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Who Owns Planet Earth? Let’s ‘think’ on this concept!

September 21, 2017

Read and listen to the following info and ask the question…WHO owns planet Earth?

“God is with us; we are stronger than any hurricane,” Mr Rossello said. “Together we will rise again.”

Maria made landfall in Yabucoa in the east of Puerto Rico early on Wednesday as a category four storm, according to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC). It was the first category four hurricane to directly hit the island since 1932.  Hours earlier, Maria barreled through the US Virgin Islands’ St Croix as a category five storm, sustaining winds of up to 175 mph (281km/h).

Comments: The vast majority of victims to a major natural event seem to recognize that God (our Creator and/or Providence) is/was responsible for the natural event. Victims also seem to think that it was God who protected or saved them from the consequences of the event. I witness this mindset with countless victims of these events as they report their perspectives. Our media and official authorities, however, do not attribute God or any Higher Source as the creator of disasters or the savior of victims. Why this difference?

The common people are mostly believers in a Higher Power it would seem. I sense this mindset whenever major disasters arise or when unexplained data in the heavens appear. We witnessed this same mentality after 911 here in America. The general public bowed to an invisible Source as the cause… as our official media and governmental sources seemed impotent and out-of-touch with these hard realities.

What does this suggest for those of us who are awake to reality? Is there a Spiritual realm of reality beyond the visible horizon which governs this planet? To me, this mindset of victims, suggests that our official educators and our official media personalities are totally out-of-touch with the hard spiritual realities of life. Hard realities are spiritual in nature. People recognize this situation spontaneously when difficult trials arise. As a philosopher of reality, I would suggest that we need to pay attention to this mindset of victims…and those who respond after a natural disaster about their specific experiences.

God, our Creator, is most likely the SOURCE which ultimately is responsible for all events on this planet. Our founding Fathers also recognized this hard reality during our Revolutionary period. God essentially OWNS this planet (in my view) and all that transpires on this planet. Kings and power brokers actually are not the ultimate SOURCE of events on this planet. Events happen and then we all think about the nature of the event. Is it now time to put these puzzles together and seek the REAL source?

We all need to get ‘closer to reality’ if we desire to make progress on this planet. This seems obvious to me. Listen to the words of victims to a natural disaster. Listen to the words of those who survive and respond after dire situations. Listen to the words of those under trial as a result of all these natural disasters. We have just experienced Harvey, Irma, Maria, and a two major Earthquakes in Mexico. What comes next? Think on this! Ignore the official authorities as they desire to confuse and deceive on many issues of life! I am:

P.S. The next event to happen is the Great Sign in the constellations of Leo and Virgo. This star and planet configuration (over Israel on September 23, 2017) is so unique and special that it ‘seems’ like a real sign from our Creator. Our Creator, Elohim/Yahweh, could be sending all of us a message of significance. It may take a few days, weeks, or even months for all these spiritual events to play out. See this link for more info:

Watch the news media as they attempt to play down this event of September 23 and similar events such as earthquakes and hurricane destruction. Coverage will be available but I suspect that NONE of the media will attribute these events to Providence or to a Higher Source/Intelligence. The obvious (human words, thoughts, and thinking) will be ignored as ‘nothing more than material forces’ in motion. My brain neurons will be espoused as the source of all these ideas. What nonsense! Who can discern the hard spiritual realities which originate within the human consciousness?

My sense is that the obvious (our spiritual financial system)…now mere photon digits of the mind will be attributed to material forces and matter in motion as well. What nonsense! And all the natural disasters and heavenly signs will also be attributed to material causes which arise by CHANCE (spontaneously)! Again, what nonsense! Our official educators, media, and governmental authorities seem totally BLIND to all the hard spiritual realities of life. Think for yourself is my advice. Enjoy! I am:

DEBT: my solution in steps!

September 20, 2017

The issue of excessive and unpayable debt is now a relevant issue for Americans and the world community. Since American debt can not be repaid (it’s much too excessive) we need to develop a step-by-step program to eliminate all this debt in the next five years (give or take). Let’s first of all review a few details on our DEBT situation (

  1. The gross National Debt is now some $20.2 trillion and growing at $700,000,000 this fiscal year. This growth will likely be over $1 trillion in 2020 and after. So paying off this debt is a joke on the public and the world community. The debt can not be repaid. So what do we do?
  2. The State and Local Debt also can not be repaid so this means we need to develop a multi-year program for dealing with all this unpayable debt as well.
  3. The Student Debt and our Mortgage Debt (now $1.4 trillion and $14.6 trillion) also can not be repaid fully. Jobs with incomes for our students have not developed and defaults are now growing exponentially. Mortgage debt will also become impossible to repay as values of homes are now declining nationally. Some 27% of homeowners with excessive debt and declining values are faced with being upside down (debt exceeds value).
  4. Total U.S. Debt is now over $67 trillion and growing. None of this will be repaid fully. If we add unfunded debt obligations to the above then we have a debt of $892,000/taxpayer. Can this continue? I say, NO. Let’s develop a plan to eliminate all this debt via write-offs.

Today, we live with imaginary money (mere ‘photon digits’ in the computer screen as our money units). This means that all our debt is also imaginary and made up of money units which don’t technically EXIST. Why continue this Ponzi scheme of debt and money any longer? We now need to DEAL with this financial problem so that our children and grandchildren have some meaningful future.

What is needed immediately is a program for eliminating debt via write-off’s by our Ponzi financial institutions. These institutions have acquired special privileges from our corrupted Central Bank system and it is now time to recognize that it is our Central Bank and their financial proxies which must accept responsibility for this debt holocaust. What must we now do?

We must write-off debt in steps (call it a debt jubilee over a five-year time period). My suggestion is that we start with homeowner mortgage debt. We have some 75 million households with mortgage debt (give or take). Let’s start with a debt jubilee for these 75 million households first. This would eliminate the $14.6 trillion of mortgage debt with a single computer ‘deletion’. All mortgage debt is living within cyberspace (our computer cyber cloud). Let’s write-off all this ‘imaginary’ debt number to zero immediately.

What would this accomplish? It would reduce mortgage payments for all households with mortgage debt immediately. The financial institutions (holding the debt) can absorb this loss and adjust their imaginary books (mere ‘photon digits’) to accomplish this mathematical result. People must come before mere ‘photon digits’ (that which we call money). Our corrupted financial institutions must now recognize that people are more important than their ‘imaginary’ money (which they create out-of-nothing).

After writing off all this $14.6 trillion of mortgage debt, we then need to write-off all the debt on rental properties. Apartment projects and rental properties have excessive mortgage debt which could free renters from their excessive rent payments. This write-off could be accomplished with one single deletion of a computer key as the debt is ‘imaginary’ and consists merely of ‘photon digits’ (which do not technically EXIST). Let’s eliminate both the home and rental mortgage debt immediately and completely.

America can lead the world community with a DEBT jubilee program which starts immediately. Our phony/fake/cyber ‘dollar’ can be viewed as a candidate for elimination over time as well. This unit of nothing which gets created from the mind of our banksters, can and must be viewed as a unit of nothing. This ‘dollar’ is imaginary/fake/phony and without any redeeming features for our children and grandchildren. It is now time to recognize the above realities and start the process of putting PEOPLE before ‘digits’ in the computer screen.

The above first steps can get the ball rolling on writing off ALL debt over a five-year time horizon. None of our debt is repayable as our economic model is based upon debt and more debt ‘forever’. Those who understand the model of Keynesianism know this reality! Forever is here now! We now need to DEAL with reality and put PEOPLE first. Think about the above and pass this missive on to our authorities who mostly have desired to confuse and deceive with all their financial gimmickry and tricks.

Money rules over people and this is backwards thinking. We need to put PEOPLE prior to money (now mere ‘photon digits’ within the computer screen). Our children and grandchildren will appreciate that we finally are thinking about their future and their survival on this fragile planet called Earth. Look at this website for the evidence of WHY we need to start the ball rolling NOW:

Check out the unpayable debt for our Nation, our States, and our Local communicates. Then check out the debt of our citizens and taxpayers. It is ALL unpayable as the economic model we use for our system is based on DEBT forever! DEBT forever is now a real-time reality! Keynes is reported to have said that in the long-run we are all dead. This mindset created our debt problem and we now need a NEW mindset which focuses on our children and grandchildren’s future! I am:

P.S. Kingdom Economics is a blog which puts people first within economics! The model of Kingdom Economics is based upon PEOPLE FIRST (money must not take precedence in this coming world of a global interconnected society)! Give this some consideration as you read this blog.


Will September 23 (Saturday) be Significant?

September 18, 2017

The special formation of stars, planets, Sun, and moon on September 23 in the constellation Leo and Virgo is drawing great attention from both secular thinkers and religious thinkers. Even some financial thinkers have adopted a view which creates some concern about this date. What is my view on this issue? My view is as follows!

My sense is that warning signs are appearing all over our planet and within our universe to warn human beings that significant change is about to occur. Our Creator, who rules this planet (ultimately), may be giving us humans a warning sign that events are about to happen to change our current thinking (including all our bubble financial markets).

My view is that real change does not happen until the economy heads South and a major correction develops. Economics is central to real change and when the economy heads into a major correction of 20% or more, then people will begin to wake-up. Money and economic confidence (or lack of such) is the key to real change.

Until our markets correct significantly and over many months real change will remain a side issue to investors, traders, the media, and the general public. Today, our Central Banks can postpone a bubble marketplace as all our markets are electronic and computer driven. Just a few traders with connections to the Big Boys on Wall Street, can pump up these digital markets indefinitely.

The Caracas General exchange over in Venezuela is now at 423,373 even as the general economy continues to deteriorate. What does this imply? To me, this implies that our Central Bank insiders can keep this bubble going irrespective of economic fundamentals for a time period. They will likely attempt to prevent any major correction in sentiment.

Will a higher authority intervene to change the thinking of our markets? Will Providence intervene in the events here on planet earth in the near future? It’s possible in my view. Watch events after the September 23 star/planet formation in Leo and Virgo for some indications. Personally, I sense that events will change soon. I am:

P.S. Also watch Hurricane Maria and Jose as they might still provide us some change! We live in interesting times.


Photon Digits (today’s money) have ‘no’ rest mass! Meaning!

September 17, 2017

Let’s talk science for this missive. The concept of ‘rest mass’ (a scientific term) implies that objects can be realized via observation and via possession. Tables and chairs have ‘rest mass’. Houses and cars have ‘rest mass’. Land and sky objects have ‘rest mass’. Photons, however, do ‘not’ have any ‘rest mass’. I can not technically possess or physically observe a ‘photon’ (a unit of light). I perceive photons with my consciousness as I look at the Sun and also as I look within my computer screen. Photons are the ‘result’ of activity (motion) of particles with substance (matter). The product of particle motion is eventually ‘light’ (in the form of photons).

Our electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies result from photon actions. The spectrum can be visualized as:

Image result for the electromagnetic spectrum

The activity of photons produce the light which illumines the pixels within my computer screen. These photons of light have ‘zero’ rest mass and can not be held or possessed by human beings. The ‘photon digits’ which we call our money (now mostly digital money globally) are what we now assume are ‘real’ and ‘tangible’. But, in reality, they are not real in any material sense. Historical money was material and observable and could be possessed. Hand to hand exchange was possible for negotiating value transactions.

Today, we negotiate value transactions via mostly ‘photon digits’ (units of nothing which we witness exclusively within our computer screens). These digits have become official legal tender as our banksters have forced this digital system of money upon the world community.  Most all trading is now via speed of light transactions using ‘photon digits’ as the money units. Photon digits are now our global money and we recognize these digits via various official ‘names’.

Think of our $1.00 (dollar) as a ‘photon digit’ which has no substance and no ‘rest mass’. I can not possess this unit (of nothing) within my computer screen. All my savings, investments, buying, and selling are mostly done via these ‘photon digits’ which travel at near the speed of light from computer to computer. None of these ‘photon digits’ have any substance (matter) and they all derive from human consciousness (the mind). The digits have no ‘rest mass’ and live within a netherworld which we call cyberspace.

This is a money system which has evolved since the closing of the gold window in 1971. We could say that a virtual/cyber $ was present prior to 1971, but most of us viewed this virtual unit ($1.00) as ‘tied’  to a material object (gold). With the closing of the gold window, all money units become ‘untied’ to any material object (matter). Mere virtual ‘numbers’ become our legal tender and our money. Today, we transfer these virtual units (numbers) as photon digits within our computer screens. So our money is now a photon digit and not a substance (as back in 1790 when our money originated)!

The concept of ‘rest mass’ is important to understand. Tables and chair have ‘rest mass’ as do houses and cars. Gold and Silver also have rest mass. All items composed of ‘matter’ (this material substance of science) can be viewed as having ‘rest mass’. Some invisible particles of matter can not be observed directly with our eyes, yet we can discern that these particles have mass and matter. Photons, however, do not have mass or matter. This makes our money (composed of photon digits) massless and also without any physical matter.

Items without any mass or matter can be viewed as metaphysical/spiritual. Today, our digital money can also be viewed as metaphysical. This makes our money a unit of our consciousness (inner) and also imaginary (inner). Try locate, find, discover, possess, smell, hear, taste this non-thing which we call today’s money? It is not possible as a photon digit does not technically ‘exist’ (as a thing). A photon digit is essentially a non-thing and/or nothing! What is ‘nothing’? What is ‘thin air’?

A non-thing is derived from the human mind (consciousness). My ‘words’, ‘ideas’, and ‘thoughts’ are also non-things. Words derive from my mind (consciousness) and they have no ‘rest mass’. Today, our money is nothing but a ‘name’ and a ‘number’. All ‘names’ are virtual and derived. Think of this object in the sky which gives us light. What ‘name’ do we give this object? Think of this object in the sky which produces our tides? What ‘name’ do we give this object. Are ‘names’ derived from consciousness? I think so!

In conclusion, we need to recognize the consequences which flow from using massless/photons (with no rest mass) as our money. All these digits within our computer screens can be ‘deleted’ and they can ‘vanish’ from our presence (our computer screens). Our debt can all be erased and deleted (if our authorities so desire). Our savings can be deleted and erased. Our bank accounts can be deleted and erased. All our money units can essentially be deleted and erased as they are massless units of nothing. Think on this! We live today with fake/fantasy/imaginary MONEY!

Science says that we live in a material world of matter exclusively. But do we? I don’t think so! We actually live in a dual world. We can call our world both outer/inner or also matter/mind. Matter exists and Mind does not exist. Derivations from my/your mind do not technically ‘exist’. This means that today’s money (photon digits) do not technically exist. This means that all these units of nothing can be deleted and they can  vanish from our outer world. Is it time to buy some silver and gold? I think so!

At least silver/gold has ‘rest mass’ and this commodity exists in space/time. Gold also has ‘rest mass’ and exists in space/time. We need to wake-up to the reality that all our financial system today is fake/fantasy/imaginary. It consists of massless ‘photon digits’ within our computer screens. At some point all this imaginary money will vanish and disappear. As our markets crash and disappear all ‘value’ (measured in these photon digits) will crash and disappear. Think on this lesson in science! I am:

Computer Driven Markets – mostly UNREAL!

September 13, 2017

I could drop a nuclear bomb on various areas of planet earth and still our computer driven markets (now electronic) could/would GO UP and UP. Why? We do not have human markets today. Our markets are driven by algorithms and frequencies which operate independently of human beings (mostly). Robots can now trade our computer driven markets via algorithms and counter-party algorithms act as the recipient. Is this REAL or fantasy? What have our elite banksters created for our markets?

Bad and dire news has mostly no effect of today’s computer driven markets. The Caracas General over in Venezuela is now over 300,000. This is an increase of 2420.36% in one year. What is happening to allow this continuing increase in this computer driven/electronic market? Mere photon digits (within the computer screen) serve as our money today. These digits of nothing (derived from our inner imagination) can be increased to infinity as the digits are mere cardinal numbers (symbols) derived from a traders consciousness.

Banksters can lend these photon digits (called money by nearly everyone) to any person or entity for the purpose of trading our computer driven/electronic markets. Is this economics or mere fantasy which derives from emotion and our inner consciousness? Our general economy made up of goods and natural resources could go down while a computer driven/electronic market could/does go UP and UP (independent of economic production and growth). Is this today’s economics? Does this reflect real Wealth? We need to think about what makes up our markets today!

Our economic/financial system is now so corrupted that markets can go UP indefinitely while a general economy (say like Venezuela) can go into total collapse and chaos. Take a look at the Caracas General which is currently at 303,209.69 (as of September 12). Meanwhile the American DOW is near another record (now at 22,118.86). This electronic/computer driven market is now up some 20.70% for the past 12 months. Has the American wealth increased by 20.70%? I don’t think so! The DAX, the CAC and the NIKKEI indexes are also within a few hundred points of another record. Do these indexes reflect the real economic situation within these countries? I don’t think so!

What I witness today are electronic/computer driven markets which can be pumped UP and UP with Central Bank trading algorithms irrespective of real growth in economic wealth on the ground. Today, select traders, operating with photon digits as our money (provided by our commercial and Central banksters), can trade these markets so that they go up indefinitely (irrespective of real economic growth/real wealth). It is all because our MONEY today is fake/phony/digital/imaginary and operating within cyberspace (a netherworld of nothing material).

A photon digit has no ‘rest’ mass and it works only because most people are unable to discern their inner metaphysical consciousness (which produce these photon digits in the trillions). Our computer money is now a mere ‘photon’ digit which we visualize within a computer screen. I call this money unit…’metaphysical’…as it has no real existence within space/time. Our inner consciousness produces these digits by merely ‘typing’ numbers into the computer screen. Is this sound economics/finance? Is this sound trading and price discovery? I don’t think so!

Take your smart phone and look at your imaginary money within your computer accounts? Can you access these digital units of nothing (located within your various accounts)? Can you hold a photon digit (within your computer account) in your hand? Where is this photon digit? Look all around your current venue. Is this photon digit anywhere in sight? Anywhere on planet earth? Could this digit of light be inner (within my/your consciousness)? Think about taking control over your photon money and your photon investments/savings. Where are all these digits located?

Traders, policy-makers, investors, buyers, sellers, and lenders all need to think about our current monetary system. Is it sound and reflective of measuring the growth within our economy? Are our ‘prices’ today reflective of real supply and demand? What creates our ‘prices’ today? Could an ‘algorithm’ (and a counter algorithm) be at the source? Could a counter ‘algorithm’ be the counter party to a trade? Look at your computer screen and a ‘tick’ chart of current prices of (say) silver. Are these prices (of silver) reflective of supply and demand among real human beings? I don’t think so!

What we have today are fake/phony/imaginary/fantasy ‘price’ numbers which get created by our computer driven/electronic markets. Is the DOW reflective of the real wealth produced within the United States? Is the DAX reflective of the real wealth produced within Germany? Is the CAC reflective of real wealth produced within France? Is the Caracas General reflective of real wealth produced within Venezuela? Think about what is now happening within our corrupted computer driven/electronic markets.

Today, we have some 65 major electronic exchanges on our planet. All these exchanges operate within cyberspace and photon digits compose the results seen on our computer screens. Our markets are all interconnected and electronic. Speed of light photons produce our ‘prices’ and reflect what we call our ‘money’.  Our money units are tied to nothing material. Our money units ($$$$$$$$$) are mere symbols and numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6, 7, and up). What are symbols and numbers (in reality)?

Do symbols and numbers exist (independent) of the human mind? Where are they located? Are they units of my/your imagination? I think and then I visualize a symbol or a number. My mind (this inner entity) is the source of all my symbols and numbers. Are these units of nothing WEALTH? Are these units of nothing MATERIAL? Look all around you…where are these symbols and numbers? What is real WEALTH? It’s time to read the original book by Adam Smith called the Wealth of Nations! It was written in 1776 and it specified that real WEALTH derives from the land…not from my inner consciousness (my mind)! Think on this!

What we need to understand today is that our entire financial/economic system is MERE fantasy and FAKE. It is based on ‘nothing’! Our money is based on ‘nothing’! Our prices are based on ‘nothing’! The entire financial system is based on ‘nothing’! Is this sound economics? I don’t think so! We need to WAKE-UP to reality. Economic reality is based upon natural resources! Economic reality is based on production of material wealth! Money that does not ‘measure’ this production of wealth is worthless and fantasy! Today, we live mostly in a world of fantasy (without any sound thinking)!

It’s time to WAKE-UP to reality as we live it! Dualism is reality as we live it! Dualism means that we live within our consciousness and then we produce from the material resources within our planet. Creating photon money out-of-nothing is not sound finance or economics. Look at all the cyber indexes via your smart phone. Look at your cyber accounts within your smart phone. What are all these photon digits which we call our MONEY? Are they real or FAKE? Think on this for a few minutes! Enjoy! I am:







Silver/Gold ‘price’ manipulation comes from those at the TOP!

September 11, 2017

Image result for gold and silver money manipulation and suppression

After 6 + years of obvious ‘price’ manipulation in silver and gold, one would think that more investors, miners, and pundits, would catch on to the SOURCE of this continuing price manipulation. Ted Butler has written an excellent article on what has been happening these past 6+ years. His article is entitled ‘Eight Crooks Against the World’. You can read it by googling the article. What Ted does not mention, however, is the likely SOURCE for all this manipulation of ‘price’. Does this manipulation start with the eight crooks (JP Morgan, CME group, Goldman Sachs, etc.)? This missive will challenge this assumption. Think BIG!

I would suggest that gold and silver prices are much to important to leave to the commercial banks and the regulators who monitor and report on these metals. The higher up’s who run our Deep State System are most likely the culprits behind all this manipulation. Just think about the nature of money today. Today, our money is ‘digital’ and it gets its value from mere psychological confidence (trust). Those at the top must recognize that the foundation for all money and credit starts with gold. This precious metal is at the CORE of all money, credit, and world finance. This has been the situation for thousands of years!

JP Morgan, et al, certainly are the proxies which continually manipulate and suppress these gold and silver prices. This fact Ted has document thoroughly, logically, and with sound evidence. But the bigger issue is WHO gives the orders for this policy of price manipulation/suppression? Do those at JP Morgan or CME Group act for 6+ years to manipulate these prices without any higher up Authority? I don’t think so! The real SOURCE and AUTHORITY comes from another institution(s). Think about who creates our money and who desires to promote ‘digital’ money for the world society! Who are the administrators at the very TOP? Think BIG!

One obvious administrator who I have identified many times is this economist/CEO/bankster/insider called William C. Dudley. This administrator works at the New York Federal Reserve and has oversight over the Markets Group (some 500 traders who trade our markets under Simon Potter). William C. Dudley has a permanent position within the Federal Open Market Committee as he is the head of the New York Fed. This administrator also has direct connections and input into the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland (another global manipulator of gold/silver prices IMO). Could this administrator be involved in gold/silver price suppression?

I would suggest, YES. Dudley’s orders most likely come from Washington via our Treasury Department (today this is Steven Mnuchin). So who are the likely administrators who provide the Authority for all this price suppression/manipulation of gold/silver prices? Is it JP Morgan, et al, or does the Authority come from the TOP (Mnuchin, Dudley, and a few others)? Who started this mindset back in 2011 after the big run-up in gold/silver prices? Were prior Treasury Secretaries also involved in setting this policy of price suppression/manipulation? I think so!

Think of Timothy Geithner, Jack Lew, Henry Paulson, Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers, Ben Bernanke, and a few others with a mindset to control these metals called GOLD and silver. It’s all done for a REASON. What could be this ‘reason’? Could a program of promoting ‘DIGITAL’ money be at the core of their thinking? I think so. They MUST promote ‘digital’ money and then get the world to accept this funny money (via a confidence game) if this fake money is to WORK. The game of money is based upon CONFIDENCE. Think big to discern the mindset of those at the TOP!

At the core of money is this concept called VALUE. At the core of ‘value’ is this psychological concept called CONFIDENCE. To promote and make people BELIEVE in funny money and fake money (our current ‘digital’ cyber currencies), our Authorities MUST promote ‘confidence’ in all this fake/funny money via price suppression of all historical money (gold and silver). This is what MUST happen when you think BIG and discern WHO is ultimately BEHIND all this manipulation.

All we have on this planet are people (some 7.5 billion). Select individuals (just a few) have positions of high AUTHORITY. It is these individuals which we now must IDENTIFY. Think big and grow SMART to discern WHO might be behind our entire fake/phony monetary system! It’s select administrators at the TOP. My view is that DUDLEY knows all the administrators who are behind this Ponzi money game. Who can get to this administrator so as to expose the scheme? We need a counter to the Deep State! Trump is impotent! Who can we identify as a person to challenge this corrupt system? I am lost at the moment on this! I am:

Some individuals to watch when it comes to money/value and the coming Mark of the Beast economy!

Image result for william c dudley

These three will not expose each other. William Dudley, Janet Yellen, Stanley Fischer KNOW who suppresses gold and silver!

Image result for william c dudley

William C. Dudley and Mark Carney are two administrators who KNOW who is behind the price manipulation and suppression!

Image result for william c dudley

William C. Dudley is a permanent member of the Federal Open Market Committee (he is Chairman of the New York Fed)! He likely knows all the history behind the manipulation of gold and silver and why!

Image result for william c dudley

Why would this administrator desire to promote DIGITAL money for the USA and the WORLD? Did anyone elect this administrator?

Image result for william c dudley

Who could get into the mindset of this New York Fed money manipulator? He likely KNOWS why all the ‘digital’ money needs to be promoted and why silver and gold must be suppressed so as to provide ‘confidence’ that funny/fake money can work! Think BIG! Who is behind all the global economic manipulations?

Image result for william c dudley

Dudley (2nd from left) has all the connections and he is the ONE administrator who KNOWS the money game/scheme! He is not elected by the American people and his role is central to a continuation of all the current corruption. This guy needs EXPOSURE and removal from all financial authority IMO! Who can expose our Ponzi game of funny money called DIGITAL currencies!

Image result for digital currencies are made from what

Promoting DIGITAL currencies is the goal of our TOP financial administrators. This means that all historical money (silver/gold) must be made to look unacceptable! Promoting funny/fake money is now the new CONFIDENCE game of our elites! THINK BIG! This all leads, eventually, to the Mark of the Beast economy!


Sweden’s economy ‘appears’ strong…but is it?

September 9, 2017

Image result for sweden map

On the surface it ‘appears’ that Sweden’s economy is strong and growing at record levels. I have been traveling all over Sweden for the past 30 days. I see no real problems with spending, prices, and the general welfare of most people in Sweden (as of today). So, on the surface, all ‘appears’ good. But I do notice some underlying issues that could surface quickly to reverse this ‘appearance’. A growth rate of 4% is projected by most Swedish economists for 2017. This leads most of Europe and reveals that most everyone sees no serious problems on the horizon. So what could be the ‘black swan’ that changes this ‘appearance’ of growth and strength?

Like most Western countries, Sweden has a household debt problem that is growing and is out of control. Household debt in Sweden has increased substantially in recent years as the Riksbank has attempted to lower interest rates (now to a negative 0.35%). Borrowing for real estate properties has been especially heavy and house prices have increased at 10 to 15% annually these past 10 years. Stockholm has prices exceeding 100,000 krona/square meter of space and this means a growing percentage of home buyers are now priced out of the markets. Can this continue into 2018 and after?

Debt and a growing lack of increasing income for most households is now the problem. I see cranes everywhere in Stockholm, Malmo, and Gothenburg and this means that construction is strong at the ‘moment’. The policy of the Riksbank to lower interest rates into a negative realm has allowed all this price appreciation in real estate to occur. The policymakers recognize the problem (it seems) yet they continue with their QE policies and negative interest rates. This has reached a threshold level which will soon be reflected in a slow down and then a consumer recession in 2018.

The immigrant situation has been absorbed for the moment also. Current polices are allowing immigrants to assimilate and/or set-up their own colonies within the Swedish State. This was obvious in the three biggest cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmo. I also noticed that at nearly every Maxi and Willy’s (Sweden’s supermarkets for food, etc.) there were immigrants panhandling for pengar (money). It appears that immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania are mostly involved in this scheme. So, overall, I sense that few Swedes are complaining about their situation at the moment.

The policies of the Riksbank, however, will eventually surface and reveal that Swedish household debt is unsustainable. When this becomes a real issue is when the slowdown and reversal of trend happens. When will the Riksbank’s policies change from accommodation and excess to caution and higher rates? I sense that a threshold level of household debt is near. Negative interest rates must eventually be reversed. Higher rates will be the ‘black swan’ for Sweden. This trend change is likely to happen in 2018. So beware Sweden. All is well at the ‘moment’ but this could all change in a few months. Reality continues in spite of current optimism. Enjoy today! I am:

Some additional images for your consideration:

Image result for stockholm real estate prices

Image result for stockholm real estate prices

Image result for stockholm real estate prices

Image result for stockholm real estate prices

Image result for stockholm real estate prices

I noticed that the desire to SELL real estate and commercial properties is growing among my Swedish friends and relatives. These Swedes appear to recognize that now is the time to sell prior to the coming recession/slowdown. Prices are near the top or at the top and anyone with understanding should realize that the negative interest rate market will reserve eventually. Watch the policies of the Riksbank. My sense is that Sweden is in a bubble within real estate and also within household debt. This means a slowdown/recession is near (say 2018). 


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