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Trader Bifurcation Goes Unnoticed! Why?

March 15, 2018

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We live within a bifurcated financial market today as our currencies are ‘metaphysical’ and our trader thinking is mostly ‘material’. What do I mean? Today, all our digital currencies are units of consciousness (this means they are metaphysical units).  Some call them ‘mental abstractions’. All this means that trading FX currencies today is a subjective and/or inner experience.  They are not physical or material (as I experienced during most of my financial career). Today our dollar is a unit of consciousness (not a physical unit). The euro, yen, pound, krona, peso, etc. are all units of consciousness (metaphysical). Most traders are completely unaware of this reality. This is why I call their thinking bifurcated on this issue.


I witness this bifurcation daily as I watch financial news shows such as CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg. All the commentators and pundits assume that our economy is based upon material money units which are permanent and stable over time. This, however, is a huge myth IMO. Our thinking is bifurcated and not based upon a solid logical understanding about reality. The problem is that few seem to comprehend the inner nature of all our currencies today. Inner means that the units are not material (outer). Inner means that these units are ‘mental abstractions’ and/or ‘metaphysical derivations. I witness no awareness of this reality within our greater media or within the financial pundit community. This, to me, is an example of ‘bifurcation’.


Today’s wealth is measured with these inner/mental abstractions. This means that subjective units of our consciousness determine what most everyone thinks of as wealth. In reality, wealth should be viewed as material objects derived from nature. Food, clothing, shelter, and transportation describe that which is real wealth. These items are material and composed of matter/energy. Our measurement of ‘value’, however, is now done with currencies which are inner/metaphysical. Did you know that this concept we call ‘value’ (within economics) is a spiritual/metaphysical concept? Did you realize that ‘valuation’ of assets is a spiritual/metaphysical process? All valuations (whether real estate, equities, or derivatives) are spiritual/metaphysical processes. All is subjective!


In essence, I witness media bifurcation in all our financial news today. The commentators seem totally unaware of the ‘nature’ of our financial markets. These markets are now mostly digital/cyber and this means they are inner markets. Trading and investing is an inner process using currencies which are inner/metaphysical/spiritual. Our markets are now being centralized and the trend is towards computer driven markets all living within this netherworld space called ‘cyberspace’. Trading consists of cyber money with electronic execution. Algorithms and computer software control all these cyber/digital markets. Free market economics has been replaced with computer driven markets (where execution is via select software and algorithms). What a change from yesteryear!


Have you noticed how the price of this commodity called SILVER is valued? Take a look at this silver chart from kitco:


Live 24 hours silver chart [Kitco Inc.]


Today, the spot price of silver is much lower than its historical average. The gold/silver ratio is currently over 80. This is ridiculous when I think about actual available silver supply (in the ground) compared to gold supply (in the ground). The ratio should be closer to 15:1 (not 80:1). All this reveals that price discovery is not a supply/demand activity today. Today, an ‘algorithm’ can monitor and bracket this cyber spot price (silver) in real-time via trading strategies (such as the ‘naked’ short sale trading). This can all be done via a trading ‘algorithm’. Is this FREE MARKET economics? I don’t think so! What we have today are controlled and manipulated markets where select official traders (the Fed/Treasury/Central Banks) can suppress this price via an ‘algorithm’. I call this corruption! What would be your description?


Trader bifurcation is my description of what I witness today within our global cyber/digital markets. We live within TWO realms but mostly unaware. Our traders view reality as all material and outer. But, in reality, cyberspace is an INNER experience. Cyberspace is where all our digital money now resides. All this means that we live in a bifurcated financial marketplace. Few comprehend this reality. Few comprehend that their inner self is spiritual/metaphysical. Few comprehend that our cyber currencies are now inner/metaphysical units. Why this bifurcation? My sense is that it is one’s WORLDVIEW. My Worldview is based upon Dualism. Most everyone in finance has a Monist Worldview. Think for yourself on these issues of philosophy. Enjoy! I am:





Trump, Group-think, Real Estate, Tribulation!

March 13, 2018

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The Cuban missile crisis in the 60’s started this concept called Group-think within politics! Mr. Trump is now advancing this concept with his selection of advisers to his team! Group-think is viewed as necessary…given that Mr. Trump wants adviser agreement with his global worldview!

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Climate change is another example of official Group-think within our establishment institutions!

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Today’s announcement that Mr. Trump fired his Secretary of State is understandable my me. To govern the USA foreign policy it is necessary to have agreement on worldview and thinking. This is what I call Group-think. Rex Tillerson did not buy into this group-think (it appears) and this also was the issue with Gary Cohn (Trump’s prior economic adviser). It appears that his new choice for Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has already bought into the worldview of Trump (but this will be discovered more fully as events evolve). The next adviser to leave could be H.R. McMaster, National Security Adviser. Group-think is what our elite leaders in politics desire so that their particular worldview and policy prescriptions can be implemented. Agreement in foreign policy is a current issue as our world is fragmented and the American worldview of the past is not working (given today’s interconnected world).


The big foreign policy issues today are the Middle East, Korea, Afghanistan, and Africa. The Middle East is in chaos and our American policies are not working there. The philosophy of Might and Strength is what America uses to enforce their hegemony over the planet. And those days are over. We now live in an interconnected world where Might and Strength can not work going forward. Dialogue and negotiation is the only way to make progress in today’s interconnected world. This is unlikely to happen under our current President when push comes to shove. Trump views himself as a winner (solution man) and it appears his mindset is to use Might and Strength to overcome his adversaries (if necessary). None of this mindset will work in today’s global interconnected world IMO. A non-violent worldview is now needed within all politics/religion/science/philosophy. This is unlikely, however, given our past behavior!


The issues over in North and South Korea are also dire as America is likely to enforce its hegemony with Might and Power…if negotiations don’t work. America rules this planet (mostly) as our military strength is what gives us clout when push comes to shove. None of this Might makes Right philosophy will work in today’s global interconnected world IMO. Negative actions will result in counter negative actions. Bombs will result in counter bombs. Killing will result in counter killing. The end result of this mindset is DEATH and DESTRUCTION and everyone will be affected by the decisions of our leaders. Watch the ‘words’ coming from the mouth of Mr. Trump as he changes his advisers who surround him. Notice his need for GROUP-THINK so he can assert his will on the markets. This mindset is typical of ALL political leaders! What’s next?


Our corrupt cyber stock markets are still being manipulated by our Central Banks and their trading activities. These elites can not allow any major market correction as this will bring the entire HOUSE of cards down. We now live with digital/electronic markets which change with the emotions of traders and our leaders. To avoid a CRASH of these markets, our Central Banks (now in control) must pump-up these markets continually…via their trading activities. This can now be done as our Central Banks can create our fake/phony money OUT-OF-NOTHING (their consciousness). Our money today is digital/cyber and operates within cyberspace. Computer manipulation is possible as the key computers which trade our markets are now under the control of our Central Banks. This means that key policymakers at these institutions (Washington, New York, Basel, London, Frankfurt, and Tokyo) will set the agenda for the planet. What’s next?


With respect to the real estate sector, my sense is that our higher interest rates will slow-down and then cause value declines later in 2018. By the end of 2018, we could witness the start of a huge real estate crash. Affordability and the tax structure will bring about this change in values. Keep in mind that real estate values are subjective and artificial. This concept called VALUE is an inner concept and fools nearly everyone. Most people THINK that their house or hotel value (say the Trump Hotels) are somewhat stable and permanent. This, to me, is a myth. In reality, VALUE is subjective/inner and this concept has no connection to material reality. There is no ‘inherent’ value in matter/energy (what we call material reality). VALUE is inner/subjective/emotional and all our real estate values can eventually go to ZERO. A crash in real estate is assured and my sense is that this market will start its descent later in 2018. What’s next?


Finally, let’s now think about the coming financial tribulation which is on the horizon for our entire planet at some point. Now that our markets are digital and operate within cyberspace, we will eventually discover that these markets will crash completely. Digital markets are subjective and emotional markets. Central Banks are preventing this CRASH at present. But as more traders recognize this corruption within our markets, my sense is that our Central Banks will not be able to pump-up a serious loss in investor confidence. This loss in confidence will supersede all attempts to prevent this coming financial holocaust. Money is a confidence game and when confidence goes the game is over. So far, confidence is continually be pump-up by our corrupt Central Banks and their trading activities. This will continue until it ends. The END, however, is assured IMO.


The coming financial tribulation is assured and it could start at any moment. The policies of our politicians could be key to what happens later in 2018. Will Trump policies work and allow tranquility to prevail? Will Trump use our military to try solve a problem in North Korea or the Middle East? My sense is that what Trump and his advisers choose for their global strategy will determine what happens in 2018. I am not optimistic as my read on Mr. Trump is that he desires SOLUTIONS via ‘might’ and ‘power’ when push comes to shove. Might makes Right (Trump’s mindset) is not a philosophy which will work in today’s world. We now need NEW leaders who can promote a non-violent end to global confrontations. This is unlikely to happen in 2018 or 2019. This means that conflicts will grow over time with no real end in sight. Are we in the Last Days of man’s rule over this planet? I think so! Think for yourself! I am:

Using an ‘Algorithm’ to Monitor and Control a Commodity Price (like Silver)!

March 8, 2018

Electronic markets are made for Algorithmic Trading Strategies! Think on this!

Cyber prices can be controlled, monitored, and suppressed via a trading robot (indefinitely)!

Algorithmic trading can trade, monitor, control, manipulate PRICES 24/7!

Real ‘price discovery’ is now impossible as Algorithms create most of our prices!

Whose trading room? It’s Bank of America’s trading facility! All the big banks now trade our markets and rig price discovery in real-time (via their various trading strategies). It’s ubiquitous and impossible to change! Central Banks are also involved in trading these electronic markets and distorting all our prices. Have you observed the continuing stimulus injected into our 65 global electronic stock exchanges? Our markets are now rigged via our Central Banks and their trading activities!


My sense is that our corrupt official Authorities (like our Deep State rulers) have an Agenda which they desire to implement for the world. This Agenda includes creating a DIGITAL monetary system for the planet. I often call this the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system. This system is prophesied to occur and this means it will occur (assuming there is a Higher Intelligence operating behind the scenes). If this digital currency system is the goal and Agenda of our Deep State System (which I do not support), then they must destroy any SENTIMENT for our historical money units (like silver and gold). This is happening today and I don’t expect that it will change soon?


This goal to destroy SENTIMENT for hard assets and historical monies, means that prices for these metals must be monitored, controlled, and suppressed. Why would I desire to allow some huge growth in SENTIMENT for silver/gold when I desire that the world develop a DIGITAL monetary system for the planet. Isn’t it necessary to squash demand for historical monies so this global goal can be accomplished. Today, I can use select trading strategies within our electronic/cyber markets to accomplish these political goals. I can squash sentiment for silver and gold so that sentiment for these metals does not surface with any vengeance!


To destroy sentiment, I need to trade these precious metals via an ‘algorithm’ and have unlimited trading $$$$$ to trade with. This is now easy as these trading digits are created easily with the stroke of a computer key (an out-of-nothing loan). A loan, today, can be provided so that funds ($$$$$) are available and so a trading strategy can be implemented. The game today is called Algorithmic Trading. Algorithms and codes can trade a commodity (say) like silver so that the spot PRICE is monitored and controlled (bracketed) within a range. A low price should destroy most sentiment and allow me to implement my global digital ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system!


By bracketing the price of (say) silver on the real-time electronic markets, I can monitor and control SENTIMENT among all those who desire silver and gold as real hedges against a corrupt digital monetary regime…as well as a corrupt Keynesian financial system. Everyone wants to grow their funds ($$$$$) in any trading account continually. Digital growth is what I want to promote for our markets. I do not want traders or the public to THINK that money must be silver or gold. These are barbarous metals of the past. I now want DIGITAL money for the entire planet and positive ‘sentiment’ for these currencies.


Digital money creates control in the hands of a Centralized Banking System and allows for this prophesied ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system to emerge. One World Government and a One World Digital Currency is what I eventually desire for the planet (if I am an elite who desires to RULE this planet). So my sense is that we will never witness a free market (going forward) in the silver/gold arena. Price suppression and price control are necessary so that SENTIMENT is squashed forever. The only flaw in my control/monitoring/suppression scheme is a billionaire who buys up all the metal.


So what is Algorithmic Trading and how do I implement a strategy to monitor and control the price of SILVER and GOLD on our electronic markets? Let’s explore this new trading strategy called Algorithmic Trading and this concept called the ‘algorithm’. Following is some information on this new trading strategy and why it is ideal for monitoring, controlling, manipulating, and suppressing select prices within our electronic trading markets. It can also be done BEHIND closed doors and with no opposition from the silver/gold mining community. The mining community is much to fragmented and fearful to create any serious opposition to my suppression scheme.


Since I can execute this trading strategy BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and with unlimited trading $$$$$ from my official SOURCE (say the U.S. Treasury and/or the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank and/or a Proxy of these institutions) I can avoid most conflict with the media and contrarian thinkers. I can also use the help of a network of insiders who operate internationally (mostly in Europe and Asia) and desire this Centralized agenda for the planet. The Bank for International Settlements, Basel, Switzerland, and the People’s Bank of China can help me accomplish my goals for creating this ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system for planet Earth. Group think also helps me!


Let’s review some data on this concept called the trading ALGORITHM for our enlightenment:

An algorithm is a specific set of clearly defined instructions aimed to carry out a task or process.

Algorithmic trading (automated trading, black-box trading, or simply algo-trading) is the process of using computers programmed to follow a defined set of instructions for placing a trade in order to generate profits at a speed and frequency that is impossible for a human trader. The defined sets of rules are based on timing, price, quantity or any mathematical model.

The greatest portion of present day algo-trading is high frequency trading (HFT), which attempts to capitalize on placing a large number of orders at very fast speeds across multiple markets and multiple decision parameters, based on pre-programmed instructions. (For more on high frequency trading, see Strategies and Secrets of High Frequency Trading (HFT) Firms.)

Implementing the algorithm using a computer program is the last part, clubbed with backtesting. The challenge is to transform the identified strategy into an integrated computerized process that has access to a trading account for placing orders.
Mean Reversion is a strategy based on the idea that the high and low prices of an asset will revert to their mean value periodically. Identifying and defining a price range and implementing an algorithm based on that allows trades to be placed automatically when price of asset breaks in and out of its defined range.

There are a few special classes of algorithms that attempt to identify “happenings” of traders who I want to offset (say on the BUY side). These are called  “sniffing algorithms,” used, for example, by a sell side market maker . The algorithm has a in-built intelligence to identify the existence of any algorithms on the BUY side of a large order. Such detection through algorithms will help the market maker identify large order opportunities and enable him to benefit by filling the orders at a higher price. This is sometimes identified as high-tech front-running.

Implementing the algorithm using a computer program is the last part, clubbed with backtesting. The challenge is to transform the identified strategy into an integrated computerized process that has access to a trading account for placing orders.

It’s exciting to go for automation aided by computers with a notion to make money effortlessly. But one must make sure the system is thoroughly tested and required limits are set. Analytical traders should consider learning programming and building systems on their own, to be confident about implementing the right strategies in foolproof manner. Cautious use and thorough testing of algo-trading can create profitable opportunities. (For more, see How to Code Your Own Algo Trading Robot.)

Let’s conclude with the message that we live on a planet with many contrarian perspectives. Those who are in POWER desire to continue in POWER. These elites have a worldview much different from a common voting citizen (like myself). These elites have an AGENDA (today it’s called Agenda 2030) and it is OFFICIAL as of January 1, 2016. Our United Nations, in conjunction with select elite organizations, will work to implement this coming ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system. I witness the evolution daily. Watch and learn and then think for yourself on all these difficult issues. Those of us who oppose this monstrosity (called a Centralized Financial System) need to get inform and reject this price SUPPRESSION scheme of our historical precious metals. Think for yourself! I am:


Who Has ‘Capped’ Spot Silver at $17 (+-)?

March 8, 2018

Rigging of prices is now ubiquitous due to ‘naked short’ contracts!

Why is the spot ‘price’ of SILVER continually suppressed on our electronic markets?

Silver mining companies are unable to grow as a result of this price rigging!

I have been investing and watching the spot price of silver for years. I watch in real-time at: This metal is the foundation of our American monetary system and this ‘price’ should reflect the confidence which Americans place in our financial management and these institutions called our Treasury and our Federal Reserve. But this is not happening due to official price rigging (suppressing sentiment). You can follow real-time price movement here:  html,


What does this chart reveal about spot ‘price’ movement on a moment by moment basis. To me, it reveals that someone (some trader) is controlling this cyber/spot price continually. It started in 2011 and continues daily and yearly with no change. The price does not reflect real supply/demand or normal movements in changes in supply/demand. The price does not reflect general traders emotions on monetary issues or the market’s confidence in our centrally controlled monetary system. So who is suppressing and controlling this precious metal so that the spot ‘price’ gets bracketed between $16 and $17 (continually). Who and what creates our ‘prices’ today? Let’s review!


Are you aware that our Treasury and our Central Bank (the Fed) can trade this metal and also suppress and control this price with a trading ALGORITHM? Are you aware that ‘algorithms’ (using if/then statements) can trade in real-time and control the price of silver via trading strategies? Are you aware that I can trade contracts on our electronic exchanges (like and This trading can suppress prices artificially!


For weeks and weeks I witness the spot silver price being controlled and bracketed (a form of price suppression to me) so that SENTIMENT is controlled. It is obvious, to me, that this is being done consciously and deliberately by select OFFICIAL authorities (traders who desire that this price not reflect the real emotions from our public traders). Given the dire state of our monetary system today and future trends, precious metals should be a barometer of real sentiment about finance. Prices should be MUCH higher. Price discovery is now bogus as trading is RIGGED by select trading rooms.


Think for yourself on this situation. Rigging and Price suppression is now ubiquitous as we live with electronic markets, trading algorithms, and ‘naked’ short contracts for suppressing our precious metal prices. The evidence is obvious that price rigging can now be accomplished by official traders (representing our Treasury and Fed policymakers) as these institutions now have trading rooms that trade our markets. They also have unlimited trading funds given that our money is now merely ‘digits’. Wake-up to all this rigging and price manipulation! I am:





Markets go UP, Down, UP, Down but No-one Understands Why? Interesting!

March 7, 2018

Today, I watched Fox Business and the commentators on this show. The Dow was going down some 350 points and then it turned around and went up some 300 points. It closed at -82.76. Yet the commentators think all this is an OUTER experience and not an INNER experience. The numbers which go UP, Down, UP, Down (continually) are viewed as ‘concrete’ things which exist in space/time. What deception I observe today among our media and our financial pundits. None seems to tie the markets to this ‘digital/cyber’ dollar which is really a UNIT of CONSCIOUSNESS (inner and a no-thing unit).

It’s interesting to witness the facial expressions of the pundits as they attempt to explain these cyber markets to the public. Do any of them THINK as independent agents? I am shocked at the unawareness and stupidity of all these commentators. How can the public rely upon these mental pigmy’s as they talk, express commentary, and deceive (continually). It’s getting rather humorous to me (LOL). Our money is now merely inner ‘units’ of consciousness ($$$$$, 12345, and names). Yet no-one perceives the shadows which make up these corrupt cyber markets. Interesting!

Are these pundits living in a CAVE (Plato’s allegorical cave of shadows)? Are they all ‘looking’ at mere shadows? Why cannot someone point out to these pundits that a ‘unit’ of conscious (our cyber dollar) is an INNER unit? Where is the outer reality of a digital symbol ($1.00)? Look out at nature folks and think about this currency ‘unit’ called the digital $? Where is it? Can anyone locate it? I cannot. I find this unit ‘nowhere’. Is it hiding behind a shadow which I can not discern or observe? Where is this cyber dollar ($1.00) which makes up all the so-called WEALTH of America? HELP!

Paper is paper. Gold is gold. Silver is silver. But what is a Digit in cyberspace? Where is it? We now live with digital/electronic markets all around our planet. Millions trade these markets with the click of a computer mouse. Frequencies (signals) are sent from one computer (buyer) to another computer (seller) and all this happens with the click of a computer mouse. What are these ‘digits’ which get transferred from computer to computer (now at near the speed of light). Are they OUTER units? Are they part of nature…what we call space/time matter/energy? Are they units of matter/energy (when at rest)? What is a photon (at rest)? Is it OUTER or INNER? Think on this for a minute.


Now think about this software concept called the ‘algorithm’. What is an ‘algorithm’? Is it derived from my inner thinking? Do I create the if/then statements which allow my algorithm to trade? I now trade with an ‘algorithm’ when I buy and sell with my computer. The trade is recorded instantly after I click my computer key. Who are the counterparties to this click trade? Is the trade accomplished with an ‘algorithm’? Does another ‘algorithm’ act as the counterparty to my BUY signal? It all happens instantly in the ‘blink of my eye’. What actually is transferred from my click to the click of a counterparty computer? Can any THING be transferred in a ‘blink of my eye’?

If the unit being transferred is a photon of light then what is this photon of light? It appears as a ‘number’ when I look at my computer screen (account). But what precisely is a ‘photon’ currency unit? Is it a REAL ‘thing’ which exists? Is it an OUTER object which I can locate within space/time? What is a photon currency unit (at rest)? If it is not a material THING, then what is it? Who can find, locate, or discover it? Could we all be trading photon illusions which have no OUTER reality as real ‘things’? Is this why the Fox Business commentators can not discern why these markets go UP, Down, UP, down and continue this nonsense 24/7?

Today, our banksters merely create these photon digits from their inner thinking (their consciousness). We call these units our MONEY. We call these units LEGAL TENDER. We assume that these photon currency units are REAL. But is this all an ILLUSION? Are we DECEIVED and not AWARE of our DECEPTION? Think on this for a minute. Our markets go UP, Down, UP, Down and we ASSUME that all this means that our WEALTH is growing and declining with each tick UP and DOWN. It this logical and sound economic thinking? I don’t think so! WE all need to think about what our markets now represent!

What we have today are ILLUSIONARY markets which give us a FEELING of wealth but which are really mere SHADOWS of reality. WE are all living in Plato’s Allegorical Cave of Shadows (on the wall). The ‘wall’ is our digital computer screen. The ‘shadows’ are the photon currency units which we look at within our lit-up computer screen. We are merely playing a game of IMAGINATION and ILLUSION. If I turn off the power and leave it off, then where are all these photon digits which we call MONEY? Why not experiment by turning off your own power to your own computer. Leave it off permanently! Think about what you observe and see within nature nearby!


Where is your shadow money when your computer is turned off permanently and the photon digits are ‘wiped’ clean from your computer accounts? Can you go out and locate the digits in cyberspace? The cloud? Can you find even ONE digit? What happened? Could your photon digits be back within your ‘consciousness’? Isn’t it our ‘consciousness’ where all these ‘digits’ originated from? Should ‘wealth’ be mere ‘consciousness’? Think on this for a minute. What is ‘consciousness’? Where is it? Money emerges from consciousness and then goes back into consciousness. Isn’t it time to discern what this concept (called ‘consciousness’) means? Enjoy! I am:

Algorithm Slams ‘Silver’ – Navarro overcomes Cohn!

March 7, 2018


Spot silver gets slammed via algorithmic trading. Who do you think is responsible?

Gary Cohn resigned as Peter Navarro wins the intellectual battle over trade policy!

We live in interesting times. The big issues today include two factors. First of all, why is the spot price of silver declining while our cyber markets lose some confidence and decline. Do you comprehend? A trading ‘algorithm’ slams the cyber price (silver) whenever it goes up and approaches $17. This is all done today with a trading ‘algorithm’. Who is behind all this cyber price manipulation/suppression? Think! It’s our official Authorities (the Fed and our Treasury) IMO. It’s all part of the grand plan to promote cyber currencies for our planet and destroy sentiment for our historical money!


Are you aware that an ‘algorithm’ can now trade our markets continually and buy ‘naked’ shorts whenever the cyber price of silver reaches $17/ounce (or any number). The purchase of ‘naked’ shorts (with settlement in digital dollars) increases the supply of ‘imaginary’ silver in the marketplace (think) and thus drives the cyber spot price DOWN. All this can now be done by official Fed/Treasury traders who operate behind closed doors. It’s pure price suppression and price manipulation IMO. It has been going on since 2011. Don’t expect this to change. We now live with electronic/computer trading and ALGORITHMS! Our corrupt official Authorities can suppress or elevate any price via their trading strategies (all done behind closed doors)!


Now let’s think about why the Chief Economic Adviser for Trump, Mr. Cohn, resigned. Are you aware that there is a contrarian adviser who won an intellectual battle over Gary Cohn on the issues of trade policy? Who is the Trade Adviser to the Donald that few know? It is Peter Navarro, an economist, who understands our trade situation and desires to correct this trade situation over time. Peter Navarro’s viewpoint can be watched here:,


Peter Navarro, economist, understands our $800 billion trade deficit better than any other adviser. He has written many books on these issues and also has a documentary on China…revealing all the cheating by this Nation. America’s trade deficits have been continuing since 1975. Every year America spends (buys) much more than they export. This creates these ubiquitous trade deficits annually. So the new adviser to watch going forward is PETER NAVARRO. Peter understands our trade policies and the cheating which has occurred by other key Nations.


America has a HUGE problem with trade deficits and borrowing of debt to cover-up our spending issues. America borrows continually to make up for deficits which can not be paid via real economic growth and new taxes. This means that America runs a continuing TRADE DEFICIT annually. Currently this deficit exceeds $800 billion/annually. This has continued uninterrupted since 1975. Must this problem be addressed now? I think so! Expect tariffs on many imported products going forward! Think for yourself on all these issues. Enjoy! I am:



Who Should ‘RULE’ over Planet Earth?

March 6, 2018

A question which we all need to ask over and over! Who RULES?

Do select elites rule and then pass on their rulership as they die-off?

Those who control money think that they can RULE over the entire planet!

Today, we have a number of politicians and elites who would likely enjoy ‘ruling’ the entire planet. Ruling and POWER is what politics and money is all about. Currently, a man centered system assumes that they rule over planet Earth and the 7.5 billion people. We live under a man centered ruling system which dictates our rules, laws, regulations, strategies, and then results in our enslavement.


Whoever controls the masses of people (via rulership) and controls the global financial markets (money) can impose their psychology and goals upon the entire planet. Today, let’s think about this concept of: Who Should Rule Planet Earth and its 7.5 billion citizens? Following is a list of select politicians and money brokers who already Rule over large groups of enslaved individuals and some may desire ultimate rulership over all of us:


  1. Xi Jinping:  currently rules over some 1.3 billion people.
  2. Narenda Modi:  currently rules over some 1.4 billion people.
  3. Vladimir Putin:  currently rules over some 150 million people.
  4. Barack Obama:  potential candidate for U.N. Secretary General and global rulership.
  5. Emmanuel Macron:  currently rules over some 60 million people.
  6. Donald J. Trump:  currently rules over 320 to 400 million people.
  7. Ali Khamenei:  currently rules over some 82 million people.
  8. Abdel el-Sisi:  currently rules over some 100 million people.
  9. Kim Jong-un:  currently rules over some 26 million people.
  10. Benjamin Netanyahu:  currently rules over some 9 million people.


Others with power bases and connections which can evolve into rulership and power over the masses:

No. Name Net worth Age Nationality Source(s) of wealth
Increase Jeff Bezos $112.0 billion Increase 54  United States
Decrease Bill Gates $90.0 billion Increase 62  United States Microsoft
Decrease Warren Buffett $84.0 billion Increase 87  United States Berkshire Hathaway
Increase Bernard Arnault $72.0 billion Increase 69  France LVMH
Steady Mark Zuckerberg $71.0 billion Increase 33  United States Facebook
Decrease Amancio Ortega $70.0 billion Decrease 81  Spain InditexZara
Decrease Carlos Slim $67.1 billion Increase 78  Mexico América MóvilGrupo Carso
Steady Charles Koch $60.0 billion Increase 82  United States Koch Industries
Steady David Koch $60.0 billion Increase 77  United States Koch Industries
10 Decrease Larry Ellison $58.5 billion Increase 73  United States Oracle Corporation


The game of ruling over the masses and imposing one’s will upon the markets is what rulership is all about. But is any of this rulership of men (some women) leading to a better planet and a system of freedom (self-government) for the people? I would suggest, absolutely not! The planet is wired for total destruction via our human rulers and their nuclear bombs…and/or similar as men jockey for who will rule and control this planet. Man ruling over man is a self-destruct mechanism. Think about what is happening in real-time here on this planet (now)!


Rulership today leads to political conflict, human enslavement, and military destruction for the entire planet. America (for example) operates with this philosophy of Might makes Right or Strength creates Stability. But we now have competing power centers controlled by political elites who desire to outdo the other. Who will emerge and who will RULE this planet? Can anyone get control over the planet and then IMPOSE their will on the 7.5 billion people? This is the 64,000 question. Let’s give this concept some reflection!


Wouldn’t it be wise and prudent to ask a few new questions about this concept of rulership. For example: Who rules over these men/women who desire to RULE over us? Are their invisible sources and forces which create our Deep State Rulership System over the planet? Where do the ideas, words, and emotions derive from which rule over all these human rulers? Are their ‘invisible’ powers which actually RULE over those who desire to rule? Who might these ‘invisible’ POWERS be? What are their motives and desires for this planet?


According to my wisdom and understanding, I sense that our human rulers are mostly PUPPETS of higher spiritual sources/forces which rule via these human puppets. Is this possible? Is it possible/probable that our human rulers are themselves being RULED by ‘invisible’ sources and forces (unknown to them)? Think on this for a few minutes. Who is the ‘invisible’ SOURCE behind the scenes which actually RULES this planet and all these rulers (puppets)? Where do ‘ideas’ and ‘words’ derive from which create political behavior? Do ‘ideas’ and ‘words’ create the behavior which rules over us?


The ‘invisible’ realm of reality is difficult to discern. Most everyone ignores that which has no outer image and which works via the inner spirit realm. This ‘inner’ realm actually creates my/your behavior and action IMO…yet few discern this reality (it seems). The idea of a spiritual SOURCE which governs this planet and all our human puppets is generally ignored as fantasy. But is it? My sense is that the REAL source of our behavior actually transcends the visible realm. Discovering our ‘consciousness’ is now needed.


Discovering ‘consciousness’ and the spiritual realm is what is needed if peace and individual freedom are to emerge for this planet. This means that we need to start thinking about WHO actually RULES this planet (invisibly). Who controls these human power brokers who desire to rule over us. Who controls these human politicians who desire to rule over us. This, to me, is the core issue which must be addressed. Who rules over planet Earth (invisibly)? Give this some reflection at your leisure! Enjoy! I am:

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