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Let’s create a ‘New’ economic model for our Planet! I will teach/show you!

February 17, 2016

It is now time to start planning and preparing for the collapse of our current Keynesian Economic Model. This model is dysfunctional and when understood an illusion of our mental faculties. Keynesianism is based primarily upon math and numbers. These ‘abstract mental’ phenomena can not work to bring us prosperity, freedom, growth, or meaningful happiness going forward! This model is totally broken, archaic, and a delusion for anyone with a modicum of sound judgment. Now is the perfect time to start thinking and planning for its replacement with a ‘New’ and better model. I will outline a few of the necessary actions which we now must take so as to replace the Keynesian model with the Kingdom Economics Model. Additional missives will follow to help each of us discern the changes which we must accept and create.

Our Planet now needs a New Economic Model going forward!

This New Model will build upon our original Founding fathers philosophy. Thomas Jefferson and our key Founding fathers would support this New Model as it furthers their vision as expressed in the Declaration of Independence of 1776. It is now 240 years since the original Declaration was signed. The model of historical Capitalism (which started in 1776) worked great for most of our history. Now that historical Capitalism has collapsed and we live with illusionary finance and economics it is time to introduce a New Model for our planet as we move forward. We now live in an Internet Age where all of our planet is interconnected and interdependent. This change from our historical period (1776 – 2016) is so significant that any historical models can not work going forward. A New Model is needed!


Basically, our Keynesian economic model, which replaced historical Capitalism in 1934, has worked (in part) for some 82 years. This model is now dysfunctional and we witness this dysfunction daily as we watch the ‘tick charts’ within all of our Index markets. Currently, our markets (via indices) go up continually (mostly) while the real economy goes down. This is because the math and numbers used by our Keynesian model have decoupled from the material reality of wealth creation. Also, the concept of ‘value’ which is foundational to economics has evolved into a subjective/illusionary concept which distorts all prices within our markets. Meaningful trades can not work with all these Keynesian distortions and illusions. So let’s create a New Model which could start (say) around 2023-24. Here are some changes which we now need to introduce now. Why?

We now need a New Economic Model for planet Earth! What is now needed?

Central Banking:  We need to close down all the Central Banks on this planet. These corrupt institutions are the core problem within our Keynesian economic dysfunctional model. We could start with closing down the U.S. Federal Reserve Banking System. This could be accomplished by cancelling the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. Congress could do this now (2016) or a new Congress could do this in 2017. Central Banking and the administrators of these institutions are NOT elected by any of the people. These entities are privately run and they operate BEHIND closed doors. Currently, they counterfeit currencies in the trillions (called QE) and create negative interest rates to help the rich and bankrupt the middle class and the poor. All  the major Central Banks need to be closed down in 2016-17 and gradually all their proxy banks also need to be closed down. This can start with the American Congress in 2016 as they abolish the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Let’s do this NOW!

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 needs to be abolished NOW! Congress needs to act!

Money and Currencies:  We need to gradually eliminate all the currencies created under the Keynesian model. These currencies are really ‘mental abstractions’ which circulate as ‘mental digits’ within our extended consciousness (cyberspace). These ‘mental abstractions’ have no existence within our Space/time universe and are merely ‘tools’ which our corrupt banksters use to enslave the masses of citizens on this planet. The elites who run this model get rich, wealthy, and corrupt (the 1%) as the common citizens get poor, enslaved, and manipulated (the 99%). Conditions for the masses of citizens on this planet can not improve with this corrupt situation. This is the legacy of the Keynesian Economic Model which now needs to be replaced. All our ‘mental abstraction’ currencies are now located in Cyberspace and this makes it easy to eliminate these units of ‘nothing’ from our computer screens. All that is needed is to PUSH the ‘delete’ button on the master Central Bank computers.

Attn: Central Bankers – Push the ‘delete’ button on the computer keyboard! Cyber money vanishes!

Debt and Derivatives:  We now have some 250 trillion of dollar debt within our global system and some 1.2 quadrillion of dollar derivatives within our global system. None of these debt and derivative contracts can be repaid or serviced. We need to recognize that the Keynesian economic model has produced all this debt, derivatives, and virtual credit obligations. All these numbers (mere math) are now located and stored within our computer screens as ‘mental abstractions’. These ‘digits’ within cyberspace can be cancelled and eliminated from our Space/time reality with the push of the ‘delete’ button on our banking computers. PUSH the ‘delete’ button and all these numbers/math vanish back into ‘money heaven’ (from where they originated). This process of ‘deletion’ needs to start NOW and continue for the next 7 years to clear all the global bookkeeping records. If done gradually and relentlessly, all can be eliminated by the year 2024. The time to start is always NOW!

All Keynesian numbers/math can be ‘deleted’ by merely pushing the DELETE button!

Transition money (2016 to 2023-24):  The American Constitution calls for ONLY gold and silver to be official legal tender for debt and public exchange. This derives from our 1789 Constitution, Article I, Section 8 and 10. During the next 7 years of transition from the Keynesian economic model to our New Model, there needs to be a transfer of wealth from those who benefited from Keynesian corruption (especially these past 40+ years) to those who are and were loyal to our original U.S. Constitutional money. Silver coins and gold coins can serve as ‘money’ and ‘value’ during this 7 year transition period. The cyber/digital currencies can be phased-out gradually over the next 7 years of transition. This will help to restore some balance in the ownership of real physical wealth during this transition period. Now is the time to buy some silver and gold coins to prepare for this coming transition. Do it NOW!


Wealth transfer is due! Get out of Keynesian math and numbers residing within the computer screen! The next 7 years needs to be a transition period into a New Economic Model! I can serve as your teacher and/or reference point during this transition period!

The above four items of change are enough for this missive. Think upon the message above and learn about the process which I am proposing. Pass the word to others that we now need a NEW MODEL of ECONOMICS and politics for our planet. We need to start the process of transition from the old/dysfunctional Keynesian model to our New Model ASAP. My suggestion is to start the process by becoming knowledgeable about our current system and about the changes which are now needed. If you want to discern WHY we need a New Model you can internalize this website: This website reveals what is now our situation under our Keynesian economic model. You can discern why our situation is hopeless if we continue with this model going forward. Start the process of wealth transition today by purchasing your share of silver/gold in physical ownership form. Get out of cyberspace and the computer screen monies as these are illegal, unconstitutional, and illusionary. Do this today! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Wisdom: Change starts like a ‘mustard’ seed and gradually grows into a huge tree which encompasses everyone! Reality is ‘always’ NOW!

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