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Kingdom Economics: ‘Diversity’ comes first!

August 21, 2016

America’s founders desired that the ‘individual’ prevail over the ‘collective’. The motto was: Life, Liberty, and Happiness (all endowed by our Creator for ‘each’ individual)! Thomas Jefferson desired that no ‘tyranny’ prevail over the mind of man (and he lived this philosophy mostly). T.J. was our example of putting the ‘individual’ prior to the ‘collective’. Tyranny is when another human being exercises control and/or power over another. One’s MIND is enslaved by the ‘other’ who seeks ‘unity’ prior to ‘diversity’! For the ‘individual’ to prevail I must allow the ‘other’ to express disagreement and separateness. I/You must prevail always (as ‘individuals’)! This was the mindset of America’s founding IMO!

This is what America is all about! The INDIVIDUAL must prevail over the groupthink ‘collective’! T.J. tried to promote a mindset of NO ‘tyranny over anyone’s MIND! I agree with this philosophy of our founding fathers!

Today, however, we have political, religious, and secular leaders who desire to promote ‘unity’ prior to ‘diversity’. Listen to Hillary as she promotes this concept called ‘unity’ so that she can govern over everyone (America and the World). The Donald does similar. All religions and corporate organizations do similar via their ‘groupthink’ agendas. The ‘collective’ must be allowed to dominate over the ‘individual’. All ‘groupthink’ organizations tend to promote ‘unity’ via their leaders messages at the expense of ‘individuality’ and ‘diversity’. This places the leader who is in control of the ‘group’ in the position of dominating the group and suppressing ‘individuality’. All religions seem to promote this mindset as well as our politicians. Think on this for a few minutes!

All political leaders put the ‘collective’ first’ and then the ‘individual’! This is our problem! The problem today is that our Constitution consists of mere ‘words’ with no agreement on meaning (from the reader of the ‘words’)!

Thomas Jefferson was a ‘cult’ of one (mostly). He recognized human nature and the tendency of a groupthink leader (political or religious) to promote a ‘false’ unity so that the group could prevail as the ultimate solution. I witness this same mindset today within religion, politics, science, and philosophy. A strong groupthink leader promotes ‘unity’ and ‘sameness’ so that the leader’s agenda can dominate over the ‘individual’. I must bow to the group leader when I disagree so that the ‘collective’ can survive and prosper (at the expense of the ‘individual’). All this thinking is anathema to Kingdom Economics! What is needed today is life, liberty, and happiness for ‘each’ individual (first) and then ‘unity’ can emerge from each ‘individual’ person. Think about a world where the ‘individual’ prevails over the groupthink leader! America was founded upon this premise!

Political leaders desire a groupthink agreement (called political correctness) so the leader can ‘impose’ her/his agenda upon the many! This is opposite the mindset of  Thomas Jefferson (as well as other founding fathers)!

The groupthink leader (desires ‘diversity’) as long as his/her agenda is not the issue! Political leaders want ‘political correctness’ so they can achieve their groupthink agenda! Mob rule is what Thomas Jefferson called this mindset!

Unite and/or Unity is what all political leaders desire so their ‘mob rule’ agenda can prevail over the electorate! The end result of this is enslavement for the ‘individual’ who disagrees! Enslavement is what I see developing today!

The System is ‘rigged’ so a leader can impose ‘unity’ via political correctness on everyone! To govern requires agreement with the ‘leaders’ agenda! This creates a form of ‘mob rule’ and more division from those who disagree!

The mindset of a groupthink leader who has a ‘unity’ agenda!

Hillary and The Donald desire Mob Rule for America (the 50.001% governing the whole)! This is because they put ‘unity’ prior to ‘diversity’…the ‘collective’ prior to the ‘individual’! We now need a different philosophy for our planet IMO!

The above mindset (promotes the leader’s vision) but not the ‘individual’s’. All ‘individual’s’ are unique and different so groupthink (from a leader) is a form of suppression of ‘diverse’ viewpoints! Leaders like to promote ‘unity’ concepts for the purpose of furthering THEIR (politically correct) agenda!

Diversity and Individuality comes first for Kingdom Economics! A leaders ‘unity’ concepts (to promote a given groupthink agenda) must be secondary (it must follow ‘after’ freedom for each individual is achieved)! We need NO tyranny over the MIND of any ‘individual’ (as Thomas Jefferson so admirably expressed)!

Planet Earth consists of 7 billion individuals (all unique and different). This is the model of Kingdom Economics! Equality of ‘individuals’ comes PRIOR to a ‘unity’ agenda. Diversity must come FIRST (as we live in the Now…continually). Think of this model as the model of our future!

One planet under a political King is ‘not’ the vision of Kingdom Economics!

A model where PEOPLE come first (individuality) and rulership is transcendent (the Creator of all is King over our planet)! Think on the concept of eliminating all ‘human’ rulers from our System!

One Planet under God follows from America’s concept of One Nation under God! Who can discern that this is reality as we live it? It has been reality from the beginning IMO!

In conclusion, Kingdom Economics portrays a vision where the ‘individual’ is Supreme and where human rulership is eliminated from our planet. This means that all political, religious, scientific, and secular thinking be given equal standing in the marketplace of ideas. This also means that ‘diversity’ needs to be a mindset that prevails over this concept called ‘unity’. Diversity comes FIRST and then unity is what Kingdom Economics is all about. Freedom for the ‘individual’ must prevail over groupthink within the political ‘collective’. All politics, religion, science, and philosophy must rethink their goals so that ‘diversity’ and ‘individuality’ can grow exponentially and continually. One planet (under our Creator) is the ultimate goal of Kingdom Economics. Enjoy this thinking and talk about putting the ‘individual’ as SUPREME (this means demoting the groupthink agenda’s of all political leaders)! I am:

P.S. Some videos to review for a better understanding of groupthink (and human nature):

  1. (a view of conformity within groups)
  2. (symptoms of groupthink)
  3. (religious groupthink, Jonestown)
  4. (political groupthink, Bay of Pigs)
  5. (science groupthink, Space Shuttle Challenger)



A ‘plan’ for the coming financial collapse!

August 19, 2016

Today, I talked to a female millennial who works at Best Buy in Tucson and who understands cyberspace. She recognized immediately that cyber money is ‘imaginary’ and will vanish with a shut-down of the computer banking system. She said that backing up the cyber digits with ‘paper’ notes is wise and helps with planning when spending and investing. This lady had wisdom beyond her age IMO. I was impressed by this lady’s wisdom. Few of the readers of this missive seem to comprehend cyberspace as well as this lady from Best Buy. She claimed to know about computers and cyberspace as she has grown up with electronic information. So let’s review a plan which we (she and I) briefly discussed for environments such as we have today. The ‘plan’ is for anyone with savings (say $100,000 or more). There are three steps to consider to implement this ‘plan’!

  1. Since our currencies today are ‘imaginary’ digits within cyberspace, it would be wise to ‘back-up’ your digits (to some degree) within all your savings accounts with some ‘paper’ notes. Your ‘digits’ are official legal tender as of now but if the system is temporarily or permanently shut-down, your options are limited without a back-up plan. Digits are ‘imaginary’ but paper notes are not!
  2. Paper notes could represent some 50% of your savings given today’s situation. Store these ‘paper’ notes in a safe venue outside the official banking system (say under your mattress). This would allow for usage (spending) if your cyber digits are shut-down (with no access). A banking holiday is likely and this means that options are necessary when this happens!
  3. Paper notes, however, are not real items with ‘value’ so backing-up the paper with some precious metals would also be wise (say 25% of the total). Most people still view silver and gold coins as having ‘value’ in exchange. All our coin shops will exchange officially minted coins for ‘paper’ notes and/or cyber ‘digits’ (our legal tender currencies). This allows for immediate exchange for other goods and services. In some States silver coins and gold coins are also official legal tender which gives these items additional credence in the ‘minds’ of most people.

So lets’ review the plan for those with $100,000 of savings or more. Put some $50,000 of the total into ‘paper’ notes (paper dollars in the United States or the equivalent in other countries). Store your ‘paper’ notes in a safe venue of your choosing. If you travel or desire to barter with sophisticated counterparties in the marketplace, it would also be wise to have some physical precious metals (say one ounce coins totaling 25%) which you can access for dire situations. These coins must be officially minted and well recognized (say American Silver/Gold Eagles or Equivalent). Store these coins in a safe venue which you can access if necessary. This is my three step plan for anyone with substantial savings (say $100,000 or more). Do this now as no-one knows when the banking holiday might begin!

What is needed for our planet is NEW THINKING and a New Global Economic Model!

At some point down the road we will need a NEW economic model for our planet. Kingdom Economics is one alternative which I promote and which would work globally. Today, however, we live with a failed and corrupt financial system which is collapsing daily. A transition period is coming and this period could involve many years of dire events. If you desire to survive, it may be wise to think of alternatives now which allow options that make sense. The above three step plan is one option which makes sense to me. Think on it and then act if you agree! Enjoy the calm before the coming STORM! I am:


The Five ‘Kingpins’ who prevent a market crash!

August 16, 2016

The five key ‘kingpins’ who have prevented our global cyber markets from collapsing can be identified. All we have on this planet (as decision-makers) are people and key leaders. The leaders who control our markets are few and many understand that it is our Central Bankers which rig all our markets and prevent these markets from collapsing. Central Bankers can create all the cyber money that they wish via the ‘click’ of a computer mouse. Money today is within cyberspace and these ‘digits’ (called official currencies) can control, rig, and manipulate ALL our markets for a season. Confidence within the trading community is the key to this continual situation (a melt-up without any major correction or collapse). Who are these FIVE key ‘kingpins’ on the global stage of monetary policy? I would suggest that they are:  Mark Carney, Janet Yellen, Mario Draghi, Zhou Xiaochuan, and Haruhiko Kuroda! What a world we live in today! The FEW (in power positions) can manipulate and control all of us!

Central bankers triggered wild swings in markets in 2015 and 2016. From left, People’s Bank of China Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan, ECB President Mario Draghi, Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen and Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda. Now add the name of Mark Carney, Bank of England.

These decision-makers (working as a ‘network’) can manipulate all of us with their corrupt centralized policies! Today, it is all done electronically and within this ‘netherworld’ called cyberspace! ‘Cyber money’ is the key word!

Mark Carney, Janet Yellen, and Mario Draghi rule over most of Western finance! All this is done mostly BEHIND closed doors! This is why few investors, traders, or the public can discern what is happening! Computers and ‘keystrokes’ create/destroy/control/manipulate/rig our markets!

This permanent member of the FOMC is also a key decision-maker who works BEHIND closed doors! He can assist with the manipulations and rigging of our markets from his perch at the New York Federal Reserve building! He has some 500 traders to help him with his manipulations! Why do Central Banks have trading rooms?

This Treasury Secretary (Jack Lew) also has serious input into policy decisions which rig all our markets! He operates behind closed doors in Washington D.C.! Some say that his Exchange Stabilization Fund is directly involved in the rigging of our silver/gold markets! Why rig ‘prices’ of silver and gold? Think on this!

Why can not anyone discern what is happening within our markets today? Are you aware that all the above work surreptitiously BEHIND closed doors? Most everyone is aware that our Central Banks are behind all the manipulations and rigging, yet we can not KNOW with certainty because ALL happens behind closed doors. There is a reason for all this ‘darkness’. These few desire to continue the game of playing God over all our finances and capital markets. It must be satisfying to watch the markets from their ‘kingpin’ perch (knowing that no-one can interfere with their actions and manipulations).

A partial revelation (photo) from the computer trading room at the New York Federal Reserve Building, 33 Liberty Street, New York. This room and others like it are at the core of all rigging and manipulations! Some 500 traders serve this corrupt operation (operating behind closed doors)!

Also, we now have markets which operate as a ‘network’ globally. All the key indices (DOW, NASDAQ, Nikkei, DAX, FTSE 100, Shanghai)  can be controlled electronically with ‘algorithms’ and computer software. High Frequency Trading (at near the speed of light) allows for these global networks and the global rigging of all our markets. Traders do not desire to change this situation (as yet) as a continual ‘melt-up’ in all the key indices creates cyber profits for all these traders. Money rules over our planet and all the undiscerning people (now over 7 billion). This will continue until ‘confidence’ collapses within the greater marketplace. I expect this to happen soon (but an exact date is impossible to predict). Watch our markets as this entire HOUSE OF CARDS will come tumbling down eventually! Enjoy for now! I am:

QUESTION: Do any of the above policy makers stand for election from the general public? Do any report to the public or the producers of all our ‘wealth’? Do any desire to create a decentralized marketplace where everyone can participate? Can you discern why this edifice is a corrupt hierarchy? All private property (on the entire planet Earth) could be expropriated by this corrupt edifice, operating behind closed doors. How can any of this continue? Thomas Jefferson warned us about this eventual possibility. We are NOW there!

Entering the Kingdom (‘difficult’…but doable/realizable)!

August 15, 2016

The goal of humanity is: Life, Liberty, and Happiness! This was also the motto or belief of America’s founding fathers. Life is precious and liberty is essential for happiness. These three concepts are what Kingdom Economics is all about. To live within Kingdom Economics is my goal and the goal of this website. But few are currently supporting this goal as our current System has not collapsed…as yet. Until the collapse of our current System I don’t expect many to seek the wisdom of Kingdom Economics or the Kingdom of our Creator as the ultimate Source (government). People do not change their thinking until the PROBLEM has emerged full-blown. My sense is that the PROBLEM will get revealed AFTER the coming financial holocaust which is now emerging globally! Economics is at the core of survival and at the core of behavior/beliefs!

The goal of all Americans and most everyone on planet Earth are the above concepts!

The goal of Kingdom Economics is the above! To achieve this goal requires NEW thinking!

Entering the Kingdom is a mindset (set down by our Creator) which few recognize as yet. Our Creator has provided the steps which are required, however. These steps (in thinking) can be reviewed in our scripture by reading the following texts: Luke 14: 25-33; Matthew 10: 34-29; Mark 8: 34-38. These words from our Creator do not change over time. They are ‘absolute’ IMO. I must ‘deny’ or ‘reject’ everyone FIRST to become an ‘individual’ and then simultaneously ‘accept’ all contrary viewpoints as valid (my enemies viewpoint must be accepted as ‘right’ for them even though I ‘reject’ this view for myself). Reality is ‘relative’ and every person has a unique view of reality. None can play God and survive in the Kingdom. Denying ‘self’ is required! ‘I’ am the problem is my mantra! I would suggest that the word ‘I’ can be assumed as ‘Uni-plural’ (applying to all)!

The word ‘hate’ might better be interpreted as ‘reject’! Life is paradoxical and our ‘words’ can confuse the meaning of reality! Denying ‘self’ can also be viewed as ‘rejecting’ self…as being THE SOLUTION! I must ‘reject’ the absoluteness of everyone’s viewpoint…to achieve individuality!

These ‘words’ originally were revealed to Yeshua (a messenger) but they came from our Creator! The Logos is ultimately The CREATOR GOD (not a human being on our planet)!

What does it mean to ‘deny’ self? Let’s think on this for this missive. Following are some of my interpretations from reading the above reference (words revealed some 2000 years prior to today):

  1. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of my Father and Mother (as being valid for me).
  2. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of my Sister and/or Brother (as being valid for me).
  3. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of my wife (spouse) as being valid for me.
  4. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of my pastor, teacher, theologian, or mentor (as being valid for me).
  5. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of science and/or philosophy (as being valid for me).
  6. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of educators/economists/media experts (as being valid for me).
  7. I must ‘reject’ (finally) myself (the rightness of my ‘self’) so that all becomes relative globally.

What all the above means is that SELF must be denied (hated) and SELF must become the ‘problem’ (not the solution as is now promulgated by all of mankind on this planet). Our current System advocates a ‘mindset’ of the OTHER (called YOU) being the ‘problem’ and not ME, MYSELF, and I. Listen to all the preachers, teachers, media experts on this planet now. What do they enunciate as ‘the problem’? They enunciate a mindset of the ‘other’ (also called ‘you’) as being the problem! This is often expressed as ‘you’ being the problem and ‘I’ being the solution. This mindset is anathema if one is to ENTER the Kingdom of our Creator. These are NOT my admonitions, but the direct admonitions from our Creator God (IMO). Read the ‘words’ from scripture above and think on these words. Who ‘revealed’ these words to the human speaker called Yeshua? Who was the SOURCE?

Yeshua’s words (on the ‘self’) and the Law were ‘different’ from that of Saul of Tarsus (who via a vision became the Apostle Paul). Paul’s Gospel was only partially valid and NOT identical with that of the Prophet/Rabbi Yeshua! Deny ‘self’ is the core of Yeshua’s Gospel and he preached the Kingdom of (his) God…who we call the Creator or the Most High God (Elohim, YHWH, Most High)!

False Christianity (derived mostly from the writings of the Apostle Paul) who had much right but not all (IMO) created this mindset that Christians are the ‘solution’ and not the ‘problem’. The Gospel of Paul can be viewed as partially a ‘false’ Gospel as it promotes the idea that being SAVED (creates a completely ‘new’ person with all the past ‘sin’ abdicated from one’s personal history and abolished). This mindset is called SALVATION from sin and those who buy into this mindset ‘assume’ that they are SAVED from the wrath/judgment of our Creator God (YHWH, Elohim, El, Eloah)…now emerging! In reality (IMO) JUDGMENT is coming for all these believers in Paul’s salvation gospel. Jacob’s Trouble is meant for all those who descend from Abraham and salvation occurs ONLY from YHWH…not the Gospel of Paul whom most Evangelicals follow!

Image result for Apostle Paul gospel of salvation is a false gospel

The concept of being ‘saved’ (eternally) assumes what is not happening in the NOW! Reality is a NOW experience and everyone following Paul’s Gospel is under this ‘false’ assumption that they are SAVED (absolutely)! Wake-up to the NOW realities!

All the above have some ‘truth’ and some ‘false’ teachings! Are they ‘the problem’ or ‘the solution’? I would suggest that they are THE PROBLEM (they have not ‘denied’ self)!
The goal of Kingdom Economics is THE KINGDOM of our CREATOR! The MOST HIGH SOURCE! Then the goals of ‘Life, Liberty, and Happiness’ will emerge!
Additional ‘false prophets’ who have NOT denied their ‘self’! They are NOT saved IMO!
The prayer of Yeshua (Jesus) during his lifetime! The Father (in heaven) is also our Creator God! No human being was or is God (IMO)!

Evangelical Christianity is promulgating a ‘false’ gospel message to their group-think followers (under the assumption that THEY are the SOLUTION and the ‘other’ is the PROBLEM. This mindset must change if one is to ENTER the KINGDOM of our CREATOR. That is my view of the GOSPEL and we will need to witness whether this view is valid AFTER the coming financial crash/collapse and a turn to reality. In reality, I AM THE PROBLEM (not the solution) and this is the message of Kingdom Economics for everyone! I stand on this mindset and ONLY our CREATOR can change this mindset (if it needs change). My sense is that it does NOT need change! Think on this for a few minutes and READ the above scripture ABOVE for a reference point! Enjoy! I am:

What is now emerging is the following:

The Wrath of the Most High is primarily for the descendants of Jacob (America and the Western Nations are included IMO)!

The END of our current SYSTEM (does not mean the end of our planet or all the people)! What is emerging is the ‘Transition’ from one System to a better System!

Imaginary money ‘deceives’ nearly everyone!

August 12, 2016

Today, I watched my gold/silver Kitco APP as the prices of silver dropped in milliseconds (minutes for the full drop) from $20.16 to $19.65 (some 3%). Precisely at 12 noon EST the ‘slam’ commenced. All this happened within this ‘imaginary’ space called cyberspace and the full drop was complete in minutes. Our Central Bank traders (evidently) desired to ‘slam’ the price in real-time trading via their uncovered ‘short’ strategy (imaginary digital contracts which are purchased on the Globex electronic market to influence ‘price’). This is done daily to various degrees as trading today is done within ‘cyberspace’ (an imaginary space within our consciousness). Who is aware? Few to none! Why this deception within our markets? Let’s think about WHY?

Notice the red line slam which dropped the cyber ‘price’ of silver within milliseconds! This is now being done daily by our Central Bank traders (who can use ‘uncovered’ shorts on the electronic exchanges)! Who is aware of what is now happening within our real-time cyber markets?

Today’s ‘prices’ for all commodities and metals are determined within this imaginary space called ‘cyberspace’ which we can witness by watching our computer screen. This can now be watched in real-time as the games of ‘price’ manipulations are done by our Central Bank trading desks (electronically). Are you aware that our Fed (at the New York venue) has some 500 day traders working at 33 Liberty Street, New York, to trade our markets. These traders (with unlimited SOMA funds) can rig, manipulate, and enhance/slam whatever ‘prices’ they so choose. Yes, many of our Central Banks on this planet now ‘trade’ our cyber markets with their computer algorithms and all this is done at the speed of light and within this space called ‘cyberspace’. This is a real-time activity!

All our markets are now functioning within ‘cyberspace’ and trading consists of ‘virtual’ digits! This realm is metaphysical/spiritual. Are you aware of this reality?

Why do so few investors, traders, and speculators fail to comprehend what is happening in real-time daily to our markets? Our stock markets are rigged daily, our bond markets are rigged daily, and our commodity markets are rigged daily. All this is now done electronically and within this netherworld called ‘cyberspace’. Cyberspace is what you are experiencing as you READ this missive. Look at your screen (in front of your nose) and think about what this space is all about. Where is this space? What is the ‘nature’ of this space? Can anyone ‘access’ this space directly? Why is this space ‘imaginary’? Who can discern what is happening with today’s markets? Few to none is my perception! Everyone needs to get informed on this new realm of reality called ‘cyberspace’!

Being ‘born again’ is now necessary if one is to understand today’s cyber markets! Are you aware of the ‘nature’ of today’s markets? How are ‘prices’ determined? Who is in control over ‘price discovery’? Wake-up to your own ‘consciousness’ (the human ‘mind’)!

Have you heard about this spiritual concept called being ‘born again’? Today, this concept applies to traders, investors, and speculators who play our cyber markets with their money. Yes, our markets are now ‘metaphysical’ (spiritual) and few comprehend this reality. Maybe each person who trades our markets needs to be ‘born again’ to understand these markets. ‘Born again’ means understanding my/your consciousness (which is metaphysical). We now live in a spiritual realm with our thinking, cyber money, and investing. Wake-up to this netherworld called ‘cyberspace’. You are within this space at this moment (but likely ‘unaware’). Words, symbols, and money concepts are all now mostly within this netherworld. This world is ‘spiritual’! Think about getting ‘born again’ so this space becomes real. That is my suggestion for all those who read this missive. Enjoy! I am:

Comprehending ‘imaginary’ objects vs. real ‘physical’ objects:

Notice the real ‘physical’ object in the hand of this person! Now ‘notice’ the ‘virtual’ object (augmented) of this item within the computer screen! Augmented Reality (AR) refers to a technology that mixes a ‘tangible object’ with its information seamlessly in real time so that users can be involved in ‘virtual reality’ deeply. Our cyber money is now living within this ‘augmented’ and/or ‘virtual’ space called ‘cyberspace’. We see the ‘image’ within our computed screen (cyber ‘numbers’) but the ‘image’ is really ‘imaginary’ (has no matter/mass/tangibility). This deceives and fools many who lack discernment. Today, our cyber ‘prices’ are created within this ‘virtual’ space called ‘cyberspace’. Who can differentiate between the world of ‘imagination’ and the world of ‘tangibility’? Deception is everywhere today! Our Central Bankers are masters of deceit!




Digital ‘Enslavement’ Coming! Prepare!

August 10, 2016

Few seem to comprehend what is now happening within our monetary world. Today, I can send $$$ to anyone on our planet via an email circulation. I can withdrawn $$$ from my digital bank account (all money is now mostly digital) and send these $$$ to anyone who has an email account. What does all this imply? Can you comprehend that we now live with digital money and that we are all enslaved to this cyber money? Enslavement is not noticed by most of my friends (as yet) as they assume that their ‘digits’ will always be present in their accounts. But is this reality? I don’t think so. Digital money can disappear and vanish with the choices of our Central Authorities merely by the click of a computer key. What is present today may ‘vanish’ tomorrow!

Exchanging paper notes (with ‘numbers’ engraved) vs. a physical commodity! Wake-up!

Am I secure with my digital money and will my ‘digits’ always be available? If we have a stock account (including our IRA and 401K accounts) we could lose these ‘digits’ in the blink of an eye. Our accounts could be ‘closed’ or we could ‘lose’ all our digits by the choice of our Central Authorities. Our money today is imaginary and mostly within the computer screen (called cyberspace). Are you aware that cyberspace is ‘imaginary’? Where is this ‘space’ which holds all my/your money? Think on this for a minute! Where is ‘cyberspace’? What happens when my/your ‘digits’ vanish and disappear? Can we fetch these ‘digits’ for later use? This could become a real-time problem as our markets crash and collapse in the coming days, weeks, months.

Does Doug comprehend that our ‘prices’ are now derived from imaginary ‘digits’? Is he aware of the ‘nature’ of cyber prices? I doubt it! Gold is a ‘thing’ but the ‘price’ of gold is a ‘non-thing’! Value is ‘imaginary’, Doug!

Few seem to comprehend that our ‘money’ is now ‘imaginary’ and not within our space/time universe. I walk outside daily but I witness no ‘digits’ within this universe which we call space/time. Digits are now what we use for our money! This is a dangerous situation going forward. All these ‘imaginary’ digits could (and will) disappear at some point (could be soon). What happens when we have limited ‘digits’ for our daily survival needs? Is this a type of ‘enslavement’ to a corrupt financial system? Enslavement is when my behavior is restricted by an artificial circumstance which commands my immediate attention. If I lack ‘digits’ for my survival needs then I am essentially ‘enslaved’ by these ‘digits’. Does this make sense?

Are these pundits AWARE that all ‘money’ vanishes with a change in ‘legal tender’ laws? What happens if I declare that the ‘dollar’ is no longer ‘legal tender’? This could happen via a decision from our Authorities!!! What is the ‘price’ of gold without a ‘currency’ to value this coin?

Scripture calls this enslavement the ‘Mark of the Beast System’. I am enslaved by forces and authorities which command my adherence to their corrupt financial system. I am told what I must use for my purchases of goods and services. I am told what I must accept as ‘money’. I am told which financial accounts are valid and which are invalid. I am restricted from leaving my country if I have invalid ‘money’ (which the authorities do not accept). All this enslavement could get ominous as our current ‘digital’ economy collapses and vanishes (over a few years time). Yes, mental enslavement is coming as our ‘money’ is now a ‘mental’ abstraction. Money is a metaphysical unit of nothing which is administered by a select group of unelected corrupt authorities. Think on this!

For the awake, a currency collapse is no problem! Buy food, clothing, shelter, and transportation prior to the collapse. Then have ‘alternatives’ available during the collapse environment!

When our money was physical and outside the control of Central Bankers, I could be free of all this ‘mental’ enslavement which is now present and which will get much more dire (soon). We all need to wake-up to what has evolved over these past 20 years and prepare for alternatives which are ‘outside’ the control of our Central Authorities. Tangible items and items such as silver/gold coins can help during this coming time of ‘mental’ enslavement. Now is the time to prepare. Warnings have been continual for years on these issues but most people are so deceived that they can not DISCERN what is now happening. Wake-up and think! I am:

Some images to ponder as you prepare alternatives for yourself and your loved ones:

All our debt is unpayable! But it also is ‘imaginary’! All can be cancelled (sooner the better)!

Our banksters need to step down from their Ivory Tower of Babel!

Derivatives will eventually collapse into nothingness! The House of Cards has been exposed!

Why does the ‘dollar’ collapse? Could it be that it is (in reality) NOTHING?

The average person is sleep-walking and unaware of what lies beneath the surface!

Could a financial panic create the above event? We have no real shortage but this may not change behavior! Human nature is volatile and unpredictable!

It was our money (1792 – 1933). Today, money is within the consciousness of those who control the system! All could disappear with the click of a computer mouse! That’s the ‘nature’ of ‘digits’!

Why is George fearful? He is buying gold! I thought this guy was confident?

Bo sees $5000 gold and a total collapse! What happens to the ‘price’ of gold after all currencies are declared invalid (no longer official ‘legal tender’)? What is the ‘price’ of gold with NO currency???

Rickards sees $10,000 gold! But what happens to ‘price’ without an official ‘currency’ in which to ‘value’ this commodity? Could our Authorities declare the $ invalid as a ‘currency’??? What then???

Michael sees a depression and then the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ (he plans to be ‘Raptured’ from planet earth)! Is this a viable alternative for everyone???

Big Ben sees salvation with MORE QE! QE forever seems to be his mantra! Put Big Ben in charge and everyone will be a billionaire with the click of a computer mouse!

This guy sees World War III, a Crash, and then what? Will Gerald survive the collapse of the SYSTEM??? Who will buy his Trends Journal after these events?

Planet Earth is where we all sleep, live, and act! Who governs this planet? Are we ALL victims? Is it time to start THINKING???

The Clash of TWO Theologies! It’s very serious!

August 8, 2016

I just returned from a Prophecy Conference in Chino Hills, California. I attended this same conference last year at this time. This year’s conference (August 5 – 6) was an update on global trends and messages from a select group of strong leaders (Christians) who sense that the 2nd coming of Yeshua is nigh. I experienced a great diversity of speakers and messages at this conference. One message that everyone seemed focused upon was the clash of Islam (their Theology) with the Christian Theology. The consensus view was that there are no ready solutions to this clash as the doctrines/beliefs are so different and diverse. Islam desires to conquer our planet in the name of their God (Allah) and Christianity desires similar in the name of their God (Yeshua/Jesus).

The differences are very serious as beliefs create behavior! Beliefs are the core to all our behavior! The Quran and the Christian Bible are touted as ‘words’ from the Creator God (reveal by an angel from the Creator)!

Submission to Allah or the Creator…the word which means God the Most High in English! Words must be viewed from the lingua franca of the author!

We might add a host of other philosophies and theologies to this mix of beliefs but I will focus on the clash of Islam and Christianity in this missive. Islam is now a serious contender to Christianity for the hearts of most believers who desire a Higher Authority. Islam has some 1.6 billion followers and Christianity has some 2.2 billion followers. We have some 7 billion people on our planet as of 2016. Everyone has a worldview but Islam and Christianity make up some 55% of all people’s on planet earth. The other 45% is made up of various secular and transcendent belief systems. Let’s outline the core doctrines of the above TWO belief systems and then try to discern why these theologies are so different and challenging. Personally, I do not fully adhere to any of these beliefs (fully) but I do accept portions of each as reflections of reality as we live it!

Islam is based on the concept of ‘submission’ to the Most High Creator God (Allah in Arabic)! The Theology emerged after the death of Muhammad!

The Theology of Islam: This theology emerged after the death of their prophet, Muhammad in 632 A.D. The past 1400 years have hardened this theology into the following key doctrines:

  1. Their God:  the ‘name’ or ‘word’ for their God is Allah. This is not really a separate ‘name’ as the ‘word’ Allah is really merely a word for the Creator God of our universe. In English we use the word Lord or God for the Creator. Islam uses the word Allah. So don’t get hung up on the word, Allah. Think of this ‘word’ as the Islamist word for God Almighty or the Most High God of our universe. Allah means God or Creator God! Arab Christians also use the word, Allah, when referencing the Most High God of our universe!
  2. The Gospel of Islam:  the key doctrine for Islam is this concept called ‘submission’. Submit to God (Allah) as the first priority. Pray some five times per day to Allah and follow the Quran as the reference guide for your belief. Allah is Supreme and the ONLY God of our universe! His message was given to Muhammad (to give to everyone who believes in the historical God of Abraham)! Muhammad views himself as the final prophet!
  3. Whose word is final?  The Quran (as given) and Muhammad’s revelations (the ‘words’ from the angel Gabriel)…considered a direct revelation from the Creator God. Muhammad recorded the ‘words’ and this is supposed to represent ‘words’ directly from the Creator God of our universe. This is the view of Islam. God is absolute and his ‘word’ is absolute and final in the view of most who believe in Islam!
  4. Who is Yeshua/Jesus to believers in Islam? Yeshua was a Jewish Rabbi who mostly spoke Aramaic and he received his Gospel from Allah (the Creator God, according to Islam). Yeshua was a prophet, similar to Muhammad and all the prior prophets mentioned within the Torah (such as Abraham, Moses, David, Isaiah, etc…plus Muhammad was the final prophet to mankind). The belief system is now being contested by various sects within Islam! ISIS is one of these sects. Shia and Sunni are also sects! There are others!
  5. What is this concept called Jihad? Jihad is viewed mostly as a struggle and a command to convert all people on planet earth to the reality of Islam’s core beliefs. Jihad is commanded of all serious followers of Islam…and their view is that beliefs must adhere to the messages written in the Quran (as rightly interpreted by the Imams who are committed to this religion). The word ‘Jihad’ is interpreted differently by the various sects within Islam. This is similar to the word ‘Gospel’ in the Christian religion. There are various interpretations!
  6. Judgement Day:  Followers of Islam believe that the final battle on planet earth happens during a time period called Judgement Day. Many interpret this time period as NOW and we witness this with the sect called ISIS. So serious followers of Islam desire to impose their belief system upon the entire planet so that Allah rules over everyone ( administered via Sharia Law). A Caliphate is the final governmental system under this belief system!
  7. What is Sharia Law?  Sharia Law consists of the laws and rules (political, religious, and social) given within the Quran for governing all souls who believe in Islam and desire to follow the commands of Muhammad. Governing is by a Caliphate and Imams who receive instruction from Allah and the Quran. The end result of all this is Islam for the entire world and Sharia Law for everyone on planet earth!

Paul’s Gospel of Salvation emerged AFTER the death of Yeshua (from 33 A.D. to 58 A.D.)! Paul promoted Yeshua as a God and this eventually led to the concept of the Trinity (after 325 A.D.)! Trinity consists of Yeshua, Father, Holy Spirit!

The Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) was the Kingdom of (his) God…El, Eloah, Yahweh! Also called the Most High God! The prayer of Yeshua (called the Lord’s Prayer) revealed his Gospel prior to his death! After his death there emerged a different Gospel!

The Theology of Christianity: This theology is somewhat diverse but the core beliefs center around this person called Yeshua/Jesus. Yeshua is the Aramaic ‘name’ for this anointed person and the ‘name’ Jesus was derived from the Greek text and the English transliteration given in our New Testament. Christian theology is rather confusing as the doctrines emerged mostly AFTER the death of Yeshua (which happened around 31 A.D.). The doctrines have changed and evolved over the past 2000 years and many view the Gospel of Paul (the key missionary leader of Christianity) as the core message and Gospel (applicable to everyone). The Gospel is supposedly a direct command from Yeshua according to the leaders of this religion. This has led to the global proselytization of this message to all mankind! It continues today!

  1. What was the Gospel of Yeshua ‘PRIOR’ to his death?  Bible scholars generally view the key Gospel of Yeshua as relating to this concept called The Kingdom of (his) God. Yeshua chose disciples and followers who tried to promote this Gospel of Yahweh/Elohim/El to the tribes of people called the Israelites. This twelve tribe group emerged from the Patriot Jacob (son of Isaac) and is generally viewed as the group to which Yeshua’s message was directed. Like Islam, Christianity today desires to promote their Gospel to everyone on our planet so that Yeshua’s Kingdom (of Yahweh) can emerge as the final government for our planet. Ultimately, the Most High God will rule this planet!
  2. What Gospel emerged ‘AFTER’ the death of this person called Yeshua? After the death of Yeshua, around 31 A.D., disciples started to form beliefs which reflected this person’s prior Gospel message. James, Peter, John, Andrew, etc. were those with the most convictions. Later, the tribe of Benjamin Jew called Paul (after his vision of the glorified Yeshua on the road to Damascus) emerged as the most prolific proselytizer for his gospel called the Gospel of Salvation. This Gospel eventually emerged as the primary gospel of Christianity and the Gospel of Yeshua (during Paul’s lifetime). The Gospel of Yeshua (The Kingdom of (his) God) was abandoned for this Gospel of Salvation. Paul’s gospel overwhelmed all other gospels and today most churches preach this Gospel of Salvation as the Gospel of Yeshua and Paul. It’s quite confusing!
  3. Who was the God of Yeshua during his lifetime? Yeshua, being Aramaic, called his God by Aramaic names. The Supreme God of his lingua franca was referenced as El or Eloah. In Hebrew this would be Elohim and/or Yahweh (the tribal God of those called Israelites during the time of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob). Yeshua did not view himself as God as many Christians claim (this is rather clear if the words in scripture mean what they say). Yeshua was circumcised (at age 8), formally dedicated to the God of Israel, and later baptized (by his cousin, John) which revealed that his God was other than himself. Those who claim Yeshua to be God have concocted this Trinity doctrine (which developed some 300 years AFTER his death). Yeshua never claimed to be God while he was on this planet. God, to Yeshua, was the Creator God, the Almighty God, the God of the Israelites who received their commands from the prophet Moses. Theologians created this false Trinity concept which then was adopted by most professing Christian teachers/pastors.
  4. What is the core conflict between Islam and Christianity? The core conflict is the question: Who is the real God of the Universe? Who speaks for this God (Yeshua or Muhammad)? How does one become a follower of each sect/religion? Who can ‘interpret’ the words of the respective Holy Books correctly? Who should rule over planet earth (a Caliphate or Yeshua at his second coming)? If Judgement Day is now, what does this mean for believers of each religion? Does Jihad or Gospel proselytization win new converts to the respective religions? Who is a false prophet, Muhammad or Yeshua? Why is a created being (Yeshua) not God?
  5. If God (whoever is the Most High King) is in control of all events is this theological ‘determinism’? Christianity is confused on this issue but Islam seems to assume theological determinism. Each religion assumes that their version of events will happen. The eschatological philosophy of each religion has many twists and turns. Each has many and various ‘interpretations’ which contradict the views of other ‘interpretations’. The subjective nature of these religions is obvious to me as the doctrines and theological views change from speaker to speaker (expert to expert). Christianity seems to view events as being determined and we are now living in what is called the Last Days. Islam seems to think that we also are living in the Last Days. There is now a growing trend towards conflict between these TWO religions and violence is part of this situation. Prepare for more conflict going forward which will affect politics, economics, and social relationships.
  6. Is violence the way to progress when theologies conflict? There is now a growing demand for dialogue between these two historical religions. Dialogue, however, is not happening fast enough IMO. What both these religions need to recognize is that violence can not settle the above differences between the TWO religions. ISIS has the view that violence is needed as their religion and their ‘interpretation’ is not being accepted. Christianity seems to hold ‘prophecy conferences’ and meetings but they do not directly seek dialogue. The challenge for everyone is to promote dialogue as spiritual ideas can not be settled via the sword.
  7. Is there a second coming of this person called Yeshua? Christianity assumes that a 2nd coming (from heaven) is going to happen soon. Yeshua is going to fly from his position at the throne of God and land on planet earth. Prior to this event, however, there will be a ‘rapture’ of all true believers. This event assumes that bodies will fly into the sky (overcoming gravity) and enjoy a meeting with the glorified Yeshua (in the sky). All this sounds more like fantasy than reality but the prophecy speakers at the event I attended seem convinced that this will happen (any day now). There will be a ‘rapture’ of true believers and then a tribulation for the remainder of mankind. This tribulation could last as long as seven (7) years and then the Kingdom of God will emerge as the new government for planet earth.

One interpretation of the End Times eschatology (also called Prophecy)!

Another interpretation of End Times eschatology! Note the similarities and the differences! The big question is: are we now in the End Times?

To conclude, I would suggest that the reader of this missive do some additional reading and study on all the above issues. Theology is subjective at the core and there are numerous ‘interpretations’ for what might happen. My sense is that we live in a spiritual universe (mentally) and a material universe (observationally). This means that the philosophy of Dualism is real and everyone might grow by learning and listening to various viewpoints and interpretations. Eschatology is subjective but it does have merit IMO. Enjoy this brief comparison of Islam and Christianity. I found the conference in Chino Hills worthwhile and some 500 attendee’s seemed to think likewise! I am:


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