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Mr. Truth – Paul Craig Roberts! Why?

November 9, 2014

Those who desire truth and the bigger picture when it comes to finance, policymaking, gold, silver, the FED, manipulation, etc., should consider listening and reading the missives and podcasts of Mr. Paul Craig Roberts. Paul was the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under the Reagan Administration. He and David Stockman, prior budget director, are now revealing the real nature of our financial system and the corruption at the very top (which most of our media financial pundits do not perceive or comprehend). Congrats to Mr. Roberts and also Mr. Stockman for their revelations and their determination to expose the corruption within our Financial Institutions. I, for one, appreciate this honesty and forthrightness! Truth in financial markets is essential if any system is to work long term! Today, truth, has become relative and obsure! The latest podcast and missive by Paul can be obtained by going to these two websites (this information is essential for understanding today’s markets):

1.  (

2. (listen to the podcast by clicking the Broadcast label at the far right of the website).


What Mr. Roberts is revealing is how decisions are made at the highest levels of government. What we have at these high/private levels is a form of ‘group think’ and ‘criminality which these decision makers promote to protect the vested interests of the TBTF institutions, the banking cartel, select politicians, and the integrity of these institutions (as seen by these administrators). The average American voter has no idea what is going on behind the ‘closed’ doors of our Fed, Treasury, SEC, and the Justice Department. It appears that all these leaders are in the same ‘bed’ and promote that which serves their special interests and the interests of their proxies. The American people and their interests are secondary or irrelevant! Who understands?

Personally, I have been aware of this corruption, group think, and criminality for some years. My missives reveal my awareness and my dislike for all this financial favoritism, illegality, unconstitutionally, and mass corruption (within our Centralized Institutions). I have supported the prior efforts of the Congressman from Texas, Ron Paul, in his many efforts to get our Fed audited and exposed. The problem with exposure, however, is that these higher elite can protect their self-interest by a ‘good old boys’ form of group think and privacy. They do not allow any real interviews with other insiders like David Stockman or Paul Craig Roberts to counter their deceptions. What these insiders promote is insider control and insider group think via their private networks of communication. This seems to work in preventing any real exposure of this insider corruption and illegality. This prevents any meaningful change to the system.

Why is the price of gold manipulated with ‘naked shorts’ (uncovered) on the Globex electronic market? Why do our elite at the Fed and our Treasury desire to suppress the price of gold and silver to make our ‘fake’ Cyber Dollar look real? Are you aware that we now live with a ‘dollar’ that is totally within Cyberspace? Do you understand Cyberspace or Virtual Reality?

Paul’s interview with Eric King of King World News reveals clearly that our Fed is the likely culprit in the manipulations of the gold/silver markets since 2011. This manipulation has occurred because our Fed leaders desired to promote our ‘dollar’ as a viable fiat reserve currency for the world. To accomplish this objective, it was necessary to suppress the gold price (the foundation for our dollar) to give traders and the investment community (and the public) the impression that our ‘dollar’ had real merits. Who is this Fed, in reality? I would suggest that operational control over the trading desk at our Fed is in the hands of ONE key insider. This insider was selected by our prior Treasury Secretary, Mr. Timothy Geithner, as his replacement at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. This insider was an economist with Goldman Sachs prior to securing his position at the NY Fed. Who is this insider which few know and whom few can interview? His name is: Mr. William C. Dudley!

Look at this trading room on the 9th floor of the New York Fed! What are they doing and what are they trading? Why can not someone like Mr. Roberts or Mr. Stockman interview this unelected (selected) economist called William (Bill) Dudley? Why can’t Congress audit this organization?

Mr. Dudley has operational control over the Fed’s desk computer(s) which control the System Open Market Account (the SOMA) for the Fed and the trading operations. Mr. Dudley also has a permanent position on the Federal Open Market Committee which governs the SOMA and he is the operational person who knows the world markets better than anyone else at the Fed. Mr. Dudley, as CEO of the NY Fed and permanent member of the FOMC, operates a huge trading room on the 9th floor of the NY Fed building, 33 Liberty Street, New York. This trading room consists of some 60 traders who monitor the world markets and USA markets from early a.m. (some report that the trading starts as early as 4 a.m.) and continues after the closing of the American markets (late into the evening). This Fed trading room has no oversight from our Congress, the Congressional Banking Committee’s,  and no real news media can interview the traders or Mr. Dudley about this operation. So what is this trading room doing. Why all the secrecy? Has anyone interviewed this operational headquarters for the American ‘dollar’? Why not?

This is a FOMC meeting. Mr. Ben Bernanke was Chairman (at the time), Janet Yellen (current Chairman stands at the far right), and William (Bill) Dudley stands at the far left).

Dudley has the privilege of being a permanent member of this powerful Committee and he has the most understanding/knowledge/insider control over our Centralized Fed and their policies! Dudley is not appointed or elected by the American people. He was selected for his powerful position by a ‘group think’ process within the banking/political cartel which runs our economy, our monetary system, our QE (counterfeiting) operations, and most of our World Financial Casino System. Why can no-one AUDIT this entity which emerged some 100 years prior to today? Why can not prior knowledgeable insiders like Mr. Paul Craig Roberts or David Stockman (both from the prior Reagan Administration) not interview these insiders? Why all the secrecy and deception from these elite? Why do Americans lack an understanding of this entity or their group think operations? Give these questions some thought! I think I know why, but see if you can discern the reasons? Enjoy! I am:

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