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Understanding our Digital World! It’s Inner and Spiritual!

October 20, 2019

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What I think is important to understand (for this missive) is our virtual/digital world which lives in cyberspace. The digital world has emerged mostly since 2008 and everyone is now online with their communication and with their financial transactions. I talk to consumers daily who are now ordering online, investing online, saving online, communicating online, and trading online. The world is going digital and this world has both positives and negatives. Let’s discuss some negatives in this missive.

1. Digitization favors those in control of us. Governments and banksters are especially favored in a digital/cyber system. A government can control and monitor all their citizens if every person is forced to transact using a governmental digital currency. A central source can emerge and control every person (and all transactions) if forced to participate in a centralized network. A group of Dictators in Basel or similar could operate this centralized system (network) and enslave the minds of the masses.

2. Centralization (its efficient under a digital system) allows a select few elites to monitor and control the entire network. Think of a system where one central bank (say in Basel, Switzerland or New York City) has a monster computer system to track every transaction of every individual who is part of the network. A few elites who are given authority over this system could impose their values and desires upon the entire network (you and I). We would all be victims of the few minds who monitor, track, and control us. Is this enslavement or what?

3. Digital money consists of units of my/your inner consciousness and this means that our inner self (our thinking) could be monitored, controlled, and tracked by a few elites who run the system (behind closed doors). A few elites in Basel, Switzerland or New York could force their financial values upon the entire planet. These selected elites could PLAY GOD so as to impose their values and desires upon the masses. Is this freedom? Who gives these elites their power and authority to act in this manner?


4. Our world is now under the rule of cartels and select elites who have some position of power and authority (within our current system). Who is behind their power and authority? Who gives these elites their ‘ideas’, ‘values’, ‘goals’, and ‘direction’? Are ideas coming totally from the mind of one power center and one authority person? Are these ideas representative of the unique individual who desires freedom or the STATE system? Whose inner voice(s) rules over the society? We need to discover answers to these type of questions.


5. A digital world plays into a central authority who desires to Play God over the society. Centralization plays into a select elite person who desires to Play God over the society (rule the planet). Freedom for the individual is impossible under any type of centralized system where one person rules over the many. Political power centers create the need for ONE voice to implement policy for the group (witness China). Where does the buck stop? All central authorities will mandate and impose their WILL upon the many. This is a dictatorship of a human being over the global society. Is this our current situation?


What I sense is that our digital/virtual world reveals the INNER nature of our power centers. Inner voices rule over the world system via a centralized system of control where computers predominate. I become a slave to another human being and to some AI computer system.  Who has POWER to rule over me and my future. Is this freedom? Is this a society of individual choice? I don’t think so! I desire freedom FROM these power centers and authorities who desire to Play God. I desire that the REAL source of my ideas rule over me. This, to me, is our Creator God.


The Kingdom (Government) of our Creator God is much superior to a limited human mind with a self propelled EGO. Look at our situation today. Who is governing our planet? Which political puppets rule over China? Over India? Over Germany? Over Venezuela? Over Great Britain? Over Russia? Over America? Follow the nations around our planet to discern who is ruling over each nation. Do these rulers have wisdom and understanding? Do they create real freedom for their people? Look around our planet for evidence. Are they puppets of some higher transcendent SOURCE?


We live on a planet that is enslaved. Our people are in bondage. Dictators rule most nations. Democracy is a form of Mob Rule. None of these elites know what they are saying and/or doing. It’s chaos on planet earth. I think we need some serious change. Who can provide this change? Who is our LOGOS? Who is our Creator God? Think on this issue to discern reality. The Kingdom of our Creator is our ONLY solution! That is my view of reality.

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Consciousness is virtual reality! The human mind lives within a virtual realm. The inner self lives within this virtual/digital realm! Virtual reality is within us!

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Cyberspace is part of my inner self. Cyberspace is within our spiritual consciousness! Every Dictator lives partly within cyberspace!

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Can this Dictator bring freedom to this planet? To the people of China?

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Can this Dictator bring freedom to his people of Venezuela?

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Can this Dictator bring freedom to his people within Russia?

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Can this leader transcend Mob Rule for 330 million Americans?

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This Dictator wants to rule all Muslims via a new Islamic Caliphate!


Think about how our world currently operates and ask yourself:  Who can bring this planet real freedom and peace for this planet? Have a great day and think on these issues on your own. I am:

Digital $ (our money) NOT approved Legal Tender! Let’s Understand!

October 20, 2019

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Are you aware that the electronic dollar (also called the ‘digital’ dollar, cyber dollar, and virtual dollar) has not been approved by our Congress or our Courts as official legal tender. This is why I state that our banking system is now criminal and illegal (especially the Fed). The officials within our banking system are creating VIRTUAL dollars (from their thinking – in the trillions) and then calling these computer digits official legal tender. But who approved the ‘digital’ $ as our legal tender? Who has approved this electronic digit which circulates as our ‘dollar’? Does this unit of the mind EXIST (where)? Let’s think on this issue!

Our Congress has not approved this virtual/digital dollar IMO. Our court system has not adjudicated this dollar so as to convey legal tender status upon it IMO. The only dollar which our Congress has approved is outlined in the Coinage Act of 1965 and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Read these acts to discern what is approved legal tender for all debts public and private (and goods/services). And also for international trade!

Coinage Act of 1965
President Johnson enacted S. 2080 as the Coinage Act of 1965 with his signature on July 23, 1965
Public law: 89–81

1] Federal Reserve Notes are authorized by Section 16 of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913[2] and are issued to the Federal Reserve Banks at the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.[2] The notes are then put into circulation by the Federal Reserve Banks,[3] at which point they become liabilities of the Federal Reserve Banks[4] and obligations of the United States.[2]

Federal Reserve Notes are legal tender, with the words “this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private” printed on each note.[5] They have replaced United States Notes, which were once issued by the Treasury Department. Federal Reserve Notes are backed by the assets of the Federal Reserve Banks, which serve as collateral under Section 16.[6] These assets are generally Treasury securities which have been purchased by the Federal Reserve through its Federal Open Market Committee in a process called debt monetizing. This monetized debt can increase the money supply, either with the issuance of new Federal Reserve Notes or with the creation of debt money (deposits). This increase in the monetary base leads to a larger increase in the money supply through fractional-reserve banking as deposits are lent and re-deposited where they form the basis of further loans. Note: legal tender units are money units which EXIST!

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The Digital $ (dollar): What is it? Does it Exist? Nothing can be ‘printed’ on a virtual dollar! Think about this! Our virtual dollar is nothing and derives from the human consciousness (as a mental abstraction/number). It technically does NOT ‘exist’!

Back in 2015 or earlier (I don’t have the exact date) Ms. Yellen, then our Chairperson of the Federal Reserve, was asked if the digital dollar ‘existed’ (the question came from Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee). I remember this question being asked. Ms. Yellen’s response was YES, the digital dollar does EXIST. But is this valid? Does a virtual/digital $ exist within our space/time universe? I would suggest NO. A virtual/digital unit ($1) is merely a symbol ($) and a number (1.00). It is not a ‘thing’ which EXISTS. It is a mental abstraction and/or a unit of my/your consciousness. It derives from the human mind.

Our official money is supposed to be a ‘thing’ which EXISTS (paper/metal/silver/gold). The idea that a ‘virtual’ unit of a banker’s mind ($1) is equal to a money item composed of matter is obviously invalid. Money is supposed to EXIST so that it can be exchanged (from person to person, from customer to retailer, from investor to corporate producer). Money has always been SOME THING (matter). Virtual units of money are IMAGINARY. Think about what our banksters are now doing with these VIRTUAL ($$$$$) units of counterfeit/fake money. They create these units electronically with a typing of numbers into a computer account. Is this valid legal tender? I would suggest, absolutely NO.

We are now living with an illegal monetary system and unconstitutional money. Our money is FAKE and IMAGINARY. It is not real/physical or a substance of matter. Our Fed (Mr. Powell, et al) have just created (electronically) some $253 billion of new money units for their SOMA account. These units are VIRTUAL. The units (called dollars) should not be viewed as official LEGAL TENDER. They are COUNTERFEIT units of a bankster’s MIND. The units get typed into a cyber computer account. The units live within CYBERSPACE (a space which is part of my/your extended consciousness). This is criminal money being created and the entire Fed System is now CRIMINAL. Wake up to this criminality!

Our CONGRESS needs to look into what our Fed is doing and then appoint a committee to legislate a new digital dollar (if this can be demonstrated to exist) and/or announce to the American people that the entire system is a criminal operation which must be closed down. My view is that VIRTUAL dollars (called digital dollars) are mental abstractions and/or units of my/your consciousness. These can not act as official units (our legal tender). These units are fake, counterfeit, imaginary, and unlawful. They are also totally unconstitutional. Think on this issue to discern what is valid and what is fantasy! Why should Mr. Powell have the authority to create imaginary/virtual/digital dollars for the 1%? It’s CRAZY and ILLEGAL!

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Has our Congress approved Powell’s digital money as our legal tender? He just created some $253 billion for his balance sheet (a new liability)!

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Today I buy and sell with digital/virtual dollars? What are they? Do they ‘exist’? What is cyberspace and where does this ‘space’ reside? Think on this!

Have a great day and pass this missive on to people who desire to THINK on these issues. We must get real about issues of MONEY. I am:

New York Fed Creates $253 Billion Since September 4! Why? Isn’t this Counterfeiting?

October 19, 2019

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Our criminal Federal Reserve has created (electronically) $253 billion for asset purchases to their balance sheet. All this since September 4, 2019. The Fed balance sheet is now over $4 trillion. This liquidity could expand lending by a factor of 10. Is any of this morally or constitutionally valid? Does our Constitution allow our Fed to create money in the trillions (electronically) and via merely typing numbers (cyber dollars) into a computer account? Think about the legality of this but also the morality of this type of behavior. It smells of criminality and moral corruption to me.

Where does this counterfeit (and it should be viewed as counterfeit money) go? It goes to mostly the 1% who can borrow to buy back stock, invest in our stock market,  distort values, and artificially create the illusion of a strong dollar. All this activity I view as morally corrupt, unconstitutional, and illegal. It smells of criminal activity and criminal behavior. Why don’t our representatives stop this official counterfeiting of our dollar? It has been going on since 2008. Why no official media attention to this criminality?

My sense is that our entire banking system is now so corrupted that none of our representatives desire to wade into this criminality and corruption. They FEAR that the economy will crash and punish the innocent public. But can this type of criminal/unconstitutional/immoral/counterfeiting continue ‘indefinitely’? Can a criminal operation be hidden from the voters forever? What about the world community? Other nations will desire this same option…the ability to create trillions for their wealthy billionaires (their 1%). Why not?

How can this type of behavior continue in our global internet world? Every central bank on the planet will want to do what our New York Fed is doing. Just type numbers into a digital account (call it official legal tender) and then spend it on whatever the market allows. All consumers should demand that they also receive these counterfeit money units. It would explode the logic (and morality) of what our criminal banksters are doing. We now live in a world of top/down corruption which is beyond my ability to comprehend. If those at the top are acting as criminals why shouldn’t everyone become a criminal?

What happens at the official (top) level will eventually permeate to all levels of society. Be prepared for a growing criminal society in the coming months and years. Our internet world will discover that we live with official criminality at the TOP levels of politics. This will filter down to every person (in short order) and we will have a Hong Kong mentality in the streets of every major city on this planet. Morality is key to our survival. If our leaders act with criminality then everyone will eventually act similarly. Think about what is now happening at our OFFICIAL levels of politics and banking? I am shocked at this behavior of our Federal Reserve System (their administrators).

Read this newsletter by Pam and Russ Martens for additional details about this criminality:

Fed’s Balance Sheet Spikes by $253 Billion, Now Topping $4 Trillion

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The Fed’s balance sheet is now $4 trillion (an increase of $253 billion since 9/04/2019).

Pass this missive on to voters who have a conscience on issues of morality. Have a good day! Prepare for chaos in the coming months! I am:

The Final Solution: Kingdom of Yahweh God!

October 18, 2019

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Let’s think about reality (as we live it) with this missive. In reality, I am not in control of events and never have been. I was born into this world with no freewill. Did I choose to be born? Absolutely not! I have lived some 77 years with no freewill on this planet. Did I choose my talents or my thinking? Absolutely not! Spiritual forces have been in charge of my life from birth to this very day (as I write). I am a spiritual being at the core. I presume that you are similar! Who is my source and yours?

My destiny from birth to this very moment has been in the hands of God Almighty (today I will call this source by his personal Hebrew name) Yahweh. Yahweh has been in control of my birth, my life experiences, and my talents, and all that I do and say. I am now near the time when glorification could happen (at any time). I will then be changed from a flesh/blood being to a glorified spiritual being. This will happen suddenly when Yahweh decides that my flesh/blood life is over. All is determined from the viewpoint of my source. I assume that this reality is prevalent for everyone!

My point is that the real SOURCE of events and life experiences is our inner spiritual SOURCE (Yahweh/Father/God). Words create my reality (and I believe yours). The ultimate source of words and thinking are these spiritual sources which transcend my brain/mind. If I were a political leader I would be subservient to my invisible Source (either the Prince of Darkness or another source). Political power derives from this Prince of Darkness (IMO) who has been given authority to rule for a season. This Prince has his puppets who rule under him (as of today). I would suggest that ALL political leaders are currently UNDER the authority of this Prince of Darkness (to some degree).

Our world system is controlled by an invisible spiritual source which I call the Prince of Darkness. Some call this source Satan or Lucifer. The name is unimportant for this missive. The POINT is that our political system is not operating with freewill. Our system operates as the Prince of Darkness desires it to operate. His political puppets rule over us as of today. These puppets do not understand that their real source of POWER comes from this Prince of Darkness. They operate as if they are in control. In reality, they are PUPPETS of their spiritual source. This is my view of reality!

To understand reality we need to think more deeply about these invisible sources which rule over planet earth. Can a person like Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, or any other political puppet lead this world to a condition of PEACE, JUSTICE, FREEDOM, and HAPPINESS? Think about what is happening as I write. Are people becoming free or are they in bondage to political puppets? Look over in Hong Kong and Venezuela as evidence of this bondage!

Look what is happening as I write. Venezuela is under a political puppet (dictator). Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Pakistan, India, all of China are under rulers who suppress and dictate events to their masses. Billions of people are under bondage to political puppets who desire to rule over them. Hong Kong has been desiring freedom from dictatorial rule for years yet this small nation is now under more bondage then all prior periods. Is this freedom? Is this leading to freedom and Justice for the billions of people who desire to achieve their dreams and potential?

Why this situation in 2019? Can you discern that our political puppets are responding to some invisible source which desires these outcomes? Who is this invisible source which acts to maintain these POWER brokers and POWER centers so as to SUPPRESS the desires of the masses? Think! Words create our reality. The words of a Prince of Darkness desires that POWER remain with his PUPPETS. This Prince of Darkness uses ‘words’, ‘ideas’, inner spiritual concepts to further his goal of RULING our planet (under his spiritual PUPPETS). Some 7+ billion people are under the rule of these political puppets!

Playing GOD Almighty appears to be the mindset of this PRINCE OF DARKNESS. In reality, Yahweh God rules this planet. Yahweh God is acting through his servants to replace this Prince of Darkness and his PUPPETS with new leadership, new goals, freedom for the people, and a world where his KINGDOM rules this planet. Our political PUPPETS need to step down from POWER. All POWER needs to be returned to our CREATOR GOD. This SOURCE will bring us salvation, freedom, peace, justice, and a future which creates happiness and joy for this planet. It’s called the KINGDOM OF God!

The FINAL SOLUTION for our planet is the KINGDOM (Government) of Yahweh God. The title deed to planet earth needs to be returned to its CREATOR. The 6,000 years of man’s rule needs to change so that God Almighty can rule this planet directly. Puppets are not needed going forward. They have NO real POWER or AUTHORITY to create events that lead of freedom, justice, and happiness for the people. They are puppets of this PRINCE OF DARKNESS. Puppets can only bring us destruction, war, enslavement. Think about creating a world of freedom, peace, justice, and happiness.

Real freedom will not arrive with the continual reign of all these political puppets. Mr. Trump, the most powerful political puppet on the planet, can not bring us freedom, peace, justice, or happiness. His leadership along with all the other political puppets lead us directly to DESTRUCTION of this planet. Man is impotent to bring us the desires which we all want. Man’s rule leads to TOTAL destruction of all peoples and the entire planet (over time). Think about what is now happening as I write. Watch events as they evolve from this day forward. WHERE is our world going? Think “to hell in a hand basket”.

We need NEW leadership and this Prince of Darkness and all his puppets need to step down from POWER. Yahweh rules this planet. Our Creator rules this planet. The Father rules this planet. Ultimate rule needs to return to the CREATOR who can solve issues of life. This means that ALL political puppets need to step down from POWER. Sooner the better. That is my view of reality. Think for yourself to discern what is happening on planet earth. Our situation is dire. We need real HOPE not more enslavement! Have a great day! I am:

The Final Solution: The Kingdom (Government) of The FATHER!

October 17, 2019

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Behavior starts with inner/invisible WORDS! Action then follows!

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In my prior missive I used the word Jehovah for my Source (Creator God). It is my view that Jehovah can also be called Father. In this missive I will use the word Father. My point is that my source is a transcendent being who I relate to. I am not God. I don’t believe any human being is God (or was God). We have some 7.6 billion humans on this planet as I write. Is anyone God Almighty? I don’t think so! The created can not be the CREATOR. A servant is not the Master. An agent is not the Principal.

My view of reality is that our Creator God is also our spiritual Father. I can pray to the Father via my consciousness. I can seek the help of my Father with my issues of life. I can recognize this source as my ‘invisible’ Creator and Father. The Father is ‘in’ me/you. The Father works ‘through’ me/you. All events on this planet happen because we have a higher Source (Father) that rules over us. None of us are in control of reality. We are all children of our Creator/Father. We do not know why we were born and we do not know when our physical life will end. Life is mostly a mystery!

I am born, I learn words, and then I act out the words which I learn. The source of words (ultimately) is our invisible LOGOS. This invisible LOGOS rules this planet and all humans via his WORDS. From dawn to dusk I think within myself and its my words (within my consciousness) which create my behavior. I assume that your life is similar. You get up in the morning, think about life, words emerge in your consciousness, and then you act out some behavior as a result of these words. Amazing. Words create my/your behavior. But who is the ultimate source of all words?

My view is that the LOGOS (this invisible spirit within us) is the ultimate source. God rules this planet via his WORDS. God can send a ‘word’ to anyone and at any moment. The invisible word arrives within me/you (our consciousness) and we then act upon this ‘word’. Words are spirit phenomena. Words are invisible phenomena. Words are derived phenomena. Words create behavior. Words create thinking. Words create war, peace, happiness, laughter, sadness, pain, suffering, joy, sorrow, etc. It’s words which rule over all events and all people.

Who is the ultimate source of words? What source do I think is the originator of words? It is my view that the LOGOS (also called Father God) is this ultimate source. My view is that God the Father is bringing us his KINGDOM (also called his government) to this planet called earth. This KINGDOM is what brings peace, happiness, justice, prosperity, stability, and freedom to this planet. Our Father God is the FINAL SOLUTION for this planet. As I write the Kingdom is emerging. It is coming, Coming, COMING. It is not here yet. But it is COMING.

Our world is in a serious mess. Our global economy is in a serious mess. Our leaders are in a serious mess. The reason could be this Prince of Darkness which rules over the POWER centers of this world. Man seeks POWER. Power gives a leader control to create his vision of reality. Today, we have select power centers and select leaders who desire to create their VISION of reality for everyone. Where does this lead? Where is it leading?Think of Venezuela’s situation, the situation over in Hong Kong, the situation here in the America. Who rules these nations? Are the leaders real or are they puppets? We war not against flesh and blood but against spiritual POWERS within us!

Puppets rule over us today IMO. These political puppets do not bow to Father God. They act and/or PLAY God so as to create their vision of reality. They assume that they are God on this earth. Their ego’s lead them to acts of war, to acts of corruption, and also to acts of service. But what is obvious is that these puppets are not the real GOD who rules our planet and our universe. Invisible sources are actually in control of this planet and the events which happen on this planet. These invisible sources will all ultimately bow to Father God. Father God is the ultimate LOGOS. My sense is that  Father God is now bringing man’s rule to an end. The Kingdom of the Father will replace the kingdom’s of man. You can agree of disagree.

That is my view of reality. Think for yourself to discern reality. Have a great day! I am:

The Final Solution is: The Kingdom of Jehovah God! My Vision!

October 16, 2019

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My vision for our future is the Kingdom (Government) of Jehovah God!

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Looking back at history, I think of Mr. Adolf Hitler’s final solution philosophy prior to WWII. Mr. Hitler desired that his administration (and his philosophy) become the final solution for mankind. Mr. Hitler acted to advance his philosophy by using his military to accomplish his goals. He moved into Poland, Russia, Norway, and Western Europe to further his goals of creating his 3rd Reich. Might makes Right was his philosophy and the German military was supreme for a season. Hitler was eventually confronted by America and her allies and his goals were defeated. Playing God was the mindset of Mr. Adolf Hitler IMO. Who has replaced this leader since the end of WWII? Let’s think on this!

Today, we have a new group of elites who desire to PLAY GOD to advance their goals. The philosophy is called Agenda 2030. This agenda was passed by all 193 nations who are members of the United Nations. This happened in 2015 and the Agenda became official on January 1, 2016. A leader has yet to emerge for the final segment of this program (called the New World Order) but a leader is likely to emerge in the coming months/years. America has become the current power (on planet earth) which is now PLAYING GOD to advance her agenda. America has some 800 military bases around the planet. Nuclear weapons and a military to carry out her vision. All this has happened (mostly) since the end of WWII (Hitler’s war).

American leaders (plus the Deep State which runs America)  can now act to change almost any event on this planet. Might makes Right is the philosophy which America has followed since the end of Hitler’s war (WWII). Those who do not bow to America’s interests find themselves in a war situation with the military might of America. There is one primary super power on planet earth today (America) which controls most events. Commerce is key to America’s power and control. The mighty U.S. dollar is the reserve currency for the planet. America can borrow (indefinitely). Sanction nearly anyone. To date, our enormous debt has not prevented America from Playing God and advancing her agenda over planet earth.

My vision says that America is destined for defeat as a world power going forward. Our commander in chief, Jehovah God, has outlined a new vision for America and the world. This new vision is called the Kingdom (Government) of our Creator. Our Creator rules this planet and our Creator’s vision involves a new set of goals for planet earth. The idea of hegemony over this planet (so as to rule) is not what America now needs. So called Democracy for all (really a form of Mob Rule) is not a practical vision going forward. Democracy leads to Mob Rule by the few. It is not real freedom and happiness for the people. It does not work in our global interconnected world.

The new vision of our Creator is called the Kingdom of God. God will rule this planet and playing God by select elites will expire. The 6,000 year history of man’s reign is expiring fast. The coming 1,000 year period (called the Kingdom Age) is arriving. Those with a vision and wisdom will promote the Kingdom vision. God rules this planet and his words will prevail. Prophecy reveals that the End Times is here now. The transition to the Kingdom Age is what is needed. Those with this vision and wisdom will prosper and those with the mindset of Playing God (that which most politicians now follow) will perish. God rules this planet and his LOGOS will prevail.

Prepare to witness serious change in the coming months and years. The system of man’s rule is ending. The system of God’s rule is starting. To discern this vision follow events as they happen. As of today, the Prince of Darkness rules over this planet. This Prince will be replaced in the coming months/years. Jehovah God will create this change at the appropriate time. Jehovah God is King over planet earth and his WORD prevails. The LOGOS will rule this planet and I/you will become servants. That is the vision which I proclaim and which I view as reality. It’s called the Kingdom of God for planet earth! Think for yourself! Have a great day!

I am:

Update on MY personal view of Reality!

October 15, 2019

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I would suggest that each of us has some viewpoint on reality. We may not agree on many issues but we all hold a viewpoint on the issues of life. Beliefs, to me, are subjective. The human consciousness is limited and uncertain. This means that I have my subjective viewpoint (about reality) and you have yours. There is no need for us to agree on each/every issue. I may change my mind on an issue and I would guess that you might do likewise. So let me give the reader of this blog some of my beliefs and thinking (as of today). Events could change my thinking but my view today is as follows:


1. Is there a God (Creator)? I would suggest, yes. God, to me, is the God of Israel who I call Jehovah. Other names are Yahweh, Allah, Almighty, Father, Ancient of Days, Hashem, etc. I do view God as a singularity who sits on his Throne all by himself. God has no gender but I use the masculine for my thinking. His word is final and he works THROUGH each of us to accomplish his desires. We are all servants of this higher LOGOS.
2. Is the human race (our current society) living in the last days of human rule? I believe that we are living in the End Times. This means that Jehovah God is bringing an END to human rulership. This process is gradual and continual but it becomes obvious to those of us who see events happening as prophesied in scripture. God works through the human mind (spirit) and his word is final when it arrives in the consciousness of a person. God is our Logos and words create all reality. My view is that the 6,000 years of man’s rule is soon over and the Kingdom of Jehovah God is arriving. I proclaim this Kingdom as the final solution for our planet.
3. Was Yeshua (Jesus) Deity or Messiah (an anointed messenger)? My view is that the historical Yeshua was a Jew from the tribe of Judah. His beliefs were typical of a Jew on the big issues. He was circumcised on his 8th day after birth and then dedicated to Jehovah God at the Temple of Yahweh in Jerusalem. He was imperfect and chose to get baptised by his cousin John to reveal his commitment to the God of Israel. After baptism he started his ministry which he called the Kingdom of his God. This led to his view that he was the Messiah. His message, however, was rejected by his peers at the Sanhedrin and this led to his crucifixion and death. Jehovah chose to glorify his spirit (immediately after his death) and this led to his glorification and subsequent ascension to the right hand of his God (Jehovah). Today, he resides at the right hand side of Jehovah God (within our consciousness). I view him as the Lamb of God but NOT God.


4. Are we currently living in the End Times and is Messiah Coming to Save mankind from self destruction? Yes! I am now living at the end of man’s history and man’s rulership. The prophetic calendar reveals that events are now happening according to the book of Daniel, Revelation, and the gospel of the historical Yeshua. Soon a global hierarchy will attempt to rule this planet via a single leader. The Mark of the Beast will arrive to control all commerce. Those who follow this Beast Kingdom must pledge allegiance to this Beast System. This will be the test to see who desires the Kingdom of Jehovah and who desires a man to rule this planet. Ultimate salvation comes ONLY from Jehovah God.


5. What events lead me to the conclusion that I live in the End Times? The situation over in the Middle East is one sign. The weather and natural disasters is another sign. The global digital monetary system is another sign. The Agenda 2030 program of the United Nations is another sign. The mindset of our political leaders (pride/egoism) is another sign. The interconnection of all commerce via the electromagnetic spectrum is another sign. Our advanced technology of robots, AI, and smartphones is another sign. The mindset of religious leaders (who desire control/conformity) is another sign. Group think and the social networks is another sign. The trend towards relativeness in morals and beliefs is another sign. The general self-destructiveness of society is another sign.


6. How does Jehovah God bring events to this planet so as to fulfill prophecy? Jehovah God is an invisible spirit who works through human beings (their consciousness) to fulfill his WORD. Jehovah God is the LOGOS for our planet. His WORD flows down to man’s consciousness and then man acts out this WORD via behavior. Nothing happens which Jehovah God is not a part of. All events, ultimately, happen at the instruction of God’s WORD. The LOGOS is supreme and man’s words are subservient. This means that man is a servant of the LOGOS. All is determined from God’s point of view. Nothing happens which is not ordained by our Creator God.


7. Will our digital/virtual economy crash so as to establish this coming Kingdom of Jehovah? This seems likely to me. God will crash the global economy over time so that people’s survival becomes the issue. Survival will lead to a change in our thinking and our perspective. This will change events and bring us the Kingdom of Jehovah God. Commerce is key to change. Political events will get dire as the economies of this planet crash due to people’s change in confidence. Money is a confidence game which will change events suddenly when the LOGOS determines the time. There is a time for all events and God sets the time (not man). Expect significant change in commerce to start the clock on the tribulation period.


8. Will some believers escape the coming time of trouble called the Tribulation? Those who die will escape. All those who live on this planet will experience the dire events prophesied in scripture. Human nature will change due to these dire events. Humans must change their thinking if the Kingdom of Jehovah God is to arrive. All this happens with a change in events per God’s time table. No-one knows the timing or the precise events that will happen. God alone is the author and God must reveal these events to his chosen. The book of Revelation and the book of Daniel are relevant words for today’s changing events. Study to discern some of the events scheduled for this planet. God also works though each of us (our consciousness) to change events over time.


Conclusion: There are some 7.6 billion people on our planet as of this writing. All human beings have a mind/consciousness. This means that our Creator (his invisible spirit) can work THROUGH each of us (even without us knowing it). God has been in charge of this planet from day one. His WORD creates change. His IDEAS create change. His messengers pass on this change to the world. As in the days of Noah so shall it be in these end times. Change happens suddenly and without any warning (to most). Most people are blinded to spiritual realities. They can not discern what is happening. The wise, however, will understand. God determines all!


Our planet is actually under the direction (power) of this Prince of Darkness (at this moment). This Prince rules via his spirit (ideas/words). Those in positions of POWER tend to bow to this Prince of Darkness. This is why the world is going to hell in a hand basket. The POWER source is this Prince of Darkness which desires to PLAY GOD. All political elites and most of our Deep State elites are following the WILL of this Prince of Darkness IMO. This is why events will happen suddenly and only those who DISCERN the spirit behind events will UNDERSTAND. Wisdom is required. Think for yourself to discern. Ultimately Jehovah God rules over all events!


Have a great day and watch events as they happen. God is in ultimate control. That is my view of reality. I do not expect agreement. I am:

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