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Shame on the Economics Profession! Why?

May 19, 2017

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The Bovespa index crashes and billions of money units (called ‘reals’) disappear and vanish into nothingness! Why?

My profession called Economics is a disgrace to all its students as well as the general public. Why? They do not teach the nature of ‘numbers’ to their students, the public, or the profession. Yesterday, the Bovespa index (Brazil) dropped some 10% within minutes/hours and billions of money units (called reals) vanished from reality. The iShares MSCI Brazil ETF, a popular vehicle for U.S. investors in invest in, dropped some 16% (this wiped out in one day all of its gains for the year). What is happening within all our index markets is a ‘shame’ on my profession called Economics. Let’s think about all this deception within economics!

Numbers (called ‘money’ today) vanish and disappear from reality revealing that the ‘nature’ of these numbers are really ‘imaginary’ (mere units of my/your consciousness). To an astute student of numbers and economics, this means that ALL index markets (all our global stock exchanges today) can decline to ‘nothingness’ within a matter of minutes (given that these ‘numbers’ are mere units of consciousness NOT ‘things’ which exist in space/time). Numbers have been viewed by my economics profession as ‘things’ which exist in space/time. But is this reality? I don’t think so! The Bovespa index decline (yesterday) reveals what I have known for years (all our markets are now ‘imaginary’)!

In reality, all ‘numbers’ (and this means ALL of our index markets on this planet) are living within our ‘consciousness’ NOT within observable reality. Traders are trading ‘imaginary’ numbers, consumers are buying and selling goods using ‘imaginary’ numbers, and all our pundits and economists are mostly deceived about the ‘nature’ of numbers and what is now happening within all our global cyber markets. The crash of the Bovespa index market (Brazil) yesterday reveals what will happen to ALL our index markets in time. They will ALL decline, crash, and the ‘numbers’ (making up these markets) will VANISH and DISAPPEAR (back into our consciousness). Are you aware of reality? Start thinking about the ‘nature’ of our cyber markets today!

My profession does not teach the ‘nature’ of numbers to their students (or the public) and this means that students, the public, and the profession are living in fantasy land with their understanding of reality. NUMBERS are actually units of one’s mind or consciousness (not units of the brain and/or matter). Units of the MIND means that ‘numbers’ are part of my inner spirit being NOT part of observable reality (that which we SEE with our eyes). Numbers should be viewed as units of spirit or units of consciousness and units which can VANISH and DISAPPEAR when a market declines, crashes, or corrects. Is this being taught in our economics profession? I don’t think so!

What all this means is that ALL our financial markets today are ‘imaginary’ markets living within this Netherworld called Cyberspace. Cyberspace is observed with my eyes as I look at my computer screen…but the ‘units’ revealed within this computer screen are really ‘imaginary’ units of nothing (the units live within my inner being as virtual units). These units are NOT matter/objects BUT units of ‘spirit’ and/or ‘consciousness’. My economics profession has deceived the public, the media, the pundits, and the profession (probably within knowing it). Get OUT of these virtual ‘units’ with your SAVINGS (store of value money) and get INTO some THING which EXISTS (like silver/gold coins).

Do this NOW as over time ALL these index markets (living within cyberspace) will VANISH and DISAPPEAR into nothingness. Our banksters create these units of nothing FROM their consciousness (it’s called a loan, QE, or credit). The ‘numbers’ appear in my computer screen as images/text but, in reality, these ‘numbers’ are units of spirit/consciousness. Learn about yourself by THINKING about the ‘nature’ of numbers. Numbers are units of my/your ‘imagination’ (not units derived from my/your BRAIN. My/your BRAIN is a three-pound hunk of matter and this hunk has NO operational relevance without my/your CONSCIOUSNESS. My brain is derived from ‘matter’ but my mind is derived from ‘spirit’. Wake-up to this reality now prior to the GREAT DISAPPEARANCE! It’s all happening as I write this missive!

Wake-up to the nature of NUMBERS and realize that these index numbers (representing all our global cyber markets) are really heading for extinction, vanishment, and disappearance. The NUMBERS do not EXIST (in reality). They are part and parcel of my/your INNER being (called our ‘consciousness’). Consciousness is part of my/your inner SPIRIT which we also call our MIND. Wake-up and think about what is now happening within all our cyber markets. These markets will (in time) ALL vanish and disappear into nothingness. Buy some silver and gold coins for this coming EVENT (which my economics profession ignores and refuses to discuss). Protect your savings (money units which you do not need for your immediate needs) and buy a THING which EXISTS! Do this NOW! I am:

Some images to think about:

Image result for the nature of numbers

The ‘nature’ of numbers reveal that they are ‘imaginary’ units derived from one’s MIND and/or CONSCIOUSNESS!

Image result for the nature of numbers

Letters, text, numbers derive from my/your inner being (they do not EXIST within nature)! They vanish from reality when a cyber market declines, crashes, or corrects! Numbers are meant for counting real things (which exist) but the ‘numbers’ themselves are units of my/your imagination (our inner spirit)!

Image result for the nature of numbers

New math theories reveal the ‘nature’ of numbers! Think of these units as IMAGINARY! They (the ‘numbers’) have no existence within space/time!

Image result for crash of our index markets

Index markets are made up of ‘numbers’ (not things which exist)! These numbers will DISAPPEAR when our markets decline, correct, and crash! Wake-up to reality now prior to losing ALL our hard-earned SAVINGS and INVESTMENTS!

Image result for what is consciousness

Numbers are part of my/your CONSCIOUSNESS (our Mind). These units are really units of spirit (not units of matter)! Units of spirit do not EXIST in observable space/time!

Image result for what is consciousness

My economics profession has not taught about the ‘nature’ of numbers as they ASSUME (wrongly) that ‘numbers’ are THINGS (which exist)! In reality, ‘numbers’ are units of the Mind (consciousness) and do not physically EXIST! Numbers vanish into nothingness when our cyber markets CRASH! Think for yourself!

Image result for protect your savings with silver and gold coins

Protect your SAVINGS (money units not needed for immediate use) by purchasing real units of SILVER and/or GOLD (now)! These units will NOT vanish and/or disappear as our index markets do (now mere ‘imaginary’ numbers which vanish as they crash and burn)! Think and learn from history and current events! I am: Pass this message on to others who may be unaware of this reality!!!

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  1. therooster permalink
    May 19, 2017 2:00 pm

    I don’t think they teach the contrast between a fiat currency that is debt based and the price tool, which is cultivated at “the other end”, Don. The price tool is “just a number” of relative and comparative scale that is now used for debt-free trades in the real economy.

    We can now compare the price of gold and the price of a new suit and have the two things trade directly with no debt based intermediary involved.

    The USD (or the real) is like a segment of string that has 2 distinct ends where each end represents a distinct application. The debt based currency application sits at one end, only, while the price tool application sits at the other end. THIS IS FACT. See the whole picture !

    It’s the central banks’ global price model that now supports debt-free trades. This includes debt-free trades on the goldmoney platform and bitcoin too. If there was no bridging of the prices, trades for widgets would not be possible.

    The paradox is that the price model could not be created without the debt creation at “the other end” … just as we cannot create a segment of string that has just one end.

    The debt can now be purged by market means and the use of debt-free currency like goldmoney….. fully gold backed and valued in real-time

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    • May 19, 2017 5:02 pm

      You missed my message, Dan.

      Bovespa crashed and the money units vanished. Why? The units do not exist.

      Gold exists…but the real is imaginary. Save in gold…not in reals. D

      On May 19, 2017 2:00 PM, “Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now” wrote:



      • therooster permalink
        May 19, 2017 5:19 pm

        I got it. Which units ? The currency units right ?

        The value is not in the currency because “just a number” works well for the price model when you are only dealing with relative values to compare values in a debt-free trade.

        “Just a number” doesn’t work for a currency, however, your argument all along.

        The price model supports debt free trades because making fair settlement in gold, using gold as a currency , needs to take fundamentals in mind for the gold and the new suit that it trades for. This is where price comparisons play a useful role in the debt-free trade. The are comparisons of relativity. That’s how the price model now serves us with daily trades that are totally debt-free

        A dollar is like a segment of string with two distinct ends. You keep looking at the currency (debt) application only . It’s like walking around with one eye open, only, and seeing half the truth.


  2. May 24, 2017 8:46 pm

    Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee, I’m simply trying toc add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please let me know via email.



    • May 24, 2017 9:46 pm

      Check out my recent posts on restoring freedom to our markets. D


      • therooster permalink
        May 25, 2017 4:12 am

        The USD and the whole global price model are indispensable to the adherence of maintaining proper supply & demand fundamentals and key to conducting debt-free trades in the real economy.

        What the economics community may have overlooked is that a price model that floats in its ability to reflect comparative price ratios between various economic widgets, can not do so if it is not created.

        A USD (or yen or GBP or Euro, etc) is like a segment of sting with two distinct ends. One is the debt based medium of exchange, the currency ….. while at the other end , we find the free floating price tool that is used for value comparisons.

        The global price model now supports debt-free trades in real-time transactions.

        Question : Can you create a segment of string with just one end ?

        Perhaps this is the key to understanding more about the “necessary evils” within God’s script ?


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