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First Principles, Core Values, Essential!

September 23, 2018

America was founded upon principles and values which made our nation special and different from other world nations. Our Declaration of Independence spells out these first principles and our core values. The idea of an ‘invisible’ Creator is my focus for this missive. Who was this ‘invisible’ Creator and what does it mean to view reality with this core value?


Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison were founding father’s who enunciated the core values for our American nation. The idea of worshiping an Idol from the past was not viewed as part of America’s core values. Thomas Jefferson desired that American’s worship an ‘invisible’ God or Creator and not an Idol or Image from the created world. Other founding Father’s had a similar view.


Who was this ‘invisible’ Creator which our founding Father’s worshiped and promoted as a core value for everyone to consider? The details of this ‘invisible’ Creator were revealed later (mostly after 1776) within the writings of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine…and those who understood this concept of an ‘invisible’ Creator God.


Let’s think about the key ideas which were rejected by these founding Father’s. This concept called the Christian Trinity (three persons in one Godhead) was rejected. The idea that an Evangelical Trinity (three being one) was viewed as anathema to the thinking of our main founding Fathers. The idea was illogical. What else was viewed as anathema to these father’s?


The idea of a prior created being (a human being living on our planet from 6 B.C. to 30 A.D.) like this Jew, called Yeshua (Jesus), was also rejected…as being America’s Creator God. Thomas Jefferson revealed his thinking about God in his writings and actions…and this human person, called Yeshua (Jesus), was not viewed as representative of our Creator God (to Jefferson). This was clear in the writings of Jefferson and also Franklin and Paine and many others during our founding.


The ‘invisible’ Creator of our Declaration of Independence was a singular God (like the God of Israel). This singular Israelite God had the name YHWH (as his personal name). Yahweh, this Hebrew name for God, was an ‘invisible’ spirit being (God) who fits the details of the thinking of our core founding Fathers. America rejected any form (image) which could be classified as an Idol. The ‘image’ of Yeshua (Jesus) would certainly qualify as an Idol to these founding Father’s.


Idolatry and image worship was certainly not part of the thinking of America’s founding Fathers. Any prior created being (like Yeshua of history) would be viewed as an Idol to a founding Father like Thomas Jefferson and/or Benjamin Franklin. This seems clear from their writings about our Creator God. Franklin talked about the ‘Father of Lights’ and ‘Providence’ while Jefferson talked about a singular (non-trinitarian) Creator.


Scripture also supports the views of these core founding Fathers. When I read scripture I find that this Jew, called Yeshua (Jesus), pointed to YHWH (Yahweh) as his Creator God (while here on planet Earth). Read Mark 12:28-34 for clear words which reveal the God of Yeshua while on this planet. Even the Apostle Paul, in I Corinthians 8: 5-6, reveals that the Father is the One God of Paul (not Jesus). Read his words to discern this thinking.


In English we all use the word Father as the singular God of Israel. This word ‘Father’ is another word for the Hebrew God called YHWH (Yahweh). All the patriarchs from Hebrew scripture think of God, our Creator, as this singular God called Yahweh (or the ‘I AM’ from history). Today, most Jews (from the tribe of Judah) will use the word ‘Hashem’. This word means ‘the name’ and/or Father/Dad. But the reference is to the ONE God of Israel, Yahweh. This God was called the ‘I AM’ by Moses.


What we need to understand is that America was founded upon the idea of a singular Creator God as our ultimate Source. This ultimate Source was a singularity and not a Trinity. This ultimate Source was not a created being or a human being, or an image which could be made into an Idol. Pictures of Jesus (Yeshua) from his lifetime would be viewed as an Idol to our key founding Fathers (like Jefferson and Franklin).


Think of our Creator God as an ‘invisible’ spirit being who rules this planet and our universe from the spiritual realm. This being is a singularity and sits on the Throne as our Ruler and King. All events derive from this Ruler (also called the WORD of God). This Logos who sits on the Throne over our universe and planet is who we need to honor as King and Source. We should NOT be worshiping IDOLS or images within our mental consciousness. Our Creator is ‘invisible’ and beyond the ken of any mortal human being.


Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Washington, Madison, Paine, and a host of others who founded our nation viewed a Creator as the ultimate King over all affairs here on earth. Franklin called this Providence. Jefferson called this being our Creator God. America was founded as ONE NATION UNDER GOD. We now need to think in terms of ONE PLANET UNDER GOD. Think for yourself about these ideas. To me all this is all SELF-EVIDENT!


Some images to help with understanding the above philosophy:


Jefferson stated that any control over his mind was a form of ‘tyranny’. 

The wisdom of Franklin reveals his belief in a Creator God who rules over our planet!

Franklin and Jefferson viewed Yeshua as a teacher from God (but not God)!

Our founding Father’s did not view this Trinity concept as valid for our Creator!

Jefferson viewed Yeshua (Jesus) as revealing ONE God (but not himself as that God)!

The Christian idea of a Trinity (with Jesus as God) was anathema!

The Philosopher Thomas Paine also viewed our Creator as a singularity!

Franklin recognized that the Father of Lights was in control of all events!

Jefferson could discern the many contradictions within biblical translations!

Yeshua (a Jew) worshiped one God (YHWH)…not himself!

Names of God reveal that our Creator is a singularity (not a Trinity)!

A possible timeline of end-time events. No one knows, however! Only the Father!


I am: The Last Days of Man’s Rule seems evident, to me. Our Creator is gradually removing all human’s from positions of authority so that the Kingdom of God can emerge. This seems self-evident to me. Our ‘invisible’ Creator will rule this planet and human politicians will step down (as an acknowledgment of their impotence). It’s all part of current events (now unfolding).

Digital Wealth vs. Physical Wealth!

September 22, 2018


Money used to be physical. Today, we live primarily with digital money ($$$) for our valuations/prices! The difference is HUGE!

Let’s think about our financial system as composed of two forms of ‘wealth’. My car is an example of ‘physical’ wealth and the ‘value’ of my car is a form of ‘digital’ wealth. So how should I view these two forms of wealth? My physical car is produced from material items derived from the land (plastic, iron, leather, rubber, etc.). We could say that my physical car is an accumulation of items which come from various items of production  (the scientific word for physical is ‘matter’). Matter (physical) as opposed to Mind (non-physical). This reality (within economics) has emerged mostly since the closing of the gold window in 1971.


My car is a physical item which I view as a real form of wealth for my transportation. The cow above is also an item which is physical. The ‘value’ of my car (or the cow), however, is imaginary and I express this ‘value’ (today) in imaginary digital dollars (not silver or gold). This expression of ‘value’ (today) is thought of as digital wealth. The key to understanding these realities is to think of physical wealth as an object which exists in real-time/space and the ‘value’ (or price) given an item as imaginary wealth which we create from the human mind (our subjective imagination).


Economics consists of physical wealth (food, clothing, shelter, cars, cows, etc.) and digital wealth (that which we create from the human mind $$$$$ to finance/value a purchase or an ownership situation). My house is another example of physical wealth but the ‘value’ of my house is imaginary and expressed in digital units (dollars or similar invented units from the human mind). What we call ‘money’ (today) is really an invented set of number(s) to give my house a ‘value’…for sale, purchase, or collateral purposes. Physical wealth can be viewed as objective (real) and digital wealth as subjective (imaginary).


Today, our ‘money’ consists of digital dollars (primarily) which circulate in cyberspace (within our computer screens). All these digits within our computer screens are units of money which get ‘invented’ (created) by a banker’s consciousness (mind). We all call these digital units ‘wealth’ but, in reality, these units are mere symbols $$$$$ of our ‘imagination’ (inner units of consciousness). Numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) are imaginary units of my consciousness (mind) and not physical items. I can invent or create ‘unlimited’ numbers of numbers and call these numbers ‘wealth’. But they are NOT physical wealth!


All I do (today) is ‘type’ numbers into the computer screen and call these ‘numbers’ money (official legal tender for use in ‘valuing’ other physical production). The game, today, is to invent (create from the mind) digits…call these digits money and then to distribute these imaginary digits to people in the marketplace. People will then ‘use’ these invented digits to ‘value’ items in the physical marketplace (food, clothing, shelter, cars, cows, etc.). Get the picture? Money, today, is imaginary and gets invented by our bankers via merely ‘typing’ numbers into the computer screen. Is this sound economics?


Think of wealth (today) as consisting of TWO separate realms of reality. Physical wealth which is composed of matter/energy (say a car, barrel of oil, or a house) and mental/digital wealth which gets ‘invented’ from one’s mind or consciousness (and gets used to ‘value’ these items of physical wealth). Today, we live in a global financial economy where our Central Banks (merely ‘invent’ these digital money units in unlimited amounts). We call this lending and/or quantitative easing. We create ‘numbers’ from our imagination so as to ‘value’ physical production. Production is physical and our money is non-physical!


In reality, our money today is mostly meaningless when it comes to ‘measuring’ historical value. Think on this situation as your read my words in this missive. When we used silver or gold coins as our money (or paper notes which could be converted into silver or gold) then we had a form of money which could ‘measure’ value (somewhat objectively). Thomas Jefferson created our original historical money system. Value was (originally) a form of wealth which could be viewed as physical (as it was derived from physical money units…silver and/or gold).


Today, however, we use mere inner money units (digits of consciousness) for our money and we ‘value’ production with these imaginary units (mere numbers/symbols). My house or car consists of physical production but my ‘valuation’ is internal/mental/imaginary. Get the picture? It’s all because our money today is digital/imaginary and living in cyberspace (another imaginary realm). We need to recognize that we live with a corrupted system of finance and economics (today) which is destined for a mental crash (down the road). The system is based on fakery and fantasy and has no physical foundation!


How can imaginary money units (digits in cyberspace) last when these money units are totally subjective and inner units (mental abstractions)? Subjective money leads to distortions, manipulations of value, false bookkeeping, invented lending processes, counterfeiting of our official legal tender (called quantitative easing), rigging of our prices, favor for select borrowers, distorted price discovery, personal loans for useless projects, etc., etc. The entire financial system becomes a rigged and manipulated house of cards. Can this last longer term? Why support this fantasy system?


Can you discern what has evolved these past 10 years since the 2008 financial crisis? We now have a ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system which consists of mere accounting ‘numbers’ (with no tie of the money units to physical reality). Think of our money as consisting of ‘imaginary’ numbers derived from a bankers MIND (inner consciousness). What are mere ‘numbers’ which get ‘typed’ into the computer screen (and then called money)? Isn’t this a casino of subjectivity and corruption? Where is a digital $? What is a digital $? Where does digital money reside? Try ‘find’ a unit of digital money!


We need to wake-up to reality, folks. We live within a financial system composed of ‘fantasy’ money and ‘make-believe’ valuations. Our money is INNER and SUBJECTIVE. Our inventors of this money are our commercial bankers and our Central Bankers. These select few just ‘type’ money numbers (imaginary symbols $$$$$$) into the computer screen and give these symbols to their select cronies (mostly politicians, crony capitalists, friends who bow to a bankers belief system, or those with excessive accumulations of prior debt). It’s totally corrupt and unworthy of our support.


We could transition to a NEW MODEL of economics rather easily if we desired a change. We could collapse this existing HOUSE of fantasy and set up a NEW MODEL for our future. I have talked for years about this NEW MODEL. You can read all about it in my prior missives on this website. Think about collapsing this existing HOUSE of fantasy (this fake/subjective/corrupt system). Sell your stocks, get into paper notes, silver coins, gold coins, and tangible items. Watch as the HOUSE of fantasy collapses and cheer on this collapse as your children laugh at our absurdity and stupidity.


Anyone with a smidgen of common sense should be able to discern that fake/subjective/imaginary money can not last or produce real prosperity, happiness, and security. The current system needs to collapse and vanish from history. We need to start thinking about a NEW MODEL for our children and for those who follow after us. The time is NOW. Reality is always a NOW experience IMO. NOW is the time to create this collapse so our children can have a meaningful future. Think for yourself! Check out this website for all the current fantasy and fakery:


I am: Help to pass this missive on to others. Education is key to meaningful change. I think you would agree!





Views on Yeshua (Jesus) Vary from Writer to Writer! Why?

September 17, 2018

This interview brings out the many contradictions between various gospel writers about this person we call Jesus/Yeshua. Bart and Terry cover a range of issues which reveal the many different perspectives which our scripture holds. A great interview!


My reading of scripture also identifies with these ideas presented by Terry and Bart. My perspective, after reading the gospels and the various writings (old and new), reveals that words in scripture can be ‘interpreted’ in many different ways. This means that each person must derive their own interpretation of what is valid.


I would assert that a person’s viewpoint will depend upon how ‘words’ are interpreted by that person. Personally, I realize that ‘words’ (say the word ‘salvation’) can be interpreted differently depending on one’s background, culture, education, and goals. Multiple interpretations can be derived from just ‘one’ word or concept.


One person can view a ‘word’ to mean one set of ideas whereas another person can define or interpret this ‘word’ so that the meaning is different. In economics I discovered this reality with the word ‘value’. What is ‘value’ and how should it be defined? There are multiple interpretations of this simple word.


The big issue for me is this issue of who is our Creator God, Higher Intelligence, and Ruler over our planet, universe, and each individual person. Is this SOURCE a transcendent being or could this SOURCE be myself or another human being (which I would view as ridiculous). The created can not be the CREATOR!


My view is that I am NOT God. I am not the SOURCE of all that I witness with my eyes. I am not the Creator, Ruler, or King of our Universe. So who is God and Creator of all that we see and conceive? The view of each religion is rather different. My study reveals that a Jew will view God (generally) as Yahweh, HaShem, or Jehovah. A Christian will think differently. And a Muslim will think differently from either or both.


A person within Islam will generally view our Creator God as Allah (this ‘name’ is derived from the Arabic language). A Christian will typically view our Creator God as Jesus (a human deity), a Trinity (three person’s but called one God), or some view our Creator God as two person’s (both equal and called one, namely Jesus and the Father).


My view is based on this idea called Monotheism (one singular Creator God). Since I believe in the revelation of Yeshua (while on earth), I consider his view of the Shema as a valid view of who is God. The Shema views the God of Israel as ONE God and Yahweh is his personal name. Mark 12: 28-34 is clear to me. There is only ONE God/Creator.


My personal ‘name’ for our Creator God is FATHER (in English) and Yahweh (in Hebrew). Allah (in Arabic) is a ‘name’ for God. HaShem (for the tribe of Judah) is used as a ‘name’. Elohim is also used for many who accept the Hebrew language. There may be many other ‘names’. The Shema is key to my view of God. Hear ‘O’ Israel, the LORD our God is ONE (this refers to this personal God called YHWH and/or Yahweh).


The ‘name’ of God revealed to Moses appears to be I AM that I AM. This concept of the I AM reveals that one particular name is less important than the view that ONE God and Creator is behind the name. The idea of three gods (such as the Trinity) seems anathema to me. This rules out this Christian God (espoused mostly by Evangelicals).


Thomas Jefferson had a sound way of thinking about reality IMO. His view was that God our Creator was singular and one. He ruled out the Trinity or any idea of multiple gods. There is ONE singularity (called our Creator) which forms the foundation for the discovery of America…and which rules our planet/universe in the here and now. I accept this Creator God as MY God. Hope this description is clear!


I am: Check out the words in the gospel of Mark, chapter 12, verses 28 – 34. Two Commandments are key to my belief. Loving One God and loving one’s neighbor as oneself. All scripture is contained within these simple words IMO! The emerging Kingdom of this God is what I sense within each NOW moment!

Economy Shrugs Off Negatives! Why?

September 17, 2018

Today’s Wall Street Journal says “Economy Shrugs Off Storms’ Blows”. Neither hurricanes, volcano’s, earth quakes, or war destruction affects our computer driven stock markets today. Today, we witness another hurricane called Florence on our East coast. Prior hurricanes, such as Harvey, Marie, Irma, and Katrina also did not force a correction in our stock markets. What is the reason? Why no effect?


Are you aware that computer money (mere metaphysical digits in cyberspace) could be the reason? Today’s money is metaphysical. Were you aware of this? Our money units are now units of consciousness (mere ‘numbers’ in the computer). These ‘numbers’ do not respond to physical destruction as they can be controlled and manipulated by our Central Bank traders. Were you aware of this? We now live in a computer driven economy.


Economists and the public think of our ‘economy’ as these ‘numbers’ which get published by our banking authorities and which we ‘see’ on large computer screens. These ‘numbers’ actually have no physical foundation and they reside within our metaphysical consciousness. Who is aware? Our ‘economy’ is now a collection of ‘numbers’ which reside in this space called CYBERSPACE. What is cyberspace? Is this a physical space which I can observe? Is it part of observational reality? Where is it?


What we now need to recognize is that our entire economy is nothing more than a collection of accounting digits (numbers in cyberspace). These digits are created by our computers and they circulate via our computers. Our so-called ‘economy’ is now a collection of ‘numbers’ circulating within our computer screens (cyberspace). Our money is now merely a bookkeeping digit. This is what I mean by metaphysical. The ‘numbers’ are not physical units. They are mental abstractions!


Non-physical money units can be controlled and manipulated by our computers. And select computers within our Central Bank facilities (like the IMF, BIS, FED, or ECB) can control all these metaphysical digits (numbers) via their master trading computers. A hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake, a nuclear bomb, or any type of physical destruction can be ignored if our central computers are safe and in the control of our elite authorities who operate these machines (behind closed doors). Think on this for a few minutes.


We live, today, with a computer driven global economy which can be elevated, suppressed, monitored, controlled, rigged, manipulated, and managed (all behind closed doors) by select Plunge Protection personnel or similar proxies. Computers rule over all our markets today. We now have some 65 major electronic stock exchanges globally. Our Dow Index, S & P index, the Nasdaq, Cac, Nikkei, Shanghai, Kospi, Ftse, Dax, etc. are all electronic exchanges. Where is the money located?


All these electronic exchanges display our metaphysical money units within their screens. Were you aware of this? Metaphysical money units (called official legal tender) get displayed continually within the screens of our 65 major electronic exchanges. All our prices are now created via our computers (using algorithms…mostly). We live with mere metaphysical ‘numbers’ as our money economy. Could this be why our economy shrugs off all these storms and other negative events from nature? I think so!


Our money, today, is technically NOT from nature. What is a cyber digit (number) within cyberspace? Do you know? What is this unit made of? Is it a physical substance (like silver or gold)? Are mental abstractions (mere numbers) physical objects or physical units? I don’t think so! Numbers, digits, cyber money bits, computer money, and this space called ‘cyberspace’ are metaphysical phenomena.  What is a digital $? Do you know? What is a digital euro? A digital yen? A digital pound? Do you comprehend?


Cyberspace lives as an extension of my/your consciousness. Look all around yourself at this moment. Where is cyberspace? What is cyberspace? What is an extension of one’s consciousness? Look at your Smart Phone screen. Check out your investment account? What do you/we use for money today? Are these cyber digits real ‘things’ which exist in nature? I don’t think so! Try locate a single unit of our digital money. Where is it? What is it? What happens when these cyber digits disappear and vanish? Where do they go?


Reality is now DUAL. I live with that which I observe within NATURE (trees, cars, chairs, tables, Sun, moon, stars, etc.) and I live within my inner self (called my consciousness). Today our economy is INNER as the ‘numbers’ which measure our economy are inner units. We all live within our consciousness and assume that our economy consists of real physical wealth. But is this valid? What do we ‘measure’ with? Is CYBER wealth the same as PHYSICAL wealth?


Economics is supposed to measure production of physical wealth (food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, etc.). But we have NO measuring system today. How is ‘value’ and/or ‘wealth’ measured today? What ‘standard’ do we use? We use metaphysical ‘numbers’ which get created ‘artificially’ from the consciousness of select authorities (mostly our Central Banks and their proxy banks). These ‘numbers’ are NOT wealth. These ‘numbers’ are not an ‘object’ of value. Numbers are SUBJECTIVE. Numbers are INNER. Numbers are mental ABSTRACTIONS!


We need to recognize that our economy is now totally an INNER experience (within our consciousness). LOOK all around and try find an outer money unit (a digital dollar, euro, yen, pound, krona, lira, real, rupee, ruble, dong, peso, shekels, etc.). All these digital units live in ‘cyberspace’ and they do not technically EXIST as physical objects or things. This means when the economy finally crashes, corrects, or declines…these metaphysical money units will vanish, disappear, and return to where they originated. This includes all the cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin).


Money was originally ‘invented’ from our human consciousness (some 5,000 years prior to today) and when this game is finally over (soon), these money units will return to their origin (our inner being). MONEY has become a scam/hoax upon human intelligence. Few, however, perceive this scam and hoax. THINK for yourself to discover these realities. My words should help with this understanding. Come back to this website for more. Enjoy!


I am: I am available to debate or explain any of the above philosophy if someone can not discern these realities. 

Next Financial Crisis – Easy to Predict!

September 15, 2018

My prior missive covered the many reasons why the next financial crisis is easy to predict. Today’s Wall Street Journal had another article entitled “Get Ready for the Next Financial Crisis”, page A15. This article explains why the post 2008 fixes did nothing to resolve the debt issues or many of our banking issues. All forms of debt are now multiples of what they were in 2008.


The numbers can be visualized here: The projected deficit for our government (next 12 months) is now at $907.3 billion and growing, 4.421% of GDP, and gross debt to GDP is now 104.67%. If you scroll over to the far right (top) you can witness ‘corporate taxes’ going DOWN. This is ominous as it reveals that the Trump tax program will not help our economy (longer term).


As revenues decrease and spending increases our deficits goes UP and our National Debt goes UP. The squeeze is on and all this will come to a head in the next six months. A financial crisis is assured and this is easy to predict. Liquidity is declining, borrowing is declining, home sales are declining, auto sales are declining, consumer spending has peaked, credit card debt has peaked (starting to decline), and asset values appear to have peaked.


We will witness home values declining by the end of 2018 and this is likely within the auto sector as well. All the debt and declining liquidity will bring on a huge financial crisis by March of 2019 (or sooner). All this is nothing but extrapolation of current trends. A trend in motion continues until it ends. It is now easy to predict the next financial crisis and its start within the next six months.


Our elites who engineered the past ten year temporary period of growth and prosperity must now think in terms of another CRISIS (much more ominous than the last). The big changes since 2008 were our unsustainable debt, our cyber currencies, digital money creation, electronic trading, elimination of the open outcry system, artificial intelligence, robots, algorithms, and high speed computers.


The writer of the WSJ article, Mr. Daniel Arbess, says the following: “If the 10-year Treasury surpasses 3.25%, lend and pretend financing could stop cold”. We are now at 3% on the ten year and our Fed will increase rates again later this month. The game is changing fast and the NEXT financial crisis is just around the corner. Prepare now or suffer the consequences later!


I am: Check out my prior missive for more details on why the next financial crisis will develop soon…say by March 2019…the likely day of decision. Current trends now in motion will continue until they end with a CRASH.



Worldview of Yeshua in 29-30 A.D. Let’s Think on this!

September 14, 2018

The Temple Mount in Israel. The same venue as when Yeshua was living in 30 CE!

Yeshua praying to his God, Yahweh (Elah, Allah, Jehovah, Father)!

Likely look of this Aramaic Jew called Yeshua while living on this planet! He was Aramaic and not white as portrayed within Christianity!

Today, there are believers in the millions (probably billions) who think that Jesus (his name was actually Yeshua) is God. This, to me, is ridiculous when we think about this person in the context of his lifetime. Context is key to understanding the worldview of this itinerant preacher. Let’s review the mindset or worldview of this person who lived from around 6 BCE to 30 CE (give or take). What was his REAL Gospel?


This person was born (physically) to parents called Mary and Joseph. He was born in what we call the nation of Israel today. His parents were Jewish and spoke the Aramaic language (a form of Hebrew). On day eight after his birth, his parents gave their son a ‘name’. This name was Yeshua (not Jesus). English was not spoken during the time of Yeshua in 29-30 CE. So I will use the ‘name’ Yeshua to refer to this person (not the English name, Jesus). Christianity has promoted a Western Jesus with the English name, Jesus.


Yeshua, this Jew from Nazareth, was dedicated to the God of his parents (Yahweh/Jehovah/Elah). The ‘name’ in Aramaic may have been Elah (in Arabic this ‘name’ would be Allah, in Greek Eloi, in English Father). In Hebrew the ‘name’ Elohim was used and the personal ‘name’ for God at the Temple in Jerusalem was Yahweh. So Yeshua was an Aramaic Jew who worshiped his parents’ God (Yeshua’s God after growing into an adult) and the scripture that he read was mostly the Torah (the five books of Moses).


Yeshua studied the Torah and the old testament scriptures as he matured. There was no new testament (gospels) and there was no letters of Paul for him to read). The New Testament was written from 57 CE to 95 CE. This meant that his philosophy was based upon the traditions and scripture of his upbringing (mostly the Torah and the Prophets who wrote the Jewish scriptures). Yeshua was born under the Law (of Moses) and his worldview was fully Jewish (as to his beliefs in God). This is key to understanding his worldview!


Yeshua did not change his worldview after baptism as he was baptised by his cousin John (another Jew) around 29 CE. John was also his mentor until his death around 29 CE. After John’s death, Yeshua started his own ministry proclaiming the Kingdom of his God (Yahweh). Biblical scholars mostly attribute the gospel of Yeshua to this concept called the Kingdom of God and/or Kingdom of Heaven. Yeshua’s God was Yahweh (Elah in Aramaic). He did not worship himself or think of himself as God. His God was Yahweh (we call this person Father in our English language).


Yeshua had friends/disciples (fellow Jews) who also understood the Jewish scriptures and these traditions. In time some twelve disciples became close friends of Yeshua and these disciples helped him promote this gospel called the Kingdom of God (their God, Yahweh). All this preaching gradually led to a conflict with the Jewish authorities at the Sanhedrin (within the Temple complex). These elites appeared to think that Yeshua was making himself God (Yahweh) and desiring to rule over the entire House of Israel (the twelve tribes). This, to them, was blasphemy and contrary to the Law of Moses.


Yeshua was unable to convince his fellow scribes and pharisee’s (at the Sanhedrin) of his intentions and this led to his being turned over to Pontius Pilate for alleged crimes and plans for insurrection. This led to his eventual death by the Roman authorities. All the details are fuzzy but this appears to be the core of the situation. The worldview of Yeshua (while living in Israel – today’s Middle East), was his gospel of the Kingdom of his God. His God was Yahweh and his last words on the cross were “eloi, eloi, lama sabachthani”.


These last words suggest (if spoken) that Yeshua did not expect to die as he did. The words “eloi, eloi, lama sabachthani” means: my God, my God, why have you forsaken me. Yeshua was voicing his thinking to his God Elah, Allah, and/or Yahweh. He certainly was not pleased with this death by crucifixion or the concept that he had initiated this death by his own freewill. Yeshua was misunderstood by his fellow Jews at the Temple complex and by the Roman authorities (Pilate, et al) who finally sentenced him to his death.


The above worldview and mindset of Yeshua can be discerned from reading scripture and reviewing the interpretations of historical biblical scholars. Yeshua was Jewish, spoke a language called Aramaic (a form of Hebrew), and he lived as a Jew under the LAW of Moses (this tradition). Yeshua did not worship himself and he certainly did not think that he was God (Yahweh). This is a later imposition from believers who desired to make him their God (after his death and his assumed ‘glorification’ to the right hand of his God).


The Gospel of Yeshua was the Kingdom of his God. All this changed, however, AFTER his death and his virtual appearances to various disciples. Apparently, he ‘appeared’ (virtually) to Mary, Peter, James, John, many others, and then Saul (on the road to Damascus). After his death and glorification a NEW worldview was put on his lips by select believers who wrote the synoptic gospels and the gospel of John. Yeshua wrote no words about his beliefs but his words were passed on orally after his death (for decades).


The oral transmission of his words (decades after his death) created this religion called Christianity in time. Yeshua was not part of this belief system which emerged. Select believers wrote letters and pamphlets which later became the 27 books of the New Testament. The writings of this person called Paul of Tarsus (after his visionary experience around 33 CE) created a growing religion and a new belief system…and eventually this belief system called contemporary Christianity. Yeshua’s worldview changed dramatically within this new religion (over time).


After the Roman Catholic Church emerged in the 4th century after Yeshua’s death a new gospel also emerged. This new gospel was mostly a gospel ABOUT this messenger who lived as Yeshua while on our planet. This gospel was not the GOSPEL of Yeshua (while living on our planet) but a gospel ABOUT this person and his exaltation to Godhood (and his addition to this concept called The Trinity). The main theology about this person was derived from the writings of this disciple called Paul of Tarsus. Paul thought that HE was the real prophet of God (Yahweh) after this vision experience which he claimed was from the glorified Yeshua..


In reality, Paul never KNEW Yeshua while he was living and preaching his GOSPEL of the Kingdom. Paul was actually a Jew from Tarsus who learned about Yeshua and he desired to persecute any believers who followed this person. Paul (called Saul at the time) was the killer of believers who differed with historical Judaism. But Saul (after some two to three years) AFTER the death of Yeshua (at Golgotha) received this VISION which he claimed was FROM Yeshua (the glorified Yeshua who now lived at the right-hand of Yahweh in the heavens). This VISION is what changed his perspective and worldview (and also his name).


So to summarize, we can say that Yeshua was a Jew from Nazareth who preached about the coming Kingdom of his God (Yahweh). He was rejected by his contemporaries and the Roman authorities (Pilate, et al) and was crucified around 30 CE. His worldview was the KINGDOM of his God and/or Government of his God (Elah, Allah, Yahweh, HaShem, Jehovah, Father). He ended up being crucified (not his desire) and then a virtual experience (vision) to Paul created this religion called Christianity (over some 300 years or so). Think of Christianity as evolving over time.


Today, Christianity, claims to worship this messenger (person) rather than his message (the Kingdom of his God). Christianity has some 2.2 billion adherents and some 33,000 denominations (globally). It is a confused belief system which Yeshua would REJECT if here in person today. The REAL GOSPEL of this person called Jesus or Yeshua was the KINGDOM OF HIS GOD (whom we call ‘the FATHER’). Today’s Christianity is a FALSE gospel ABOUT this person called Jesus (a person who did not worship himself or desire to be a GOD). Yeshua’s worldview was the KINGDOM of his FATHER (Yahweh). Think for yourself on all this theology.


I am: You can discern the real Gospel of Yeshua by reading the books of Mark, Matthew, and Luke (written much after his death but mostly an accurate summary of his beliefs) IMO. This preacher from Nazareth would be amazed at the confusion which has evolved since his death. Today, some 33,000 denominations claim to represent the worldview of Yeshua. What a mess! Is it time for a reconstruction of his worldview? I think so! Pass this missive on to other thinkers!



Financial Crisis – now easy to predict!

September 14, 2018

I can now state with confidence that a future financial crisis is brewing (most likely within the next six months). It is becoming rather easy to predict the next crisis given current trends. Let’s think about what is now happening globally:

  1. Interest rates are trending upward. The U.S. Fed is increasing their rates, emerging markets are starting to increase their rates (Turkey just went to 24%), the Iran Rial is crashing in value, Argentina has increased their interest rates, Venezuela is in a depression, some increases have also occurred in Canada, Britain, Japan, Germany, Italy, and the ECB is also reducing their QE injections gradually. All this means higher interest rates and a slowing economy.
  2. Liquidity is declining as global borrowing is slowing. Mortgage rates are increasing and this means home values must decrease. All this is happening in the USA and this result is spreading to other nations globally.
  3. The Shiller CAPE index is now at 33.22 – higher than Black Tuesday of 1930. Does this reveal a bubble? I think so. Stocks are in a bubble and bonds are in a super bubble. What goes up will eventually come down. Valuations are now distorted and the ‘house of cards’ is trending downward.
  4. Emerging market currencies are declining relative to the strong dollar and this means that emerging market debt becomes more difficult to repay. This means higher interest rates for borrowing. All this leads to a coming financial crisis.
  5. Trump’s tariff policies are destabilizing and all this means more uncertainty for planners. This is a negative for future growth, borrowing, and confidence.
  6. China is now promoting corporate buybacks of stocks to prevent a crash in their stock markets. This policy suggests that their market is slowing and a crisis is brewing. I give this market another six months at most prior to a crash.
  7. Auto interest rates are up (over 5% in most markets for average credit) and this is causing a slow down in sales. I expect this market to continue slowing along with our housing markets. All this leads to a crisis down the road.
  8. U.S. Sanctions are continuing on Iran, North Korea, Turkey, Russia, Venezuela, and Syria. All this is negative for growth and confidence in these countries. Sanctions and tariffs signal that a crisis is brewing down the road. I say less than six months.
  9. Retail markets are slowing. Kroger just reported lower sales. More than 3,800 retail stores are closing in 2018. Walgreen’s, Toys R Us, and Gap are examples.


The above are current trends which reveal that a financial CRISIS is brewing. My sense is that the crisis will arrive within the next six months (or sooner). This means that by March of 2019, a serious financial crisis will be recognized by the markets. This is rather EASY to predict given all the above trends (now in motion).


Those with some wisdom will prepare NOW for this emerging crisis. Our markets have trended UP for over ten years. This has been one of the longest UP markets in our financial history. Some say that this UP trend can continue for years (some say 5 – 8 more years). I say that this is impossible given what is NOW happening.


Central Banks rule over all our markets today. Our markets are electronic and speed of light trading means that markets can decline in seconds. Confidence can disappear in days. Stocks values can vanish in seconds. Home values can decline within months as affordability becomes more difficult. Auto sales can tank in months. Currency values can change in milliseconds. All this means that CHANGE is telescoped into the NOW moment.


I give our system (at most) six more months. This means that by March of 2019 we will all recognize a CRISIS in the making. All starts slow and gradual but all gets telescoped into the NOW when stock values crash significantly. We live in a huge BUBBLE and this bubble is all within our ‘consciousness’. Cyber money is metaphysical money. Who is AWARE? Few to fewer. Think for yourself. I say SIX months until our next CRISIS!


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