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‘Virtual’ Money vs ‘Real’ Money! Do you know the Difference?

May 18, 2017

Deception is now so great in our world of finance that people can not discern the difference between what is ‘real’ and what is ‘fake’. Historically, money has always been ‘real’ (observable). Today, most money is circulated within our computer screens as ‘virtual’ units (fake units). Why can’t most people discern this difference? To me, I can discern ‘real’ from ‘fake’ as I understand the history of money.

Money started out as some ‘object’ (a real object from nature) and then evolved into precious metals over time. Silver was mostly chosen as our representative of this word called ‘money’. Silver was minted into coins and math was used to specify the quantity/purity of the silver within a coin. People could call our money ‘real’ (observable) as they could hold this unit in their hand.

Today, we live with ‘virtual’ units (still called money by everyone) but these ‘virtual’ units are VIRTUAL (fake). Why is it so hard for consumers, investors, economists, and financial gurus to discern this difference? I talk to financial people every day and find that these people ‘think’ that their ‘money’ (now virtual) is the same as ‘real’ (observable) money. They seem unaware that they are dealing with ‘fake’ (inner) money which technically does not exist.

Virtual money lives in cyberspace. Virtual money lives within our computer screens. Virtual money is digital money. Virtual money is ‘fake’ as it gets created from a bankers consciousness. Fake money from a bankers consciousness is what we mostly live with today in trading, investing, saving, and spending. This type of money leads to a ‘disappearance’ and ‘vanishing’ of the units when our markets correct, decline, crash. Are you aware of this phenomena?

If you are wise and prudent, now is the time to GET out of ‘virtual’ (fake) money completely and get into ‘real’ (observable) money with your savings. Real money is silver money and also gold money (coin form is best). Make sure that the mint which provides you with silver coins and gold coins is reputable. You will want this confidence when you trade these units of ‘real’ money during the coming ‘disappearance’ of our ‘virtual’ (fake) money.

Disappearance and vanishing is what will soon start to happen as our global ‘fake’ markets start their descent into oblivion. All my and your ‘fake’ (virtual) money will disappear and vanish. Where will it go? Think of into your spirit (consciousness). We have a spirit within our flesh bodies which gives us our mental awareness and our communication abilities. The ‘word’ money derives from this spirit within.

Get ready for a global ‘disappearance’ and a ‘vanishing’ of money units. Your financial accounts (now virtual) will gradually ‘disappear’ and ‘vanish’ in front of your eyes. Cyberspace is what you need to understand today. Our money units are now ‘virtual’ (fake) and live within cyberspace. What is cyberspace? It’s part of our spirit (consciousness). Money is now like an ‘image’ within fantasy land (say a symbol $$$ painted within the pixels on your computer screen). It is ‘fake’ and ‘virtual’.

Wake-up and start to think about getting out of all this ‘fake’ money and getting into ‘real’ money (silver/gold coins) minted by a reputable entity. Do this NOW with your savings (money units not needed for immediate use). These coins will NOT ‘disappear’ or ‘vanish’ as our cyber markets crash and burn. Wake-up your financial friends and your financial gurus…as most have no ability to ‘discern’ this difference. What a shame on the economics profession! I am:

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