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Money and Consciousness! Intertwined!

March 31, 2020

As the illusion of separateness fades, the collective nature of ...

The concept of ‘money’ evolved from a human ‘consciousness’. Money is invented. In this missive I will use the word ‘I’ and ‘my’ in a uni-plural sense. This means that the word ‘I’ and ‘my’ will apply to me/you/everyone. The issue today is money and its relation to my consciousness. The two are intertwined. Money derives from my consciousness. In other words, money is invented. I invent money for a purpose.

In realty, there s no such ‘thing’ as money anywhere. I must choose some ‘thing’ to serve as money. I could invent anything that people view as having some ‘value’. Value is a subjective concept within economics which we use when we trade some item for another item. Trading evolved as people owned private property and then produced some item(s) from their private property. Since trading ‘value’ is subjective, a money item which is objective (generally accepted) becomes the proxy (substitute) for ‘value’.

I trade my pottery for your bread (for example). But what are the relative ‘values’ of pottery and bread? It’s subjective at the core. So negotiating the trade with a money item (say a silver coin) creates the trade and also the price. All is derived from my/your consciousness. We need to understand consciousness today as our ‘virtual’ money (say the dollar, yen, pound, euro, etc.) are now ‘units’ of consciousness. What is ‘consciousness’?

My words that I write in this missive derive from my ‘consciousness’. The word ‘money’ derives from my consciousness. Today, I (as a banker) can create money from my consciousness. I think up a loan number (via my consciousness) and then type this number (virtual money) into my computer account. I then send the number to your computer account via my computer. It all starts with ‘consciousness’ (my thinking mind).

Consciousness is another name for my mind. My inner self is part of my consciousness (mind). My words that I speak and write derive from my mind (consciousness). Words are invisible and all my thoughts are invisible. This invisible world of thinking represents my consciousness. Consciousness is not derived from brain activity. This is false science. In reality, my words/thoughts/virtual images derive from my MIND. Mind and Brain are different. Mind is spirit and Brain is matter/energy.

So if my money (say the dollar) is derived from my consciousness then my money is also a unit of consciousness. A unit of consciousness is also a unit of this invisible spirit world within me. I am spirit living in a body/brain. The evidence is my thinking (my ‘words’, ‘thoughts’, ‘ideas’, and inner ‘images’). Since the dollar derives from my consciousness it is part of my consciousness (spirit). Today, the dollar is invisible and immaterial. It is a ‘unit’ of my consciousness.

What happens today in our world of money is that banksters just create this invisible/virtual/spirit money from their thinking. They then ‘type’ mere imaginary numbers (called dollars, yen, pound, etc.) into their computer account. There is no matter (substance) to these imaginary ‘numbers’ (called currencies). The currencies are VIRTUAL. Virtual means that the symbols ($1) serve as our money. These symbols are mere ‘units’ of my consciousness. I create these money symbols from my invisible mind and type these symbols into a computer account. It’s all subjective/illusionary.

I need to recognize that all of my money is now virtual (with a few small exceptions). Some 98% of money transactions are now virtual and computer generated. Money symbols (units of consciousness) get circulated via one computer to another at near the speed of light. Photons (massless units of light) carry the money symbols from one computer to another. It’s all done with signals and electromagnetic frequencies. I call our system a money system from heaven.

Yes, money is now mostly a ‘unit’ of consciousness. Consciousness is my mind/spirit operating within my body/brain. My mind activates my brain neurons so that my fingers can type the numbers into a computer account. Can you discern that we now live with invisible money and invisible value. And our banksters use their inner thinking to manipulate our entire monetary system in real-time. Amazing corruption takes place behind closed doors of banking facilities.

There is no gold backing our dollar today. Our dollar is nothing. It is a unit of consciousness. I can also call it a mental abstraction. I can also say that it is a virtual unit and/or a digital unit. The unit does NOT EXIST in space/time. The unit is inner. The unit derives from my invisible MIND. Why the lack of understanding on the issue of money? It’s because (IMO) people do not comprehend their own inner self (their mind and/or consciousness). I am NOT my body/brain. I am NOT matter/energy. What am I? I am a unit of consciousness, a spiritual being, a mind.

I think you are similar. But few comprehend themselves. Most think that their BODY is who they are. Many think they are their BRAIN. Few can discern that I AM CONSCIOUSNESS/MIND/SPIRIT. Amazing ignorance within economics, science, religion, and philosophy. Who am I? Who are YOU? Why does the invisible rule of the visible. MIND rules over body/brain. The evidence is our WORDS. Words derive from consciousness. The greater CONSCIOUSNESS is GOD. Think on this to discern the times we now live in. The Covid-19 situation came from a greater MIND. It’s God’s Judgment! Have a good day!

I am:

Emerging ‘Recession’ Will Be Significant!

March 30, 2020

As Recession Fears Rise, Skittish Investors Sell Riskiest Junk ...
This policymaker says he has unlimited ammunition (going forward). REALLY?

Containing the economic recession | TheHill
This policymaker says our economy will return to its former self in 2020? REALLY?

Heading for Recession?
This is an image for where we are going. The debt game will create this result within a couple of years!

As an economist who has followed our economy for years, I can now predict that the coming recession will be serious and significant. At some point this recession will spiral into a depression (say a couple of years). Some of the events which I follow are the following:

1. The commercial real estate industry.
2. The residential real estate industry.
3. The decline in global Gross National Product.
4. The revenue declines for our Federal, State, and Local governments.
5. The sales tax declines from loss of consumer activity.
6. The trend towards price increases for basic survival needs.
7. The bail-out programs of our central bank could be exponential and continuing.
8. The lack of debt payments could be staggering requiring a debt jubilee down the road.

My experience in real estate gives me insight into what is now emerging globally. As shopping centers, malls, restaurants, and recreation activities produce declining revenues (over time), the ‘value’ of the enterprises go down in a major way. A restaurant (for example) lives off volume to produce revenue. Given the shut-down of millions of restaurants, these facilities will produce no revenue…but expenses continue. This means that the ‘value’ of the facility could be cut in half (a 50% decline). Some ‘values’ could drop to by 75% or more.

This decline in ‘value’ will happen to all income producing properties (over time) and this means that outstanding debt, property taxes, maintenance, etc. can not be paid. This situation will cause a huge drop in GDP (gross domestic product) and our government entities will need to borrow to survive. Who will provide the funds? The only entity that can create money (this ‘illusion’ of the mind) to the extent needed is our central bank (the Fed). All nations will expect their central bank to fund these entities until our economy recovers (which is unlikely to happen).

The evidence is piling up that this economic recession (leading to a depression) is coming to the entire planet. I have followed the numbers for years and I now know that our situation is dire. Dominoes will develop that most can not discern at this moment. Margin calls will develop. Debts will go unpaid. Consumer sentiment will decline. Spending will hold up for a few months (given all the bail-outs) but this also will be insufficient in a few months. The Fed can bail-out millions of enterprises for a short time but then this entity will be the entire market.

Who will bail-out the Fed when they own all our industry and all our debt? The numbers can be transferred to our Fed for a short time but then this entity will own the entire economy. Can the Fed create new production for our economy? Can the Fed create confidence in our consumers? Can money created from the mind of Jerome Powell and his staff produce our survival needs (food, clothing, shelter, and transportation)? I don’t think so! The Fed produces NOTHING (but imaginary money via their computers). All central banks produce NOTHING but ‘illusions’. Is this sustainable for years?

Thinkers will discover that what is now happening is unsustainable and systemic. A declining economy will decline until the situation reaches bottom (a depression will then emerge). Witness Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Libya, Argentina and soon China, Russia, Italy, Spain, France. The Covid-19 shut-down will not end for months. The Spanish flu (1918-20) lasted two years. Some 20 million deaths developed for this event. Could the Covid-19 virus lead to a similar situation? I think this is likely!

The positive rhetoric of our Treasury Secretary, Mr. Mnuchin, does not hold water with me. He is saying that all will return by the end of 2020. Our economy will return to its prior growth and prosperity will return for the world. I see similar rhetoric by many who hold positions of POWER. I discount all these elites as they do not comprehend the underlying issues. Look at this website for some details:

As I write, GDP is declining. Federal, State, and Local tax revenues are declining. Our Federal budget deficit (actual) is now $1,853,311,000,000 (with NO solution coming). Our National Debt is $23.6 trillion (no solution). Total Federal, State, and Local spending is up to $8,288,445,000,000 (and growing by the millisecond). As tax revenues decline and spending increases this means bankruptcy (in a few months). We will witness a debt jubilee (my sense) by the end of 2020. People will not pay their debts and their income will be insufficient. Can the Fed bail-out everyone (continually)? I don’t think so! Those with wisdom and understanding need to rise to the top.

Those who run the world are puppets of Power and Control. We live with a huge ILLUSION (called money) and this will become evident to most thinking people by the end of 2020. The cycle (a convergence of cycles) has changed and we now enter the END TIMES for our corrupt economy and this corrupt money system. Take the time to witness the numbers: Revenues are declining, wealth is declining, spending is declining, debt is growing exponentially. All is unsustainable and beyond resolution. Few discern our situation. I have been teaching on this for some 50 years. The game of Keynesianism (our debt based economy) is now over. A NEW MODEL is needed for our world. Think for yourself to discern.

I am: Have a good day and start thinking about what is emerging!

Dollar, Yen, Euro, Pound, Krona, Yuan, Ruble, etc.: Illusions!

March 28, 2020

What is an ILLUSION? Let's Review! | Kingdom Economics
Money is an illusion - YouTube
Dallas' Museum of Illusions Is Here to Play Real Tricks On Your ...
U.S. Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A ...
cyber money 1200X800 - Advanced Marketing Strategies

We live with currencies which are an ‘illusion’ of my/your mind. We could also say an ‘apparition’ of the mind. Trillions of currencies are traded for real goods daily and the trade involves a ‘thing’/’good’ for an illusion. Our digital money is virtual and this means that these units are an ‘illusion’. I see the ‘illusion’ within my inner self (consciousness) but the ‘illusion’ is a mirage ($$$$$ is an illusion). We are living with a mirage today as we buy/sell/invest/trade our markets.

Zombie traders are buying/selling via these virtual currencies. The trades go up and down in milliseconds. There is no substance to what is traded. We trade virtual apparitions. A dollar, yen, euro, pound, krona, yuan, ruble (or whatever) is a mere inner ‘number’ with no substance. This makes the trading currency an ‘illusion’. Let’s define this word ‘illusion:

Illusion: a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses. A deceptive appearance or impression. A false idea or belief.

Our virtual markets can go up and/or down in milliseconds today as we trade these units of ‘illusion’ via the computer. The Open Out-cry system of trading (real people) has been replaced with a computer system. Algorithms are used to enter and exit a trade in milliseconds and our ‘illusionary’ money gives us the perception of reality. But, in reality, this perception is an ‘illusion’ and/or a ‘hallucination’. Here are similar words to ponder: mirage, hallucination, apparition, phantasm, phantom.

Our stock markets are now virtual (a phantom). Our bond markets are virtual. Our currency markets are virtual. Our prices are virtual. What we trade today are units of our consciousness (mere ‘illusions’ of the human mind). Amazing. My investor friends have no idea about all this. Most (nearly all) think that they are trading a paper dollar. A paper yen. A paper euro, etc. There is NO paper involved today for most trades. What we trade are ‘apparitions’ of reality. Our markets are mostly a ‘hallucination’ within our mind. Amazing. Zombie investors are trading a mirage/illusion.

The gold and silver markets are also mostly pure illusions. Digital trades are executed with no settlement or delivery of the metals. This makes these trades an illusion of the trader’s mind. Gold bugs calls this the ‘paper’ market. In reality, there is NO paper involved. It’s pure digital/virtual. Apparitions are created (called silver or gold) to make a trader THINK that a real trade occurs. But with no delivery of the Au or Ag it ends up being an ‘illusion’. Amazing deceptions within our silver/gold markets which nearly NO-ONE discerns. Zombie traders continue the hallucination.

Yesterday, our Dow Index crashed some 600+ points in the last few minutes prior to close. The Dow was down some 915.3 points at close (illusionary points). This same index was up some 1300+ points a day prior (most of which happened near the close). Our authorities (like our central bank) can trade our virtual markets (behind closed doors) to influence sentiments within the trading community. The entire game of stock trading is now virtual trading and our currencies are mere ‘illusions’ of the human mind. Mental ‘apparitions’ keep our traders positive as they trade more ‘illusions’.

Look out at nature while you walk the streets around your neighborhood. Do you see any of these apparitions (called money units)? I don’t. I see trees, sidewalks, cars, houses, flowers, the moon, the sun, and various clouds in the sky. I do not see any of these apparitions (illusions) which people call their money. All these apparitions live within cyberspace (another hallucination within our mind). Our entire monetary system is becoming a HUGE apparition/illusion (within the human mind). Amazing. Zombie investors trade and watch their virtual accounts grow and decline (unaware of what they do). It’s all a mirage within the human mind. Amazing behavior.

Reality is what lasts and is true. Our illusions, apparitions, hallucinations (called money) do not last. Our entire financial system is in collapse mode (today) as we live, trade, and think within our illusionary mind. But who thinks that they have a MIND? Few to none. Most think that their BRAIN is the source of their thinking. It’s brain neurons and synapses which cause thinking, words, numbers, symbols, and these virtual currencies (called dollar, yen, euro, pound, etc.). An illusion of the mind works (temporarily for our puppet leaders) as our fake leaders FORCE us to use these apparitions called virtual currencies (in order to buy/sell). Force makes my investor friends THINK that their money is real and physical (they see the numbers in their mind…which they THINK is their BRAIN). Amazing!

Soon our central bank (in coordination with other central banks) will FORCE a digital currency (a new global illusion) upon the marketplace. The talk is everywhere on the internet (as I write). Central banks can create these ‘apparitions’ called currencies via their thinking and via typing imaginary numbers into on-line computer accounts. Amazing manipulation by unelected banksters. Banksters can FORCE us to accept a new ILLUSION (a digital currency) so that we bow to their AUTHORITY system. I call this the Mark of the Beast financial system. It’s emerging rapidly via FORCE/MANDATION. And it’s all happening according to Prophecy!

Either BOW to these AUTHORITIES or you can not buy/sell/trade/invest. A NEW apparition (a digital central bank currency) is being planned for our markets. It could happen in 2020. It will be mandated for everyone to use. It will work (temporarily) as people are mostly Zombies who can not discern the nature of REALITY. I talk to investors daily. Nearly all THINK that their illusion (the dollar) is real. Their savings are real and lasting (so they think). The up and down of the stock exchanges will subside and then their apparitions (called savings) will go up and up (forever). Amazing deception. But it’s all derived from our puppet leaders and media pundits who can not discern reality!

Deceptions work when mandated from on HIGH (via our puppet leaders). Puppet leaders will FORCE a new digital currency upon everyone. All this must happen for these puppets to maintain their control over us and the markets. POWER and CONTROL is how our world works. Zombies (the masses) bow to these puppets who control the system. I see it daily as I talk to my investor/social friends. Money is so important to most that they will BOW to the authorities who control the apparitions (called money). Give me more ‘illusions’ so I can hallucinate with my family and friends (that seems to be the mantra of the masses).

Our wealth consists of these units of consciousness (which have no existence). Mere illusions and apparitions do the job for the many within our virtual marketplace. Amazing deceptions to watch. But our pundits who sell the psychology of money will continue with these deceptions for now. Prophecy says that all will continue under this new system called the Mark of the Beast. Eventually, a few will discern the deceptions. But, for now, our ILLUSIONARY money will serve humanity (until it ends).

If you want to compare material reality to these illusions (our virtual dollar, etc.) within your computer banking accounts you could buy some real physical gold and/or silver (the coins) to compare. The physical coins (say a silver eagle) might cause you to discern the reality of matter to that of consciousness). Units of consciousness (spirit) are inner while a physical silver or gold coin is real matter (with mass). Premiums (over spot) are going up as many investors desire some physical in their portfolio. Go here to discern the difference:

Have a great day and don’t pass this missive on to anyone. Someone may wake-up and panic. I am:

My Update on World Events! What’s Happening Now!

March 26, 2020

Stiff Necks & Hard Hearts: A Comparison of God's Power in Biblical ...

News changes by the minute in our global internet world.
It is difficult to stay current. Many of my readers may not be up-to-date on key events which are now happening. I will help you with this missive. Let’s cover a range of issues on economics, theology, politics, and this virus called Covid-19. I will list the issues:

1. Who determines and controls most financial events in America?
2. Will the recent stimulus of some $6 trillion create a new Bull Market for stocks?
3. Is the Fed (our central bank) likely to create a digital currency?
4. Is Mr. Trump capable of draining the political swamp going forward?
5. Is a global digital currency coming for planet earth?
6. Why do most thinkers lack discernment on issues of money and economics?
7. Is God Almighty (Jehovah/Yahweh) bringing us these dire events (like the Covid-19 virus)?

There are primarily TWO policymakers who determine financial events within America. The first is our Secretary of the Treasury and the second is our Chairman of the Federal Reserve System. Today, Mr. Mnuchin, our Treasury Secretary said that he talks with Mr. Jerome Powell some 30 times in a day. Imagine this situation. Why would our Treasury Secretary talk with the independent central banker, Mr. Powell, some 30 times in a day? Let me explain.

It’s the thinking of Mnuchin and Powell which results in new virtual money for all our markets. I am sure that both of these policymakers have input from various Deep State operators. They get their orders from the Deep State but they have the position (authority) to create events for our markets. Mr. Trump has input, the Brookings Institute in Washington has input, the Council on Foreign Relations has input, and some dozen other think-tanks have input into the decision-making system. But the two key policymakers who implement decisions are

Mr. Mnuchin and Mr. Powell.

Has a new Bull Market developed now that our stock market has increased some 20% in three days? I would suggest that this change in our markets will NOT create a new Bull Market for stocks. Our system is bankrupt and our debt is much beyond being repaid. The negatives much out-way the positives and this means that a continuing Bear Market will arrive within weeks. Our system is bankrupt and anyone with some wisdom can discern this reality.

Is our Fed (our central bank) likely to create and promote a digital currency for our markets? I would suggest, yes. A global digital currency will arrive soon (say in late 2020) as prophecy proclaims this event. Prophecy rules over all as God rules this planet. His agenda is the coming Mark of the Beast financial system. And God’s agenda will prevail. Man is not in control of events (the big events) and this means that God’s agenda will happen. You and I are actually living under the ‘authority’ of the spiritual realm. Few, however, are aware!

Is Mr. Trump capable of draining the political swamp going forward? I would suggest that Mr. Trump is now part of the swamp. His rhetoric reveals his subservience to the Deep State agenda. Don’t expect Mr. Trump to bring us salvation from this Deep State which rules over our nation. Events will become more dire as we move forward in time. This is what prophecy says and I can discern that prophecy is much superior to that of any rhetoric coming from our politicians.

So is a global digital currency coming for this planet. Absolutely! It’s coming so our Deep State agenda can be realized. Satan rules this planet (as of today). His plan is outlined in scripture. Satan will energize his puppets so that this Mark of the Beast system arrives. Eventually, many will reject this control system but that is down the road. Human nature will allow this Beast System to arise. As people recognize their slavery, they will develop the energy to resist this enslavement. But human nature is weak and compliant. All this will change over time IMO.

Why do most people lack understanding and discernment on monetary issues? My sense is that most people are ‘followers’. They refuse to THINK independently from the crowd. This trait of human nature (a form of group-think) allows our puppets (politicians) to rule over us. People assume that our puppets have their interest at the center. This is not reality, however. Our political puppets desire (firstly) to rule and to grow in POWER (for themselves). This inner drive to grow in POWER predominates their ego. Mr. Trump is typical of all these puppets. Watch his spin and his change in spin (from day to day).

Is God Almighty (Jehovah God) at the source of this Covid-19 crisis? I would suggest, absolutely. God is our King and his agenda prevails over this planet. God brings us peace, happiness, prosperity…but also all the dire events like plagues, tornadoes, war, and destruction. Life and death is in the ‘hands’ of our Creator God. God kills who he chooses and saves who he chooses. This can be discerned by r

eading our history on this planet. God created us and he is the Potter who controls all events (ultimately). The evidence is here: Read Job 38-41. God explains to Job who he is. What did Job recognize as a result of speaking with Jehovah God? It’s a lesson for all of us to discern.

God made it clear in Isaiah 45:7 that he is the author of good and evil. God said: “I form light and create darkness”. God creates prosperity, peace, and happiness but also the opposite. Our SOURCE is sovereign over all events. It’s clear to those with wisdom and discernment. You can discern God’s control and sovereignty by watching this video:

Our planet is currently under the Judgment of Almighty God. This is obvious to me. Those with some wisdom and knowledge on our situation will discern. Think for yourself and ignore the spin of our politicians. That is my advice. Have a great day as you grow in wisdom and understanding. I will do likewise. I am:

Money ‘tied’ to Nothing is What? An ‘illusion’!

March 26, 2020

Image result for Zombie investors everywhere
Image result for money is now one's and zero's

My investor friends are happy today as money appears in their investment accounts automatically. Thousands of virtual dollars appear (instantaneously) as our virtual stock markets go UP and up. Three consecutive days of UP as the production economy is shut down. Who needs production? My investor friends think that this virtual money is real. They assume that this situation will continue. I said that this lock-down shows that our virtual stock markets are an ‘illusion’ within the human mind. No-one discerns, however. Amazing ignorance. Zombies everywhere!

Why this ignorance? My sense is that people live within their illusionary mind (to them their BRAIN is their mind). They can not discern reality in front of their eyes. If my friends SEE numbers in their virtual accounts then all is well. Money appears (automatically) and this means wealth is growing. Who cares about the production economy. I have my numbers increasing and now the central bank wants a ‘digital’ currency account for everyone. The central bank will send out ‘digital’ numbers (called money) to everyone. We could lock-down the entire country and live off our ‘illusions’. Amazing ignorance on this planet. Why? There has been no real education of reality for the masses!

Money ‘tied’ to nothing is viewed as ‘something’. But, in reality, money ‘tied’ to nothing is NOTHING. But if I THINK that nothing is something then this is what I act upon. An illusion is real if I act on the illusion. Amazing. Human nature is interesting. I am learning much as I watch my investor friends FEEL good. Feeling good is what we all want. But what is emerging? Does anyone discern the underlying issues? Can we live on an ‘illusion’ forever?

What is emerging is the Mark of the Beast financial system. A digital currency will arrive later this year IMO. Our central bank (called the Fed) will adopt a digital currency. Others may follow. But don’t we already have a ‘digital’ dollar? Yes, we do. But our zombie policymakers (many) THINK that we have money which is ‘printed’. What I hear is the printing press going full boar (say many of my investor friends). The Fed is ‘printing’ money. Really? Are virtual dollars arriving from the ‘printing’ press? Many assume this. They assume that our Fed is ‘PRINTING’ dollars and sending out CHECKS. Amazing ignorance!

The illusions (on this issue of money) are interesting to observe. Most everyone THINKS that money is a real THING. It’s a ‘thing’ which exists in space/time. Where is it? My investor friends can not locate the money item. They assume it is ‘printed’ and that money is a real ‘thing’. But what is a virtual currency? What is a digital currency? Can anyone locate the currency? What do our central banks actually DO to create these units of ‘nothing’? Do they THINK up some imaginary ‘number’ in their BRAIN? Then do they ‘type’ their number into a computer account? What should I call this process? Are our central banksters creating real ‘wealth’ for the markets?

Typing numbers into a computer account (calling the numbers dollars/money) and then sending these virtual money symbols to clients is what? Is this official COUNTERFEITING? Or is this the creation of real WEALTH? Is it creating money symbols from nothing? Is it a process of creating ‘mental’ abstractions and calling the creations official MONEY? Let’s think on this issue! Where does today’s money come from? Is there such a THING as money anywhere? Who invented this idea called MONEY? Is MONEY wealth?

Our entire money system is now an ILLUSISON of our mind. But few comprehend. Few can look inside their own mind (which they think is their BRAIN) and find this ‘thing’ (called money). It can not be found anywhere within our observable universe. Yet people think that money is a THING which exists. Amazing ignorance IMO. I live with zombies everywhere. I must ignore the lack of discernment. I must ignore their lack of concern. As long as bread, milk, butter, toilet paper, and beans appear on the shelves at the Super Market, ALL IS GOOD. The feel good mindset is everywhere.

I give it 60 more days.
Then we might see some wisdom emerge from a few. We all do learn from experience. So when the shelves are empty a few will discern. Until then, ZOMBIES will act out their ILLUSIONS. We live in a world of ILLUSIONS. That is my view. But my view is not important. Illusions work for the time being. Money from heaven will placate the masses for now. My investor friends are HAPPY! Our elites will gain more power and control as the Mark of the Beast emerges. That’s my view. Have a good day! I am:

Feel Good Economy May Last 60 Days!

March 25, 2020

Image result for we are heading for a depression
Image result for Trump's six trillion stimulus package
Image result for Trump's six trillion stimulus package will not solve anything

Image result for Trump's economy is crashing

Our elites have decided to throw in the towel and give Americans some $6 trillion of liquidity (called dollars).
I should get some, my wife will get some. My friends at the clubhouse will get some. All this will make many ‘feel good’ for a short season (I say 60 days). After the 60 days the ‘s… will hit the fan.

Our nation is bankrupt and millions will soon stop paying their rent and mortgage payments. Our national debt is unpayable and our leaders think that this ‘feel good’ stimulus will create a floor. In reality, this merely shows our total bankruptcy and the trend is now a recession followed by a depression. It’s obvious to me.

Our economic model is broken and this means that we can not resurrect our past prosperity. The game is over for America and also the world. We need a new model based upon reality. What we have today is a fantasy economy based upon illusion. Are you aware that our virtual currencies are inner and spiritual units? Probably not! I find 1 in a million who comprehend our spiritual currencies.

What is a virtual dollar? A virtual euro? a virtual yen? A virtual krona? A virtual pound? Those who comprehend recognize that the word ‘virtual’ means ‘inner’ and the word ‘inner’ means our spiritual consciousness. I live within my consciousness and this means that I live within my spiritual mind (soul). Money comes from my inner consciousness and this means that our currencies are now spiritual units. But few to none comprehend this reality? Amazing!

We live in a spiritual universe. Consciousness is fundamental to my reality (and I presume yours). Who understands? Few within economics and finance recognize that our currencies are now units of consciousness (spirit). This means that our higher spiritual sources call the shots for our planet. Yes, God is bringing us this Covid-19 plague. We are living in the final days of man’s rule. Soon Mr. Trump will bow to this superior SOURCE called God Almighty. Watch as he starts praying to this Source as our health issues become more dire. When in the ‘fox hole’ we all turn to God!

We live with illusions and deceptions and most people buy into all these illusions and deceptions. I refuse to buy into these fantasies. Our ‘feel good’ economy may last for the next 60 days (give or take) IMO. Then the s… will hit the fan. Watch as our our owners refuse to pay their rent/debt. Watch as our stock markets crash to 50% of its current level (by the end of 2020). All this will happen over time (my view is the next 60 days) for our ‘feel good’ economy.

We are living under the JUDGMENT of GOD ALMIGHTY. This is now clear to me. Few discern this reality. Few even believe in a Higher Power. Few can discern that they live within their CONSCIOUSNESS. Few can discern that my consciousness is part of my spiritual inner self. My brain is not my source. It’s my spiritual consciousness! I live in a world of gross deception and illusion. FEW can discern reality (so it seems). Few can discern that what our leaders are imposing upon us is enslavement. Few will wake-up until events get MUCH MORE DIRE.

Human nature avoids pain and problems. Human nature desires only positive results. Accept everyone and reject none (is the mindset of many). This allows our leaders to SPIN events with positive rhetoric (continually). Mr. Trump is a master of SPIN. All politicians are masters of SPIN. The American people will buy into all this SPIN until events get MUCH MORE DIRE. We need DIRE events if people are going to wake-up to reality. I think this will happen over the next 10 years. Our system is broken and our economic house is an ILLUSION. See this website for evidence:

What is a virtual dollar? What is a digital currency? What is a unit of the mind (a mental abstraction)? Our system is based upon virtual finance, virtual currencies, and virtual stocks. If you can not discern these realities then I think you are living an ILLUSION. But that is MY VIEW of reality. THINK for yourself. Watch as events get much more DIRE after this initial ‘feel good’ event wears off. To me this is OBVIOUS! Have a great day and think for yourself! I am:

Shame on Mr. Trump, He Wants $$$$$ before PEOPLE! Shame!

March 24, 2020

Image result for growth of covid-19 infections in united states
Image result for Mr. Trump wants to restart economy by Easter
Image result for Mr. Trump wants to restart economy by Easter

Our esteemed leader in Washington wants Wall Street and his billionaires to flourish at the expense of those with health issues. The growth of Covid-19 is just starting to grow yet Mr. Trump says he wants our Wall Street economy to restart by Easter (April 12). Is this sound thinking? I don’t think so! The reality is that PEOPLE must come prior to this phony Wall Street stock market which has no basis in reality.

Our imaginary stock market must prevail over the health of people per Mr. Trump. Shame on Mr. Trump for adopting this view. Our situation is dire and the health of our people must come prior to this virtual/imaginary stock market. Mr. Trump and his ego seems to desire $$$$$ over people This is shameful IMO. People and their health must take a priority over these virtual money symbols of Mr. Trump. Let’s solve our health issue and then restart the economy!

The Covid-19 virus is yet to peak in America. India just locked down their entire country of 1.3 billion. This happened today. Britain is locking down. Italy is already locked down. Spain is locking down. So is Germany and many other countries. What Mr. Trump does not understand is that his stock market (mostly for the 1%) must take a back seat to the health of the American people. Restarting Wall Street must not take precedence over the health of the American people.

I am shocked at the attitude of our leaders who put $$$$$ over people. People must prevail over our virtual/imaginary money system. Think for yourself but that is my viewpoint. Have a good day! I am:

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