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THE most IMPORTANT ‘concept’ for discerning REALITY!

April 3, 2014

What is the most important concept for discerning reality and change? I would suggest that this concept is the ‘word’ NOW! All that we human beings experience on this planet is experienced within the NOW moment. The NOW…and successive moments of NOW is how I live my life (and I presume you do likewise). What does this mean? This means that ideas like the Past and the Future are mostly meaningless since we never experience these ideas. Yes, most people do not live ‘consciously’ in the NOW and this is why these people get confused about the ‘nature’ of Reality. The ‘word’ Past actually describes a NOW memory as does the ‘word’ Future. This means that ALL that I/You experience is a NOW experience! You can watch this video for some details about living in the NOW. Watch starting at 11:25 for the important details:

Our experiences are always a ‘now’ experience! Our ‘memories’ reveal a vision of the ‘past’. Our ‘imagination’ reveals a vision of the ‘future’. Both ‘memories’ and ‘imagination’ are NOW experiences!

The presenter on this video is an Atheist by the name of Sam Harris. Sam is probably one of the most articulate Atheist’s on issues involving this Worldview. He sees the world with a total focus on the Present Moment…also called The NOW. He views his Brain as the Source of his Consciousness (a deception, in my opinion). He does, however, view Consciousness as central to discerning what is real and relevant. I agree with his view on Consciousness even while I disagree on his interpretation of what is the SOURCE of Consciousness. His view that my/your Brain originates Consciousness amounts to a view that physical ‘matter/energy’ originates Consciousness. I would challenge this view as being flawed and without real scientific merit. In reality, my/your Consciousness (what we call our life within) emerges (not from our Brain) but from a Higher Conscious Intelligence (a Spiritual Source)! Sam, however, has a clear message of reality that is relevant when he espouses that The NOW as how we actually live and experience reality! Watch the video by Mr. Harris to discern why living in the present moment is essential for discerning reality!

Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Richard Dawkins (their Worldview focuses on the ‘now’ for interpreting reality)!  I agree that the NOW (and successive moments of now) is how we experience life and the financial markets! We can learn from everyone when it comes to understanding ‘reality’!

Right NOW I will check my smart phone for the PE ratio of the Russell 2000 Index. It has jumped up to 98.22. In my prior missive, where I mentioned that a huge stock market crash will soon emerge, the Russell 2000 Index was at a PE 75.80. Why is the PE increasing with few noticing this crucial number? The Price Earnings Ratio (PE) of the Russell 2000 Index was around 25 in 2012, in then increased to 52 at the end of 2013, and is currently (this moment) at 98.22. What does this tell us about today’s speed of light financial markets? It tells me that our markets are now changing in realtime continuously. From moment to moment our stock and futures markets are changing and all this change is leading towards a huge financial CRASH down the road and soon. At some point soon our traders will become ‘aware’ of these bubble markets and take action…then reverse their thinking, emotions, and their programmed algorithms to create this coming financial crash. A NOW moment will develop this ‘awareness’!

Bubble #3 has now reached 16,572 for the Dow. Is it about to Burst? What about the Russell 2000 (now with a PE of 98) and a value of 1181? What about the NASDAQ (now with a PE of 35.90 and a value of 4237.74)?

Today’s Wall Street Journal had a series of articles on the investigation of HFT trading and how these high frequency computers and their algorithms are distorting our financial markets. Many now have concluded that all our financial markets are ‘rigged’, ‘manipulated’, and ‘distorted’ beyond repair. I would agree! One HFT trader started with 1 million of trading funds in 2009 and increased this fund to $44 million in 3.5 years. Does this represent a growth in our wealth or prosperity? I don’t think so! What is happening today is a trading system where currencies (now digits) create ‘prices’ which have no relation to real supply/demand. Our real problem today is our currencies and their metaphysical nature. Who understands! Today, we have NO real MONEY in circulation. What we have today are imaginary currencies (symbols, names, and numbers) derived from our metaphysical consciousness. These currencies represent imagination but not physical wealth , growth, or prosperity!

A picture of finance and economics in 2014. Do all the numbers represent real physical WEALTH (the supposed goal of an economic model)? What kind of economics do we witness today?

All the QE and similar gimmicks increase the ‘appearance’ of wealth and growth (as the numbers increase) but the reality of real physical growth is obscured by these fantasy numbers. Who understands! Our wired financial system (now global and machine driven)…mostly by algorithms and computer software can not improve our economics going forward. Few, however, have any understanding of what is happening. Americans need to wake-up and start thinking for themselves. Now is the time to start thinking! Our economic ship is heading for a crash with a huge tsunami. That is my perception as of NOW! I am:

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