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All ‘Prices’ could (in time) go to ZERO! Why?

November 6, 2014

Today, prices (here in the USA) are expressed in a cyber unit called the American dollar. Globally, prices are expressed in some 150 (+-) International cyber units (yen, euro, pound, peso, etc.). To understand why prices could (in time) go to ZERO we need to understand the ‘nature’ of our cyber units (which we call digital ‘money/currency’). What are these units (in reality)? Do these cyber units have any ‘substance’? Is our cyber ‘dollar’ today physical or metaphysical? Let’s think about the ‘nature’ of our so-called digital ‘money/currency’. Take the time to pick up your smart phone (right now). Turn the power on! Look and focus on the screen of this smart phone. Notice the light, the images, the text, the words, the symbols, and the numbers. Focus and think about the ‘nature’ of these images, etc. which you witness within the screen of this smart phone. What are they? Where are they? Are they derived from prior consciousness? Do these units exist within our space/time universe?

My smart phone screen reveals a cyberspace reality (a virtual reality which is artificial and dependent)! If the power is shut-off, all the images disappear. This notional/simulated space is different from observable space/time reality! We call ‘observable’ space/time objective! Cyberspace, however, is subjective!

Cyberspace is the new realm where all our currencies now reside. This new space is unique and different from our observable space/time reality. When I look out my window I notice a Tree across the street. When I look up at the sky I notice the Sun. At night I notice the Moon and the Stars. I can take a picture with my smart phone camera (say of the tree) and the images will immediately appear on my smart phone screen (as a virtual image). The difference between these virtual images (on/in my screen) and the images which I witnessed with my eyes (the Tree, Sun, Moon, Stars) are NOT the same reality. One image is VIRTUAL (imaginary and simulated) and the other is MATERIAL (physical and objective). These two realms of reality are different! Can you discern the difference? The ‘virtual’ or ‘simulated’ is created artificially by units of photons (light) and invisible frequencies…and the ‘material’ is created from my observation (via my consciousness). Let’s explore this difference further!

My house, auto, and property (objective/physical objects) but, none-the-less, could go to a ZERO price (when expressed in our cyber units)…assuming legal tender status is removed from our currency unit (which we call ‘dollar’)! This could happen in the near future by a political decision!

This same principle (comparing objective objects) could be applied to a ‘paper’ dollar note (a material substance) and pixel(s) of light within my smart phone screen (a virtual/simulated image). The paper note (say a one dollar note) is outside my mind (consciousness) and the virtual symbol (say $1.00 located on each corner of this paper note) is now within cyberspace/my computer screen (an imaginary space which represents an extension of my consciousness). Cyberspace is not the same as Observable space. Cyberspace is a notional or simulated space which has no material substance. We call this space VIRTUAL (as it appears real…but isn’t). It appears material…but isn’t. It appears physical…yet it isn’t. It appears to exist…yet it does not exist. Another description could be: The user accesses a computer-simulated world which presents perceptual stimuli to the user’s inner consciousness, who in turn can manipulate elements of the modeled world (within this space) and thus experience a degree of telepresence.[6] Such modeled worlds and their rules may draw from the reality and/or from fantasy worlds. This world is mostly a world of information…yet unique and different when compared to our observable world!

This paper and coin money (physical and objective) is being replaced with non-material cyber money (which is really ‘counterfeit’ money)! Today, only some 4% of all money in circulation is within the Material world (the world of trees, sun, moon, stars). Some 96% is now within a virtual world called Cyberspace! What is this new world of Cyberspace? Why is this much different and dangerous for our financial transactions?

What we now need to discern and recognize is the difference between this world of ‘cyberspace/simulation’ and the real material world of ‘space/time’. Today, all our currencies are being driven into this virtual/simulated world of cyberspace. Paper notes and metal coins are being eliminated to create a Cashless Society of cyber money. This world depends upon electrical power and light frequencies to create a perception or simulation of reality (within a computer screen or smart phone screen). This perception, however, is artificial and it can disappear with the decision of a computer operator (say a Central Banker who desires to shut off all power and eliminate all our virtual/simulated currencies). Today, our cyber markets have circuit breakers which can shut down the entire electronic stock market (if our elite authorities desire). Our money can disappear/vanish and our perceptions can change immediately as we enter a new mentality of BARTER. Barter is an objective world without any cyberspace or simulation!

Cyberspace currencies (such as Apple Pay) are the new trend which our Central Banks are promoting for the New World Order! These units are non-material and can only be accessed within our computer screens. We could all become ‘slaves’ to this robotic/simulated world created by our elite Centralized Banking Authorities. To buy or sell we would need approval from our elite banking Authorities! Is this good?

Yes, all our ‘prices’ could (in time) go to ZERO as ‘prices are now virtual/simulations derived from cyberspace. My house value (in cyber dollar units) could go to zero. My auto value (in cyber dollar units) could go to zero. All food items could go to zero. Furniture, clothing, silver coins, gold coins, appliances, and gas could go to zero. All that is needed for all ‘prices’ to go to ZERO is for our Government (say our President) to announce that our cyber dollar is NO LONGER legal tender! Drop the ‘legal tender’ status of our cyber dollar and ALL goes to ZERO instantaneously. It’s really that simple! The reason for this possibility is that ALL our so-called money today is mostly (95%) within cyberspace (the computer screen). This space is virtual and artificial and not really meant for solving issues of Value/Money. This space is without any material substance (unlike a silver coin). The space disappears/vanishes when power is shut off! This space allows banksters to create new cyber units ‘out of nothing’!

Today, our Central Bank (called the Fed) can ‘type’ or ‘speak’ cyber money into the computer screen! This reveals that our so-called money is now ‘created’ OUT OF THIN AIR also called ‘out of nothing’/out of Consciousness! Who benefits from this favorite status which select banksters operate?

All our DEBT is now within cyberspace. All global DEBT, global currencies, stocks, bonds, derivatives are ALL now within cyberspace. All our financial instruments, contracts, etf’s, savings accounts, investment accounts, and currencies are now within cyberspace (this virtual/simulated space which can not be objectively reached) and could vanish into ‘money heaven’ with one decision from our elite banking/political Authorities. What we need to recognize is that our entire monetary system is now mostly within our Consciousness and within Cyberspace (an extension of our human consciousness). This new reality has created a new economic system for our entire planet (now interconnected and represented as our Global Internet Society). Most trading is now electronic and within cyberspace. Silver and gold are now traded within cyberspace. Robots and Algorithms are now used to create all our metaphysical/cyber PRICES. This is a new world for everyone going forward. Is this creating freedom or slavery?

All our DEBT is now within Cyberspace and could be eliminated with the click of a computer mouse! Cyberspace can not work for creating a better financial World. Cyberspace creates ‘slaves’ of everyone EXCEPT the banksters! Think!

In conclusion, we can say that ALL prices (in time) could and likely will go to ZERO (given our cyber currencies today). Prior to this event (a global Debt Jubilee), however, we could experience some opposite results for a short period. We could witness some ‘prices’ going ballistic and exponential for a time period. For example, the ‘prices’ of silver and gold COULD go to multi (exponential levels) when ‘priced’ in our cyber (casino) units. As events get crazy within our computer driven cyber markets, we could experience very unique and unpredictable results. At some point, however, our elite banking/political Authorities will shut down the cyber markets (and all electronic exchanges) and this is when ALL prices could go to ZERO (as all cyber currencies are declared no longer official ‘legal tender’. We now live in TWO worlds. World #1 is our space/time (observable/objective) world and World #2 is our inner (invisible/virtual/simulated/subjective) world. Both worlds need to be understood going forward. Enjoy and think about these different realities which govern our lives! I am:

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