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Currency symbols are ‘imaginary’ (virtual)! Wake-up!

November 30, 2015

Our centralized banking authorities have created global fiat currencies which are virtual (imaginary) and which have ‘no’ existence within our space/time reality! Wake-up and think about what has happened in recent years (1971 – 2015). Today, we live with a ‘index dollar’, ‘index stocks’, ‘index derivatives’, and ‘index currencies’. Our dollar is now a virtual image within our computer screen. All our global currencies are now ‘symbols’ derived from our bankster mind’s and multiplied via math and algorithmic models within our computer screens. All this is done within this artificial ‘space’ which we call Cyberspace. Cyberspace has replaced ‘nature’ and ‘observed’ reality and this will eventually lead to chaos, collapse, huge volatility, and lack of investor ‘confidence’!

Look at the above euro ‘symbol’! It is ‘imaginary’ and within my/your consciousness (mind)! It does not ‘exist’ as a physical object!

As of today, the vast majority of investors, financial pundits, bankers, economists, and the general public are ‘deceived’ and ‘confused’ about the nature of reality. What has evolved these past 42 years is a financial system based upon ‘fantasy’ and ‘illusion’. Few seem to discern what has happened and few seem to care about what is emerging in just a few days, weeks, or months. Our entire financial system is built upon ‘fantasy’ and ‘illusion’. This has led to ‘delusion’ within the mind’s of most investors, speculators, savers, and the general public. Reality will prevail in time but as of today ‘fantasy’ is supreme within the mind’s of most people.

Look at the above dollar ‘symbol’. Where can one ‘find’ symbols within Nature? No place! No where!

Bitcoin is a ‘fantasy’ currency. Our digital dollar ($$$) is a ‘fantasy’ currency. All the global digital currencies are now ‘fantasy’ currencies which have ‘no’ existence within our space/time universe. Illusion and delusion predominates in the mind’s of nearly everyone. Virtual currencies are mere ‘symbols’ within cyberspace (our imagination). Numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) are mere units of consciousness. Legal tender currencies are mere ‘numbers’ with a ‘name’ circulating within our individual and collective consciousness as units of ‘faith’ and ‘imagination’. None of this will last and the entire ‘house of cards’ is soon to collapse! Few, however, discern the ‘nature’ of reality or the ‘fantasy’ which is perpetrated upon the masses!

Look at above gold coin with a ‘symbol’ engraved upon it! The coin is real but the ‘symbol’ is derived from our imagination! Imaginary money can not last or work!

Our corrupt banksters (under the illusion of policy programs) have promoted ‘fake’ monetary symbols as our money/currency. Our Constitutional money (silver coins and gold coins) and paper notes (backed by such) have been abandoned in favor of ‘fake’ and ‘fantasy’ units of nothing (virtual images within our computer screens). All this is supposed to lead to progress, growth, and prosperity! What nonsense and delusion we witness at the ‘highest’ levels of authority. Our Fed is totally deluded, the ECB is deluded, the Riksbank is deluded, and all the Central banks and their policymakers are deluded, deceived, and living in ‘fantasy’ land.

Look at this prior Central Banker! He created ‘trillions’ of dollar symbols and called these units real money! Why this ‘delusion’ among our most elite officials on monetary affairs?

Now is the time to break this ‘fantasy’ hierarchy which runs our planet. This can be accomplished if enough money is invested in physical silver coins/bars and gold coins/bars and then removed from active trading. The prices of silver and gold would skyrocket and the message to our fantasy overlords would be LOUD and CLEAR. Stop the ‘fake’ and ‘fantasy’ digitization of mental ‘symbols’ as our money! Stop all your QE counterfeiting operations! Stop the computer manipulations of our commodity markets! Stop the suppression schemes which are now ubiquitous in all our markets (silver/gold/oil/etc.)! Stop and think about what you are doing to the Nation and our Future! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Send a CLEAR message to our ‘deluded’ monetary hierarchy that enough is enough! Our Constitution calls for physical money and physical currencies (not ‘fake’ and ‘imaginary’ units of nothing)!

We all need to seek reality and truth rather than continue with this FANTASY ECONOMIC SYSTEM! Where do mental ‘symbols’ come from? What does the word ‘cyberspace’ mean? What are ‘virtual’ currencies which have no material substance or existence in real-time? Let’s get REAL and stop all the ‘fake’ money and the ‘fantasy’ trading gimmicks. Wake-up to what is in front of your eyes! We live within TWO realms of reality. Money must be physical and it must exist as a substance if any trading counterparty is to have ‘confidence’. Silver and Gold need to reemerge as money proxies until a NEW SYSTEM can be installed. Wake-up and buy these physical precious metals so that reality can re-emerge! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. This guy understands money and what is real and physical! Listen to Ron!

Ron is trying to teach our corrupt Fed about the ‘nature’ of real money! Listen and learn!

‘Seeing’ vs. ‘Visualizing! The Difference!

November 29, 2015

Having just returned from my 50 minute walk, I was able to ‘see’ many objects along the way (trees, plants, houses, cars, etc). I was also able to ‘visualize’ (within my mind) virtual objects like Bitcoin, our Digital Dollar ($), and other virtual objects within Cyberspace (Facebook faces, etc.). I, personally, live within TWO realms of reality and I assume that you do likewise. Observation of objects within ‘nature’ involves Seeing (observing). Visualization within my mind/spirit/consciousness involves an ‘inner’ seeing. The two types of ‘seeing’, however, are very different and distinct. Let’s talk about these differences! Deception results from a lack of understanding these ‘two’ realms of reality!

Walking the neighborhood involves ‘seeing’ objects within nature! Objects within ‘nature’ are material and have a physical substance (saguaro cactus, wild burros, trees, sage)!

Seeing (via my eyes) a virtual object like Bitcoin is not possible. Bitcoin is a virtual image and it is located within a different space which we call Cyberspace. This means that I can not actually SEE this virtual image (called Bitcoin) within ‘nature’. I can ‘visualize’ Bitcoin in my mind/spirit/consciousness…But I can not actually SEE this virtual object as a thing or material object. Today, all our fiat currencies have entered this new space which we call Cyberspace. This artificial ‘space’ is not a material ‘thing’ or an observed object which I can SEE as a physical substance. Cyberspace is metaphysical and/or spiritual. What a difference to those who discern! We all ‘live’ within TWO realms of reality! Are you aware of this?

Bitcoin (as our bit dollar) is virtual and within Cyberspace! Cyberspace is a metaphysical space within our consciousness! It is ‘visualized’ within our Mind or Spirit!

Today, our Central Banks and their proxy banks create virtual currencies by merely ‘typing’ numbers into the computer screen (cyberspace). These ‘numbers’ are derived from their virtual/metaphysical MIND’S and then ‘typed’ into this artificial space which we call Cyberspace. Numbers or digits then get a ‘name’ and we are required to call these virtual digits by the official country ‘name’. Names like ‘dollar’, ‘yen’, ‘euro’, ‘krona’, ‘pound’, ‘rouble’, ‘yuan’, etc. These virtual currencies are given the official status of legal tender for all our purchases, valuations, investments, savings, and monetary exchanges. Look at your computer screen (now) to discern the nature of Cyberspace! Discern the difference between ‘seeing’ and ‘visualizing’! Most people get deceived because of this ‘difference’!


The ‘space’ called Cyberspace is different from the ‘space’ called Nature! Cyberspace is ‘visualized’ within our Mind whereas objects in Nature are ‘observed’ or ‘seen’ with our eyes! To avoid deception we need to differentiate!

Yes, we live (right now as you read this missive) in a new ‘space’ which we must ‘visualize’ within our metaphysical MIND’S and we then give this ‘space’ the name…Cyberspace. Cyberspace is not a material ‘thing’ or material ‘object’ within Nature. Cyberspace is ‘no thing’, ‘nothing with substance’, or we could say it is metaphysical (within our consciousness). The ‘space’ gets created when we connect a network of computers via WiFi, Cable, or Satellite. Our electro-magnetic spectrum creates frequencies which transfer our ‘words’, ‘text’, ‘numbers’, data, and ‘images’ from sender to receiver. Electronic frequencies circulate our ‘information’ (bits/bytes) within this metaphysical ‘space’ which we call Cyberspace. The result is communication, data transfer, and all our fiat currencies for our global markets!

All our fiat currencies (dollar, yen, pound, etc.) are now within Cyberspace. Bitcoin is also a cyber currency with no substance or physical existence! This virtual coin has ‘no’ value independent of a fiat dollar or similar official currency (which gives it a ‘price’)!

Today’s currencies ($$$, etc.) are virtual and within Cyberspace. They get digitized by our banksters so that ‘numbers’ (called legal tender) can be used for all our monetary transactions. Paper notes and metal coins are now being eliminated so that our banksters can promote their Cyber currencies. Sweden is now almost 100% cashless and out of any ‘material’ reality for their currency called the ‘krona’. The ‘krona’ is now merely a digit/bit/bytes within the computer screen (cyberspace). This electronic ‘digit’ gets created by the Central Bank (the Riksbank) and their satellite branch banks. The Central Banker of the Riksbank, Stephan Ingves, has been counterfeiting the digital ‘krona’ in the billions. Is he aware of what he is doing to the ‘value’ of the krona?

Stephan Ingves can counterfeit the Swedish Krona by merely ‘typing’ numbers into his Official on-line account! This is called QE by most of us! All banksters do similar under our fractional reserve banking system!

Official counterfeiting of any digital currency is now as easy as ‘typing’ numbers into an on-line computer account. There is no ‘printing’ necessary. There is no ‘minting’ of a coin necessary. All Stephan does is ‘decide’ within his metaphysical Mind what he desires to ‘type’ (called a policy decision) and the ‘numbers’ flow from his Mind to the computer screen via the punch of a button. Wau la, official ‘krona’ emerge into his on-line system account. He can now purchase ASSETS or whatever per his desire (policy). He can distort the ‘prices’ of any commodity, stock, bond, or virtual financial instrument. He can transfer ‘krona’ to any of his financial clients via the click of a mouse button! What a ‘deal’ this Central Banker can create for the Swedish marketplace! Money from his ‘inner’ heaven!

This Bankster has been counterfeiting billions of digital ‘euros’ and plans to add additional billions on December 3 (according to his official words)! Watch and witness on Dec. 3, 2015! Today, official ‘counterfeiting’ is as easy as typing ‘numbers’ into a computer account!

What our Central Bankers can do today is ‘visualize’ their virtual currencies (within their Mind) and then create virtual ‘digits’ within their virtual computer ACCOUNTS (by merely pressing computer buttons). What a deal for these Central Planners of finance, monetary policy, and economics. Life as a Central Banker is merely ‘thinking’ and then ‘actualizing’ their ‘inner’ visualizations via the computer screen (cyberspace). All this Ponzi finance must, at some point, be exposed for what it is…Corruption! Yes, we have ‘corrupt’ banksters, politicians, and monetary Central Planners. Now is the time to get aware and informed on these issues! Enjoy this brief missive on the dual realms of reality (‘seeing’ and ‘visualizing’)! I am:

P.S. Romans 12:2:  is a relevant scripture for the above missive! Enjoy!


Our Federal Reserve Computer ‘Command’ Center! Where?

November 27, 2015

Today, many Central Banks have trading rooms for manipulating our digital/cyber global markets. The U.S. Federal Reserve (our Central Bank) has their trading venue at 33 Liberty Street, New York, N.Y. The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed the head of the Markets Group who has command over the $4.2 trillion Fed portfolio. This British educated economist is called Simon Potter. Simon is now working on a plan to manipulate ‘interest rates’ if our FOMC adopts this policy on December 15-16.

The WSJ of November 24, 2015, revealed that our Central Bank currently has some 500 traders/analysts who now actively trade/monitor/manipulate our markets 24/7 and they all operate from the 33 Liberty Street venue. The article stated that traders are now monitoring our global markets around the clock. This is rather revealing as I have conjectured for years that trading activity on the 9th floor of the New York Fed Building is where manipulation of our markets starts.

It’s on the 8th, 9th, and 10th floors of this New York Fed building, 33 Liberty St., New York, where market manipulation occurs daily and where media information is missing. Some 500 traders/analysts occupy these floors. Why not some transparency on this operation?

Based on the information revealed in the WSJ article, it appears that the 500 traders/analysts occupy space on both the 8th and 9th floors of this building. On the 10th floor is where Simon Potter resides and this is likely where the Command Computer for the System is located. Yes, our Fed has a Command Computer for their unconstitutional money creating operation. The Fed is now our Central Planner! Our markets are now ‘digital’ and computer programs, algorithms, and trading strategies determine all our benchmark ‘prices’ and all our benchmark ‘interest rates’ within our markets.

Simon Potter works for this guy, William C. Dudley, CEO of the New York Fed!

We could call the ‘Command’ Computer by the name:  Open Market Computer or merely the QE manipulating Computer. This is where our ‘digital’ $ is created (typed into the computer screen as a ‘liability’ so ‘assets’ can be purchased with these counterfeit units). The ‘name’ Dollar is what we call our official legal tender unit (it’s our tender for all debts, public and private). Today, with a ‘digital’ $ and a Command Computer, our Fed can monitor, control, manipulate, and rig the entire American financial marketplace (if they so choose). What a change from the days when gold was money and our dollar was defined as units of gold.

William Dudley works for this lady, Janet L. Yellen, Chairman of the Federal Reserve System! She is one of our Central Planners!

Stock prices can now be monitored, controlled, and rigged. Bond prices, mortgage interest rates, benchmark interest rates, savings rates, and commodity prices can be manipulated and rigged at this trading venue on the 8th, 9th, and 10th floors of the New York Fed Building. Today, our Fed is the Central Planning operation for our American Ponzi Capitalism. Free and private markets have disappeared so that a Central Planning operation can control, monitor, and rig all our markets, prices, and values.

This is the Eccles Building in Washington D.C., headquarters of our Federal Reserve System! Janet Yellen and the Federal Open Market Committee meet in this building (next meeting Dec. 15-16, 2015). 

Today, we live with digital/cyber/computer money which circulates within our computer screens as our official legal tender. High frequency trading, algorithmic trading, and automated trading occurs from this central location in New York City as well as day trading operations. Recent news states that a satellite operation (another trading venue) is now being installed in the city of Chicago, Illinois. This satellite operation appears to be in operation as I write this missive. News is not transparent, however, and the motives and schemes for this new satellite operation are secret as of now.

Our digital/cyber money gets created by ‘typing’ numbers (called dollars) into the computer screen (today this can be in the $billions or even $trillions). The cyber units get recorded as a ‘liability’ then an ‘asset’ (after a loan or asset occurs). Who benefits? Who suffers?

What we all need to recognize is that we no longer live with Free Market Capitalism and Private Markets. Today, we live mostly in Cyberspace with our currency ($)…and our currency unit is really an ‘imaginary’ unit/digit within the computer screen (cyberspace). Cyberspace is what you witness as you read this missive with your eyes. Cyberspace is an extension of my/your Consciousness (also called the MIND). Cyberspace is non-physical, non-material, metaphysical, and IMAGINARY. Think of ‘cyberspace’ as an artificial ‘space’ where ideas, thoughts, words, text, images, numbers reside for purposes of communication/information!

Think of money today as bits/bytes or digits (revealed as images within cyberspace)! We all live with ‘imaginary’ money today!

Cyberspace is not the same as Observable Space (that which we experience when we walk outdoors). Cyberspace is ‘artificial’ and ‘metaphysical’ and it gets created when we connect computers into a network for purposes of transferring information from sender to receiver. Today, our money markets, finance markets, investment markets, currency markets, and all commodity markets reside within cyberspace to some degree. All ‘prices’ get determined within this ‘artificial’ space which we call Cyberspace! This is why markets can be manipulated, controlled, and rigged via our network of connected computers. Trading strategies and central planning decisions can rig all the markets!

All our markets are now interconnected into networks! Central Bankers have their network. Investment bankers have their network. Traders and electronic exchanges have their networks!

Visualize our planet within your conscious mind (now). Visualize a planet of traders and people who are all ‘connected’ via a global network of computers. This is our marketplace today! We live with a global internet (a connected network of computers operating within cyberspace). This network also allows our Central Planners (and their Command Computers) to create our money and manipulate all our markets. On December 3, Mario Draghi, may choose to create additional cyber ‘euros’ for his Command Computer account. He will then use these new counterfeit currency units to further manipulate interest rates within the Euro markets. This is reality in 2015 and all markets are now rigged and manipulated! Ben Shalom Bernanke, our prior Fed Chairman, started the trend of cyber money creation (QE) and it is now ubiquitous!

This is what is now emerging! A New World Order/Dis-order! Elites in control! You and I become slaves of the elite rulers!

Chip money is already here! Identity marks are necessary to control the future marketplace! What is now emerging is the ‘Mark of the Beast’ money system for the entire planet!

The End Game of our money masters (operating behind closed doors) will likely be a RESET of all cyber currencies and a global ‘Mark of the Beast’ number system for our money. This is already present to a degree and the final push will likely happen when our global Stock Markets start to crash and collapse. This could start any day or it may be delayed for a few months. Watch what happens on December 15 – 16, when our Central Planners meet to discuss an increase in U.S. interest rates. Whatever decision is forthcoming will likely start the period of hyper-uncertainty and a crash of our markets could follow.

Religion and Politics desires to conspire for Global Rulership of planet Earth! Man likes to play God and Rule over the masses!

Our Global Pope Francis desires part of the Rulership over planet Earth!

Another Gang of elites who desire to Rule over the masses!

One World Military and One Global Bank for the planet!

Transforming our planet via Agenda 2030! This starts January 1, 2016!

In conclusion I will state that our markets today are not Free, Private, or Capitalistic. We live today in a controlled and manipulated marketplace with rigged prices and values. At some point people will wake-up to this reality. Confidence can change from positive to negative in minutes today. A flash crash of a major index (like the Dow, Nikkei, Hang Seng, Shanghai, Ftse 100, Dax, or Cac 40) could be the initiator of this coming financial Armageddon. Deflation will follow! Cyber warfare will follow! Watch and wake-up! I am:


Silver Summit – ‘none’ comprehend today’s metaphysical currencies!

November 24, 2015

After attending my sixth Silver Summit in San Francisco, November 23-24, I would like to share my perceptions about this event with my blog readers. First of all, not one speaker (whom I listened to) mentioned any the following words at the Summit: cyber money, digital currencies, cyberspace, algorithm, algorithmic trading, automated trading, fiat currencies, robots, electronic trading, electronic money, electronic exchanges, changes in the definition of the dollar over time, digital trading strategies, tick transactions, cyber crime, or Central Bank trading desks. All the speakers seemed to assume that our global currencies and the ‘dollar’ have fixed/unchanging meanings. And these speakers were the elite of the Hard Money Camp at this conference. Some of the conclusions of these elite were as follows:

  1. Frank Holmes: a better 2016 is coming for silver/gold investors. As usual, Frank seems positive and general in his perspective!
  2. Mike Maloney: deflation coming before hyper-inflation. Silver/gold prices could decline for possibly the next couple of years. Silver could go down to $7 – $9 area. The end game, however will create price explosions for both silver and gold. The end game is emerging! Mike’s presentation was well received and his evidence and history was superb!
  3. Jeffrey Christian: prices of silver and gold will likely increase modestly. Silver should remain in the range of $14 – $16 for the next couple of years. There is no manipulation of prices by our Central Bankers. Bill Murphy and Ed Steer from Gata are false prophets (who don’t know what they are talking about). Jeff thinks he can debunk any of their arguments. I talked to Jeff on three separate occasions. He suggested that the New York Fed has some 12 traders (on the 9th floor of the N.Y. Fed building –  not the 400 which I suggested)…which I derived from an internet blog called the Wall Street on Parade. He said the Treasury has 2 traders which trade the markets. The huge trading room on the 9th floor, according to Jeff,  also consists of bank surveillance officers and other banking officials which do not trade the markets. He seems to think that there are few trading activities taking place on this 9th floor. Jeff is devilishly clever with his ‘words’. After proposing the scenario of Central Bankers desiring to manipulate the gold price via ‘shorts’ and ‘naked shorts’ (for political reasons) Jeff implied that this would be illegal. He implied that our Central Bankers have no interest in ‘suppressing’ silver/gold prices! Yet he acknowledged that he and I could use the electronic futures markets to suppress prices, even though this would be technically illegal. When I asked Jeff his definition of the word ‘dollar’ he seemed stumped. My sense is that Jeff has a mission to debunk anyone and everyone who desires to get to the bottom of all the price manipulations which now occur within our computer cyber markets. Jeff is very intelligent but also very clever with his word choices. Beware of this expert (he might be a secret implant of the Central Banking Authorities). This is my speculation (I have no solid evidence)! My perception from talking with him at length, however, is that he desires to support ONLY the official view of finance/economics. He is not interested in pursuing any corruption within our Political/Economic profession.  Jeff seemed very near to desiring to ‘punch’ me out at one point in our dialogue! His dislike for my questions and his mental angst was evident! We did shake hands at the conclusion!
  4. Bill Murphy: his presentation was my favorite as I agreed with his logic and evidence of continual price suppression by our elite Central Authorities. does have some concrete evidence on the nature of silver/gold price manipulation/suppression. Take the time to learn more from this expert!
  5. Ed Steer: his presentation was more technical but also excellent and very comprehensive. There appear to be from 4 to 8 major banks which hold most of the short positions in silver/gold and the current short positions are at levels much beyond what average traders would try to implement. Manipulation of price seemed well supported by his evidence and logic. I do support the work of
  6. Grant Williams: this presenter gave a strong overview of why prices of gold and silver will explode upward in the near future. His logic was impeccable and his charts and history were also excellent. Gold and silver will eventually resume their upward trend when the price manipulation stops or when all the existing supplies are in strong hands and off the Comex markets. Comex gold supplies are now declining daily and the Asian markets are becoming the new source for price discovery.
  7. Rick Rule: a couple more years of price declines (seems likely) but a real BULL market for silver/gold is dawning! Now is the time to start accumulating for this eventual BULL event! Rick is a great speaker and presenter.
  8. Rob McEwen: the current bear market could be near a bottom. Buy MUX as it now looks like Argentina will have political policies favorable for mining. A new leader has emerged in Argentina with the recent election. Rob would avoid Africa as the environment is too hostile!
  9. Marin Katusa: is now investing heavily in select mining stocks. I talked with him about the likelihood that silver/gold prices have been manipulated and suppressed. He talked briefly about his view but not with conviction. He said that we does not buy into the narrative. He did not desire to discuss further details on the subject of price manipulation! I did find his views very sound in other areas and he certainly has excellent logic and sound thinking!

Conclusion: My sense is that ‘none’ of the speakers at this conference understands the ‘metaphysical’ nature of our fiat/cyber currencies. None would talk about cyber currencies, digital money, or the nature of cyberspace. None talked about our electronic markets or all the automated trading which now is ubiquitous. None even used the ‘word’ digital or cyber in any of their presentations. My sense is that ‘none’ of these Hard Money Elite seemed aware of the ‘nature’ of our cyber currencies (now circulating within ‘cyberspace’) or the ‘nature’ of the spiritual/metaphysical trading activities (also within cyberspace) which now make up finance and economics. This lack of understanding (of our metaphysical currencies) may be why these experts are mostly deceived about price manipulations, price suppression, and the political reasons why our Central Planners desire to create a New World Order with cyber money as their ‘tool’! The attendance at this Summit was only around 300 people and this may suggest that the END of a trend (price suppression) may be very near! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. After returning home from the Silver Summit, I noticed a Wall Street Journal article about the New York Fed’s market group in the November 24, 2015 edition. This article makes it clear that Jeffrey Christian’s concepts (above) of the trading taking place at the New York Fed can not be correct. The WSJ states that Simon Potter, current head of the Markets Group, claims that he is in charge of some 500 traders and analysts on the 8th and 9th floors of this building. I thought I should add this piece of info for new readers of this missive as the above data supplied to me by Jeffrey Christian (at the Silver Summit in San Francisco, Ca.) appears substantially inaccurate. What are all these traders doing from 4:30 a.m. til late into the evening. Would manipulation of our markets be part of the task of these traders?


Gold and Silver Bugs – ‘deceived’ and ‘confused’!

November 20, 2015

After some 15 years of cyber money (now ubiquitous) our gold/silver media and their pundits (even the most savvy pundits) seem lost in a fog of deception and confusion. Let’s talk about a couple of obvious issues. Algorithms and Cyberspace are the issues to think about! I have not witnessed recently  (from the most esteemed media pundits within the Hard Money crowd) any serious understanding about how our gold/silver ‘prices’ are ‘discovered’…prices which now appear within our computer screen markets daily. What determines the ‘spot’ price of silver and gold today? What trading strategies and mechanisms are used for ‘price discovery’ and ‘value discovery’ today? What are ‘algorithms’? Who uses them and why? What is ‘virtual’ silver and ‘virtual’ gold (as compared to metal coins and bars)? What is the difference?

Our money has changed! The Reality of money is now in ‘cyberspace’! Who comprehends? Reality is now mostly ‘metaphysical’!

How can coded Algorithms control and bracket the ‘spot’ price of gold and silver in real-time (and deceive those who seek real ‘price discovery’ based upon supply/demand)? What is the difference between ‘price discovery’ using physical money (like paper notes and metal coins) vs. ‘price discovery’ using cyber trading strategies within cyberspace (like ‘naked shorts’ and ‘algorithms’ to bracket and control prices within our computer screens)? Are you aware that nearly ALL ‘price discovery’ today happens within our computer screens? Yes, cyberspace is what we witness within our computer screens. Look now at your computer screen for evidence! The concept called ‘cyberspace’ is key to understanding reality!

Answer: NO! Prices are now determined via virtual/cyber trading! Nearly all ‘prices’ (dollars, etc.) are units of consciousness!

Prior to cyberspace, ‘price discovery’ was determined by people (traders, buyers, sellers, brokers, investors, and farmers). Prices emerged from the actual exchange of real physical money from party to counterparty. Prices reflected real exchanges within the supply/demand model where real physical products were being exchanged. Today, we witness a different marketplace. Machines have mostly replaced people. Trading is now NOT in observable space BUT within ‘cyberspace’. Yes, this virtual/artificial space called ‘cyberspace’ is where most trades take place. So what is ‘cyberspace’ when compared to real ‘observable’ space (like the traditional marketplace or the farmers market place which exchanged real physical products)? What is this space called ‘cyberspace’?

Prices now emerge in milliseconds as cyber transactions happen (each ‘tick’ is a transactions)! Machines create our ‘prices’ and ‘prices’ are metaphysical representations (the same as the mental abstraction called our ‘dollar’)!

Cyberspace is that space which we witness within our computer screens and which technically does not exist as a real entity. Cyberspace is metaphysical! Cyberspace transfers ‘virtual’ objects which are derived from our inner consciousness (mind). Yes, our inner metaphysical ‘consciousness’ (also called our MIND) is the source of trading/betting/speculating…and exchanges take place within this artificial space called ‘cyberspace’. To help with exchanges and trades we now use ‘ALGORITHMS’ to enter and exit from a trading platform. These coded algorithms have metaphysical ‘instructions’ (if/then statements) which operate at the speed of light as bets/trades/transactions are ‘clicked’ within our computer screens. This new venue (cyberspace) has replaced the traditional Open Out-cry System where people created our ‘prices’!

Algorithms and robots can now monitor, control, and bracket the ‘spot’ prices of a commodity! Central Planners with their computer machines control the system! We now live within a Centrally Planned Global Economy! Agenda 2030 starts January 1, 2016!

What does all this mean for traders/investors/speculators/buyers/sellers? This means that we can now trade ‘virtual’ objects (within cyberspace) which technically DO NOT EXIST and call this cyber exchange a trade. I can trade ‘virtual’ gold, ‘virtual silver, ‘virtual’ stocks, ‘virtual’ bonds, and ‘virtual’ commodities and then assume that these ‘virtual’ objects (within cyberspace) are REAL (that they represent ‘observable’ reality). Why does this deception fool nearly everyone who trades on our electronic/cyber markets today? Prior conditioning to ‘observable’ space and ‘observable’ products have now deceived the majority of pundits and experts into believing that ‘virtual’ objects (within our computer screens) are equivalent to REAL objects (from within ‘observable’ space)!

Central Planners (at trading desks behind closed doors) control and rig our markets! Digits are money! Who creates the ‘digits’?

Our Central Planners have used deception and cyberspace as a ‘tool’ to confuse and deceive nearly everyone in the marketplace. In the last 15 or so years practically all financial instruments have been transferred from ‘observable’ space into ‘cyberspace’. Virtual objects (cyberspace objects) have replaced physical objects (paper, coins, notes, etc.). Sweden is now nearly 98% cashless (Swedes operate within ‘cyberspace’ for nearly all their transactions). All countries are following this lead into ‘cyberspace’ and ‘virtual’ reality. It works (to a degree) as the human MIND can not normally distinguish between that which is ‘imaginary’ and that which is ‘outside the mind’. This creates confusion and deception…BIG TIME!

Nearly all trading is now electronic and within this artificial space called ‘cyberspace’! Isn’t it time to discern what this space is all about?

Reality is derived from my/your ‘consciousness’ also called our ‘mind’. So all reality appears as ‘images’ within our minds. Images (whether ‘virtual’ of ‘real’) appear to be real and appear to be operational units of information. Deception can be created by changing physical objects (say real silver/gold coins) into VIRTUAL objects and symbols within the computer screen. Bitcoin is an example. Bitgold is another example. Both these ‘virtual’ objects appear to function as REAL objects as our MIND’S allow images to seem real (within our ‘consciousness’). Appearance is reality for most people. Deception, however, is what often occurs when objects, names, symbols, images get transferred from ‘observable’ space into ‘cyberspace’! Our Central Planners seem to prefer DECEPTION!

This image of ‘cyberspace’ conveys what? This ‘space’ is really metaphysical and ‘within’ our consciousness! Try locate it? Try find it? Try smell, feel, see, hear, or taste it! Where is it?

Today, ‘price discovery’ is determined within this artificial space called ‘cyberspace’. Nearly ALL prices are now determined within the computer screens via trading activity from all parts of our planet. Cyber traders, cyber buyers, cyber sellers, cyber lenders, cyber speculators, cyber robots, cyber algorithms,  cyber currencies, and cyber ‘price discovery’ is what we witness today! All this takes place within this ‘metaphysical’ space called CYBERSPACE. Cyberspace has replaced ‘observable’ space and few can discern the difference. Our deceived gold/silver pundits seem totally UNAWARE that this change has occurred. Listen to the experts within the Hard Money crowd (I have). I could name nearly all of them! My estimate is that 99% of them are DECEIVED (but unaware of their deception)!

Historical charts are mostly meaningless in today’s manipulated, rigged, and controlled cyber markets! All the deceived pundits, however, have not discerned this reality (as yet)!

Currently, our Central Planners love this deception within the Hard Money crowd. This means that these criminals can continue to manipulate, rig, and control the real thermometer for our financial system (the ‘spot’ price of gold and silver). This can be accomplished (behind closed doors) and via cyber trading strategies. Naked shorts and similar ‘virtual’ trading strategies can monitor, rig, control, and bracket the CYBER PRICE of gold and silver (now within this artificial/metaphysical space which resides within one’s consciousness). QE derives from consciousness. Naked shorts derive from consciousness. All prices now derive from consciousness and get displayed within our computer screens (cyberspace). And our Central Planners have CONTROL over the money digits and the trading options as they control the SYSTEM.

Consciousness (is where ‘prices’ come from)! Our ‘dollar’ comes from this source! What is ‘consciousness’? Where is it? Do you live within your own ‘consciousness’? I think that I do!

On the 9th floor of the New York Federal Reserve building are some 400 traders working for our corrupt Federal Reserve System. Our Central Bank of all Central Banks, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has two trading venues where cyber manipulations and price rigging can occur. Yes, we now live in a world where select Central Planners (I would call them cyber criminals) can manipulate, rig, and control most any ‘price’ on this planet. Stock markets are rigged. Bond markets are rigged. Derivative markets are rigged. Currency markets are rigged. Libor is rigged. The spot prices of silver/gold are rigged. Commodity markets are rigged. All markets are rigged via machines, algorithms, virtual trading strategies, Centrally controlled computers, and human criminal consciousness (the MIND’S of our Central Planners and their proxies)!

This Central Planner wants ‘more’ cyber/digits and ‘fake’ euros for his clients! Who is this Central Planner from Europe? Where does he think up his ‘euro’ digits for his System Computer Account?

Wake-up and think about what is happening in FRONT of your virtual/cyber/eyes. The computer screen is currently directly in FRONT of your inner conscious MIND. Can you discern what is happening in FRONT of your face? We live in a computer driven market which operates within CYBERSPACE. Cyberspace is a metaphysical space (within our consciousness)! It’s time for the Hard Money crowd to wake-up and think about the realities which operate in FRONT of each person’s face. Reality is different today when compared to prior history. We live today with a global internet and a global cyber marketplace. It’s all rigged, manipulated, controlled, and monitored! Start thinking about current reality. Enjoy! I am:




The ‘Ultimate’ Delusion! STATE vs. INDIVIDUAL! Both Lose!

November 18, 2015

The STATE are those who Rule over the masses whom they represent. These STATE individuals (Putin, Hollande, Obama) desire to act on behalf of all who they represent (a group of individuals). But who is this STATE in reality? Is the STATE superior to the ‘Individual’? Is the STATE more important than the ‘Individual’? Can the STATE eliminate the ‘Individual’ who differs with this STATE? Today, we have administrators who claim to act for the STATE. Mr. Putin acts for what he views as his STATE (Russia). Mr. Hollande acts for what he views as his STATE (France). And Mr. Obama acts for what he views as his STATE (America). But what is this STATE in reality? Is this concept superior to the ‘Individual’? Who is the STATE (in reality) and who is superior…the STATE or the INDIVIDUAL?

Killing bodies (say ISIS revolutionaries) does not eliminate the underlying metaphysical issues (which are in the mind)! What is the ‘theology’ of ISIS? Does anyone know?

Today, we have Mr. Hollande, acting as The STATE (France) killing individuals on behalf of his STATE. Mr. Hollande is bombing individuals called ISIS to maintain his position of Authority and ego. Mr. Putin is bombing and killing via his STATE system (bombs and killing over in Syria) to maintain his ego. Mr. Obama is acting as his STATE and sending Drones to kill individuals which he views as against his STATE (America). What are we witnessing in real-time as these STATE individuals continue bombing and killing other individuals (who do not view themselves as part of these STATES). Individuals are using ‘violence’ to supposedly solve counter ‘violence’. This ‘tit’ for ‘tat’ philosophy is a Lose/Lose mindset (in today’s world)!

A planet of ‘equals’ is the only real solution!

In reality, we are witnessing select ‘individuals’ (called the STATE) using ‘guns’ to kill other ‘individuals’ who also have used ‘guns’ for their cause. This could be viewed as violence trying to overcome counter violence. Is this a strategy which will bring resolution and peace? I don’t think so! Violence by STATE individuals against Non-State individuals is violence against violence. Both are using ‘negative’ behavior! Where does this lead ULTIMATELY? It leads to eventual TOTAL destruction of all mankind on this planet. Negative behavior produces counter Negative behavior! Individuals killing and bombing other Individuals is a Lose/Lose strategy! This ULTIMATELY leads to killing and counter killing (total destruction of all mankind is the END result)!

Action and Reaction is built into ‘human nature’!

We now need to THINK about what is happening on our planet. There is NO solution to the issues (ISIS and the STATE) given what is now happening. Killing leads to counter Killing! Attempting to eliminate one ‘individual’ to preserve another ‘individual’ leads to elimination of both ‘individuals’ (eventually)…and the END result is total destruction of life on this planet! The issues today need more introspection, reflection, and thought about the philosophy being used by both the STATE and the Non-State (select groups and individuals). We are now at the END of the AGE of Capitalism and Western Society! If a NEW society is to emerge, we now need to THINK prior to acting. We now need a Win/Win strategy!

Violence is a cycle which creates ‘negative’ behavior to overcome ‘negative’ behavior! There are NO winners (ultimately)!

The STATE is really nothing more than select ‘individuals’ (Putin, Hollande, Obama) using their strategies to counter another group of select individuals (say ISIS or Hamas or Etc.). Who wins? Neither! Both will lose big-time! The end result is TOTAL destruction of all life on this planet (eventually). Violence begets counter Violence in today’s world. Negative killing begets counter Negative killing. We now need a NEW mentality if any progress is to develop. We need a Win/Win strategy which ends up with all ‘individuals’ on this planet relating as ‘EQUALS’. This is the American Dream and the ONLY strategy which will bring peace and security to everyone! Think about behavior and then the consequences of ONE’S behavior! I am:

P.S. The real ‘battle’ is metaphysical/spiritual (a battle within the mind/consciousness). Seeking ‘reality’ or ‘truth’ is what is now needed! Think!

I need $535 billion to buy up Au! Collapse the rigging!

November 17, 2015

I would like to purchase 500,000,000 ounces of Au (the physical metal) to show our corrupt Central Planners that their cyber/algorithmic ‘naked short’ derivative scheme can not work. I need someone to lend me $535 billion to accomplish this goal. We will purchase coins and bars and use these physical items as collateral for this loan. If you want to borrow the $535 billion and then lend to me, this is also O.K. With today’s interest rates near zero, we could borrow long-term and store these metals as our ‘store’ of value for short-term uses. My offer extends a 50/50 sharing of any gains. This purchase can be executed in phases to maximize price discovery (the lowest purchase price).

What a great ‘value’ we have for Au today! Only $1070/ounce! Potential for gain is unlimited! Let me know if you can lend me $535 billion!

Since the spot price is now only $1070/ounce, this is the perfect time to buy LOW and sell HIGH at a later date. The price rigging is allowing us this one-time opportunity to buy at prices which are near a low and with potential for huge gains going forward. NOW is the time to act. A cyber loan of our ‘fake’ cyber dollars can be acquired locally, nationally, or internationally. The lender receives the metals as 100% collateral for this mere $535 billion loan. Any creative lender should see this as a great opportunity for profit and also a sound and secure loan. We can store our precious metals in a mutually agreed upon location.

We can store our collateral at a mutually acceptable facility and location!

As of today, the cyber claims on each ounce of gold at the COMEX are some 300 times the actual physical supply. This is totally corrupt and it is now time to  break this criminal control over this historical Constitutional metal. Our Constitution calls for gold and/or silver as our money. Our corrupt Central Planners have created a ‘Mark of the Beast’ currency which is totally within our imagination (cyberspace). Now is the time to be pro-active on this issue. I will be the buyer if someone can provide me this loan. $535 billion is peanuts to some of our billionaires. Especially, when the collateral for this loan will be the underlying physical metal (gold). As a valuation consultant I understand ‘value’!

The potential for gain is huge! The spot price today is only $1070. What a deal!

Today’s price of $1070 is so suppressed from reality that NOW is the time to lend me these cyber funds. If a bank wants to create this $535 billion OUT-OF-NOTHING, then so be it. I will buy gold in coins and bars and store this collateral in a mutually acceptable location. We can insure the total so that the when sales are made from this hoard, the proceeds can be split 50/50. Let’s act now as the cyber spot prices are much below what most people view as its real VALUE (in the marketplace). Au is a great ‘store’ of value during the coming financial collapse and the coming RESET of our financial markets! Think on this offer and contact me if you desire to make this loan! I am:



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