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Wealth Transfer – cyber digits for silver/gold!

October 19, 2017

It’s time to become real about money and wealth. Our current system of cyber digits (mere virtual numbers displayed within a computer screen) are totally fake, imaginary, and without any value. Anyone with a smidgen of logic and common sense should be able to discern this reality. Just look at your smart phone screen and ask this question: What am I looking at? Am I looking at real money in my cyber account or am I looking at fake virtual images?

Listen up folks, it is time for a total ‘wealth transfer’ where we all exchange our fake digits for something real and tangible. Silver coins and gold coins are real historical wealth as they are units of a natural resource. Silver derives from the soil and so does gold. These metals are not fake or imaginary. But our corrupt financial system is totally FAKE, fantasy, and imaginary! Look and think! Discover this for yourself!

What is a ‘wealth transfer’? This is an operation where everyone who understands history and historical Capitalism exchanges their phony digits (in their computer accounts) for that which is real and tangible. Digits are being created in unlimited quantities by our corrupt banking system today and these digits (called official dollars/money) are going mostly to elites who produce NOTHING. The non-producers get rich at the expense of the producers! Think on this! This is corruption 101!

Our elites on Wall Street, along with many of our politicians and their cronies are in cahoots with our corrupt banking establishment to feather their nest with this phony wealth. They can call their wealth ‘real’ only because the rest of us can not challenge this fake, phony, imaginary system. But we can now ACT independently of the system if we choose. We can transfer our fake digits (all that we don’t need for immediate survival) for something of historical significance. This can be done NOW!

Silver and gold (in the form of coins and bars) can be purchased on the free market with these fake/phony digits (called dollars/money). We can ACT as a group and exchange our digits for real silver and gold (which we can now possess privately). Don’t buy ETF’s such as SLV or GLD or any other ‘virtual’ symbol from your on-line broker. Buy directly from a seller of the real tangible metals. Seek free delivery from the seller and STORE your silver and gold privately. This can be done NOW! It’s legal!

Our public system is now so corrupt that I do not TRUST anyone in an official position of power. Think for yourself and take immediate POSSESSION of your silver coins/bars and gold coins/bars. Use your credit card, debit card, or any other account which contains mere cyber ‘digits’ (called dollars/cash) and exchange these fake ‘digits’ for historical money called silver and gold. Let this happen for moral as well as economic reasons.

Morally, the digital money system, which is pawned off on us as ‘official’ is technically NOT official. Who has declared ‘cyber digits’ as official legal tender for Americans or any other citizen on our planet? Has our court system adjudicated this digital system ($1) which our corrupt banking hierarchy has mandated upon us? I don’t think so! The digital dollar is technically NOT legal tender as it has not been adjudicated by our courts. Fake money has not been approved!

Look up legal tender laws and you will discover that ONLY paper notes and metal coins have been approved as our official legal tender. DIGITAL money ($$$) is new and these units ($$$) reside in cyberspace. Has cyberspace been approved as an official space for circulating our money? I don’t think so! Cyberspace is an artificial space which technically does not even EXIST in space/time. It’s artificial and part of our INNER (extended) consciousness! Think on this! Where is ‘cyberspace’?

The entire financial system is now mostly invalid and illegal. Do your own research and reach your own conclusions. I have done mine. I suggest that the entire system is corrupt and illegal (constitutionally and judicially). The Coinage Acts of 1792 and those after have NOT approved ‘digital’ money as legal tender. All this started in the 80’s and 90’s via a mandation from our Central and Commercial Banks. This makes our entire financial SYSTEM mostly illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Read Article I, Section 8 and 10, for details on what is legal and constitutional.

Yes, it is time for a WEALTH TRANSFER from ‘cyber digits’ to real historical money (silver coins/bars and gold coins/bars). Get rid of all these phony digits (those not needed for your core survival needs) and STORE that which is constitutional and legal (tangible silver and gold). Think for yourself and do your own research! I have done mine and I am now in the process of this exchange operation! I think others should follow! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Since 1975, gold has been declared legal for Americans to own. The restrictions on owning gold ended on December 31, 1974. The confiscation and restriction on ownership of gold by FDR in 1933-34 has ENDED. Americans can now OWN gold (and also silver). Based on our Constitution ONLY gold and silver (along with paper Federal Reserve notes) should be legal tender for debts (public and private). Cyber digits are not ‘paper’ and they are not equivalent to a silver dollar or a gold dollar. They are mere FAKE units of nothing (virtual) created from the human consciousness (also called the human MIND). Think on this! Our entire financial SYSTEM is mostly ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

How to buy silver and gold (one alternative):

The above source is only one of many which you can find via the internet. Seek out a source which you personally find credible and trustworthy. The above source has been used by me and I will likely continue to use this source going forward. You have my permission to pass this missive on to others who might be interested in this ‘WEALTH TRANSFER’ concept!

Unbelievable Opportunity in Silver!

October 18, 2017

As I reflect on money and investments, I come back to the one commodity which is priced MUCH below historical reality. This commodity is Ag (also called silver). Silver is now priced by our algorithms at $16.99/ounce (spot). It is the one commodity which I will accumulate as my ‘store of value’.

Store of value is a concept which provides a savings account for some future rainy day when exchange is needed to survive and prosper. The great thing about silver is that it is a historical metal, a precious metal, an object of nature, and also our historical money unit. When I think about this commodity, I am amazed that the price has been held to these unbelievably low levels.

I know that our finance authorities desire to promote fake money units and suppress our historical money units. But this mindset of our corrupt authorities allows me and you to purchase this historical metal at these unbelievably low prices. Let’s review why silver is such a great speculation/investment at this point in history. The key focus point, for me, is this coming change in our Bubble markets going forward.

As I write this missive the gold/silver ratio is 75.38. The ‘in ground’ ratio of gold/silver is more like 1/15th to one. In other words, there are some 15 ounces of silver to each 1 ounce of gold in the ground. What does this indicate to those of us who recognize a bargain. It suggests that silver is now so unbelievably low relative to historical ratios that buying this metal for a store of value is actually LOW risk.

What I have observed these past 10 years is that silver sentiment can be contained as long as our bubble electronic markets are allowed to continue. But once these bubble markets change/correct/crash, as they surely will at some point, then speculators and investors will SEEK some object of nature (like silver) to serve as their real ‘store of value’. Think on this concept called STORE OF VALUE. It’s foundational to economics!

Historically, a ‘store of value’ is a supply of food products when the farm economy crashes. Having grain, flour, seeds in a granary allows for continuance of survival as food is essential for daily living. Today, food is in abundance but our electronic markets are vulnerable for an electronic crash (any day now). What is likely to work as an exchange of value during this time period (soon coming) when the internet is down? My sense is that SILVER is ideal!

The suppression scheme of our Treasury and the Exchange Stabilization Fund provides us this IDEAL time to accumulate silver ounces (one ounce coins) for this rainy day scenario. I am buying NOW as the suppressed price is nearly as low as it might get. The $15 to $18 range (spot) with a $2-3 premium allows me to accumulate these precious metals for the coming RAINY DAY period. Give this idea some reflection at your convenience! Enjoy! I am:

Silver is my recommendation for the immediate future (now):

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The above prices are superb and as low as I have seen for months. I am buying some now and more as I acquire more fake digits to spend. Exchanging fake money for our historical money which has 5000 years of history makes sense to me. I can use when I need. It’s my STORE OF VALUE! Give this logic some reflection at your convenience!

Crypto-currencies are not nearly as solid (as a ‘store of value’) as silver coins. Those who advise to buy Bitcoin or another crypto/virtual unit, lack an understanding of history and barter. Can I exchange a crypto unit (residing in my smart phone) in my neighborhood barter marketplace? Not likely if the internet is down or if the crypto electronic exchange is down. But my silver coins can be readily exchanged from my hand to that of another. Give this some reflection!

Gresham’s Law – Who is attempting to reverse this ‘Law’ of money?

October 17, 2017

Image result for greshams law

Our corrupt authorities (most likely the Exchange Stabilization Fund) which operates in Washington D.C. at the behest of our Treasury Department is trying to reverse Gresham’s Law by manipulating the prices of silver and gold down (good money) while promoting fake digital money (bad money) to create the Mark of the Beast financial system. This is getting more obvious each and every day as I watch our corrupted digital markets. LOL is my response! I can now buy silver at lower and lower prices!

Trying to create a false scenario where bad money (silver/gold) drives out the good’ (digital $$$) is an attempt (by our Treasury) to reverse the historical LAW called Gresham’s Law. Our Exchange Stabilization Fund (with their high-speed computer and algorithms…sourced to suppress the precious metals prices) must THINK that this is possible long-term. They will ‘fool’ many for a time (with their suppression schemes) but then everyone will catch on to the ‘deception’. Good luck, trader(s) in Washington D.C. with your computer gimmickry and price suppression. It will not work longer term IMO!

Gresham’s Law defined: In economicsGresham’s law is a monetary principle stating that “bad money drives out good”. For example, if there are two forms of commodity money  (or other official money units) in circulation, which are accepted by law as having similar face value, the more valuable commodity (money) will disappear from circulation.[1][2]  and the lesser units will prevail in the marketplace. Fake money prevails (as it is essentially worthless) and the good money is stored for a rainy day! 

This same principle applies to any official global currency when compared to the historical money (silver/gold) chosen by our people as their item of ‘value’. What has happened these past 80+ years (since 1934) and also (1971) is that our official authorities THINK they can assign a ‘value’ to an imaginary currency (like our digital dollar) because people have NO CHOICE in the matter. We must use what is given to us! Essentially, we the people have ‘outsourced’ this concept called ‘value’ to our government and their corrupt politicians. This ‘outsourcing’ works for a limited time period but it eventually fails totally!

If ‘value’ were not ‘outsourced’ and the people could choose what is more ‘valuable’ then the people would choose silver and gold over any fake (faith) money. This is obvious to me. This has been our monetary history since 3000 B.C. The people in a marketplace will always choose some ‘thing/object’ which has physical existence (outer value) and which others can store outside the computer screen (cyberspace). Cyberspace (our extended consciousness) is not a space where REAL money resides. This is a ‘fake’ space created by our corrupt authorities (without our approval). This ‘outsourcing’ (of money ‘value’) is what now needs to be dismantled!

Cyberspace is what our corrupt authorities have created to advance their Mark of the Beast financial system. Cyber ‘value’ is not what people have chosen freely. Think on this for a couple of minutes! Who should choose what is of ‘value’ and what is fake?

Today, I can buy silver at unbelievably low official prices and this is precisely what I am doing. Gresham’s Law says that I should use ‘fake’ digital money and exchange this for something real and tangible (say silver or gold). Price is now unimportant to me. Accumulation is more important and with these unbelievably LOW prices for silver (today the price declined again to around $17) this makes for a perfect opportunity to ACCUMULATE that which is REAL over that which is FAKE. Gresham’s Law is still valid for me! How about you?

If the traders at the Exchange Stabilization Fund desire to suppress the price of silver to $16 or $15 or even lower, this is IDEAL for me and others who discern this LAW of nature called Gresham’s Law. Buying SILVER at lower and lower prices and exchanging FAKE digital dollars (or a similar fake global currency) for something REAL and TANGIBLE is wise in the longer run. The tangible item will last and remain while the FAKE will vanish and disappear (in time). It’s a LAW of nature and Nature’s God!

This means that Gresham’s Law is applicable for my marketplace. The marketplace of our corrupt authorities can help me in my ACCUMULATION of real SILVER coins. Thanks, Exchange Stabilization Fund trader(s). Your algorithms and your suppression scheme favors those of us who see through your gimmickry. We will buy at lower prices over time to maximize the weight and ounces we accumulate. When your corrupted digital system breaks down and crashes,  we will have a back-up in real physical metals for use in our local marketplace. Enjoy the suppression as it does not bother me one bit! I need lower prices so accumulation can be maximized! I am:

Some images to ponder:

Image result for greshams law

Suppressing silver prices is an attempt to promote man’s Mark of the Beast financial system! It may work for a season but eventually people will catch on to the gimmickry!

Related image

The marketplace will eventually discern what is ‘fake’ and what is ‘real’! 

Image result for greshams law

Today, we live with mere cyber digits (imaginary money)! Who chose this?

Image result for suppression of precious metals will eventually get revealed as futile

A computer in Washington D.C. (the Exchange Stabilization Fund) could cause price suppression of silver/gold indefinitely! This is good for us who desire to accumulate for the longer run. The gimmickry plays into discerning investors/speculators who understand money and history! Note the algorithmic price suppression in the above ‘green’ tick chart! Today, price suppression is done via the computer and select algorithms!

Related image

No-one is allowed to question what happens at the ESF and its inner operations. The lack of transparency means that all pundits must discern what is happening via logic and prior history.

You don’t have to be a conspiratorial theorist to have heard of black budgets, secret agreements (like Iran-Contra), or even Operation Paperclip, which was organized by the forerunners of the CIA to bring in 100’s of Nazi scientists to work for the U.S. government.  But what most people have never heard of is the organization behind it all, and how it all got started through the proceeds of the government’s confiscation of your gold back in 1933.

In 2011, a descendant from one of the bankers who was at Jekyll Island put together a video series that explains in precise detail the creation of the one of the most secret and powerful institutions in the world, and how it has been used to manipulate economies, markets, and governments for the past 83 years.  And why it is even today controlling the strings of finance with an estimated $40 trillion-dollar fund that is controlled directly out of the U.S. Treasury (called the Exchange Stabilization Fund).


It’s nearly impossible to get to the bottom of all the corruption within our financial system. Money rules over this planet and those who control our money desire to advance control so that they win and the people lose. To expose the corruption is what we need to do by NOT playing the game which enslaves us. One option which might work is to buy silver/gold now (at these unbelievably low prices). This could expose the false ‘confidence’ that allows this enslavement to continue. Think for yourself! I am: 




Ideal time to accumulate AG and AU!

October 16, 2017

The time to accumulate silver coins and also gold coins is now. The low price environment allows maximum accumulation of weight (ounces). Keep in mind that silver and gold (in your possession) is REAL historical wealth. The ‘digits’ which you use to buy these precious metals with are fake/imaginary wealth (which our corrupt banksters want us to accumulate for their ego survival). Keep these concepts in mind as you buy your real wealth (silver and gold)!

So now is the IDEAL time to start a program of accumulation of ounces or weight. With silver in the $15 to $18 range and gold in the $1200 to $1300 range, this makes for maximum accumulation of weight or ounces in a short time period. And the more weight or ounces I store (assuming I store the physical metals and not the ETF’s or stocks) the more REAL wealth I have for a rainy day.

A rainy day is obviously coming as our digital/cyber markets are artificial and fake. I have proven this to discerning readers now for over 10 years. Think of what recently happened over in Venezuela with their Caracas General stock exchange. This market of ‘digits’ was at the lofty level of 558,000 just a couple of weeks ago. Today, it is at 550.38 (this decline of 99+% is what will also happen to many of our global digital stock exchanges at some point).

Fake digits (today’s money) circulating as legal tender (created by our Central Banks and their proxies) can only last for a season. At some point this fake/imaginary market (living within cyber-land) will crash and disappear. Think of virtual money as an ‘image’ with no body of flesh. The image seen in the computer screen ‘fools’ the many who can not discern their own inner consciousness. But it does not ‘fool’ those of us who know ourselves and who know the history of money and wealth.

History reveals that money is a product from nature (it’s an object which I can hold in my hand). It derives its ‘value’ from the people who trade the object. Today, we are not really trading any of our markets (as human beings). We are merely clicking our computer mouse and allowing algorithms (plus robots) to trade for us. This type of trading is artificial and temporary. At some point all this algorithmic deception will be discovered by the wise traders and then they will clammer for something REAL (like silver and gold coins).

The price of gold in Bolivars is currently near 13,000 as of October, 2017. This chart shows some of the change in the past five years.

Image result for price of gold in bolivars

As traders discover the fakeness of our digital currencies (which is happening now over in Venezuela) they will start a program of accumulation of REAL historical metals. This is now starting in many markets and eventually it will also develop in our Western markets as well. Now is the time to accumulate at the unbelievably LOW prices I now witness.

I can go to (for example) and buy silver for these prices and have the ounces delivered directly to my possession (home address):

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2017 2 oz British Silver Queen’s Beast Dragon Coin (BU)As low as : $40.26

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The above coins are one ounce pure silver (Ag) and they can be stored at your own home or a venue of your choice. This, to me, is much superior to storing ‘digits’ in your computer screen (mere virtual images) which our authorities can cancel or restrict you from accessing when the system starts to break-down. And a break-down is coming as sure as history is my teacher.

History reveals that fake money eventually loses its image as people witness changes in the markets. Markets are now in BUBBLE land and this will likely continue until people wake-up to the fakeness of these markets. But a wake-up call will eventually happen and then those who have purchased something REAL (whether silver/gold/food/or barter items) will survive and prosper. Fake money will vanish and disappear (back into your consciousness).

A wealth transfer does happen when confidence in the fakeness of a system becomes ubiquitous. This is starting to happen over in Venezuela now and I sense that it will happen in many other markets later this year and especially in 2018. At some point our Western markets will also experience this AWARENESS by our traders and investors! Think for yourself! Accumulate something REAL now! I am:

Some images of fakeness to ponder:

Image result for fake digital money (living in cyberspace)

Fake currencies are the digits which we now use! All this will vanish at some point down the road. Think of virtual money as an ‘image’ without a body!

Image result for fake digital money (living in cyberspace)

Bitcoin and all the other virtual currencies are also FAKE money! They could not stand alone as an international trading currency. Wake up to historical reality!

Image result for fake digital money (living in cyberspace)

They are used by the fools who lack an understanding of history, value, and money!

Image result for fake digital money (living in cyberspace)

Money illusion is what I now witness in our trading markets! Few comprehend this reality, however. The Mark of the Beast economy is rapidly emerging!

Image result for fake digital money (living in cyberspace)

This prior authority on fake money is now pushing the Mark of the Beast financial system! All Central Bankers are now on board with this digital/fake operation!

Related image

Silver and gold are REAL objects from nature. They may never become our future money as I (and many others) are promoting NO money under Kingdom Economics! But these metals will prevail in the coming marketplace (say 2018 – 2028) as our fake/digits vanish and disappear during the coming financial CRASH! 


Image result for the coming mark of the beast financial system

Terry is ahead of the crowd with this book. The chip could also be a smart phone App with near-field technology for buying and selling! Be aware of media deception as these events begin to emerge! Lying and deception is everywhere today!

Image result for the coming mark of the beast financial system

These are a few of the elite who desire a global New World Order and one global currency! I call this system the Mark of the Beast financial system! These elite may use another ‘name’ to fool the masses!

Image result for the coming mark of the beast financial system

The coming RESET of our global financial system is emerging fast. Watch Europe and also China for coming digital promotions to the public. After the RESET (say in 2018), I expect that one world institution will administer a global crypto-currency for the planet. Will it be called the SDR digital or might it be called the PHOENIX digital? The ‘name’ is unimportant to me. The result, however, will enslave all of mankind (economically) with the exception of the few who administer the system. Is this a MODEL that you approve of for yourself and your children? If not, then help with dismantling the current FAKE money system. Buy silver and gold (in physical form) and let the banksters know that real economics is based on natural RESOURCES! The current LOW prices are IDEAL for accumulation of Ag and Au!



Wake-up Media, Pundits, Traders – Digital money ($) is not WEALTH!

October 14, 2017

I just finished reading an article my a well-known economist/pundit who is advising that our Fed just create QE digits and pay-off the debt of Puerto Rico. Her logic is that a Central Bank can just create these ‘digits’ without any real consequence (inflation or a need to pay back the ‘digits’). She uses the logic that QE has been used to buy past toxic assets in the $trillions so why not use QE to buy-up the Puerto Rico Debt of some $75 billion. Is this wise policy? Do these pundits comprehend this concept called WEALTH?

I also witness numerous pundits and many media personnel advising that a Universal Basic Income be established for everyone. This mindset of a Universal pay-check for everyone derives from the idea that our Central Banks and their commercial bank proxies can just create all this digital money (out-of-nothing – indefinitely) so why not provide digital wealth for everyone. Robots can create our goods (mostly) and digital money can now be given out to everyone for their claim on our production (now growing and ubiquitous according to our media).

All this thinking derives from our educational system (mostly Keynesian economics) which has instructed students and the public on the idea that money (now digital currencies) is real WEALTH. But is this mindset valid for those of us who teach historical Capitalism and for those of us who understand that computer ‘digits’ (called money by the many) are really nothing and nowhere (they are mere units of our imagination/consciousness circulating within cyberspace). Digits are not a substance which derive from our land or our natural resources. Were you aware of this?

Historically, all WEALTH was viewed as real physical products and goods derived from our natural resources and our land. Lumber is real wealth. Concrete for building is real wealth. Oil for transportation is real wealth. And all farm products used for food items are real wealth. Real wealth consists of material goods…not mere computer digits typed into a computer account which operates within cyberspace. If ‘digits’ in cyberspace are real WEALTH, then why not give these ‘digits’ to everyone in an unlimited amount. Why stop with Puerto Rico debt or a Universal Basic Income?

Give everyone $1 million, then $2 million, then $1 billion, and finally $1 trillion. Why not just give out all these computer ‘digits’ (which we now create out-of-nothing and use as our official money/legal tender) and allow all this WEALTH (in digits) to flow to everyone (all 7.5 billion people on this planet). If ‘digits’ in the computer screen are WEALTH, then we should provide this wealth to the masses for their consumption and utilization. Why not? Think about what our media/pundits/educators are now proposing for the planet! Absurdity is now at a level beyond comprehension!

Pundits are advising to pay-off Puerto Rican debt with ‘digits’ (created out-of-nothing), create a Universal Basic Income for everyone via more QE digits, and essentially flood the planet with computer digits (so everyone is wealthy and prosperous mentally). Is this economics or is this mere fantasy and corruption at the highest level? For those of us who understand historical economics, we would view all this ‘digital’ wealth (being proposed) as mere Quantitative Fantasy and Numerical Gimmickry. Think about what our esteemed thinkers and economists are now proposing as public policy!

Keynesian economics has given everyone the perception that money ($$$$$$) is WEALTH. Digits are WEALTH. Numbers (1,2,3, 99999999999) in cyberspace (called our legal tender) is WEALTH. Is this mindset realistic or is this pure deception and fantasy? What is REAL wealth needs to be understood. REAL wealth consists of material/physical products derived from the land (and our natural resources). Land is wealth. Oil is wealth. Wheat is wealth. Cattle are wealth. Eggs are wealth. Milk is wealth. Basically, food/clothing/shelter/transportation and such are REAL wealth.

We need to WAKE-UP to reality, folks. What is being proposed today by our experts, media, pundits, and Keynesian economists is PURE fantasy/deception. None of this will work longer term. Creating ‘digits’ in the computer screen and circulating all these imaginary digits from computer account to computer account may allow temporary spending, but it will not create a prosperous economy for our planet. THINK! What are computer digits (in reality)? Can you eat these digits? Can you wear these digits? I don’t think so! Our entire economy is now so corrupted that people have no idea what is reality and what is fantasy.

DIGITAL MONEY can not solve our economic problems going forward. We need to rethink the current quantitative models of economics and recognize that numbers and symbols ($$$$$$$) can not produce a growing economy for the planet. Economics is based upon ‘natural resources’ and continuing production of real material goods. These ideas of our media to give ‘digits’ to everyone to solve economic problems is fantasy and deception. Start thinking for yourself on all finance/economic issues. Enjoy! I am:

P.S. What happened over in Venezuela with their electronic/digital Stock Market? This digital market reached a lofty number of 558,000 + (in digital Bolivars). Last week this market crashed and it went to less than 1% of the above number? Why? The digital Bolivars disappeared and vanished from all the prior computer screens as this market realized the phoniness of all these computer digits. The general Venezuelan economy was collapsing yet the deceived elites running the Caracas General Stock Market pumped up this digital market to absurd levels (all imaginary numbers with no real economic meaning). Why this deception about what is REAL WEALTH?

This is what happens with a ‘digital’ economy where the production of REAL wealth has crashed and collapsed. I can not ‘eat’ or ‘wear’ these digits within the computer screen. In fact these ‘digits’ don’t even exist (physically). Silver and gold are a much better alternative than all these ‘digits’ as these metals can ‘at least’ be used as products for transportation, medicine, and communication. Why invest in ‘digits’ when you can purchase something REAL (with substance). Is it time to buy some silver coins/bars and gold coins/bars? I think so! It might WAKE-UP all these pundits and media to REALITY! Think for yourself. I am:

Some images to ponder:

Text, numbers, symbols, and images in cyberspace can not be eaten or consumed! Economic wealth should be based upon material production of REAL goods!

Where are these ‘digits’ which our Central Banks create via their QE operations? What are these ‘digits’ (in reality)? Where are they located (in reality)?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and all digital currencies, are virtual/cyber units which masquerade as forms of ‘wealth’. In reality, they are phantoms of our imagination. They have no physical existence! They should NOT be viewed as REAL WEALTH!

Image result for material goods, food, clothing, shelter, and transportation

Real wealth are the items within the market basket (milk, tomatoes, cereal, potatoes, flour, etc.). Recreation, activities, sports, and political speech are not real wealth! Digits in the computer screen are also not real wealth! Think for yourself!




Judy Shelton – the Fed should focus on ‘stable’ money!

October 12, 2017

Image result for judy shelton economist

Today’s Wall Street Journal had an article by economist, Judy Shelton, entitled “Woodpeckers for Sound Money”. Basically, the article proposes that stable money (say our dollar and similar hard money currencies) is what is needed today. A stable dollar (for example) would promote price stability and general growth with less favoritism to the wealthy few. Is this a realistic goal?

Will the Donald select a new Fed Chairman which might promote this type of policy for America? My sense is absolutely NO. Why? To create a ‘stable’ dollar we would need to ‘fix’, ‘tie’, ‘attach’ this unit of nothing to some material commodity (object) and then allow traders to convert their dollar units into this stable commodity (say gold or silver). Is this likely? Absolutely not. Why? This would collapse the entire global economy and destroy the existing fantasy sentiment (called confidence).

A stable dollar would also set in motion the need to ‘tie’ or ‘fix’ all global currencies to this material commodity (object) so relative exchange (globally) would be stable. Is any of this likely given what has transpired these past 40+ years (under Keynesianism)? I don’t think so! We now have computer ‘digits’ for our currencies (globally) and these ‘digits’ are being created by our banking system to keep our monetary system from collapsing into ‘nothingness’.

As long as traders and investors view ‘digits’ as real things (material objects composed of matter/energy) it is unlikely that any real change in monetary policy will develop. The reality that these ‘digits’ are mere units of our imagination will not be recognized by those in charge of our global monetary policy. In fact, prophecy (Providence) demands that the Mark of the Beast economic system develop (this is our current ‘digital’ currency system). Don’t expect any change in our money units for the next decade or longer.

The emerging Mark of the Beast monetary system is right on schedule and this system of man is what prophecy says must occur prior to the coming END. Digital money (a Cashless society) and a system where the rich get richer and the middle class and the poor get poorer is what must happen given that man is not in control of our real history. Providence (also called our Creator’s intelligence) is actually in control and this intelligence says that the Mark of the Beast monetary system must emerge prior to the END.

Eventually, our system will collapse from all the internal ‘contradictions’ (fantasies) but this will not happen for many years. The beginning of the END is soon here, but the END of Man’s corrupted SYSTEM is still a ways off (years). Prepare for the Mark of the Beast and the authorities (select elites) who will impose this SYSTEM on the world. It’s prophesied to happen and prophecy is ABSOLUTE (in my opinion). The End-times are everywhere for those few with enlightened ‘eyes’! Think for yourself! I am:

Some additional images to ponder:

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This video will give you a general view of where our global markets are going! The information is essential for the FEW who desire to understand ‘reality’ over ‘FANTASY. Listen to the video and then THINK for yourself! All is relative today!

Click on the center triangle and plan to relax and watch/listen to what is emerging rapidly! Few comprehend money (even the experts are in the ‘dark’ on this subject)! The spiritual world (what is now at the core of money) is rejected by almost every monetary expert! This means that these pundits are left in the ‘dark’ on these crucial spiritual issues (called money and the Mark of the Beast)! Keep in mind that money rules this planet and those in Authority (who are mostly unaware of the spiritual realm) will not relinquish control of this concept called MONEY until their goals (of total control) are achieved. Providence rules ultimately!!!

Trump takes credit for $5.2 trillion of new ‘wealth’!

October 11, 2017


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According to Fox News tonight, 10/11/2017, our President claims that real ‘wealth’ has increased since his election to the tune of $5.2 trillion (a 25% increase in our stock markets has created this new ‘wealth’). Is this a valid understanding of finance and economics? Sean Hannity interviewed Mr. Trump on his tax cut plan and many other issues. Does Mr. Trump understand economics?

According to most economists and pundits ‘wealth’ is an increase in the monetary ‘digits’ displayed on our stock market boards. If these ‘digits’ increase from a prior period (say the election date of Mr. Trump) then this means that Americans are better off economically and also more prosperous. This seems to be the mindset of Mr. Trump also. But is this a valid understanding of this concept called ‘wealth’? Let’s think on this!

Historically, economists have labeled an increase in real production (goods) as an increase in ‘wealth. Money (and a currency) are technically not ‘wealth’. They are mere ‘tools’ for increasing ‘wealth’. Read Adam Smith and the Wealth of Nations. Wealth is the production from our land and from our natural resources. Farm products are wealth. Machinery is wealth. Clothing and shelter items are wealth. Transportation items are wealth. But are bank ‘digits’ real ‘wealth’?

Venezuelans are starving and unable to produce the necessities of their survival, yet their stock market increased over 4000% (until the recent crash this week). Did this prior new increase in stock prices represent real ‘wealth’ for the Venezuelans? I don’t think so! In reality, real ‘wealth’ should be measured on the basis of actual increases in production (goods) for an economy. Mere monetary digits in the computer screens of stock investors is NOT real ‘wealth’. In fact these monetary ‘digits’ are mere imagination!

It appears that Mr. Trump is not a student of Adam Smith and his WEALTH OF NATIONS (which most of us call Capitalism). He may be a student of John Maynard Keynes and his contemporaries who view mere currency digits as ‘wealth’. But I would suggest that his marketing of a great U.S. economy to his followers…based upon this fake number of $5.2 trillion (stock market increase) does represent pure deception. Deception, however, often works in the short term for politicians.

Trump also claims that his tax cut program will create a boom economy here in the USA later in 2017 and 2018. He also thinks the $3 trillion of repatriation of foreign held dollars (another Trump program) will create a boom job market here in the USA. Is any of this thinking valid? I would suggest that it is not really valid as there will be huge trade-offs which limit all his optimism after implementation. Increased dollars from repatriation also produces decreased dollars overseas for the purchase of our exports.

Huge tax reductions also mean that there will likely be more government deficits and likely more government debt in the overall economy. Consumer spending may increase some but maybe consumers will just reduce debt in lieu of adding new goods in their garages. Most consumer garages are now FULL with stuff that is not needed. But Mr. Trump desires optimism with his words and with his proposals at the expense of critical thinking (so it seems). I call this the Norman Vincent Peale mentality!

With respect to our foreign policies I am rather frightened by the ideas of Mr. Trump. Our President and our Congress desire more monetary ‘sanctions’ on anyone who challenges the hegemony of America. I witness this with Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, and a host of other so-called enemies of America. All these economic sanctions may seem positive for our politicians and their goals, but I think they are seriously negative for furthering global prosperity and global trade relations.

Overall, it may appear that America is a success story since the election of Mr. Trump and his team (based on our inflated stock markets), but my sense is that mere positive thinking (the Norman Vincent Peale mindset) will not create a better economy or a more secure world for the balance of 2017 and 2018. Our core problems are not getting resolved (see our debt clock at for evidence) and our Might makes Right foreign policy is leading us into a huge blow-back from our so-called enemies.

World War III seems unavoidable given the policies which have and are being implemented. Putting an enemy in the corner with no option to free himself (North Korea and Iran) will likely produce serious BLOW-BACK. Then what will happen to our markets and our future prosperity? Also, the sanctions on Russia are likely to create blow-back soon. Action and reaction is how our world works. America is the Great Satan to all our enemies. Think for yourself! I am:

Some additional images to ponder:

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Putting Kim in a corner with no options may create the event which the Trump military desires. But will this create a better world (after the destruction)?

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These two opponents are unlikely to create peace and prosperity for our world!

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Will there be blow-back after Trump acts with more economic sanctions or similar on Iran?

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Will Hassan Rouhani bow to the dictates of America’s leader? I don’t think so!

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Calling Maduro, Hitler, may not produce cooperation with this Latin American nation!

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Diversity of opinion is what America is all about – I thought? But does Trump want diversity?

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The Donald changes his thinking on the Fed regularly! Why? He wanted an audit…but now?

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The Donald called the stock market a huge unsustainable BUBBLE (prior to getting elected). But now he takes credit for a $5.2 trillion increase (a 25% increase since his election) which he calls new WEALTH! Does this President understand economics and money? Who actually created this $5.2 trillion bubble (mere computer digits)? 




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