at cyber warfare after the U.S., could use an attack on American computer systems as a way to seek revenge on the U.S., said Richard Clarke, a top counter-terrorism and intelligence official for both the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who joined Clarke and former National Security Agency Deputy Director Chris Inglis at the Milken Institute Global Conference here, says Russia is no different than the U.S. when it come to its attitude toward cyber warfare. It’s a key element of its strategy.

Russia retaliated by sanctioning many food items from America and the West!

What we now need to recognize is that our digital currencies are also virtual currencies and these virtual currencies are located within cyberspace. We should call all our global currencies by the name Cyber Currencies as we are now living within an electronic/computerized/virtual financial environment! All our stock markets are now mostly electronic (within cyberspace), all our currencies are mostly virtual (within cyberspace), all our financial instruments (bonds, stocks, index instruments, derivatives) are within cyberspace and mostly virtual instruments. Essentially, we now live in a CYBER world of computers, smart phones, and electronic devices. Cyber warfare is now the key form of warfare for politicians and our military establishment! Cyber warfare has serious consequences for everyone!

World computerization has created the potential for global Cyber Warfare!

An attack on the computers within our electronic markets (such as the New York Stock Exchange) is a real possibility going forward. This type of cyber attack could prevent our markets from functioning within milliseconds. A cyber attack could create a stoppage of trading, investing, and banking (in milliseconds) as trading is now done via speed of light frequencies. Within one day, all the stock markets could be closed and all financial/banking transactions could cease for a time period. Cyber warfare is a real potential event which a country like Russia could initiate. Economic survival and blame of America could be the cause! What would likely happen if Russia initiated this type of event?

The next major WAR could be metaphysical! Cyber warfare is within Cyberspace! Cyberspace is created by our metaphysical data, our virtual currencies, our computerized systems!

More than likely, America would counter with a cyber attack on select Russian computers. America has a sophisticated cyber attack capability. This then could start a global cyber warfare on select computer systems all over the planet. Since we are all totally dependent upon our computerized systems. Everyone would be affected to some degree. The danger of Cyber Warfare is real today. We live within our global internet system and all is now with CYBERSPACE. Cyberspace is an artificial space which is mostly metaphysical in nature. Few understand the nature of cyberspace! Start thinking in terms of a possible cyber attack (possibly initiated by Russia). I am:

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