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Bitcoin Mania (first) – then the CRASH!

December 11, 2017

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We can learn much about money and its dynamics by watching this new phenomenon called Bitcoin. Bitcoin is viewed by many millennials and by many within generation X community as the future of money. This could explode this ‘imaginary’ image into a MANIA phase prior to its eventual collapse to zero. Pundits like Max Keiser and Bill Gates think digital money will create a boom in all financial services.


What few understand is that this concept called ‘value’ is at the core of all manias and this subjective concept could propel this crypto-currency into a MANIA phase. In reality, Bitcoin is ‘imaginary’ and it has ZERO stand- alone ‘value’. But this is irrelevant for the present as our millennial generation and many generation X pundits THINK that Bitcoin is real and the future of money. Emotion rules over this concept called ‘value’!


Bill Gates thinks countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and Somalia will go totally digital soon and then buy into these virtual currencies.  These countries will lead the way to this digital marketplace for the world, says Bill. Bill also thinks that our legacy institutions must embrace these digital currencies so that a currency like Bitcoin can grow exponentially. Many other pundits are following this lead of select experts by promoting these digital currencies for our planet. Is this sound thinking?


Warren Buffet, the oracle of finance, does not view Bitcoin as viable. Warren says that Bitcoin is a mirage and a joke. So who understands money and what will emerge going forward. Prophecy does predict that a global digital currency will emerge at some point. The concept is called the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system. Is Bitcoin the model and progenitor which will help move us to this prophesied system? It could be the progenitor of the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system!


My view is that all money units are really proxies for this concept called ‘value’. Few understand this concept called ‘value’. I have been teaching about this concept for 50 years. In reality, ‘value’ is subjective/imaginary and a virtual concept of our mind. It has NO objective definition (try define it). This means that any item chosen to serve as money can create a MANIA phase…if enough traders buy into the trend. It’s all centered on this concept called ‘value’! Think for yourself to discern what is happening.


Bitcoin will create the coming trend towards the ‘Mark of the Beast’ economy IMO. Digital money will grow because PROPHECY says that it will grow. Prophecy rules over all our markets and the SOURCE of rulership (the Most High) determines what will emerge going forward. A MANIA in Bitcoin is emerging as I write and those with wisdom will avoid this fad. It will eventually go to ZERO (as this unit is really imaginary/nothing/virtual/cyber). Watch the MANIA, however, (another ‘tulip’ bubble) as it develops:


P.S. Money is really an ‘imaginary’ concept which developed under Capitalism to solve the mystery called ‘value’. Any item of the mind can serve as money for a time. Historically, wampum, tobacco, beaver skins, cattle, salt, silver, and gold all have served as money. A currency emerges so we can ‘calculate’ this subjective concept called ‘value’. Governments then force a currency upon the people so they can RULE over the masses. Today, our dollar rules over most of the planet.


Our dollar ($) is now a digital currency and some 95% of all money transactions (in the USA) are satisfied using this digital dollar ($). An official digital dollar may emerge soon to replace the paper dollar idea. This official digital unit (with some catchy ‘name’) could become the prophesied ‘Mark of the Beast’ currency. Prophecy rules this planet (ultimately) and I expect that we will witness an official digital currency as the world currency at some point down the road.


For those with wisdom, the current trends can be very instructive. Money rules over this planet and those who control us will likely continue their control system (using digital money) until a ‘rapture’ of believers occurs. ‘Come up hither’ is what I call the ‘rapture’ and this is a spiritual ascension to the Throne Room of the Most High God. It is not some escape into the sky above as many prophecy experts maintain. Think for yourself, however, on all these ideas. Enjoy all the confusion and think on this concept called ‘value’! I am:

Bitcoin ‘Manipulation’ starts Sunday!

December 9, 2017

Bitcoin futures rolls out at the CBOE tomorrow (Sunday) and then starts on the CME electronic exchange on December 18 (week from Monday). What does this mean for the ‘price’ of Bitcoin going forward? Are you aware that our Central Bankers will now trade this ‘virtual image’ of nothing starting tomorrow? This means Central Bank manipulation of the price! See this exchange for details:


Futures contracts and options are now used to set the ‘price’ of a commodity or a virtual item like Bitcoin. Traders can use a margin account to maximize their leverage so that ‘price’ manipulation can magnify within our electronic markets. It’s all done on our digital/electronic exchanges and via trading strategies which ignore any real ‘settlement’ of the item being traded. Settlement gets done in ‘digital’ cash making the trade an imaginary trade (called a ‘bet’).


Read the article in the Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday, December 9-10, B-1. It’s called ‘Bitcoin Futures Ready to Roll Out’. Trading bitcoin futures does not involve holding units of the virtual currency in your hand. Instead a futures contract is an inner ‘bet’ on what the ‘price’ of the underlying asset will be when the contract expires. Settlement is in ‘digital’ cash and this makes the trade an ‘inner’ (imaginary) trade of nothing! Are you aware of this?


Traders and financial pundits are not savvy on what our digital markets reveal to traders and the public IMO. Most think that Bitcoin is a real ‘thing’ which exists within observational reality. This is gross deception and fantasy. In reality, Bitcoin is a ‘virtual image’ in my computer screen with NO physical existence (no ‘outer’ reality). It’s a ‘unit’ of my consciousness (inner spirit) and this unit represents ‘nothing’ (physical). Who is aware of what has evolved (mostly since 2008)?


Trading this virtual unit (the ‘inner’ image) is what traders now do daily. It’s pure trading of one’s imagination within one’s inner spirit. What deception and fantasy I witness today in our digital/electronic markets. Who can discern reality…given what has evolved since 2008? Few to fewer! Traders trade in real-time and don’t realize that they are trading mere units of their ‘imagination’ (nothing physical with ‘no’ settlement of the physical item which is supposedly being traded). Settlement is now in digital $$$.


Digital cash ($$$) is now the means used (for settlement) at the expiration of these futures contracts! This same fantasy and deception occurs within our silver and gold markets. Traders on the CME Globex (, trade these ‘inner’ futures contracts where millions of imaginary ounces of silver and gold are traded. This trading strategy is used to ‘suppress’ the spot price of silver/gold in real-time and traders and pundits have no idea that this is pure trading of their ‘inner’ imagination.


What does the word ‘trade’ mean? Should it not mean that I trade a ‘money’ item for a ‘thing’ (unit of real wealth). Should it not mean that I settle the transaction in the physical item? Otherwise, what am I trading? Settlement of a trade in digital cash (this imaginary money of our Central Banks) just means that ‘numbers’ are exchanged within my ‘inner’ soul. This is mere ‘inner’ exchanges of imaginary ‘numbers’  and virtual imaginary wealth (mere ‘math’ and ‘images’ within my consciousness). THINK about what is now happening in our corrupted financial markets!


Our Central Bank traders (all those who desire to manipulate spot ‘prices’ within our computer screens) will use this new CBOE and CME futures trading to eventually SUPPRESS this Bitcoin price. Watch and learn! Where does the self-interest of these Central Bankers reside? I would suggest that they want their OWN digital currencies to flourish and not this private virtual item called Bitcoin. Central Banks want the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system to flourish…not this private virtual currency called Bitcoin!


Watch what happens in a few weeks as this futures market for Bitcoin gets established. The volatility of this unit of nothing will create exponential explosions within the trading ‘consciousness’ of traders everywhere. Prices will explode up and down and reveal the absurdity of this trading currency. What deception and fantasy I now witness within all our electronic markets. Central Banks and our regulators can not discern what is happening as they desire all this deception (it seems)!


Get yourself into a REAL physical commodity like silver coins and gold coins and use this opportunity of LOW (manipulated/suppressed ‘prices’ for silver/gold) to accumulate a supply of these historical metals. Go to: or a similar seller and then store up some historical VALUE for the coming crash in all our ‘inner’ financial markets (later in 2018). It is time to distinguish between what is ‘inner’ and what is ‘outer’. INNER means that which is within my MIND (or spirit). OUTER means that which I OBSERVE with my eyes!


Trading between counterparties should be the trading of a money item (a real ‘thing’) for some unit of wealth (a commodity which exists). This is what I mean by trading and then settlement of a trade. I trade a barrel of oil for $50 in physical cash. I trade $16 in physical notes (cash) for one ounce of silver. I trade $1.00 of physical cash for a loaf of bread. The $1 (this currency) should be tied to some item within nature which exists within observational space/time. A trade should mean the ‘exchange’ of one item (which exists) for another item (which exists)!


Trading imaginary ‘numbers’ for imaginary ‘virtual’ items in the computer screen must eventually CEASE if we desire to progress as an economic society! Today, we live with virtual trading and virtual money. It’s PURE deception and fantasy for those of us who comprehend reality. Virtual means ‘inner’. Physical means ‘outer’. Cyberspace (today’s electronic exchanges) are merely part of my ‘inner’ consciousness. Wake-up to reality! Bitcoin is virtual. Silver and Gold are physical. Think for yourself to discover reality! Enjoy! I am:


What does the word ‘virtual’ mean? What does the word ‘physical’ mean?


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Image result for what does virtual mean


Image result for what does virtual mean


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Bitcoin is a virtual currency which LIVES within my ‘inner’ consciousness. It gets its imaginary VALUE by bouncing off our digital $. It has no long-term trading value for international exchanges. It’s similar to the ‘tulip’ bubble of yesterday! GET OUT of this item and get INTO physical silver coins and gold coins! Use the suppressed silver/gold prices to accumulate a supply now! Go to: or a similar seller of physical precious metals. 



The Devilish ‘Mindset’ of Strongmen!

December 7, 2017

Planet Earth is governed by strongmen. Strongmen of all stripes and colors. These strongmen rule over others with a devilish mindset which we can discern by their behavior and rhetoric. Strongmen must prevail with their vision of reality over their opponents seems to be the mantra. This mindset is what causes conflict, wars, contention, enslavement, and chaos for our societies. We can discern who these strongmen are by watching our nightly news and our global leaders in action.


Today, I watched the riots and chaos over in the Middle East re: President Trump’s decision to allow Jerusalem to be the Capital of Israel (officially). This decision of our presidential strongman, Donald Trump, now produces challenges from other strongmen who also desire to rule over others. Recep Erdogan is one challenger and strongman who now desires to assert his vision to counter that of Donald Trump. There are many others in this venue called the Middle East. Who else should be viewed as strongmen on our planet?


Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel appears to be another strongman who must assert his mindset over others. Then we have Vladimir Putin of Russia, Abdel el-Sisi of Egypt, Ali Khamenei of Iran, Hassan Nasrallah of Lebanon, Ramadan Shalah of the Palestinian group, Bashar al-Assad of Syria, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, Xi Jinping of China, Donald Trump of the USA, and a host of others who exercise their special political authority over others to various degrees. This list is long and it includes personalities in all walks of life.


Religion has their strongmen, science has their strongmen, education has their strongmen, women’s groups have their strong women, and business has their strongmen and strong women. All these strongmen/women have a mindset of desiring to impose their philosophy upon the other (the collective or the group). This seems to be the mindset of countless leaders who desire to impose their view of reality on others. The underlying sickness resolves around this idea that there is only ONE correct view of reality or of a particular situation. Where does this ‘mindset’ derive from?


This mindset of thinking that ‘I’ or ‘You’ have the single ‘right’ view and the only correct vision (for a group or collective) leads to all this conflict and chaos which we witness on this planet. ISIS leaders view their mindset as absolute. Key Shiite leaders view their mindset as final. Key Sunni leaders have a similar mindset. Key Christian, Jewish, and Islamic thinkers assert this mindset and imply God-like power over others. This mindset also produces the ‘group-think’ which is so prevalent in religion, business, science, and education. Let’s listen to a few strongmen for examples of the mindset!


We can witness this mindset by listening to a strongman in religion such as, John Hagee from Texas: We can witness this strongman mindset by listening to this person in science, Steven Hawking:, This atheist, Penn Jillette, also wants to impose his mindset on others to a major degree: We can visit another strongman in business by listening to this person, George Soros: All these strongmen use ‘words’ which imply that they know final reality better than others. Is this part of ‘human nature’? Yes, I think so!


One of the most devilish strongmen from our past was this person we call, Father Jim Jones, who used spiritual group-think to cause death and misery for some 900 human beings: Take the time to think about this mindset called group-think and/or my way is the only correct view. The suicide at Jonestown over in Guyana was instructive for everyone who desires to understand group-think and control think: Politicians, religious leaders, science leaders, business leaders, social leaders, and education leaders all use this strongmen ‘mindset’ (to various degrees) to impose their reality on others. Where does this eventually lead?


I would suggest that this leads directly to the Mark of the Beast mentality and the idea that select elites must govern this planet for the benefit of the whole. Strongmen and elites have this desire to impose their vision on the group/collective, the State. Strongmen rule this planet (for the benefit of their visions on reality) and this has been our downfall since Cain killed Able. Killing to create control over the other is what I witness all over planet Earth. The End justifies the Means is another way of stating this ‘mindset’. The End is that of STRONGMEN and their rulership over others. Give this some reflection at your leisure. It appears to be part of ‘human nature’ and eventually leads to total destruction of all life on planet Earth! I am:


Some images of strongmen and strong women who desire this mindset of control over others (all to create their utopia or group-think vision for the planet):


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Image result for bashar al assad and other middle east leaders



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Image result for Hillary and other strong women leaders


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The End of this Age is approaching! Watch the nightly news for daily evidence!





TIME – a ‘deception’ within Science!

December 6, 2017

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Science claims that space, time, and matter are fundamental to their beliefs of materialism. Scientific materialism is the basic philosophy of science and these thinkers claim that ‘time’ is fundamental to their worldview. But why is this a huge deception within science? Let’s explore!


First of all, ‘time’ emerges from prior ‘motion’. It is ‘motion’ which precedes any form of ‘time’. Science also claims that ‘time’ is a thing which can be defined precisely. But what is science really doing when they talk about ‘time’? Is ‘motion’ identical with this concept we call ‘time’?


In reality, ‘motion’ is what I sense as my planet spins and revolves. Motion created this concept called ‘day’ and ‘night’. Motion creates this concept I call ‘year’. It is ‘motion’ that creates the second, minute, and hour. Without ‘motion’ there could be no ‘time’. So what is ‘time, in reality? Time is not ‘motion’. Motion is fundamental but not ‘time’!


Time is an ‘invented’ concept based on prior motion of our planet. I invented ‘time’ (via observing ‘motion’ as I live and act). I invented the day from watching the spinning ‘motion’ of our planet. I invented the units of a day after choosing the hour as a unit of the day. I then invented the minute and the second as part of the hour.


Time emerged from watching the ‘motion’ of our planet over various seasons. I then chose this concept called ‘time’ to reflect various aspects of ‘motion’. Time is derived from my consciousness whereas ‘motion’ is fundamental to what I perceive daily. Time should not be viewed as a ‘thing’ which exists. Time is really a ‘unit of consciousness’ (subjective).


In reality, ‘time’ does not exist independent of ‘motion’. It is not a separate ‘thing’ which is independent of people and their conscious decision-making. Matter and motion could exist without any ‘time’. People do not need to be living on our planet for matter and motion to exist. So, to me, ‘time’ is invented and is part of human consciousness (after being invented). Time was ‘invented’ only a few thousand years prior to today!


In reality, I live my life as ‘successive moments of now’. With each move (spin and revolution) of our planet, I experience reality as a ‘now’ event (continually). There is no such ‘thing’ as a separate item called ‘time’ (independent of human beings). Human beings invent ‘time’ from their thinking (consciousness).


Science has misrepresented this concept called ‘time’ and made it into a ‘thing’ which supposedly exists, independent of human beings. This is pure ‘deception’ and ‘illusion’. There is no such ‘thing’ as ‘time’ and science needs to recognize this reality if they want to understand reality.


I live my life as ‘successive moments of now’ (always and forever). I think you do likewise. Millions, billions, and trillions of time units is merely a deception of understanding. Reality is always a NOW experience. Human beings have been conscious beings for merely a few thousand revolutions of our planet around this object called our Sun. Motion is fundamental but ‘time’ is created later by human beings. Think for yourself! I am:

Some images to ponder:

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Image result for what is 'time'


Image result for what is 'time'


Image result for what is 'time', is it an illusion


Image result for what is 'time', is it an illusion


Image result for what is 'time', is it an illusion





GIVE UP – all events are DETERMINED!

December 5, 2017

Reality reveals that all events on this planet are ‘determined’ by our LOGOS (the Sovereign ‘word’ of our Creator). This has been reality from day one and it continues today. Evidence of this consists of the messages in the Sovereign word of scripture, such as Daniel 2 and Revelation 1-22. Read to comprehend! Listen to above song for a general comprehension of the message in this missive!


Further evidence of ‘determinism’ (also called Providence) is self-reflection to discern the source of one’s inner ‘words’ and ‘beliefs’. Words and one’s inner Beliefs reveal that behavior follows from these sources. Ultimately, the originating SOURCE (for all that is determined) is our LOGOS (the word of the Sovereign Lord). ‘Come up hither’ is the command to those who desire to comprehend. Prophecy is absolute as it derives from the Sovereign LOGOS and events follow precisely (no uncertainties from the viewpoint of the Sovereign LOGOS).


The history of man on this planet started with the first two humans (call them Adam and Eve). Later, the history of Civilizations and select Empire’s were outlined in the book of Daniel, Chapter 2. The Empire in control at the time was called Babylon. Then emerged Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome (and then revived Rome will emerge at the end of the age). All is ‘determined’ by the Sovereign LOGOS who rules this planet from his spiritual Throne Room. No freewill is allowed when one understands spiritual history!


Today, we live at the END of the AGE of man and the FINAL events of man’s corrupted history will be played out over the next few years. Man’s rulership over this planet is soon over and the final attempts to rule this planet by our corrupted leaders (via their corrupted policies and philosophies) will play out gradually over these next few years. Corruption and chaos will grow as events play out and it will become rather obvious to discerning eschatologist’s that the final days are here for planet Earth.


Those with wisdom and discernment can perceive the above PROVIDENCE if they seek their inner spiritual wisdom. Those without spiritual discernment and wisdom will not perceive any of this eschatology. Only the wise will perceive and understand and this also appears to be ‘determined’. Prophecy ‘implies’ that events happen precisely as foreordained. The LOGOS is the ultimate SOURCE which foreordained all events (precisely and absolutely) from beginning to end. This, to me, is obvious! Beliefs are what rule over all behavior!


The next BIG spiritual event to happen can be expressed with these words: ‘Come Up Hither’ and I will show you what must take place (Revelation 4:1). Some call this event the Rapture of believers as it implies that man’s rule over planet Earth is over. It also implies that the so-called Church Age (the 2,000 year old period since Pentecost) is over. This event is NOT a bodily disappearance from our planet (as so many prophecy experts assume) but is an ‘inner’ spiritual ‘ascension’ to the spiritual (inner) Throne Room of the LOGOS. This is what is meant by the words: ‘Come Up Hither’!


This idea that select believers will simply vanish into the observed SKY above is a false interpretation of Revelation 4:1 (IMO). What actually happens is that one’s inner spiritual nature (one’s consciousness) ASCENDS to the Throne Room of our LOGOS (the Creator of our Universe) and then we recognizes that our LOGOS is KING and RULER over planet Earth. Read Revelation (1-22) to discern this reality. The Kingdom of our LOGOS comes to Earth and flesh and blood people remain on Earth during this happening.


Kingdom Economics is based on the above philosophy and it is meant for the few who can comprehend spiritual realities. The masses of people simply have no desire or understanding of spiritual realities and this is revealed in everyday situations. Who understands that ‘words’ derive from the higher spiritual realms? Who understands that ‘beliefs’ rule over man’s behavior and actions? Who reads history to learn about current events? Few to none! This is why FEW comprehend what is now happening on planet Earth and that which is emerging for the coming period called Jacob’s Trouble!


Money rules during the AGE of Man (our 6,000 year history) and it is our corrupt monetary system which will help to create the coming END of AGE events on planet Earth. Watch as financial events start to change and then trader confidence will change significantly. Money is a ‘confidence’ game which is soon going to create the END of this AGE and then help to create the greater philosophy of the Kingdom Age to come. It’s all happening in front of your/my eyes (for the few with spiritual discernment and wisdom)! Enjoy the END! It’s all DETERMINED! I am:


P.S. Some coming monetary changes which traders should RECOGNIZE now (BEWARE):

  1. Cryto-currencies have been rather popular lately. This could come to and end next week and after. Bitcoin futures could begin the next week in the USA via the CBOE and the CME electronic exchanges. Futures trading will allow our corrupt Central Bank traders to suppress these virtual values (Bitcoin is at $11,719 as I write this missive) via their digital trading gimmickry. See WSJ article, Bitcoin Futures Trading Starts Next Week, page B12, Tuesday, December 5, 2017.
  2. The crash of all these virtual currencies which people now think are the future of money will reveal the corruption within our centralized financial system. Futures trading in silver and gold has revealed that Central Bank traders can suppress any asset with their trading strategies and trading algorithms. It’s all done on the electronic futures markets. Next week crypto-currencies may find that their cyber ‘values’ will be challenged by the official authorities who trade these electronic FUTURES markets.
  3. The wise Bitcoin owners may want to get out of their positions this week prior to the beginning of futures trading in these assets. Read the above article and also the Streetwise article called ‘Traders Beware, a Reckoning Awaits’, page B12, WSJ. The game of virtual money favors the Central Authorities who control all our electronic markets. These Authorities do not want Bitcoin to challenge their HEGEMONY! Money rules this planet at present and Central Banks rule the SYSTEM!
  4. The only real monetary asset worth purchasing today (at unbelievably suppressed prices) are SILVER and GOLD (the physical metals only..not virtual ETF’s or Derivatives). Silver and Gold (when held as coins or bars) are NOT virtual entities and they will survive the coming CRASH in our virtual markets. Keep in mind that all ‘virtual’ money assets are IMAGINARY (in reality) and eventually they will VANISH and DISAPPEAR into your inner/spiritual mind (also called your ‘consciousness). What is a virtual $? What is a virtual Bitcoin? What does this word ‘virtual’ mean? Virtual means ‘imaginary’! Wake-up to observational REALITY!
  5. All our ‘prices’ today are virtual realities. Prices are subject to change with a trading algorithm which trades any asset. We could witness Bitcoin going to ZERO in the near future as traders abandon their trading positions and sell in mass. This goes for any virtual asset. Only silver coins/bars and gold coins/bars will remain when the dust settles in the near future. These metals are physical items with mass/matter. Virtual money assets are non-physical and live in cyberland (my/your extended consciousness). Get out of every virtual asset (gradually)! That is what I am doing. The Mark of the Beast financial system is coming for those who think virtual money is real!

A friend at the clubhouse espoused this answer when asked why can’t we find ways to stop all terrorist acts on this planet? Answer: We humans are not in control! This wisdom is what the above missive espouses. Man is NOT in control of events and never has been. We are servants of powers which transcend our ken. This reveals that all events are ultimately ‘Determined’ and that ‘Providence’ rules over planet Earth!

Digitization has destroyed Capitalism!

December 4, 2017

Our financial system has been digitized and virtual money has replaced our historical silver and gold. This has happened mostly since 2008. This process of digitization has allowed our Central Banks to create their network of central control over all our global markets and all asset prices. The consequence is that historical Capitalism is now over and centralized policy-making has replaced all private decisions over price discovery, asset valuations, and control over the business cycle. Think on this concept called Centralization of all our markets and the Digitization of money!


Yes, Capitalism is over and a country like El Salvador is now recognizing that this is reality for their country. Across Latin America, countries are at an important juncture in their search for appropriate engines of growth, price stability, and job growth. Beyond these basic economic issues, governments must contend with growing unemployment, mass corruption, and then figure out ways to put people to work so that chaos is minimized. Centralization and digitization have helped to create all these dysfunctions within these economies (as well as the entire planet). Fundamental change is now needed at the philosophical level if progress is to resume for our societies.


How to accomplish real change, given what has transpired since 2008, is a question without easy answers, but a state focused on guarding the needs of the many against the interests of a few would be a promising start…so say the politicians. Free marketeering and historical Capitalism, however well-intentioned or grassroots it may be, is not the solution to any of the serious philosophical issues within Central America or any of the other areas on our planet. We can witness the mess over in Venezuela, Cuba, and Honduras, and El Salvador as general examples of what is happening to historical Capitalism for the entire planet.


Capitalism, based on private property and private trade, is disappearing and becoming dysfunctional as centralization of all money has occurred.  Digitization of all markets has changed our economic destiny and created this chaos and subjectivity. Virtual money and centralization of control over all our markets means that Capitalism is over and done for our future. We now need to recognize this reality and start to think about a NEW MODEL for our planet. Kingdom Economics is that model and those with understanding will gradually recognize this reality. Why Kingdom Economics?


Kingdom Economics assumes that reality is subjective and that money (now mere metaphysical ‘numbers’) is unnecessary in a world of equality…where robots, artificial intelligence, instant communication, and interconnectedness allows free people to solve their economic issues without any central governments. Central governments are our problem and digital money which gets created out-of-nothing (the human mind) can not solve any our human problems. We now need to crash the current corrupted system of Central Banks and their digitization of money so that this NEW MODEL can emerge.


A global decentralized system of markets where people come first and where people operate freely and without any governmental hierarchies is the MODEL for our future. We have a Central Authority now…called our invisible/spiritual CREATOR who operates via his LOGOS. The LOGOS (word of God) rules this planet called Earth and there is no need for human rulers to impose their corruptions upon our markets. Think on this word ‘decentralization’ and the elimination of all hierarchies on this planet. It will work beautifully once people accept the model and recognize who is really IN CONTROL.


Yes, Capitalism is OVER and DONE for planet Earth. The ride was favorable for a season. The system is now totally corrupted and criminal. Anyone with discernment can tell that a NEW MODEL is needed going forward. Let the markets crash and burn so that people recognize all the corruption and dysfunction. It’s evident to me and many who follow our global markets. People will choose a NEW MODEL during the transition period. My sense is that this transition period has started and will intensify rapidly this next year. Watch and learn!


Think for yourself as you watch our corrupted markets start their descent into the abyss in 2018. It must happen as there is no solution to our national debt issues, continuing deficits, derivative bubbles, trade policy conflicts, trade relationships with our counterparties, mal-valuation of assets, inflation/deflation, price discovery issues, and all the other issues of globalism, one worldism, and the coming Mark of the Beast monetary system. The solution is a NEW MODEL under Kingdom Economics! Think for yourself! I am:


P.S. For more details on the principles of Kingdom Economics you need to review the countless missives which I have written over these past 10 years. Our biggest problem is understanding the history and role which ‘money’ has played within economics. Private property and this concept called VALUE must be understood to discern why we now need this NEW MODEL for economics. Money is an ‘invented’ concept of our inner spirit and it is now the core PROBLEM for our entire planet! It must be eliminated if we desire a future for our 7.5 billion citizens of planet Earth! Start your thinking NOW…its a positive response to the chaos which is emerging!





Today’s Financial System – Visualized!

November 30, 2017

Today, we live with some 60 electronic stock exchanges on our planet. All are interconnected and most operate 24/7. We have 16 exchanges with capitalization over one trillion. Overall, the global capitalization is approximately $75 trillion (in digital currencies). The largest is the NY Stock Exchange with some $18 trillion in digital capitalization. Our world has been digitized…who is aware?


Since all our markets are now mostly digital and electronic we can visualize the global system by thinking about computer to computer networks. Computers create all our prices and all our asset values today. We live in a machine driven marketplace where money is transferred from computer to computer (electronically and digitally). We now have some 5.2 billion smart phone computers which operate 24/7 globally.


Our entire global financial system is now within our computer screens (also called cyberspace). Cyberspace is a netherworld of digits, numbers, images, and text. All my email information is now within cyberspace (also called the cloud) and I add new text and images to my cyber cloud daily. We all add to this information network as we talk, text, and program new algorithms for our smart phones and laptops.


Our entire planet is now wired (interconnected) via our global internet network. Computers allow me to send voice, text, money, and images to anyone on our planet. I can do all this with my Android Smart Phone. This computer connects me personally with the entire planet (now some 7.5 billion people…potentially). I can accomplish all my financial transactions with my smart phone computer.  What a change from early time periods and prior historical epochs.


I can now visualize our entire planet as one global entity with some 7.5 billion people occupying space on the planet. I travel at some 67,000 m.p.h. as the planet revolves around our Sun. I rotate at some 1,000 m.p.h. as my planet spins in space. Electromagnetic frequencies allow me to connect with nearly everyone (with voice and also financially). I can send info and digital money to nearly anyone of my choice via email or an equivalent.


Digital money can now be created and circulated by merely typing numbers into a computer screen (by our private and commercial bankers). Central banks can create digital currencies with the mere punch of a computer key. Financial accounting is now (some 95%) located within the computer screen (also called cyberspace). The global GNP is now nearly $100 trillion in digital $’s and only some $1.5 trillion is represented via paper $ notes.  Soon the entire planet will be cashless and operating within cyberspace!


We now live in a globally interconnected computer financial system. Money is now a unit of consciousness (a ‘number’) and this allows bankers to create photon digits to represent our official currencies. Our digital $ is now circulating as a photon digit within our computer screens. Photon digits have no rest mass and contain no physical matter. This makes our money ‘nothing’ (physical)…merely a unit of math (a ‘number’) which trades as a unit of subjective ‘value’.


Most prices are now created via computer algorithms which also accomplish most of our trades. Algorithms, software, and speed of light frequencies compose our global financial system. A centralized banking network controls, monitors, and manipulates this digital/imaginary system for our benefit. Central bankers are the policy administrators of this system. A handful of Western Central Bankers mostly control this global financial network. All this has emerged mostly since 2008.


All historical money (like silver/gold coins, paper notes, and paper securities) have been replaced with virtual/digital simulations. I trade virtual instruments today and all is done electronically and within my computer screen. I use nearly zero physical money units today. Most all of my transactions are electronic and via credit cards, debit cards, my smart phone wallet, and my home laptop computer. This is the new world of finance!


I can visualize the entire system as ONE global network of computers operating 24/7 on this planet I call Earth. I can visualize the 7.5 billion people walking, talking, trading, and transacting commerce within real-time moments (successive moments of now). Where is all this leading going forward? Is this a system which leads to progress, prosperity, and freedom? Can central policymakers provide me with what I desire going forward?


My sense is that this global computer system has both benefits and serious consequences for our people and the planet. First of all, a computer financial system allows select policymakers to control, monitor, and manipulate all my movements and my financial decisions. We could compare the system to the NSA (National Security Administration). Computers, software, algorithms, and select personnel (working behind closed doors) can give and remove my survival needs with the click of a computer key.


Essentially I become a slave of the computer system and the few who administer this global network of finance and politics. Select elites control, monitor, and manipulate all my future activities so that I comply with their vision of reality. This seems like enslavement to me. The dynamics of personal decision-making is removed so that global policymakers can create their vision of reality for the planet (thru me and thru you). Is this what is now emerging for our planet?


Prophecy calls this vision the Mark of the Beast financial system. People must pledge allegiance to the Beast System or die. Does this seem like a society where you and I can be creative and free? Select elites rule over the planet and all finance via AI (artificial intelligence) and computer software (algorithms). I become enslaved to this global network and the policy administrators. Get me out of here! This is not for me!


Think about what is now emerging for our planet! Are you aware of what is happening in real-time daily so that the above system becomes ubiquitous? Think of what our so-called leaders are establishing. Will America be part of this global financial system? Will Americans give their allegiance to this Mark of the Beast financial system? It is soon here and those who do not fight against this monstrosity will be swallowed up in the process.


It’s time to fight the system IMO. Who wants to join in the fight? Who wants the individual to be free from this type of control and monitoring by select elites operating from some central location (like Basel, Switzerland)? Who desires freedom to make their own decisions and select their own future? Am I the ONLY one who sees what is emerging? Personally, I don’t think so. Think for yourself on these issues! Enjoy your freedom while you can. I am:

Some images to ponder:

Image result for global visualization of our electronic stock exchanges on planet earth


Image result for global visualization of our electronic stock exchanges on planet earth


Image result for global visualization of our electronic stock exchanges on planet earth


Image result for richest people on the planet


Image result for richest people on the planet


Image result for the mark of the beast financial system


Image result for the mark of the beast financial system


Image result for the mark of the beast financial system


Image result for the mark of the beast financial system


Image result for the mark of the beast financial system


Image result for global visualization of our electronic stock exchanges on planet earth


Image result for the mark of the beast financial system


Image result for the mark of the beast financial system


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