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Is it TIME to deal with our DEBT? Our Children would Benefit!

September 24, 2021
Should You Pay Off Debt Before Having Kids? |
Our Children need to vote on a New Model for our world!

Debt can not decline if we ‘kick the can’ down the road!Is it time to DEAL with our problem?

Donald Trump built a national debt so big (even before the pandemic) that  it'll weigh down the economy for years
Add the total debt and the number exceeds $200 trillion! Our debt is virtual! It’s part our our consciousness!

The issues of debt continue to plague our country and our markets. America’s National Debt is now over $28.8 trillion. Add the State and Local debt and our number is over $10.3 trillion. Add the consumer debt and our number is over $86.1 trillion. Add the unfunded liabilities and the debt is over 220 trillion. Can these numbers decline without doing anything?

Is ‘kicking the can’ down the road viable knowing what we now experience as our total DEBT. Would it be wise to start thinking about our children and what they will inherit. The Baby Boomers have created all this DEBT (mostly since the end of WW II) and the numbers are now so high that most pundits say there is no possibility of paying off the DEBT. Look at the numbers here:

The current DEBT CEILING must be raised if my baby boomer friends want to ‘kick the can’ down the road. This has been the EASY path for the past 75 years. America has been living off the world as they merely create dollars to fund this spending spree for their consumers. America’s trade deficit started in 1975 and today it is over $1 trillion (annually). The numbers do not decline.

Kicking the can down the road is what my Baby Boomer administrators have done and will likely continue to do. But is this WISE policy? There is NO SOLUTION for our children if this policy is continued. At some point the DEBT will implode and our children will be left with the remnants and consequences of our unconcern for their welfare. Wouldn’t it be WISE to develop a PLAN NOW?

Any plan would need to consider the enormity of the PROBLEM. Some pain would be required as a new model for dealing with economics would be required. The plan to create a world of Communism is one alternative. Agenda 2030 is based upon this worldview. Communism would put a central administration in control of all commerce (for the planet) so distribution could be controlled. Is this a viable alternative?

The current Biden Administration is creating legislation which produces this alternative. It’s called Progressive Economics. Centralizing control is the process. Allowing a central planning board to monitor and distribute all commerce from a central warehouse is the idea of Communism. Karl Marx viewed this result as viable after Capitalism is destroyed. Private property would be eliminated and central control would result for the planet.

Will America (the people) desire this result called Progressivism and/or Communism. Will our children desire this result? Is it time to vote on the various alternatives? If our children understand what is emerging, will they vote for this alternative? Agenda 2030 leads to a CENTRAL planning situation. Communism is based upon a CENTRAL planning program. Are there other alternatives?

You know my viewpoint. I view Agenda 2030 and the idea of Communism as ‘anathema’ to what our children desire. Freedom and self government is what I would propose for our children. This could emerge under the KINGDOM philosophy which I have espoused. We need to think about the spiritual aspects of reality. If this is done, then the KINGDOM model could replace this model called Communism.

Think about a model which produces freedom and self government. Our children would benefit and the world would become one system under our real KING. It’s a much better alternative than Communism. It’s a much better alternative than central planning. It’s a model of DECENTRALIZATION and freedom for each individual. One world under our real KING. Give this alternative some consideration! Our children are my concern!

Budget Projections: Debt Will Exceed the Size of the Economy This Year |  Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
Our Debt must be dealt with so our children have a future!
U.S. National Debt Highest Ever, Two Months Into Biden's Presidency
National Debt ($28.8 trillion), Total Debt ($86.1 trillion). Is it time to think about our children?
Why is communism called a failed ideology? - Quora
This model creates a CENTRAL warehouse (under a central administration) for distribution to everyone! Do our children desire this alternative?

I am: Donald B. Swenson,,

American General Economy Has Peaked! The Direction is DOWN…going forward!

September 23, 2021
The Phoenix Real Estate Market Has Peaked! – Gluch Group
Phoenix real estate has peaked!
Have Real Estate Prices Peaked?
The price rise is over! This means the real estate market has peaked!
U.S. housing market floats back to earth | Reuters

As a follower of our real estate markets, I can now say with conviction that house prices in my area have peaked and the trend is down. Sales have slowed. Prices have peaked. Listings are on wait as some prices are being rejected by buyers. All this means that our real estate markets in Arizona and most of America have peaked and are heading down.

Interest rates have bottomed. Cash buyers are not as prevalent. Affordability is a problem for many. All these signs POI NT to a coming decline in our real estate markets. This trend will probably start now and gradually accelerate into fall and winter. We could witness serious stress in this market by early 2022. Will the Fed reverse its taper and start a new QE program to restart this market? We must wait on this!

But the current real-time trend is DOWN for real estate and I don’t expect this trend to stop for some time. Commercial real estate is also in a stress situation. Office rents have peaked and are heading down. Vacancies are up in the big cities and this is likely to soften all commercial real estate markets by early 2022. Values will decline and new construction will be difficult as feasibility will not be logical.

As real estate goes so goes the GENERAL economy. The stock markets are mostly decoupled from reality and I don’t view these markets as capable of changing the bigger trends. At some point these stock markets will also head south. But our official insiders may try to reverse sentiment and trends by PUMPING these markets up to unreasonable levels. Our central planners have the trading digits and they may want to create new positive sentiment by pumping these markets up and up. Insanity rules at the Fed!

Reality will eventually prevail, however, and it is now obvious that our REAL ESTATE markets are stressed. A few more months of this stress will create the environment for a serious decline. I see it happening in my area of Arizona now. Prices have peaked. Listings are not selling as fast. Cash buyers are fewer. Construction of spec homes are down. Sentiment is down. This means the TREND will change.

Watch the markets in our bigger cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco. If prices start to decline precipitously in these cities then my predictions will follow in most areas. There are always exceptions but the general trend has changed. Will the Fed increase interest rates? If this happens the game is over for real estate. Affordability will play a new role to dampen sales and bring down prices. As REAL ESTATE goes so goes the GENERAL ECONOMY. I have watched this game play out many times!

I am: Donald B. Swenson,,

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Why is Stock Market Decoupled from General Economy? Let’s Explore!

September 23, 2021
The world's largest wealth manager explains how the Fed has completely  altered how the stock market works — and says the S&P 500 can climb another  9% by next June | Markets Insider
Stock markets are algo driven. Negative sentiment is ignored by our official riggers at the Fed!

Sentiment has been bearish for weeks even as our stock market fails to correct. What is happening? We now live with cyber/electronic machine driven markets. A computer at the New York Fed (they have some 500 day traders) can pump up the stock market even as sentiment and the general economy heads DOWN. Negative events do not affect an ‘algorithm’ which trades these machine driven markets.

Today, the Dow is up some 550 points (as I write) even as the morning sentiment was negative. But the sentiment has changed and it is now positive as the algo’s drive up the stock indices to new highs. It’s all rigging and manipulation but this is what our authorities want for now. Negative events (like the real estate debacle in China) does not affect an ‘algo’ which trades via our high frequency computers.

Our official authorities control our stock exchanges with their unlimited trading dollars (now mere digits in the computer screen). The general economy is not progressing in a positive trend but this has no affect on these trading ‘algo’s’ which can be programmed to trade the DOW (or any exchange) with a Source Code that says buy the dip. A few stocks in the Dow index can be pumped up indefinitely.

Our markets are totally rigged but FEW seem to notice. Pundits do not understand these algorithms which trade our markets or the manipulations which occur at INSIDER venues (mostly the N.Y. Fed). These traders can use unlimited trading digits (called dollars) to trade our markets. If the official authorities want the stocks to go UP and UP this happens. Today, they pumped up the index some 450 points at the opening. As I write the Dow is up over 550 points. It’s all manipulation via ‘algo’s’ that trade these markets.

I will be starting a NEWSLETTER on the general economy next month. If you want to subscribe you can donate to my blog. I will send you a copy of this newsletter so you can keep up with what is happening in the U.S., Europe, and the World. Send me your email address. I will create a list of those who desire current info on our general economy.

The Stock Markets are not the general economy. These indices are rigged and manipulated to create sentiment which our authorities desire. The General Economy is not currently responding to this continual rigging and manipulation. As I write our real estate market is starting to tank. Car prices are tanking as chips are difficult to get. Employment is starting to decline and the Delta virus has not declined. The Middle East is starting to crumble as problems grow in this area of our world.

The big issues in America are the DEBT CEILING issue, the continual stimulus programs which Biden is promoting, and the growing deficits (in international trade and our budget). Our general economy is slowing and this trend is likely to continue going forward. All the rigging and algo manipulations at the New York Fed could be MOOT if these trends continue. Our FED could be ‘pushing on a string’. Let me know if you desire current updates (via email on the general economy)? Enjoy!

Unintended detrimental consequences’: A former Wall Street chief strategist says the Fed has driven flimsy stock-market highs that will come crashing down — and warns bullish day-traders will be futile to stop it. Comment: This could happen when world traders start to SHORT these markets! The problem today is that our markets are DECOUPLED from our general economy!

The Fed helped fuel stock market boom — but deepened income inequality -  The Washington Post
Our Fed creates all the asset bubbles as they control of distribution of trading dollars! All markets are rigged and insiders do the rigging!
Stock Market Today: The Dow Rises, Dell Jumps, and Salesforce Climbs |  Barron's
This guy sets the tone for our rigged markets! He accommodates those in power. Counterfeiting is the model!

I am: Donald B. Swenson,,

During Powell’s Fed Speech Gold slammed $20/ounce and Silver $0.42/ounce. Why?

September 22, 2021
Powell Says Fed Likely to Require Banks to Test for Climate Risk - BNN  Bloomberg
Gold continues to fall but recovers from extreme lows overseas | Kitco News
During Powell’s speech I watched the gold price get slammed! Why?

The slamming of spot gold and silver prices is official policy of our Authorities. The idea is that gold and silver are REAL money and our Fake dollar ($) must be supported by this price suppression psychology. Slamming the spot price immediately slams the mining stocks by multiples of the percentage slammed. It happens regularly and especially when our official policymakers want to make a point.

An ‘algorithm’ is used to trade on the electronic exchanges and buy short contracts (which never get settled in the real metal). This artificially increases supply of the metals and this causes the prices to decline. It’s pure rigging and price suppression by our official policymakers. See my prior missive.

This rigging activity has been going on since 2011. I have watched this rigging for over 10 years and the price of gold has not increased (except minimally). Same goes for silver. Prices are suppressed and the mining stocks suffer from all this rigging. It’s totally diabolical but it continues with no real change.

Our gold/silver pundits are mostly deceived and they think that real supply/demand is changing the spot prices. This is not valid thinking. The spot prices are rigged via algorithmic trading on our electronic exchanges. The Globex is one of these electronic exhchanges. See the website here:

Our official authorities desire that the spot price be held within a range. The current range is under $1800 for gold and under $25 for silver. This bracketing of the prices is done for psychological reasons. Our fake $$$$$$ (dollar) must be supported so traders do not recognize its demise. Psychology is key to maintaining the dollar within an acceptable range. Rigging is the TOOL for accomplishing this result.

Don’t expect any change until the international markets DUMP the $$$$$$$ (dollar) as a trading unit. So far this has not happened. America lives with $trillion dollar trade deficits and $trillion dollar budget deficits. This continues and few comprehend what is happening. Gold and Silver could break this game of chicken if traders would buy up the silver/gold and hold the physical metal off the markets.

This could happen if a few billionaires bought up the physical gold and silver. If all the physical were removed from our markets then the message would be CLEAR. Rigging would stop. But this may not happen for another year or two. Our pundits prefer to be deceived and then deceive the traders with their rhetoric. It’s totally diabolical but who thinks today. Few to NONE!

Do Billionaires Buy Gold? You Bet. - U.S. Money Reserve
We need a couple of billionaires to buy up all the physical silver and gold!

I am: Donald B. Swenson,

Can Rigging of Gold/Silver Markets be Stopped?

September 21, 2021
Gold market manipulation: Why, how, and how long? (2021 edition)
Gold and Silver Price Rigging Testimony
Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) - Assignment Point
This hidden entity can rig/manipulate/bracket the price of gold/silver via an algorithm. It’s all done to create a positive psychology for the U.S. dollar. Few understand that gold/silver are real money and our dollar is ‘fake’! Psychology is key to continuing with this ‘fake’ dollar (now created out-of-nothing).

I have been writing about the rigging/manipulation/bracketing of the ‘spot prices’ in our gold/silver markets for years. We know that this is occurring and it continues daily. Silver should be $150/ounce or more and Gold should be $10,000/ounce or more (if real supply/demand were allowed to function). But the spot price is now controlled by an ‘algorithm’ and the culprit is our official authorities (The Exchange Stabilization Fund/Treasury/Fed). Government policy is behind all this rigging!

I have watched the tick chart of silver and gold as it gets slammed and bracketed via an ‘algorithm’ which trades the markets. I watch this happening daily. The source code for this ‘algorithm’ is hidden and private and this allows our official authorities to rig/suppress/manipulate the spot price in real-time daily. It’s done to cover-up the dollar’s vulnerability to a crash/collapse.

Our CFTC and the SEC do not look into this rigging as the rigging comes from our government policy-makers. The prior Assistant Secretary of the Treasury (under Reagan), Mr. Paul Craig Roberts, has explained why this rigging continues. It’s all because our Treasury wants this to happen so as to keep our ‘dollar’ ($) viable on the international markets. My controlling the spot price and suppressing demand for silver/gold this helps traders believe that the ‘dollar’ ($) is sound.

The issue is our ‘dollar’ ($) and its role within the greater international markets. If silver or gold were allowed to follow real demand, then these prices would sky-rocket and the psychology of a sound dollar would collapse. The U.S. dollar ($) must be kept sound in the minds of our international traders. A run up in the spot price of gold (and silver) would reveal that our ‘dollar’ is weak and unsound.

So the official policy of America is to RIG the spot price of silver and gold so that the psychology around our ‘dollar’ ($) is kept positive. Real money is silver and gold and FAKE money is our ‘dollar’ ($) which gets created out-of-nothing. The game of trade is to suppress gold/silver prices and this will help with maintaining a positive psychology around our ‘dollar’ ($). The rigging policy will not change until the international community dumps the dollar as a trading unit.

I have written about the rigging of gold/silver prices for years. It’s now obvious to many pundits that the prices are rigged. But few comprehend WHY. Paul Craig Roberts, economist and prior Assistant Secretary of Treasury, under Reagan…has spoken to this situation many times. It’s all about maintaining a positive psychology on the ‘dollar’ ($). Gold and silver must be SUPPRESSED to accomplish this policy objective.

Expect the rigging to continue until the international community dumps the dollar ($) and seeks out a new reserve currency for the markets. This could happen at some point. But as of today, the rigging of gold/silver spot prices will continue. A price under $25/ounce for silver and under $1800/ounce for gold will probably continue for 2021 and 2022. It’s a GAME OF RIGGING by the Exchange Stabilization Fund (which works for the Treasury Department and our Federal Reserve Bank System).

Watch the rigging here in real-time here:

I am: Donald B. Swenson,

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