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Infrastructure ‘in place’ for Mark of the Beast!

February 19, 2017

Commerce is key to human survival and those who control our commerce control the system and the people. Today, our money system is changing from a ‘substance’ system to a metaphysical ‘symbol’ system. Money is transitioning to cyberspace from our historical observable space. This change is monumental when understood. This means that our entire global monetary system will soon be cashless (no physical money units) and metaphysical (no substance units). Where does this eventually lead? I would suggest the ‘Mark of the Beast’ monetary system! Let’s see some evidence!

What Is A Cashless Society?

A cashless society is a society where currency notes or cash money are not used in monetary transactions. It is a hypothetical move or situation in favor of alternative means of exchange. Cashless societies in the past were based on the barter system where people exchanged their livestock for food crops or other goods. However, the present concept of a cashless society or country is a completely new thing. Here cashless transactions are made with the help of digital currencies. In a truly cashless society, legal tender (money) is exchanged and recorded only in the electronic digital forms. Our global economy is now mostly digital (computer driven).

When Did The Trend To Go Cashless Begin?

During the late 1980’s and the 1990’s, the growing popularity of electronic banking made the use of non-cash transactions and settlements popular. Digital payment methods became well established in countries across the world by the 2010’s. Online tools like Paypal, Google pay, NFC payments, Credit Cards, were the primary method for payments. Digital wallet systems operated by Apple, electronic banking and bill payment systems helped people make cashless transactions online. Some countries even started to set limits on transaction values that can be used for non-electronic payments to encourage cashless transactions. These limits are now growing in most countries.

Countries which are now going Cashless and Digital:

One country stands out as the flag bearer for digital money: Sweden. According to the Swedish central bank, cash transactions made up just 2 percent of the total value of payments made in 2015. The number is similar for 2016. An astonishing 900 of Sweden’s 1,600 bank branches no longer maintain cash deposits, a report in the Guardian said. As technology advances and the fight against tax evasion takes center stage globally, some countries are looking at Sweden as a possible model for promoting a digital (cashless) society.

India’s attempt to digitize their economy has long been coming. Early in his term, Narendra Modi announced a much-needed drive to increase financial inclusion across the country and launched attractive financial schemes to bring India’s poor into the fold of the country’s banking system, from debit cards to pension plans. The goal is total digitization of the Indian economy. Paper notes are being called in and customers are being encouraged to open digital banking accounts.

While digital payments are dominated by debit or credit cards in many Western countries, China’s consumers have jumped directly from cash to mobile. Of the country’s 710 million internet users – more than the United States and Europe combined – the utilization ratio of mobile online payments stands at 57.7%. This is growing exponentially. Put in plain English, the majority of people who go online are using their smartphones to pay for goods and services.

2016 has been the ‘Year of the Blockchain,’ with corporation after corporation, even nations, touting their interest and ability to use Bitcoin’s underlying advancement in their future business models. Will 2017 be the ‘Year of the National Digital Currency?’ Ukraine looks to enter the cashless society with a plan on creating their own national digital currency based on the Blockchain technology, according to Ukrainian news site Ukrinform.

The United Nations ‘Better than Cash Alliance’ ( currently has 25 nations that are members of the alliance. All are working on creating a cashless (digital) society for their countries. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Columbia, Peru, India, Philippines, Kenya, and Mexico are a few of the members. Which Are The World’s Most Cashless Countries?

Rank Country Noncash Payments’ Share Of Total Value Of Consumer Payments % Of Population With A Debit Card
1 Belgium 93 86
2 France 92 69
3 Canada 90 88
4 United Kingdom 89 88
5 Sweden 89 96
6 Australia 86 79
7 The Netherlands 85 98
8 United States 80 72
9 Germany 76 88
10 South Korea 70 58

If we think about our global banking system, we can conclude that all banks are now part of the digital Swift payments system. Competitive payment systems which are emerging in Asia are also digital systems. All this is because we now have a computer driven global economy. Computers, algorithms, and select software programs determine what is happening within our global cyber markets. All businesses are converting their accounting systems to digital and this means that the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system is essentially here now.

The implementation of the ‘Mark of the Beast’ system will likely start after our current bubble economy crashes. Our governmental authorities will then demand that everyone follow precise rules which mandate their economic behavior. Authorities will likely demand that everyone give allegiance to their digital (cashless) financial system. Those who refuse to comply will be restricted from using the system for their survival. This starts the clock for the ‘Mark of the Beast’ system which has been prophesied in scripture.

Either you comply with the State or you must barter for your goods and services and take the risk of being arrested. Watch this video from Mr. Trump: which reveals his inner sense that our global economy is now in a huge bubble. When will this bubble burst? It could happen any day now. It is currently being prevented from crashing by our Central Bank trading computers. Central Banks can continue this manipulation until confidence crashes due to all this manipulation and economic distortion. Watch:

Books and information on the Mark of the Beast system (now emerging):

Image result for book on sweden's cashless society

Image result for books on the mark of the beast

Image result for books on the mark of the beast

Image result for books on the mark of the beast

Image result for bernanke burns the dollar

Image result for books on the mark of the beast

Image result for books on the mark of the beast

Image result for books on the mark of the beast

Image result for books on the mark of the beast

Image result for books on the mark of the beast

Image result for money and the mark of the beast

Image result for money and the mark of the beast

Image result for money and the mark of the beast

Image result for money and the mark of the beast

Image result for book on sweden's cashless society

Image result for sweden's central bank considers digital currency

The big banks and the governments of the industrialized world are doing all they can to get us to voluntarily transition to a digital system. The big banks want a cashless society because it is much more profitable for them and mostly free for them (they create the cyber digits from their thinking…no mining of silver/gold is necessary or even a printing press).The big commercial banks earn billions of cyber dollars in fees from debit cards and they make absolutely enormous profits from credit cards. Most governments around the world are eager to transition to a cashless society as it gives them CONTROL over all economic behavior. All money transactions can be traced in real-time.

Also, a digital system allows computers and algorithms to monitor and track all monetary transactions (personal, corporate, and governmental). Crime is supposed to diminish as a result of a digital (cashless) world. In reality, this is pure myth as criminals will use cyber warfare/hacking to accomplish their goals (anyway). The real goal of this system is to CONTROL people’s behavior and monitor people’s actions. Enslavement results for the people (gradually) as the authorities in power prosper and manipulate the overall system. Give these issues some thought at your leisure. Your survival is at stake! The ‘Mark of the Beast’ infrastructure is now ‘in place’. Beware – going forward! I am:

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  1. therooster permalink
    February 19, 2017 3:04 pm

    The Mob is plan B . The infrastructure can be use by free market currency or by fiat currency.


    • February 19, 2017 5:00 pm

      Rooster, Once the index markets crash we will witness a new mentality… Including you. The Beast is emerging. D


  2. FREDDY GALLO permalink
    May 25, 2017 2:20 pm

    Technology is here, but a chip, or any device, is not for worshipping, because worship involves a human heart, or a human mind…The mark of the beast is spiritual, and identical to the pledge of allegiance to the flag…When the Germans used their right hand to pledged allegiance to the flag, or to Hitler, there was no physical mark in the right hand, or on the forehead of the German pledger, because the mark, that is the name of Hitler, or of the German flag, was written in the heart, or in the mind of the German pledger…When the US citizens use their right hand to pledge allegiance to the flag, or to salute the flag, there is no physical mark in the right hand, or on the forehead of the US pledger, because the mark, that is the name of the US flag, is written in the heart, or in the mind of the US pledger…When the Babylonians worship the gold image, there was no physical mark in the right hand, or on the forehead of the Babylonian worshipper, because the mark, that is the name of the gold image, was written in the heart, or in the mind of the Babylonian worshipper…The mark of the beast in the right hand, or on the forehead, is going be like when the king of Babylon the great played the national anthem, and at the sound of music, the Babylonians who refused to worship the gold image, were put to death…When the US plays the national anthem, and at the sound of music, the US citizens stand on their feet and sing the song “old glory” to the star spangled of heaven…The laws of God are spiritual, and in the new covenant, the laws of God are going be written in the heart, and in the mind on Gods people…In the old covenant, God told his people to bind his laws in their hand, and forehead…The beast worshippers are going to receive a permit with the name of the beast, so they can do business, but the mark (name) of the beast is going to be written in the heart, or in the mind of the beast worshipper, because worshipping it comes from the heart, or from the mind…Like When Jesus said; “adultery comes from the heart”…Those who are pledging allegiance to the flag, and those who are going to worship the beast, are going to be worshipping idols, because they do not believe what God said in Ex.20:1-5, and De.4:15-19…The devil uses Romans 13 to deceive the nations who are pledging allegiance to the flag…The nations idols are high and lifted up on a flag pole, and those who are serve the flag, are called “idol worshippers”…God calls this type of flag service “idolatry”…The devil deceived the founding fathers, and they made images of the stars, of the moon, of the sun, of birds, and four footed beasts, in the likeness of heaven above and in the likeness of the earth below, when God said; “you shall not make or serve them”…The ministers of God cannot see the idols of the nations high and lifted up on a flag pole, because the god of this world has blinded the minds of the ministers with the so-called “constitution” of “liberty and justice for all”…The god of the US is the star spangled of heaven and the bald eagle of the earth…The god of Canada is the maple leaf of the tree of the earth…The god of Mexico is the eagle and serpent of the earth…The god of Japan is the sun of heaven…The god of Israel is the star remphan of heaven Acts 7:43.


    • May 25, 2017 6:00 pm

      Yes, the real mark of the beast system will arrive after the lawless one is governing. We are not there yet. But the birth pains are present. D


  3. danny permalink
    October 29, 2017 5:51 pm

    You people and your Goddamn chips and 666.. Youre concetrating on the wrong shit! Fuck you assholes are stupid as dog shit!

    Mark of the beast is money in any form

    Mark of Cain is violence in any form not just murder

    Word Jesus comes from Iesus, meaning natural born prophet

    Yeshua means Savior or Messiah

    The name of the body was Joshu, he was the son of Mara and Joseph

    They were all members of a tribe called the Esseans who were communist

    Jesus is not a capitalist or Rambo.. He is not pro gun.. You are all apostates, your apostate and heretic pastors have thought you lies


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