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Forensic Audit of New York Fed Needed! Why?

June 18, 2021
Conspiracy Theorists Ask 'Who Owns the New York Fed?' Here's the Answer. |  Institutional Investor
Who controls the New York Fed and the Money Button which pumps digital $$$$$$ into our markets daily in amounts unknown to American voters? Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America's Progressive  Elite (9781094149684): Peter Schweizer: Books
This author has pointed to much of the corruption within our financial system!
Our ”Virtual” Money is Perceived as Physical by Investors! | Kingdom  Economics
This Fed Chairman works behind closed doors to administer a corrupt/unconstitutional monetary system!
The Fed Has 233 Secret Documents about JPMorgan's Potential Role in the  Repo Loan Crisis
Is a money button constitutional? Money created by punching a key on the computer is NOT ‘constitutional’!

American’s live with a banking/monetary system which is totally ‘unconstitutional’. Where in our constitution does it say that a central bank (our Fed) can create digital money ‘out-of-nothing’ (their consciousness)? Our money (now a digital dollar) is created with the punch of a button (key) on the computer. Where does this authority come from? Not our CONSTITUTION!

Look at this corruption which derives from our New York Fed (which acts as the operational venue for our Washington Fed). It is the New York Fed which has the computer button for creating digital dollars ‘out-of-nothing’. This venue should be SHUT DOWN by our military so that a legal constitutional system can develop. Our Constitution is suppose to be the LAW of our land (not a private institution which operates in secret…behind closed doors).

We need a forensic audit of the entire institution and the start should be the New York Fed, 33 Liberty Street, New York. Today, under our Fed, one person can influence monetary policy and act to create these digital $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from nothing (the thinking of our Fed Chairman). Is this corrupt or what? Today, some 50% of all American wealth is in the hands of 1%. This happens as favor goes to the money class which bows to the control of our central planners.

All this is totally ‘unconstitutional’ and corrupt to the core. We need a forensic audit now so the American people can learn the nature of these operations within our central banking system. We have many Youtube videos on the history of this institution and it all shows that this history is based upon corruption, illegality, and insider shenanigans. Money has been the key ‘tool’ of our criminal operators who want to rule over this nation and our planet.

Control over the money system is what causes all this political corruption and social enslavement for the nation/world. Something must be done and I would suggest that a forensic audit of the New York Fed should be the start. Today, our media does not enter this venue in New York to expose their corrupt operations. Americans have no idea of what is happening ‘behind’ closed doors at 33 Liberty Street, New York, N.Y. Some 500 day traders appear to work for the Fed insiders who administer the system.

These traders should not be part of a central bank system. Where in our Constitution does this institution get its authority? I find no provision in our Constitution which gives power to a private institution to administer our $$$$$$$$ with a mindset of central planning. Today, a few administrators (mostly Jerome Powell and his advisors) run our economy and create our $$$$$$$$ ‘out-of-nothing’ (their thinking). This is PURE corruption 101.

A forensic audit is a START to get to the bottom of all the shenanigans at our Fed. America is based upon transparency. Where is there ‘transparency’ at the Fed? Making decisions in secret and creating $$$$$$$$ in secret is totally un-American. Where is the media coverage of these traders who operate at the New York Fed in secrecy? Some 500 day traders are influencing our markets (now with unlimited access to imaginary trading digits…called money). It’s all corruption 101.

Pass this missive on to other American’s and the greater internet society for consideration. Our future as free citizens on this planet is at stake. Central planning and secrecy is NOT leading to progress for the human race. America could LEAD the world if the people would demand justice and transparency. Justice and transparency is missing on issues of MONEY. Think on these ideas as you watch the coming CRASH evolve over time. Have a good DAY!

Yes, Virginia, the Banks Really Do Create Money Out of Nothing - The  Clifford Hugh Douglas Institute for the Study and Promotion of Social Credit
Our corrupt Fed does not report to the American people on their operations! Why?
How Money is Created Out of Nothing!
A banker records imaginary ‘numbers’ to represent a loan. All is done in secret and the ‘numbers’ come from the thinking of a banker! It’s totally unconstitutional and corrupt to the core!
What Can I Do With a Forensic Accounting MBA? - MBA Central
A forensic audit of the New York Fed would provide American citizens transparency on this institution called The Fed!
The origin of our Fed shows the secrecy/corruption/unconstitutionality of this institution!

I am: Donald B. Swenson,,

New York Fed Slams Gold/Silver! Why?

June 17, 2021
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's stock-market record is poor -  MarketWatch
The above policymaker continues the money casino so his banking friends remain in control of our economy! What are his ‘tools’? Let’s think on this!

I was watching the speech of Jerome Powell yesterday and while watching the price of gold was slammed in seconds some $40/ounce. Today, the price was slammed another $80/ounce. Silver was slammed 2% during the speech of Powell and another 5% this morning. What is happening? Why the slam?

Our New York Fed has some 500 day traders who work for the Fed. These traders can slam any price (especially gold and silver) to give credence to the policies of the Fed. Powell wants a strong digital $ and this means that gold and silver must not increase (beyond select bounds). All is rigged to support this digital $ which is IMAGINARY. Psychology is key for our monetary manipulators (like Jerome Powell).

We live with rigged markets which are now monitored and controlled by the New York Fed. Some 500 day traders work for the Fed and their daily manipulations support the Fed policies (psychology is key to our monetary system). During Powell’s speech yesterday, gold was priced at $1860/ounce. Suddenly, as Powell was talking I noticed the price get slammed. In a matter of seconds the price dropped some $40/ounce. Silver some 60 cents/ounce.

Powell was talking about all his ‘tools’ to which he claims that he has. He wants to accommodate the markets and this means that psychology is key. Our markets are now experiencing huge ‘inflation’ in many sectors of our economy. Inflation should be good for gold and silver (normally) but not in today’s markets. Today, trading algorithms (on the Globex electronic exchange) can slam the prices of gold and silver. All is done electronically.

These traders at the New York Fed have unlimited trading digits for manipulations purposes. This is obvious. Why would a central bank want to trade our equity markets? It’s all done to keep these bubble markets pumped up. Psychology is important and the price of gold and silver must be controlled, monitored, bracketed, and rigged. These historical metals would change psychology if allowed to increase to normal market levels.

So controlling the spot prices of gold and silver is done at the New York Fed. Trading on the Globex electronic exchange is one option. Buying contracts to short the gold and silver price is the methodology. Slamming these prices happens at select times. You can watch the slam if you go to Here is a typical chart. After a slam, the gold/silver mining shares get slammed. The spot price of gold and silver are key. Our central planners understand this psychology which controls our markets and our investors.

Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]
Notice the slam (red line) and the slam today (green line). All happens on our electronic exchanges (such as the Globex). Who can do this type of slam? The New York Fed has some 500 day traders who work for our Fed. You can bet that these traders do the slam!

We live with machine driven markets and our system is now centrally planned via a central bank. Our $ is digital and gets created artificially. Jerome Powell has ‘tools’ to created unlimited units with the punch of a computer key. His plan is to ‘accommodate the liquidity needs of our markets (indefinitely). This ‘tool’ of creating digital money units is key to all his manipulations. All is none BEHIND CLOSED DOORS (at the New York Fed).

Wake up to our rigged markets. Gold and silver prices are monitored and slammed whenever psychology changes. Today, we live with inflation and excess liquidity. Gold and silver should be going UP and UP. But this does not happen. The New York Fed has day traders working for the Fed. They rig and manipulate prices to continue the scam. Central planning has taken over our system. Jerome Powell and his criminal gang works for the banking interests.

His ‘TOOLS’ are punching keys on his master computer on the 10th floor of the New York Fed so $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ get created for his SOMA account. He can then funnel these $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to whomever he chooses. We live with a criminal central bank and criminal operators. It’s a corrupt system and few comprehend all this corruption and criminality. The history of our Fed is one way to understand the issue.

The Fed Has 233 Secret Documents about JPMorgan's Potential Role in the  Repo Loan Crisis
This money button is part of the Fed’s tools for monetary policy. Jerome Powell creates some $80 billion monthly to manipulate bond prices and some $40 billion to buy mortgages. Much more is likely as all happens behind closed doors.

A crash is eventually coming. Many pundits are waking up to all the daily manipulations. Those of us who follow the prices of gold and silver have been aware of all this rigging for years. Will the game END at some point? Will a crash happen? I think so! We must wait until this happens to learn the details on all these manipulations. A crash will expose the manipulators. Today, pundits are mostly unaware of what is happening behind closed doors.

I am: Donald B. Swenson,,

Powell, Biden, Putin, Words of Vanity!

June 16, 2021
Fed confronts a shaky US economy that likely needs more help
Biden-Putin Geneva Meeting Could Be a Trap - Bloomberg

After listening to Jerome Powell, Joe Biden, and Vladimir Putin today I must say that all the communication coming from the mouths of these elites is mostly ‘bullshit’. Their words were mostly illogical and lacked common sense. Powell, our Fed Chairman, says that inflation is angered and yet it is not angered. Growth is growing and yet is is not acceptable. Our economy is strong but we think the weakness means more accommodation needed.

Basically, the double speak from Powell was amazing. He has NO idea what is happening and what is emerging for our economy. Jerome projects 2% inflation for 2023 and then says that it is not possible to determine inflation two years down the road. Is any of this logical? I would say all is pure ‘bullshit’.

With respect to the speeches of Biden and Putin over in Geneva, Switzerland, I would say that nothing of significance was said. The public questioning shows that these leaders had a 2 + hour meeting and that nothing meaningful was accomplished. The ‘bullshit’ was similar to Jerome Powell’s speech. I found no LOGIC or sound thinking from any of these elites.

The book of Ecclesiastes says that all is ‘vanity’ in this world. Vanity means that nothing meaningful can be discerned from actions of human beings. I would second this idea. Vanity is what I witnessed today as I watched the words of Powell, Biden, and Putin. Nothing meaningful was said and nothing meaningful will emerge (going forward) IMO.

All the confusion in thinking among these leaders reveals that we live with events which can not be discerned precisely. Confusion, group-think, and deception is the message which I sense going forward. Our economy is heading for a crisis and our political system is heading for chaos. Our elite leaders have NO idea what to do and or say.

The only sense that I get from all these speeches is that more confusion, chaos, and deception will emerge going forward. Prepare for a continuing situation of chaos in all our markets as people lose confidence in our system. All happens gradually but sudden changes can change the system in minutes. After all, algorithms and cyber events rule over all these markets.

Our world is now a CYBER world of digits and virtual images. This means sudden changes can occur in our cyber world as events move forward. Putin will use cyber warfare and Biden will counter with our cyber warfare. Within economics we have rigged markets where algorithms can change prices in seconds. Our cyber world is a world where any computer (located behind closed doors) can affect our markets.

Today, watch the Dow go down some 50 points after Putin’s speech, then down another 100 plus points when Biden spoke, and then another 200 plus points when Powell spoke. Gold was up and then it crashed (down) when Powell started his presentation. Nothing makes sense and our markets recognize all this confusion/deception/chaos.

My sense is that a major CRASH will happen this year. I do not think this can be avoided given the nature of our system. Our world is ‘wired’ and ‘interconnected’. Computers rule over our economy and over political events. The old days of spoken diplomacy has been replaced with programmed algorithms, artificial intelligence, and robotics. This changes everything and makes uncertainty the reality within our markets.

It is time to recognize that we are living in the End-times. This means that events will be changing as the actors within our spiritual realm respond. We live ‘at effect’ as human being. The higher powers rule. This means that we need to seek wisdom and spiritual understanding to discern the TIMES. Think for yourself is my mantra. Enjoy!

I am: Donald B. Swenson,,

Economics: Does a Digital $ Exist? Where?

June 14, 2021
Markets Decline (two days) Hurrah! Hurrah! | Kingdom Economics
The End of Cash? – Paper Currency's Place in the Digital Age
Worried About a Stock Market Crash? 5 Steps to Take Right Now | The Motley  Fool

Today, we live with digital currencies which are virtual in nature. What is a digital $ (this currency of America)? I look for this unit daily as I buy items at the store. But I can not find this unit in REAL-TIME space. I can not OBSERVE this unit in real-time. So where is this $ which is now ubiquitous?

The reality is that a digital $ exists ONLY in cyberspace (not in our real-time space). Cyberspace is artificially created as we connect computers into a network. So cyberspace does not technically exist in real-time space. Cyberspace is artificially created as we connect our computers to a network.

Since cyberspace and our digital $ is now artificially created by human programmers, we do not have any material $ for our transactions. This digital $ is now a figment within our consciousness. The old paper dollar is being replaced with a cyber $ which our commercial bankers can create ‘artificially’ (via their thinking). What does all this mean going forward?

What this means is that our cyber $ can now vanish and disappear as ‘values’ decline. Asset values can crash and decline and then this cyber $ vanishes back into our consciousness as the unit is ‘imaginary’. Yes, we now live mostly with ‘imaginary’ money (these cyber currencies). God has given this to us so ALL money can eventually be eliminated. Money is really a curse upon society and it has now fulfilled its purpose. Soon all money will be eliminated from our planet.

During the coming Kingdom Age (coming in the next decade) we will experience a new world where MONEY has no purpose or role. People will volunteer to serve mankind and MONEY will be history. The harbinger to this new era is here now with these cyber/virtual/digital currencies. All these units which we use for buying/selling are really units of our imagination. Units of our imagination can be eliminated with a public decision. Amazing!

Few thinkers are AWARE that our digital/virtual currencies are ‘imaginary’. We think that these units exist as we SEE the numbers in our computer screen. But numbers in the computer screen are virtual. Virtual means part of our imagination. We now buy/sell/invest/trade with virtual units of our ‘imagination’. The next event will be the total elimination of all MONEY for our planet. God (under the Kingdom Age economy) will make this final event to happen.

The transition to a world of volunteers where all money is history is starting now. People will come first in this NEW economy of the Kingdom Age. People will serve mankind and all the resources on our planet will be owned by our REAL government (the Kingdom of God). This NEW economy is emerging as I write and the digital $ (and all these digital currencies) will be history. Money will be eliminated from planet Earth.

There will be NO return to a gold standard or a paper standard. Those who advocate this idea do not understand reality. Reality is spiritual and our REAL King is our Creator (not this concept called evolution from chance). There is no ‘chance’ with our REAL King. All is determined and planned. The theories of man will vanish as the Kingdom Age emerges. Darwinian evolution is pure myth and fantasy for those of us who understand reality.

Our REAL King is invisible and works via his spirit to accomplish his goals and plans. We humans are agents/servants of this SOURCE. But the blind educators within our institutions of higher (lower) learning can not discern spiritual realities. Their minds are closed to these realities. They concoct fantasy theories so they can fool the gullible. Most thinkers on this planet are gullible zombies. They buy into all the false rhetoric of these blind educators.

Reality is spiritual at the core. The words which I speak are derived. The words which you speak are derived. Derived from where? Derived from the spiritual realm. But our deceived educators within our institutions of higher (lower) learning can not discern any of this. They think with blinders and talk with lies and deception. Amazing! We live in a world of DECEPTION and most refuse to THINK as agents of our REAL King. Amazing!

Prepare for a NEW world within economics down the road. A world where ALL money will be eliminated. This NEW world will be called the KINGDOM AGE. Our Creator will rule and man will serve. It’s all part the GREATER plan of our spiritual SOURCE. Step by step the plan emerges in real-time. Understanding MONEY gives me a head start over the deceived pundits on this planet. Have a good day and watch the Kingdom Age emerge over time.

Why Money Is An illusion - YouTube
The Illusion of MONEY, TIME & EGO - Alan Watts - YouTube
Are You Really Rich... Or Is Your Wealth An Illusion? | The Wealth  Architects
ThetaHealing®: The Money You'll Spend Never Existed | Office for Science  and Society - McGill University

I am: Donald B. Swenson,,

‘Freedom’ Comes when ALL IDOLS are abandoned (material/mental)!

June 13, 2021
Let's build a League of Democracies - NOW!

Mankind lives with all kinds of ‘idols’. These ‘idols’ prevent FREEDOM from arriving for our planet. Giving allegiance to a politician is one form of ‘idolatry’. Man must not be an ‘idol’ if our Creator is going to serve as King (over planet Earth). Statues (like Mao in China and/or Xi) must be abandoned. All items of man (material and mental) must be abandoned. Idols create enslavement. Billions on this planet are enslaved to human ‘idols’!

What is the biggest ‘idol’ within this religion called Christianity? It is making a prior Jew (man) the Creator God. This man is now a mental ‘image’ within one’s thinking and this becomes an IDOL (within our mind). The image of Jesus (Yeshua) while on this earth was an ‘idol’. Today, the mental image of this glorified person is the biggest ‘idol’ in all of Christianity. Some 2.6 billion bow to this ‘idol/image’! This is ‘idolatry’!

Images (whether mental or material) can serve as ‘idols’. Making any ‘idol’ supreme or ultimate creates subservience to this ‘image’. The 2nd Commandment says: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven ‘image’ or any likeness to any thing that is in heaven above (like the glorified Jesus) or that is in the earth below (like this human Jew from Nazareth) or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself (one’s ego/self) to an idol/image nor serve them.” This behavior is a form of ‘idolatry’!

Once I bow down to any ‘idol’ (mental or material) I become enslaved to this ‘idol’. This enslavement prevents me from obtaining REAL FREEDOM. Freedom (no chains) is when the King over my life is the REAL invisible King who is our Creator God. This King has NO IMAGE. Our Creator desires that I serve/worship his reality without some ‘image’ (physical and/or mental). Real FREEDOM will come to planet Earth when everyone makes God (Yah) Supreme and ultimate.

Yah is another name for ‘our Father’. Say these words to internalize the message: Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be THY name (Yah). Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in Earth (our planet) as it is in heaven (our inner self/consciousness). Our Creator (Yah) will give this planet REAL freedom when everyone honors his reality. All ‘idols’ must be abandoned. IDOLS of material matter as well as IDOLS within the human mind.

Religion promotes IDOLS. All religions want some thing or mental image to be superior to the REAL person who rules this planet. This is shameful and it prevents REAL freedom from arriving for this planet. We all need to think about what would give us REAL freedom. It’s the prayer of Yeshua (while here on this planet). Yeshua recognized that his FATHER (Yah) was God and King. This is why he desired the KINGDOM OF HIS GOD.

Unfortunately, his message of FREEDOM was rejected by the Sanhedrin (in 33 A.D.) and later the Church. Caiaphas, the High Priest at the time of Yeshua (Jesus) misinterpreted the message of Yeshua and assumed that Yeshua wanted to play God (Yah). This assumption (within the mind of Caiaphas) led to Yeshua’s death and with his death the message of the KINGDOM (of Yashua’s God/Yah). The REAL message of Yeshua was the KINGDOM OF HIS GOD.

After Yeshua’s death a church was formed around the idea that Jesus (Yeshua) was God (in the flesh). This became orthodox teaching after the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. A huge Roman (Catholic) Church emerged promoting doctrines of ‘idolatry’. The biggest idolatry of all was making this dead Jew from Nazareth into an EQUAL with Yah (the Father). This doctrine has now been promoted for nearly 2,000 years. Idolatry has enslaved the planet and all citizens on this planet.

Soon the END of this church age will emerge. People will recognize the folly of this doctrine where a prior human man was elevated into Godhood (equal with Yah/Father). This doctrine has enslaved the entire planet and today we live with man ruling over man. Politicians ruling over enslaved citizens. It’s totally diabolical and corrupt to the core. Idolatry is what I witness on this planet. Freedom can not come if ‘idolatry’ continues.

We all need to ABANDON all forms of ‘idolatry’ (material/mental). All images within the human mind need to be replaced with FAITH in our Creator God (Yah/Father). Freedom will then emerge for our planet and ALL the people. Freedom brings prosperity and justice to our planet. It’s all going to happen as the END of man’s rule arrives. The END times are now here. Bring on the KINGDOM OF YAH/Father. FREEDOM for planet Earth! Think on this!

I am: Donald B. Swenson,,

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