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The ‘Rapture’ hoax’! A popular concept of Eschatology!

August 26, 2016

Today, there are so many views on end-time events (called eschatology)…and few are aware of what is real and what is fantasy! The concept called The Rapture is my focus for this missive. The concept is rather deceptive as those who espouse this concept have a view of history which is mostly fantasy (when compared to reality as we live it). The concept called The Rapture assumes that ‘I’ or ‘You’ will be caught up (bodily) into the clouds above and then we are changed during this ‘fly away’ event into new metaphysical persons (also called ‘glorified’ bodies). All this is based on an interpretation of history which goes back some 2,000 years to the person called Yeshua/Jesus. Let’s explore this history and why this concept called The Rapture is a huge ‘hoax’ upon believers!

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Let’s all ‘Fly Away’ bodily into the clouds so we can ‘escape’ the tribulation which is coming!

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The belief that ‘select’ persons will be Raptured UP into the clouds to meet Yeshua/Jesus is the belief that is espoused by the Christian religion! Why this belief and concept?

Yeshua was a real human being who lived around 4 B.C. to 31 A.D. This rabbi from Nazareth (province of Galilee) who later became Christ (the anointed one) to most believers has been worshipped and honored as God to many believers on this planet for nearly 2,000 years. When this person completed his ministry (which he developed from his epiphany after his baptism in the Jordan River) he had a following of disciples who viewed him as their Messiah (King). The Jewish authorities at the Temple in Jerusalem, however, viewed this person as a blasphemer and a false rabbi of Judaism. These authorities schemed to kill this false rabbi via the Roman legal system. This happened around 31 A.D. at Golgotha (near Jerusalem)

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The most likely ‘image’ of the real Yeshua while living on planet Earth (4 B.C. to 31 A.D.)! Yeshua was an Aramaic Jew from the tribe of Judah! He called his God by the ‘name’ Eloah (in Aramaic)!

Some time around 31 A.D., Yeshua was sentenced to death by crucifixion…he died just outside of Jerusalem (called Gulgaltha in Aramaic or Golgotha in Greek). After his death and burial a NEW dimension of reality emerged from some of his disciples. Visions were experienced and virtual experiences of a real body (walking and talking) were experienced by various believers. The assumption was that Yeshua had risen from the dead. Then some 40 days after his ‘appearances’ to these various disciples, Yeshua ‘ascended’ bodily and physically (from our planet Earth) up into the clouds. This became known as The Ascension and/or ‘fly away’ into the heavens (our clouds above) where he proceeded (at light speed or greater) to the Throne Room of God Almighty (the Jewish God called Yahweh or Elohim or Eloah). This is the mindset of most theologians and pastors who espouse Christian theology!

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The ‘assumption’ (belief) is that Yeshua ‘ascended’ up into the clouds from his bodily position on our planet! He conquered ‘gravity’! All this happened some 40 days after his ‘death’ at Golgotha!

Image result for ascension of jesus in 31 A.D.

Another ‘image’ of Yeshua’s bodily ‘ascension’ into the clouds above planet Earth! Theologians envision a bodily ‘fly away’ into the clouds above us!

Gradually, more visions and metaphysical ‘appearances’ were experienced by other followers (James and Paul) and all this led to a belief that Yeshua was alive in the heavens (next to God Almighty) and gradually this belief system emerged into orthodox Christianity some 300-400 years later. Then the Roman Catholic belief system emerged and codified all these experiences and beliefs into a religion which has dominated Western history for some 2,000 years. The mindset of the strong believers and the theological doctrines which emerged (mostly since 325 A.D.) have now been codified into an end-time belief system or eschatology which has various nuances and fantasies for today’s believers. This Rapture concept is one of these beliefs which is now popular among strong believers!

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Paul and the historical ‘brother’ of Yeshua (James) had mental ‘visions’ of the risen Yeshua (after his physical death at Golgotha)! All these ‘visions’ were internal experiences within one’s MIND (not physical experiences with observation and eye contact)!

The strong believers in this history and eschatology have concocted this concept called The Rapture and the End-time Tribulation chronology which emerges just prior to the 2nd coming. These strong believers and select theologians ‘assume’ that since this person ‘ascended’ bodily and physically into the clouds back in 31 A.D. (after his ‘rising’ from the dead) that this same situation will be experienced at his 2nd coming (any day now). Yeshua/Jesus will ‘descend’ bodily from his ‘perch’ next to God Almighty in the heavens and ‘hover’ some distance (no one knows precisely) above our planet (in the air/clouds above us) and then command that all his committed followers bodily ‘ascend’ UP to his position (just above our planet and within our cloud system). All this is called The Rapture!

Image result for the appearance of Jesus in the clouds as he descends from heaven

The ‘assumption’ is that Yeshua/Jesus will ‘descend’ from his position next to God Almighty (our Creator) and ‘appear’ in our clouds (above planet Earth) and then Rapture ‘select’ believers UP into these clouds! All this will happen (any day now) and many ‘assume’ that they will FLY bodily into the heavens soon (to escape the coming time of Jacobs Trouble)! What a hoax upon thinking persons!

The concept is that this ‘Rapture’ or catching away will happen suddenly (any day now) and all this is because these ‘select’ believers are SAVED and WORTHY of this ‘escape’…from the ‘unsaved’ remnant (called the Tribulation demons). All this will transpire here on planet Earth soon. The question today within all the Prophecy Conferences which I have attended is ‘when’ this Escape (for believers) will happen. Will it be today? Later in the Tribulation? At the last Trumpet? or will it be when Yeshua/Jesus ‘lands’ upon our planet (on the Mount of Olives) from his ‘ascended’ position in the heavens? Prophecy speakers have various scenarios and visions which they ‘assume’ are sound thinking and objective ‘reality’. Is any of this thinking based on sound logic and reason? Is this thinking reality or fantasy? Is it a ‘hoax’ upon every thinking person?

Image result for Christian concept of being SAVED

This concept called being SAVED is what creates all the escape psychology within Christianity! Those that are SAVED are supposedly WORTHY of this escape into the clouds (heavens) and uniting (bodily) with the descending Yeshua/Jesus! I would suggest that all this mentality is mostly FANTASY! A huge ‘hoax’!

My personal sense is that much of this thinking is fantasy and based on an ‘invalid’ understanding of reality. First of all, Yeshua was a real human being who lived upon this planet IMO. He experienced reality identically as we experience reality today. He was born, lived, and died. During his lifetime he experienced life much as we do today. Reality (in reality) is a NOW experience. The NOW realities have not changed since our original parents were ‘created’ some 6,000 years prior to today. Reality does not CHANGE but each of us is limited in our ‘interpretation’ of reality (my view). This means that various persons (let’s say Believers) can ‘interpret’ reality differently. Those of us who ‘live’ in the NOW tend to experience reality in a similar manner (mostly)…and we accept what can be experienced in the NOW!

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This imagery is what many believe (Yeshua is walking on ‘water’). Is this reality or fantasy? I say it is fantasy…as reality is a NOW experience and The NOW does not change over time periods! Who can ‘walk’ on water today?

For example: Can I ‘walk’ on water? I don’t think so! Can You ‘walk’ on water? I don’t think so! Can any human being ‘walk’ on water? I don’t think so! This means that Yeshua also did not ‘walk’ on water (the sea of Galilee). The writings which ‘assume’ that he did ‘walk’ on water must, therefore, be ‘invalid’ representations of objective reality. People can ‘assume’ anything they desire, but most of us ‘assume’ that human beings can not ‘walk’ on water (say a river, lake, or ocean). Fantasies emerge from strong believers who indoctrinate other believers with their ‘assumptions’ and invalid  ‘interpretations’. All these ‘invalid’ assumptions and interpretations, however, lead to all these ‘invalid’ concepts such as The Rapture! I witness all these ‘invalid’ assumptions as I listen to all these so-called experts (pastors, etc.) at these Prophecy Conferences and within select church congregations. Deception is rampant within Christianity!

Image result for John on the Island Patmos in 96 A.D.

The disciple John lived bodily on the Island called Patmos and never was ‘Raptured’ bodily into the clouds! His message in Revelation 4:1-2 reveals what I believe! The Rapture is an ‘internal’/’spiritual’/’mental’ experience! I or You do NOT bodily ‘ascend’ into the clouds!!! We internalize this imagery within our consciousness!

Image result for John on the Island Patmos in 96 A.D.

John was exiled to the Island Patmos and died physically on planet Earth! He was not Raptured as many ‘assume’! His spiritual experience was ‘internal’ (within consciousness)!

Image result for John on the Island Patmos in 96 A.D.

The Greek Island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea (today’s image)! The Apostle John lived and wrote his message called Revelation on this Greek island (around 96 A.D.)!

Image result for the Kingdom of God does not appear with observation

Think on the above words! The Kingdom of our Creator is within (internal)! There is no bodily ascension into the clouds above! Is it time to discover one’s MIND?

My personal perspective on this concept called The Rapture is based on Revelation 4:1-2. Being ‘caught up’ via a conscious experience (within my mind) does not mean that I leave (fly away) into the clouds above as all these Prophecy speakers ‘assume’. I can experience visions, spiritual concepts, spiritual images without ‘leaving’ planet Earth. This concept of ‘flying away’ into the clouds and the idea that Yeshua will ‘descend (any day now) from his perch next to God Almighty (also a belief of my/your consciousness) is totally ‘invalid’ IMO. In reality, this concept called The Rapture is a ‘spiritual’ and/or ‘conscious’ experience within one’s MIND. The Kingdom does not appear with ‘observation’ (Luke 17: 20-21). Rather The Kingdom arrives within one’s MIND (internally)! Think on this! Enjoy my subjective perspective! I am:

Some definitions to ponder:

  1. Fantasy: the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable.
  2. Hoax: practical joke, joke, jest, prank, trick; More
    ruse, deception, fraud, bluff, confidence trick;
    spoof, scam, setup

3. Rapture: transporting (a believer) from earth to heaven (our clouds above) at the Second Coming (some say the 2nd Coming happens AFTER the Tribulation (called Jacob’s Trouble).

4. Yeshua: “Jesus” is an Anglicized form of the Greek name Yesous found in the New   Testament. Yesous represents the Hebrew Bible name Yeshua, which occurs as “Jeshua” in English Bibles (Ezra 2:2; Neh 7:7). Yeshua was fully human (as You/I).

5. Eloah/Elohim: is the generic name of God Almighty, used of the transcendent Creator who dwells outside and above the universe. ’Elohim is the sovereign God, the supernatural One. In contrast, Yahweh is the personal name of God. This was the God of Yeshua/Jesus!

6. Kingdom of God: The Kingdom of God (and its related form Kingdom of Heaven in the Gospel of Matthew) is one of the key elements of The Gospel of Jesus/Yeshua in the New Testament. The false Gospel of Paul is generally proclaimed by Evangelical Christianity! This false Gospel of Salvation (being ‘saved’) was not the Gospel of the living Yeshua IMO!

7. Saved: Acknowledgment and belief that Jesus is the One Savior who can take away my sin (because of His deity, and His death and resurrection). Proclaimed by the Apostle Paul and adopted as The Gospel by Evangelical Christianity!


Technical Analysis mostly ‘Invalid’ today!

August 26, 2016

Charting prices overtime with the belief that future trends can be discerned is mostly a myth given today’s manipulated markets. Yesterday’s Financial Times revealed that traders in China who trade on the Dalian Futures Market have been purchasing electronic contracts to pump up the prices of iron ore and steel rebar so as to enhance their trading profits. Meanwhile the supply of iron ore and steel rebar exceeds demand by large margins. So what is happening within these manipulated markets? What happens is that traders with funds from the Chinese banksters can purchase these futures contracts on the Dalian electronic exchange merely to enhance their trading profits as no actual delivery of the metals takes place.

Image result for prices of steel rebar go up while demand wanes

Stocks can increase while real material wealth is stagnant. This is not Capitalism!

Image result for technical analysis of the financial markets


Charting and/or technical analysis is mostly worthless and meaningless today! All our markets are being manipulated with ‘algorithms’ and the counterparty is another ‘algorithm’. What does this reveal? The ‘past’ has no relevance upon the ‘future’! Wake-up traders! The old Open Outcry markets are history…all is electronic and within cyberspace! Think on the word…ALGORITHM! Think…MANIPULATED PRICES!

Image result for technical analysis and charting, slam of silver prices

The long-awaited spike in gold prices (based on demand) does not happen when ‘algorithms’ bracket the spot price on the electronic futures exchanges! Who does this? Think of our corrupt Central Banks who trade on the electronic Globex, Nymex, London, Hong Kong exchanges!

Traders, today, can trade on our electronic futures markets merely to pump up and/or down the prices of a commodity for their personal trading desires. The commodity does not change hands as the trade involves merely virtual/electronic contracts within the trading system. This type of trading, however, does affect the ‘prices’ of the commodity in real-time within our computer screens. This same strategy is used by traders to manipulate the electronic prices of silver, gold, oil, and any commodity or asset which trades on our electronic futures exchanges. I, personally, watch as traders ‘slam’ the price of silver and gold daily on the Globex, Nymex, London, and Hong Kong exchanges. All these exchanges now allow futures trading where delivery (settlement) is rarely done.

Image result for futures trading on the Dalian exchange in China

Traders push UP and DOWN the cyber ‘prices’ on the electronic Dalian exchange! This is done with computer trading and coded  ‘algorithms’. The counterparty is usually another coded ‘algorithm’! Trades ‘enter’ and ‘exit’ the trading markets without any physical commodity being exchanged!

Algorithms, operating at the speed of light, with computers that trade in micro-seconds can enter and exit trades merely to manipulate our ‘prices’. All our ‘prices’ are now determined (not by the shake of a hand) but by ‘algorithms’ which trade with counterparty ‘algorithms’. High Frequency Trading (using coded algorithms) is the new technology which accomplishes most trades today. Actual human beings who trade with another human counterparty is rarely done in today’s electronic markets. Computers drive our markets and algorithms are the tool for accomplishing the trade. This means that all our ‘prices’ can be manipulated by this type of electronic trading. Historical analysis may not reveal future trends and/or prices as all is done within our consciousness (subjectively)!

Image result for futures trading on the Dalian exchange in China

Trading today is electronic and algorithms do most of the trading! Human beings are out to lunch!

Image result for coded algorithms do most trading today

A trader who uses coded ‘algorithms to execute trades within micro-seconds where no exchange of a physical commodity occurs! Is this manipulation of ‘prices’? I think so!

Historical technical analysis which uses the ‘past’ to project a ‘future’ is mostly meaningless in today’s electronic/cyber markets. I have watched as all these ‘technical’ analysts project what the ‘price’ of oil, silver, gold, iron ore, steel rebar, etc. SHOULD be based on their charts and invariably these ‘analysts’ are wrong and inaccurate with most ALL their projections. All this happens because trading on our ‘futures’ markets can involve ‘contracts’ (actually virtual contracts) where the trade involves ‘concepts’ but NO actual exchange of a real product (silver bars, gold bars, barrels of oil, tons of steel or iron ore, etc.). All our markets are now manipulated with ‘algorithms’ and ‘electronic’ trading where NOTHING is exchanged that is physical or real.

Image result for futures trading on the Dalian exchange in China

Steel rebar is a material commodity…but the ‘price’ established is ‘metaphysical’ (virtual)!

Image result for prices of steel rebar go up while demand wanes

Notice that steel rebar inventories (and exports) have declined while ‘prices’ on the Dalian exchange ‘skyrocket’! China creates ‘excess’ supply…with diminishing demand, yet ‘electronic’ prices increase substantially. This is accomplished with trading strategies on the Dalian electronic exchange and where physical delivery of the trade is generally avoided! This happens within our Globex electronic exchange for silver/gold ‘prices’ also! All these trading strategies manipulate our ‘prices’ and deceive traders as to real supply/demand! Virtual trading deceives many as to what is REAL!

We live within our ‘consciousness’ with our trades today and the psychology of deception and illusion governs all our financial transactions. Who is aware of what is happening today? Few to none! Why? because human nature ‘assumes’ that what is within my/your ‘consciousness is real and physical. In reality, this is pure myth and deception. Virtual contracts within the computer screen are ‘metaphysical’. All our cyber currencies are ‘metaphysical’. All our stocks, ETF’s, bonds, mortgages, derivatives are ‘metaphysical’. Traders and the general public are so deceived that they are unable to differentiate between a physical silver coin and a virtual silver coin (in the computer screen). This goes for all trading where virtual reality governs the trade. Wake-up people! You are living a delusion!

Image result for cyberspace is where our money resides

Where is our ‘money’ today? It’s within Cyberspace (revealed within our consciousness as we look at our computer screens). Who is aware of all this illusion/deception/manipulation?

Where is our ‘money’ today? Can you discern that all our ‘money’ is now mostly within the computer screen? What is this space called? It is called Cyberspace. What is Cyberspace? It is a virtual space that gets revealed within our ‘consciousness’. It’s metaphysical/spiritual and does not ‘exist’ within our physical/material universe. Reality is always NOW! Look (right now) out your window or within your computer room. Where are these cyber currencies called ‘dollar’, ‘yen’, ‘pound’, etc.? Can you ‘find’ just one of these currencies within observable space/time? If not, then you are living a delusion/illusion when you trade these imaginary currencies. The ‘prices’ revealed within cyberspace are really ‘immaterial’ units of one’s consciousness! Think on this! Enjoy! I am:
Some Definitions to ponder:
1. Delusion: an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.
2. Illusion: a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.
3. Deception: the act of making someone believe something that is not true : the act of deceiving someone.
4. Manipulation: control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly, unfairly, or unscrupulously.

America’s Deficits Growing as Economy Slows!

August 24, 2016

Image result for america now in recession

How can I conclude that our economy is slowing rapidly? Answer: Our deficits are growing. We will exceed $500,000,000,000 this year and we could be back over $1,000,000,000,000 next year. The numbers are heading south as our economy slows with a recession now evident. The stock market is being manipulated to hide the current recession but at some point in the near future, all this deception by our corrupt authorities will be revealed to the general public. Hiding the evidence is getting more difficult as objective thinkers are now recognizing all the deceptions and illusions perpetrated by our elite policymakers.

Image result for deficits now growing

Notice that the trend of declining deficits has ended. What does this mean going forward?

Today’s Wall Street Journal covered most of the above realities under the heading “Deficit to Widen As Tax Receipts Fall” (see page A2, August 24 Journal). This article reveals that our tax revenues are now declining as corporate profits decline. The article states: “The federal deficit soared following the financial crisis and the recession of 2007-09 as government spending surged and receipts plunged. Annual deficits have steadily fallen since then as the government cut spending and revenues recovered, with last year’s deficit hitting an eight-year low of 2.t% of GDP.” Take the time to read the full article if you have time. Awareness is key to understanding!

Image result for corporate revenues declining

Corporate revenues and profits and now starting their descent downward!

If you visit this site: you can observe that our projected deficit for fiscal year 2016 is likely $534,000,000,000 or more. Look at the top (far right column) and notice that corporate revenues are now declining. This reveals the reality that our economy is slowing rapidly and that our stock markets are hiding this reality. Our Central Bank is obviously pumping up the stock indices even as our economy slows and declines. Now is the time to get out of the stock markets as this game of wealth enhancement is over. Our silver/gold markets are rigged and manipulated to hide the realities of our markets, but at some point these markets will BREAK free from the manipulators as demand for physical silver/gold grows exponentially.

Image result for European banks in trouble


This chart is ominous as it reveals that most European banks could soon be insolvent!

After receiving an astronomical €661bn since 2008 in public aid, the banks are now low on capital (some of their assets are worth less than declared or, in other words, are toxic) and are having difficulty paying their short-term liabilities.” The banking systems in Italy, Spain, Germany, France are being revealed as insolvent. These banks are being pumped up with hidden liquidity from the Central Banksters (mostly the ECB) to hide this reality. At some point this game will also crash and then the entire superstructure of finance will start its descent into the abyss. I am still sensing that all this will happen within the remainder of 2016. People and investors are starting to sense the reality that all is not well with our global financial system. As awareness grows, the old games will cease to work. It’s all starting now! Prepare for major change between now and the end of 2016. That is my message for today! I am:



Kingdom Economics: ‘Diversity’ comes first!

August 21, 2016

America’s founders desired that the ‘individual’ prevail over the ‘collective’. The motto was: Life, Liberty, and Happiness (all endowed by our Creator for ‘each’ individual)! Thomas Jefferson desired that no ‘tyranny’ prevail over the mind of man (and he lived this philosophy mostly). T.J. was our example of putting the ‘individual’ prior to the ‘collective’. Tyranny is when another human being exercises control and/or power over another. One’s MIND is enslaved by the ‘other’ who seeks ‘unity’ prior to ‘diversity’! For the ‘individual’ to prevail I must allow the ‘other’ to express disagreement and separateness. I/You must prevail always (as ‘individuals’)! This was the mindset of America’s founding IMO!

This is what America is all about! The INDIVIDUAL must prevail over the groupthink ‘collective’! T.J. tried to promote a mindset of NO ‘tyranny over anyone’s MIND! I agree with this philosophy of our founding fathers!

Today, however, we have political, religious, and secular leaders who desire to promote ‘unity’ prior to ‘diversity’. Listen to Hillary as she promotes this concept called ‘unity’ so that she can govern over everyone (America and the World). The Donald does similar. All religions and corporate organizations do similar via their ‘groupthink’ agendas. The ‘collective’ must be allowed to dominate over the ‘individual’. All ‘groupthink’ organizations tend to promote ‘unity’ via their leaders messages at the expense of ‘individuality’ and ‘diversity’. This places the leader who is in control of the ‘group’ in the position of dominating the group and suppressing ‘individuality’. All religions seem to promote this mindset as well as our politicians. Think on this for a few minutes!

All political leaders put the ‘collective’ first’ and then the ‘individual’! This is our problem! The problem today is that our Constitution consists of mere ‘words’ with no agreement on meaning (from the reader of the ‘words’)!

Thomas Jefferson was a ‘cult’ of one (mostly). He recognized human nature and the tendency of a groupthink leader (political or religious) to promote a ‘false’ unity so that the group could prevail as the ultimate solution. I witness this same mindset today within religion, politics, science, and philosophy. A strong groupthink leader promotes ‘unity’ and ‘sameness’ so that the leader’s agenda can dominate over the ‘individual’. I must bow to the group leader when I disagree so that the ‘collective’ can survive and prosper (at the expense of the ‘individual’). All this thinking is anathema to Kingdom Economics! What is needed today is life, liberty, and happiness for ‘each’ individual (first) and then ‘unity’ can emerge from each ‘individual’ person. Think about a world where the ‘individual’ prevails over the groupthink leader! America was founded upon this premise!

Political leaders desire a groupthink agreement (called political correctness) so the leader can ‘impose’ her/his agenda upon the many! This is opposite the mindset of  Thomas Jefferson (as well as other founding fathers)!

The groupthink leader (desires ‘diversity’) as long as his/her agenda is not the issue! Political leaders want ‘political correctness’ so they can achieve their groupthink agenda! Mob rule is what Thomas Jefferson called this mindset!

Unite and/or Unity is what all political leaders desire so their ‘mob rule’ agenda can prevail over the electorate! The end result of this is enslavement for the ‘individual’ who disagrees! Enslavement is what I see developing today!

The System is ‘rigged’ so a leader can impose ‘unity’ via political correctness on everyone! To govern requires agreement with the ‘leaders’ agenda! This creates a form of ‘mob rule’ and more division from those who disagree!

The mindset of a groupthink leader who has a ‘unity’ agenda!

Hillary and The Donald desire Mob Rule for America (the 50.001% governing the whole)! This is because they put ‘unity’ prior to ‘diversity’…the ‘collective’ prior to the ‘individual’! We now need a different philosophy for our planet IMO!

The above mindset (promotes the leader’s vision) but not the ‘individual’s’. All ‘individual’s’ are unique and different so groupthink (from a leader) is a form of suppression of ‘diverse’ viewpoints! Leaders like to promote ‘unity’ concepts for the purpose of furthering THEIR (politically correct) agenda!

Diversity and Individuality comes first for Kingdom Economics! A leaders ‘unity’ concepts (to promote a given groupthink agenda) must be secondary (it must follow ‘after’ freedom for each individual is achieved)! We need NO tyranny over the MIND of any ‘individual’ (as Thomas Jefferson so admirably expressed)!

Planet Earth consists of 7 billion individuals (all unique and different). This is the model of Kingdom Economics! Equality of ‘individuals’ comes PRIOR to a ‘unity’ agenda. Diversity must come FIRST (as we live in the Now…continually). Think of this model as the model of our future!

One planet under a political King is ‘not’ the vision of Kingdom Economics!

A model where PEOPLE come first (individuality) and rulership is transcendent (the Creator of all is King over our planet)! Think on the concept of eliminating all ‘human’ rulers from our System!

One Planet under God follows from America’s concept of One Nation under God! Who can discern that this is reality as we live it? It has been reality from the beginning IMO!

In conclusion, Kingdom Economics portrays a vision where the ‘individual’ is Supreme and where human rulership is eliminated from our planet. This means that all political, religious, scientific, and secular thinking be given equal standing in the marketplace of ideas. This also means that ‘diversity’ needs to be a mindset that prevails over this concept called ‘unity’. Diversity comes FIRST and then unity is what Kingdom Economics is all about. Freedom for the ‘individual’ must prevail over groupthink within the political ‘collective’. All politics, religion, science, and philosophy must rethink their goals so that ‘diversity’ and ‘individuality’ can grow exponentially and continually. One planet (under our Creator) is the ultimate goal of Kingdom Economics. Enjoy this thinking and talk about putting the ‘individual’ as SUPREME (this means demoting the groupthink agenda’s of all political leaders)! I am:

P.S. Some videos to review for a better understanding of groupthink (and human nature):

  1. (a view of conformity within groups)
  2. (symptoms of groupthink)
  3. (religious groupthink, Jonestown)
  4. (political groupthink, Bay of Pigs)
  5. (science groupthink, Space Shuttle Challenger)



A ‘plan’ for the coming financial collapse!

August 19, 2016

Today, I talked to a female millennial who works at Best Buy in Tucson and who understands cyberspace. She recognized immediately that cyber money is ‘imaginary’ and will vanish with a shut-down of the computer banking system. She said that backing up the cyber digits with ‘paper’ notes is wise and helps with planning when spending and investing. This lady had wisdom beyond her age IMO. I was impressed by this lady’s wisdom. Few of the readers of this missive seem to comprehend cyberspace as well as this lady from Best Buy. She claimed to know about computers and cyberspace as she has grown up with electronic information. So let’s review a plan which we (she and I) briefly discussed for environments such as we have today. The ‘plan’ is for anyone with savings (say $100,000 or more). There are three steps to consider to implement this ‘plan’!

  1. Since our currencies today are ‘imaginary’ digits within cyberspace, it would be wise to ‘back-up’ your digits (to some degree) within all your savings accounts with some ‘paper’ notes. Your ‘digits’ are official legal tender as of now but if the system is temporarily or permanently shut-down, your options are limited without a back-up plan. Digits are ‘imaginary’ but paper notes are not!
  2. Paper notes could represent some 50% of your savings given today’s situation. Store these ‘paper’ notes in a safe venue outside the official banking system (say under your mattress). This would allow for usage (spending) if your cyber digits are shut-down (with no access). A banking holiday is likely and this means that options are necessary when this happens!
  3. Paper notes, however, are not real items with ‘value’ so backing-up the paper with some precious metals would also be wise (say 25% of the total). Most people still view silver and gold coins as having ‘value’ in exchange. All our coin shops will exchange officially minted coins for ‘paper’ notes and/or cyber ‘digits’ (our legal tender currencies). This allows for immediate exchange for other goods and services. In some States silver coins and gold coins are also official legal tender which gives these items additional credence in the ‘minds’ of most people.

So lets’ review the plan for those with $100,000 of savings or more. Put some $50,000 of the total into ‘paper’ notes (paper dollars in the United States or the equivalent in other countries). Store your ‘paper’ notes in a safe venue of your choosing. If you travel or desire to barter with sophisticated counterparties in the marketplace, it would also be wise to have some physical precious metals (say one ounce coins totaling 25%) which you can access for dire situations. These coins must be officially minted and well recognized (say American Silver/Gold Eagles or Equivalent). Store these coins in a safe venue which you can access if necessary. This is my three step plan for anyone with substantial savings (say $100,000 or more). Do this now as no-one knows when the banking holiday might begin!

What is needed for our planet is NEW THINKING and a New Global Economic Model!

At some point down the road we will need a NEW economic model for our planet. Kingdom Economics is one alternative which I promote and which would work globally. Today, however, we live with a failed and corrupt financial system which is collapsing daily. A transition period is coming and this period could involve many years of dire events. If you desire to survive, it may be wise to think of alternatives now which allow options that make sense. The above three step plan is one option which makes sense to me. Think on it and then act if you agree! Enjoy the calm before the coming STORM! I am:


The Five ‘Kingpins’ who prevent a market crash!

August 16, 2016

The five key ‘kingpins’ who have prevented our global cyber markets from collapsing can be identified. All we have on this planet (as decision-makers) are people and key leaders. The leaders who control our markets are few and many understand that it is our Central Bankers which rig all our markets and prevent these markets from collapsing. Central Bankers can create all the cyber money that they wish via the ‘click’ of a computer mouse. Money today is within cyberspace and these ‘digits’ (called official currencies) can control, rig, and manipulate ALL our markets for a season. Confidence within the trading community is the key to this continual situation (a melt-up without any major correction or collapse). Who are these FIVE key ‘kingpins’ on the global stage of monetary policy? I would suggest that they are:  Mark Carney, Janet Yellen, Mario Draghi, Zhou Xiaochuan, and Haruhiko Kuroda! What a world we live in today! The FEW (in power positions) can manipulate and control all of us!

Central bankers triggered wild swings in markets in 2015 and 2016. From left, People’s Bank of China Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan, ECB President Mario Draghi, Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen and Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda. Now add the name of Mark Carney, Bank of England.

These decision-makers (working as a ‘network’) can manipulate all of us with their corrupt centralized policies! Today, it is all done electronically and within this ‘netherworld’ called cyberspace! ‘Cyber money’ is the key word!

Mark Carney, Janet Yellen, and Mario Draghi rule over most of Western finance! All this is done mostly BEHIND closed doors! This is why few investors, traders, or the public can discern what is happening! Computers and ‘keystrokes’ create/destroy/control/manipulate/rig our markets!

This permanent member of the FOMC is also a key decision-maker who works BEHIND closed doors! He can assist with the manipulations and rigging of our markets from his perch at the New York Federal Reserve building! He has some 500 traders to help him with his manipulations! Why do Central Banks have trading rooms?

This Treasury Secretary (Jack Lew) also has serious input into policy decisions which rig all our markets! He operates behind closed doors in Washington D.C.! Some say that his Exchange Stabilization Fund is directly involved in the rigging of our silver/gold markets! Why rig ‘prices’ of silver and gold? Think on this!

Why can not anyone discern what is happening within our markets today? Are you aware that all the above work surreptitiously BEHIND closed doors? Most everyone is aware that our Central Banks are behind all the manipulations and rigging, yet we can not KNOW with certainty because ALL happens behind closed doors. There is a reason for all this ‘darkness’. These few desire to continue the game of playing God over all our finances and capital markets. It must be satisfying to watch the markets from their ‘kingpin’ perch (knowing that no-one can interfere with their actions and manipulations).

A partial revelation (photo) from the computer trading room at the New York Federal Reserve Building, 33 Liberty Street, New York. This room and others like it are at the core of all rigging and manipulations! Some 500 traders serve this corrupt operation (operating behind closed doors)!

Also, we now have markets which operate as a ‘network’ globally. All the key indices (DOW, NASDAQ, Nikkei, DAX, FTSE 100, Shanghai)  can be controlled electronically with ‘algorithms’ and computer software. High Frequency Trading (at near the speed of light) allows for these global networks and the global rigging of all our markets. Traders do not desire to change this situation (as yet) as a continual ‘melt-up’ in all the key indices creates cyber profits for all these traders. Money rules over our planet and all the undiscerning people (now over 7 billion). This will continue until ‘confidence’ collapses within the greater marketplace. I expect this to happen soon (but an exact date is impossible to predict). Watch our markets as this entire HOUSE OF CARDS will come tumbling down eventually! Enjoy for now! I am:

QUESTION: Do any of the above policy makers stand for election from the general public? Do any report to the public or the producers of all our ‘wealth’? Do any desire to create a decentralized marketplace where everyone can participate? Can you discern why this edifice is a corrupt hierarchy? All private property (on the entire planet Earth) could be expropriated by this corrupt edifice, operating behind closed doors. How can any of this continue? Thomas Jefferson warned us about this eventual possibility. We are NOW there!

Entering the Kingdom (‘difficult’…but doable/realizable)!

August 15, 2016

The goal of humanity is: Life, Liberty, and Happiness! This was also the motto or belief of America’s founding fathers. Life is precious and liberty is essential for happiness. These three concepts are what Kingdom Economics is all about. To live within Kingdom Economics is my goal and the goal of this website. But few are currently supporting this goal as our current System has not collapsed…as yet. Until the collapse of our current System I don’t expect many to seek the wisdom of Kingdom Economics or the Kingdom of our Creator as the ultimate Source (government). People do not change their thinking until the PROBLEM has emerged full-blown. My sense is that the PROBLEM will get revealed AFTER the coming financial holocaust which is now emerging globally! Economics is at the core of survival and at the core of behavior/beliefs!

The goal of all Americans and most everyone on planet Earth are the above concepts!

The goal of Kingdom Economics is the above! To achieve this goal requires NEW thinking!

Entering the Kingdom is a mindset (set down by our Creator) which few recognize as yet. Our Creator has provided the steps which are required, however. These steps (in thinking) can be reviewed in our scripture by reading the following texts: Luke 14: 25-33; Matthew 10: 34-29; Mark 8: 34-38. These words from our Creator do not change over time. They are ‘absolute’ IMO. I must ‘deny’ or ‘reject’ everyone FIRST to become an ‘individual’ and then simultaneously ‘accept’ all contrary viewpoints as valid (my enemies viewpoint must be accepted as ‘right’ for them even though I ‘reject’ this view for myself). Reality is ‘relative’ and every person has a unique view of reality. None can play God and survive in the Kingdom. Denying ‘self’ is required! ‘I’ am the problem is my mantra! I would suggest that the word ‘I’ can be assumed as ‘Uni-plural’ (applying to all)!

The word ‘hate’ might better be interpreted as ‘reject’! Life is paradoxical and our ‘words’ can confuse the meaning of reality! Denying ‘self’ can also be viewed as ‘rejecting’ self…as being THE SOLUTION! I must ‘reject’ the absoluteness of everyone’s viewpoint…to achieve individuality!

These ‘words’ originally were revealed to Yeshua (a messenger) but they came from our Creator! The Logos is ultimately The CREATOR GOD (not a human being on our planet)!

What does it mean to ‘deny’ self? Let’s think on this for this missive. Following are some of my interpretations from reading the above reference (words revealed some 2000 years prior to today):

  1. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of my Father and Mother (as being valid for me).
  2. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of my Sister and/or Brother (as being valid for me).
  3. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of my wife (spouse) as being valid for me.
  4. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of my pastor, teacher, theologian, or mentor (as being valid for me).
  5. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of science and/or philosophy (as being valid for me).
  6. I must ‘reject’ the absolute views of educators/economists/media experts (as being valid for me).
  7. I must ‘reject’ (finally) myself (the rightness of my ‘self’) so that all becomes relative globally.

What all the above means is that SELF must be denied (hated) and SELF must become the ‘problem’ (not the solution as is now promulgated by all of mankind on this planet). Our current System advocates a ‘mindset’ of the OTHER (called YOU) being the ‘problem’ and not ME, MYSELF, and I. Listen to all the preachers, teachers, media experts on this planet now. What do they enunciate as ‘the problem’? They enunciate a mindset of the ‘other’ (also called ‘you’) as being the problem! This is often expressed as ‘you’ being the problem and ‘I’ being the solution. This mindset is anathema if one is to ENTER the Kingdom of our Creator. These are NOT my admonitions, but the direct admonitions from our Creator God (IMO). Read the ‘words’ from scripture above and think on these words. Who ‘revealed’ these words to the human speaker called Yeshua? Who was the SOURCE?

Yeshua’s words (on the ‘self’) and the Law were ‘different’ from that of Saul of Tarsus (who via a vision became the Apostle Paul). Paul’s Gospel was only partially valid and NOT identical with that of the Prophet/Rabbi Yeshua! Deny ‘self’ is the core of Yeshua’s Gospel and he preached the Kingdom of (his) God…who we call the Creator or the Most High God (Elohim, YHWH, Most High)!

False Christianity (derived mostly from the writings of the Apostle Paul) who had much right but not all (IMO) created this mindset that Christians are the ‘solution’ and not the ‘problem’. The Gospel of Paul can be viewed as partially a ‘false’ Gospel as it promotes the idea that being SAVED (creates a completely ‘new’ person with all the past ‘sin’ abdicated from one’s personal history and abolished). This mindset is called SALVATION from sin and those who buy into this mindset ‘assume’ that they are SAVED from the wrath/judgment of our Creator God (YHWH, Elohim, El, Eloah)…now emerging! In reality (IMO) JUDGMENT is coming for all these believers in Paul’s salvation gospel. Jacob’s Trouble is meant for all those who descend from Abraham and salvation occurs ONLY from YHWH…not the Gospel of Paul whom most Evangelicals follow!

Image result for Apostle Paul gospel of salvation is a false gospel

The concept of being ‘saved’ (eternally) assumes what is not happening in the NOW! Reality is a NOW experience and everyone following Paul’s Gospel is under this ‘false’ assumption that they are SAVED (absolutely)! Wake-up to the NOW realities!

All the above have some ‘truth’ and some ‘false’ teachings! Are they ‘the problem’ or ‘the solution’? I would suggest that they are THE PROBLEM (they have not ‘denied’ self)!
The goal of Kingdom Economics is THE KINGDOM of our CREATOR! The MOST HIGH SOURCE! Then the goals of ‘Life, Liberty, and Happiness’ will emerge!
Additional ‘false prophets’ who have NOT denied their ‘self’! They are NOT saved IMO!
The prayer of Yeshua (Jesus) during his lifetime! The Father (in heaven) is also our Creator God! No human being was or is God (IMO)!

Evangelical Christianity is promulgating a ‘false’ gospel message to their group-think followers (under the assumption that THEY are the SOLUTION and the ‘other’ is the PROBLEM. This mindset must change if one is to ENTER the KINGDOM of our CREATOR. That is my view of the GOSPEL and we will need to witness whether this view is valid AFTER the coming financial crash/collapse and a turn to reality. In reality, I AM THE PROBLEM (not the solution) and this is the message of Kingdom Economics for everyone! I stand on this mindset and ONLY our CREATOR can change this mindset (if it needs change). My sense is that it does NOT need change! Think on this for a few minutes and READ the above scripture ABOVE for a reference point! Enjoy! I am:

What is now emerging is the following:

The Wrath of the Most High is primarily for the descendants of Jacob (America and the Western Nations are included IMO)!

The END of our current SYSTEM (does not mean the end of our planet or all the people)! What is emerging is the ‘Transition’ from one System to a better System!


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