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Our ‘Digital’ dollar is illegal, unconstitutional, a sham!

February 18, 2016

To understand why our current ‘dollar’ is a delusion and a sham (plus being illegal and unconstitutional) we need to understand its history. The history of our ‘dollar’ reveals what has happened in real-time. I will provide you a timeline of our economic/monetary history from the Mayflower days (1620) up to today (2016). This should reveal why our current ‘dollar’ can not last and why all monetary transactions with this illegal ‘dollar’ need to be cancelled and deleted from our bookkeeping records. I think each of you will discern why we now need a New Economic Model for our planet and it all needs to start here in America! Let’s review our history to comprehend!

  1. 1620 – 1775: trade was mostly done via barter (value was calculated in beads, wampum, beaver skins, deerskins, tobacco, etc.), items of value which particular sectors chose as their money item, and via various Colonial paper certificates (from our 13 Colonies) which implied that their currency had convertibility into real silver and/or its equivalent.
  2. 1775 – 1789:  our Continental Congress invented a paper certificate called the Continental dollar (D-0) which served as an item of ‘value’ prior to our Constitution. This paper note/certificate implied that the currency units printed on its ‘face’ could be redeemed in real silver and/or its equivalent if the bearer chose. In reality, however, these words were not honored as the Continental treasury was mostly broke (taxes could not be collected from the people during this War period).
  3. 1789 – 1934: the American Dollar (D-1) was invented by Jefferson/Hamilton and the unit was defined specifically in terms of silver (371.25 grains of Au = $1.00). Both silver and gold were part of the definition, however, and paper notes/certificates were officially convertible into either silver and/or gold. The Coinage Act of 1792 made this D-1 dollar the official unit of exchange (and legal tender) for all Americans.
  4. 1934 – 1971: the American dollar (now D-2) was severed from any silver/gold backing (per FDR executive order 6102). A ‘faith’ dollar emerged for Americans which was a paper note called the Federal Reserve Note. Foreigners who held American dollars from 1934 – 1971 (now the D-3 dollar) could exchange their units into our gold at the ratio of $1.00 = 1/35th ounce of Au. The Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944-46 made our D-3 dollar the Reserve Currency for all International Trade.
  5. 1973 – 1996: the American dollar changed again (now D-4) into a math based dollar (a weighted average of some six hard currencies). This D-4 dollar was also called the Index Dollar and the Floating dollar. In 1974-75, this D-4 dollar was further enhanced as the Petro dollar as OPEC agreed to price all their crude oil (a necessity for nearly all International traders) in this D-4 dollar. Most value transactions and International trade used this D-4 dollar as their official reserves to balance trade/accounting issues. This D-4 dollar is now in the process of collapse!
  6. 1996 -2016: the American dollar changed again (in its core ‘nature’) as all trade and balance of payments issues were computerized and digitized (Nationally and Internationally). This digital dollar (now the D-5 dollar) is official according to our Federal Reserve Banking policymakers and our Treasury policymakers (but not our legal system). This D-5 dollar is much different from prior dollars as it is metaphysical and circulates totally within Cyberspace (our global network of interconnected computers). The paper equivalent (called the Cash dollar) is now being eliminated rapidly and this ‘digital’ dollar is ubiquitous Nationally and Internationally (as our trading unit). This D-5 dollar needs review from our  Supreme Court system as its core ‘nature’ is totally different from all prior American dollars. Many of our trading counterparties now desire to create a new Reserve Currency for our planet and remove the D-5 dollar from its pedestal. This dollar is a sham upon the intelligence of all thinking Americans when fully understood IMO!

The above history is essential to understand so that we can discern why we now need a New Economic Model for our planet. In reality, our digital dollar (D-5) is not a unit of ‘matter’ and it is therefore not within our Space/time material universe. It derives from the consciousness of our Central Bankers (their thinking) and the minds of their banking proxies…as they input abstract ‘digits’ (with no substance) into their computer screens arbitrarily and subjectively! They then call these abstractions our ‘legal tender’ money. This philosophy is absurd and misrepresents all prior history as to what has been official ‘legal tender’ for Americans. This D-5 dollar is corrupt and unworthy of our support IMO!

Never in recorded history has money/currency been metaphysical/spiritual. Never in recorded history (prior to computerization) has money been circulating in a netherworld…called cyberspace. Has our official Court System adjudicated this D-5 digital dollar? The answer is NO! If it were adjudicated, this metaphysical dollar (D-5) would not be approved IMO. Why? Because this dollar is created from the MIND of select elites ‘subjectively’/’secretly’ and without any public oversight. Also, the American people have not approved this D-5 digital dollar via their voting options. Think of QE (quantitative easing) for recent real-time evidence on how this dollar is created! Also, most lending is now accomplished with NO fractional reserves making money creation out-of-nothing SOP.

What has emerged these past 20 years (mostly) is a metaphysical dollar with no substance within our Space/time universe. This dollar has no ‘matter’ and it is therefore not material. It is a unit of ‘nothing’ created from ‘nothing’ (human consciousness)! The entire bankster world now desires to create digital currencies for the entire planet using these mental abstractions. This is corrupt and this creates human enslavement as a mere metaphysical abstraction controls and monitors all human economic activity. Think about what has emerged these past few years and what this type of money leads to. It leads to HUMAN enslavement to ‘numbers’, identification codes, and to unelected policymakers who administer this sinister money system subjectively.

We now need to collapse this corrupt banking system and introduce a New Economic Model for our planet. Money is the key to our economic survival.  Our current corrupted system is unfit for our new global internet age. Our Courts of Justice and the general public need to get informed on the above events and the history of our American dollar. Pass this missive on to your friends. Our Constitution calls for silver and gold coins as our official legal tender. You can witness this in Article I, Section 8 and 10 of our Constitution. The time to collapse our current corrupted monetary system is NOW. Take the time to review the above history and think about what it all means. Enjoy! I am:

P.S. A timeline in pictures follows for better understanding of American economic history!

In 1620 and after ‘beaver skins’ had ‘value’ and could be used in barter transactions! The ‘name’ money was a beaver skin in many venues!

American Indians sell Manhattan Island for 24 colorful beads (wampum)! Colorful beads had ‘value’ within the Indian culture! The Dutch Europeans hoodwinked the Indians via deception to acquire legal status to Manhattan in 1626! Indians viewed land, water, air as owned by the Great Spirit and not tradable!

In the colony of Virginia, tobacco was an item of ‘value’ which became money for many transactions (1780)! British Americans viewed tobacco, cotton, and silver as commodities with money ‘value’! The word ‘money’ can be applied to various and sundry items which people view as having ‘value’!

The Spanish ‘piece of eight’ was viewed as having ‘value’ and became money for many Americans (1750 – 1789)! This coin was used by Thomas Jefferson as the reference point for his American dollar of 371.25 grains of silver (1792 – 1934).

Ben Franklin’s paper Continental currency had ‘faith’ value as it implied that it was convertible into silver (1775-1781)! This was our D-0 American dollar! It totally collapsed after 1781…but traded up to 1789 in the marketplace.

America’s first ‘Official’ dollar emerged after Congress passed the Coinage Act of 1792! This dollar was defined as 371.25 grains of pure silver (Ag). The ratio of silver to gold was 15:1 at that time making the gold dollar equal to 24.75 grains of Au. This dollar corresponds to the D-1 American dollar described above.

The Federal Reserve Note was declared to be America’s ‘faith’ dollar in 1933 – 34 by FDR. This currency still exists but is now gradually being phased-out in favor of the D-5 digital dollar! This 1934 dollar was our D-2 American dollar per above.

A United States paper note with gold convertibility! This dollar was our D-3 American dollar for International transactions (1934 – 1971)! This dollar was created after the Bretton Woods monetary conference of 1944-46. It was convertible into Au (gold).

After President Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 a new Petro dollar emerged in 1974-75 (this was our D-4 American dollar). Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon hoodwinked Saudi Arabia into pricing their crude oil in American dollars to give credibility to our D-4 dollar! This dollar was based upon a weighted index of hard currencies (pure Keynesian math)! We call it the ‘fiat’ and/or the ‘floating’ dollar!

From 1996 until today, the digital dollar has predominated trade, investing, saving, and valuations. Our private (unconstitutional) Federal Reserve Banking System and our Department of Treasury created this sham dollar. We can call this the D-5 sham/metaphysical/illegal/unconstitutional dollar! Our Congress and our court system has not reviewed the legal tender status of this D-5 dollar! In my view this dollar is a sham and must be removed from our marketplace ASAP! This dollar has zero substance (matter) and it gets created from the thinking MIND (consciousness) of our Central banksters and their proxy banksters! It circulates within ‘cyberspace’…a metaphysical space which can be viewed as an ‘extension’ of our consciousness (mind)! The ‘Mark of the Beast’, a prophesied event follows from accepting this D-5 dollar!






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