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Cyberspace – explained and defined!

May 23, 2015

We all experience ‘physical’ space when we walk, ride, fly, play, and work. We witness all the objects within our physical space…such as trees, cars, birds, moon, sun, stars, etc. But what is ‘cyberspace’? This term was not ubiquitous until around 1990 and after. Today, everyone is talking and thinking about this new memory space called ‘cyberspace’. Let’s see if we can define this non-physical space for better understanding. First of all, if there were no people on our planet, cyberspace would not be an issue. Human life and consciousness is central to experiencing cyberspace.

People create this notional space and without people there is ‘no’ cyberspace. Physical space, however, would likely exist without any people on our planet. Our earth would still move through space and travel around our sun. Stars would still exist in our sky. Planets would still revolve around the Sun. Trees, water, land, and sky would still exist. Objects in physical space continue to exist with or without human consciousness (live people). People, communication, and data make cyberspace an experience which we all enjoy! Witness the Internet, Facebook, and all the social media websites.

We can also conclude that cyberspace is a ‘name’ which denotes ‘no’ substance (no physical ‘thing’). We can not hold cyberspace in our hand, for example. This ‘name’ (cyberspace) describes that which we humans create after connecting all our computers into a network and turning on power. Our Internet is a good example of a network of computers. When I communicate and send my words to you via an email I am utilizing cyberspace. My words and thinking travels from my consciousness (mind) to my typing fingers and then into cyberspace and then to you. The medium which gets my message to you is what we call ‘cyberspace’. We could also say that cyberspace is a ‘memory’ space which extends my thinking (conscious thoughts) from me to you for purposes of understanding.

Speed of light communication and data circulation now describes Cyberspace!

Today, practically all of our economic activities and operations are being stored and manipulated in cyberspace. We could say that all our monetary instruments have been converted from physical space to cyberspace. This conversion (1990 to 2015) means that all paper mortgage documents, bond certificates, stock certificates, paper currencies are now out of physical reality (this space) and into our non-physical cyberspace (the computer screen). The paper substance which stored all our data in files, accounting books, and desk drawers is now eliminated (mostly) and all our data are stored and manipulated within this cyber memory space created by our computer networks.

Simulated reality is what cyberspace is all about! This space extends our consciousness by allowing our words to flow immediately from sender to receiver!

The significance of this conversion from physical space to cyber space is monumental. We now have the capability to delete all our financial debt and the entire global financial system with the click of a master computer mouse. Cyberspace is ‘simulated’ space. Cyberspace is similar to ‘virtual’ space. Cyberspace is man created for purposes of communication and data manipulation. This simulated (non-physical) space (all the cyber objects) can be destroyed, turned off, and removed from realtime reality. All ‘objects’ within this space can be deleted. These objects are mere simulations of physical reality! This is monumental for economics going forward!

Today, all global debt and deficits are mere cyber objects (units of consciousness) which can be deleted from our realtime reality with the click of a computer mouse. All our currencies are now cyber units which can be eliminated, deleted, and abolished with a political decision. These ‘nothing’ units are temporarily stored within this simulated cyber environment as data and metadata. All our national and global DEBT and our MONEY are now subject to elimination, destruction, deletion with the stoke of a computer key. A political decision or agreement could cause the total destruction and elimination of all our imaginary debt, deficits, currencies, and trading activity. It’s a Human decision to make!

Cyberspace units (the bits, bytes, digits, data) are basically stored within a memory space which can be totally erased with the stroke of a computer key. All the cyber objects are basically imaginary and simulations of physical reality. They are NOT physical or real (in any material sense). Our SENSE realities (touch, taste, feeling, smell, and sight) are not affected if we erase all the cyber objects from our computer screens. Cyber objects are part of a higher spiritual reality which is non-physical and/or metaphysical. These objects have no substance which responds to our physical SENSES. Simulated reality is not PHYSICAL reality!  Virtual reality is not the same as MATERIAL reality.

Beware of simulated realities! The human mind is subject to HUGE deceptions!

All our global fiat bit currencies (which we use as legal tender for goods and services) are simulations of prior physical currencies (silver coins, gold coins, paper notes). These bit currencies are not within our physical universe which we call our Space/Time Universe. These currencies are within our consciousness and our extended consciousness (cyberspace). We can eliminate and destroy all these bit currencies with a political decision and then the stroke of a computer key. What we now use as legal tender can be eliminated in one day via a political decision. The coming financial cyber crash will likely wake-up the masses to the ‘nature’ of cyberspace and this simulation of physical reality!

The dark side of cyberspace needs exposure! The Mark of the Beast is one of these DARK possibilities given that all our money units are now within CYBERSPACE! Beware of centralized computer deceptions coming from our banksters and politicians!

Think about this new world of CYBERSPACE! Think about the SIMULATED space where all our currencies, money, debt, and assets now reside. Think about the need for money (of any form) going forward! Think about the spiritual nature of our words, ideas, and our daily communication! Think about the coming Mark of the Beast mentality which our politicians and banksters are foisting upon the masses. Think about the CONTROL society which is emerging because of our hierarchical cyber money system. Think about getting educated on the current Ponzi Financial System which is now collapsing! Think about our Central Banksters who administer this phony cyber monetary system! Think and grow! Enjoy! I am:

$40 billion in ‘Value’ lost in two days! Why?

May 22, 2015

The Wall Street Journal article called ‘No Goldin Moment in Hong Kong’ reveals the ‘nature’ of today’s cyber markets. Three stocks lost over $40 billion in market value as sellers dumped the stocks for various reasons. Today, all our stocks are within a memory space which we call cyberspace. This space is ‘imaginary’ and this means that ‘value’ can disappear in milliseconds. Our markets are now mostly within our ‘extended’ consciousness and not within our material universe. This means that stock values can drop by 10, 20, 30 or more % in seconds. Think!

This stock lost $6.6 billion in seconds/minutes/hours on the Hong Kong electronic market! Why? Money vanishes and disappears into money heaven! Our money today is ‘imaginary’!

Three stocks called Hanergy, Goldin Financial, and Goldin Properties were examples of what can happen in today’s imaginary cyber trading markets.  Go to the May 22, 2015 WSJ article on page C10 to get all the details. What we need to learn from this event is that all our stock prices are susceptible to collapse in a succession of ‘flash crashes’ as trader confidence is lost and algorithms execute the selling. All our stock prices are now ‘valued’ with our ‘bit’ currencies (digits in cyberspace) and this means that our markets have entered a new realm of reality.

This stock lost $15.7 billion in seconds/minutes/hours on the Hong Kong electronic exchange! An algo can execute this trade within milliseconds!

We live within two realms of reality today within finance and economics. Realm #1 is our ‘sense’ realm. This is the realm of touch, feel, taste, hearing, and seeing. We can also call this the observable material realm and/or the realm of space/time. Realm #2 is our ‘consciousness’ realm which is inner and can also be viewed as the realm of our ‘mind’. Realm #2 is where all our so-called ‘bit’ money resides. Our Bit-dollar is now a unit within cyberspace and gets there via conscious input from our banksters.  Imaginary numbers are punched (typed) into a computer screen to simulate our historical paper dollar.

This stock lost $23 billion (47%) on the Hong Kong electronic exchange! Think of the ‘nature’ of money, value, and our currencies today! Our markets live within our extended consciousness (not space/time reality)!

The result of entering ‘bit’ data into a computer screen and calling this info by the ‘name’ dollar is rather deceptive and illusionary. All the info entered into a computer screen goes into a memory space which we call cyberspace. Cyberspace is a simulation of our ‘consciousness’ and this means that cyberspace is really an extended memory space of our consciousness. All trading today is being done by computers, algorithms, and computer coding software. Entering a trade and exiting a trade happens within micro and/or milli- seconds today…and this causes stock prices to rise or drop instantaneously. We witness the numerical result in our computer screen as a ‘flash’ up or a ‘flash’ down in the stock price.

Our financial markets are now mostly within cyberspace…where entering and exiting stock trades are accomplished via algorithms and high frequency trading! Machines drive our markets today!

Yes, our trading markets are now within a completely different REALM of reality than when our money was paper and coin. Bits and Bytes (mere units of information derived from consciousness) now represent our currencies and this means that ‘values’ can vanish and disappear when a market crashes. Values vanish or disappear for individual stocks, for individual bonds, and for all asset classes which operate within our cyber markets. The entire stock exchange system can also crash and this means all the imaginary stock/bond/derivative ‘values’ vanish from sense reality.

China’s richest financial guru lost half his net worth in seconds, minutes, hours! Our money today is imaginary and within cyberspace!

Few comprehend the ‘nature’ of our markets today. The top financial pundits and advisers still assume that our markets live within our material ‘sense’ realm. These pundits use the words ‘paper’ to reflect our currencies. All this semantic language is now a deception and an illusion. Today, our markets and all prices are residing within cyberspace (our extended consciousness) and our currencies are ‘bit’ units typed or clicked into our computer screens. QE is an obvious example of this situation. Central Bankers think up a QE amount (numbers) and then click these numbers into their master computer account and call the ‘bits’ dollars, pounds, yen, euros, krona, etc.

Our money is no longer paper (as above). Paper is a ‘sense’ item which we observe within our material universe! Bits/bytes are cyber data which reside within our extended consciousness (also called cyberspace)!

Look out at our material universe (right now) and see if you can find or locate a ‘bit’ dollar, a ‘bit’ euro, or a ‘bit’ pound. Our five ‘senses’ can not discover these bits and bytes within observable space/time. Our MIND, however, can visualize numbers and this allows us to assume that these bits and bytes exist. In reality, however, they do not exist. Bits and bytes are information (text data) within our extended consciousness. We visualize these bits and bytes in our computer screen and we then call the numbers in our account MONEY. What a deception! What a Ponzi Scheme! Who comprehends? Few! Enjoy! Http://

Paper money is history! Cyber money is our simulation! All this leads to hierarchical control and enslavement of the masses. Who understands?

Let’s call today’s currencies – ‘BIT’ currencies! Why?

May 21, 2015

We now have a digital currency called the Bitcoin and we also have a currency called Bitgold. We should now refer to all our global cyber currencies as Bit-currencies. We have the Bit-dollar, Bit-euro, Bit-pound, Bit-yen, Bit-krona, etc. Let’s call our currencies what they really are: bit units. These units are derived from our bankster’s thinking (their consciousness) and then they are ‘keyed’ (typed) into the computer screen as a phantom unit of ‘value’. What emerges in our computer screen is a ‘bit’ unit. Some call this a digit. But most computer geeks call the units ‘bits and bytes’. These ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’ are now are so-called MONEY!

Definition: A bit is a single numeric value, either ‘1’ or ‘0’, that encodes a single unit of digital information. A byte is a sequence of bits; usually eight bits equal one byte.

Few seem to comprehend that our ‘Bit-dollar’ is now merely a unit of information within a simulated space called ‘cyberspace’. This unit of information is derived from a bankster’s invisible inner consciousness prior to becoming a ‘bit’ within the computer screen. We witness the ‘bit’ as a number(s) in our various investment/savings accounts. We ‘see’ the ‘bit’ (say a $1) within the computer screen and then we assume that this ‘bit’ is real. In reality, however, this ‘bit’ is nothing, nowhere, and not within our Space/time Universe. Why? Think!

Our Bit-dollar is similar to the Bit-coin. Both are digital and created from human consciousness. Algorithms also derive from human consciousness!

The reason a ‘bit’ is not within our space/time universe is because a ‘bit’ is a number. NUMBERS are derived from our intelligible inner space called our Consciousness (or mind). Consciousness is not within our material/physical universe. Are you aware of this? My consciousness and your consciousness is spirit. Spirit is not composed of matter/energy and it is not part of physical reality. Go back and read Socrates, Plato, Plotinus, Gary, and Descartes. Think about your own INNER self!

All our Bit-currencies are now within our extended ‘consciousness’ which we call by the ‘name’ Cyberspace.

My inner self (spirit) is not composed of matter or any sub-atomic particles. My spirit is also not part of the energy field which moves matter. Spirit is separate from the physical/material universe. Go inside your own consciousness and seek this invisible/non-physical memory space to discern this reality. Socrates claimed that his real self was immortal (spirit). He had no problem with drinking the Hemlock (poison)as he did not view his ‘body’ as his real self. This also goes for Plato and those that followed this Dualistic philosophy.

Plato derived his philosophy mostly from Socrates! Socrates said that his ‘body’ was not who he was! In reality, we are all spirit beings (immortal)!

Do you comprehend that economics and all issues on the subjects of money and value are based upon this philosophy called Dualism? Dualism is foundational to economic thinking and the history of Capitalism. Dualism is so obvious that most are unaware of this reality. Are you aware that objects in space are given a ‘name’? What is a ‘name’ (say the huge object which lights up our sky)? What is the ‘name’ of the ‘ball’ which we now rest upon? The ‘names’ are the Sun and Earth. Both these objects were given a ‘name’ derived from human consciousness (our inner memory space).

Objects in space are given ‘names’! Where do ‘names’ derive from? Think! How about our MIND and/or our Consciousness? Names are ‘spirit’ phenomena!

All ‘names’ are spirit in nature. Words are ‘spirit’. Ideas are ‘spirit’. All that emerges from our consciousness (mind) is ‘spirit’! Are you aware of this? Human beings are not their ‘bodies’ (flesh). Human beings (you and I) are ‘spirit’ beings. We ‘live’ and ‘move’ and have our ‘being’ within SPIRIT. Today, we live with Bit-currencies which are created from ‘spirit’. Our ‘Bit-dollar’ is a spirit unit. The Bit-euro is a ‘spirit’ unit. And almost all currencies circulating within our cyber computer environment are now ‘spirit’ units. We could also call these cyber currencies by the name ‘units of consciousness’ and/or ‘units of our mind’.

Our human mind is not the same as our brain. Mind is spirit and Brain is matter! Dualism is the philosophy of economics and money!

Another ‘name’ which we could use for today’s cyber currencies (all created from spirit) would be ‘Mark of the Beast’ currencies. Why? Because the concept called ‘Mark of the Beast’ is a spiritual concept revealing the nature of these cyber currencies when implemented. These currencies create the enslavement of all mankind to NUMBERS, BITS, AND DIGITS. Those who administer these ‘Mark of the Beast’ currencies desire to ‘control’ and ‘enslave’ the entire human race (accept the favored few) with these invisible/non-physical/spirit currencies.

Our mind is spirit and immortal. Go inside and discover!

Yes, money rules this planet…and those in control of official money (and the policies of money) decide who gets what and when. Politicians realize this! Banksters who understand money realize this! The big money cartels realize this! Our founding fathers (who understood money) realized this! Many discerning philosophers and serious thinkers realized this! Money, control, and rulership all go hand in hand. Those who control the issuance of money control the human marketplace and much of our law making, rule making, policy making. This is why the issues of money are so important to our liberty, freedom, and development.

Money rules and controls all human beings on this planet! We are all enslaved and controlled by units of administered money…now ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’! A new centralized hierarchy over money is now emerging!

The big problem today is that the vast majority of people have near zero understanding of economics and money. They are like ‘sheep’ with no discernment! They wander from moment to moment and day-to-day with no wisdom, understanding, or education on these crucial issues of life. What might wake-up the SHEEP? A huge and serious financial CRASH might wake-up a few. This event is now emerging! We will need to watch and see if this type of event wakes-up the masses! Enjoy! I am:

New Currency being ‘invented’ – the Hayek!

May 19, 2015

The Financial Times had a full-page article entitled ‘Brother, can you spare a Hayek?’ This article states that a new digital currency is now being invented to provide people with a gold backed currency unit. The definition of the Hayek (its ‘name’) is 1 gram of gold. This would mean that 31 Hayek’s would equal one troy ounce of gold. This new currency is being promoted by the son of the late Jim Blanchard with financial support from Sprott Investments and from Soros Brothers Investments. The concept of a digital currency backed by gold is not new but this invention may take off as it will provide users with the illusion of real ‘value’.

Hayek and Rothbard desired Free Markets and Sound Money (backed by real ‘value’)!

The ‘name’ Hayek is a take-off from the Austrian economist by the name of Friedrich Hayek. Friedrich was a strong supporter of free market economics with a sound standard of value for any currency. Friedrich wrote the books entitled: The Road to Serfdom and Denationalization of Money. Many private investors are now becoming aware that our current phantom ‘dollar’ (which is created out of nothing) is unsound and unstable. This creates demand for new currencies such as Bitcoin and this new Hayek. Will our authorities allow these alternative currencies to flourish? This is my question?

Money to many means Gold! The denomination or legal tender is called a Currency! The Hayek will be backed by 1 gram of gold! Thirty-one Hayek’s would equal one ounce of gold (when converted)! The above coin is a Swedish gold Kronor! The market price of one ounce of physical gold is currently $1200 bit dollars!

Our current Bit Dollar and all the other Bit Currencies on our planet are in various stages of collapse. The entire currency system is now vulnerable to collapse as all these bit currencies are unbacked and traded merely as symbols and numbers within our computer screens. All these symbols $$$$$ and numbers 1,2,3,4,5 are, in reality, metaphysical phenomena. The units are created OUT of NOTHING and merely ‘typed’ into a computer for circulation. This is unsound and criminal when we think about the purpose and role of a currency. Our Central Banks, however, have abandoned sound moral principles and this has led to our current ‘Mark of the Beast’ currencies. We can think of bits and bytes as the foundation for all our currencies today!

Mark of the Beast currencies are cyber digits (bits) under a Centralized Control System which mandates that people use these digital numbers to Buy and Sell! Control is the MO of man’s RULE!

I call these digital/cyber currencies ‘Mark of the Beast’ currencies as they are derived from banksters Consciousness (their inner spirit self) and then used to manipulate/control all our markets (prices, interest rates, and asset values). Eventually, they lead to a centralized electronic currency system for the entire planet under the administration of a Centralized Control Hierarchy. This evolution of money into a Control System is prophesied to happen under man’s desire to RULE over our planet and all seven billion citizens. The precursor for this ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system is now here…waiting for a serious financial collapse prior to being implemented. The collapse is now rather near!

Get ready for a Global Digital Currency (similar to Bitcoin) which is computer driven and created from the MIND of a Centralized Control Hierarchy! The Cashless society is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast!

You can follow this new invention called the Hayek currency as it develops later this year. Personally, I support the efforts of Anthem Blanchard and his team of advisors in creating this new currency. At least this currency has a definition (1 gram of gold) for each unit. Our so-called American Dollar is merely a ‘name’, ‘number’, and a ‘symbol’ (a phantom). Plato would call our phantom dollar an ‘intelligible FORM’ (experienced totally within our mind) which derives from the Spiritual Realm of Reality. Our current phantom Dollar ($1.00) is invisible, non-physical, and metaphysical in its nature. This makes it worthless, valueless, no thing, and subject to going to ZERO. The new Hayek is backed by gold and defined as 1 gram of physical gold. A step in the right direction! Enjoy this new unit if it becomes a reality! I am:

America’s debased/deceptive ‘dollar’! Let’s think!

May 18, 2015

The American word (‘dollar’) did not exist prior to our Constitution of 1787. The official unit was created from the mind of (mostly Thomas Jefferson) back in 1785 and then made official by our first Congress. In 1792, the name ‘dollar’ was defined and given its first meaning. The definition chosen was 371.25 grains of pure silver (derived from an assay of the Spanish silver coin which many early American’s perceived as having trade ‘value’). The meaning of our ‘dollar’ has changed numerous times throughout our 228 year history. Let’s review these changes to discern why our current ‘cyber’ dollar is mostly corrupted and dysfunctional going forward! Let’s think of the following evolutionary steps:

1. Barter

2. Money

3. Currency

4. Dollar-1

5. Dollar-2

6. Dollar-3

7. Dollar-4

8. Dollar-5

We start economics and money within a Barter marketplace. Barter is where economics begins. When we barter and exchange goods we encounter the concept of ‘value’. What is the ‘value’ of the items being exchanged becomes a problem/issue. This concept of ‘value’ is foundational to economics and money. Since the concept of ‘value’ is subjective and inner, we need to choose some substance (thing) which can act as a proxy for ‘value’. What might this be is invented within the free marketplace.

The first proxy for ‘value’ for our American economic system was physical Silver. Silver was chosen by the people in our marketplace because it was desired as our proxy for ‘value’. People freely chose this proxy for ‘value’ as their best option (at the time). Our Congress then ‘defined’ our first currency unit (dollar) in terms of silver. The definition was 371.25 grains of silver. A coin was then created by our first mint in Philadelphia to represent the ‘name’ we call Dollar. This was our Dollar-1.

In time, our Congress allowed paper notes (backed and convertible into silver at the defined weight) to circulate in addition to silver coins. These bank notes were called silver certificates. Since silver and gold were viewed as precious metals with ‘value’, gold was also coined and used as a proxy for ‘value’ by Americans. Paper notes backed/convertible (100%) into either silver or gold were viewed by Americans as acceptable mediums of exchange in the marketplace.

So Dollar-1 was our silver coin dollar. Dollar-2 was the paper note backed 100% by silver or gold (and convertible). Dollar-3 was a paper note backed with a fractional portion of gold as its substance. Dollar-4 emerged in 1934 when FDR and his administration chose to circulate only paper notes without any convertibility or backing. This became what we now call the Federal Reserve Note. Dollar-5 emerged when our computer technology became ubiquitous (in the 1980’s) and this dollar should now be called our Cyber Dollar. This dollar has no substance and no existence. It is virtual/digital/cyber!

What we now need to comprehend is that the name/word Dollar has changed in meaning over our history and is now corrupted and debased into a ‘nothing’ unit. We call our current Dollar by names like: digital dollar, cyber dollar, virtual dollar, computer dollar, imaginary dollar, debt dollar, and debased dollar. What we use for our money and currency today has no semblance to what our Constitution and our Founding Fathers created as our proxy for VALUE. Article I, Section 8 and 10, of our Constitution specifies that only silver and gold coins should be viewed under the ‘name’ Dollar.

But what has evolved via our unaware Congress is now a debased Dollar which is soon to collapse from its imaginary ‘nature’. Our Dollar today is corrupted and debased to the point that its life is soon to vanish into money heaven! Understanding the history of the word ‘dollar’ is essential if one desires to comprehend what is now emerging. Americans are mostly unaware of their own history and most do not discern what is about to happen. Watch the stock/bond/derivative markets for the coming flash crash! The problem or issue is our corrupted/debased ‘dollar’! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Follow these images to understand the history of American economics:

Dollar-1 (Silver coin). A proxy for VALUE!

Dollar-2 (paper note convertible into Dollar-1). A proxy for VALUE!

Dollar-3 (paper note back with some gold-a fraction). A proxy for VALUE!

Dollar-4 (paper note with no convertibility). A Faith proxy for VALUE!

Dollar-5 (a cyber/digital/bit unit). A subjective dollar created via a punch of the computer key! This unit has no substance and no VALUE but serves to calculate an imaginary ‘value’ for assets and collateral! This unit is now ubiquitous globally as all international currency units are now ‘bit’ units created from banker consciousness and out-of-nothing! A collapse of all money units is now imminent as this unit is imaginary/subjective!

Our Money – now mostly within a ‘Simulated’ reality! Think!

May 17, 2015

Our entire economic system has become machine driven. All this has happened within the past 40 years with an acceleration within the past 15 years. Today, some 80 – 90% of money transactions happen within our computer screens. Our mobile phones now can transact money transfers, money investments, money exchanges – all this is happening in realtime within our computer screens. Today, I made a stock transaction with Fidelity via my mobile smart phone. I pay most of my bills using my mobile smart phone. I now transfer money from my savings or checking account to my son via an email. All this has become ubiquitous due to our Internet, our electro-magnetic spectrum, and our global Central Banking system (now interconnected and centrally controlled by a few elite administrators).

Economics/Money is now mostly within a ‘simulated’ reality (witness your computer screen)! Witness your smart phone! Witness the nature of Cyber currencies! What happened to paper money? Silver coins?

Algorithms and high frequency trading now dominate our trading markets. Some 80% of trading volume is now done via Algorithms (coded information used to execute trades via our electronic stock exchanges). I live within ‘cyberspace’ and I trade within a ‘simulated’ marketplace (digital bits and bytes within my computer screen). My so-called MONEY is now within this ‘simulated’ cyber space (which does not technically EXIST). Historical money units have been replaced with ‘simulated’ money units. Historical ‘printing’ of our currency unit has been replaced with a ‘simulated’ digits typed into a computer screen. Historical silver coins and gold coins are now not used as our legal tender. We will soon be living in a Centrally planned/Controlled system (where buying and selling is all machine driven and controlled via Algorithms).

The above tick chart is created in realtime via algorithmic trading of Silver! Algorithms now create the ‘price’ of silver in realtime! Algorithms trade from computer to computer without any human intervention!

Space/Time reality (that which we observe with our eyes) has been replaced with a ‘simulated’ reality (which we witness within our computer screens). Let’s briefly define the nature of a ‘simulated’ reality. Think about what I do when I trade with my mobile smart phone! Think about the ‘nature’ of cyberspace!

A computer simulation is a simulation, run on a single computer, or a network of computers, to reproduce behavior of a system. The simulation uses an abstract model (a computer model, or a computational model) to simulate the system. Computer simulations have become a useful part of mathematical modeling of many natural systems in physics (computational physics), astrophysics, chemistrybiology, and human systems in economics. Keynesian economics now uses mathematical models to ‘simulate’ the marketplace…and then Algorithms (coded action statements) are used to execute buying, selling, investing, speculations, and official policies within our Central Banks. 

When I purchased a mining stock last week, I used my mobile smart phone to purchase shares of this virtual stock in realtime. The purchase was executed by an Algorithm at Fidelity and another Algorithm provided me the shares which I purchased. All this happened within a few minutes as algorithms execute trades at near the speed of light. I was notified within my Fidelity investment account that the transactions were executed. But did you notice that all this trading was done by machines (using Algorithms). The buying action went from my computer screen to Fidelity’s computer screen (their algorithm) and then a search was executed by Fidelity’s algorithm to various Market makers (more algorithms) and the transaction was completed within seconds/minutes. Algorithms rule over banking, trading, and investing!

Most market ‘prices’ are now created from algorithmic trading action!

My trade was similar to millions of simultaneous trades which all are now executed via Algorithms (computer machine to computer machine). No human input is necessary for entering or exiting a trade today. Algorithms and computers (operating at near the speed of light) do all the transactions. All these transactions (now nearly 100% of all trading) is done in a ‘simulated’ space (cyberspace) via the Global Internet. Think of investing, trading, saving, banking as a computer to computer operation done within cyberspace (a ‘simulated’ reality which is within our EXTENDED virtual MIND or CONSCIOUSNESS). All our money is becoming ‘virtual’, ‘cyber units’, and/or ‘simulated’ transactions. This is monumental when I think about it! Most trades are not even cleared at the time of execution! High frequency trading creates huge issues as many trades get executed prior to any settlement!

Trading, banking, investing is mostly an experience within a ‘Simulated’ reality! Algorithms provide the action!

Sweden now has officially adopted this ‘simulated’ monetary system for their country. They call it their Cashless Society. Denmark is following Sweden. Canada is following Sweden. All of Europe is following Sweden. The United States is transitioning to this ‘simulated’ market of digits, bits, bytes, and cyber currencies. Our Dollar is now mostly a ‘Cyber’ currency unit. Our Central Bank (called the FED) is now creating and distributing our Dollar within this ‘simulated’ space called CYBERSPACE. Our ‘dollar’ is now a cyber digit (not a real thing/object). The official model used by all our economists is called the Keynesian Econometric Model. This model is based totally upon math, numbers, and simulations of reality. Who is aware of all this!

Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Canada, Europe, Africa, South America, and the United States (almost all countries on our planet are implementing ‘digital’ currencies which we experience within a ‘simulated’ reality)! 

Yes, we live in a WORLD of ‘simulation’ which we witness within our computer screens. We witness the numbers (now digits) within this ‘simulated’ space as our savings, investments, and our banking accounts. There are now some 5 – 7 billion smart phones being used on planet Earth. Smart phones do our banking, our investing, and store (within cyberspace) all our so-called WEALTH. People think of wealth as the money units which they assume exist. In reality, none of this ‘wealth’ actually exists within our Space/Time reality. It’s all within a ‘simulated’ space which we call the COMPUTER SCREEN. All this new technology is ideal for ‘controlling’ people and manipulating prices!

The Cashless society is here…Chip cards, NFC readers, RFID identification!

Take the time to look out your window or door right now. Where is your money and your wealth? Where are the ‘digits’ that you assume represents your wealth? Look, right now, at your laptop, tablet, or smart phone screen. What do you witness when you ‘turn on’ the machine? Where is your money? What is your money? Who controls your money? Does your money have any physical substance? Can you touch, feel, smell, or taste your money? Try locate your money within our physical/material Universe. Can you? Do you comprehend the ‘nature’ of cyberspace, cyber currencies, simulated reality?

The technology is now here for the MARK OF THE BEAST! Who comprehends?

Do you comprehend the ‘nature’ of your MIND? What about your CONSCIOUSNESS? Yes, we live mostly within a SIMULATED REALITY today! Is this viable as a sound economic system going forward? Is our electronic stock market viable as a representation of our growth and our wealth? What happens to stock prices as algorithms trade with algorithms (machine to machine) in realtime? Could an Algorithm(s) create another FLASH CRASH? Get ready for some huge volatility in our electronic markets going forward. We now live mostly in a ‘SIMULATED’ reality! A huge electronic crash of our markets is coming! When? I don’t know! Enjoy! I am:

Money will RULE this planet and every citizen who buys into this CONTROL society! Central Banks will rule and digits within a simulated reality will control!

P.S. Important information for today’s simulated markets:

In finance, an electronic trading platform also known as an online trading platform, is a computer software program that can be used to place orders for financial products over a network with a financial intermediary. This includes products such as stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and derivatives with a financial intermediary, such as brokers, market makers, Investment banks or stock exchanges. Such platforms allow electronic trading to be carried out by users from any location and are in contrast to traditional floor trading using open outcry and telephone based trading.

Electronic trading platforms typically stream live market prices on which users can trade and may provide additional trading tools, such as charting packages, news feeds and account management functions. Some platforms have been specifically designed to allow individuals to gain access to financial markets that could formerly only be accessed by specialist trading firms such as those allowing margin trading on forex and derivatives such as contract for difference. They may also be designed to automatically trade specific strategies based on technical analysis or to do high-frequency trading.

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Money Show Special – Peter Schiff Presentation!

May 14, 2015

Peter Schiff at Money Show – Las Vegas!

Today’s talk by Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital was given to a full room and his message definitely deserves more media attention than it is getting. I found his talk to be very realistic and very comprehensive for all investors and traders. Every American investor/trader should have heard this talk. I will try to summarize the talk with bullet points that cover the jest of his message. You can probably request a copy of the talk by going to his website at: (although this is not guaranteed). The Money Show attracted some 6,500 registrants this year. Investors are concerned and I suspect that many are rebalancing their portfolios after hearing from all the various speakers. Here are the bullet points of Peter’s talk:

1. Our economy is mostly a paradox in that the official numbers do not reveal the real underlying events taking place. Essentially, our economy is in much worse shape than our government officials reveal and most of the official numbers are bogus and unreal.

2. The coming crash will be much worse than 2008. The current bubble stock market hides what is happening in our real economy.

3. The Fed is essentially creating the bubble stock markets with new debt called QE (with current help from the ECB, BOJ, and others who continue with quantitative easing policies).

4. Our economy is addicted to cheap credit and zero interest rates. As the heroine (Fed liquidity) is withdrawn the greater problems emerge and this leads our Fed to inject new heroine (stimulus). The cycle is likely to continue indefinitely.

5. The Fed rate hikes are mere talk. The market conditions will not allow our Fed to increase interest rates. All the American people have been in denial of what is really happening beneath the surface.

6. The real story going forward is the Dollar. Our dollar will totally crash in the Foreign Exchange Markets. This has now started. Our dollar index is now 94 and this index dollar could eventually go to zero.

7. America had the worst Trade Deficit this month and this reveals that Americans continue to consume but not produce sufficiently. The Fed prints dollars and Americans consume goods but American production is not growing. Foreigners produce our goods and we consume excessively without an equal exchange.

8. If our Fed were to increase interest rates this would lead to mass defaults. Also, increasing taxes will not help. Basically, our government has no integrity and this is our main problem.

9. Foreign countries who produce surplus products will prosper going forward. I recommend that investors purchase the currencies of Foreign Nations which are producing surplus goods. An example is Singapore and China.

10. Buy stocks in Foreign markets. Also buy gold/silver mining stocks. The dollar rally of recent will not last. Crash coming in the $. Mining stocks will increase from 20 to 50 times down the road. Now would be a good time to purchase Foreign stocks, foreign currencies, and gold/silver mining stocks. Hold 5% to 10% of your portfolio in physical gold/silver coins/bullion.

11. I am interested in helping investors and speculators with their portfolios. I can help with portfolios of $250,000 and up but I also have programs for $50,000 portfolios. You can also invest in Euro Pacific programs at Fidelity, Ameritrade, and other brokerage houses.

12. The trends going forward are more QE, ZIRP, and inflation…along with a Crashing Dollar! Read my book on the Coming Crash! The real Crash is not the Stock Market…but the $$$$$$! The crashing ‘value’ of the $ is what everyone needs to understand as this unit is going to Crash from its current level of 94 too much lower levels…potentially to zero! Prepare now for what is coming!!!

The talk of Peter Schiff was excellent in that he covered all the markets and also the underlying economies. His message was presented with conviction and emotion! Personally, I found that his talk and message was equal with that of Steven Hochberg of See my prior blog missive for Steve’s message! Enjoy and stay Alert! I am:


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