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The Rickards ‘Big Freeze’ – How to Solve this Scenario!

February 1, 2017

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Jim Rickards has the view that a ‘big freeze’ called Ice-Nine will happen soon and this will freeze some $326 trillion of assets immediately ( The global system will then be RESET via a new global currency, a new global tax system, and a new global bank. Once a major domino falls and creates a global stock market crash, we could witness this scenario developing. His logic is rather sound but I would suggest that a solution to this possible event is evident. What is this solution?

Some 189 global elites appear to be behind this Ice-Nine scenario (according to Rickards). The key criminals, however, can be readily identified as they currently head up the major Central Banks, the Bank for International Settlements, and the International Monetary Fund. We could arrest these 189 criminals easily during the beginning stages of this clandestine operation…now that we know who they are. So who are a few of the key criminals who are behind this sinister criminal plan? Personally, I have known about these KEY individuals for years!

Let’s list just a few who could be arrested by our CIA, FBI, and NIC (now a new group of intelligence agents under the Trump administration) when this coming crash event occurs. The head of the IMF is Christine Lagarde, the head of the U.S. Federal Reserve is Janet Yellen, the head of the snake over in Europe is Mark Carney and Mario Draghi, the head of China is Xi Jinping, and the leader of the banking group of 30 is Jacob Frenkel. The others who are likely behind this Ice-Nine plot could be Jean-Claude Trichet, Paul Volcker, Jaime Caruana, William Dudley, and Haruhiko Kuroda.

These eleven could be arrested on circumstantial evidence right now and held for ransom so that this sinister plot from hell is not executed. Jim Rickards seems to think that the Trump administration will be impotent to stop this plot as the entire crime has been planned for years by the elites (including representatives from the Bilderberg Group of criminals). He thinks that Trump has no power or authority to stop this plot. Now that we KNOW the outline of this plot called the GLOBAL FREEZE and ICE-NINE we should be able to prevent it from occurring.

According to Rickards ( he has sources (like our prior Fed Chairman, Ben Shalom Bernanke) who basically view this plot as realistic and likely to occur in 2017 or when a major domino falls. Rickards gives us lots of history which supports his view that this plot is going to happen. With our digital (cyber) money today (made up of digits in our computer screens) this Ice-Nine scenario is certainly possible if these key CRIMINALS are not arrested or brought to justice via the media (assuming this plot gets off the ground).

My sense is that some type of plot is being concocted at the highest levels of finance. Rickards may have some inside knowledge on all this. Our financial system is now totally bankrupt. Now that the key institutions are all centralized and somewhat under the auspices of two key organizations, The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) it is possible that some type of criminal plot is in the mill. What we need to do now is EXPOSE the scenario so that at the proper time we can ARREST these key individuals and interrogate them about the details. I don’t think our public will buy into this plot.

Get this missive out to as many investors as possible and this could help to expose this potential plot now. The other key to preventing this plot is to buy up all the silver and gold on the markets (some of our billionaires could do this) and when the time comes (this coming crash in our markets) offer a better alternative by creating legal tender that is backed by gold and silver. The ONE worlder’s who desire to impose this New World Order upon our planet would be stymied. After all, gold and silver are still our Constitutional monies. Time to wake-up! I am:

Some of the potential criminals who could be behind this Ice-Nine scenario:

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The new world currency being proposed by this Ice-Nine group of criminals is the SDR. What is this? It’s really nothing but a weighted average of select cyber numbers (math) with a ‘name’. The view is that it will work as a World Currency if all other currencies are eliminated from the planet. It’s a huge gimmick and trick which gives a criminal dictatorship control over the entire planet. Don’t buy into it! Buy silver and gold coins and store items for barter. That is my advice!

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  1. therooster permalink
    February 1, 2017 9:22 pm

    This is top-down thinking, only. The answer lies in the grass.


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