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Stefan Nils Magnus Ingves – creates moral hazard for Sweden!

July 6, 2015

Stefan is the Central Banker for the Swedish Riksbank. He has access to the master money computer for Sweden’s economy. Stockholm is the location of the Riksbank and the central computer desk which manipulates the Swedish economy. Stefan has been creating QE (bit-krona) via his computer (multiple times) to supposedly increase ‘inflation’ within the Swedish economy. His recent digitization of the bit-krona involved some $45 billion of new legal tender added to his System Account. This ‘official’ counterfeiting of the Krona is a corrupt operation (morally) and the practice distorts all Swedish assets and deceives investors…as the bit-krona (which he creates) flows from his central computer screen to select dealers who he favors. This process, called QE, should be viewed as ‘official’ counterfeiting and not as a sound policy for changing an economy. We have witnessed the corruptions which Ben Bernanke created (for Americans) via his QE operations from 2008 to 2014. But Stefan and his key advisor, Lars E.O. Svensson, seem oblivious to the moral hazard which they are creating for Sweden.

Why do these Central Bank manipulators desire ‘inflation’ for the Swedish economy? It all has to do with Swedish debt. Debt is high within the Swedish economy and these manipulators (called policymakers) desire to prevent market forces from doing their job. Creative destruction (a cleansing action) is what should happen within a Capitalistic economy when underlying conditions are out of balance. Deflation is healthy for individual consumers and unsustainable debt needs exposure as unhealthy for the entire economy. This is being delayed with the corrupt policies of Stefan and Lars. These policies are mostly done so as to conceal their consequences to the masses of Swedish citizens. Where is the transparency and where are the official media who could explain these operations to the public and provide understanding for the public?

Are Stefan and Lars aware of what they are doing to our global markets? Probably not! Keynesian medicine is based on money multiplication, debt, credit expansion, and centralized manipulations of data. Computers and Keynesian funny money (QE) can delay the real forces of Capitalism for a time. Central Bankers have resorted to this official counterfeiting of their bit-currencies with increasing freequency since the financial crisis of 2008. It is so easy to type money into the computer screen behind the closed doors of a Central Bank.  The practice, however, is destined to fail as it is morally corrupt as an official policy! Favoring the wealthy few over the general public creates additional distortions and malinvestments over time. This policy also leads to class warfare within the system as the wealthy receive favors (not deserved)!

Today, all our Central Banks can digitize computer bits (within their computer screen accounts) merely with the stroke of a computer key. Legal tender currency units emerge merely by typing numbers into a System Account. This corrupt process of creating money (now bit-money) out-of-nothing (the mind of a special authority) should be exposed for what it really is: OFFICIAL COUNTERFEITING. This type of behavior will not lead to any real progress for the Swedish economy or for other economies which practice this corruption. But the policy advisors continue to delay market forces by computer gimmicks and tricks. The day of reckoning may not be far off!

Ben Bernanke started this corrupt practice when he was Fed Chairman in 2008. He tried QE1, QE2, and QE3 so as to inflate the American economy. It has not worked! Now we witness many other Central Bankers (who meet privately at the Bank for International Settlements to discuss strategies) desiring to advance this corrupt practice for their economy. This practice may delay market forces (from crashing the system) for a time but it will not create stability or real growth! A better mindset would be to reveal this corrupt practice (with official media attention) so our marketplace comprehends what the Central Authorities are doing! Transparency is needed within the dark halls of Central Banking!

Stefan and Lars are barking up a falling tree…longer term! The entire Keynesian economic model is now crumbling and cracking at the seams. All the pump priming and false stimulus is making all our financial problems much worse and setting up all markets for the biggest crash/collapse in history. Watch what happens over in Greece and then watch what China and Russia propose going forward for their economies. All our markets are changing rapidly and computer trading will eventually crash all our markets. Bit-money (now ubiquitous) is imaginary money (funny money)! This type of money is destined for destruction as confidence collapses going forward. The markets will eventually prevail over our Central Bank manipulators. Economic morality will prevail over gimmicks, tricks, and Ponzi strategies. The situation over in Greece should reveal some lessons about the nature of our money system and the mindset of our Central Bankers to manipulate outcomes! Watch and learn! I am:

P.S. If Stefan can increase his System Account merely by typing in numbers, why not type in 10 – 50 trillion Krona and then purchase all the debt assets of all Swedish citizens? Funny money can be created to extinguish all Swedish debt!

A reset of our entire monetary system will soon be necessary. Reality will prevail as our Bit-money is subjective money and economic values become progressively distorted using this type of funny money. Money needs to be a tangible object and people must perceive that this tangible object contains a lasting ‘value’. Today, we witness funny money created within cyberspace (by our Central Banks) as bits/bytes and circulating as units of one’s imagination. This situation leads to a crash and a total collapse in time. The sytem is also corrupt morally!

Tower of Basel! Close it down Now!

July 1, 2015

The BIS, also called the Bank for International Settlements, was established by an international Treaty in 1930. It’s legal structure is similar to the United Nations. To enter the Tower in Basel requires permission from the bankers. Even the Swiss authorities have no jurisdiction over this entity. The assets of the BIS can not be seized. The BIS can not be sued. They pay no taxes. BIS bankers have government immunity. They have their own private police force. Central Bankers meet every other month, Sunday evening at 7 p.m., to share private information on banking, money, trading, QE policies, strategies, gold, swaps, option strategies, reserve currencies, etc. Only 140 clients are included within the organization. Some 60 private Central Banks own shares in this entity! Some 6 – 10 powerful bankers control the agenda!

This Tower of Basel needs to be exposed to the light of day! The highest levels of financial corruption occur within the private halls of this facility in Basel, Switzerland! Close it down and expose the manipulators!

In 1974 a Basel Committee was established to set rules for all Central Banks (this occurred after the closing of the gold window in 1971). Politicians are not part of the policy making for this secret banking club. There appear to be 6 – 10 powerful bankers who essentially control the BIS system. Select bankers from Germany, USA, England, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, China, and Japan appear to be the ring leaders. Some 4% of global currency reserves (over 1/2 trillion $) are managed by BIS administrators.

Governor, Bank of England! Member, Group of Thirty! Member, Bank for International Settlements! Chairman Financial Stability Board! Manipulator of global markets! This guy needs exposure from all media sources!

Gold is purchased and sold and manipulated and the two computer trading facilities (in Basel and Hong Kong SAR). The current manager of the gold and foreign exchange desk is Benoit Gilson. This person most likely has information on what policies the BIS are implementing to control the gold price. But who can interview this official? All is secret, private, and behind closed doors. A profile of Benoit can be reviewed at: In 2003 the BIS expressed their view for a single global currency for the planet! In 1995 the U.S. Federal Reserve bought shares and became a member of the BIS.

Benoît Gilson

Benoit Gilson needs exposure as one who may have a private understanding of why gold and silver prices are being suppressed/rigged! But who can get an interview when police guard the entrance to this Tower in Basel? Officials have immunity from prosecution! Who made the rules? Think!

A recent book has been written on this unknown private organization and their secret banker meetings. The book was written by Adam Lebor, called Tower of Basel. Three reviews follow:

  • Adam LeBor has written an absolutely fascinating history of the BIS, perhaps the most enigmatic financial institution in the world. The story he unveils of the many skeletons in its closet and its astounding ability to remake itself periodically only add to its mystique.

    Liaquat Ahamed, author of “Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World”

  • Compelling reading–a masterly depiction of the role of the BIS in the Nazi period and Second World War.

    Harold James, professor of history and international affairs, Princeton University, and author of “Making the European Monetary Union”

  • “Tower of Basel” is essential reading. Meticulously researched and fluently written, it reveals a slice of the modern world’s untold history–a gripping tale of covert networks, secret deals and unaccountable, powerful individuals whose decisions shape our lives.

    Edward Lucas, author of “Deception: The Untold Story of East-West Espionage Today

Adam points out some key points from the history of this entity. His unauthorized report states the following:

After 1945 the BIS—behind the scenes—for decades provided the necessary technical and administrative support for the trans-European currency project, from the first attempts to harmonize exchange rates in the late 1940s to the launch of the Euro in 2002.

The bank is now at the centre of efforts to build a new global financial and regulatory architecture. Yet despite its central role in the history of the last century and during the current crisis, the BIS remains largely unknown – until now.

Tower of Basel is the first unauthorised investigative history of the world’s most influential global financial institution. Based on extensive archival research in Switzerland, Britain and the United States, and in-depth interviews with key decision makers including Paul Volcker, the former chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England and former senior BIS managers and officials, Tower of Basel tells the story of the secretive institution at the heart of the global banking network: the central bankers’ own bank.

Recently published book exposing this private Central Bank and its operations!

Central Bankers rig, control, manipulate, monitor, and create our financial markets! They operate privately and behind closed doors! Computer trading has been added to their arsenal of tools to manipulate our markets!

Why should this secret banker organization be closed NOW! Let’s ask some relevant questions:

1. What rules our planet? Ans. Money and the manipulation of money! Without money economic survival is not possible. Those who create, manipulate, control, distribute, and circulate money can influence politics, economic activity, military outcomes, election results, and levels of survival for all citizens on this planet. The power of money (when centralized) is extremely dangerous for the common man. Few, however, are knowledgeable on this issue!

2. Who rules over money? Ans. Those in centralized power centers (New York, London, Frankfurt, Basel) who can directly influence outcomes per their wills. Is this dangerous and corrupt? Absolutely! Human nature has both a ‘light’ and a ‘dark’ side. The ‘dark’ side needs to be exposed to the ‘light’ of day or evil and corruption occurs. Evil desires to operate behind closed doors and in secret/dark venues! The ultimate source of evil may transcend the human mind!

3. Who are the most powerful money manipulators on our planet? Ans. Those who operate in secret and behind closed doors. Let’s name a few private, behind the scenes, banksters for exposure! Mr. Mark Carney of England, Charles Dudley of the United States, Mario Draghi of Europe, Haruhiko Kuroda of Japan, Jens Weidmann of Germany, Zhou Xiaochuan of China, and Thomas Jordan of Switzerland. This is partial and incomplete!

4. Why we need to close the BIS now? Ans. This secret meeting place and center of financial corruption is central to all of our current manipulated/rigged financial markets! The trading rooms in Basel, London, Honk Kong, and New York (controlled by our elite Central Bankers plus a few additional private anonymous manipulators) need to be exposed to the light of independent media and the public voter. The BIS has their own private police force and protected entrance (controlled and off-limits to the public) so as to prevent any ‘light’ from exposing this corrupt entity! When will the official media wake-up to all the financial corruption at the highest levels? Money is the tool, corruption is the result!

5. Why is a Central Hierarchy dangerous for all people on our planet? Ans. Centralized decisions (behind closed doors) allow and promote corruption and official crimes. Allowing a small group of centralized banksters to run our planet can not lead to a free society or free markets for the whole. Today, computers and secret trading strategies rig all our markets to some degree. The most obvious are our silver/gold markets! These banksters, however, have their own private agenda to foist upon us all! What are they planning for humanity?

CLOSE DOWN THE BIS AND THE U.S. FED…NOW! They do not promote our interest!

Enjoy and pass this missive on to others! I am:

P.S. A typical trading room operated by a Central Bank (why no access from the public). Central Banks can now rig markets and suppress prices using computer trading strategies. Is this Capitalism?



The 2nd most powerful private elite on our planet! CEO of New York Federal Reserve Bank, Permanent member of the powerful Federal Open Market Committee, on Board of Directors of Bank for International Settlements (BIS), member Group of Thirty, Manager of trading room for the Fed. Unelected by citizens on planet earth! Who is he? Mr. Charles Dudley! He is the 2nd most powerful manipulator of our global financial markets!

Algorithms, Bit-money, Robots, Suppression, Cyberspace!

June 30, 2015

What is now happening over in Greece is very instructive for those who desire to understand money. Greece has adopted capital controls and this means that Greeks can not use their bit-money (credit cards, mobile payments, and such) outside their own country. If they travel outside Greece they now need paper euro’s or coins to pay for a hotel room, dinner, or a drink. This reveals what? I would suggest that this reveals the nature of our bit-currencies (all these units are imaginary and within the computer screen). We can not ‘take’ a bit-currency from the computer screen (cyberspace). Try and snatch it! Try hold it! Try put a bit-unit in your wallet! Can you discern the ‘nature’ of our bit-money? It’s imaginary!!! It has no substance! It has no existence outside the computer screen!

Greeks now under Capital Controls! They need paper euro’s to survive! Bit-money can only be used within the country! Paper euro’s must be used outside Greece!

Greeks are now being limited to some 20 – 60 paper euros per day. This is a form of capital controls. This does reveal, however, the ‘nature’ of monetary reality when debt and political events take over the economy. We could see this same situation in all global markets at some point down the road. All the trillions of bit-units (cyber bits of nothing) VANISH and disappear when the computer screen is unavailable for monetary transactions (now transactions outside Greece). We then must change our thinking and focus on what exists within space/time. Paper currencies exist. Coins exist. Silver coins exist. Gold coins exist. Bit-units (in your computer screen) DO NOT exist. They live in cyberspace! Think and learn!

Bit-money is within the computer screen! Can I reach into the screen and take out my money? If not, what does this mean? Where are my IRA bit-units stored? Where are my savings now stored? What are these bit-units?

We now use ‘algorithms’ mostly for realtime trading in our electronic markets. Algorithms are codes which can execute trades, monitor bit-prices, suppress bit-silver prices, and manipulate all financial accounts. All this is done WITHIN the computer screen in what we call Cyberspace. Cyberspace is not the same as OUTSIDE space (where paper, metals, physical things exist). Cyberspace is an extension of my/your Consciousness! Consciousness and cyber money units now circulate within all our global markets. I call these units within cyberspace BIT units. Bits/bytes (digits) are now our money for most transactions and nearly every trading activity. All this has emerged in just the past 15-20 years!

Greeks can not use their bit-money OUTSIDE of the country! Why? Are the bank computers shut down? What does this signify?

Most managers of bit-money now use robots and algorithms to execute trades in realtime daily. All this happens WITHIN the computer screen (in cyberspace). Our entire financial system is now mostly a cyberspace financial system where bit-money prevails. Bit-units are what determines the price of our silver and gold today. Electronic trading, using bit-currencies, creates all our imaginary asset values and determines a good’s price. Price discovery is mostly a computer screen activity today. Since our Central Banks now have entered the trading markets with their huge trading rooms and high-speed computers, these shadow entities can RULE over all our markets, trading, and prices. Supply and Demand is not relevant for our Central Bank manipulators. Why? Think about what has changed in just the past 15 – 20 years!

Robo trading and algorithms execute most trades today! Bit-money is the medium of circulation! Imaginary bit-prices are the result! It’s all done within Cyberspace (inside the computer screen)! What does this mean when a country’s computers are shut down? What happens to my bit-money in my bank, IRA, savings account?

Robots, algorithms, bit-money, cyberspace, globalization, central bank trading rooms, price suppression, asset value manipulation, and a financial system which is IMAGINARY (within the computer screen) reveals today’s global markets! Virtual stocks, virtual bonds, virtual mortgages, virtual settlement, and virtual investments and savings make up my portfolio and accounting. All this has emerged subtly and without any official media promotion. Who on God’s green earth is behind all this corruption, price suppression, and manipulation? This, to me, is the 64,000 question! Who controls our markets? Who suppresses bit-prices of silver/gold? Who has access to unlimited units of bit-money? What is QE and who creates the bit-currencies for this operation? Think about the changes and all the centralization in recent years!

Will the vote on July 5 be YES or will it be NO? The elites in Brussels want a ‘yes’ vote! The leaders of Greece are asking for a ‘no’ vote! Which will prevail? What will follow? Will contagion result?

The situation over in Greece is very instructive as our Authorities must alter their models to accommodate these unique events in realtime. The elite are not generally wishing for serious changes or unexpected events. The elite desire Control and Unity within the overall system. Disunity and disintermediation is not helpful to our elite rulers. Watch the events over in Greece so as to LEARN from these events. I find the Greece situation very interesting and fascinating! What will happen on July 5 with the vote situation? Will our Greek friends choose some risk and vote NO or will they fall into fear and insecurity and vote YES? My suggestion is to vote, NO! Enjoy!

Gresham’s Law, Value, Bit-money, Naked Shorts!

June 29, 2015

The situation over in Greece is revealing that Gresham’s law (in reverse) is active and relevant. The weaker bit-money (credit cards and bit-currencies) are being rejected for the more desired ‘paper’ euro at ATM machines, retail establishments, and bank teller locations. This reveals the relevance within human nature of choosing a superior currency over a less desired currency. Many retail venders over in Greece are now refusing to accept a credit card (bit-money) and they are demanding the ‘paper’ euro for a money transaction. They want the stronger ‘paper’ currency (psychologically) and do not want the imaginary ‘bit-euro’ (say credit card bit-money and similar which can not be held in one’s hand). The definition/description of Gresham’s law is as follows:

Coins were first made with gold, silver and other precious metals, which gave them their ‘value’. Over time, the amount of precious metals used to make the coin decreased because the metals were worth more on their own than when minted into the coin itself. If the ‘value’ of the metal in the old coins was higher than the coin’s face ‘value’, people would melt the coins down and sell the metal. Similarly, if a low quality good is passed off as a high quality good, then the market will drive down prices because consumers won’t be able to determine the good’s real ‘value’.

The concept of ‘value’ is a psychological concept which has relevance in the marketplace. People will discern that which is superior over that which is inferior. If a price is set equally for the superior item and the inferior item, most people will choose the superior ‘value’ over the inferior ‘value’. This subjective evaluation is now being done over in Greece as this country is experiencing a serious currency crisis. The crisis is mostly about the bit-euro and debt. What is paradoxical today is that a superior currency such as Silver and/or Gold are not being ‘priced’ at values which reflect their underlying desirability. This situation is surprising and confusing to many experts on issues of money. Why is this paradoxical?

The above images show a 1 dollar silver coin and a 1 dollar paper note? Which do you prefer? Both are 1 dollar!

In reality, silver and gold are historical monies which were chosen by the people in most marketplaces as money and then defined as a currency. Today these metals are not reflecting their real market ‘value’ (as a form of money) as their ‘prices’ are being suppressed in our futures markets via the strategy called ‘naked short’ selling. This strategy is understood by few of our experts. It appears that one or more Central Bank trading rooms do not desire real ‘price discovery’ when it comes to these precious metals. Today, prices can be suppressed in our digital (electronic) futures markets by this strategy called ‘naked short’ selling.

Naked short selling (increases the imaginary supply within the computer screen) so as to drive down the price and suppress real price discovery in our marketplace!

A ‘naked short’ sale artificially increases the supply (an imaginary supply) of these metals (within the computer screen) and this suppresses the ‘price’ of these metals in our electronic markets. Since our commodity ‘prices’ are now expressed in bit-currencies (digits) and since these bit-currencies are mere electronic bits in our computer screens, these bit-units can be used to manipulate and suppress ‘prices’ in all our global markets. Central Banks (which now have trading rooms) are most likely the culprits as they desire to suppress our historical money units so as to promote their imaginary bit-units. This corruption is ignored by most of our silver and gold miners and most of our educated financial pundits.

Bit-currencies create our bit-prices today! Naked shorts can drive gold prices down indefinitely on our electronic futures markets!

The price of both silver and gold has been suppressed now for some four (+) years via this strategy of using ‘naked shorts’ in our electronic markets to artificially increase the supply of these metals so as to drive down their prices. This strategy is so effective (and deceptive) that it has totally fooled almost all silver/gold investors, media pundits, and commodity speculators. Few of the media pundits (who should expose this fraud on our markets) have discerned how these prices (silver/gold) have been suppressed and most can not discern the imaginary nature and the deceptive process called the ‘naked short’ strategy.

Paper gold is really an imaginary supply created within the computer screen (via computer trading)! The ‘naked short’ strategy increases artificial supply and drives down the price! Miners need to wake-up as billions are being confiscated via this strategy!

The few who do understand the deception and the process are Paul Craig Roberts, Turf Ferguson of TFMetals Report, and Chris Powell of GATA. The vast majority of media pundits and silver/gold prognosticators seem totally confused and unaware of this illegal price suppression scheme (now more than 4 years in operation). They talk daily about how gold and silver prices are bottoming or reaching a buying level (or going side-ways) but they do not discern that select Central Bank trading rooms can suppress these prices ‘indefinitely’ (via this ‘naked short’ strategy). The deceptions today are so great that few (it seems) can separate the wheat from the chaff.

The above is another chart which reveals the price suppression of gold via bit-currencies!

I have been writing and educating many on why prices of silver and gold are being suppressed and manipulated via select trading strategies. Yet the masses of pundits in our silver/gold community simply seem deceived and unaware of these suppression schemes and price manipulation schemes. I am particularly shocked at the MINING community. To date only a couple of miners have expressed concern about this corruption around the price discovery situation. Miners are losing millions and billions because of this price suppression yet they seem unconcerned about WHY this is happening! I will try to advance this education at the coming Silver Summit in October, 2015!

All-in production costs are over $20/ounce yet our manipulated/suppressed silver prices (now $15 to $16) do not reflect the realities of supply/demand (in the real physical markets)! Miners need to get educated on why this paradoxical situation may not change unless the ‘naked short’ strategy used by select Central Bank trading rooms is prohibited! Central banks now have huge trading operations so as to manipulate our markets!

This ‘naked short’ selling (on our electronic markets) could continue indefinitely until the entire silver/gold community wakes up to this suppression scheme. Will it happen in 2015 or 2016? I would hope so! What now needs to happen is for the mining community to start taking some action and publicly expressing concern about this corruption within our markets! Miners need to WAKE UP and start thinking about the issue! Why are prices being suppressed? Who are the culprits? NOW is the time to act! Start with asking some questions! I will continue to express concern until we get some ACTION from our miners and producers! Enjoy! I am:

Black Swans Emerging! Greece, Russia, EU, 911 ?

June 28, 2015

In the fullness of time, consequences for prior irresponsibilities develop! Could this be the time for Greece to set off a series of dominos (but where)? The events over in Europe are now reaching their fullness and this means that consequences for prior bad behaviors will be felt in our markets soon. A controlled demolition will likely develop as our Central Banks monitor all markets closely going forward. Circuit breakers (delaying the fall) could develop at some point down the road to prevent excessive trader emotions from emerging on the downside. The cup of indignation has arrived for some markets. We will now need to watch closely to discern which dominos fall and which stand! Will the July 5 referendum (over in Greece) resolve any of the serious debt issues of this nation? That is the question!

The question for our Greek friends on July 5 is Yes or NO! Do they desire more austerity and false accommodations from the elite in Brussels, Frankfurt, and Washington or do they desire market risk so as to become a free and independent people under self-government! Will fear and security prevail from this referendum (a Yes vote) or will risk and freedom prevail (a No vote)? The entire eurozone system is destined for elimination and collapse at some point down the road…so why not vote NO and then seek to become a free and independent people? The road will be difficult but the rewards could be equally special! I will watch the outcome with serious interest to discern if ‘Fear’ wins or if ‘Freedom’ wins!

Building 7 imploded into its foot print in 7 seconds! No plane hit this building! Was this planned? By whom? Why? The physics behind this collapse suggests a controlled demolition (some heard the words ‘pull it’ just prior to the implosion)!

A controlled demolition was what likely happened on 911 with our South, North, and Building 7 towers in New York. You can watch as building 7 imploded into its footprint via preprogrammed explosives. Go to YouTube and watch! My sense is that all three buildings were pre-programmed for demolition and this means that the events of 911 were mostly staged by some shadow cartel with puppet acquiescence from the administration in power. When I look at the behavior of our President (Bush) at the Florida elementary school after being notified of the Attack, I notice some bizarre behavior which is not presidential! Was he aware of the events prior to them happening? You make your own assessment!

Notification, from Andrew Card, came shortly after the first plane hit the North Tower and Bush continued to sit and contemplate for some 7 minutes! Why? America is under attack were the words whispered!

Bush sits and contemplates and seems rather uncertain and confused as time for action is squandered?

Bush said he witnessed the first plane on TV, yet this video had not been made public at the time of his statement? Did he mis-speak? 

His responses and behavior after the 911 event seemed mostly presidential! 

We are now at the point in history where we have reached the Fullness of Time…and the Cup of Indignation could follow (over time)! This message is not pretty and we all need to think seriously about all political and economic events going forward. Who is behind all the corruption and false flag events (politically and economically)? Are events covertly orchestrated? This question can not be discerned with certainty but assumptions can be made based on continuing evidence! It appears that 911 is a story which has not been revealed fully. Those who are seriously looking into all the happenings now discern many false flags. I tend to agree that this story is rather incomplete!

The silver price has declined from $48/oz. to $15 + today. Is a lack of demand the cause? 

The corruptions within our silver and gold markets is also likely orchestrated by some shadow group. My sense is that one of more Central Bank trading rooms are behind all the price suppression schemes over the past four years. The evidence is building that price suppression is being orchestrated at the highest levels so as to deceive traders and the public into accepting our fantasy funny money (bits and bytes within our computer screens). Subjective units of nothing are what the elites desire for our global markets. This is becoming rather evident and abandonment of all historical monies is part of the scheme. Silver and gold are viewed by these shadow elites as a barbarous relic! In reality, the bit-currencies should be viewed as barbarous and delusional. But those in control rule as of now!

Debt is our biggest economic issue going forward! All our debt is now stored in cyberspace! What does this mean? Can the bits/bytes be deleted? What is debt (and money) in today’s world?

The next couple of months should be enlightening and instructive for those who desire wisdom and understanding. As our markets fluctuate and waver from day-to-day we should be able to discern who is behind all these centralized events! My sense is that global centralization will reveal who desires to create the real change in our markets. A downward trend in our markets going forward should help with discerning who controls the system and what their goals and vision is for the future of their system. Central controls and Central Banking is where I will be watching! Money rules this planet and our Central Banks create all these units which we call MONEY! Watch and discern! I am:

P.S. Watch and think (successive building implosions)!;;

Watch and think! ;

Greece, WWIII, Bond Market Crash, Funny Money!

June 25, 2015

Let’s talk about the situation over in Greece first. There appears to be only two alternatives. One is for Greece to default and abandon the Eurozone system and the other is for the Eurozone to create a ‘all for one and one for all’ philosophy. The concept of a Hamilton Debt Plan where all budgets and accounts get pooled under a common treasury is a possible solution. Germany would need to provide the initial funds and support for this consolidated approach to work. Will Germany buy into this pooling concept…one budget for the Eurozone and one Treasury? This model may develop as negotiations continue!

The Greece situation must be resolved if confidence is to continue! The question is can a real solution be developed? We should know soon!

The other alternative is for Greece to default on its debt and request to become a separate nation with their own currency and budget. This would create initial problems for the creditors and for the Eurozone system but it would free Greece from their debt and allow Greece to rebuild over a 10 year time span. The paradox is that either alternative has positives and negatives which negotiators have not seriously considered. A temporary solution (that kicks the can down the road) could also be adopted. This provides no resolution to the debt issues but it delays any action or collapse for a few months. The ECB (Central Bank) could allow funding for the Greek banks and kick the can down the road for now!

The war of wills between Putin and Obama continues with no resolution going forward! Obama sanctions will not change the mindset of Putin!

The other huge problem now emerging is WWIII. The issue of Ukraine (now bankrupt) and Russian action to prevent the USA from changing the status quo is brewing and growing in intensity. NATO is adding more fire to the situation by creating troupe deployments on the eastern edge of the Baltics. This is provoking Putin and his administration to increase their defences and offences. At some point this tension will erupt into a major conflict and possibly WWIII. Missiles and bombs (including nuclear) could be used in a vain attempt to resolve this conflict of wills. Obama and Putin may choose WWIII as their only option! The situation is dangerous and it could intensify soon!

The bond markets are vulnerable to disintermediation and collapse! All our bit-currencies should be viewed as forms of ‘funny money’!

The other issue which is growing exponentially each day are country bond debts which can not be serviced without major restructuring. Some 11 countries are in immediate danger of default. Ukraine, Venezuela, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Greece, Argentina, Grenada, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland. The global bond markets could unravel in the coming days/weeks as more countries become stretched and unable to maintain their market share. The issues with Ukraine and Greece are the most urgent and nearly impossible to resolve without a default or some type of Hamilton Debt Model (pooling and consolidation). My sense is that a CRASH in our bond markets could precipitate a crash in our Stock markets!

This outdated graph is now much worse! Derivatives exceed a quadrillion! This weapon of mass destruction could develop in 2015!

The final issue of importance is all the ‘funny money’ now in circulation around our planet. This funny money consists of ‘bit-currencies’ which circulate within our computer screens as official legal tender. All these bit-currencies are imaginary/subjective units which can not resolve the issues or functions of real money. Real money must be tangible and be perceived as a ‘store of value’ for the longer term. Today, all our funny money (bit-currencies) are traded mostly via algorithms and speed of light computer transactions. All is within the computer screen and cyberspace is the environment for these ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’. This type of funny money can not resolve issues of value, price discovery, or a store of value. Expect a change in confidence to bring this house of cards down to reality (and soon)!

Funny money has replaced our historical legal tender (silver/gold)! This will lead to a crash in prices, debt, derivatives, values, and confidence at some point! Watch the confidence index for timing!

In conclusion, the Greece situation is pivotal to all these events and we could witness the strategy of these negotiators in the next few days. Will any real solution be found or will a mentality of kicking the can down the road continue? My sense is that some decision will be forth-coming soon and this may increase confidence for a time period or destroy confidence for our markets. The issue of WWIII is even more dire as this could lead to nuclear war down the road with millions of deaths. The bond and stock markets also could collapse over the next year or so and this means austerity or worse for many. The derivatives crash would bring the entire system down. All this is related to our funny money system of bit-currencies. Watch and pray as events continue to deteriorate. I am:

Economist George Gilder’s new book is confusing/delusional!

June 24, 2015

The new book by economist George Gilder is called ‘The 21st Century case for Gold’. You can read it at: His view seems partly valid and mostly confusing and delusional.  He says that money needs to be a ‘measuring’ rod for value and not merely a unit of account. This view I would agree with. He then seems to espouse the view that ‘time’ is what money is all about. Time is a form of information to him. I would challenge this view and his view that Bitcoin is fundamentally based upon a type of gold standard. He seems to desire to create Bitcoin as the ‘agent’ for monetary transactions and then use gold as a means to ‘measure’ value. The two seem mutually exclusive to me. How does Bitcoin (a virtual currency) relate to Gold (a physical metal)? The two are mutually exclusive! Bitcoin is a virtual (computer screen) unit and gold is outside the computer screen!

Economist, George Gilder!

Some confusing ideas but worth checking out!

His view of ‘time’ seems confusing to me as time and value really are not related (except under Keynesian thinking). Gilder debunks Keynesian in his new book. Time is really an imaginary concept which is derived from ‘motion’. As our planet moves through space we calculate ‘time’ as units of motion. Successive units of ‘motion’ produces our ‘time’. Value is a psychological concept of my/your consciousness. I do not perceive ‘value’ (this concept) as related to ‘time’ (units of motion). In reality,’time’ does not exist! All my life is experienced as successive moments of NOW. Time, to me, is imaginary. Reality is always NOW! What meaning does this concept have except within the Keynesian model? We need to separate ‘time’ (this concept) from ‘motion’…and eliminate ‘time’ from any economic model!

Gilder’s view of Bitcoin as functioning with a gold standard escapes my understanding!

Gilder also does not explain how gold and bitcoin can work in unison. Bitcoin is not related to gold (in my mind) and it is merely a ‘bit’ within our virtual computer screen (created by an algorithm). How does this ‘virtual’ unit relate to physical gold and money? His explanation on the weekly McAlvaney commentary did not ring as valid to me. Gilder wants more freedom for everyone in the marketplace and this is good. He feels that Keynesian thinking is mostly invalid and needs to be abandoned. This I also think is good thinking. But he seems to confuse ‘time’, ‘value’, ‘money’, bitgold, and ‘bitcoin’ in ways that I can not discern. His emphasis seems to be on a new currency and bitcoin he seems to think can play this role. I would strongly disagree!

What Gilder seems to miss is that our ‘prices’ today are created by our ‘bit-currencies’ (transactions within our computer screen)! These bit-currencies are not related to physical gold or silver (except to ‘price’ these metals)! We need to separate bit-prices (from the silver/gold metal) to discern this reality! Bits/bytes are not physical units! Cyberspace is also not the same as our observable space/time universe!

Anyway, Gilder has written some 17 books on economics, wealth, and technology so maybe he has understanding that escapes me. His interview with David McAlvaney was interesting as he espoused a strong feeling for Bitcoin and its future role within economics. He calls Bitcoin a type of Bitgold (which I can not agree with). His views on Central Banking and fiat money do seem valid and he certainly has many good ideas when it comes to technology and freedom. I like that he is coming out with a view against the Keynesian system which our Central Bankers now espouse. You can review his thinking at his website and download his book: You can also listen to his interview with David McAlvaney at:

Read his book and then see if you can discern what he desires as a new model for economics. George has many valid arguments when it comes to debunking the current Keynesian model of economics. We all need to think about a new model for economics going forward. The current debt and credit model of Keynesianism is collapsing before our eyes. The website on our debt and deficits demonstrates this view clearly: Our national debt is now unpayable and the derivatives time bomb is soon to explode. Gilder did not seem to address these issues. Check out the debtclock website for all the details. I can learn something new from all thinkers! Enjoy! I am:


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