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Behavior – a ‘result’ of one’s Mindset!

July 30, 2014

If I desire to change my behavior (say quit alcohol/smoking/lose weight/stop violence/create friendship/set new goals, etc.) I need to change my ‘thinking’ (also called my mindset)! This seems so simple to understand, yet it often requires much discipline and reflection. Today, I would like to talk about the political philosophy adopted by our elected politicians called Might makes Right. This political philosophy (and the behavior which follows from it) is now being practiced by Benjamin Netanyahu and his political regime in the Middle East and also the USA (the Obama administration). This philosophy is now mostly supported by our American political leaders (our Congress) as they create policies which provide additional weapons to the Israeli political regime and also the Iraqi political regime. Where is all this leading? Can you discern why behavior is a ‘result’ of one’s mindset? Can a meaningful END result from ‘means’ which are destructive?

An article in the Wall Street Journal today stated that America is now sending some 5000 Hellfire missiles to the political regime of Iraq for use in their battle against their enemies. Yesterday, the Obama Administration also chose to create new and expanded economic sanctions upon the Russian political regime and their economy…for their prior behavior with respect to the Nation of Ukraine. Will this political behavior of Israel and America create any type of meaningful SOLUTION to the issues being addressed? Will the ‘mindset’ of all these politicians (and their behavior) create any meaningful form of ‘peace’, ‘security’, or ‘happiness’ for the common people within these Nations? Will the USA  (and its proxy Israel) suffer any significant consequences for these political decisions (guns and sanctions) resulting from a mindset (philosophy) of Might makes Right? What do you think?

It would appear (to me) that those politicians who perceive that they can use this philosophy of Might makes Right (guns and sanctions) to engender meaningful change in the behavior of their opponents…will discover that this mindset is a serious delusion. Negative behavior (like war and sanctions) which destroys human relationships with political counterparties is unlikely to create an environment for any positive change going forward. What I now witness is a continuing deterioration in the behavior (and thinking) of our global politicians resulting from their internal philosophical delusions. This philosophy of Might makes Right is ominous and very dangerous for the well-being of everyone on this planet. The mindset and actions of our political Rulers (especially the Super-power called America) will eventually affect everyone on this planet. We now live in an interconnected world where actions recreate counter-actions (very quickly). Do our political Rulers realize what they are creating for our planet? For all people?

The events over in Europe and the Middle East will soon affect all Americans psychologically…and then all the EU and USA economic sanctions (upon Russia and the Putin regime) will likely affect our own prosperity here in the USA. I do not envision any meaningful changes in the current thinking of any of our counterparties (our so-called enemies). Our negative behavior, however, will likely lead to a counter negative behavior from our counterparties (those that we call our enemies). This is ominous and extremely dangerous going forward for everyone. Behavior is a ‘result’ of one’s MINDSET (give this some thought). If we desire any meaningful change going forward (as Americans) we will need to CHANGE our collective MINDSET and the mindset of our political Rulers! Give this philosophy some reflection at your convenience! A Trend in motion will continue until it Ends! I am:

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