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Nomi Prins – COLLU$ION! Revealing!

July 18, 2018
Mark Watson, CPA

May 6, 2018

Format: Hardcover|Verified Purchase
I just finished Nomi’s book, Collusion. I worked for The Federal Reserve in various departments throughout my life, including payment processing, Treasury Direct, and as a bank holding company examiner. I do not mean to be histrionic here. I do not personally know Nomi. This is the most important book I’ve read in a decade. Take my advice just this once – get Collusion, and read it. And thanks, Nomi, for your bravery.

“By conjuring money, the Fed had begun something it couldn’t stop.” – p. 223  “Nowhere in any of this did the plight of ordinary citizens meaningfully feature in the discussion.” – p. 224


“This coddling of the oppressors depicted the illogic of a situation that hurt all those involved to some degree – except the central bankers themselves. It was the central banking establishment that had no real allegiance to voters and that remained virtually untouchable.” – p. 242

May 18, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This is a superb study on high finance. It shows in great detail how the world’s central bankers have been colluding to prop up the world economy with easy money over the last 10 years. She makes a convincing argument that this strategy has failed to do anything but protect the interests of the super-rich.
My Comments:
The video which goes with this new book by Nomi Prins does reveal that the entire global financial  system is now a system controlled and directed by our Central Planning banks. I have also reached the same conclusion. Read my prior blogs.
She provides no solution to the drama which our Central Banks have produced via their collusion and manipulations. She does suggest that the Central banks could create an infrastructure bank to replace their balance sheet assets. This seems unlikely.
She reveals that the major Central Banks have increased their balance sheets by some 21 trillion. A ten multiplier to this number indicates that some $210 trillion of new digits may have entered the financial system as a result of all this pump priming from 2008 to 2018. Most went in stocks.
As of right now the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank have not stopped their QE operations. This means that on a global basis, free money continues to expand within our cyber markets. The coming crisis is delayed for now.
The final crisis has not occurred as yet. We are living on borrowed time. Nothing was solved as a result of the 2008 financial crisis. The end of Capitalism will be the final result of this crisis. Bankers have revealed their collusion and immoral integrity to the public. Will the public finally get educated on money and finance???

Economics – ‘Prior’ to a Money System!

July 17, 2018

American economics started with the settlements in Jamestown and Plymouth Rock. These settlers arrived in America from Europe and they started commerce without any official money. They traded with the Indians and also with other settlers who arrived from Europe. America did not have any official money until 1792 (some 185 years after the settlements of 1607 (Jamestown) and 1620 (Plymouth Rock).


Money is invented after an economic system is adopted. Our initial settlers tried Communism (this System) and found that it did not work. They then developed private property and this system called Capitalism. Capitalism developed mostly after our Revolutionary War period (after 1776). America then invented their own money system with the Coinage Act of 1792. Thank Thomas Jefferson for his logic and his intellect.


Thomas Jefferson desired a metal based coinage system for Americans. This system was approved by our first Congress and became official in 1792. A mint in Philadelphia was established and rules for minting coins and establishing the value of these coins was recorded in our Constitution (Article I, Section 8) and in this legislation. This coinage system created our money and later our prices in the marketplace.


Later in 1934, after a serious economic depression, FDR and his administration abandoned this metal coinage system and established the paper note system (called the Federal Reserve Note). This note had no tie to gold or silver and it became known as our ‘faith’ money system. Our Central Bank became the trustee of this system. Faith money has worked but it now has been replaced with a new digital system since the closing of the gold window (by Nixon) in 1971.


Without any approval from our Congress or our Supreme Court, our Central Bank (called the Fed) has installed and promoted a centralized digital money system for all Americans. This system is totally electronic and it uses a unit of consciousness as its money unit. This unit of consciousness gets displayed within cyberspace as a number/image. Digital units are now ubiquitous in the USA and our world as a result of this change in our money system (which evolved after 1971).


Today’s digital money allows our Central Banks and their proxy member banks to create these inner digits from their consciousness (out-of-nothing). They simply type digital numbers into a computer screen and then call this official legal tender (money). The recent QE operations of our Central Banks have revealed this new system of money creation (out-of-thin-air and/or out of the consciousness) of select bankers.


Since the financial crisis of 2008, this digital money system has become global and it is now part of the Central Planning which our banksters administrate globally. The central bank for all our national central banks is the BIS bank, located in Basel, Switzerland. Some 60 central banks are members and they meet regularly to coordinate international finance so that our markets can grow via their regulations, manipulations, and rigging activity. Few have internalized these changes within our monetary/finance system.


Money is the lifeblood of any economy and today we live with inner money units which originate from our Central Planners (called our central banks). All money is now electronic (with the exception of some 5% which is still paper and coin). We can say that some 95% of all money transactions are now electronic/digital/cyber transactions. This new money system is still experimental as it has only flourished for some 10 years (fully).


Our historical money units (silver and gold) are now controlled, monitored, and suppressed to prevent any growing sentiment for these historical/constitutional monies. This can be done by our central planners via an algorithm. Algo’s are now the means for creating all our prices and this happens via our HFT computers which trade all our markets. Even our central banks trade our markets today to prevent any crash of the system. All this changed and evolved after the 2008 financial crisis.


Our official authorities assume that this machine driven monetary system will replace all prior money systems (paper notes, coins, and precious metals). A cashless money system is now our global system. With robots and artificial intelligence along with algorithms sourced to trade our markets, it is assumed that our cyber/electronic markets can go up forever (eliminating any historical business cycles). So far these assumptions seem to be working. Expectations are that growth will continue (now at 3.9% for 2018 and 2019).


The past 111 months have revealed that these electronic/cyber markets can go up without any major correction (20% or more) indefinitely. Today’s, WSJ, states that our IMF expects a 3.9% GDP growth for our markets for 2018 and 2019. There is no expectation of a crash of these machine driven markets (within the halls of our official institutions). If any dire event happens, our central planners can simply flood the markets with new digital units of consciousness to over-ride a real correction.


Since our money is now inner and living within our extended consciousness (called cyberspace), it could be possible to pump up these inner markets indefinitely via computer operations originating from venues which our central banks control. Sentiment for digital money must continue and this means that our historical/constitutional money must be continually suppressed. Suppression is easy today as our central planners trade our markets.


We now have electronic futures markets which allow ‘short’ selling of silver and gold in unlimited amounts. This short selling is ‘naked’ as no settlement in these metals is required. This means that price suppression can continue indefinitely via a trading algorithm or similar trading strategy. Our SEC and the CFTC seem oblivious to these trading gimmicks which are now ubiquitous on our electronic exchanges.


Our planet has some 65 major electronic exchanges today. These electronic stock exchanges have continued to go up and up for some 111 months (since March of 2009). We are now in July of 2018 and I see no evidence that policies of our central planners have changed. This means more of the same and no major stock correction for the time being. The master trading computers within venues controlled by our central planners can assure that markets continue to go up (with minor down stretches) continually.


I doubt if a nuclear war in the Middle East would crash our markets. Computers, AI, algorithms, and automated trading could override any dire event. Our Central Planners could program a computer to trade our electronic markets as the nuclear war was occurring. The stock markets could go up and up while mass destruction of buildings and people occur in real-time. All this is now possible with our machine driven markets.


Inner money has replaced outer money. I call our current system a metaphysical system of inner trading units. Mere cyber numbers are being traded as our money. Cyber money is inner money and no-one can stop our central planners without having control of their computer venues. A computer in Basel, Frankfurt, London, Tokyo, or New York could continue to trade as dire geo-political events are happening.


I am shocked that so few investors and pundits understand what is happening within our inner markets. Money is now inner. Inner money was invented by our central bank administrators. Most think of these inner digital units as real. But, in reality, they are metaphysical. The Mark of the Beast economy is here. Will our spiritual Creator bring these markets down? That is the 64,000 question. Only our Creator can change our markets today IMO. Think for  yourself on all this! I am:


Collusion by Nomi PrinsNomi Prins’ latest book, Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World, ensures her place as one of this century’s most informed Wall Street historians. It’s the perfect segue from Prins’ earlier “It Takes a Pillage,” and her 2014 book All the Presidents’ Bankers. If you are serious about understanding the corrupting influences that have left the U.S. vulnerable to another epic financial crash, buy all three books and read them as one.

Prins is a veteran of Wall Street who has now written six books and dozens of articles to help Americans navigate the snake pit that has replaced the financial system of the United States. It all started with her first book in 2004, Other People’s Money: The Corporate Mugging of Americawhere she explained her motivation as follows:

The Dollar: A Unit of Consciousness – Circulating in Cyberspace!

July 15, 2018

How should we think of today’s currencies? The units are tied to nothing and derive from the human mind. The units are metaphysical. We witness our money units as numbers circulating in cyberspace. Cyberspace is this space which we witness as we look at our computer screen. Cyberspace has no matter or physical existence. The space is non-physical. Yet it provides us with an image and information.


As a banker I can now create a currency unit by typing a number ($1) in my digital computer account. All bankers can now merely type numbers into an account to create money (deposits). Money is now immaterial and non-physical. The unit derives from the human mind (also called consciousness). As a consumer I can now merely think about my purchase and then act to acquire the item by swiping my electromagnetic strip to record the transaction. A debit and a credit results. It’s all imaginary numbers.


Money is now a unit of my consciousness. I no longer need paper notes or metal coins to purchase, invest, save, or sell. It’s all done as an inner transaction within myself. What a change from yesterday. This metaphysical system works for the time being. Bankers can create these units of consciousness in unlimited amounts (quantities). All they do is think and click. Numbers go to infinity and money can now go to infinity.


What I witness today is a system of imaginary numbers for our money system. Some call these units mental abstractions. I call them units of consciousness. The units can be manipulated by those in control of our master computers at our Central Banks. Select bankers can increase, decrease, and vary the quantity of these units by merely typing numbers at the computer keyboard. Computer money is another name for this system. I call the money…cyber money.


Today, machines rule over all finance. Computers and algorithms create our prices. Prices change continuously and at near the speed of light. Robots and AI can trade our markets today. Human beings have been replaced with machines and algo’s. It’s a new world of finance which few seem to comprehend. Central planning is now possible as computers at select venues monitor, control, and manipulate the system. We live with rigged markets (nationally and globally).


All this is supposed to promote equality and growth. In reality, however, it promotes inequality and distortion. Those with special connections to the Central planners and bankers can obtain these units of consciousness in unlimited amounts at near zero interest rates. Those without these connections are victims of the system. Some 75% of all wealth is now controlled and owned by merely 5% of the investors. This disparity is growing over time. Central banks may eventually own all wealth on this planet.


Our current system works for the few and enslaves the many. But it is working as I write and many do not desire to change this metaphysical money system. Creating money from the human mind (allows for those in control to maintain control). Computers, robots, AI, and automation allow production to continue for the time being. My sense is that this metaphysical money system has a limited time horizon, however. When will it crash? Nobody knows!


Think of money today as a ‘unit’ of consciousness circulating in cyberspace. The dollar, euro, pound, yen, shekel, peso, yuan, real, etc. are all units of consciousness today. Numbers are money. Central planners control the system. The Mark of the Beast is here. Understanding money is essential for survival going forward. Take the time to think about the above changes. It may be key to your survival. I am:

Counterfeiting ‘Units of Consciousness’ Now Ubiquitous! Who does this? Why?

July 15, 2018

This guy has no shame or moral integrity IMO!

Units of consciousness circulating within cyberspace are now money for planet Earth. Bankers merely create these ‘units’ from their thinking mind. They then enter the units into cyberspace (the computer screen) for circulation as money. What a sham on our system of commerce as these ‘units’ favor the rich and connected and enslave the masses. The units have no physical existence within our material universe.


Counterfeiting these ‘units’ in the trillions is what is happening all over our planet. One of the most corrupt counterfeiter’s is this Central Banker from Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda. This banker has created trillions of counterfeit yen for his markets. The balance sheet of this bank is full of assets purchased with these counterfeit units created by Haruhiko. He seems to have no shame or moral understanding of what he is doing.


Haruhiko Kuroda

Haruhiko Kuroda (黒田 東彦, Kuroda Haruhiko, born 25 October 1944), is the 31st and current Governor of the Bank of Japan (BOJ).

Counterfeiting mostly started after the financial crisis of 2008. America’s Central Banker, Ben Shalom Bernanke, started the circus. Today, we have bankers and Central Bankers, who continue this counterfeiting as it is so easy to do. I just need to think up ‘numbers’ in my consciousness and then type these ‘numbers’ into cyberspace (the computer screen). The result: money from heaven arrives from my thinking mind.
Counterfeiting money units will not bring us real prosperity, peace, or happiness. The morality of this behavior is shameful and corrupt. The rich get richer and the masses become slaves of this ‘Mark of the Beast’ system. It can not bring us real prosperity, peace, or happiness. It’s totally diabolical and corrupt.
The general public, however, is temporarily buying into all this counterfeiting as it brings temporary wealth to many who have connections with our banks. Our stock markets have been pumped up with all these counterfeit money units. This has created a ‘wealth effect’ for many owners of stock. But all this wealth is fragile and temporary.
The morality of counterfeit money will eventually reach the market place. When this happens traders will reject all those who create counterfeit money units for select friends, politicians, cartel owners, and the Deep State operatives. Those in power may temporarily benefit but corruption, distortion, and criminal activity will grow.
Money was supposed to be an object from nature which people perceived as having ‘value’. America’s founding fathers chose silver and gold as our money. Our Constitution allows only these precious metals to be our money. Yet our banking elites have taken ownership over our money and created this digital marketplace of counterfeit units. Counterfeiting ‘units of consciousness’ and circulating these ‘units’ in cyberspace is the new regime.
All this smacks of the ‘Mark of the Beast’ which was prophesied to happen in the Last Days of man’s rule. Prophecy also implies that people will allow all this corruption for a season. The wealth effect for many is so powerful that they will ignore the immorality of all this behavior. The perpetrators love this support from our gullible public.
Counterfeiting of money will continue until it ends. It will end at some point as the units are pure units of nothing (inner imaginary numbers). Imaginary numbers can vanish and disappear with the click of a computer mouse. At some point we will witness a crash of these imaginary numbers. It is happening in Venezuela now. It has happened in Zimbabwe (2010).
All our cyber stock markets (now some 65 electronic exchanges) will eventually crash and burn as a result of vanishing money from the computer screen. Watch as your stock values go from 100% to near Zero in seconds. Cyber money are ‘units of consciousness’. And ‘units of consciousness’ are counterfeit units derived from the mind of bankers. The entire system is diabolic and corrupt. Think for yourself. A crash is coming. I am:

Units of ‘Consciousness’ should not be Money! Let’s Think!

July 14, 2018

Today’s Wall Street Journal says:  “Fed Defends Its Use of New Tools”, page A2. Our Fed uses ‘tools’ which are technically unconstitutional and also technically illegal. Let’s think about what our esteemed leaders at the Fed do and justify. Mr. Powell, our current Chairman, will testify before Congress next week. Will he come clean on any of this corruption? I don’t think so! But let’s continue with my missive on this corruption.


In 2007 bank reserves (at the Fed) were approximately $15 billion. In 2014 these same bank reserves (also called excess reserves) were $2.5 trillion (an increase of $2.35 trillion). Think on this. How did bank reserves increase by 1,667% from 2007 to 2014? Where did the money come from? Who created these trillions from their consciousness and then circulated this money within cyberspace?


Money is supposed to be a coin created by a mint and given a value by our Congress. Article I, Section 8 of our Constitution says Congress is given power to “Coin money, regulate the Value thereof, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures; and also provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States”.


Our laws on Money derive from our Constitution and our courts. Has either Congress or our courts approved ‘units’ of consciousness for our money (cyber digits)? Our Fed increased its Balance Sheet from 2007 to 2014 some 2.35 trillion and simultaneously increased ‘bank reserves’ by this identical amount. New bank reserves can multiply dollars in circulation by a factor of 10 or more. Where did this money come from? Think!


Did the money come from printing notes (called paper cash dollars printed at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing)? Did the money come from minting coins (called coinage of money at the U.S. Mint)? Just where did this $2.35 trillion of new bank reserves come from? Think! It came from a thinking decision at the Fed (consciousness) and then a punch of computer keys to fund their SOMA digital account with new cyber dollars.


After thinking up money within their ‘consciousness’, the Fed (mostly Ben Bernanke at that time) then used a master computer at the New York Fed to punch numbers on a computer key board to create these $2.35 trillion of new funds for their SOMA account. Is this action Constitutional and/or legal (according to our court system)? Who provided this banking entity with the legal authority for these counterfeiting actions? Read our Constitution for the real LAWS on this!


Creating money from one’s ‘consciousness’ is identical to creating money ‘out-of-nothing’ (a form of counterfeiting). It’s not part of our American Constitution and this operation by our Fed has not been adjudicated by our Supreme Court System. This means that all this money creation (unknown trillions) was ILLEGAL and a form of counterfeiting. Is counterfeiting a moral decision which leads to progress and stability?


Do we now have psychopaths running our banking system? Should psychopaths be in charge of our financial system? If these mental giants can not discern the morality of their behavior, then maybe these administrators are psychopaths and mentally ill? Money is the lifeblood of our economy and morality in money creation is part of the American process. We do have a Constitution. We do have a Supreme Court.


Who gave our psychopath administrators the authority to create new dollars from their spirit consciousness (out-of-nothing)? Who gave the Fed the authority to create dollars via a computer entry and circulate cyber digits as our medium of exchange? Is any of this Constitutional and/or Legal? I don’t think so! Our psychopath administrators are operating unconstitutionally and illegally IMO. Read the Constitution. Process does matter!


Today, we have Central Banks and commercial banks creating trillions of money units from their ‘consciousness’ (the problem is now global). They think up numbers within their mind and then punch keys on a computer to fund accounts. All this distorts markets and creates immoral activities by those who follow the money. It’s totally diabolical and corrupt! Psychopaths are now running our planet IMO and money from ‘nothing’ is their mode of operation.


We need to collapse this corrupt/psychopathic system and start over. Those who act as our administrators hide behind closed doors and hide from the public media. We need to EXPOSE these psychopaths to the light of day. Check out my prior missive on a few names which hide from the reality of all this corruption. Our new Chairman of the Fed, Mr. Powell, needs to come clean on all this hidden corruption within our banking system. Will he?

Bankers who create FAKE money! A partial list of criminals to be aware of!

July 13, 2018

Let’s identify a few FAKE bankers who merely THINK up digits in their mind and then punch these digits into a computer account. This missive will be critical of select elites who have operated behind closed doors for years. Our money today is totally FAKE and select banksters should be exposed to the public as FRAUDS for their operations and fakery. Today, fake money gets created by most commercial banks (member banks of a Central Bank) and also the Central Banks via this operation called QE (quantitative easing) and similar loan schemes.


Today, a commercial bank does not need deposits or any underlying collateral to create their FAKE money digits. No reserve lending is now ubiquitous. FAKE digits are merely thought up in a mind of a banker and then this mind punches computer keys to fund an account. Is this FRAUD or what? I, personally, would indite all the following for FRAUD and for collusion…as well as criminal behavior which should be illegal and unconstitutional.


Let’s observe the following photo’s of our criminal bankers who operate behind closed doors to fool and deceive the public (this has continued since 2008):

This guy started all the QE corruption and he has not been indited for his crimes to date! You and I would be in prison for thinking up digits and then flooding the markets with FAKE money digits. Trillions of FAKE digits were created via this fraudster’s operations. He was called the Chairman of the Federal Reserve System… while acting to flood our markets with FAKE money and credit. His name is Ben Shalom Bernanke.

This fraudster (criminal) from Japan has created trillions of FAKE yen to flood his markets with digits…derived from his mind. He has purchased via his FAKE QE operations trillions in private assets to deceive and fool the public (both the Japanese and the world community). I would indite this person for crimes against economic humanity. He is called Haruhiko Kuroda, Chairman of the Central Bank of Japan.

This banker from England followed our fraudster, Ben Shalom Bernanke, and created billions of FAKE pound digits for his cartel friends in Europe during his reign. He has never been indited for his FAKE money operations and all the many distortions in our markets resulting from his fraud and corruption. This criminal is called Mervyn King of the Bank of England. His replacement is doing more of the same.

The circus in Europe is mostly the responsibility of one banker operating in Frankfurt, Germany. He creates billions of cyber euro’s from his thinking mind.

This criminal from Europe is still creating FAKE euro’s from his inner self. His QE operation has produced crime, distortions, illegal activities, and fraud throughout his FAKE monetary regime. He has not been exposed as a FAKE but should be. He has one more year to distort and criminalize the Euro markets. His name is Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany. 

This money man from Sweden has created billions of FAKE krona digits from his computer in Stockholm, Sweden. He has distorted and criminalized the Swedish markets with his behavior…all in the name of pumping up markets with FAKE credit and asset purchases. He is also responsible for various corrupt policies within the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. He has not been exposed as a FAKE as of yet. His name is Stefan Ingves of the Swedish Riksbank.

This money man from England has helped to distort and criminalize the British markets with his policies and his FAKE pound digits. He is also influential in global stability affairs and making sure that BANKERS rule over all markets. He operates behind closed doors to the public (and the media) and thinks up ways to maintain FAKE stability via his money creation policies. His name is Mark Carney of the Bank of England.

This Central Banker of Mexico has increased FAKE Peso debt more than 6-fold since 2008 to pump up his markets with FAKE cyber digits. His policies have allowed Mexico to distort markets and flood FAKE digits to his cronies. He acts for Mexico and also influences policies at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland. His name is Agustin Carstens. Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund has responsibility over the FAKE digital SDR unit which could emerge as a global cryptocurrency for the planet. FAKE money and leaders who desire to rule over all finance is what creates our corrupt system today. A few elites in positions of power rule over all of us with their illusions and control mechanisms. It’s a diabolic system which promotes enslavement for the people on this planet. I see all this as a criminal enterprise which must be replaced with justice…at some point. FAKE money is our biggest problem today!

The World Economic Forum is a meeting for select elites who desire to rule our planet with their FAKE money and credit…created from their thinking. Bankers control all finance today and the above select few have created our cyber markets which may soon collapse from all the FAKERY and ILLUSIONS. Thank God for revealing all this corruption in all the positions of power. Our Creator will bring all this down at some point IMO.

A partial view of images of Central Bankers who have created all our FAKE money and credit for planet Earth. This entire operation needs to be viewed as criminal and corrupt. Only our Creator can bring this system down. We are heading for the ‘Mark of the Beast’ and then, hopefully, the SYSTEM will be rejected by all citizens on this planet. We need to eliminate all MONEY from planet Earth to cleanse this corruption and install JUSTICE for the people. Today, we have ENSLAVEMENT and CRIMINALITY everywhere. Think for yourself. Pray that our Creator will bring this corruption down soon. I am:



Imaginary Money ‘Fools’ Most Everyone!

July 13, 2018

Cyber money (digits in the computer screen) do not technically EXIST! Who creates these digits from their consciousness? Could it be our bankers?

Food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and health products are real wealth. Money should not be viewed as WEALTH! Money is invented (imaginary). 

Elimination of money could create equality for the planet’s citizens. Think on this!

Today, we live with imaginary money, imaginary values, and imaginary time. All this should be viewed as an ILLUSION (within our consciousness). We are mentally confused. In reality, we all live in the NOW moment and this NOW moment reveals that concepts like Value, Money, and Time are illusions of our mind. Look all around yourself (right now). Do you observe these concepts called Value, Money, Time? I don’t! This makes them subjective and imaginary. Who desires these concepts for all of us? Think on this!


Value is my subjective idea of what I desire in the moment. I then dollarize my desire for others to contemplate upon. Money is now a digit in cyberspace ($1) which lives within my consciousness. The digit has no outer existence. Time is also imaginary and has no outer existence in the NOW. Time, to me, is always a NOW experience as I live continually in the NOW. So, I (You) live with many illusions do to our political system and our confused education system. People are so confused today and most of this confusion results from our corrupt political/education system.


Today, I drove to the store to purchase a cup of coffee. The coffee I wanted (Hazelnut) was empty so I waited for the manager to make another pot. Since I waited, I received the coffee for free. A refill of coffee is now 0.99 cents at this venue. I swipe my credit card for all purchases today (even coffee). This swipe sends a signal to my computer account (at Wells Fargo) and a debit happens instantaneously. My digits in my account change with these swipes of my card. Signals and digits represent this illusion called MONEY.


So what is money today (now that it lives in cyberland)? Why does this illusion of the mind work in our marketplace? It is merely a digit in cyberspace which has no existence within my observable reality. This makes this digit imaginary and illusionary (with respect to its nature). Money gets created by our bankers from their personal thinking and enters cyberspace with the punch of a computer key. Money from heaven is what I call today’s medium of exchange. It’s mere mental gymnastics. It’s actually ‘nothing’!


People are unaware of all this (so it seems) and most lack wisdom and discernment about the ‘nature’ of today’s money. Most everyone thinks that all these digits in cyberspace are real and exist as objects of nature. Our bankers call our money legal tender and these bankers seem to think that these cyber digits are viable for commerce (indefinitely). They act as if this money illusion is a forever experience. The digits actually disappear and vanish as stock prices decline but few comprehend that the digits are imaginary. Few think as independent agents.


But can imaginary money work for the longer term? Can an illusion work indefinitely?Our bankers would like this to happen. Politicians would like this to happen. People live with daily illusions that they assume will continue indefinitely. Value (this mental abstraction) is one illusion of my mind which needs to disappear. Money is another illusion of my mind which should be eliminated. And Time is a third illusion of my mind. In reality I live in the NOW moment continually, daily, always. There is no ‘time’ which I witness as an object of nature. Look all around yourself to discover this reality.


I witness (perceive) Motion as I spin with our planet and watch the Sun rise and then set. But all this motion is not the same as Time. Motion is perceived as real but Time, to me, is pure imagination within myself (my consciousness). Time should be viewed as a NOW experience and a continuing NOW experience. I live within my consciousness and my consciousness is my inner spirit self. So, all these imaginary illusions of my mind (value, money, time) could be dropped as being irrelevant concepts. You could also drop these concepts from  your mind.


The human race needs to eliminate these illusions of my (your) mind so that we all can experience reality as a NOW experience with understanding and wisdom. Why do we need these concepts which distort and confuse the mind’s of normal people. People accept these illusions as our corrupt System is based upon these ILLUSIONS. But, in reality, we could eliminate these illusions as they are all INVENTED by prior humans. All invented concepts can be eliminated and dropped.


For Americans, Value was invented when people traded goods. Money was invented to quantify value. Time was invented to bring order to the marketplace. Today, we could eliminate all these illusions and set up a SYSTEM where people exchange goods directly without any value, money, or time (debt). Abundance could be developed given all our new technologies for increasing production. Money and Value could be abolished as mere illusions and imaginary constructs of our inner self.


Think about developing a NEW ECONOMIC MODEL for our planet. A model where money and value are eliminated. Where time is a now experience. Robots, artificial intelligence, computers, 3-D printing, smart phones and virtual devices could replace these archaic concepts called money, value, and time. Reality is NOW. Value is an illusion. Money is an illusion. Wake-up to reality and help educate others to living in the NOW moment (forever). Enjoy! I am:





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