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Central Banks Have Given Us ‘Virtual/Imaginary’ Money! Let’s Think!

April 24, 2017

Image result for Central banks control all markets

Traders and Investors seem unable to discern that our ‘money’ units are now ‘virtual/imaginary’ units of nothing. Created from ‘nothing’!

Today, our traders and investors buy/sell and trade all kinds of financial assets (now primarily within cyberspace) without realizing that all these monetary transactions are imaginary (virtual) transactions. Deception runs so deep in our global markets now that our money units are mere bits and bytes (digits) within our computer screens. Let’s review the history of how this has all emerged in  the past 15 – 20 years.

We now live in an interconnected world of high-speed computers which transfers data and information at near the speed of light (from sender to receiver, from trader to counter-trader) instantaneously. This information, including our currency digits (now mere abstract numbers in the computer screen), derive from the bits and bytes which start the data flow. What are bits and bytes (in reality)? These units of consciousness start the data flow process for all our transactions. The digital age has emerged for our entire planet and few seem aware of what all this means!

Image result for trading via computers to make money

Physical money units are being replaced with mere abstract numbers within our computer screens (cyberspace)!

The one’s and zero’s within a ‘bit’ and ‘byte’ get transformed into numbers, text, images, and words as information is processed within our computer machines. The processing starts with the signal (a frequency wave or photon pulse) which is part of our electromagnetic spectrum. These immaterial waves of motion along with the action of light (photons) sends information from sender to receiver (from me to you).
Fiber Optic Cables are the primary ‘carriers’ of these frequencies of information. Our entire planet is now wired with fiber optic cables which provide the infrastructure for all the networking and transfer of information between sender(s) and receiver(s). Think of Facebook and similar social media sites as the model for all this change. All of this information processing is now done within a ‘virtual’ environment which we can call ‘cyberspace’ or ‘virtual reality’!
Image result for virtual money
Most all money transactions are now accomplished within this Netherworld called ‘cyberspace’! What is ‘cyberspace’? I call it my ‘extended consciousness’!
Pulses of light (photons) act as a mechanism for transferring the bits and bytes (from sender to receiver) within a wired network and/or a wireless network. Since light travels at a speed of 186,000 m/p/s in a vacuum, information and data can now be transferred from computer to computer at ‘near’ the speed of light. For example:  I can now send a text, video, photo, or voice message from my computer to yours (say in China) in less than 1/8 of a second.
This is equivalent to sending a message in real-time (I call this ‘now time’). What a world we now live in. Communication and networking (financial, social, military, and political) is mostly ‘free’ for everyone with a computer or a similar device to use for the medium. All this happens within this Netherworld called Cyberspace! Information has created a global society where all 7+ billion people can participate. We now have some 5 billion smart phones in operation daily (globally). I just purchased a ‘virtual/imaginary’ stock with my Fidelity App via my smart phone. Is this real or fantasy land?
Think of our electromagnetic spectrum as the medium which sends our ‘money units’ from sender to receiver/ trader to counter party trader)!
This new world of communication has created a new financial and currency market (with some 5 billion daily transactions just within our currency markets) and this has also changed the way markets work and how markets function. Practically all ‘open outcry’ historical trading systems for determining ‘prices’ have now been replaced with ‘electronic’ markets. Electronic markets and our money units (mere abstractions and symbols) have now replaced ‘paper’ and ‘metal’ markets (our money units of the past).
Money is no longer ‘printed’ or ‘minted’ (except for a small niche market within each country). The vast majority of monetary transactions (some 90+%) are now electronic transactions within this virtual environment of the computer screen. Keep in mind that credit card transactions are part of this electronic financial system. This environment has evolved from the bits and bytes (units of information) which get transferred from computer to computer. Algorithms now determine most of our ‘prices’ and these coded mathematical software formula can manipulate/elevate/suppress any of our stock/commodity/derivative PRICES instantaneously…via our HFT (high frequency trading strategies).
Our world is now global and totally interconnected via electronic machines (all operating within this Netherworld called ‘cyberspace’)!
What we need to understand today is the ‘virtual/imaginary’ nature of our monetary transactions. Since ‘money’ is now created ‘out of nothing’ (mostly the consciousness of Central Bankers) and then converted to bits and bytes (digits) as mere numbers ‘typed’ into a computer screen/account, this new reality needs to be recognized by all traders, investors, lenders, and the public at large as ubiquitous. We now have all our ‘debt’ and ‘unfunded’ obligations living within the computer screen (this means that all these abstractions are now located within ‘cyberspace’).
This change means that ‘virtual’ reality has become the philosophical structure for all financial transactions (past, present, and future) within our accounting records. Material reality (paper), the structure of historical monetary transactions (notes, checks, coins, certificates), have been replaced with ‘virtual/imaginary’ units that emerge from the consciousness of policymakers within the banking establishment. Cashless transactions are now replacing physical/material transactions. Our ‘money’ units are mere internal units of ‘nothing’ operating within an environment of ‘nothing’ (cyberspace)!
Image result for virtual money
An example of ‘virtual/imaginary’ money is the above image! One’s and zero’s create our ‘money units’ today within this virtual environment called ‘cyberspace’! Cyberspace can be viewed as a ‘artificial space’ derived from our metaphysical consciousness!
Where is all this leading going forward? Can a ‘virtual/imaginary’ monetary system work for our global society? It is working as I write this missive but can it work longer term? Can a decentralized network of computers where each trader, lender, and retail investor trades currencies, stocks, bonds, derivatives, futures, options, etc. via their personal computer (mostly privately) and via algorithms create any type of stable market environment?
I would suggest, NO! The reason is that all our markets are now manipulated via a CENTRALIZED group of manipulators (called our Central Banks). These Central Banks now have hundreds of day traders who continually use unlimited ‘money units’ (now mere bits/digits derived from select Central Administrators) to pump up and manipulate all our cyber markets for their selfish desires. Think of all the QE (quantitative easing) operations as the best example of creating these ‘money units’ for their own accounts to further manipulate all our markets!
Image result for virtual money
New York City was purchased from our Native Indians with physical Wampum (colored beads)! We now live within our consciousness for financial transactions/trading/investing/saving and for all our global banking manipulations!
Money units can also be created in unlimited amounts via select ‘loan’ operations by all our interconnected global banks. Loan operations do not need any prior deposits (from the public) to make these huge lending operations. Today, we create these ‘money units’ OUT OF NOTHING and from ‘nothing’ (the mind of a banker). Think of the past decisions of this banker called Ben Bernanke. Think of this banker called Mark Carney. Think of this banker called Mario Draghi.
Any Central Banker can now create ‘money units’ via their consciousness as our ‘money units’ are now units of nothing (mere ‘virtual/imaginary’ numbers) living within this Netherworld called ‘cyberspace’. Is this fantasy land 101 or what? Our manipulated electronic/cyber markets (stock indexes and such) can now be pumped up indefinitely if these ‘central’ (behind closed doors) manipulators desire this result. Our DOW index, for example, has continued upward with no real ‘correction’ for over 96 months (8 years). Is this normal and sustainable (forever)? I don’t think so! At some point all this fantasy land trading must reverse and correct BIG TIME!
Image result for virtual money
Imaginary/virtual credits (called money) means that we live within our inner consciousness for all our fantasy money transaction activity! Our money is now living within ‘cyberspace’ (a created space derived from our consciousness)! Who is aware of today’s marketplace? Few to none!
What is the purpose of money in this new global casino environment (of our ‘imagination’)?  Can real material wealth be ‘valued’ or ‘priced’ within this type of manipulated market environment forever (now on a global scale)? Can traders continue to be ‘deceived’ as to the ‘nature’ of cyberspace and our ‘virtual/imaginary’ money? Can Central Bankers (with their ‘behind closed door’ trading machines) continue to fool and deceive investors/traders/decision makers forever?
I don’t think so! At some point (probably rather SOON) we could witness this huge ‘CORRECTION’ which has eluded us! The real business cycle will reveal itself, at some point, as more traders and decision makers wake-up to all this fantasy land manipulation. What is happening at the present moment is unsustainable and our political leaders will eventually also wake-up to REALITY! Think for yourself! The tools of the internet gives us all opportunities to inform ourselves on all these issues! Enjoy! I am:
Image result for stock market correction coming soon
Does this lady have ANY clue as to what moves our cyber markets today? What do you think? Is she deceived or is she AWARE of our situation?

Deception surrounds the virtual ‘currency’ called ‘Bitcoin’! Let’s think!

April 21, 2017

I just listened to a video from Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante on the issue of this virtual currency called Bitcoin. His view (watch the video) is similar to that the Bix Weir who also assumes that Bitcoin could be a viable world currency if our $ (dollar) is eliminated and our Fed is abolished. Do these pundits understand what they are talking about? Let’s think about this currency called Bitcoin and the concept that it could serve as a world currency for our markets (independent of an ‘official’ bank currency). (

What these pundits seem to ignore is that Bitcoin is not a physical (hand-held) currency. Bitcoin is a virtual (encrypted currency) and it technically could not be ‘valued’ objectively if our ‘dollar’ were abolished. How can a virtual/digital currency acquire a ‘value’ as a separate stand alone currency? Think on this! Today, this virtual unit gets its ‘value’ by bouncing off our official ‘dollar’ (within our cyber markets). If we eliminate the $ (dollar) how could this unit of nothing be ‘valued’ so as to serve as a stand alone (independent) currency? The purpose of any currency is to serve as a ‘tool’ for valuation of goods/services.

If Bitcoin were used (independent) of our official $ (dollar) it must be given a specific ‘value’ so consumers/traders could exchange this unit for other goods and services. This is impossible if our $ (dollar) is abolished and/or eliminated. Today, Bitcoin is given a daily ‘value’ by using the $ (dollar) as its reference currency. Without the $ (dollar) or another official bank reserve currency, it would need to stand alone as an independent currency. Is this possible for a private virtual/digital currency which technically does not exist (outside the human mind)? Bitcoin is virtual and resides exclusively within cyberspace (our extended consciousness). What is cyberspace? Cyberspace is given reality by humans as they visualize images and text within this computer created space!

Cyberspace is a space created by connecting a bunch of computers. It has no independent existence within our time/space continuum. Bitcoin lives within cyberspace and can not be hand-held or physically exchanged. I can not exchange this unit with you for a real good (say a cow, pig, truck, smart phone, etc.). All I could do is provide you with ‘numbers’ within the computer and these ‘numbers’ would have ZERO value (as independent images/text). This idea of Jeff and Bix can not work in the real marketplace of exchange. Mr. Berwick and Mr. Weir need to think about the ‘nature’ of Bitcoin and the ‘nature’ of virtual reality (cyberspace).

Our digital $ (dollar) works because we have a Central Bank which ‘mandates’ that I accept this unit of nothing. It works with all our other digital currencies because all these other currencies also are ‘mandated’ by our global monetary system. Take away the banking system and the forced use of these official currencies and we end up with a barter exchange marketplace. Bitcoin would need to be evaluated at this point and it would be rejected by everyone (who comprehends ‘value’ and reality). Bitcoin is a unit of nothing, living within an environment of nothing (cyberspace). Wake-up Jeff and Bix to the realities of real currencies and observable reality!

Gold and Silver could be used to ‘define’ a new currency and then this new currency could be promoted as having ‘value’. Why? Both Au and Ag exist within our time/space continuum and thus could work in the real marketplace of exchange. Bitcoin and all the other Alt digital currencies can not work independent of some official banking currency (to give it ‘value’). The whole purpose of trade is to ‘value’ exchanges between counterparties who trade real goods. For a currency to work it must be perceived as physical (existing in space/time) and it then must be given some ‘objective’ value so trades can take place. Pass this missive on to Jeff and Bix for their counter arguments! Enjoy! I am:

Do these pundits KNOW what they are talking about? I don’t think so!

Image result for bitcoin a virtual currency

If we eliminate the $$$ (as an official mandated bank currency) then what is Bitcoin’s ‘value’? It is a virtual unit of NOTHING (with zero ‘value’) without an official currency to bounce off of! Bix and Jeff seem unaware of the marketplace reality when official currencies are abolished!

Image result for Bix Weir

Bix Weir is also pushing Bitcoin as a viable private (independent) currency for our marketplace!

Image result for Jeff Berwick

Jeff Berwick assumes that Bitcoin could serve as an independent currency for our global marketplace? Does he understand reality?

THREE World Philosophies desire to ‘RULE’ over Planet Earth (and each of us)!

April 19, 2017


Image result for global enslavement coming

Today, we have some three world philosophies which desire to rule the people on planet earth. Let’s briefly review these three philosophies and their attempt to convince the public that they (their leaders) should RULE this planet and the people. The three philosophies are the following:

  1. Islam (the Caliphate concept along with Sharia Law)!
  2. Christianity (the Kingdom of Jesus concept) and their attempt to SAVE all mankind!
  3. The American political doctrine and their concept of Might makes Right!

Who will RULE over planet Earth is the core issue of serious leaders (I call them the elite) who desire to govern all the sheep on this planet. Most people have no interest in ruling others but a small cartel of elitists (within Islam, Christianity, and within Deep State Politics) do desire to RULE. We witness the various group-think leaders at work when we look at the details of each philosophy/religion/agenda. Islam desires to set up the Kingdom of Allah with a Caliphate system where their concepts of Sharia Law will rule over everyone. ISIS is one extreme of this Caliphate concept and the other might be the leaders of Turkey, Iran, and Egypt. Islam has a message which promotes rulership (under Allah) and with Sharia Law as the tool for administering compliance to this system.

Christianity has been at work since 31 A.D. with their concepts of salvation by grace and the eventual rulership of planet Earth by SAVED Christians (select/elect leaders) who worship Jesus/Yeshua as their Savior, Lord, and God. At the death of Yeshua in 31 A.D. a missionary trend started (under Paul, Peter, James, John, and others) to convert all mankind to their concepts of reality…called TRUTH. Their mindset is a gospel called Salvation (from sin) by grace and with the elimination of personal ‘sin’ via personal baptism and a new life under their Leader/Savior/Lord/God called Jesus and/or Yeshua (in conjunction with their Trinity concept). Jesus (according to the Christian philosophy/religion) died for the ‘sins’ of mankind and is currently ‘ruling’ over SAVED Christians via his spirit from the Throne room.

Eventually, SAVED Christians, will be given rulership with their Messiah/Christ and they (under Jesus/Yeshua) will RULE all of planet Earth. This is called the Kingdom of Jesus of the Kingdom of Christ (some call it the Millennium). Current events on this planet are gradually leading towards a rapture of all SAVED Christians and then a return to planet Earth (of these SAVED ones) to RULE over everyone. Select elites (Christians) will be given positions of authority and then given the right of rulership over the entire planet during this coming 1,000 year reign of Jesus, their Lord/Christ/God. All this is happening NOW and after the coming Tribulation Period (3.5 to 7.0 years) they will assume rulership over this planet. Listen to the proselytization and prophecy movements now in progress all around our planet for evidence! Saved Christians are at work attempting to sell this message to everyone!

The third group-think philosophy which is attempting to impose their program of global governance over the entire planet is our Kabbalistic/Globalistic group of elitists called the DEEP STATE and/or the SHADOW government now in Washington D.C. and within our Wall Street/Political money cartel. These elitists control most of the monetary system on this planet and with control over money they desire to impose a Global Governance System upon the people and the planet. I witness these elitists at work daily within the halls of POWER and within our cartel banking system. Some elitists to watch within this Deep State System are leaders like Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Jared Kushner, Annika Trump, Gary Cohn, Wilbur Ross, Steve Mnuchin, John McCain, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, and a host of CFR, NSA, CIA, and Bilderberg agents/thinkers.

All these three group-think set of elitists/rulers (with their core philosophies) are now revealing their agendas and their mode of operation so as to enslave all mankind with their subtle/corrupt doctrines and mandates. Islam, Christianity, Kabbalistic NWO elitists (many from the Tribe of Judah) are all at work to promote their BEAST SYSTEM for our planet and for all the Sheeple. Enslavement is the outcome of all these philosophies. The Sheep (non-thinkers and accommodators) on this planet, however, are bowing to the above groups and allowing each to gain a foothold over their thinking. Gradual enslavement is happening daily and all the voting (by the Sheeple) is doing little to change the trend. After some 6,000 years of human history we now are at the END point of human governmental systems. The BIG three above sense that they can maybe assume control of the SYSTEM during this huge transition period. Watch out as all these three will lead to your total enslavement! Think for yourself! I am:

Some additional images to consider:

Image result for global enslavement coming

Our global elitist’s are all working for their ‘form’ of global enslavement for all mankind!

Image result for the caliphate concept

The Islamic Caliphate concept with Sharia Law is one form of global enslavement!

Image result for the caliphate concept

Allah is the God of Islam and this God is supposed to install this global Caliphate (under Sharia Law) for believers in this philosophy!

Image result for the caliphate concept under Allah

We witness Shariah Law at work today within some 1.6 billion Muslims on planet Earth!

Image result for the caliphate concept under Allah

A group-think body of believers assumes that submission to the Creator (Allah) is essential for Islam to flourish!

Image result for the caliphate concept

Islam believes in many forms of eschatology which will bring their group-think system to this planet for everyone to accept!

Image result for Christians desire to rule planet earth under Jesus

Christians believe that Jesus will descend from his Throne, rapture SAVED believers, and then set up his Kingdom for 1,000 years!

Image result for Christians desire to rule planet earth under Jesus

Many Christians believe that they will RULE over cities and countries under their leader Jesus/Yeshua in the near future!

Image result for Christians desire to rule planet earth under Jesus

Christians believe that a RETURN of their Lord (who died in 31 A.D., rose after three days, will return again to RULE planet Earth)!

Image result for the return of Jesus to ruie planet earth

The return is both spiritual and literal according to most Christian eschatology!

Image result for the return of Jesus to ruie planet earth

The return is within the ‘clouds’ above us! First the SAVED Christians are raptured off the planet!

Image result for kingdom of jesus (jesus to rule planet earth)

Jesus/Yeshua (after his return) will RULE the planet for 1,000 years (called the millennium)!

Image result for the return of Jesus to ruie planet earth

Different views within eschatology allows for various interpretations among Christian leaders!

Image result for the nwo and global governance

The politician/banker desired for a Global Governance System for planet Earth!

Image result for Kissinger wants NWO

This global politician desires for a New World Order for the entire planet (now)!

Image result for Kissinger wants NWO

This business leader also desires a NWO and global governance under Agenda 2030 of the U.N.

Image result for pope wants NWO

This global religious leader is pushing for Global Governance under the Agenda 2030 program of the U.N.

Image result for pope wants NWO

These political leaders have various interpretations of what the NWO means to them!

Image result for enslavement of mankind is coming via NWO

The global banking cartel started mostly with Paul Warburg (1910-13) and the U.S. Federal Reserve Banking System!

Image result for the nwo and global governance

The basics of the NWO are the principles above. This is supposed to bring our planet peace, happiness, and prosperity!

Related image

Only President Kennedy warned Americans about the hidden plans of the global elite who rule over us! Image result for The Kingdom of God (the real message of Yeshua)

The final END game IMO is the Kingdom of our Creator God (the I AM LOGOS)! None of the above promote this KINGDOM for our planet! It’s time to start thinking for yourself on all these issues!






Ninety-six Months (96) and No ‘Real’ Correction!

April 19, 2017

Image result for Dow index graph since 2009

This chart covers 88 months. The Dow index is currently at 20,463. No Correction!

Have business cycles been eliminated now that our Central banks trade our markets? It has been 96 months of continuing up stock markets with no real correction. A correction of 20% or more should have happened prior to now. But why are major corrections now slowed or eliminated? Did you know that all our markets are now operating within cyberspace. Cyber markets are computer markets. Cyber markets allow our high frequency computers to trade and influence trends and directions. Who can influence trends and directions today? Think…our Central Banks! Central Banks ‘trade’ our markets and these money factories have unlimited cyber digits (called money) to trade with. They can pump up a market which retail traders desire to short and/or sell. It’s all done with the computer and a trading strategy.

Computers rule over all our global markets today and select computers at the New York Federal Reserve, the Exchange Stabilization Fund, and within the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) can affect trends and directions as these entities have UNLIMITED money digits (called money) to influence market direction. Also, the Central Banks of China, the European Union, and the Bank of England can also influence stock and bond trends with their daily (24/7) trading. The game has changed from the days when our retail and speculative traders ruled over our markets. Human trading has been replaced with algorithmic trading and with high frequency trading. We now live with Central Banks and trading facilities which control all our electronic/cyber markets with their trading strategies.

Few understand what is happening as they have not realized what our Central Banks can do to prevent a normal market correction. So when will our markets correct (say 20% or more) to reflect the realities within our markets? I would suggest that our markets will correct when our Central Banks choose for the markets to correct. Currently interest rates are trending DOWN even though our Fed just recently raised the Fed Funds Rate. On March 15, our Fed raised the Fed Funds Rate to 1% and since then the 10 year treasury rate has declined to 2.21%. What is happening? Rates are not adjusting upward as many would expect. What happens is that we now live with electronic markets where all interest rates can be manipulated by Central Bank trading to influence direction. This also happens with all our electronic stock exchanges!

Yes, a correction will eventually happen in spite of the Fed and our Central Bank manipulations. But so far we have had no real correction for some 96 months. The reason is our electronic markets and our Central Bank trading facilities which continue to manipulate markets to create their vision of reality. Has the Business Cycle been eliminated? It appears that it has for the time being. All this happens as our markets now operate via algorithms, high frequency trading, and with Central Bank trading activity to influence trends and direction. The New York Fed has some 500 day traders at 33 Liberty Street who can trade any stock, commodity, or derivative to influence our markets. Also, Central Banks in Europe, China, Japan, England, and other venues can do likewise. Who is AWARE? Few to none! Think for yourself! I am:

If I’m Guilty, Let Me Be Guilty of Too Much Mercy!

April 18, 2017

My message for April 18, 2017! If I’m Guilty, Let Me Be Guilty of Too Much Mercy!

Where do My/Your ‘IDEAS’ come from?

April 17, 2017

Image result for my brain activity

Does my BRAIN create my ‘ideas’ which then creates my behavior? Is this valid…or do I have a non-physical ‘mind’ which transcends my brain?

It’s my ‘ideas’ which are key to my behavior. I would suggest that your ‘ideas’ create your behavior. The ‘ideas’ of our Commander-in-Chief (Mr. Trump) create his behavior. The ‘ideas’ of Mr. Kim Jong-Un create his behavior. Let’s think about this process of WHERE do our ‘ideas’ come from? Last week I had breakfast with a retired neuroscientist. This teacher/scientist told me that the profession of neuroscience believes that ‘ideas’ come directly from the brain. Neurons and neuronal activity produce my ‘words’ and my ‘ideas’. Ideas are physical phenomena according to neuroscience and my brain is a material/physical object (wired to create my thinking, words, ideas). Is this valid science? Is this valid philosophy? I don’t think so! Let’s think on this issue for today!

In reality, my ‘ideas’ and yours derive from the spiritual/metaphysical realm of reality. Ideas are not physical objects or things which come from my brain and my brain activity. Ideas are ‘derived’. Derived means that these units come from a source (outside my brain/skull/body). I derive my ‘ideas’ from my inner self/consciousness/mind and then transfer these ‘ideas’ to another spiritual person (their ‘mind’). This inner self/mind is non-physical and does not depend upon my brain or neuronal activity as its SOURCE. In reality, ‘ideas’ are derived from the spiritual/metaphysical realm of reality. The SOURCE of ‘ideas’ is our spiritual Creator (ultimately). From this SOURCE flow spiritual phenomena (ideas/words/visions/images/etc.) which then are ‘constructed’ by me, you, and other human beings to create our behavior.

The determining factor for my, your, Trump’s behavior (for example) are our metaphysical ‘ideas’ which we think with. Ideas are ‘derived’ from other persons and ultimately from the SOURCE of all ‘ideas’ which is our Creator. The LOGOS  (a word to describe our Creator) is the ultimate source and originator of ‘ideas’ and this makes this LOGOS the first CAUSE or source. Life operates under this principle called CAUSE and EFFECT. Logic and thinking is based upon cause and effect. Scientific thinking is based upon cause and effect. If I am the ’cause’ of my behavior (ideas) then I would be the originator or the source. I could say that I AM AT CAUSE! However, if I am not the first ’cause’ of my ideas/words/thinking, then we could say that I am AT EFFECT.

So are human beings AT CAUSE and in control of their behavior or are they AT EFFECT? If I originate ALL my thinking, ideas, and all these units derive solely from my BRAIN (neuronal activity) THEN I would be in charge and in control of all that I do. I would be AT CAUSE. But if this is not valid and my ‘ideas’ derive from the metaphysical realm (outside my skull/brain system) then we could conclude that I am AT EFFECT. So which is it? Am I at ’cause’ or am I at ‘effect’ (with respect to behavior, ideas, thinking)? Are YOU at ’cause’ or at ‘effect’? My view is that we are both AT EFFECT because ‘ideas’ ultimately derive from the spiritual/metaphysical realm (not the material/matter realm). My/Your brain and our neurons DO NOT originate our ‘ideas’! Neuroscience is misled with their science IMO.

In reality, life is determined by a SOURCE which resides beyond and outside my/your brain or our neuronal/brain activity. The evidence is our ‘consciousness’ and our ‘thinking’. The ‘words’ coming from our metaphysical MIND are the immediate source of our behavior and the ultimate SOURCE is our Creator. Thomas Jefferson was correct to say that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness derives from our CREATOR (not from elitists who think they control our markets and our destiny). Elitists desire us to believe that THEY can originate ‘ideas’ to control and enslave us indefinitely (for their benefit/goals). In reality, as we become AWARE that our ‘ideas’ derive from our Creator, we will break this enslavement process which much of science, religion, and government ASSUMES derives from THEM! Think for yourself! I am:

Some additional images to consider:

Image result for my brain activity

Neuroscience assumes that all my/your ‘ideas’ and ‘words’ derive from our BRAIN! Is this valid?

Image result for my brain activity

Where do our ‘ideas’ ultimately derive from? Could the SOURCE be outside/separate from our BRAINS? Give this some reflection!

Image result for my brain activity

Is brain activity creating the messages within the computer screen or do people have a metaphysical MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS which acts as the first cause/source?

Image result for my brain activity

Can a ‘dream’ image or message come from outside one’s BRAIN? Can ‘ideas’ derive from outside one’s BRAIN?

Image result for my brain activity

What causes our ‘behavior’? Are not ‘ideas’ the primary CAUSE? Where do ‘ideas’ derive from?

Image result for brain compared to mind

Behavior derives from our ‘ideas’! So what source could initiate ‘ideas’?

Image result for brain compared to mind

Artificial intelligence (and algorithms) produce artificial/virtual results. But can AI produce an ‘original’ IDEA?

Image result for brain compared to mind

Ones and zeros create our MONEY today! But what are these units in reality? Do they derive from brain or mind?

Image result for brain compared to mind

Did this man’s ‘intelligence’ derive from brain activity or from mind activity? Where did his ‘ideas’ derive from?

Image result for brain compared to mind

This scientist has great ‘ideas’. But from where do his ‘ideas’ come from? Is he a robot or a thinking human being?

Image result for the human mind vs the human brain

The human brain is amazing but it is non-functional without a MIND to originate ‘ideas’ and ‘thoughts’!

Image result for the Creator of man

The children of God are those who can differentiate between their brain and their metaphysical mind! The meta-narrative reveals our FIRST CAUSE! Man is essentially AT EFFECT when it comes to the ‘big picture’ (the meta-narrative)! 

Image result for trump's military ideas vs Kim Jong-un's ideas

Where do Trump’s and Kim’s ‘ideas’ ultimately derive from (Brain or Mind)?

Image result for we hold these truths to be self evident

Enslavement to elitists must eventually end! Self government is the American way! Think for yourself! The Future is always NOW!

Easter Misconceptions and Deceptions! A false ‘Narrative’!

April 16, 2017

Image result for jesus of nazareth

Jesus/Yeshua was a real person similar to you and I. He was not God but a messenger with a message from God (YHWH)!

Image result for jesus of nazareth

Jesus/Yeshua did not desire to be KING or a RULER but he wanted his Father God (YHWH) to ‘rule’ over people and planet Earth! His Gospel was the Kingdom or Government of his inner God (Yahweh/Elah/Father/Most High)! The Christian narrative is mostly mistaken and false!

Image result for Yeshua

The ‘name’ Yeshua (spelling in Aramaic/Hebrew)! He was not YHWH God!

Having been brought up with the Christian religion from my youth, I have experienced the Easter events for some 70 years. I now realize that this Easter history and the dogma which surrounds this event from history is only partially valid. Today, I will provide the readers of this blog with my view of select misconceptions and deceptions about this historical event. Pastors, teachers, and theologians like to assume that they can enunciate what is valid and accurate by just reading select scriptures from the Bible. But I will provide solid evidence and logic which reveals that many of the concepts about this historical event are really deceptions and misconceptions. Let’s start with some questions which might illuminate these deceptions:

  1. Did Jesus/Yeshua actually live on planet earth and then die around 31 A.D.? My answer is Yes! Jesus (Yeshua was his Aramaic name) while living here on earth, did live as a human being for some 35 years and did die around 31 A.D. His death was witnessed by many and after his death many words and letters were written about this historical person and the events which this person experienced. He was not a mirage or ghost but a real living person like you and I.
  2. Why did this historical person die and what was his crime? It appears that Jesus/Yeshua died because his message was not accepted by his religious clan (the Jewish people and their Temple hierarchy). His message was essentially that he desired the Kingdom or Government of his Father God (YHWH) and not the Jewish system administered by the scribes and pharisees at the Temple of Yahweh in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, his words and message were misunderstood by these authorities and they assumed that he (Yeshua/Jesus) was desiring to make himself KING and the sole Authority over the Jewish religion. This, however, was not his intention or desire. He wanted the Kingdom or Government of YHWH (the inner God which he was experiencing…to rule over each person). God, to him, was a real person but ‘within’ each person (their inner ‘spirit’) and concepts (laws) like those written in the Torah must be lived out personally by each subjective person. Imposing mandated interpretations of the Torah was not realistic for Jesus/Yeshua and he made this known to his followers.
  3. What was the essential Gospel or Message of this person called Jesus/Yeshua? His message was that he desired a new System for his brethren where written laws (the Torah) were not mandated by elitists at the Temple. He desired that the Torah be experienced, personally, by each person as an ‘inner’ moral code where each person derived meaning from these laws and then lived this code/law subjectively (without coercion). Worshiping God (YHWH in Hebrew or Elah in Aramaic) was (to him) a subjective experience for each person to work out within themselves and not an objective set of written dogma’s (laws) to be administered and mandated by a select hierarchy of political/religious elitists. These religious elitists, however, did not accept his understanding and wisdom and chose to label his message as blasphemy (false doctrine and making himself superior or equal to YHWH…the historical God of Judaism). This was not his intention or viewpoint, however!
  4. Did the Jewish Temple Authorities seek his death and did the Roman legal system (under Pontius Pilate) accept that Jesus/Yeshua was guilty of death? Yes, it appears that the Roman legal system was used to create legal reasons why Yeshua’s message and behavior were unacceptable to the Jewish Temple System and to the Roman legal system. This was accomplished publicly and supported by the masses who accepted the logic of the Jewish authorities and the Roman elitists who controlled the system. Jesus was sent to Golgotha to die on the tree as a criminal and one who was claiming to be KING of the Jews. In reality, he was not desiring to be KING or a political leader but a servant of his God (YHWH and/or Elah) who worked within him (his inner ‘spirit’).
  5. What happened at Golgotha? Essentially, he died on this cross/tree and then was buried. At the moment of his physical ‘death’, however, his inner ‘spirit’ was immediately ‘glorified’ by his Father (YHWH). This happened simultaneously with his physical death. Since Jesus/Yeshua was ‘born again’ of the spirit and was aware of his ‘spirit’ nature he did not fear physical death. Physical death is not final to any ‘born again’ believer. Yahweh (his spiritual Father) immediately ‘glorified’ his inner ‘spirit’ (at death) and he was alive again within the spiritual realm immediately/simultaneously.
  6. What happened after his ‘glorification’ experience by his Father God (Yahweh)? He could then ‘appear’ spiritually to the inner ‘spirit’ of his bodily friends and disciples. This ‘appearance’ to the inner self of his prior followers (often called a ‘vision’) made them aware that he was alive and well after his physical death on the tree. Jesus/Yeshua ‘appeared’ to many via this method of entering into the ‘inner’ spirit of his followers (this ‘visionary’  or ‘virtual’ inner experience). Today, we often call this a ‘virtual’ experience which seems as real as someone being present in the flesh. Virtual reality, today, is almost like observable reality to many.
  7. Why do pastors and teachers assume that Jesus/Yeshua ‘resurrected’ himself from a grave some three days after his physical death? This myth (fake news) has been promulgated by pastors, teachers, and theologians who do not understand that Jesus/Yeshua was really a ‘spirit’ person as well as a person with a body/brain. In reality, you and I also have a ‘spirit’ within which is our real self. I am not my body/brain and neither are you. We are all ‘spirit’ beings with a body/brain. Our consciousness is ‘spirit’ and our inner self is ‘spirit’. Spirit does not die but can be ‘glorified’ immediately at physical death. To understand this reality, however, one must be ‘born again’ and become AWARE that they are really a ‘spirit’ being. Few are actually ‘born again’ (therefore they lack the understanding of this reality). Jesus/Yeshua later ascended (spiritually) to his heavenly Father/YHWH and we now view him as being in heaven. His ‘glorified’ self lives within this realm called the ‘spirit’ realm. The Throne of YHWH (the Almighty God of our universe) is also within this spiritual/inner realm. Read Revelation, chapters 1 – 5.
  8. Who promulgated this idea that Jesus was God or equal with God? This false idea (fake news) was promulgated by this Jew from Tarsus called PAUL. Paul had an inner vision which he assumed was from the ‘glorified’ Yeshua (but was it?). This ‘vision’ of Paul then became his core reason for assuming that Yeshua had been raised from the grave (been resurrected as a body/brain/flesh person) and all this meant something. This assumption by Paul (of a risen from the grave Yeshua) then led to his theology of ‘salvation’ via his death…with the idea that the ‘blood’ of Yeshua saves (permanently) a person who bows to this theology. Paul did not know the historical Yeshua/Jesus (he was not a disciple of the historical Yeshua) so he did not understand that the REAL gospel of Yeshua was the Kingdom of Father God (YHWH)…not this theology of grace/salvation/redemption from ALL ‘sin’. Paul concocted this theology of being SAVED from all ‘sin’ by the shed ‘blood’ of a sacrificed Lamb (Yeshua). Keep in mind that PAUL did not KNOW the real historical Yeshua or his Gospel message (which was a desire for the KINGDOM OF YHWH for everyone)! Yeshua preached the KINGDOM OF his FATHER (called YHWH in Hebrew of ELAH in Aramaic)!
  9. So why did this narrative of Paul turn into the Christian theology? Paul’s theology (see Ephesians 2) was promulgated and promoted via his charisma and dedication. Churches were formed. Pagans were converted. Some Jews were converted. The theology of salvation by grace was a positive message that most people desired and wanted (especially AFTER there was no return of the risen Yeshua/Messiah as many assumed would happen). This fake gospel of Paul grew and grew and gradually (especially after Constantine) became the Roman Catholic Church’s theology. With the additional false TRINITY concept (which emerged after Nicaea) the new Christian writings (called the Canon) emerged to support this false narrative/gospel. Today, some 2,000 years AFTER the death and ‘glorification’ of Yeshua the real GOD (YHWH) is still not recognized as being on the spiritual THRONE. We live with a fake narrative/gospel which is promulgated by convinced and dedicated pastors, teachers, and theologians.
  10. So why is the real God (YHWH) now about to bring us a Tribulation Period (called Jacob’s Trouble and other names)? This coming Tribulation Period is necessary so people will THINK and LEARN that the real GOSPEL is the KINGDOM of YHWH, the Kingdom of God Almighty, the Kingdom of the real Source who rules over this planet. The false gospel of Paul and all our current Christian leaders must now be abandoned so the REAL Gospel of the Kingdom can be promulgated for our planet. Who rules this planet? God Almighty rules from his Throne room in the spiritual heavens (our inner consciousness). Yeshua is not God Almighty and his assumed rule must now be abandoned! That is my perspective on this message called Easter and Passover! Give it some reflection!

To summarize the above for everyone to think about:

  1. Yeshua/Jesus was born (a real physical human being around 4 B.C.).
  2. Yeshua was his name in Aramaic.
  3. Yeshua was a Jew who believed in his God called Yahweh/Elah.
  4. Yeshua got baptised by his cousin John around 28 A.D.
  5. Yeshua then started preaching his received gospel called the Kingdom of his God (YHWH).
  6. Yeshua’s gospel was rejected by the elitists at the Temple and the Sanhedrin.
  7. Yeshua was turned over to the Roman legal system for prosecution (by his elitist priests).
  8. Yeshua was sentenced to death by Pontius Pilate (to satisfy the crowd who disbelieved his message).
  9. Yeshua died on the tree/cross and was buried.
  10. Yeshua (at the moment of physical death) was glorified by his God (YHWH).
  11. Yeshua then ‘appeared’ in vision form to many followers (convincing them that he was alive).
  12. Yeshua ascended to his Father God (the Throne room within the spiritual heaven).
  13. Yeshua administered his role as High Priest to many believers and followers.
  14. Yeshua is currently in the spiritual realm with his Father and countless glorified believers.
  15. Yeshua is not GOD and can not solve any of mankind’s deeper spiritual/political issues.
  16. The real Gospel of Yeshua was the KINGDOM of his GOD (YHWH).
  17. To get to this real Gospel a TRIBULATION period is necessary for fallen mankind.
  18. This TRIBULATION period is soon to arrive on planet Earth.
  19. The coming time of trouble (also called Jacob’s Trouble) will purify many who desire reality.
  20. After this time period called the Tribulation a new System will emerge for our planet.
  21. This New System will be called the Kingdom of God (the Father) who administers his WORD from the Throne Room.
  22. All money will be eliminated from planet Earth.
  23. All ownership will be returned to the rightful owner (God Almighty/the Father).
  24. People will gradually recognize that they are servants of a Higher Power who RULES over planet Earth.
  25. All military hardware and killing machines (bombs, etc.) will be destroyed for all time periods going forward.
  26. Peace on Earth will arrive and people will accept the reality that Father God is real and in control of planet Earth.
  27. The KINGDOM or GOVERNMENT of our real Source (God Almighty) will rule this planet for the benefit of all mankind.
  28. What is ‘determined’ must happen eventually! Mankind is ‘at effect’!

Give the above some consideration. Is it a narrative that makes sense to me? Is it a narrative which is real to me? Is it a narrative which is emerging now IMO? I am:

Some additional images which relate to the above information:

Image result for jesus was born around 4 b.c.

Yeshua was born human around 4 B.C. and given the ‘name’ Yeshua during his circumcision/dedication ceremony!

Image result for the God of Yeshua was Yahweh

Yeshua was dedicated to his God (Yahweh/Father) and desired for all to worship this Spiritual SOURCE!

Image result for jesus of nazareth baptised by john

Jesus/Yeshua was baptised by his cousin John in the Jordan River around 28 A.D. He then received his spiritual understanding from his spiritual God and Father (YHWH and/or Elah). The words he received led him to preach the Kingdom of his Father God as a reality for everyone!

Image result for jesus of nazareth baptised by john

Yeshua became aware of his Father’s call after his baptism in the Jordan!

Image result for jesus called his disciples and gave them power

Yeshua/Jesus found a select group of disciples to help him with his message to preach the Kingdom of his Father/YHWH to all his Jewish friends! He had no desire to promote himself as God or King!

Image result for jesus was tried by the Jewish authorities at the Sanhedrin

Jesus/Yeshua was tried at the Sanhedrin by the Jewish elitists who did not accept his message! They assumed that he (Yeshua) desired to be King over all Israel and the world! They considered this blasphemy and developed reasons for his death via the Roman legal system!

Image result for Jesus died on the cross at golgotha

After being prosecuted and sentenced, Yeshua was hung on a tree/cross and many watched him die physically and completely!

Image result for Jesus rose from the dead

After physical death many prior followers recognized that Yeshua was alive as they experienced him ‘within’ their inner spirit being (as a vision)! This ‘vision’ or ‘appearance’ was so real/virtual that later many presented this ‘inner’ experience as a bodily resurrection (from the grave). In reality, Yeshua was actually ‘glorified by his God (YHWH) at the moment of physical death!

Image result for Jesus ascends to the Father

The ‘glorified’ Yeshua ascended to his God within the spiritual realm! His God was Yahweh/Elah who sits on the Throne overseeing planet Earth!

Image result for Jesus ascends to the Father

The ascension was experienced as an ‘inner’ reality (a vision)!

Image result for Jesus ascends to the Father and sits as high priest

A false concept called The Trinity emerged many years AFTER the death/ascension of Yeshua!

Image result for yahweh sits on the throne overseeing planet earth

The real RULER and KING over planet Earth is YHWH (given various names and titles)!

Image result for jacobs trouble coming

The soon coming TRIBULATION is also called Jacob’s Trouble! This time period is necessary to get people to understand spiritual reality!

Image result for jacobs trouble coming

Some scripture revealing what is soon coming upon planet Earth! What is determined must happen as it is determined by the SOURCE (God Almighty)!

Image result for jacobs trouble coming, then the Kingdom of God

The coming Kingdom of God resets all reality so that God rules over planet Earth! A new SYSTEM is established for mankind and for planet Earth!

Image result for churches which believe in the coming kingdom of God

The final chapter of scripture reveals that the Kingdom of YHWH is determined to occur! If God is real then this MUST happen! I am a believer!

Image result for the lamb shall lay down with the lion

The lamb and lion shall lie down together during the Kingdom Age!

Image result for peace on earth

Human nature must change for peace on Earth to arrive! War must be abandoned! Money must be eliminated! An attitude of ‘Give’ must prevail prior to ‘Take’! Is all this possible? If there is a God who rules then it is possible! If not, then all is mere conjecture and folly! I, however, am a believer!!!

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