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How ‘I’ see the World in 2016!

July 22, 2016

When I look at our World I visualize myself as looking from a perspective ‘outside’ or ‘above’ our planet. I like to ‘see’ the Big Picture. This picture reveals that our World/Planet is actually borderless and that what we call Nations (America, Russia, China, etc.) are really merely designations for specific land areas. For example: France is a Nation/State but from my perspective ‘above’ our planet (say a satellite perspective) this Nation is merely a land area (with no borders). This also goes for every Nation on planet Earth. There are no borders when I look at our planet from ‘outer’ space. What else do I notice when ‘looking’ from this planetary perspective? Let’s get God’s view of our situation!

I view our planet from ‘outside’ and/or ‘above’. Where are the borders? Where are the Nations?

As I zoom in close and observe our planet I notice that buildings, cars, planes, houses, and people are everywhere. Some 7+ billion human beings are walking, running, driving, flying, and occupying space all over our planet. This perspective gives me the view that planet Earth is actually ONE round entity with lots of water, mountains, lakes, land, buildings, and people. We could say that planet Earth consists of PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS, and EVENTS. Take the time to ‘look’ at our planet from the perspective of ‘outer’ space. This is easy today as we view photos via the internet. We can experience our planet (with all the people) as it rotates and revolves in outer space!

Where are the borders and where are the people? Visualize the 7+ billion standing on the planet!

Each of us are walking, talking, and acting as we experience our life in the now ON our planet. We live within boundaries which were artificially created by rulers and governments and we call our land area a Nation (on planet Earth). Many of us view our Nation as a ‘thing’ which exists permanently. In reality, however, any of the 200+ Nations on planet Earth are merely ‘names’ which we ASSUME represent a real entity or land area. These ‘names’ (such as France, Germany, Russia, China, Brazil, Sweden, United States, etc.) are really mere ‘artificial’ mental abstractions of our consciousness and totally ‘imaginary’ entities. In reality, we can witness this artificiality when we observe our World from ‘outside’ or ‘above’ the planet (say from a satellite perspective).

View of our planet from our Moon. What do you observe? Where are the borders?

What does all this mean when we think about our planet? To me, this means that we live in a borderless world/planet which is becoming globalized via our new Internet communication technology and travel experiences. There is really ONE village/family (on planet Earth) and we can experience this family as consisting of some 7+ billion human beings. Nations are really not important if we think about our planet as ONE entity. We could call our planet a Nation of 7+ billion people who all desire similar experiences (freedom, work, play, enjoyment, happiness, relationships, and friendship). As recorded in our Declaration of Independence, we are all created equal (as human beings) and we are endowed by our intelligent CREATOR with ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’.

We can now count some 7.1 billion people living ON planet Earth! Borders are artificial human creations! Global governance is what Hillary and Barack desire for everyone!

How do you see our World from your perspective? Does it make sense that we live on a borderless planet (out in space/our universe) with some 7+ billion similar people ON the planet? Is fighting over land, resources, ideology, and political correctness a philosophy that makes any sense in today’s World? How do you ‘see’ the World and our planet? My friend Donald Trump just gained the Republican nomination for the Presidency of the U.S.A. He sees America as a Nation with borders, a Constitution of Laws, and an Economy which must fight for resources to survive and prosper. Fighting ‘Enemies’ is what most Rulers on this planet must do so as to create ‘safety’ for the citizens of their Nation. Donald wants to rule over One Nation with borders and continue the Nation/State system!

Hillary and Barack will likely present this vision as Trump’s vision at Next weeks Democratic convention! Borders are not politically correct for these two!

Hillary, however, who is the main competitor of Donald for the Leadership of America, has a different vision and perspective. She would prefer to meld America into the global village (under the U.N. Agenda 2030 or similar) and do away with borders and our Nation/State system. Her mentor, Barack Obama, has a similar view of reality. They desire a borderless world/planet with a Supranational governing body controlling and administering the entire 7+ billion people. One military, one central bank, one justice system, and one group of elites ruling over the entire borderless planet…and we who occupy this planet. To Hillary (the likely Democratic nominee for President) the planet is a global village which requires a group of select (unelected) elites to administer.

The elite want a global village run by the elites (who know what is best for the 7+ billion)!

This 93-year-old has his vision for planet Earth and many agree! The Bilderberg group and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) desire for the elite to rule over our global village!

This vision is often called the New World Order and/or Global Governance. Henry Kissinger and a select group of elite thinkers (the Bush/Clinton family, etc.) have concluded that this vision must be implemented for our entire planet. We now need to abolish our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence and transition to this NEW model for our planet and the 7+ billion people. Political correctness and evolution requires us to adopt this new model and vision. Watch the Democratic convention next week and listen for ‘words’ of this new vision without any borders. The U.N. calls this vision Agenda 2030! The language at the Democratic convention may be subtle and nuanced but the message is to discredit Trump and his vision as archaic.

These TWO have different visions for each of us. Who speaks for you?

The battle starts in a week! Two different visions and two different philosophies!

The Big Battle that is emerging is mostly a conflict of visions for our planet and its occupants. The elite thinkers (and Hillary views herself as an elite thinker) desires this borderless world where global governance rules and the common working people who want a border society (like Donald Trump) must be defeated and ridiculed. Both sides will battle their visions out and on November 8 we will discover which vision prevails. My sense is that if The Donald wins on November 8, then the elites (who really run this planet) will crash the economy so that his vision can not be realized. Yes, our economy could crash with the push of a computer key and our Central Banks (who bow to the select elites) will administer this crash. Get ready for some ‘fireworks’ this November!

This economist may eventually be correct! Phony digital money does vanish when confidence collapses! All our currencies are now imaginary units of consciousness (no ‘thing’ units)!

The above vision could begin in late 2016 or early 2017? The election is November 8 and this could be our situation on November 9, 2016! Only God really knows the exact date and outcome!

Either way, the people on this planet are mere victims of these rulers who desire to administer the affairs of commerce and justice for our society. Kingdom Economics recognizes this battle of ideas and I can not subscribe to either vision (Hillary or The Donald). I will sit out this coming election and WATCH events as they play out. My vision is expressed within my blog and those who have followed my blog know my basic vision for our planet. Enjoy the coming battle over who will RULE over planet Earth. Might makes Right is the philosophy which ultimately rules and destruction of our planet and all the people is in progress as I write. Think for yourself and develop your own perspective. Enjoy! I am:


Our ‘Human Family’ is destined for Destruction!

July 20, 2016

The philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’ is systematically killing our human family of 7+ billion people (gradually and relentlessly)! Our planet now consists of some 7+ billion people. We started with TWO (man/woman). Look at the BIG PICTURE! Today, these 7+ billion people include all races, cultures, and ethnic groups (red, yellow, black, and white). Each group desires freedom from the oppression and control (of the ‘other’) which results from our Super-Power elites and their military might/control system. To RULE over the 7+ billion, our elites need this philosophy called ‘Might makes Right’. Guns, drones, planes, bombs, satellite surveillance, radar, central control, computers, and imaginary money must prevail so the select FEW can RULE. The above concepts allow human RULERSHIP and CONTROL over all of us!

Civilization started with TWO (my assumption) and I now witness 7+ billion! All this happened within 6,000 years (or so)! Who was the initial Creator? Intelligence started from day one! Ideas emerge from prior intelligence! What are ‘ideas’ and what is an ‘ideology’?

People, places, things, and events (that’s it on planet Earth)!

Overcoming challenges has been the human destiny! What are today’s challenges? The world population was about 2.4 billion at the time of my birth in 1943! Today it is 7+ billion!

People who challenge the elite SYSTEM (those in Control) must be eliminated if they do not conform to the power Hierarchy’s agenda and policies. This is how our World works IMO. Some 6,000 years of domination from Power Brokers has created our current non-functional global SYSTEM. Diversity of viewpoints (real challenges to the ruling Hierarchy) must not be allowed or tolerated. Our World works from the TOP down and those at the TOP control the guns, bombs, satellites, drones, money, super computers, and the ideas which create HEGEMONY over the masses. Global ‘groupthink’ is necessary so those with POWER and MILITARY MIGHT can continue to dominate the 7 billion now living upon this planet called Earth. All this leads to TOTAL destruction of mankind eventually!

The elite RULERS (on planet Earth) desire to create their own reality and impose (this reality) on the many! This is called Political Correctness! To RULE I (you) need ‘political correctness’!

Our World is confronting a situation where only the few survive and the many get destroyed. POWER and elite RULERSHIP is what creates this situation for the masses (the 7 billion). Our human RULERS will not voluntarily give up their positions of POWER and RULERSHIP. Whoever has POWER will attempt to accomplish a FINAL SOLUTION for the planet. As of today, the key POWER BROKERS (those with MIGHT behind their ideas) are just a few individuals. We can call these ‘individuals’ by collective names. AMERICA is a collective ‘name’ for whoever has the computer ‘code’ (control software) which can destroy another enemy which challenges American hegemony. RUSSIA is a collective ‘name’ for the leader who can send a destructive weapon to destroy people and infrastructure so that this leader prevails.

Could this face RULE over planet Earth if given this Authority? Why or why not? Someone MUST be the FINAL SOLUTION! Hitler wanted this role…who wants it today?

CHINA is another collective ‘name’ for a groupthink hierarchy which ultimately allows ONE person to push the computer button which sends bombs and missiles to destroy another groupthink hierarchy (say America). Other collective ‘names’ which can send bombs, missiles, drones, weapons of mass destruction to destroy others (people)are Germany, Great Britain, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Turkey, India, and a few others. The battle on our planet is over WHO (what single Ruler) will emerge to CONTROL the decision-making over this planet so THEIR vision of reality will prevail over all other visions. Rulers must promote THEIR vision so that only ONE ultimate vision prevails over this planet (and the 7 billion people now living upon this planet)! Think on this!

The world works via the philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’! This leads to total destruction of all mankind (eventually)! Eventually, is NOW!

Diversity of viewpoints and subjectivity of thinking (the situation called ‘reality’) must BOW to the political correctness of those in POWER (those with Military Might will create their vision of ‘reality’). Reality is mostly ‘subjective’ and this means that SOMEONE in POWER must make the FINAL decision when ‘push comes to shove’. Who, for example, made the FINAL decision to send a nuclear BOMB to kill thousands of people in Japan on August 6 and 9, 1945? Was it ONE person who ultimately made this FINAL decision? Has this decision (now nearly 71 years after the event) SOLVED any of the real issues of World peace, tranquility, freedom, and justice for our planet? Are the elite still following this philosophy called ‘Might makes Right’ (so as to RULE)?

Putin’s military control center! He pushes the ‘button’ to deploy nuclear destruction upon mankind (it is his call when this might occur)!

Without Military Might America could not RULE this planet! Might makes Right on planet Earth! Control over others depends on Guns, bombs, and Military Might!

Harry Truman (this single decision-maker) made the decision to DROP the Bomb! Who might follow his lead today?

America’s military control center (one of many)! Who is the FINAL decision-maker?

Who can bomb, kill, and destroy this planet and the 7+ billion people living thereon? Let’s name these FEW who currently have this POWER over all of us! Could Vladimir Putin ultimately destroy millions and billions to maintain his hegemony over our planet? What about Xi Jinping operating under the collective ‘name’ called China? What about this President called Barack Hussein Obama operating under the collective ‘name’ called the United States of America? What about Nawaz Sharif, operating under the ‘name’ called Pakistan? What about Narendra Modi of India? What about Kim Jong-un of this nation called North Korea? What about Benjamin Netanyahu of the Zionist nation called Israel? There are a few other leaders but basically only a FEW can destroy the masses (the 7 billion) on planet Earth! Yes, only a ‘few’ can create their reality of destruction so as to continue their global hegemony!

Why does Kim Jong-un hate America? Does he desire to be RULED by Barack, Hillary, or Donald? Does he desire to submit to American hegemony over planet Earth?

Why is our planet on the ‘Road to Destruction’ along with the 7 billion people living thereon? Answer: The SYSTEM which governs this planet operates under a philosophy of MIGHT MAKES RIGHT (basically weapons of mass destruction are the core problem) and this ‘allows’ merely a FEW subjective persons the option to create their ‘reality’ for the entire planet! The trend today is towards ONE WORLD GOVERNANCE with ‘one’ final AUTHORITY over all of us! Who will emerge to RULE planet earth as events play out via this philosophy called ‘Might makes Right’? Who will enjoy the privilege of choosing ‘reality’ (political correctness) for the entire planet after reaching this pedestal called RULERSHIP over planet Earth? Who will be LEFT when this occurs?

Why is Vladimir not likely to back down to another RULER? Does he desire American hegemony over planet Earth? I don’t think so! Watch out as WWIII is coming!

Currently, some 400,000 people have been killed over in Syria and the area called the Middle East. NATO is now building up their arsenal of killing machines based upon ‘fear’ of Russia (Putin’s desire for his hegemony) and America’s ideology of ‘let’s kill ISIS bodies’. The idea is that if ‘bodies’ (human warriors) which challenge the Military Might of the select few are allowed then the global SYSTEM will be threatened. NATO is now preparing for continuing conflict with Putin (called Russia), Assad (called Syria), Abu al-Baghdadi (called ISIS) and anyone else who might desire to escape the elites CONTROL SYSTEM enforced via ‘Might makes Right’ (bombs, drones, weapons of mass destruction). The entire operation of the emerging NATO killing machine is now growing and metastasized from prior conditions.

The war machinery of NATO is growing and causing Vladimir to defend his prior hegemony! But is any of this strategy leading to peace, freedom, and happiness for the people?

The Wall Street Journal (page A15) had a comprehensive article on ‘NATO Muscles UP to Fight ISIS’. Currently, thousands of civilians have been killed in various small villages throughout Syria via American drones and bombs. This is called ‘counterterrorism’ policy! This so-called ‘counterterrorism’ policy is supposed to SOLVE the ISIS issue and prevent this ‘ideology’ from spreading and growing. What a lack of ‘wisdom’ I witness on the global stage. Killing physical ‘bodies’ (civilian or otherwise) can NOT solve a ‘ideological’ issue. The Islamic religion is an ‘ideology’ and the Quran is a Holy Book which can be ‘interpreted’ subjectively by each person. Abu al-Baghdadi has his ‘interpretation’ and this set of ‘ideas’ can not be destroyed by killing his ‘body’. Think about reality! Reality is spiritual at the core! Killing flesh and blood does not ‘kill’ ideas! Think!

Killing thousands of ‘bodies’ does not eliminate an IDEOLOGY! ISIS will not vanish via all the killing of their ‘bodies’ or that or their civilians! ISLAM is an ‘ideology’!

The entire policy of our elites is misplaced and a deception when understood. My BODY is not me! Your BODY is not you! The ‘I am’ within each of us is spiritual! Kill all the bodies in the Middle East or all those associated with this group called ISIS and the ‘ideas’ still prevail among the LIVING. Ideas rule this planet and counter ideas to those of our POWER BROKERS will continue indefinitely. Think! The entire philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’ is archaic and without any relevance in today’s world. We now live in a inter-connected INTERNET world where ‘ideas’ spread globally within minutes! ISIS (their ideology) can NOT be destroyed via the weapons of NATO or any other global POWER using bombs, drones, missiles, or weapons of mass destruction! Wake-up leaders and start thinking about the BIG PICTURE!

Does killing all these ‘bodies’ kill the ‘ideology’ which resided within the MINDS of these people?

What is an ‘ideology’? Can ONE view of reality be imposed upon ALL mankind? Who has the ‘ideology’ which everyone must accept? Is ‘democracy’ that ideology?

It is now time to rethink all our operations and philosophy. Guns and such can not solve any human ideological problem. Ideas are metaphysical and/or spiritual. Kill every body on this planet and what remains? The ‘idea’ remains within the spiritual cosmos! Ideas can NOT be destroyed! Wake-up and think about reality! Socrates gave this advise: know thyself (the only wisdom is knowing that you know nothing)! Reality is subjective and killing bodies is ludicrous as a counterterrorism policy. In reality, counterterrorism leads to more TERRORISM. The cycle is endless! World War III is coming and this, to me, is obvious! Get ready for MORE killing of bodies by our deceived leaders who occupy positions of political Authority! Elect Trump or Hillary and the end result will be MORE of the same (needless killing of human ‘bodies’)! That’s my view! Enjoy! I am:

What IF: the ‘dark-side’ of our leaders behavior were (voluntarily) revealed?

July 11, 2016

Human nature has TWO faces (selves) and generally only the ‘light-side’ (so-called ‘positive’ thinking) is revealed to the public. But, ‘WHAT IF’ our various leaders in America actually ‘revealed’ their DARK-SIDE? What would happen within our public media and within the public arena? How could this ‘heal’ America! Let’s focus upon this reality for this missive! I/You and everyone (IMO) has TWO faces, selves, spirits, and/or natures. We generally ‘hide’ our ‘dark-side’ from the public arena and show ONLY our ‘light’ (good) side. This is rather evident in today’s Internet Society and I witness this reality daily on Facebook and other social media websites. But our ‘dark-side’ is also a stark reality which needs to be understood and voluntarily revealed! The ‘truth’ shall set us free (says our Creator) and everyone has a DARK-SIDE within their inner being (self) which could be revealed (voluntarily)!

Let’s review some prominent Americans whose ‘dark-side’ is ASSUMED (by many) but who personally refuse to reveal this side of their Human Nature:

  1. Hillary Clinton: this lady has recently been given lots of press coverage and many of us think (assume) that she is less than forthright about her prior behaviors. ‘What if’ Hillary would voluntarily reveal that she is guilty of unlawful behavior with her private server activity and her denial of sending any classified emails to other officials of government and/or personal friends? ‘What if’ Hillary would come clean on all her prior ‘dark-side’ behavior since she entered public service? Would this revelation create some public media coverage? Would this revelation change sentiments within the public arena? Think on this for a few minutes! ‘What if’ Hillary voluntarily revealed her extensive ‘dark-side’ behavior!
  2. Bill Clinton: this public servant also has an extensive ‘dark-side’ FACE which has mostly been covered up by Bill. Bill was impeached in 1998 for his hidden sexual behavior and his lies: “After nearly 14 hours of debate, the House of Representatives approves two articles of impeachment against President Bill Clinton, charging him with lying under oath to a federal grand jury and obstructing justice. Clinton, the second president in American history to be impeached, vowed to finish his term. In November 1995, Clinton began an affair with Monica Lewinsky, a 21-year-old unpaid intern. Over the course of a year and a half, the president and Lewinsky had nearly a dozen sexual encounters in the White House. In April 1996, Lewinsky was transferred to the Pentagon.” ‘What if’ this public person were to voluntarily reveal ALL his ‘dark-side’ behaviors? Would this change the public sentiments and perceptions? I think so!
  3. O.J. Simpson: This public sports figure is known World-wide and to this day his ‘dark-side’ behavior has not been voluntarily revealed to the public. Was he guilty of ‘bad’ behavior? Is he covering-up his prior ‘dark-side’ behavior? My sense is YES! This is from Wikipedia: The O.J. Simpson murder case (officially the People of the State of California vs Orenthal James Simpson) was a criminal trial held at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, in which former National Football League star and actor O.J. Simpson was tried on two counts of murder for the June 12, 1994, deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown-Simpson, and waiter Ron Goldman. The trial spanned from the jury’s swearing-in on November 9, 1994,[1] to opening statements on January 24, 1995,[2] to a verdict on October 3, 1995, when Simpson was acquitted.[3][4] The case has been described as the most publicized criminal trial in American history.[5]
  4. Barack Hussein Obama: This public servant has confused and misled many readers and researchers IMO who desire to know his REAL personal history from his birth to today (as President of the United States of America). Was Barack (also called Barry Soetoro) a real son of the senior Barack from Kenya (who married Ann Dunham in February 1961) or was he born out-of-wedlock (via a conception involving a sexual affair between Barack’s mother, Ann Dunham, and Frank Marshall Davis a mentor/friend who espoused Communist ideology and was living in Hawaii just prior to the marriage of Ann to Barack senior from Kenya)? Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception is a 2012 American documentary-style film by Joel Gilbert which claims that U.S. President Barack Obama‘s biological father was Communist Party USA activist Frank Marshall Davis.[2][3] The title is derived from the title of Obama’s memoir Dreams from My Father.The film maintains that Frank Marshall Davis met Obama’s mother Ann Dunham through her father Stanley Dunham, whom Gilbert claims was not a furniture salesman, but actually a CIA agent tasked with monitoring Communists in Hawaii.[4] Filmmaker Joel Gilbert said the film was the result of two years of research. He claims he found nude and fetish photos of Obama’s mother Ann Dunham, which he says were taken in late 1960 by Frank Marshall Davis in Davis’ Hawaii home. Comment: Barack (Barry) was actually physically born on August 4th, 1961 (what actually happened nine months prior to this date)? Does anyone really know? Do photos and resemblances reveal a ‘truth’ which has not been revealed to the public? Could Barack Hussein Obama reveal any of this ‘dark-side’ behavior or similar evidence on his prior personal history? Was he actually born (physically) in Hawaii (via a false birth certificate) or was he born in Mombasa, Kenya (or another location in Kenya).Malik (the supposed half-brother of Barack) accused Pres. Obama of being “an imposter” and that Frank Marshall Davis, Barack’s childhood mentor and known member of the American Communist Party, could be the real dad. Malik said Barack’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, might have slept with Davis because Barack does not at all resemble Obama Sr., but “looks just like” Davis. Malik said,

    “Obama resembles (says Malik) . . . Frank [Marshall Davis] in many ways and is just a liar and mean like him. It is possible his mother messed around to give birth to him because he is definitely not the son of my father, Barack Obama senior — they have nothing in common.” Comment: Malik’s view is also my view!

  5.  Ben Shalom Bernanke: this prior Central Banker could reveal his motives and ‘dark-side’ behavior regarding the operation called Quantitative Easing (QE) and other loan gimmicks. In reality, these operations are a form of official ‘counterfeiting’ and official manipulation of our legal tender money. Ben basically popularized these operations with his QE/swap/loan programs starting in 2008. Ben could come clean on this ‘dark-side’ banking behavior which he promoted for our U.S. Central Bank and which now are popular globally. What is QE, Ben? Where did you get the $$$ which you created and called money? Why are $$$ created from your consciousness (thinking) and typed into a computer screen official legal tender for all debts (public and private)? Who gave you the authority to create $$$ out-of-nothing (your thinking) and then flood the markets with these units from your ‘imagination’? Trillions of units (no thing units) were created to falsely pump up prices and values within our stock markets and derivative markets…and deceive traders on issues of ‘price discovery’ and much more. How about voluntarily revealing all of your shenanigans and admitting that these operations were unlawful, unconstitutional, and improper! It could create some ‘truth’ for our global cyber markets!
  6. John Charles Hagee: this televangelist and global promoter of a false religious gospel needs to come clean on many spiritual issues, especially the so-called GOSPEL of Jesus/Yeshua. We could also mention a host of other televangelists such as David Paul Jeremiah, Rick Duane Warren, Toufik Benedictus “Benny” Hinn, Paul Michelle White, Kenneth Max Copeland, Joel Scott Osteen, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, Creflo Dollar, and Jim Baker, etc. The so-called GOSPEL being presented globally is a ‘false’ message IMO as it assumes that the originator being promoted (the historical Yeshua) agrees with this GOSPEL. In reality, this gospel is NOT the message of Yeshua/Jesus (during his lifetime) IMO. His gospel/message was the KINGDOM OF (his) GOD! Yes, Yeshua desired that our CREATOR be KING (not himself or any other human being)! He did not promote himself as God or as the person who could SAVE Christians from their transgressions of the LAW (sins). His message (along with that of his cousin, John) was REPENT for the KINGDOM OF GOD (his God) IS NEAR! God, to these two, was YHWH and/or the MOST HIGH CREATOR (not a human being in the flesh)! Wake-up televangelist and repent from your FALSE gospel and message! Your reference point for all this (the false gospel) is most likely the Apostle Paul (who did not even know this person called Yeshua/Jesus during his lifetime)! Paul (promoted a gospel free from the LAW) and this allowed the concept of being SAVED (via his visionary interpretation of Yeshua’s message). Is it now time to reveal that your GOSPEL, Mr. Hagee, et al, is false and a ‘dark-side’ message of the Apostle Paul (not the person we call Jesus/Yeshua)? I think so! Re-think your message and repent (is my suggestion)! If this is done, a new atmosphere/understanding could develop within the global televangelist world!
  7. Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio): This leader also has a ‘dark-side’ to his human nature. Is he ‘infallible’ on any issue? I don’t think so! His position of leadership, however, does allow him to influence trends and policies globally. It might be hugely beneficial if this person would reveal his ‘dark-side’ and also the ‘dark-side’ of this institution called the Vatican.This institution has ruled over mankind for some 1700 years and the Gospel of this institution has not be realized. What has been realized is corruption within the institution, the hierarchy, and those who administer this 1.2 billion organization. “Pope Francis has ordered an audit of the Catholic Church’s wealth in what is being described as an “unprecedented” look into its finances and spending, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. The Working-Party for the Economic Future was established with the Secretariat of State, the Vatican Bank and other agencies to examine potential corruption and mismanagement.”

    “Also it’s been 10 years since the Catholic sex abuse scandal at the Archdiocese of Boston was first reported by the Boston Globe. The story was filled with detailed descriptions of how priests had abused numerous children over many years, and how top leaders in the church covered it up. In the decade since the report was published, thousands of people across the country have come forward, to share their own stories of the abuse suffered at the hands of priests. In today’s Faith Matters – that’s the part of the program where we talk about matters of faith and spirituality – we’ll speak with one of the Boston Globe reporters who broke the story.”

In conclusion: All (everyone) IMO has TWO natures (we can call these natures the ‘dark’ and the ‘light’). If many of our leaders who have serious sway over public opinion and sentiment were to reveal their ‘dark-side’ behavior this might help to heal our nation and character. Without this type of event it is doubtful that any type of healing can occur for America and/or the World. My sense is that assuming ALL is roses and peaches (positive and loving) will NOT solve any of our serious issues within economics, politics, religion, science, education, or social relations. Revealing one’s DARK-SIDE is my personal perspective (and I do not exclude myself from any of the above philosophy). Give some credence to my perspective going forward! I am:

Subjectivity leads to Fragmentation! Why?

July 9, 2016

We live in a world of ‘subjectivity’ and ‘relativity’ and this creates ‘instability’ over time! Fragmentation is what I now witness on the World Stage. President Obama wrote an editorial article in the Financial Times on July 8, 2016, in which he expresses his vision for the world. His vision is more ‘centralization’ and global unity (via the EU, NATO, the U.N. and his economic ‘globalization’ concept)…where the select few (call them the ‘elite’) rule over our planet. His vision is for select elites to choose the destiny for the many (the 7 billion). This vision was also expressed within the recent U.N. Agenda 2030 in September 2015. Our global Pope and the members of our U.N. have chosen a vision which creates ‘centralization’ and a ‘false unity’ for the entire human race. This option is now the model among our global elites! Watch out! Events could get interesting!

The reality of human interpretations leads to ‘subjectivity’ and ‘division’! We all ‘see’ (within our imagination) multiple options and meanings…to reality!

The problems which I now envision within our world can be witnessed within the Hillary email affair/fiasco and similar issues. Our global system operates with ‘subjectivity’ and ‘relativity’ and a legal structure which demands a centralized hierarchy to govern this planet. Subjectivity is caused by human beings who are unable to solve issues with finality. There are no absolutes on this planet which everyone can agree upon. Words are subjective and ‘words’ govern this planet. What does the word ‘intent’ mean? What is a ‘criminal’ act? What does the word ‘is’ mean? All this points to a world of ‘subjectivity’ and ‘relativity’. Reality governs over everyone!

Words govern behavior and all ‘words’ can be viewed as ‘subjective’ expressions! Bill is tricky with his ‘words’ and ‘meanings’! But his perception does reveal today’s reality!

Today, our global internet society is revealing that human beings are ‘subjective/uncertain’ beings at the core! There can be no real stability of government if all is subjective/uncertain. Who can define a ‘word’ with absolute finality? None! This means that a legal system (called the Rule of Law) can not work in the longer-term. What does ‘intent’ mean? What does the word ‘criminal’ mean? What does the word ‘value’ mean within economics? What does the word ‘dollar’ mean within finance? What does the word ‘money’ mean? All is subjective and relative to who is making the decisions! This leads to a ONE world government with a single Source as the FINAL authority over the masses (you and I). Reality is subjective and relative and the BUCK must stop with this final ‘single’ Source (so say our elite)!

All decisions require a FINAL choice among options! Who is the FINAL source? Politicians like to create confusion among the electorate so the FINAL decision can be obfuscated! Why? Who wants to be ‘responsible’ for dire outcomes?

From two (2) to seven billion (7,000,000,000) over these past 6,000 years (or so)! Who governs is the ??? Where does the ‘buck’ stop when a final decision must be made?

Think of our planet as a globe with some 7 billion human beings living thereon. Who can decide what is absolute and final when it comes to a given ‘WORD’? Take any ‘word’ of significance (say the word MONEY) and ask if this ‘word’ can be defined without ANY uncertainty or disagreement. It is not possible! Each person can envision a unique and different definition for this ‘word’ (or any ‘word’). So what is ‘money’ in reality? It’s whatever the single Authority (Source) says that it is. This same reality is what I now witness with all ‘words’ of governance! Words are what determine action and legality (the Rule of Law). If a ‘word’ can not have an absolute/final definition, then all is ‘subjective’ and ‘relative’! That is our world in 2016! WHO solves this conundrum?

The Vision of Obama, Hillary, and most Politicians is this concept called ‘UNITY’! I call this a form of ‘Political Correctness’ and/or ‘Groupthink’! This mindset leads to a One World Government under the ‘Authority’ of a single/final Dictator! Agenda 2030 and similar visions could create this outcome! Watch out for ‘politicians’ with WORDS!

Where does all this lead going forward! For the next ??? years this leads to FRAGMENTATION and INSTABILITY IMO! This means that the world economy will ‘fragment’ continually going forward. The political situation in the USA and World will also ‘fragment’ continually. And the relationships between human beings will ‘fragment’. Division or fragmentation is what I witness (starting today) and continuing for many more years! This all leads to more chaos and brutality within the arena of human relations. Our elites will attempt to solve this reality with more ‘centralization’, ‘control’, and ‘deception’. This ultimately leads to more division and subjectivity. FRAGMENTATION and DIVISION is happening now and is likely to continue going forward (for many years)! Prepare and watch as events create our NEW WORLD ORDER…supposedly to solve this conundrum of human nature (subjectivity)! I am:

What does the word ‘Intentional’ mean? Let’s review!

July 8, 2016

Hillary was absolved from indictment for her email fiasco because the ruling was that her act was not ‘intentional’! Her ‘intent’ could not be proven says Director Comey. Hillary, evidently, is not that conscious of what she does in real-time (it would appear)! Let’s think about this word ‘intent’ and/or ‘intentional’. What does it mean, in reality? What must I do for an event to be ‘intentional’? My sense is that if I change a normal policy within my company, venue, or institution…and desire another option, then it would seem that this behavior would be viewed as my ‘intention’. Does Mr. Comey understand reality as we ‘live’ it? The concept called ‘intent’ puzzles me!

Let’s, first of all,  provide some definitions of this word for our consideration:

Simple Definition of intentional

  • : done in a way that is planned or intended

Full Definition of intentional

  1. 1:  done by intention or design :intended<intentional damage>

  2. 2a:  of or relating to epistemological intention b:  having external reference

Related to intentional

Legal Definition of intentional

  1. :  done with intent

On Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey announced that he would not recommend Hillary Clinton for indictment. His rationale: she didn’t have the requisite “intent”. Therefore, no recommendation for prosecution. After providing us all with years of Hillary’s documentation and evidence of her prior behavior in real-time Comey, nonetheless, concluded that this could not rise to the level of ‘intent’. So what, in reality, is ‘intent’? If I purchase a server and install it in my bathroom and use this server for my email communication is this my ‘intent’ or ‘not’? What if I purchase multiple mobile devices for my cyber communications with people and send messages on these devices daily. Is this my ‘intent’ or ‘not’? Just what does this concept called ‘intent’ mean?

I realize that many actions could be viewed as ‘unintentional’. If I speed and do not recognize the limit posted via the road sign, we could view this action as ‘unintentional’. If I add you to my email contacts without requesting your approval, we might label this as ‘unintentional’. But actions which I plan and purpose over many days, weeks, and years must certainly be viewed as ‘intentional’…wouldn’t you think? Most of my daily actions are planned and conscious and this should be viewed as ‘intentional’. The idea that Hillary Clinton did not know what she was doing and saying in public via her email communications seems to be absurd. She must have thought about her actions and communications PRIOR to acting! She must have been ‘conscious’…don’t you think?

Anyway, Mr. Comey, had his reasons for his decisions. I may not agree with his logic, his subjective assumptions, or his conclusion but his position of authority does prevail. In reality, all is mostly subjective and WORDS can be used to mean multiple things. Logic is not really needed for political leaders. What is needed is acceptance of their actions and their behavior from the public. Most Hillary supporters will likely accept Comey’s legal logic and jargon (as is). The result (no prosecution for Hillary) is what most supporters follow. All the above logic and definitions are mostly meaningless within our greater political system. WORDS are what we follow (via our politicians) and meaning is internalized by each individual ‘subjectively’! Enjoy my analysis of Comey’s and Hillary’s soap opera! Have a good day! I am:

Director Comey’s testimony reveals ‘gross negligence’ IMO!

July 7, 2016

What shocked me about Director Comey’s testimony today was why he did not attend the 3.5 hour questioning of Hillary last Saturday, July 2, in Washington. This 3.5 hour event also did not put Hillary under ‘oath’  (to tell the ‘truth’) while some 3-5 FBI staff questioned her about her prior behavior with emails and her private servers. Mr. Comey said that some 3-5 staff members grilled Hillary on all the issues of concern but that he, himself, was not there (personally). Then he gives his verdict on Tuesday, July 5, that Hillary demonstrated ‘extreme carelessness’ (a term without any legal substance) but was not guilty (officially). What kind of ‘judgment’ is demonstrated by our esteemed Director with this behavior? Where was he on Saturday, July 2, and why did he choose NOT to attend this 3.5 hour questioning at his own FBI venue in Washington? Facing Hillary in person, apparently, was not important to reaching his final verdict! This puzzles me!

Director Comey did not attend the 3.5 hour questioning of Hillary at the FBI headquarters in Washington on July 2, 2016! Why? Where was he during this questioning?

The final interview of Hillary prior to the most significant event on her official behavior was not attended by the Director of our FBI, Mr. Comey, (so he stated today). How could this be considered sound ‘judgement’ by our Director of Justice? To me, this is an example of ‘gross negligence’ on the part of our supreme law enforcement official. The Director is the final decision-maker on whether Hillary should be prosecuted (indicted). Yet he does not attend the 3.5 hour questioning (just prior to his decision)? I, personally, can not reconcile this behavior with principles of sound legal ‘judgment’! How can he discern her character and truthfulness without actually being at the 3.5 hour questioning event? Furthermore, the questioning took place at the FBI headquarters in Washington! Where was MR. COMEY last Saturday during this event? Why the decision NOT to attend? This puzzles me!

Director Comey’s final judgment demonstrates ‘gross negligence’ IMO as he did not personally question Hillary on July 2, 2016, at the FBI venue in Washington! Where was he? Why not attend this supposedly final questioning?

“The FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton Saturday morning in connection with the ongoing investigation into her use of a private email server as secretary of state, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign said. Secretary Clinton gave a voluntary interview this morning about her email arrangements while she was secretary, spokesman Nick Merrill said. He added: She (Hillary) is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the Department of Justice in bringing this review to a conclusion. Out of respect for the investigative process, she will not comment further on her interview. The interview occurred at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, and lasted approximately three and a half hours, a Clinton aide said.”

FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. where Hillary was supposedly questioned for 3.5 hours!

In conclusion, Director Comey said that some 15-20 of his expert/professional staff ALL agreed on the verdict for the Clinton affair (which was enunciated on July 5). The House committee holding the hearing today continued to emphasize that Mr. Comey was ‘speaking TRUTH’ to the world on this ordeal. My final question is: ‘what is TRUTH’ when it comes to political events? Can anyone actually ‘speak TRUTH’ on this issue? I don’t think so! What Mr. Comey did was speak his OPINION or perspective on this affair. Final absolute ‘Truth’ can not be fully discerned on legal issues or on any other issue IMO. Reality is obviously subjective and the issue of Mr. Comey’s legal judgment is also SUBJECTIVE (his biased/personal/subjective opinion)! Think about this whole sordid affair when you vote in November! What is TRUTH and what is a subjective opinion? Enjoy! I am:


Plausible Deniability! The ‘Mindset’ of Politicians!

July 5, 2016

Human nature involves TWO faces, two selves, two spirits, and/or two natures. There is a ‘dark’ side nature within each person (including myself) and a ‘light’ side. The ‘dark’ side protects the real-time self (the lower nature) and hides the motives for its prior behavior. The ‘light’ side pretends that all is ‘positive’ and ‘progressive’ (good).  A good political leader with positive rhetoric can deceive and fool most voters. Human nature wants the ‘light’ side of human nature to be in the open (transparent) while the ‘dark’ side desires to operate ‘behind closed doors’. Think on this! Two natures within each of us!

The Trinity during 911 and after (they could be viewed as ‘guilty’)!  What role did these three play that was not revealed to the public?  What is inner (within their ‘dark’ side) and not revealed?

Is there a ‘dark’ side to human nature within these three? What do the ‘faces’ reveal above? Who can see into the ‘inner’ self to discern this ‘dark’ side?

The concept of many politicians is to make decisions which advance their hegemony and power but which downplay their manipulative actions and motives. A great politician who has this quality of deception IMO is Hillary. Her words are mostly meaningless (to me) but her rhetoric creates great applause and motivation for those who ‘fall for words and rhetoric’. Will she prevail in November? We shall see! Personally, I could not vote for her. I witness this concept called ‘plausible deniability’ within her agenda/mindset/history. Check out this 5 minute video for some political behavior which was based mostly upon ‘plausible deniability’! Was the ‘official’ rendering of 911 based upon this concept? My sense is YES!

Ignorance is strength and questioning is conspiracy talk (say many)! Our leaders operate behind closed doors and reveal only their ‘light’ side. Human nature, however, has a ‘dark’ side which is hidden within! Watch and enjoy this 5 minute video to learn about ‘human nature’!

Watch ‘plausible deniability’ in operation and then jump to 18.25 minute section, then 21.59 minute section, then 24.00 minute section. The ‘dark’ side of human nature is very tricky and deceptive! Human nature has ‘two’ faces (one hidden, the other is rhetoric/words)!

Nine of the 19 Saudi hijackers are alive (now) over in the Middle East! Really? How could this be if they directed their planes into the World Trade Towers? Who was the FBI director at the time and after? Robert Mueller demonstrated his desire not to pursue truth! The concept of our ‘dark’ side leaders is ‘Plausible Deniability’! Wake-up to the corruption within centers of POWER!

After some 15 years of time, since the September 11 attack, there has still been no official investigation into the murders of almost 3,000 people that day. The Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee investigation, which met in secret (behind closed doors), delivered a report famously containing 28 pages. Days later (after the initial report was out), in an order describing the investigation of the terrorist hijackings as “the most exhaustive in its history,” FBI Agents were ordered to curtail their investigation of the Sept. 11 attack. Officials said Robert Mueller, newly sworn in head of the FBI, believed that his agents had a broad understanding of the events of Sept. 11. All this jargon was mostly deception and words of the ‘dark’ side face of human nature.

This secretary of Defense also has a ‘dark’ side to his human nature. He may not reveal it in public but I sense that his family history would reveal this ‘side’ of his personality. Donald, Cheney, and Bush were a Trinity of  politicians who likely practiced the concept of ‘Plausible Deniability’!

This couple also have TWO natures. A ‘dark’ side and a ‘light’ side is hidden within their personalities. The ‘dark’ side is usually hidden as it indicts a person! The ‘light’ side is the public face which the sheeple follow and enjoy. To understand the ‘dark’ side we would need to obtain a full review of their personal family history. This will be covered up, however!

In conclusion, the issue of Human Nature is very interesting. All of us IMO have TWO natures. We can call these natures by names such as two selves, two faces, two minds, two spirits, and/or two personalities. We all tend to seek ‘plausible deniability’ when negative behavior is practiced. The above personalities are guilty of this behavior IMO. They should not be ruling or governing over the sheeple. But the sheeple desire deception to a degree so that their own ‘dark’ side is covered up. Yes, Human Nature is complex and very deceptive! Politicians are guilty of not revealing their ‘dark’ side. This is unfortunate as we now must live with personalities that SAY one thing and DO another! Wise-up and think about the reality of these TWO natures! Enjoy! I am:





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