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Today’s ‘Keynesianism’ – complete garbage! Why?

April 1, 2014

John Maynard Keynes (who died on Easter Sunday) April 21, 1946, would probably not recognize today’s economic model which goes by his name. John seemed to view the ‘word’ MONEY as a physical thing derived from nature. He (and Harry Dexter White) did approve Gold  (a ‘word’ denoting a physical thing) as necessary for backing the ‘word’ DOLLAR (a no thing unit) during the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944. Let’s think about today’s Keynesianism, however, as it has evolved since the death of John Maynard Keynes. What has emerged as our MONEY since 1944? What is the difference between MONEY and CURRENCY? Keep in mind that the ‘word’ MONEY originally derives from our mouth/thinking as a ‘no thing’ idea for representing that which we call VALUE (another ‘word’ which emerges from our subjective mouth/thinking). Let’s think about what we are saying and doing TODAY. You may be surprised at what is happening within the ‘halls’ of our policy making institutions today! I am also surprised!

John Maynard Keynes (died in 1946), yet his philosophy has evolved into a total FANTASY! Would John, if alive today, approve of today’s Keynesianism? I doubt it!


Keynes and Company at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944. John supported a Dollar with real physical GOLD (as backing)! Today, gold is officially out of our global financial system of Central Banking!

First of all, we have NO official MONEY today within our official global economy which many call Keynesianism. The ‘word’ MONEY has no relevance today as we do not use Gold for trading or for settling Balance of Trade accounts. Gold is stored in our vaults and transferred from various vaults (banks, storage houses, and investment entities) on our planet but it is not used for any official settlement of Balance of Trade accounts. This metal (gold and also silver) which was chosen by the consumer and the marketplace as REAL money has been demoted (by our Keynesian officials) to a role of merely a storage item and psychological image within our consciousness. Gold and also Silver are now purchased in the marketplace but not used as our ‘proxy’ for settling issues of VALUE. And it’s the concept of VALUE which is at the core of real Keynesianism and also Capitalism!

What has emerged since the closing of the Gold Window in 1971 is a fantasy philosophy which has no real substance or validity within our space/time reality, yet we still call our economic philosophy by the ‘name’ Keynesianism. With Gold out of our official monetary system, we now trade with phantom currencies which (in reality) do not even EXIST (within Nature). Think about this! What does the ‘word’ DOLLAR actually denote today? What is a DOLLAR (in reality)? The unit called by the ‘name’ DOLLAR is really NOTHING. The ‘word’ DOLLAR comes out of the mouth of an official within our Central Banking Institutions and is viewed (philosophically) as a real THING. But where is this supposed THING (in reality)? Can anyone on the planet hold, carry, transfer, smell, taste, see, this THING which we call DOLLAR? Where is this THING (in reality)? Does it EXIST outside the MOUTH/THINKING of those who CREATE these phantom(s)? Personally, I am unable to locate, find, observe, feel, taste, smell, hold, or hear this ‘word’ called DOLLAR. So what is it and where does it derive from?

Most pundits and consumers think of the above item as a DOLLAR. In reality, however, this item is a paper note with the ‘word’ DOLLAR engraved upon the note. Paper is paper (a thing/item) and the Dollar is a Word/Concept! Discern the difference! Where does the unit called DOLLAR derive from?

Today, we have trillions of so-called DOLLARS floating all around our planet. These phantom items should really not be called THINGS. The word ‘thing’ implies that these units (dollars) EXIST (within Nature and within our Physical Universe). In reality, all these phantom ‘dollars’ are really nothing but WORDS coming from the MOUTHS of official policymakers who have the AUTHORITY to create these IMAGINARY nothings (word objects) from their CONSCIOUSNESS. Let’s THINK about what is really happening in today’s phantom trading markets (globally). All that we call by the ‘name’ currencies are really nothing but phantom units of nothing. Think about this! What does the word ‘nothing’ imply? We all probably recognize that the ‘tooth fairy’ is imaginary and nothing real or physical. The ‘tooth fairy’ is a product of our Consciousness (also called one’s MIND). This also goes for WORDS like Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and Cinderella. Fantasy ‘words’ have imaginary meanings but we also recognize these ‘words’ as part of our imagination!

Why don’t we (especially all the educated economists, finance ministers, bankers, traders, and monetary pundits) recognize the NATURE of our phantom currencies today? Why don’t we recognize that the ‘words’  DOLLAR, POUND, YEN, EURO, KRONA, PESO, REAL, RUBLE, DONG, LEK, FRANC, ESCUDO, RUPEE, ETC., ETC. are really units of ‘nothing’, ‘phantoms’, mere ‘fairies’ within our imaginary MINDS? We all seem to recognize the imaginary nature of the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus yet we seem unable to recognize the imaginary (phantom) nature of all our global currencies. Why is this so? What is it about reality that makes many of us desire to promote a philosophy of FANTASY and then THINK this is reality? The easiest experience which led me to this conclusion of phantom, fantasy, imaginary currencies was the actions of our recent Fed Chairman, Ben Shalom Bernanke. What did this economist, central banker create and originate after the financial crisis of 2008? What is this ‘word’ that we all now call QE? Where did this ‘word’ originate?

The above ‘symbols’ and ‘names’ become ‘NUMBERS’ within our computer screens (and we call these phantoms currencies). In reality, these units are derived from Consciousness and do not EXIST within our physical space/time Universe! Try to locate one of these within your space/time world?

QE or quantitative easing is a concept (word) derived from mostly the mouth/thinking of Ben Shalom Bernanke after the recent financial crisis of 2008. He recognized that his Central Bank (the Fed) had a ‘master computer’ at the New York Federal Reserve Bank, 33 Liberty Street,  which could create phantom ‘money’ just by ‘typing’ numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) into the computer screen and then CALLING these imaginary NUMBERS (phantoms of the MIND) by the official ‘name’ DOLLARS’. The official policy which emerged from the THINKING of Ben Shalom Bernanke (and later others) was a new concept which everyone started to call QE. This operation, called QE, allowed Ben and his proxies, the option of creating phantom DOLLARS ‘out of nothing’ (also called THIN AIR by many pundits such as Ron Paul). Since 2008 Ben and his proxies (now Janet Yellen) have ‘typed’ into the ‘master computer’ at the New York Fed trillions of phantom NUMBERS (and called these phantom’s by the ‘name’ DOLLARS). What a joke/philosophical delusion…on the intelligence of those who discern this SHAM!

The vast majority of economists and financial pundits, however, seem oblivious to this sham policy which has gone by the ‘name’ QE. All these recent policies and philosophy have also gone under the general name of Keynesianism. I doubt that John Maynard Keynes (if alive today) would approve of any of these shenanigans/phantom policies. Anyway, we now have a global financial system of phantom currencies which are circulating within our computer screens and touted as real THINGS (which exist). Does the above rendition of what is happening seem like reality to you? Can you discern that our so-called legal tender unit, called by the ‘name’ DOLLAR’, is merely a phantom within my/your imagination? Look all around you (right now) and see if you can find, locate, observe, taste, smell, or feel this unit of currency that we call DOLLAR? If you are from outside the U.S.A. then think about your own phantom currency unit! Where is this THING which every official within our banking establishments touts as ‘money’? I can’t FIND any of these currencies in my reality! Think for yourself! Where is all this fantasy leading?

Many are now recognizing the Sham Policy which we call QE. Would JMK approve this policy under the label of Keynesianism? I doubt it! Think for yourself as our System is now corrupted!

Isn’t it time to focus on what is actually REALITY (that which we experience in the NOW)? Gold and Silver are not phantoms! Gold and Silver are not imaginary! Gold and Silver are not mere units of our Consciousness (phantoms)! Gold and Silver coins are THINGS which EXIST outside of my/your Consciousness (also called our MINDS). Isn’t it time to recognize the difference between fantasy (all the global computer digits/currencies) and real items which EXIST on our planet? Why are Gold and Silver recorded within our CONSTITUTION, Article I (section 8) as Constitutional MONEY and our PROXY for Value? Why is our so-called Federal Reserve Banking System a legal sham (operationally) and a perpetrator of unconstitutional ‘phantom’ currencies? I understand that the history of the Fed can be viewed as a creation with ‘good’ intentions! But what is it NOW…TODAY? That is the question to THINK about! Give this missive some of your serious thought and reflection and see if you can DISCERN the difference between Physical reality and Phantom reality! I am:

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