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The ‘Dollar’ — a ‘Unit’ of Consciousness!

May 26, 2016

What is the ‘dollar’ in reality? That is the question for today! Is it a ‘thing’ which exists out in our real material world? Is it an ‘object’ which one can identify with one’s senses? Just what is this ‘unit’ which we all think is so special. Everyone wants more ‘dollar’s. We call this our ‘wealth’. If I have more ‘dollars’ I can buy myself a trip to China (or wherever). I can purchase a mansion on a hill or an ocean front villa. All these material accumulations are given to those with ‘dollars’ (lots of ‘dollars’). But just want is this ‘unit’ of currency which we call ‘dollar’? Let’s drill down on this issue today!

This is technically NOT a dollar! This is a PAPER note with words and images engraved upon it! What I want to understand is:  What (in reality) is a DOLLAR?

Today, I went for breakfast at McDonald’s. I own the McDonald’s App. Today, I could purchase a breakfast sandwich and get my coffee free. Each day I receive some gift from this App. When I pay for my items I merely scan my mobile phone into the mechanical ‘reader’ and the transaction is complete. Where did I obtain the ‘dollars’ for this transaction? I had no physical ‘thing’ to give the counter person. I merely ‘thought’ about what I desired for breakfast and then scanned the ‘reader’. Let’s think on this process! I can now ‘think’ within my ‘consciousness’ (my mind) and then receive units of real physical ‘wealth’ (the sandwich and the coffee).

The items above are images of real physical wealth (in economics we call these items ‘goods’)! Our currency units are supposed to measure the ‘value’ of these items!

Ultimately, where did the ‘dollars’ come from…which allowed this purchase transaction? I now get my social security dollars (called my income) directly from the computer in Washington D.C. and this computer sends me a ‘direct deposit’ into my computer bank account on the 4th Wednesday of every month. My ‘dollars’ arrive per an ‘algorithm’ every month and get deposited directly into my computer account at Wells Fargo. Now let’s ask: where did the computer in Washington D.C. get the dollars (mere numbers/digits) so that an ‘algorithm’ could transfer these units of legal tender to me? What happens is that our Treasury in Washington D.C. has lots of ‘dollar’ digits within their computer account. This allows them to use an ‘algorithm’ to send me my units of legal tender.

Our Treasury Department in Washington D.C. has a computer which stores its ‘dollar’ digits! Our so-called money today emerges as ‘digits’ within our computer screen!

Now let’s ask: where did our Treasury computer get the ‘dollar’ digits for their computer account? These ‘dollar’ digits’ come mostly from their sale of virtual cyber bonds to various dealer banks. Who ultimately buys these cyber bonds if our Treasury needs additional ‘dollar’ digits to honor their dollar obligations? What happens is that our Central Bank (called the Fed) ultimately buys these cyber bonds by ‘creating’ new dollar digits within their computer account. Ultimately, it is our Central Bank, and the policies of a select few banksters (operating behind closed doors) which create our ‘dollar’ digits OUT OF THEIR ‘consciousness’ (their mind or their thinking). Let’s drill down on this concept called ‘consciousness’!

America’s Central Bank within the Eccles Building in Washington D.C. This is where the ‘inner’ world of finance originates! It’s mostly ‘ideas’ and ‘thinking’ BEHIND closed doors! The public is unwelcome in this world of ‘ideas’!

My ‘inner’ being lives in a ‘world’ which is not physical or material. This world is what I call my ‘consciousness’. I might also call this world my ‘mind’. This ‘inner’ world of my ‘consciousness’ or my ‘mind’ is the source of my ‘words’, my ‘ideas’, my ‘policies’, my ‘thinking’, my ‘perceptions’, my ‘symbols”, my ‘numbers’, and ALSO the legal tender currency which we call THE DOLLAR. Ultimately, the unit of currency which I call ‘dollar’ comes from (is derived from) my ‘inner’ thinking ‘consciousness’! So what is this realm of reality which I call my ‘consciousness’? Is it the same as my BRAIN? Some seem to think that my words, ideas, policies, perceptions, and thinking derive from my BRAIN? Is this reality, however? Let’s think further on this issue!

These ‘thinkers’ have an INNER world mostly focused upon $$$ symbols and $$$ creations! This ‘inner’ world of Consciousness is where our so-called money originates! Think on this! $$$ derive from an INNER world!

In reality, folks, my BRAIN is not my MIND and it is not my CONSCIOUSNESS. My three-pound physical  ‘brain’ has NO operational ability without receiving instructions from my metaphysical MIND (my inner world). My ‘mind’ precedes any operational ability of my ‘brain’ (and my brain neurons/synapses). This invisible, non-physical realm called my ‘mind’ and/or my ‘consciousness PRECEDES the functioning aspects of my ‘brain’. MIND is the originating source of my legal tender unit which I call our DOLLAR. In reality, folks, our ‘dollar’ is nothing but a UNIT OF CONSCIOUSNESS (nothing). This unit called our ‘dollar’ has NO existence within our space/time universe! Try FIND it! Try LOCATE it! Try HOLD it in your hand! Try SEE it! I wish you luck! In reality, folks, our currency units (dollar, yen, pound, krona, euro, etc. are merely UNITS OF CONSCIOUSNESS (imaginations)!

Did Einstein’s Brain create E=mc2? From where did Albert obtain his ‘ideas’, ‘words’, ‘thinking’? Did he have a MIND and/or CONSCIOUSNESS?

Today, we have a world finance system which is mostly within our ‘inner’ thinking (metaphysical) CONSCIOUSNESS. Our debt is now within cyberspace (our extended consciousness). Our savings are now within cyberspace. Our investments are now within cyberspace. Cyberspace is merely an ‘extension’ of my/your ‘consciousness’. This means that our entire financial system is basically within our INNER world of imagination! We live in an ‘imaginary’ world of finance and most have NO clue as to this reality! THINK and grow rich is now a reality! Become a Central Banker and you can create your own ‘dollars’ (called money) OUT OF NOTHING and FROM your ‘inner’ world of thinking (your Consciousness)! Enjoy this issue of Kingdom Economics! I am:

Some images which reveal today’s realities about money, finance, and consciousness!

Our currencies live within this netherworld called Cyberspace! Understanding cyber $$$ is now necessary!

Robots and Algorithms now create our ‘prices’ and virtual symbols represent our imaginary wealth!

There is NO money to show today! All is within my/your CONSCIOUSNESS! Cyberspace represents our extended consciousness!

Our historical ‘money’ is now ‘valued’ with cyber (coded) ‘algorithms’ within Cyberspace! The ‘price’ or ‘value’ of a coin is rigged, manipulated, and controlled via ALGORITHMS! We still call this Capitalism…but is it?

Robots, algo’s, create our charts and deception is rampant within our electronic markets! Are UP stock markets indications of prosperity?

Price discovery via Open Outcry has been eliminated! Cyberspace and computers have replaced human beings! Machines rule over all markets today!

This Algo Robot can trade cyber symbols ($$$) and operate at near the speed of light! Most trades are now accomplished via algo’s and robots!

The Tribe of Judah has blessed our world with the smartest elites on issues of money! Gentiles take a back seat to these elite from the Tribe of Judah!

Our World finance system (2016) is ruled by Central Bankers (operating BEHIND closed doors)! Today, many meet in Japan for the G-7 meetings and Agenda 2030 policies!

Sweden is now 98% cashless, Denmark is close, America is following and soon could be ‘cashless’! The Mark of the Beast could emerge within the next couple of years! BEWARE!

G-7 meets in Japan (today) and Agenda 2030, world economy, and secret polices come from the ‘consciousness’ of these elites! Watch out for some new policies, regulations, mandates, and deceptions! Select elites RULE over planet Earth!

‘Cyberspace’ – not understood by Gold investors/commentators!

May 24, 2016

Our monetary world is now within ‘cyberspace’ and yet few commentators, investors, gold-bugs, and precious metals believers seem to comprehend or understand this space! I have listened to all the pundits and commentators for years and I sense that the vast majority do not understand this new netherworld of finance! My view is that this space is difficult to comprehend as it is within our metaphysical consciousness. Most pundits and thinkers view reality as material and physical. The idea that our entire world of finance is NOT material or physical escapes the attention of most thinkers. Yet, the reality is that we now have digital/cyber currencies and all our debt, derivatives, investments, and speculations are located within this realm called CYBERSPACE.

For the past 210 years (let’s say 1788 to 1998) finance and money has been mostly a material and physical phenomena. Our money was silver and/or gold and our currencies were paper. This meant that our monetary transactions were within our material/physical world. Our prices were discovered by exchanging a physical item for another good and/or service. We could observe this process and internalize this process with our physical eyes. All this has now changed with the invention of the computer and our internet. Since 1998 (mostly) our material and physical money/currencies have been converted into virtual/cyber phenomena. Cyber currencies are within this space which we call ‘cyberspace’. Our derivatives, stocks, bonds, mortgages, and all our global currencies are  now within ‘cyberspace’ and traded within this metaphysical world.

I just completed a trade within my cyber Fidelity Investment Account with the ‘click’ of my computer mouse. The trade was completed in a ‘microsecond’ (or was it a millisecond). Anyway, the trade seemed instantaneous and the confirmation was instantaneous. What happened to cause this result within the ‘blink’ of my human eye? The trade was a mining stock (now a virtual symbol) which trades via an algorithm and is confirmed via an algorithm. Algorithms are what now execute most trades and all this is accomplished within this netherworld called ‘cyberspace’. Cyberspace is observed within my computer screen yet the information within my computer screen is not material or physical. So what am I really trading (now that all is within ‘cyberspace’)?

I would suggest that I am trading a ‘virtual’ symbol/concept which is actually NOT within our space/time world. I am trading a ‘symbol’ (say EXK or HL) which is a mere unit of my metaphysical ‘consciousness’. This unit of my ‘consciousness’ is displayed as a ‘symbol’ within my computer screen and this ‘symbol’ is really part of my ‘extended’ consciousness. The ‘symbol’ is within what we call ‘cyberspace’ and my computer screen displays this symbol and the shares which I traded. All this happened within a ‘microsecond’ and/or ‘millisecond’ as algorithms acted to execute this trade. Algorithms are mere ‘coded’ instructions (information) which acts upon my command to trade a ‘symbol’ and a ‘number’ of shares. The results are now at near the speed of light and all happens within ‘cyberspace’!

So how should we now define this new netherworld of ‘cyberspace’ which is a ‘virtual’ world that occupies our metaphysical consciousness? First let’s review what our ‘material’ world is made of. All that I see/observe with my eyes is our material/physical world called ‘matter’. Science has defined this material world as physical and composed of a substance called ‘matter’. Trees, cars, houses, gold, paper, oil, gas, oats, my computer hardware, etc. are all objects within this world of ‘matter’. All our historical money was invented and exchanged as units of ‘matter’. Printing of our paper notes and minting of our metal coins came from this world of ‘matter’. All this changed, however, with the advent of the internet, the computer, and this virtual world of images within our computer screen called ‘cyberspace’.

Today, practically all of our financial system has been converted to this ‘virtual’ world within ‘cyberspace. We trade within cyberspace, we invest within cyberspace, we save within cyberspace, and we communicate within cyberspace. Isn’t it time for my precious metals friends to comprehend and understand this new space? So what is ‘cyberspace’? Can I define it so everyone can comprehend and understand this metaphysical concept? The word ‘metaphysical’ must also be understood. Metaphysical means that the world of finance is now within our ‘CONSCIOUSNESS’. Few seem to comprehend this concept called ‘consciousness’. I prefer to use the word ‘MIND’. My ‘mind’ lives within this realm called my ‘consciousness’. The words I am now writing are derived from my ‘MIND’. My ‘mind’ is different from my ‘brain’.

The reality is that I live within my ‘mind’ (consciousness) and most investors seem to not understand this inner realm. All our currencies originate as ‘names’ and ‘symbols’ which derive from this inner world…called the human MIND. Our dollar derives from the human mind. The yen, pound, euro, krona, peso, etc. derive from the human mind. All our currencies are units of my/your mind. MONEY, however, originated within our material world of ‘matter’. Money has always been material/physical until just recently. Gold was invented to serve as a form of money. Silver was invented to serve as a form of money. Wampum, cowrie shells, beaver skins, cotton, tobacco, etc. all were invented to serve as money for a season. Eventually, Americans adopted silver/gold as the best alternative for our money. We then defined our ‘dollar’ in terms of this item of ‘matter. The definition was 371.25 grains of silver!

Today, however, we live within another realm of reality which is NOT material or physical. This world is the netherworld called ‘cyberspace’. So let’s define ‘cyberspace’! There is no official definition as our courts have NOT given us a single definition for this word. Our ‘dollar’ lives within ‘cyberspace’ yet our courts and our government have not officially defined this word. Our legal tender for all debts is now mostly our ‘cyber’ dollar and yet this concept is not understood my many. Cyberspace is what you witness as you ‘read’ this missive. Looking at the words and images within your computer screen (right now) represents this world called ‘cyberspace’. This world of text, words, images, and pixels makes up a system for communication where data and information can occur. This is ‘cyberspace’!

My personal definition of cyberspace is: “that which derives from my consciousness (mind) and is communicated to another via the internet.” Cyberspace is a word which describes the space (this non-physical/inner space of ideas) which allows for information to flow from sender to receiver. The flow occurs due to our electro-magnetic spectrum of frequencies which can transfer these ‘symbols’ and ‘text’ via signals within the air, cable, or wire. The information, however, is derived from each of us (our inner consciousness/mind). This is what has replaced ‘matter’ for our financial world. Prices are now ‘cyber’ derived. Currencies are ‘cyber’ units. All my trading symbols (EXK and HL) which I traded today are virtual units within cyberspace. This is what has occurred mostly since 1998! We now live within CYBERSPACE for our investments, savings, borrowings, debt, cash, and trading!

This new world of ‘cyberspace’ can collapse with the ‘click’ of a computer mouse. The units (called money) are now cyber units. These units are without ‘substance’, without ‘value’, and without any ‘durability’. One global flash crash can eliminate trillions of these ‘units of nothing’. Think about this! We now can eliminate all our debt and money with the ‘click’ of a computer mouse. If the central computer within our Central Banks chooses to collapse the entire financial system this could happen within a ‘microsecond’. It would be similar to shutting off all POWER to all our computers. Yes, we need to understand this concept called CYBERSPACE. It’s ubiquitous and omnipresent! Enjoy and think about this new concept called CYBERSPACE! I am:


Obama’s ‘drones’ have targeted and killed thousands! Yes, civilians also!

May 23, 2016

Are the American people even AWARE of what Bush and now Obama are doing? Will this behavior have NO consequences? Kill to bring ‘peace’ seems to be the mindset of our Commander-in-Chief! Kill the ‘other’ and assume that the ‘other’ will surrender and desire ‘peace’!

At least 2,464 people have now been killed by US drone strikes outside the country’s declared war zones since President Barack Obama’s inauguration six years ago, the Bureau’s latest monthly report reveals (February 2, 2015 by Jack Serle , published in: All Stories, Covert Drone War, Monthly Updates on the Covert War ). Of the total killed since Obama took his oath of office on January 20 2009, at least 314 have been civilians, while the number of confirmed strikes under his administration now stands at 456. Research by the Bureau also shows there have now been nearly nine times more strikes under Obama in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia than there were under his predecessor, George W Bush.

These numbers do not include the past 48 months! Bush started the Drone program in 2002!

At least 2,464 people have now been killed by US drone strikes outside the country’s declared war zones since President Barack Obama’s inauguration six years ago, the Bureau’s latest monthly report reveals. Of the total killed since Obama took his oath of office on January 20 2009, at least 314 have been civilians, while the number of confirmed strikes under his administration now stands at 456. Research by the Bureau also shows there have now been nearly nine times more strikes under Obama in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia than there were under his predecessor, George W Bush.In total, there were 52 strikes under Bush, killing 416 people, of whom 167 were civilians.

MLK: I have a dream. Obama: I have a drone

What a contrast in mentality! Can America continue with this mentality and avoid CONSEQUENCES?

And the covert Obama strikes, the first of which hit Pakistan just three days after his inauguration, have killed almost six times more people and twice as many civilians than those ordered in the Bush years, the data shows. The figures have been compiled as part of the Bureau’s monthly report into covert US drone attacks, which are run in two separate missions – one by the CIA and one for the Pentagon by its secretive special forces outfit, Joint Special Operations Command. The research centers on countries outside the US’s declared war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. The first strike of the Bush administration, outside Afghanistan, was on November 3 2002, in Yemen. However there was not a reported drone strike outside Iraq or Afghanistan for 18 months, until the CIA killed 6-8 in Pakistan on June 17 2004. That was more than three years into President Bush’s first term.

It is now easy to kill any person or enemy on this planet! America uses satellites, GPS, and computers as their killing tools! The bases for launching are located in almost every continent! Any person labeled as ‘an enemy’ of Obama and his secret cabal could be targeted as ‘an enemy’…and killed!

Over the last decade, the American use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned aerial systems has expanded exponentially, as has media coverage of their use.  On September 21st, the Wall Street Journal reported that the military has deployed missile-armed MQ-9 Reaper drones on the “island nation of Seychelles to intensify attacks on al Qaeda affiliates, particularly in Somalia.”  A day earlier, a Washington Post piece also mentioned the same base on the tiny Indian Ocean archipelago, as well as one in the African nation of Djibouti, another under construction in Ethiopia, and a secret CIA airstrip being built for drones in an unnamed Middle Eastern country. (Some suspect it’s Saudi Arabia.)

Post journalists Greg Miller and Craig Whitlock reported that the “Obama administration is assembling a constellation of secret drone bases for counterterrorism operations in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula as part of a newly aggressive campaign to attack al-Qaeda affiliates in Somalia and Yemen.”  Within days, the Post also reported that a drone from the new CIA base in that unidentified Middle Eastern country had carried out the assassination of radical al-Qaeda preacher and American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen. Comment: America kills many innocent civilians and view this as mere ‘collateral’ damage. Is this a moral mentality? Not in my book!

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, left, met with Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in Malaysia on Wednesday.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, left, met with Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in Malaysia on Wednesday (08/05/2015). The U.S. military launched its first strike against Islamic State from Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey, the Pentagon said, reflecting a deepening security relationship between Washington and Ankara in the region. The London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which tracks drone strikes, counts as many as 965 civilian deaths from U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004. Of the 423 strikes, 372 occurred during the Obama administration, the group says.

Who is the ultimate ‘winner’? When does this happen? Can the mindset of ‘killing’ an enemy create lasting ‘peace’? Our political leaders apparently think so! Listen to our elected leaders for evidence and history. KILL the enemy who challenges my hegemony (appears to be the mindset). Learning from prior history is not allowed to happen. In reality, actions do have consequences and negative actions lead to negative counter actions (unless all life has been eliminated from our planet)! Think about what our political leaders are doing BEHIND closed doors! Mental illness 101 is what I observe! Might makes Right and past experience with this philosophy must be ignored! What a pity! My view!

Check out more current drone data:




Pope Francis says: ‘Conquest’ is goal of both Islam and Christianity!

May 22, 2016

In an interview with a French Catholic newspaper published this week, Pope Francis sent yet another shot across the bow of Europeans grandstanding over the threat of Muslim immigration. When asked by a journalist from La Croix about fears of Islam and terrorism, the pontiff suggested it was not productive to think of Islam as a threat and pointed to its shared roots with Christianity. “It is true that the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam,” he said. “However, it is also possible to interpret the objective in Matthew’s Gospel, where Jesus sends his disciples to all nations, in terms of the same idea of conquest.” Francis claims ISIS similar to Jesus sending his disciples to all nations. Comment: Logically, his point seems ‘valid’! Conquest is the mindset of the Establishment!

Acceptance is now the ‘politically correct’ mindset! Accept ALL behaviors and continue the political/military game (via Agenda 2030)!

Yes, human nature, at the core, does demand ‘conquest’ so that only the Conqueror ultimately governs. This is evident from observing 6,000 years of human history. The history of man is a history of ‘conquest’ via the sword/guns/military might and religion. The winner of the ‘conquest’ gets to impose his/her reality upon the masses. Guns and military ‘might’ along with the money cartel and religion creates the eventual Conqueror. We then live with the ‘political correctness’ imposed by this Conqueror for an extended time. This is the reality on this planet which we call Earth. Our rulers are those who have been rewarded by the money cartel, religion, science, and the ‘fears’ of the masses (fears of the spiritual realm of reality). The tools for ‘conquest’ are maintained via MILITARY MIGHT and GUNS (today Drones and remote-controlled missiles)!

The so-called ESTABLISHMENT is now desiring Agenda 2030 and a NWO for the planet! Who is the ultimate Ruler over our planet when this occurs? Where does the ‘BUCK’ stop?

Yes, ‘Might makes Right’ for planet Earth and its inhabitants. The Pope’s message from May 19, 2016, is that further ‘conquest’ must continue via the means of the political/religious/scientific ESTABLISHMENT so that all of mankind (now some 7.2 billion) are under the control and enslavement of this ultimate human Authority which emerges by stealth. Today, this Authority is mostly the New 2016 ‘Agenda 2030’ adopted by the 193 nations of the United Nations on September 28, 2015. This NEW WORLD AUTHORITY is now in the making and our Global Pope will play his role to assure that it happens. The will of the common man must continue to be ‘subservient’ to this enslavement mentality coming from our ESTABLISHMENT! Enslavement (for the masses) is built into this model of reality coming from our hierarchical leaders!

Those with ‘absolutist’ views of reality (ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY) create the mindset of ‘conquest’! ABSOLUTISM demands ‘One’ view and ‘One’ interpretation of reality!

Christianity has an ‘exclusive’ message (it is preached as an ‘absolute’) and compromise is NOT allowed! Islam has a similar mindset! Which will prevail when ‘push comes to shove’?

The mindset today of Islam and Christianity is that we are IN the Last Days! Do you agree or disagree? The study is called ‘Eschatology’! Above is ‘one’ view!

Will Jihad killing (like that of ISIS) prevail in the END or will the killing behavior of our establishment prevail? Whose MIGHT will prevail in the END? The END is supposed to Justify the MEANS! Yesterday, our esteemed Commander-in-Chief of America’s military sent out another DRONE to kill a perceived enemy. This enemy was located within the borders of Pakistan (outside of our military jurisdiction…it appears) while driving a vehicle. Then a Drone Missile emerges from the sky above and ‘strikes’ the vehicle killing two occupants. Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mansour, leader of the Afghan Taliban, was immediately murdered by this Drone missile…authorised by our esteemed political leader, Barack Hussein Obama. This is our policy of ‘Might makes Right’ and the ‘End justifies the Means’! It is likely to continue until all mankind on this planet have been (unintentionally) annihilated.

Mullah Mansour killed in Pakistan via an Obama directed Drone from the sky! Are American voters AWARE of this killing policy of our esteemed leader?

America (the ‘elite’) are now adopting the above philosophy which emerged from the mindset and observations of Niccolo Machiavelli. There can be ONLY ‘one’ outcome with this philosophy!——-_(Exposing_The_Antichrist_Papacy)/

I use the word ‘unintentional’ as it appears, to me, that our esteemed political leaders are mostly unaware of what they do! They ACT and then ACT and then ACT…without any thinking or reflection upon their prior behavior. Our esteemed Senator from Arizona, John McCain, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said that “stepped up attacks on the Taliban are now needed”. He was ‘glad’ Mansour “has met his just end”. But is this esteemed Senator aware that he may be next…from the viewpoint of our counterparty (ISIS)? Will ISIS or a proxy of ISIS desire that revenge occur (at some point)? I think so! The entire philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’ with no revenge occurring is illogical and ludicrous (based upon 6,000 years of recorded/experienced history). Watch any boxing match or sporting event (which is serious in nature) to witness the eventual behavior of a ‘counterparty’! Action creates counter Action! This mindset continues (after the initial event seems over)!

Doing ‘EVIL’ is what I now witness on the global political stage! This mindset along with the mindset of ‘absolutism’ must create a FINAL battle of the ages! Yes, the END TIMES are definitely HERE!

Yes, our esteemed Political Leader must ‘approve’ Drone killings! Are there ‘consequences’ for this type of behavior? I think so! But the mindset of our Commander-in-Chief is unaware (it seems)!

How many Americans actually understand the policy of Drone Killing as a Military strategy? Does our electorate ‘approve’ of this behavior by our elected representative?

Yes, the behavior of our esteemed Establishment (religion/science/politics/rulership) creates real consequences IMO…which may be delayed but which arrive at some point within our history. Our 6,000 years of recorded history seems to point to this result. With today’s nuclear options (now available to the many) this ‘tit for tat’ military behavior of Obama/the West (via drones from the sky) and ISIS and/or their proxies (beheadings and self-carried bombs) eventually leads to the TOTAL destruction of all mankind if carried to the end point. Then we have China and Russia which also desire hegemony over this planet and the mix is ominous for our survival. Anyway, I presume that this philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’ will continue until enough people wake-up to what is happening! Eventually, a philosophy of ‘The MEANS is key to the END’ must emerge as the model for planet Earth! Think on this and reflect on what is now happening globally! I am:

Two ‘Bullies’ have ruled planet Earth since 1916 (mostly)!

May 19, 2016

The latest edition of the Economist, May 14th – 20th, describes what has happened these past 100 years in the Middle East. The title of the magazine was ‘The War Within’, a special report on the Arab world. After reading this history and observing what is now happening in the Middle East, I would suggest that there are/have been TWO BULLIES which have ruled over our planet and screwed-up events royally these past 100 years. I am sure you can perceive who these two Bullies are: Yes, Britain and America. These two are still attempting to rule over our planet and they BULLY their results via the philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’. Where is this leading? Can Might create what is Right? Can the End justify the Means? What do you think?

Our planet is populated with some 7.2 billion people (as of today)! But BULLIES rule over the common people! Why? Must this continue forever?

Britain, France, and later America ruled over the conquered Ottoman Empire! The territory is now in turmoil! The control of natural resources (like oil) motivated these Bullies!

Sir Mark Sykes and Francois Picot laid out the boundaries for the Arab nations after WWI! “This blessed advance will not stop until we hit the last nail in the coffin of the Sykes–Picot conspiracy”    – Islamic State Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, July 2014.

The Arabs had to bow to the Bullies who determined their fate after WWI and WWII! They now view these two Bullies as the Great Satan! The ‘little satan’ they view as Israel!

After World War I, Britain and later America decided which of the countries would survive and who would rule politically…and also the borders for their lands…which the prior Ottoman Empire ruled for hundreds of years. This selection of borders and specific mandates from mostly Two Bullies was called the Sykes-Picot agreement. This Agreement was Mandated upon the Arab people’s! In reality, however, it was the military MIGHT of the British and later the Americans (after WWII) which created all the mandates and the Puppet Rulers. Yes, GUNS ruled over people and common sense was subservient to Huge Ego’s from these Military POWERS! Money, natural resources, and Might rules this planet! All on this planet are subservient to the Bullies who RULE!

Three Bullies mostly RULE over our planet! Can you identify the leaders ruling today? What is their motive going forward? Have you digested Agenda 2030?

This same situation continues today. TWO BULLIES (mostly) still attempt to rule over this planet and all the 7.2 billion people. Think about this! Bullies in Washington D.C. (called political leaders) and Bullies in London (called political leaders) desire to RULE our planet (religion and money assists these rulers). Why? History reveals that BULLIES with money and military might (guns) can overcome the common people who do all the work and sustain the economy. Bullies and ego’s rule this planet which we call Earth. Read the history of planet Earth for understanding! The strong (who have the guns) dominate when push comes to shove. I call these strong men the Bullies of our planet! Religion and money assists with maintaining this condition!

Civilized man has been ruled by Bullies for some 6,000 +- years! It started with the Sumerians! Today’s Bullies are those who must Rule over the ‘other’ to maintain CONTROL!

Currently we have some 7.2 billion people on this planet.  We started with TWO people and now we have witnessed exponential growth for some 6,000 years. What a change (evolution) history reveals when we think about our history. Throughout our history, as human beings, BULLIES have ruled over select groups of people. Bullies are those who gain control via GUNS and/or Military Might. These Bullies are mostly psychopaths and dark-side criminals but we all must accept them as Nice Rulers so that political correctness can operate…and prosperity can emerge for the overall system. In reality, however, these criminal Rulers are mostly psychopaths (ego maniacs) who must RULE as a GOD…over everyone (to feel secure and to accomplish their VISION of reality)! Read the history of political power!

Guns for the Bullies are needed but guns for the common people are dangerous enemies of these Bullies! Today’s TWO Bullies are Great Britain and the United States of America (mostly)!

Down deep in the psyche of these dark-side RULERS are deceptions and visions of Godhood for their EGO’s. Each RULER has their own dark-side ego which desires control over the ‘other’. The competition on this planet is currently between rulers in China, Russia, France, Iran, North Korea, Great Britain, and especially AMERICA. Who has the Military Might to rule over the ‘other’? Who can impose their Mandates over the ‘other’. Who can create the FEAR which allows for more domination over the ‘other’. This Machiavellian mentality is within the dark-side psyche of each ruler! We can discern what each RULER desires (not by rhetoric and words) BUT by behavior on the planet’s surface (real action and real events)! Who are these psychopaths and ego maniacs (which dominate our world news today)? Let’s continue the story!

Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill called the shots after WWII! These 3 had the Guns and military might! This allowed them to rule and impose their view of reality on the planet!

Vladimir Putin may play a serious role in who Rules this planet going forward! Watch his actions/decisions! He appears to be a serious competitor of Barack Obama!

Xi Jinping and his 1.3 billion may emerge as the next Super Power over our planet! Watch events as they play out going forward! Might makes Right for all our Bullies!

America’s political election process tends to reveal some of the actors on the stage of planet Earth and their motives. Currently, Barack Hussein Obama, Vladimir Putin, David Cameron, Xi Jinping, Ali Khameini, Kim Jong-Un, and Francois Hollande are active on the planetary STAGE. These Bullies have Military Might (GUNS) so as to create their control over the ‘other’ (you and I). Who will emerge as the Single RULER over our planet so as to create their EMPIRE, rules, laws, and regulations over the 7.2 billion common people? Only ONE voice must ultimately prevail and the competition is now between a group of Anti-Christs in the making. Who might emerge as the ultimate VOICE on this planet (that, to me, is the ultimate issue)!

If someone is to Rule all people on this planet, who could assume this role and command allegiance? This is the issue of Eschatology! We are now living in the END times IMO!

Human nature allows for ONLY one ultimate VOICE when push comes to shove (assuming an ultimate Ruler)! The ‘Buck must stop with One Ego’ and Military Might ultimately prevails…with MONEY as the tool to gain control over the Military Might. Emerging in America for a NEW Anti-Christ Voice are the following: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump. Over in Asia and Europe we will need to continue to watch Vladimir Putin of Russia, Xi Jinping of China, Ali Khameini of Iran, David Cameron of Great Britain, Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, Francois Hollande of France, Angela Merkel of Germany, Mohammad bin-Salman of Saudi Arabia, as well as the leader of ISIS and al-Qaeda. There may be many others who operate under cover (behind the daily scenes) and who could emerge suddenly! Follow the money and those in current positions of POWER!

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The final attempt at Rulership over planet Earth is coming (Agenda 2030 is determined to create a New World Order where ONE voice emerges as the FINAL authority)!

Agenda 2030 started officially on January 1, 2016! The countdown has commenced!

Could one of the above emerge as Anti-Christ? What about a successor to the above?

The British could emerge as a Bully along with America (representing the West)!

This false prophet appears to have determined the precise date for the arrival of the Anti-Christ!

Maybe one of the above might emerge as the FINAL ruler (Anti-Christ) over planet Earth? Who knows? Who can spin the best yarn for the sheeple? Charisma and rhetoric are key!

The ultimate event which may set off the battle for ANTI-CHRIST ruler might be our global economy. Economics is key to our survival…and food, clothing, shelter, transportation are key to who will emerge as saviour. My sense is that the Battle of Ego’s will grow in the coming months and years. Someone must emerge as the FINAL voice for the planet (assuming the New World Order arrives)! Who will that be? Let’s watch events as they play-out in real-time and also watch the select leaders with the Military MIGHT to create their CONTROL over the ‘other’. Ego’s and Money will likely play a HUGE role in who emerges in the immediate future! The group think electorate (the sheeple) will help in determining this coming ANTI-CHRIST! That is my view for today! Enjoy the history and theology! I am:

Definition of a Bully or Bullying:  Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power, which distinguishes bullying from conflict.[1] Behaviors used to assert such domination can include verbal harassment or threat, physical assault or coercion, and such acts may be directed repeatedly towards particular targets. Rationalizations for such behavior sometimes include differences of social class, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, behavior, body language, personality, reputation, lineage, strength, size or ability.[2][3] If bullying is done by a group, it is called mobbing.[4]

My Sense: 18,312.39 was the ‘top’ for the DOW!

May 19, 2016

On May 19, 2015, the Dow Index reached the lofty number of 18,312.39. Today is one year later and the current Dow Index is 17, 417.12 (as of 11:52 a.m. MST). The drop is minimal but the trend is clearly DOWN from here. Our American economy has also peaked out from the prior stimulus measures of our Central Bank. Real estate is now clearly in a ‘bear’ market. Retail is entering a ‘bear’ market’. Transportation and auto’s are entering a ‘bear’ market. Agriculture is entering a ‘bear’ market. Basically, our entire debt based economy is now starting its descent from the above ‘top’. The process will be manipulated by our Fed and their computers but the general will of the market will prevail and the trend downward will continue.

Evidence from all sectors of our American economy as well as the global economy clearly suggest that our system is saturated with debt and stagnation. Values are distorted. Prices are manipulated. Our electronic exchanges are rigged via machine trading and algorithmic trading. Basically, the global cyber system of imaginary ‘digits’ and ‘numbers’ are decoupling from the real wealth (our natural resources). This has been evident to me for some time but it now becomes more ‘clear’ every day. Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Canada, Mexico, and the United States are all stagnating and confidence is waning. The Dow Index should reveal these realities as we move forward.

The Baltic Dry Index is also starting its descent. It is now at 642 (May 19, 2016) and this suggests more stagnation in exports and imports going forward. The Dow Jones Transportation Index is currently at 7583 whereas it was at 8674 on May 19, 2015. The China Containerized Freight Index is now at 652, some 140 points lower than last year at this time. Yes, the world economy is slowing gradually and relentlessly and this trend is unlikely to change much. Our Central Banks will attempt to change this downward trend but their ‘tools’ are now limited and the markets are changing in their ‘confidence’ of these Central Authorities.

The ludicrous policy of our FED is to increase interest rates in June, 2016, and this makes ZERO sense given what is happening. If this policy is actually implemented it will further the ‘downward’ trend and speed up the process of descent. My sense is that come June these elite Commanders of our Economy will fold and accept the will of our general market (descent is now the trend going forward). Interest rates will NOT be increased and this will change the current malaise to a type of fear. We now need to prepare for a descent of all stock markets as demand and confidence wane over the rest of 2016. Give this perception some reflection! Enjoy! I am:

Central Authorities reveal ‘reality’ via their daily Manipulations!

May 18, 2016

I witness the digital price suppression (rigging) of our Constitutional money daily on the website and also on my mobile App. The charts reveal the mindset of our money cartel criminals. Uncovered shorts slam the digital price (of Au and Ag) whenever a small rise in the price occurs. This is now so obvious that many new traders are starting to notice what I have noticed for many years. The algorithmic trading and our Central Bank authorities (behind the scenes) desire to promote their fantasy money for the globe. The game is to make our historical physical money obsolete and digital (Command) money as the replacement. This is now obvious to anyone who has watched this digital price suppression via our computer screens for these many years.

This chart reveals what happens when our Central Authorities desire to SLAM the digital price! Trading ‘uncovered’ shorts does the job!

Recently, I have talked with the CME group about this price suppression and one of their leaders continues to refer me to the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trade Commission). I have written to the CFTC and asked them to call me so we can discuss the daily manipulations which are occurring. I also plan to call the leaders at the CFTC to see if they will discuss the price suppression issues. As of today, there are some 542 claims for physical gold for each ounce available. This reveals what has been occurring for years and anyone with a thinking cap should be able to discern that this is manipulation/rigging. Trading ‘imaginary’ (uncovered) contracts on our electronic markets (like the Globex) allows these Central Bank criminals to continue their schemes and manipulations.

Uncovered contracts are used to suppress the digital prices of Au and Ag (whenever some demand develops from the trader market). This reveals the criminal behavior of those who are behind these actions!

What these Central Authorities reveal by their actions is that they THINK (down deep) that gold and silver are real obstacles to their digital (fake) currencies. Why would they continue with the digital price suppression IF they thought otherwise? Down deep these criminals KNOW that gold and silver are REAL and that their deceptive currencies are FAKE. This is obvious, to me, as I continue to watch their behavior daily. Today, these criminals slammed the mining company stocks by some 8% in minutes. An ‘uncovered’ short strategy was used to slam these prices in real-time so everyone would run and SELL their shares. This continues every few days and it is obvious that this behavior comes from the TOP (our Central Bank/Treasury Authorities). Behavior reveals this REALITY!

These are the ultimate leaders who set policy for our money issues and for the global markets! Their decisions create the ‘dollar’ policy…and their desire to promote digital (fake) currencies is what I sense as their mandate for our markets! Eliminate the psychology of silver and gold and promote ‘fake’ digits as the money for the planet! Where else would policy derive from?

Will these criminals WIN this war of behavior in the longer run? I don’t think so! Eventually, the number of traders who recognize this criminal behavior will grow and grow…and then they will demand action to correct this dark-side behavior. I sense that the psychology used by our elite criminals at the TOP is starting to break down. Sometime within the next year or two this game of digital price suppression will cease. While this game continues, however, the wise traders will continue to accumulate physical silver and gold for their store of value. These metals do not disappear when our markets crash and burn. The ‘digits’ within cyberspace (now being promoted by these criminals) will ‘disappear’, however. The game could end in 2016 or 2017 (awareness is the KEY)! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. This prior economist/Treasury official has also written the CFTC and complained:

Paul Craig Roberts has written CFTC but as of today NO response! Will I fare any better?


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