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My definition of: What is ‘CASH’?

January 14, 2017

The word ‘cash’ is not so easy to define today as most people view ‘cash’ as their dollar units in their cyber banking accounts. Cyber accounts are any accounts where dollar units are stored within the computer screen and which are not directly accessible as ‘paper’ notes to the owner. Cyber units get revealed as numbers ($100,000, etc.) which I can ‘see’ within my computer screen and which can be deleted with the punch of a computer key by banking officials. The units are actually ‘imaginary’ units!

‘Cash’ can also be viewed as all the ‘paper’ notes which I receive when I use a ATM machine or when I go into my bank lobby and request a specific amount of ‘paper’ notes (called Federal Reserve Notes) to take out with me. So the word ‘cash’ can refer to different concepts which many do not differentiate between (this can be tragic in a marketplace like today). Cyber $$$$, for example, are not the same as Paper $$$$. Cyber units can be deleted and/or the units can be made unavailable by my bank due to a decision from select banking authorities.

Paper notes can also be recalled and/or a bank can refuse to accept the note when I bring it into the bank. This is now happening to varying degrees over in India. India wants to create a cashless society where everyone uses digital money. In Zimbabwe in 2010 all cash (in the form of paper units) became mostly worthless as hyper inflation (over issuance of the paper units) made the notes worthless in the marketplace.Today, people view this word ‘cash’ differently due to all these experiences.

Back in 1964, many viewed the word ‘cash’ as a paper note backed with silver. These paper notes were called Silver certificates. Our Treasury would honor an exchange of the note for a specific weight of silver. Silver certificates were issued between 1878 and 1964 in the U.S. These units were representative money and part of the circulation for paper currency in the marketplace. The certificates were originally redeemable for their face value in silver dollar coins, and then for one year, from June of 1967 to June of 1968, for raw silver bullion.

The above descriptions reveal that we now have three different definitions of this word called ‘cash’. Cyber money ($1.00) can be called cash (these units are imaginary and reside only within cyberspace). An unbacked paper note ($1.00) can be called ‘cash’ (these are the paper Federal Reserve Notes which we get at an ATM machine today). A paper silver certificate can be called ‘cash’ (these no longer are being circulated within our marketplace). But what else can be viewed as ‘cash’ in today’s marketplace?

The best form of ‘cash’ IMO is an officially minted silver coin ($1.00 face value). An American Eagle coin with a face value of one dollar is my personal definition of ‘cash’. Why? This physical coin was the first representation of ‘cash’ in our American marketplace. Back in 1792, silver coins were minted at the Philadelphia mint and these coins were not only created from real silver (Ag) but they also were a long-term store of value when governments cancelled and/or manipulated other forms of ‘cash’.

What we need to recognize today is that this word ‘cash’ has a minimum of four different definitions. Cyber units stored within the computer screen is called cash, a Federal Reserve note in one’s possession is called cash, a paper note backed by silver was cash, and a minted silver coin with a face value of one dollar can be called ‘cash’. All these forms of ‘cash’ are different and if a serious banking crisis were to arise, the BEST form of ‘cash’ IMO would be silver coins with a face value of one dollar. Personally, I have a store of value in silver dollar American Eagles.

If our corrupt banking system turns off the power so all my cyber money is unavailable, then I still have physical silver coins which I can trade in the marketplace. This form of ‘cash’ is tangible and it does not disappear with the ‘delete’ key on a computer. It also is out of the immediate control of our banksters. Most investors do not understand the importance of having some tangible ‘cash’ in their possession. I, however, think it is wise and prudent given the nature of today’s corrupt financial system. Think on this! I am:

Images of four different types of ‘cash’ for your consideration:

Image result for a cyber dollar within the computer screen

This is an image of an imaginary cyber dollar stored within the computer screen. This is called ‘cash’ by most investors.

Image result for paper federal reserve note

This paper note is also called ‘cash’. It, however, can be recalled at the discretion of banking authorities and eliminated from circulation.

Image result for paper silver certificate

This paper note is a silver certificate and it was exchangeable for silver at the bank or our Treasury Department. It was another form of ‘cash’ (but not used today).

Image result for one dollar silver eagle

This minted silver dollar is still available for purchase (at market value) at various mints. This is my definition of the word ‘cash’. I own these and store these units at my personal venue. You may desire to do likewise given today’s market situation.

Trump’s Financial Empire in Danger!

January 14, 2017

Image result for trump turns over financial empire to his sons

My assessment of the Donald’s wealth (google his name and assets) leads me to the conclusion that his empire has a current ‘value’ of around $7 billion (2016). His assets are mostly hotels, condos, golf courses, recreation facilities, entrepreneurial enterprises (wineries and such), and a small stock portfolio (say $75 million). So his wealth is mostly tied up in physical assets which change in ‘value’ with our general economy. He also has assets in some 14 foreign countries!

If our global economy (now interconnected and global) were to enter another serious downturn, the ‘value’ of the Donald’s assets would decline precipitously. This concept called ‘value’ is pure imagination (when understood) and when the general Keynesian debt economy hits a down cycle (soon coming) his enormous portfolio of assets will decline precipitously. The Donald, however, is likely totally unaware of this likely scenario for his financial Empire.

Recently, the Donald has turned his empire over to his two sons who will try to manage these assets for him. His choice, not be liquidate his assets, is unfortunate as I would maintain that we are now at the very TOP of the real estate cycle for many years to come. As real estate goes so goes the general economy. The Donald may attempt to influence Fed policy so as to create a continuing BUBBLE in our metaphysical stock markets, but I wager that this will not work. Cycles are real!

If the Donald were wise and prudent IMO, he would liquidate his entire financial portfolio now and then concentrate on being America’s new President (with his cash assets and some precious metals managed under a ‘blind trust’). His $7 billion Empire could be liquidated rather quickly if he did this today (now) prior to the coming decline in our global markets. The proceeds of a mass sale now could be used to buy a store of ‘value’ which could weather the coming financial holocaust which seems destined to occur.

But Mr. Trump is not of the mindset that I am. He thinks differently. So he has placed his assets under the management of his two son’s and this means that he will be vulnerable to many legal entanglements and conflicts of interest as our financial house of cards enters the next down cycle. He may attempt to reflate our economy to prevent this likely event from happening, but when it comes to ‘control’ of events going forward, Mr. Trump has really NO control.

Cycles happen and this is because human nature does not really change much. The mood of our country is now turning negative and I sense that financial chaos is just around the corner. Real estate ‘values’ are especially vulnerable going forward as this concept called ‘affordability’ is not improving for the many. With interest rates up and ‘affordability’ down this means that ‘values’ will likely also head south in the coming months. Sorry, Donald, but your perspective may not be realized!

But who really KNOWS with certainty what will happen after January 20? No one actually KNOWS with absolute certainty. This means that my scenario could be false. We must wait and see what actually happens after the first 100 days of the Trump administration. These first 100 days should reveal what policies will change. My sense, however, is that the Donald has made a huge mistake with his recent decisions and the consequences will be severe. $7 billion today could be $2 billion in a couple of years. That’s my view, Donald! I am:


America’s Cyber Warfare vs. Russian Hacking!

January 12, 2017

Image result for cyber hacking

The big news today is the ‘hacking’ activity of Putin and Russia. Lindsey Graham was on Fox News tonight describing his prescription (along with that of John McCain) to create sanctions on Russia to punish Putin for his ‘hacking’ activity. Serious energy sanctions and other financial measures were his goal to punish Russia (Putin). He thinks that Congress will pass legislation soon on this issue. Is this hypocrisy or what? What is the USA and her intelligence agencies doing to other nations (unknown to the American public)? Let’s outline ONE program that our military uses to ‘hack’ Russia, China, and many other nations (and possibly private citizens)!

When Donald Trump effectively called for Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails the GOP nominee’s remarks touched off a (predictable) media firestorm. Here was a presidential candidate from a major U.S. party encouraging a foreign government to target American interests with cyberspying.  Now is a good opportunity to talk about the art of state-sponsored hacking, and to offer a reminder that the United States is just as guilty in this space as the next government.

The U.S. approach to this digital battleground is pretty advanced. For example: Did you know that the military uses its submarines as underwater hacking platforms?  In the 1970s, the U.S. government instructed its submarines to tap undersea communications cables off the Russian coast, recording the messages being relayed back and forth between Soviet forces. Our entire cyber network is now operational due to an underwater fiber optic cable system which is global. Hacking the data relayed through these cables is what America is doing to get their cyber information on their counterparties.

The National Security Agency (NSA) has continued cyber warfare operations, including the monitoring underwater fiber cables as part of its globe-spanning intelligence-gathering apparatus. In some cases, the government has struck  private deals with the cable operators ensuring that U.S. spies can gain secure access to the information traveling over those pipes. One of America’s premier hacker subs, the USS Annapolis, is hooked into a much wider U.S. spying network that was disclosed as part of the 2013 Edward Snowden leaks, according to Adam Weinstein and William Arkin, writing last year for Gawker’s intelligence and national security blog, Phase Zero.

A leaked slide showed that in a typical week, the Navy performs hundreds of so-called “computer network hacking operations,” many of which are the result of submarine-based hacking. What is clear is that the U.S. military operates some of the most sophisticated information networks ever designed, and it’s using them to penetrate foreign computer systems as part of an evolving cyber strategy. We may never know precisely what dirt the Pentagon is digging up with its submarine espionage, or be able to draw a link between it and any political or military events in the real world. But despite the rising prominence of Russian hackers in this news cycle — and Chinese hackers before that — it’s worth pointing out that the United States has grown fairly proficient in cyberspace, too.’

The hypocrisy of Senator Graham and Senator McCain should be made public. Our corrupt and controlled media pushes a one-sided propaganda story so that Russia is the villain and the USA is the superhero. In reality, America is just as guilty when it comes to cyber hacking as Russia, China, or any other country. Punishing Russia with more economic sanctions will merely result in Russia doing similar to us. This mindset leads directly to WW III. Both Graham and McCain need to take a course in “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. I did this back in the 1970’s and it is now time for our politicians to do likewise. What do you think? I am:

Some images to help with understanding cyber warfare:

Related image


Image result for us submarine cyber warfare

Image result for us submarine cyber warfare

Image result for cyber hacking


Image result for us submarine cyber warfare

Image result for underwater fiber optic cable map

Image result for Hacking of computers by US

Image result for Hacking of computers by US

So who should blame Russia (Putin) when the USA (now Trump) has one of the most sophisticated ‘hacking’ operations on planet earth. Hacking and counter hacking must happen as long as ALPHA males rule our planet. The game is ‘winning’ and the people are mere pawns in this greater game of ALPHA ego’s. Think on this!




Check this BUBBLE out!

January 12, 2017

Image result for the Dow index bubble

As of yesterday, January 12, the DOW index was 19954.28 (just short of the 20,000 number). The trailing P/E was 21.76 (up some 42% in one year). The P/E estimate was 18.68 (up some 23% in one year). The dividend yield was, however, down from 2.75 to 2.40. What do these numbers reveal to me?

What seems obvious to me is that our DOW index is living within a huge bubble. Retail sales are declining at Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Dillard’s and lay-offs continue. Consumer debt is a record highs and we now have pundits calling for a 30,000 DOW in 2017. Is any of this reality or is it false emotion and psychological hype?

The entire facade of projections…by many of our pundits is based upon a Trump administration (inflation psychology) which will pump up all these index numbers for 2017 and beyond. Tax reductions and deficit spending will accomplish these results. Is any of this real or is it pure fantasy? What is more likely to happen?

My sense is that the Trump Doctrine, now in the making, is planning to REVERSE much of the Obama hype which created our past Index bubbles. Yes, the Trump Doctrine, will not create more inflation and it will not create greater consumer spending. The entire facade of projections by our elite experts is based upon illusion IMO.

What is surfacing fast is a real estate market which is slowing, a retail market which is slowing, an international trade market which is slowing, and a political marketplace which is in total confusion and chaos. Can these realities lead to a 30,000 DOW in 2017 or 2018? I don’t think so! We will soon head in a REVERSE direction economically and it could start on January 20 – 31. I am:



Mayhem Developing Rapidly! Why?

January 10, 2017

Image result for business cycles determine events

The end of many major cycles are approaching. The cycle of war is suggesting more chaos ahead. The cycle of debt is suggesting a devaluation (deflation) coming. The cycle of stocks (now in a bubble) is suggesting that a peak has arrived. The cycle of economics suggests that a ‘winter’ season (decline) is approaching. The cycle of eschatology (spirituality) is pointing towards chaos ahead. And the cycle of geopolitics is suggesting that events can not continue ‘as is’ going forward. Polices must now change dramatically and seriously if survival is to continue. Chaos is developing all over our planet. Europe is in chaos. South America is in Chaos. Africa is heading for chaos. And America is now recognizing that past trends can NOT continue.

Anyone with a smidgen of discernment can recognize that our planet is in serious trouble and all sectors of society are under serious stress. Science is now recognized as being less than accurate. Religion is being recognized as being distorted and deceptive. Politics is being recognized as corrupt. Economics is being recognized as being confused and fantastical. Philosophy is being recognized as being less than truthful. Our entire system is now heading for chaos and mayhem. 2017 will likely reveal that these trends are real. Division and separation is happening everywhere. Unity and agreement are disappearing. So where does all this lead? Is a period of reset and transition coming?

A country divided means that unity and growth will vanish. We live on a planet with some 7.5 billion people. All of these human beings live with subjective viewpoints on reality. None can know precisely what our future holds. My sense, however, is that more division, chaos, and mayhem is coming. I don’t like to report this reality, but the evidence is everywhere. A society in division will eventually ‘fall’. The catalyst for major change will be our economy. If the markets crash or head down seriously in 2017, then everyone will desire to focus on the above issues. If our economy grows and improves, then most will ignore all the underlying problems. As the economy goes (globally) so goes the sentiment of the people.

My personal sense is that current financial gimmicks and manipulations must soon fail. All the manipulations and gimmicks of our Central Banks (via their computer trading strategies and such) will likely fail soon. Ultimately, psychology and confidence will be the determinate for what happens. Can confidence continue at a super ‘high’ for all of 2017? Can bubbles continue? Can our new leader, Mr. Trump, pump up confidence after he assumes control later this month? Will his policies lead to confidence or confusion and chaos? My personal sense is that we are at the END of a major cycle(s). This means that huge CHANGE is coming. 2017 is likely the YEAR. Give my perception some reflection! Prepare! I am:

Let’s review some chaos now prevalent everywhere:

Related image

Image result for war everywhere

Image result for war everywhere

Image result for europe flooded with refugees

Image result for stock bubbles everywhere

Image result for stock bubbles everywhere

Image result for cyber warfare

Image result for economic collapse coming

Image result for eschatology

All the various cycles point to huge changes emerging. The biggest events to cause changes are our economy and our beliefs. Are we at an END of the Age for this planet?

The Middle East Turmoil! Jacob’s Trouble!

January 8, 2017

Image result for Middle East turmoil

As of today, some 5000 human beings have been killed over in the Syria/Middle East uprising since 2011. All this has occurred on Obama’s watch and was initiated mostly by removing Gaddafi in Libya. This suggests that America was primarily ‘at cause’ for the events which have transpired over in the Middle East since 2011. Millions of refugees have flooded Europe and other venues as a result of all this turmoil. Multiculturalism is now prevalent (as a policy) in many nations of Europe and refugee assimilation does not appear to be happening within these European nations. Today, I sense that all this is part of the eschatological prophecies which are part and parcel of this concept called Jacob’s Trouble.

The descendants of Isaac and Rebecca are now at war over land, independence, control, and the future of this land called the Middle East. The two twin brothers of these two parents were Jacob and Esau. This family ended up in turmoil over birthright privileges and wealth as well as their future relationships. This starting issue continues as I write this missive. Who was the culprit in all this original turmoil? Was it Jacob or Esau? Esau apparently gave up his birthright privileges but later when Isaac passed on the birthright privileges (Issac was mostly blind at the time) it was Jacob who deceived Isaac (with the help of Rebecca) so he could prevail over Esau…the elder son and his birthright. Jacob, the supplanter/deceiver, prevailed via ‘deception’ and ‘intrigue’ over Esau.

Today, the descendants of this family (Arabic Muslims and Western Judeo-Christians) are mostly at war with each other over mostly spiritual issues which go back to this beginning. How can any solution to the current geopolitical issues be dealt with without dealing specifically (first) with the metaphysical issues which underlie all this turmoil? I would suggest that their can be NO SOLUTION without dealing specifically with these core spiritual issues (which underlie all this turmoil). What is now emerging over in the Middle East will affect everyone on our planet soon…and based upon eschatology and clear prophecies, the situation will get MUCH worse before it gets better. Does anyone comprehend?

Those with some wisdom must now take charge of these conflicts so that a solution can eventually be realized. Wisdom means that ‘first principles’ must be revisited so that the MEANS to a new relationship can be developed…which resolves these core mental/spiritual issues. If this does not happen soon, we will witness WW III and maybe much more. Everyone needs to get in touch with their metaphysical principles (inner belief system) so that an eventual resolution to this age-old problem can be dealt with. Jacob’s Trouble is arising over in the Middle East and it is likely to spread to the entire planet as events play out. Think on this! Read the history! Get informed on why all these problems are not being resolved! I am:

Some additional images to consider:

Image result for Middle East turmoil

Image result for who started the middle east turmoil

Related image

Image result for Middle East turmoil

Image result for Middle East turmoil

Image result for Middle East turmoil

Image result for Middle East turmoil

Image result for Middle East turmoil

Image result for Middle East turmoil, jacob's trouble

Image result for Middle East turmoil, jacob's trouble

Image result for Isaac and rebekah and Jacob's deception

To resolve this turmoil and conflagration over in the Middle East we need to choose leaders with historical wisdom. Politicians with no understanding of history will only create more conflicts and war. The Obama policies have totally failed. Will Trump polices prevail in 2017???



Congratulations: Keith Neumeyer, First Majestic!

January 7, 2017

Image result for Keith Neumeyer, First Majestic

First Majestic’s chief executive officer, Keith Neumeyer speaks out on his role in the silver manipulation class action suit including various banks. Neumeyer shares his thoughts on the silver price rigging case and shares what he plans to do about it.

I, personally, congratulate a top executive within the mining industry who speaks up on the issue of SILVER manipulation. This corrupt practice has now been evident to me for some six (6) years. Our Central Banks desire to promote their ‘digital’ currencies and to suppress our historical metals so as to depress the psychology in our cyber markets.

Suppression is so evident to anyone with some discernment and for those who follow our electronic trading markets (such as the CME Globex). This so-called ‘paper market’ (really a digital market) creates suppression by not allowing real delivery of the metal at the time of a trade. Lack of delivery means NO settlement and merely a trade of one’s imagination. All this is done via coded ‘algorithms’!

With no actual metal being traded the electronic price gets ‘suppressed’ via these ‘naked’ short transactions. It is obvious to those of us with some market discernment. Keith Neumeyer is unique within our mining industry as he SEES this daily price manipulation within his computer screen. He is willing to take some ACTION!

The only real solution to all this manipulation (by our Central Bank computer traders) is to either SUE the culprits and bring more transparency on this issue or buy up all the available PHYSICAL silver to break the ‘paper traders’ from continuing their scheme. A Class Action suit is a great beginning to bring some media attention to the issue!

Congratulations, Keith, and I support you 100% on this effort to get some JUSTICE. Those who follow these manipulated markets might get educated on these issues and then support (morally and financially) persons with the guts to recognize the culprits and to take some action. I am:

Keith on the precious metals markets:

Image result for Keith Neumeyer, First Majestic

Image result for Keith Neumeyer, First Majestic

Image result for Keith Neumeyer, First Majestic

Image result for Keith Neumeyer, First Majestic

If our precious metal prices where left to the FREE market, the cyber price would skyrocket to levels such as above. Eventually, this must happen as the foundation of all money is SILVER and GOLD. Watch the Markets!

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