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What we now need is a ‘Win/Win’ philosophy!

August 4, 2014

The conflict in the Middle East is revealing the nature of our current Win/Lose political philosophy. America basically supports Israel (irrespective of its actions) and the Secular World basically views Israel (Zionism) as a form of racism/apartheid. Radical Muslims have a philosophy of ‘death’ as their core mindset and the masses of people (the 99%) are left with leaders/rulers who perpetuate this Win/Lose program of Might makes Right via the mindset of The End Justifies the Means. This political philosophy eventually leads to ‘total’ destruction of all life on this planet (if followed to its culmination). Think about the philosophy of Radical Islam (death wins), the philosophy of Zionism (life wins via death of an enemy), and the American mindset of Might makes Right via the End Justifies the Means (a mindset which leads to eliminating all ‘enemies’ from the planet)! Do any of these philosophies lead to a better world for the 7 billion people? What do you think?

Radical Islam views the Koran as its reference point for reality! Many call this the philosophy of ‘death’!

Theodore Herzl imagined the concept of Zionism in 1897 and after. He is honored and  buried at Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem. Theodore desired a homeland for his tribe of Judah in either Argentina and/or Palestine. Over time, Palestine became the final choice for a homeland/State.

Radical Muslims approach reality via their God (Allah) and their prophet Mohammad. The interpretations of the Koran are eclectic and subjective…similar to the interpretations of the Judaic God (Yahweh) and their prophet Moses. Witness all the different Sect’s within Judaism (secular and religious). Then we have all the Christian interpretations of their scripture and their God (Jesus/Yeshua) which creates additional confusion and polarization. Witness all the 3000 different denominations within this belief system as of today.  Finally, we have all the atheist philosophies with their God (Evolution/Science/Humanism). What a mixture of mindset’s and leader’s/ruler’s who desire to ‘impose’ their beliefs upon the greater world society. Can any of these dogmatic views of reality gain global control so that they can ‘impose’ their (limited) mindset upon the entire world society? What do you think?

A growing group of non-Zionists are emerging as they witness the behavior of Israeli politicians!

Today we witness the conflicting philosophy of Zionism over in the Middle East and within the American psyche. Who started this philosophy/mindset and what is the goal of those who perpetuate this philosophy? The concept of Zionism started mostly with the person called Theodore Herzl back around 1897. This atheist Jew desired to start a movement where the hated Jews of Europe could separate themselves from the secular world system by starting their own ‘homeland’/’state’. To Theodore, the Jewish Question (issue) could only be solved if all the Tribe of Judah could establish their own secular homeland where these unique people (called God’s Chosen) could practice their beliefs within a separated community. This mindset grew over the years and eventually the British rulers (via the Balfour Declaration) supported this concept called Zionism. Later, Wilson’s League of Nations supported this mindset; than after 1945 the United Nations voted for this mindset; and finally America (President Truman, et al) bought into this mindset.

Lord Balfour and the Brit’s desired a homeland for the Tribe of Judah (Jews) in 1917 and after! The Balfour Declaration is one of the founding documents for Zionism!

The counterparty to all these Western politicians (their mindset) were the Arab, Palestinian, Persian interests and thinking (their mindset). These people were living off the land called Palestine (in 1947-48) and made up the majority of persons within this land area. The Might of the World, however, favored the Western Powers (especially America who was now the Super Power after WW II) and this allowed America’s favorite (Israel and Zionism) to prevail when votes were taken at the United Nations in 1947-48. The final vote at the U.N. was 33 in favor and 23 (abstaining or disapproving). The result was the Partition plan (rejected by the Arab contingent) and accepted by the Zionists. This created the Nation of Israel on May 14, 1948. Let’s think about the MEANS which created this Zionist Nation over in the Middle East. Were the MEANS just and fair? Did the Arab contingent AGREE to this plan of the West (U.N.)? What is Zionism based upon as its FOUNDATION? Can it survive as a viable philosophy going forward?

The Palestinian tribe started as a majority of persons in the Middle East (in 1947-48) and now are a minority! Why? From where did all the immigrants come from which now comprise the State of Israel?

To my thinking, Zionism was not a mindset which was ‘blessed’ by Yahweh (the God of Judaism). Theodore Herzl, the founder of this mindset, did not claim that Zionism was ‘blessed’ by his God (YHWH) and it appears that Theodore did not even believe in God (he espoused atheism). This means that we can forget the idea that Zionism is a ‘blessed’ mindset which God Almighty approves and supports. If God Almighty would have ‘blessed’ this concept than Theodore would have espoused this view. In contrast, Theodore espoused a secular State or Homeland for his tribe of Judah with no ‘blessing’ from a higher power (God). It also appears that the Balfour Declaration devised by the Brit’s was not based upon any theological foundations/thinking. The entire support for Zionism came via select Western politicians (who desired to create this ‘homeland’ and separate legal entity called Israel…irrespective of the consequences and logic which could result). This would be my understanding of events as they transpired since 1897! Think about this history and the logic (means) which established this separate homeland/nation! Was it a ‘just’ and ‘fair’ creation? Was there a ‘guilt’ complex after WW II and the holocaust which permeated the thinking of our Western politicians?

The God of Judaism is called Yahweh! Did this God (YHWH) bless the concept of Zionism from its origin? How so? Does the tribe of Judah base their mindset of Zionism upon any theological foundations?

Since reality is relative, however, anyone (you or others) could claim that ‘fairness’ and ‘justice’ is subjective and without any universal merit or meaning. This I would agree with! Anyone who favors the Zionist position and viewpoint could make a counter-claim (interpretation) to all the events which transpired since Theodore Herzl started the movement of Zionism. My claim (interpretation) is merely my perspective as I reflect back on all this history. To me, the entire philosophy of Zionism is mostly based upon hubris, fear, insecurity, and a desire for control. History shows that the Jewish elite (back in 31 A.D.) rejected their own Jewish Rabbi as a fake/charlatan and this history started the entire movement called anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. The starting point for the Jewish Question/dilemma started after the death of Messiah Yeshua and then the destruction of the Temple of Yahweh in 70 A.D. We would need to revisit this whole history to get to the bottom of the Jewish Question (dilemma)! Think about this history!

The Tribe of Judah (Jews) rejected their Rabbi Yeshua (whom Christians call the Christ/Messiah) in 31 A.D. After this event their Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. and then anti-Semitism emerged with a vengeance globally!

My current sense is that the conflict over in the Middle East has started WW III. With our interconnected society today, negative behavior will create counter negative behavior. There is NO end to this trend given the many diverse views and interpretations of events among our political elite. Those who desire to favor the Zionist mindset will do so! Those who view this mindset as unjust/unfair/corrupt (as I) will have a counter view to all these events. What we now need is a WIN/WIN mindset (going forward) after we have fully reviewed the first principles which underlie all these past events. A start for this WIN/WIN could be a desire for ‘truth’ (recognizing that ‘truth’ is relative) and then a desire to live in the NOW (recognizing that reality is always Now, Now, Now, …or successive moments of Now)! Enjoy! I am:

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  1. August 4, 2014 9:33 pm

    Religion is stupid. next.


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