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Centralization/Corruption – exemplified within our Central Banks!

February 2, 2017

Image result for Power corrupts says Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson’s philosophy was so prescient (for thinkers) because he recognized the intricacies of human nature better than most. Jefferson recognized that centralization of money and power would eventually lead to enslavement of all Americans. We could universalize this statement of Jefferson today as centralization is now enslaving the entire planet of 7.5 billion citizens (to various degrees). What were some of the views during our founding which we need to reinvent and understand for today’s markets?

The conflict that took shape in the 1790’s between the Federalists and the Anti-federalists exercised a profound impact on our American history. Alexander Hamilton pointed out that America must have monies for industrial development, commercial expansion, as well as the operations of the government. There were many (during this period) who wished to repudiate the National debt or repay only part of it. Hamilton, however, insisted upon full repayment to every holder of this debt and also upon a plan by which the federal government would assume the unpaid debts of the States…incurred during the Revolution. This mindset eventually won out with President George Washington and our Congress. But where has it led after some 240 years?

Hamilton basically devised the first Central Bank of the United States, with the right to establish branches in different parts of the country. Jefferson, however, advocated for a decentralized republic with just a few major exceptions. He recognized the value of a strong central government in foreign relations and for dealing with foreign enemies, but he did not want a strong centralized banking system where a few selected elites could mandate policies for the many. Jefferson feared tyranny and the corruption which emerges from elites who can administer policy from behind closed doors. Freedom of choice with a bottom/up mentality was his wisdom for Americans when it came to money and finance. This mindset of the individual first is what Kingdom Economics is all about!

After some 240 years of government we now recognize the wisdom of Jefferson and the folly of Hamilton’s view on banking. Today, we have the G-20 nations each with their own central bank which operates mostly behind closed doors. We have two other institutions which dominate international commerce when it comes to money and finance. These two institutions are the IMF (International Monetary Fund) located in Washington D.C. and the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) located in Basel, Switzerland. These two institutions IMO need to be closed down and abolished if Jefferson’s vision for America and the World are to be realized.

When I look into the policies of these two institutions and their current leaders, it is obvious to me that monetary corruption is everywhere. These institutions now desire to impose their vision of the world upon all the 7.5 billion citizens. Agenda 2030 by the United Nations is also the vision of our money elites who now have total control over our economic and political destiny. The shenanigans within these two institutions (and other centralized banking institutions) reveal that the best interest of the enslaved citizens are not part of their vision. Imposing a new worldview which puts select elites in total control of our planet’s destiny and money seems to be the core Agenda of these elites.

The biggest problem for the enslaved citizens is that they have no input into this sinister agenda of these unelected elites. Agenda 2030 is being imposed and mandated upon the entire planet as CONTROL is now in the hands of these money elites who administer the policies of finance and economics for the rest of us. Think about what has happened these past 240 years since our founding. Free citizens working under the philosophy of Adam Smith and Thomas Jefferson have been replaced with a form of global tyranny. Money is at the ‘root’ of all this evil and we now have elites (operating behind closed doors) in charge of our money and our future. Let’s get educated on this history so action can be taken at the appropriate time.

Centralization of power leads to insider corruption and few can discern what is happening as our elites now operate mostly BEHIND closed doors. Computers, virtual reality, the internet, cyberspace, secrecy, special power centers, and speed of light frequencies allow these elites to RULE over everyone and assume that this is as it must be. In reality, we can change all this if we first get informed and then act locally while we think globally. Closing down the centralized power centers would return the power to the people. The vision of Jefferson and others could then be realized. Tyranny would be eliminated! Enjoy! I am:

Some institutions which need to be closed down and abolished from the face of planet earth. Freedom is at stake and the future of humanity is at stake!

Image result for the head of the snake, bank of international settlements, basel switzerland

This centralized institution meets mostly in secret to devise policies for the planet! Who are the key decision-makers within this institution? Do your own research!

Image result for the head of the snake, bank of international settlements, basel switzerland

The BIS should have been abolished after WWII. It continued, however, and is now the single most powerful body within monetary finance (along with the IMF)!

Image result for the power of basel

A recent publication exposing the secret powers and history of this institution in Basel, Switzerland! Go to for a copy!

Image result for the head of the snake, bank of international settlements, basel switzerland

Watch this video on the BIS history:

Image result for the head of the snake, bank of international settlements, basel switzerland

The original secret board meeting of BIS Board in Basel, Switzerland!

Image result for the head of the snake, bank of international settlements, basel switzerland

The secretive group which runs planet earth. Who is aware of this power center (the BIS) and what they do in real-time to manipulate our markets?

Image result for the head of the snake, bank of international settlements, basel switzerland

The worldview of our elites who desire to rule the entire planet and control all wealth!

Image result for the power center called the IMF in washington D.C.

The IMF now operates in cyberspace with their various digital currencies and floating exchange rates!

Image result for the power center called the IMF in washington D.C.

These are some of the decision-makers who rule over this planet. Money is central to rulership IMO. Centralization of authority is what Jefferson warned us about!

Image result for the power center called the IMF in washington D.C.

This institution originated with the 1944-46 Bretton Woods Monetary Conference. It has evolved into the single most powerful organization on planet earth! All member countries must bow to the dictates of this decision-making body!

Image result for the power of mark carney in world finance

This decision-maker is now one of the most powerful operatives on planet earth? Who is he? What are his positions of power? Does he operate with transparency?

Image result for the Agenda 2030 program/plan/vision

This Agenda was passed by our U.N. in September, 2015. It is now official policy for our planet! Where does it lead? My view is that it leads to global Communism!

Image result for the most powerful money decision makers on planet earth

The above photos change as new leaders emerge to rule over our planet. Money is key to rulership and the institutions of money give the powerful CONTROL over us all! The Jefferson model of Freedom for the individual is now at stake due to the above situation! We need to abolish the money cartel and their secret power centers!

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  1. therooster permalink
    February 2, 2017 8:30 pm

    Today’s news from GoldMoney included the following, concerning the distribution of gold currency in the USA. I was not up to date and thought that the direct P2P gold transferring service of sovereign bullion was only allowed in 3 states to date, since the process began in October 2016.

    I was mistaken

    From the link :

    Extended peer-to-peer transfers to 49 U.S. states, enabling verified Network users in the U.S. to send and receive gold transfers to and from verified Goldmoney Network users worldwide (excluding residents of the U.S. state of Vermont).

    Gold is now a fully scalable (USD/oz) debt-free currency with instant global liquidity in real-time.


    • February 2, 2017 10:33 pm

      Gold can not be viewed as a debt free currency as debt is used to value gold. Think about how gold is valued, Dan. You misrepresent what happens in our real-time markets. D


      • therooster permalink
        February 3, 2017 6:17 am

        I see your point Don, but you may have missed the “two ends” of the USD.

        Think of the USD like a segment of string which has two distinct ends, meaning two distinct applications in this case.

        At one end you have the debt based currency , the medium of exchange you continually rant about like a madman. At the other end, we have the price model, a model that is now used to compare perceived market values on debt-free widgets. On the basis of two designated debt-free widgets being in agreement, the two widgets can trade for one another, directly, with no debt involved in the trade whatsoever.

        A measure of gold for a new suit. The dollar (in tandem with other measures) is the measure, but is also the “measure of measures” for gold, going right back to 1944.

        Gold bullion is a debt-free widget. There’s your start toward the goals that you seem to want to leap to because you have little experience in marketing and how to get people to where they want to go in tiny incremental steps.

        Now I have a question for you. How was it possible to create a relative price valuation model without the development of a floating fiat currency in the process ??? There are necessary evils in this script, Don and they knew the script long before you and me.

        The development of one end brought about the other. The real powerhouse of economic value resides in the price model, not the currency.

        By DIRECTLY entering gold currency (mass based) into the real economy , by way of market means, the added liquidity supports economic activity with the debt-free grease and as such, existing debt (fiat currency) can then be purged …. safely purged, I might add.

        In the macro model for total liquidity, in comes the gold money , out goes the debt currency in a symbiotic dance that allows the light side of the yin-yang to expand while the dark side deflates by what I call “economic osmosis toward symbiosis.”

        Can you now see where this goes ?


      • February 3, 2017 10:12 am

        Rooster: Your model can not be separated from our debt based currency…called the dollar. Valuation is a dollar based function. The $$$ is used in the valuation of all widgets. The dollar and debt are interrelated. They can not be separated. Your understanding is seriously flawed…but you can not see the flaw. A blind person will eventually end up in the ditch. As of now you are leading yourself and your followers down the mountain side…the blind leading the blind. My view, Rooster. D


      • therooster permalink
        February 3, 2017 10:59 am

        Yes it can work. Again, your market insight is leaving much to be desired.

        First of all, the safe purging of debt to form a symbiotic relationship between debt based and asset based currency becomes a structural yin-yang. The yin-yang represents the total combined liquidity in the system for economic support. The yin(debt) only represents a portion of the overall liquidity so we have a situation here where liquidity can outpace debt.

        Debt is not our current problem. Overwhelming debt that is the problem , which is totally out of balance with any asset based liquidity (negligible) that it can be compared to. The evil resides within the imbalance , in of itself.

        The liquidity yin-yang provides for an unlimited amount of scalable debt-free liquidity (USD/oz) while also being able to responsibly manage any and all debt.

        If you want to be a total purist, then consider that once the gold payment habits of the market gain traction, the merchants of the market would be able to move over to a mass based price model, if needed, but I don’t think that it would be required since the banks are the ones who engineered the conditions for a symbiotic yin-yang anyway.

        The market holds the lynch pin over the banks, once the yin-yang has gained traction. There’s a massive shift in power toward the grass roots.

        It’s light that emerges from the darkness in the process of creation, Don, nothing new.


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