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The End ‘justifies’ the Means! A Fatal Philosophy!

July 31, 2014

What we now are witnessing in the Middle East (the mindset of Israeli politicians and Hamas politicians) is a philosophy which will lead to total destruction of all mankind (if followed to its final destiny). This philosophy can be called: The End Justifies the Means with a ‘means’ of Might makes Right! This mindset of the Super-Power Nation called the USA (mostly implemented after WW II) and adopted and supported by the illegitimate State of Israel is a mindset which leads to total destruction of all life on this planet as the final END. Think about what is evolving now over in the Middle East! What is the mindset of the leaders (politicians) who are calling the shots and bombing/targeting innocent human civilians to accomplish their military goals and political objectives. Will this mindset (based on the philosophy above) create an END ‘Result’ which leads to peace, security, prosperity, and happiness for the people on this planet?

The original MEANS for the creation of Israel was not a mutually accepted AGREEMENT! Peace is impossible due to the underlying philosophy which created the apartheid State of Israel!

To understand why the State of Israel is an illegitimate creation we must go back to First Principles (the MEANS used to establish this political entity). We need go back no further than WW II (1939 – 45). The holocaust, during the Hitler regime, is what created a mindset for a separate apartheid State for the Tribe of Judah (Jews). This mindset than became a final legal entity on May 14, 1948 (with the United Nations decision to create this apartheid State). The British Mandate over this land area was given to the United Nations (in 1947) to resolve via their concept of a Partition for Arabs and for Jews (two States). This was a flawed concept from the beginning as the Arabs who occupied most of the land area  prior to this creation (called Palestine at that time) did not AGREE to this Partition concept. Even the British authorities (who were politically controlling this land area) were uncertain about this apartheid creation! In other words the MEANS for the State of Israel was flawed and fatal from the START. This shows that if the MEANS is flawed and fatal than the END can not survive indefinitely! The philosophy is flawed from the start!

The entire area of the Middle East is a powder keg due to fatal and flawed philosophy (going back to Abraham)!

The hypocrisy of the current Likud politician called Benjamin Netanyahu is also fatally flawed as his view of Hamas as a terrorist forgets that the origin of his State was mostly secured via terrorism (and political manipulations). Who was Menachem Begin? What kind or terror did he and his gang (the Argun gang) perpetrate prior to the creation of this State (and after)? Give some thought to how the State of Israel originated from the start (the MEANS). Check out the mindset and history of this person called Menachem Begin: During the 1947-1948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine, Irgun fighters fought alongside the Haganah and Lehi militia in fighting the Arab forces. Notable operations in which they took part were the battles of Jaffa and the Jordanian siege on the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem. One such operation was the Deir Yassin Massacre of Arab villagers in April 1948. After the Israeli Declaration of Independence on 14 May 1948 and the start of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Irgun continued to fight alongside Haganah and Lehi.

The MINDSET of Begin (and current day Zionists) creates an impossible/fatal flaw for any type of peace or security in the longer run! Think about the above mindset along with the mindset of today’s Netanyahu/American politicians!

What we need to recognize is that the philosophy which has been adopted by the United States of American…mostly since the end of WW II (with Israel as a proxy under American military protection) is a philosophy which does not promote peace, freedom, security, and happiness (for this area and the world) in the longer run. The mindset of Might makes Right along with the mindset of the End justifies the Means is a flawed and fatal mindset for sustaining what is created (i.e., The State of Israel). Since the creation of this entity called Israel, there has been zero peace/security for this area of our planet. The reason for the intractable problem (with no political solution available) is the philosophy (or mindset) which initiated the entire operation from the beginning! The MEANS is the key to a sustainable/durable peace for these people. Ignore the MEANS and the END will be flawed and impossible to resolve!

Two powers who have adopted the philosophy of Might makes Right and The End justifies the Means! Is this philosophy fatally flawed going forward? What do you think?

Take the time to think about the underlying philosophy which started the whole process of creating a State for the Tribe of Judah! This tribe has desired to be separate from the human race since its origin under Abraham. After the death of Rabbi Yeshua in 31 A.D. and the destruction of the Jewish Temple in 70 A.D. this tribe was forced into exile from this area of the Middle East and forced to disperse to all areas of our planet. Anti-Semitism has prevailed to varying degrees since the Messiah Yeshua was rejected by this tribes leaders in 31 A.D. The bigger issues are totally spiritual and transcend all the bombs and missiles now being used to secure peace and security! If we really want to get to the bottom of this problem we will need to revisit all these First Principles! Who wants to get to the core of the PROBLEM? Think, however, about the philosophy above and this mindset of our human RULERS! Enjoy! I am:

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