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ABORTION no longer legal (Federally)! States will now decide!

June 24, 2022
Trump’s appointments made the difference!
Pro Life crowd likes the decision of our Supreme Court!
The Pro Choice crowd will disagree and protest this decision!

Our Supreme Court overturned the ‘ROE’ abortion issue with a 6-3 vote. The issue will now become a STATE issue. Some State’s will allow abortion and others will not. Since the original decision in 1973, some 60+ million legal abortions have occurred. This is an average of over 1 million/year. But is this issue a Constitutional issue? Some say Yes and some say NO!

The Supreme Court vote in 1973 said YES! The vote today says NO! What does this reveal? Are decisions SUBJECTIVE and changing with the members on the COURT? I think so! So-called ‘conservative’ members mostly think abortion is NOT an issue expressed within our Constitution. Liberal members, however, read this right into our Constitution. It’s all a matter of ‘interpretation’ and very ‘subjective’.

I have expressed my personal view many times. I am simultaneously PRO CHOICE and also PRO LIFE. Choice comes first as I view reality as ‘subjective’. Moral ideas are subjective (for me) and each adult person must make their OWN decision on issues of morality and other personal life issues. I prefer LIFE over DEATH but that is MY worldview. I honor anyone who has a ‘contrarian’ viewpoint. We each ‘interpret’ reality differently. Have you noticed this reality in your own venue?

Is a 7 month fetus a human being? The original Roe/Wade decision allowed a fetus less than 28 weeks to be legally aborted. The view was called ‘viability’! Today, many have reduced this to 15 weeks (some to 5 weeks). It’s all very subjective and each person must weigh in on the subjectivity on their own. Personally, I like those who put LIFE first. But I also respect those who see the issue differently. This means I must speak for myself on this issue! What is a ‘person’? Is a fetus a ‘person’? We see this reality differently!

What will be the implications of this decision for our country? My sense is that it will further ‘polarize’ the citizen/voter. We could witness a 50/50 split on this issue when election time comes (this November). Most God believers will view a PRO LIFE view as meaningful. Most secular thinkers will view PRO CHOICE as meaningful. Most of my older friends here in Arizona are PRO CHOICE. My Christian friends are mostly PRO LIFE. It’s all a matter of BELIEF and based on one’s WORLDVIEW.

But the abortion issue will get much MEDIA attention and this means that the voter (come November) will find this issue polarizing and also meaningful when entering the voting booth. Most democrats will vote for those who are PRO CHOICE and most republicans (the conservative ones) will vote PRO LIFE. Personally, I am PRO CHOICE and simultaneously PRO LIFE. I will choose LIFE over death when I must choose! The killing of a fetus is a rather gruesome visualization.

I call this using pliers to remove the body! It’s rather gruesome!

American’s, however, must allow an adult person to determine their own morality on all these issues of life. God is not on our planet to decide for each person. This means that each (adult) person must CHOOSE their own morality and then accept responsibility for this decision. That is my worldview!

It is interesting that ladies who get pregnant within the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) tend to choose an abortion 52% of the time. Amazing! Our politicians are (apparently) quite sexually active (so it seems) and young ladies get pregnant in this venue more often that any other venue in America. For example the State of Missouri has less than 1% (who get pregnant) choosing abortion. Our political CAPITOL (in contrast) has 52% (who get pregnant) choosing an abortion. All this might change going forward??? Or maybe it won’t???

Anyway, the decision of our SUPREME COURT was historic. After some 50 years a reversal in the legal argument has occurred. Donald Trump and his administration will get some credit for this outcome. Biden and his administration will try to reverse this outcome in our Federal Courts as events continue. The issue is polarizing and will not create UNITY for the American voter. That is my view!

I am: Donald B. Swenson (Svensson), Economist/Philosopher,

Big Currency Changes in Progress! Prepare for TWO polar Systems (EAST/WEST)!

June 23, 2022
BRICS (the EAST) will start their own RESERVE currency to compete with the WEST!

Our digital economy is changing rapidly. What is emerging are TWO polar economic systems. We can call them the EAST and the WEST. As I write the EAST (the BRICS) are developing a new RESERVE Currency for the EAST. The WEST is also developing a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) for their system. Russia, China, India, Brazil, and South Africa want their own RESERVE currency.

So we will soon have market chaos within all these markets as these changes evolve. My sense is that Russia will be significant within the BRICS (Brazil/Russia/India/China/South Africa) system. China could also be significant. Within the WEST the dollar, pound, yen, and euro will be significant. All this change is a result of this Ukraine War situation. Our world of commerce is fragmenting!

The WEST wants a uni-polar world system and the EAST wants a multi-polar system. The fight is now in progress and this is producing TWO polar systems for global commerce. The remainder of 2022 will lead to these TWO polar systems as fighting continues over Ukraine, NATO, and war issues. All this will also lead to a World War at some point. I see no solution as the EAST and the WEST will not compromise. What a mess!

The new RESERVE currencies will be DIGITAL. The EAST will tie their digital currencies to some commodity (probably gold and/or oil). The WEST will attempt to work with a pure ‘digital’ marketplace with Central Banks manipulating all asset prices. The systems are not compatible so we will likely witness much confusion over trade issues going forward. Instability and confusion will be everywhere.

The WEST is now in recession (IMO). The EAST is heading for recession. We could witness huge defaults within the DEBT structure in the next year or so. Interest rates are increasing and asset prices are crashing. The real estate industry will soon be in decline. In Phoenix, the listings are going up rapidly and this means that prices will eventually be declining. The BUBBLE is soon over for real estate.

Europe is in BIG trouble economically as well. As America goes further into recession we could witness Europe following by this fall. The DEBT problems in Europe are similar to America. Once prices decline by 20% or more, the entire sector will be in bankruptcy. Will the Central Banks pivot to easy money by this fall? This is possible. But this will actually make the problems more DIRE. There is no solution!

Debts and deficits are much too high and a decline in all markets is needed. This is starting NOW in the USA and Europe will witness similar by this fall. China and the EAST will also have similar issues starting in 2023. The entire system of global commerce is collapsing. All these digital currencies are part of the problem. All are VIRTUAL units which have no TIE to physical reality. This produces a decoupling with all the markets. Algorithms are used to manipulate our prices. It’s all diabolical.

Our Central Banks manipulate their algorithms to try and create positive sentiment for traders and investors. But this will make issues much worse going forward. The electronic markets are mostly DECOUPLED from material reality. This produces artificial changes in prices even as the production situation gets more dire. Digital currencies are unstable when asset prices decline and crash.

Prepare for BIG changes in the coming months. The EAST will have their markets (and their RESERVE currency) and the WEST will have theirs. Nothing will be stable under this dual polar system. At some point we will need to restructure the entire GLOBAL system of commerce. This could happen in 7 to 10 years. For the time being, it LOOKS like the EAST will fight the WEST. What a mess!

I am: Donald B. Swenson (Svensson), Economist/Philosopher,

A Rhetorical Enunciation that makes SENSE! Listen and Reflect on the Words!

June 21, 2022

The words of our last Messiah (32-33 A.D.) are relevant today. His message was an enunciation which will bring us peace, justice, and freedom for the entire planet. God the Father is the author of our peace and freedom and his word was given to Yeshua (Jesus) for enunciation. Listen to the words and reflect on the meaning! It’s as relevant today as it was when given in the original!

This politician has a message that rings TRUE (listen):

This singer has enunciation which makes sense to me. Listen to his words and the message:

The words of Yeshua (our last Messiah from the Father) enunciated the following words (translated into English from historical Aramaic):

Our Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, As it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, The power, and the glory, For ever and ever. Amen

Yeshua (Jesus) being Aramaic would have said these words as follows:

Abwoon d’bashmaya Netqaddash shmak Teete malkutah Nehvwey tzevyannach aykanna d’bashmaya aph b’arha Havlan lahma d’sunqananan yaomana Washbwoqlan haubvayn aykana daph hnan shbvoqan l’hayyabayn Wela tahlan le’ynesyuna. Ela patzan min bisha Metul dilakhe malkuta wahayla wateshbuhta l’ahlam almin Amen

Read more at:

The MESSAGE is clear to me. Our Creator God (Yahweh/Father) is King of our planet and he must give us our peace, justice, and freedom. You and I are impotent to bring this event to planet Earth. Our politicians are impotent. All the efforts of leaders who try to bring peace, justice, and freedom are impotent. There is only ONE SOURCE which can bring us peace, justice, and freedom. Listen to the words for understanding!

I am: Donald B. Swenson (Svensson),

Putin’s Speech at St. Petersburg International Economic Conference! “Unipolar World Is OVER”!

June 17, 2022
Vladimir gives us HIS viewpoint on issues of the day!

Vladimir Putin sees the WEST as barking up a tree that has no meaningful future. He proclaimed (today) that the Uni-polar World is over and Russia will prevail over America and NATO. He views inflation as a creation of the Central Banks via their QE actions. He says his special military operation was forced upon him by the WEST. He had no choice but to protect his security interests. He views the economic sanctions as detrimental to all who desire progress within commerce. You can visit his viewpoint here:

What is obvious is that Russia (under Putin) will not back down to the military counter actions of the WEST (America/NATO). Putin says that he has no problem with Ukraine joining Europe. This is their choice and if Europe wants them to join he will not object. What Putin wants is a Multi-polar World with Russia as one of the actors on the world stage. His desires are Multi-polar for planet Earth!

My sense is that Russia (under Putin) will ultimately prevail over the WEST on the CORE issues of what kind of world will emerge. The WEST’S view that the world must be run under a Uni-polar structure (with the WEST in control) is obviously not realistic. Our world is made up of billions of ‘viewpoints’. Viewpoints are subjective and this means agreement on the CORE issues will diverge. The idea of a Uni-polar voice for the planet is ridiculous IMO. Every ‘viewpoint’ must be FREE! Man’s RULE is our ‘problem’!

The Kingdom Government will give us this real FREEDOM. Man’s political governments desire one voice to rule over all. This is ridiculous and can not work in real-time. As I write we have Man’s governments ruling this planet. Putin wants his voice to be ultimate. Biden wants his voice to be ultimate. Xi wants his voice to be ultimate, etc. All political leaders want THEIR voice to be Uni-polar (ultimate). This is ridiculous! Reality is subjective and diverse. ONE voice can not RULE over others!

Our planet consists of 8 billion voices (all subjective/unique). Each voice must be FREE. This can not happen under Man’s rule. We need our Creator’s Rule if this is to happen. Where is Man’s rule leading us? We are heading for WAR and eventual CONFLICT over who will rule/control the planet. Who should RULE is the issue! Biden and the WEST desires THEIR voice (called Democracy) to rule (all to be accomplished via a One World Government System). One Anti-Christ over the entire planet seems to be the plan!

Putin and Xi want THEIR voice (called a Multi-polar world voice) to rule. Biden and the WEST want a Uni-polar voice. I can understand the CONFLICT of issues of RULERSHIP and CONTROL. The WEST has a different point-of-view on many issues of politics from that of Putin and Xi. We could add many other political actors to the list (each different). ALL want the ultimate VOICE when push comes to shove. It’s all about POWER politics and CONTROL over the planet’s system. You and I are victims!

None of this rulership by MAN can work for our planet IMO. All these POWER viewpoints lead to WAR and CONFLICT. Total destruction of our planet is the END RESULT under Man’s Rule. We can witness the beginning of this war/conflict with the Ukraine War. I see this as the beginning of WW III. It will get MUCH more DIRE as events continue. Neither Russia (Putin) nor the WEST (Biden/NATO/EUROPE) will relent. Each will continue the CONFLICT until mass destruction occurs for the many!

Tit for Tat will continue until the NUCLEAR bombs fall upon major cities of our planet. It’s POWER politics in the making. Man’s desire to RULE is the problem. God is ignored. Prophecy is ignored. Our Creator is ignored. The Most High Ruler is ignored. The KINGDOM AGE is ignored. All this mental ignorance will lead us to WAR and DESTRUCTION. It’s obvious, to me, as I watch the MENTALITY of our politicians in real-time. The mindset of our leaders is the PROBLEM.

The reality is that Man’s Rule is our problem. It’s so obvious that Man’s Rule can not bring us PEACE or FREEDOM. Man’s Rule brings us WAR and DESTRUCTION as each VOICE (political viewpoint) wants control over the SYSTEM. Biden wants CONTROL. Putin wants CONTROL. Xi wants CONTROL, etc. Each politician wants CONTROL and POWER to mandate his rules, laws, and regulations upon the OTHER. The game is LOSE/LOSE. But the people do not comprehend! Few have the wisdom or spiritual discernment to comprehend the issues! Amazing ignorance!

Our ONLY solution to these issues of POWER and CONTROL is to give up power/control so that our real SOURCE can RULE this planet. Our MOST HIGH KING (our CREATOR) must RULE. The invisible must rule over the visible. The SPIRIT must rule over the flesh. The SOURCE must rule over the 8 billion children. Planet Earth must SEEK the SOURCE and allow the SOURCE to be our SOLUTION. It seems obvious!

Man is essentially the PROBLEM. Our SOURCE is the SOLUTION. It’s that simple. The Ukraine War is the beginning of the end. The END TIMES are here NOW. The relevant words are the WORDS of Revelation. Let the KING who created us RULE over us. GIVE UP all political rulership. Become the PROBLEM and let the real SOLUTION assume control over planet earth (the 8 billion agents). That’s my perspective. Nothing less can work. Prepare for BIG changes going forward. God will WIN. Man will LOSE!

The SPIRIT of the MOST HIGH must rule this planet!

Have a great day! I am: Donald B. Swenson, Economist/Philosopher,

FED’s Policies will DEVASTATE Real Estate!!! Plus other Unintended Consequences!

June 16, 2022
Powell’s Rate Hike will have serious CONSEQUENCES for real estate!

Today’s Wall Street Journal had another article by Judy Shelton, Economist, who I view as understanding money better than most. Judy recognizes that our FED merely pushes computer keys to increase the money supply and she calls this creating money ‘out-of-thin air’. I agree.

Judy also understands that the FED (our Central Bank) is following Keynesian economic thinking and this thinking is mostly INVALID for today’s digital economy. She says that money should be a ‘store’ of value if it is to function properly. I would agree.

The Big Mistake which our FED has created with their recent interest rate policies is the devastation which these policies will create within the Real Estate Sector. A doubling of interest rates for housing will devastate this sector (some 25% of our overall economy). All the devastation will start to occur in 2022 (by the end of this year).

I have followed the real estate markets for over 50 years. When the cycle in this market changes it affects many connected industries. Home Depot and Lowes, for example, will discover that their sales will decline big time as housing sales decline. Durable goods will also suffer (furniture, appliances, et al). the unintended consequences of Powell’s interest rate policies will affect many connected industries.

All this will happen this year (2022). We live with digital money which can disappear with the click of a computer key. Stock markets are now totally digital. Consumer markets are nearly totally digital. Some 95% of all monetary transactions are now digital. This market is a ‘fairy tale’ market which can TANK in a matter of weeks. Sentiment can change with the DOW index as it declines monthly.

My sense is that Capitulation within our stock markets has started. This situation will continue for the remainder of 2022. As the stock market and the real estate sector DEFLATE, this will create DEVASTATING consequences for the general economy. GDP will decline rapidly. All can happen in a matter of weeks (or a few months). By the end of 2022 we will all experience a RECESSION.

Once this recession hits, it will turn into a depression in a matter of months. By the end of 2023 the markets will (most likely) be in a DEPRESSION (declining GDP and sentiment). Debt will get exposed as bankruptcies proliferate. It all can happen quickly in today’s IMAGINARY markets (now digital). Our FED is barking up an illusion if they think that digital money can solve our issues of money.

Judy Shelton is right with her understanding that our dollar needs to be ‘tied’ to gold (or similar). A unit that gets created via the stroke of a computer key is unsound and emotional. Our entire money system is now mostly IMAGINARY (virtual) and this can not solve the core issues of commerce (value issues). We need to eliminate this institution called the FED so that a NEW MODEL of commerce can emerge!

As I write the Dow Index is down some 775 points. This Index is now under 30,000. As it declines further in the coming months sentiment will turn sharply NEGATIVE. This will further the economic decline. As mortgage money dries up (due to affordability) this will further our economic decline. We are now heading for recession (by the end of 2022) and then a GREATER DEPRESSION in 2023.

Mr. Powell’s understanding of economics is unsound IMO. Judy Shelton, who was turned down for a position with our Federal Reserve, has much better wisdom than Jerome PowellI IMO. Our Congressional Banking Committee’s also have near ZERO understanding of what is happening. I have followed these zombies for years. They can not discern that VIRTUAL money is ‘imaginary’ money.

Our entire monetary system is now mostly IMAGINARY (subjective/within the mind). Our virtual DOLLAR makes it a VIRTUAL enterprise for valuation of assets. Any VIRTUAL enterprise can collapse in a matter of months. Value can disappear and vanish (back into our consciousness). The entire enterprise is UNSOUND and built upon SAND. We have NO unit of account which has SUBSTANCE (matter). It’s all ILLUSIONARY!

Prepare for collapse over time. By the end of 2022 we should be able to discern trends going forward. As I write ‘uncertainty’ prevails. Uncertainty is what Powell is assuming he can manage with his interest rate policies. I think he will discover that this ‘uncertainty’ will turn into collapse for our economy by the end of 2022. Sentiment/confidence is KEY. Watch what happens with the election this fall.

The American people will send a message with this coming election. Biden will be history (as a policy maker) even as he may last as our President. But all is uncertain in politics. Biden could be history much earlier if my scenario of our economy proves to be VALID. Watch the markets to DISCERN. Have a great day! I must do similar!

Does our FED understand virtual reality?
Real estate values could PLUMMET soon!
Unintended consequences will get exposed by end of 2022!
Keynesian economics started with FDR! It has now ENDED!
Fixing the $ may be impossible given prior history! Watch!

I am: Donald B. Swenson (Svensson), Economist/Philosopher,

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