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Money, Money, Money – What the Heck is Money?

May 26, 2017

Today, I went outdoors and looked all over for this ‘thing’ called Money. I looked up in the sky and found no Money. I looked at nature and found no Money. I looked at all the mountains around my venue which contain minerals, elements, and natural objects but found no Money. Under the earth and under the water bodies I discover no Money. So what and where is this ‘thing’ called Money. I have been teaching about this concept for nearly 50 years and find that few have any idea about understanding this concept called Money.

Today, I talked to a 75-year-old businessman at the clubhouse. I asked him if he knew where his savings were stored. He responded that he had an advisory firm in Montana which invests his money and he is confident that all is well with his investments. I asked him if he could define this word called ‘money’. He looked at me with confusion and emoted that he had no idea how to define ‘money’. I asked him if the ‘cyber’ digits in his advisory firms computer account (his supposed ‘money’) actually existed as a ‘thing’ for him to own and possess. In other words, what are these cyber money units in his accounts? Again, he could not respond with any understanding.

This concept called Money appears to be a confusing concept for educated, intelligent, business people to comprehend. My teaching about this concept starts with the statement that we really have No such ‘thing’ as Money within our observable universe. There is no ‘thing’ in nature which the word ‘money’ automatically denotes or refers to. So how does this concept become so significant and important for our survival? Is money ‘invented’ from the mind? Is ‘money’ a word that is concocted from our relationships with other people? Just what the heck is this ‘thing’ called Money?

What we need to realize are some basics from our history. When the pilgrims landed on the soil of America in 1620, there was no official ‘money’ anywhere. People just claimed their survival needs from the soil and from nature. As time progressed, however, people claimed private property for themselves and others did likewise. This led to production on this private property and then a desire to ‘exchange’ this production for other production. This led to a marketplace for exchange and this concept called ‘value’ emerged from the thinkers in this marketplace. Just what is this concept called ‘value’?

This mental/subjective concept called ‘value’ created negotiations between counterparties and led to this idea that some ‘thing’ needs to serve as a proxy for this subjective concept called ‘value’. Various ‘things’ that were being traded between counterparties led to various ‘things’ being proposed as proxies for this concept called ‘value’. In time, this led to select ‘things’ like tobacco, sugar, beads, food items (as proxies for ‘value’) and eventually such items as silver coins and such as the best proxy. Money was ‘invented’ as a result of this process . People concocted a ‘thing’ which others accepted and this concept called Money emerged spontaneously. The ‘word’ money just emerged from people’s thought process and it became our proxy for ‘value’!

America gradually experimented with all kinds of ‘money’ items prior to establishing a formal mathematical system of logic for their ‘value’ exchanges. All this emerged gradually and it was primarily this person called Thomas Jefferson who formalized a mathematical logic for America’s money system. Thomas observed the actions of people within the colonial marketplace and noticed that people generally liked silver coins as items for their proxies of ‘value’ when making their exchanges. The Spanish silver coin called the Piece of Eight or the silver Peso was selected as the best proxy for people’s view of ‘value’. This ‘thing’ then became what we today call ‘money’!

After assaying this coin and discovering its silver content Thomas used this coin as the reference point for creating our American currency unit called the ‘dollar’. Congress then approved his math and logic and in 1792 the Coinage Act formalized the American dollar as 371.25 grains of silver (our proxy for this subjective concept called ‘value’). Americans could now exchange ‘value’ for ‘value’ in the marketplace and use this ‘thing’ called the American dollar as the tool for measuring ‘value’. Money had emerged from the thinking mind of Thomas Jefferson and others who accepted his math/logic and observations. Money had been ‘invented’ or concocted for our economy.

Since 1792 this concept called ‘money’ has changed and evolved. Since the foundation of all money is this subjective concept called ‘value’ and since this concept can not be fully objectified money evolves and morphs with new thinking about this concept. Value (this concept) is foundational to all money economies and today we think of ‘value’ as a concept based upon ‘faith’ and ‘trust’ in our governmental administrators (who create and administer our ‘money’). Value now derives from our Central Banks and our Political Institutions which administer all our survival needs. The proxy for ‘value’ has changed (since our founding) from some ‘thing’ which we invent in a marketplace (say tobacco, silver, or a paper note) to a ‘virtual’ image ($) which we witness as a number ($1) in our computer screens.

Since the invention of the computer, our system of ‘value’ relationships (and its proxy…money) have changed and we now have given over our faith in ‘value’ relationships to our Central Banks. Our government has delegated their obligation to coin money and regulate the ‘value’ thereof to our Central Bank (called the Federal Reserve) and most all governments on our planet have done likewise. Today, Central Banks administer ‘value’ relationships (trading, money transactions, and FX exchanges) and they use imaginary numbers (digits in the computer screen) as the math and algorithmic logic for settling ‘value’ exchanges between counterparties.

The concept of ‘money’ is now an inner concept of our mind (similar to this concept called ‘value’) and all ‘value’ relationships are now measured with a subjective unit living in cyberspace (a non-thing). Money has evolved from a ‘thing’ from nature to a ‘non-thing’ within our subjective consciousness. Few of my students and blog readers can discern what has happened these past 40 or so years. Money has become a ‘tool’ for mental control over the people by our Central Bank administrators and their political lackeys. We now use passwords and usernames to merely trade within our global markets. Numbers and cyber symbols ($) have replaced physical ‘things’ as our money. The proxy for ‘value’ is now a metaphysical image ($).

So what the heck is money today? Money today has evolved into a tool of our Central Banks for enslaving all mankind to a set of rules and mandates. Imaginary numbers (of the mind) are now ‘money’. Inner images (living within virtual reality) are now our ‘money’. Cyberspace text, symbols, and images have become our foundation for all ‘value’ relationships (and the proxy for ‘value’ relationships are mere cyber numbers). We live with a corrupted money system which can only lead to mental enslavement over time. Unelected banksters (operating behind closed doors) now administer our ‘value’ relationships for buying/selling/trading/investing.

Money has become a tool for select unelected elites to use for imposing their vision of economics and reality upon the entire planet (all 7.4 billion citizens). Think of this immense psychological CHANGE in just the past 40+ years. Our money (which used to be silver/gold/copper coins and paper certificates convertible into these precious metals) are now inner cyber images ($$$) living within virtual reality (cyberspace). All this gives our unelected Central Planners control over all commerce and our survival as economic agents. We have become SLAVES of our Central Planners who desire to impose globalization (Central Planning) upon the entire human race.

Communism or whatever label you desire to choose is what is now emerging. Who can change this outcome? We now have the United Nations with their Agenda 2030 approved for the entire planet. This started in 2015 and became official policy in January 2016. This Agenda leads directly to Central Planning for the entire planet (all 7.4 billion citizens). Freedom of the individual is now subordinated to this unelected Central Planning cabal. Think of the change in just these past 40+ years. We have gone from free market Capitalism to a form of Fascism or Totalitarianism (a form of Central Planning). Few are complaining as yet as most everyone is unaware of what has happened. All this will change in time!

Money can be the root of all evil when it is controlled by a cabal of Central Planners (operating behind closed doors). Listen to the wisdom of those who understood power and money. I listen to the wisdom of those from history (like our founding father, Thomas Jefferson) who understood the dangers of giving control over money to a cabal of elitists. America has done this to its people with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The Federal Reserve Act has evolved into a Central Planning entity and a system which promotes Globalism and this Agenda 2030 (Central Planning for the entire planet). Enslavement is what I envision for everyone in time. Think for yourself! Freedom can be restored but we need to reject our current cyber money system. Read my prior missives for more understanding! I am:

Some additional images related to the above message:

Image result for wisdom of founding fathers on issues of money

Wisdom from a great founding Father! Thomas understood money and value!

Image result for wisdom of founding fathers on issues of money

Why did Thomas believe the above? Could centralized power lead to enslavement of the people?

Image result for wisdom of founding fathers on issues of money

Money can not buy freedom, justice, real happiness, health, or wisdom!

Image result for wisdom of founding fathers on issues of money

What our Central Planners do behind doors is less than honest IMO!

Image result for the Federal REserve

Who understands what happens behind closed doors? Secrecy leads to corruption over time!

Image result for the Federal REserve

A cabal of elitists assumed control over America’s money system! What has this led to?

Image result for Central banking is Central Planning

Central Planning is a form of economic Communism (as survival is distributed by the Central Committee)!

Image result for Central banking is Central Planning, wisdom of ben franklin

This economist/philosopher understood the dangers of Centralized power and subjective (faith-based) money!

Image result for Central banking is Central Planning, wisdom of ben franklin

Ron Paul understood the inside workings of our Central Bank (few understand this history)!

Image result for Agenda 2030 and Central Planning

Agenda 2030 became official policy of the United Nations and the 193 members as of January 1, 2016. This Agenda leads to global Central Planning! Central Planning leads to Tyranny over the mind of the many!

Image result for Agenda 2030 and Central Planning

Pope Francis ushers in Central Planning for the planet on September 25, 2015. Who understands this Agenda and where it leads the world?

Image result for Agenda 2030 and Central Planning

The Agenda 2030 goals sound good on paper but the program eventually leads to a Centrally Planned planet where the individual is enslaved!

Image result for central planning is a form of Communism

Those who promote Central Planning think that Freedom is dangerous and impossible to coordinate! The key concepts of Central Planners are: Unity, Inclusiveness, Equal Distribution, Sustainability, Justice for All, Financial Security, Security, and Stability!

Image result for central planning is a form of Communism, why does it not work

Those who desire Central Planning think that a few elites can administer a UTOPIAN system for the whole. The motives may be positive but the implementation does not work in real-time! Why? Human nature desires FREEDOM from the enslavement to a Centrally administer regime. Communism has been tried and it fails as central administrators can not solve the issues of the INDIVIDUALS. The ‘individual’ views Central Planning as a form of TYRANNY over the mind of man! The ‘individual’ must have personal freedom and independence! Think of the words of Thomas Jefferson when it comes to what free people desire!

Image result for thomas jefferson and tyranny

Tyranny develops under an Agenda 2030 program when fully implemented!

Image result for thomas jefferson and tyranny

The goal of man is for the ‘individual’ to be free and equal with another human being!

Image result for thomas jefferson and tyranny

Tyranny emerges under any Centrally Administered Economic System. Why? Because the people must live under mandated rules, laws, dictates, sameness, limitations, and unfair impositions! Those who administer the Centrally Planned System favor themselves over the common man who must comply or suffer unjust consequences! The result leads to TYRANNY and totalitarianism over the human MIND!

Hey, Central Planners, ‘Suppress’ the Price to Zero!

May 25, 2017

The past six years have revealed the psychology of our Central Planners! Their goal is to ‘suppress’ the prices of silver and gold to reduce global sentiment for these historic monies. Why are they doing this? They desire to promote a new cyber/digital currency unit for the planet. Cyber money gives these Central Planners control over the markets and they can then enslave all the citizens on this planet to their vision of reality. Why do they desire to enslave the citizens? This is necessary if they desire to impose their Agenda 2030 upon the citizens. Everyone must bow to the vision of these Central Planners and their select elites so that this vision is realized by 2030. You can read all about Agenda 2030 at the U.N. website!

One means which allows these Central Planners to pursue this sinister goal for our planet is their control over the psychology of money. Money rules this planet and those with control over the money can impose their VISION upon the planet. This is how our world works, folks! We are all enslaved to those who desire to RULE this planet. Money is the key tool for rulership! To rule this planet and the 7.4 billion citizens these Central Planners MUST have cyber money for buying/selling/trading/investing/saving under their control. Cyber money allows these banksters to impose their rules upon the entire market. Citizens have no voice on these issues!

Rules are now mostly passwords, numbers, math, algorithms, artificial intelligence, cyber symbols, and mental images which live within cyberspace. Cyberspace is the new environment for our elites to use for their impositions and rulership. We are now at the point where passwords and math rule over all commerce. The elite with billions of cyber money units can avoid most of the enslavement as they control the System. But the vast majority of consumers are victims and slaves of this cyber system. We need to collapse this system by changing the incentives for supporting these elites. Money is what we need to focus upon!

This change can be accomplished if we REJECT the cyber money units (within our savings accounts) and exchange these units for some ‘thing’ in observable reality. Cyber units are non-things (units of our imagination) and they allow our Central Planners to further their mental enslavement of the citizens. We need to REJECT these units by exchanging our savings for something real and physical. Historical monies are silver/gold/copper. We now need to accumulate these precious metals and REJECT the tools (mere numbers/math) which our Central Planners are pushing on us via a psychology of deception and control.

The vast majority of consumers and investors are deceived about the ‘nature’ of virtual reality. Virtual reality is really an ‘imaginary’ reality which gets imposed (upon us) so that our Central Planners can achieve their Agenda of deception and enslavement. Who are these Central Planners who desire to enslave us and impose their Agenda upon us? Think of these institutions: the U.S. Federal Reserve System, the European Central Bank System, the International Monetary Fund System, the Bank for International Settlements, the Bank of England, Sweden, Switzerland, China, India, Japan, and a few others. These banksters and their political lackeys desire to impose an Agenda called Agenda 2030 upon the entire planet. Read all about it at the U.N. website.

Rulership can not be achieved IF we REJECT their cyber money units. Money rules this planet and those in control of the money impose their WILL upon everyone. This is the history of our human race. Money is at the core of all evil including most deceptions and banksterism. If we REJECT the cyber money units and exchange these units for ounces of silver/gold (coins and bars) then the psychology of cyber money will collapse. With a collapse of the cyber money system, we can start to RESTORE freedom to our markets and to the global system. Think about the future of your children and all citizens. Isn’t FREEDOM worth fighting for?

Now is the time to RESTORE freedom to our markets by REJECTING the imaginary units being imposed upon us by our Central Planners. This can be done by exchanging current cyber money units (in savings) for silver/gold (only physical silver/gold). Do not buy cyber symbols which are supposed to represent silver/gold. These symbol investments are mostly worthless as a ‘store’ of value. Get into physical silver/gold (coins and bars) and get out of cyber money units. Ignore the ‘price’ of silver/gold which our current Central Planners ‘suppress’ for psychological reasons! The more the authorities ‘suppress’ the price the better. This allows me to buy more physical ounces. Price ‘suppression’ is a psychological tactic to reduce investor sentiment! It’s purely a gimmick of our Central Planners!

Think of restoring FREEDOM to our markets and rejecting a dictatorship of the elites. Elites like to RULE over us, but this only leads to TYRANNY and Enslavement. Communism has already been tried and it does not work. Freedom is what works. Let’s ACT now and buy silver/gold so that we can RESTORE freedom to our markets. This can happen NOW. We do not need to wait for any guru to assist us. Go out and buy with your savings (money units not needed for immediate survival needs). Think about our FUTURE as citizens on this planet. The FUTURE is Now for those who understand reality. Watch the markets as our Central Planners run for cover. This message will change their thinking over time. Enslavement can not survive if we ACT as individuals (ignore the price and buy ounces). I am:

Freedom is my goal and I hope yours also:

Image result for thomas jefferson on money institutions

Image result for thomas jefferson on money institutions

Image result for thomas jefferson on money institutions

Image result for thomas jefferson on money institutions

Image result for trump is king

Image result for trump is king

Image result for trump is king

Image result for central banks the problem

Image result for central banks the problem

Image result for central banks the problem

Image result for central banks the problem

Image result for central banks the problem, they cause enslavement

Illuminati/Agenda 21:

Image result for agenda 2030

Freedom means that the VISION of our elites must be stopped! Their Agenda (called Agenda 2030) will create enslavement for the vast majority of citizens on this planet. Reject their Agenda by being pro-active and rejecting cyber money for your savings. Think about the future for this planet! Choose FREEDOM! Money rules this planet and cyber money gives CONTROL to the FEW!


How can Freedom be Restored to our Markets?

May 24, 2017

We now live under the enslavement of cyber money, passwords, electromagnetic frequencies, and a Centralized System of Authority (which controls all markets and soon all individuals). Freedom of thought is being censored by those who desire to promote Globalism, Centralization, and a Fascist/Totalitarian State. Our recently elected leader called Donald Trump is now part of this cabal which desires to RULE our planet. The big battle is a battle for control over the MINDS of the sheep who refuse to THINK for themselves. A few Marxists, Fascists, Globalists, Totalitarians are working to create their planetary utopia called Agenda 2030.

Soon the minds of contrarians and truth tellers will be silenced so that the above corrupt Agenda can be installed. America has fallen to these globalists/cabalists and the American people are falling into this ‘trap’ of mental enslavement. Few can discern the trends as few can think outside the manipulated mindset of those who control our media/education/religious/scientific/philosophical system. Religion is part of our enslavement as is economics, philosophy and science. I am shocked at what is now happening but I think all this must eventually lead to a breakdown within all our cyber markets. It can happen NOW!

How can concerned people with some savings bring our cyber controlled markets to a halt? Is it possible to bring our markets some freedom which our centralized authorities can not stop? I think this could happen rather easily if a few billionaires and average investors would simply follow my advice. What we need to do to collapse all these false/illusionary/fake markets is buy up ALL the historical money units on this planet. This could be done rather easily by purchasing ALL the physical gold and silver on this planet (or most of it). When I say ALL, I do not mean every ounce of physical silver/gold. I mean MOST of the free ounces which are offered for sale on our markets.

Why would this work? What is now happening is that our Centralized Authorities are purposely manipulating sentiment (the psychology) within our silver/gold markets to prevent any challenge to their CYBER (fake) money markets. The ‘fake’ cyber money units are being accepted by the gullible sheep as they do not understand history or real economics. These cyber sheep (with their ubiquitous smart phones) will desire the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system without understanding what they are doing. They view these new technologies as a step toward greater freedom and individuality as they can not discern the END game of our Globalist Cabal.

The END game of our Central Planners is to enslave all the cyber sheep with passwords, numbers, and control gimmicks so they can RULE this planet. The Big Picture is controlling the planet via controlling the decision-making at the TOP. Those at the TOP will RULE over the gullible cyber sheep who are unable to think as independent agents. This has been history as human nature does not change. Contrarian thinking is allowed as long as the Central Planners at the TOP are not being challenged in any serious manner. The one option left for free market thinkers is to refuse to save funds ($$$$$$) within these cyber controlled computer accounts.

What we need to do is create such a demand for historical monies (silver/gold) so that the manipulated/controlled price regime (run by our Central Planners) fails. These Central Planners (operating behind closed doors) promote sentiment (the psychology) for our cyber units. This is their strategy for getting investors out of historical monies such as silver/gold. Why do you think that the prices of silver/gold are being suppressed continually? Could the Central Planners have a reason? I think so! They KNOW that historical monies are a serious Challenge to their plan to enslave all mankind with their cyber gimmicks. If we can buy up ALL (most) of the existing supply of silver/gold coins and bars, then the Central Planners will recognize (get the message) that their plan to enslave us with cyber money will fail.

Think about restoring FREEDOM to our markets by refusing to SAVE in cyber money. Cyber money is for the cyber sheep who desire not to learn from history. We are living in a FAKE world of cyber money and cyber symbols which have nearly everyone deceived. We need to STOP this trend towards our enslavement by challenging these FASCISTS and GLOBALISTS who desire to RULE over all of us with symbols, passwords, numbers, and cyber gimmicks. Let’s buy up ALL the physical supply of silver/gold ASAP so our enslavement can be STOPPED. Our Central Planners will get the message when they can no longer rule over the psychology of our markets with cyber gimmicks, tricks, manipulations, and illusions. Their controlled MEDIA will also get the message from the common people!

We can restore FREEDOM to our markets if we THINK prior to acting. Think about getting rid of ALL your cyber savings (illusionary money now living within cyberspace) and exchanging these units (of nothing) for REAL physical silver/gold coins and bars. Watch as the Central Planners run for cover and hide in the rocks as the PEOPLE restore FREEDOM to our markets. We now KNOW who all these Central Planners are and where they are. The Federal Reserve in New York, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of England in London, the Swiss National Bank, the Bank of China, the Bank of Japan, the Central Bank of Sweden, and especially the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany are these CENTRAL PLANNERS.

All the above CENTRAL PLANNERS will discover that sentiment (the psychology) can not be manipulated any longer. Savers can change the psychology with their exchange of cyber money units for REAL physical silver/gold coins and bars. The Central Planning Banksters will RUN for cover as they watch their assumed EMPIRE collapse and implode. The cyber system is pure FAKERY and ILLUSION. Wake-up and ACT to challenge this ‘fake’ house of cards. Do it NOW! Reality is always NOW…and successive moments of NOW. Let’s RESTORE freedom and individuality to our MARKETS! Get this missive out to everyone on your email list. We can CHANGE our markets if we desire! Think and then ACT! I am merely your messenger! I am:

Think about changing the psychology within our markets (now)!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

THINK about exchanging your cyber (fake) money units for REAL silver/gold!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

Buy from reputable dealers in your area (now)!

Image result for buy silver now

Ignore the cyber price (the low current price is manipulated)! Buy and ignore price! Something (a ‘thing’) is better than Nothing (fake cyber money)! Let’s send a message to our Central Planners that enough is enough! Freedom must be restored to our markets!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

Historical monies can change the psychology within our controlled cyber (fake) markets!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

THINK and then ACT! Let’s restore FREEDOM to our global markets. Vote for freedom and individuality within our markets!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

Exchange your fake cyber money units for our historical store of value money!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

Cyber money units are FAKE (mere illusions of the mind). Exchange these units for something tangible and physical!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

Convert your savings (not needed for immediate needs) into gold/silver coins/bars! Do this NOW!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

Reality is always NOW…and successive moments of NOW! Think and then ACT (now)!

Image result for banksters are central planners

Those who desire to enslave us have revealed their psychology many times within our history. Central Planning is a form of Communism/Totalitarianism/Enslavement! Fooling the sheep with psychological deception works as human nature generally follows those within positions of POWER. Leaders in positions of POWER can impose select illusions (deceptions) upon the sheep who refuse to think outside the box! Thinking is not easy so most sheep will follow a guru or rhetorician who can use psychology to deceive! We are now being deceived by fake money and an illusionary system of cyber technology! WAKE-UP and act now to stop this enslavement!


Understanding our Electronic/Cyber Markets – Part IV

May 24, 2017

The Arizona Daily Star claims that some $14 trillion of American savings are in IRA and 401(k) accounts. Let’s think about this situation. What makes up this $14 trillion? Is there any substance to this $14 trillion of cyber units stored within computer IRA and 401(k) accounts? To comprehend this situation we need to ask some important questions. Why do these $14 trillion of money units have no substance or physical existence? Are you aware that this $14 trillion lives within cyberspace? So what is cyberspace? Can anyone define this space which we witness when we look at our computer screen accounts?

Cyberspace is not the same as observable space (that which I see with my eyes when I look at nature). When I look at nature (say a mountain or river) I see substance. I see objects which exist within our space/time reality. But what do I ‘see’ when I look within cyberspace? Basically, I see nothing of substance as cyberspace has no substance. There is no ‘thingness’ or ‘substance’ when I look at cyberspace (my images within my computer screen). Why do many think that this space has substance? Could it be because I can ‘see’ images in front of my eyes (in the computer screen)? I think so!

People think that cyberspace has substance because they see virtual images (text, objects, colors) within their computer screen. These images, however, have no substance or physical existence. Did you know this? Are you aware that images within cyberspace are virtual images. Virtual means that I can ‘see’ these images in my mind (or consciousness) but I can not access, touch, feel, observe these images. The images are mere illusions within my mind and/or consciousness. They have no ‘substance’ or ‘physical’ existence.

So what are these $14 trillion of savings which Americans have in their IRA and 401(k) accounts? In reality, this $14 trillion consists of mere images (we call them money units) and all these units could vanish and disappear if power is shut-off and if these accounts are wiped clean from cyberspace. This $14 trillion of savings is actually just images in our minds which give us confidence that these money units can be spent over time. We assume that the authorities which control this cyber system (all money units are now mostly living within cyberspace) will allow these units to grow and continue to live within cyberspace.

But all this is mostly wishful thinking as this $14 trillion of money units could vanish and disappear instantaneously via many causes. If the power grid is damaged or destroyed by cyber hackers/criminals then all of these $14 trillion units would not be available for spending. The units (which we call money) are really ‘imaginary’ units (within our minds) and these ‘imaginary’ units can vanish/disappear/become unavailable within an instant of time. A computer shut-down could also make these $14 trillion units unavailable. A bank holiday of days/weeks/months could make these units unavailable.

What we need to understand is that what we call ‘money’ today is really nothing but units within our ‘imagination’. As a banker, I create these units from my thinking (mind) and I ‘type’ these units in this space called ‘cyberspace’ with a punch of select computer keys. The units represent legal tender money but, in reality, this legal tender money does not exist within ‘observable’ space. Historically, money has always been some ‘thing’ which exists within ‘observable’ space. Money started out as some object from nature (say a bead, coin, or paper object). Today, this has changed materially.

Today, our $14 trillion of IRA and 401(k) savings are mere units of our imagination (living within cyberspace) and these units can vanish/disappear/become unavailable within seconds. A flash crash or a shut-down of cyberspace is possible and realistic in today’s world of cyber hacking, cyber crime, and cyber banking. Our banking authorities can now control, manipulate, and crash all these cyber money units with the click of a computer mouse. The money system is centralized today and computers control all of these units and their distribution and their availability.

A smart saver today will understand this situation and provide some alternative for this situation. One alternative is to exchange a portion of these $14 trillion of cyber money units for some real ‘thing’ which exists within observable space (say silver coins, gold coins, food items, transportation items, shelter items). Items which ‘exist’ within observable space and which are within one’s possession can continue to serve as money when all the $14 trillion vanishes from cyberspace. Cyberspace must be understood today as we live with smart phones, laptops, and home computers. Cyber images are what we use today for our money.

A good definition of cyberspace might be the following:

“The space in which computer transactions occur, particularly transactions between different computers. We say that images and text on the Internet exist in cyberspace, for example. The term is also often used in conjunction with virtual reality, designating the imaginary place where virtual objects exist. For example, if a computer produces a picture of building that allows the architect to “walk” through and see what a design would look like, the building is said to exist in cyberspace.”

Comment: the ‘word’ exist is used above but this ‘word’ is not really a good ‘word’ to use. The images within cyberspace do NOT actually ‘exist’ (as in a physical substance). Exist generally means that we can possess, touch, or observe these images within space/time. In reality, cyber images (text, numbers, money units) are virtual images which have no ‘existence’ (as we traditionally experience). Virtual images are a better way to think of today’s money units. Virtual images appear in my smart phone screen to observe, but I can not take possession of these images. This means that I have no control over their reality. The authorities which control the computer accounts (our Central Banks mostly) actually determine who gets these units and who gets nothing (a shut-down or stoppage of the approval for using the account).

What is emerging slowing and relentless is a Centralized Computer Control System (some call this an AI Global Brain) over all money accounts. The Cashless Society is one way to look at this new system which is emerging. Sweden and much of Europe already are mostly ‘cashless’ and these people are victims of their Central Authorities (mostly unknowingly). What is emerging slowing and relentlessly is a ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system where everyone must bow to select Central Authorities to buy/sell/invest and survive. Control is what these Central Authorities desire and with money units that reside within our imagination (cyberspace) these Authorities can control each/all of us via their AI (artificial intelligence) technologies.

People will soon need the approval of a Centralized Computer Source (run by select banksters) to buy/sell/invest and transact commerce. We will need to give our allegiance to this Global Brain System to survive as economic citizens. All our $14 trillion of cyber money units could be monitored and controlled so that spending is done in accordance with the Global Central Planning Authority. Free market Capitalism is now over and a NEW system has emerged which is controlled by Central Administrators (mostly our Central Banks and their political lackeys). Free market transactions will soon be history as physical money will be eliminated from our planet.

A Cashless World of cyber money units has already emerged in most of Western society. Just look at your own smart phone for evidence. All nations on our planet are now adopting these cyber units for money and this means that we are heading for a Globalized World where Central Banksters and select Political lackeys will RULE this planet and each person. The general ‘name’ for this is called Agenda 2030 and the United Nations is working to enforce this Agenda upon everyone! I, personally, do not approve of this Agenda or its program, but my VOICE is not heard by any of these Authorities which RULE over us. I am a ‘voice’ in the wilderness of cyberspace! Few listen or read my thinking!

My blog is read by few and only a few comprehend all this change which is happening in front of our eyes. Human nature does not like to ‘rock’ the boat of change and most everyone does not like to challenge a System which currently provides for their survival. I am a ‘voice’ of ONE which can only educate the FEW. My sense, however, is that all this change is part of a much Bigger Picture which is actually beyond the control of all of us. My sense is that we are all operating ‘at effect’ and that metaphysical forces/sources/spirits will ultimately determine the ‘fate’ of planet Earth and each of us. This is my sense as of today! Take the time to think on these issues on your own.

Thinking is not easy and challenging the status quo system is also not easy. My ‘narrow road’ approach to reality is not for everyone. Positive thinking and non-challenge to those who RULE over us is the status quo for the many. I witness this mindset daily as I talk to friends, associates, and relatives on all these issues. Social media (like Facebook) is a good venue to discern the mindset of the many. The mindset of the ‘many’ is the broad road mindset. This mindset says don’t ‘rock’ the boat and don’t challenge the System. Live and let live and don’t allow any negative actions to create real-time change for me and mine. Think positive and allow what is happening to occur. Unfortunately, I must reject this mindset!

My calling is the ‘narrow road’ approach to reality. This means that I think outside the box and challenge those within the box. Hopefully, I can do this in a positive manner even though my message is mostly against the status quo and the current System. I plan to continue my blog for the FEW who like to think outside the box. Today, I witness our cyber money system collapsing in Venezuela and many other nations and I will continue to follow what is developing internationally. Terrorism, to me, develops because of our current corrupt System and all the positive thinking people will not change the core of Human Nature. Human nature prefers (darkness) over (light). What I see as ‘darkness’, however, is generally seen as ‘light’ by the many!

Are we living in the last of the LAST DAYS for our current corrupt financial/political System? My sense is YES! We are now living in the LAST DAYS and we all will witness the changes coming to our planet. Prior to a NEW SYSTEM, we must experience some difficult times and challenges. The start of the difficulties will happen when our current cyber money economy is temporarily shut-down due to the cyber criminals who operate behind closed doors. Cyber crime will eventually SHUT-DOWN the entire cyber system. Money is now living within cyberspace and cyber money is ‘imaginary’ money. Think for  yourself to discover this reality! I am:

Some additional images for your consideration:

Image result for what is cyberspace

Cyberspace operates as a ‘virtual’ mental experience!

Image result for examples of cyber money

Cyber money units get ‘typed’ into cyberspace for further distribution!

Image result for what is cyberspace

The 1’s and 0’s create a cyber logic which produces our cyber images within our screens!

Image result for what is cyberspace

The entire planet is now connected via a cyber web of electromagnetic signals!

Image result for the centralized Global Brain

A centralized Global Brain (AI) will eventually rule all commerce. People become victims of the rules which our Central Planners select!

Image result for the centralized Global Brain

Many thinkers assume that the Global Brain is positive for humanity!

Image result for the centralized Global Brain

Inter-connectedness allows a Central Authority to RULE over the 7.4 billion citizens!

Image: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says “Global superstructure” needed to advance humanity under totalitarian control

Mark Zuckerberg and the United Nations Agenda 2030 are promoting Centralization of all Authority for the planet!

How do you go from a nerd who developed a popular social media website to master decider of the universe and the future of Humankind? Easy: You turn that social media site creation into a multi-billion dollar platform and presto, instant credibility.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says “Global superstructure” needed to advance humanity under totalitarian control

Image result for the mark of the beast financial system is here

The ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system is here NOW! Few comprehend as our economies are favorable for the many (those on the ‘broad road’)!

Trump’s visit to Temple Wall – the ‘Implications’!

May 23, 2017

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

All of Trump’s key advisers visited the Western Wall of the historic Temple of Yahweh on Monday, May 22, 2017. What does this ‘imply’ to a student of human nature. To me, this ‘implies’ that our political leaders are technically not in control of events on this planet (as they assume). They act as if they determine events and happenings on this planet but this visit to the site of Yahweh’s Temple site reveals the opposite (to me). The Most High God of our universe is actually in control of events and these politicians recognize this reality down deep in their soul. This is obvious to a student of human nature (myself)!

I have been saying for years that man is (at the core) ‘at effect’. This means that we all live out our destiny via our ideas and thinking but the real SOURCE of our ideas and thinking derives from the Most High God (who lives within the spiritual realm). The Throne Room of the Most High determines events on planet earth and this reality has been evident to me for most of my life. I live ‘at effect’ and I believe you do likewise. This means that we construct our reality AFTER receiving our inner spiritual ideas from the spiritual realm. We think we determine our destiny but this thinking is actually fallacious and inaccurate. We are deceived!

The Most High Creator (YHWH or choose your name) is ultimately in control of events and happenings on this planet. As humans we have lived on this planet for some 6,000 years (since the creation of Adam/Eve) and the destiny of each of us is determined by our Creator Source. Currently, we are living in the last of the Last Days for man’s rulership of this planet. Man rules today without real wisdom or understanding…and this leads to conflicts, war, poverty, misery, terrorism, extremism, etc. Man ruling over Man results in all this strife and misery. Does Mr. Trump and his advisers recognize this reality? I think so (down deep in their souls)!

Politicians probably recognize this reality (down deep in their soul) but they refuse to admit it publicly. Why? Because they want to play God and give all the sheep on this planet the sense that they control events and our destiny. Playing God is temporarily fun for these Big Ego’s who like to rule over us (and deceive us). They can implement their strategies and corrupt policies and temporarily have fun ruling the masses of sheep (who have no idea what is happening on this planet). The vast majority of human sheep simply FOLLOW the dictates of these God playing rulers who think they determine events. What a shame!

Yes, the implications of going to the Temple Wall (also called the Western Wall of Yahweh’s historic Temple in Jerusalem) gives an astute observer of human nature the awareness that these God playing politicians really don’t have any real control of human events. They PLAY GOD (as if they control events) but, in reality, they have zero ultimate control. If the sheep would wake-up to this reality, we could ask all these God Players to step down and become normal human beings. Yes, they should ALL step down and become equals with the masses. But this is unlikely until more dire events happen.

Eventually, the sheep will wake-up to the lies, deceptions, and false agenda’s which our God Playing politicians present to us. This can happen as more sheep start to think independently of the crowd. As of today, I do not witness much progress. Independent thinking is for the very few elect but the masses still prefer to be spoon fed by the God Players (who like to ‘fool’ and ‘deceive’). Playing God is what I witness today with most all our politicians, religious leaders, education leaders, financial leaders, and media leaders. The sheep will continue to SLEEP until a final wake-up call arrives (some major economic or military disaster to our planet). It’s coming IMO. Think for yourself! I am:

Some additional images for you to consider:

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

The Donald, Tillerson, Masters, Ivanka, Jared, and Melania at the Western Wall (Yahweh’s historic Temple site)!

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

The Donald sways and prays at the Temple Wall and puts his message in the rocks for YHWH to receive! Yahweh is the God of the Israelites!

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

Ivanka Trump says her prayers to the God of our planet (YHWH) as she prays during her visit to the Temple Wall in Jerusalem!

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

The historic Temple Wall goes back to the days of Yeshua and the beginnings of historic Christianity. Yeshua was a servant of his God called YHWH (in Hebrew)! The American philosophy of freedom is based upon God (the Most High King) ruling over all of planet earth!

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

Mr. Trump and all his advisers reveal that they (when push comes to shove) are NOT in control of human events! They are at the mercy of a Higher Power! Human rulers like to Play God but, in reality, they have zero ultimate control of events/happenings!

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

Melania prays at the women’s section of the Temple Wall in Jerusalem! What does this imply? Who is her ultimate Creator? Does this image reveal her inner thinking?

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

Trump and Netanyahu confirm that they are allies and that they will overcome their enemies! But does the Most High God approve of their ideas?

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

The Donald and Middle Eastern politicians think they can create their own reality for our planet! Is this sound thinking?

Image result for trump and the last days

The Last Trump signals that this age of Man’s Rule is OVER! Does the Donald recognize his destiny? Are we living in the LAST DAYS???

Image result for yahweh

Only the Most High knows what will happen on planet Earth! Are you aware of this? Our destiny is determined by forces, sources, powers, beyond this immediate planet! We war NOT against flesh and blood but against spiritual powers beyond our control! Words and ideas derive from this higher realm!

Understanding our Electronic/Cyber Markets – Part III

May 21, 2017

The key to understanding our electronic/cyber markets is to comprehend what happens in real-time when $$$ (money) is created. Let’s assume I am a banker and I desire to make you a personal loan. Let’s assume a 1 million loan ($). Do I need prior deposits in my commercial bank accounts (with the Fed) to make this $1 million loan? Actually, I do not. If my bank has savings accounts exceeding the $1 million I can just make you a new loan as a banker (member of the Federal Reserve System which has an account with the Fed). Deposits (as in the old days) are no longer required when making most loans. So what do I do?

I can now just approve this $1 million loan to you by entering the amount into a new loan account (within your computer account). I record the transaction as a $1 million liability (new digits in the computer screen account) and a $1 million asset (my loan to you for let’s say a luxury sailing boat). What did I do in real-time? I just ‘typed’ the new loan amount ($1,000,000) into a new loan account (recorded it as a ‘liability’ and an ‘asset’) and you now have these funds ($$$) for spending on your new boat or whatever. I created $$$ (called money) out of ‘thin air’ via the process of ‘typing’ numbers into the computer screen.

This same process of creating $$$ out-of-thin air is done by bankers all around our planet. Bankers can create trillions of money units by ‘typing’ imaginary numbers into their computer screen and then set up a loan account to nearly anyone (to represent their loan ideas). In reality, however, most all new loans are made to people who have prior relationships with the bank and who show that they have large current digital accounts. We can call these borrowers the 1% as they can generally borrow unlimited $$$ (called money) by just asking their banker for these $$$. The banker is happy to lend as he/she gets some interest and the loan shows growth in bank assets. This philosophy is often called Keynesian economics (using math to create illusionary money for clients)!

Today, our big banks and especially our Central Banks can create trillions of $$$ (or another official digital currency) by this process of just ‘typing’ numbers (called money) into the computer screen. The concept of ‘money’ is mental/spiritual and it derives from the mind or consciousness of the banker. The banker then just ‘types’ numbers (called money) into the computer screen to reveal his prior thoughts/thinking. Notice what happens! Money ($$$) the symbols and numbers get created out-of-nothing and goes to select borrowers accounts (I call these the elite or 1%) who then spend these spiritual $$$ on whatever. This is supposed to grow our economy and create prosperity for everyone. What a farce on the general welfare of the public who are unaware of all this corruption!

In reality, however, this corrupt process of creating money out-of-nothing actually distorts all our prices and values in the marketplace and enhances the accounts of mostly the select elites (who grow rich on this illusionary money from heaven). Also, the units/digits which we call money are technically units of our imagination and they (the units) have no existence as ‘things’ of value. Think of money today as a ‘unit of the mind’ which gets actualized by merely ‘typing’ of numbers into a computer account. The process provides our elite…especially our politicians and their corrupt corporate clients with unlimited units (now mere digits of nothing). Money from heaven (the mind of a corrupt banker) is what I call this system!

Money, today gets distributed electronically via our computers and mere ‘numbers’ represent what we call money. Electronic means that an electric current sets off electrons which then spin-off photons (no mass) which then travel at the speed of light from computer to computer (from client to client). The photons of light produce images within our computer screens (as pixels within our screen light up) to reveal the text and numbers. The pixels reveal ‘numbers’ which we call official money or legal tender. Today, mere ‘numbers’ in the computer screen…which technically do not exist (they have zero mass/matter) represent our MONEY. What a joke on any thinking person who understands all this economic corruption!

Signals send our invisible (massless) digits (called money) from computer to computer and these ‘flows’ of digits give us the ‘illusion’ that wealth is being created and that our economies are growing and prospering. What an illusion of the mind to those who comprehend what is actually happening. Banksters (operating behind closed doors) in select venues (all around our planet) create new money digits (constantly) from their inner thoughts (spirit) and distort and manipulate all prices/values and investments within all our markets. All this is done to favor select elites (such as Buffett, Trump, Ingves, Zuckerberg, Xi, Draghi, Yellen, ‎Haruhiko Kuroda‎; Carney, etc.) who desire MORE of these invisible money digits for their personal computer accounts (and those of their friends).

Nations like Brazil, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, and Venezuela (and a host of other nations) watch their cyber/electronic stock exchanges grow in numbers as their working citizens suffer from all the distortions and misallocations within each economy. Digits are mere illusions and do not represent anything of ‘value’. The rich get much richer (in digits) and the working class gets progressively poorer. This illusionary system gives new money digits to select elites (mostly the well-heeled with political connections) and the general public suffers with EBT cards, poverty, sickness, and unemployment. All this is done so the powerful can grow their money accounts at the expense of the poor and blue-collar workers.

Today, the illusion of growth and progress is hyped via our media who bow to all these money interests. Trump gives billions to Saudi Arabia for military hardware and the people suffer with EBT cards and growing poverty. Politicians and the media elite lie and distort reality (daily) for the masses who have not had time to discern what is happening to them. All this is called progress and healthy Capitalism by those in POWER. In reality, all this is pure fraud, corruption, and tyranny to the few who comprehend what is really happening. The SYSTEM is the core problem and the masses of people have no control over this corrupt SYSTEM. Our politicians and the corporate elite have no desire to change the SYSTEM as it benefits them mostly. What a joke on humanity this represents!

Is it time to learn about this corrupt SYSTEM so change can occur? I think so! Read this missive and pass it on to others who may like to think and learn. A minority of thinkers can gradually change this SYSTEM when fully informed. Get yourself informed and then ask the elite who currently take advantage of this illusion (called money) to wake-up and start thinking on their own. Our educators and money commentators will NOT change our SYSTEM as they do not like controversy or real change in the status quo. I just returned from the Money Show in Las Vegas and ALL these presenters were mostly desiring to grow their digits and allow real education to wait. Thinkers must change first and then we can help all the elites (media, pundits, commentators) to assist us. Enjoy this education! I am:

Some images to help with your understanding:

Image result for global communication via earth stations and satellites

Satellites receive and send signals so that money can ‘flow’ internationally from computer to computer! Money is now produced by photons (our electromagnetic spectrum) which light up pixels within our computer screens. Text and numbers appear for us to observe. All this is a ‘virtual’ experience!

Image result for underwater fiber optic cable map

The entire planet is now wired for instant communication and money distributions. Fiber optic cables have been installed for the entire planet!

Image result for communication signals from computer to computer all around our planet

Money gets created from a banker’s mind (consciousness) and it then gets ‘typed’ into a computer account! When did this start? Mostly since the 1990’s with computerization of all monetary transactions! Virtual reality has replaced historical economics!

Image result for bankers create our money via typing into a computer account

Think, then Type, then create an account for the client! Money ($$$) appears out-of-thin air! What magic to those who comprehend!

Image result for stefan ingves creates more QE for Sweden

This Central Banker (from Sweden) just types in new Krona digits (called QE or a Loan) to manipulate the Swedish economy! Swedes have no idea what is happening as they are not aware of this process/operation. All bankers can now create money digits out-of-nothing and call these illusions Legal Tender! The markets get distorted and misallocations develop within these markets. Swedish real estate is one example of value distortion! In time the Swedes will become slaves of their Central Banker and his loyal administrators (in Stockholm)!

Image result for stefan ingves creates more QE for Sweden

Stefan Ingves and the Riksbank would be mostly responsible for this result over in Sweden! Who can afford a home today? Prices are skyrocketing from Ingves QE operations and near zero interest rates!

Image result for stefan ingves creates more QE for Sweden

This prior Central Banker started the operation called QE (quantitative easing)! I call this operation creating illusions ($$$) from the human mind to distort all prices/values and asset transactions! Today, Draghi, Carney, Haruhiko, and a host of other banksters continue the distortions and manipulations! The rich get richer (in digits) and the poor get poorer and more enslaved!

Image result for stefan ingves creates more QE for Sweden

I tried to visit this Central Bank in 2015 while in Stockholm. The security guards (after enquiry from the authorities) would not allow me to tour the facility or visit any of the economists housed in this building. All that occurs within this facility are computer transactions and Krona manipulations to distort the Swedish economy. There is no gold or silver in the facility (just people and computers)! So why all the security and secrecy? Think on this if you desire to understand banksterism and high level corruption! Why is all this happening ‘behind closed doors’?

Image result for QE from dragni of Germany's central bank

Mario Draghi fools the markets with his illusionary Euro creations! Who knows what he is doing behind closed doors? Who benefits and who must suffer from all this money corruption at the highest levels! Certainly not Mario or his close associates!

Image result for central bankers who create our money

What is money, in reality? Today, we create mere ‘numbers’ (digits) and ‘type’ these numbers into a computer account! The numbers (called money) get mostly given to select elites (politicians and corporate fat cats) which build monuments to themselves and their immediate friends/family! The vast masses of workers end up with unemployment, low wages, and EBT cards (food stamps)!

Image result for global poverty

Is our SYSTEM working for the many? I don’t think so! Can we do better? Absolutely, if the SYSTEM is changed!

Image result for global debt

Witness: World debt is in the quadrillions! The debt game will continue until it ends! When it ends, we will need to create a NEW SYSTEM for the entire planet. Start thinking about a NEW SYSTEM now! Get educated!!!

Image result for stefan ingves creates more QE for Sweden

Human nature and money are at the core of our problems today! To understand this problem we all need to get informed on how the current non-system operates. We also need to identify the select elites who run this corrupt SYSTEM! Let’s ask them to step down from POWER! All the above Central Bankers should be asked to step down immediately. We now know who they are!

Read more…

Understanding our Electronic/Cyber Markets – Part II

May 20, 2017

All our trading markets are now electronic and all these markets now operate within cyberspace. This situation allows our central planners to create markets which are controlled, manipulated, and monitored by centralized computerized trading strategies. The rules established by our central planners provides for a system where everyone is at the mercy of the insiders who run our global cyber markets. Can these types of markets create any real prosperity and growth for our growing interconnected societies? When I look at a market like Venezuela, I notice that their stock exchange (called Caracas) has increased exponentially these past 90 days even as their general economy has imploded. Why is this situation dire for the prosperity of the people?

Currently, the Caracas index is at 71,626, an increase of some 35,000 points within the last 90 days. In the past year this index of Venezuelan wealth (as measured in Bolivars) has increased some 450% while the general economy has declined precipitously. Venezuela remains mired in a deep economic crisis according to the World Economic Outlook published by the International Monetary Fund. Unemployment is at 25%, inflation is over 450%, and the IMF forecasts a recession for this country until 2019 or later. The people are angry as the wealth is diverted mostly to the powerful who run the country.

The Venezuelan currency, called the Bolivar, has declined relative to the dollar to the point where one dollar can now be exchanged for 9,974 Bolivars (a 750% increase in the past year). Prices continue to increase and the supply of consumer goods continues to dwindle. Yet, the stock market produces continuing increases as select traders bid up the market for select elites. Prosperity accrues to the 1% as the 99% grows poorer. This reveals that our electronic/cyber stock markets do not reflect reality when it comes to the health of this economy. The rich acquire more Bolivar wealth as the general economy implodes and the people suffer from a dysfunctional system.

I thought that our index stock exchanges were suppose to reflect what is happening within the general economy? This, however, is not the case today in many of our markets. Our electronic/cyber stock exchanges are mostly divorced from the realities of real growth in goods and basic services. This situation reveals that our cyber investing does not necessarily create new prosperity for the general economy. People suffer as a few powerful bankers, corporations, and politicians accumulate more currency wealth for their personal accounts. What a shame on our economics profession this situation reveals.

Wealth is supposed to reflect growth in real goods and manufacturing so that the general economy prospers. But today we measure wealth in currencies which are mostly divorced from the realities of production. Traders click their computer mouse to buy and sell their symbols. But the symbols are all imaginary virtual concepts which are divorced from our real production. This means that real physical wealth often does not follow from gains in the stock exchanges and trading profits. Venezuela is a great example of dysfunctional trading and collapsing prosperity for the general public. We need to change our measuring system so that prosperity and the growth of real wealth is measured concurrently.

The core problem today is that our money unit is an illusion and this unit has no tie to material reality. Traders click their mouse to gain currency profits but growth in real wealth (goods) does not always follow. This means that the general economy suffers as select elites (say the 1%) gain huge trading profits for their personal accounts.The rich get richer as the general populace suffers with a stagnating economy. The purpose of money is to serve as a proxy for growth in real wealth (value). Today, this is a problem that is getting worse for all economies. What we need is an immediate reset and a new system for the planet. Give this situation some reflection. I am:

Some images to consider:

Image result for venezuelan economy

A nation of 32 million people suffering from a corrupt economic system and corrupt power brokers!

Image result for caracas stock exchange

Notice the huge difference between the Russell and the Caracas markets. Today, this situation is much worse! The Caracas markets do not reflect the realities of the general economy!

Image result for venezuelan economy

The stock exchange goes up and up as real production goes down!

Image result for venezuelan economy

Image result for venezuelan economy

Image result for venezuelan economy

Image result for venezuelan economy, people suffer and riot

Venezuelan people cry for food and basic goods! The Caracas stock exchange goes exponential concurrently with growing poverty! Why do our stock exchanges not ‘measure’ real wealth? Think on this! What is the problem?

Image result for venezuelan economy, people suffer and riot

Underlying the problem is an economics profession which lives with illusions and myths! The System is the problem and few desire to change the System!

Image result for venezuelan economy, people suffer and riot

Image result for venezuelan economy, people suffer as the rich get richer

Our corrupted markets help to create dysfunction for the common people! The system is the problem and few seem to desire to change the SYSTEM. Money rules this planet and those in power refuse to give up their privileges!


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