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? Is ‘Man’ the Solution or the Problem? Let’s Use History as our Guide!

February 18, 2019

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Man’s 6,000 years of civilized history (from the Sumerians to Earth citizens of today) reveals that human conditions never get solved permanently (only temporarily resolved). Why this situation? Today, we live in the final days of ‘man’s’ rule over this planet. We call this the End-Times or the End of the Age. History is ending for man’s rule because ‘man’ is unable to create peace and happiness on this planet (via human government).


What is the problem with man’s attempts to rule over others? Why the fighting, wars, and conflicts continually? Why dictators and strong-men everywhere? Man starts a new scheme (like the current United Nations) to temporarily resolve some issues and conflicts. But the BIG issues never get resolved or solved. Why? What is our Creator telling us as we live our lives? Why is man impotent when it comes to real solutions!


I think the issue is rather simple. In reality, MAN (male and female) is/are the PROBLEM and not the SOLUTION. Man’s nature is to serve…not to RULE. Man ruling over man does not work. Man subduing man (via guns and might) does not work. Man’s governments are impotent to solve our core problems on this planet. This means that conditions get worse and worse over time.


There is NO solution to our current situation (given a man ruled system). Our Creator has revealed this situation clearly. That is WHY we are now in the LAST DAYS of man’s rule over this planet. The END is here for those with discernment and wisdom. The days of ruling planet earth via guns, might, and human enslavement are coming to an END. I may witness this end in my personal lifetime (only God knows)!


Soon we will witness a huge collapse of our economic/financial system. Fake money and unpayable debt will create this huge collapse. The hand writing is on the wall for everyone to see if they want to see. Counterfeiting of money (by our Central banks) to temporarily service our unpayable debt is coming to an end. The day of reckoning is soon here for all of us to experience.


Economics and finance are key to our survival. Just look at what is now happening over in Venezuela, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Libya, Iran, Cuba, Sudan, and a host of other nations. Our man ruled systems do not work and with today’s internet world they can not work. Human nature desires freedom and this can not arrive under our current man ruled world. As individuals we all have unique perspectives and points-of-view. Should I rule over your view? Should you rule over my view?


What a man ruled system creates is a system which enslaves the masses so that a few at the top can prosper. Today, 1% of the population owns and controls some 40% of all the planet’s wealth. In America some 80% of the digital wealth is owned and controlled by 10% of the people. Is this solvable given our current accounting system? In reality, this creates enslavement for the many and riches for the few. In today’s world of transparency this situation can not last.


Those in control now desire to enslave the whole planet with a centralized system of rule. A global dictatorship of the people is in the making as I write. The core agenda is called Agenda 2030. Our United Nations along with existing governments (some 193) have bought into this centralized plan for our planet. All this is now in the making and according to Prophecy this unworkable plan will continue to grow until it destroys most of the planet.


Our Creator will, apparently, allow man to experience a FINAL conflict of the ages (called Armageddon) prior to taking over our system. I can discern this emerging event as I write. Our problem is this idea called ‘man ruling man’. It is destined for elimination but not until it suffocates the senses of nearly everyone on the planet. That’s how I see our situation. You will need to think for yourself to discern what is happening and when!


Some evidence which shows the nature of our problem: 



Some evidence of the coming financial holocaust:



Evidence of human history over the past 6,000 years (plus war history):




Our Creator’s Solution to man’s Problem of enslavement:

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I am:



Mankind has not been Saved from Sin!

February 17, 2019

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Our world is made up of sinners. These are people who transgress the Law of Yahweh God (given to Moses on Sinai). Today, we have some 7.5 billion sinners on planet earth. None is totally righteous. This is obvious when I experience reality daily. Sin is everywhere and within every person (to some degree). That includes myself!


The Pauline form of Christianity assumes that the Moral Law of Yahweh (given to Moses) has been replaced with a new covenant (called grace). All sin can be wiped away via the blood of this person called Yeshua (Jesus). This gives Pauline Christians freedom and grace as they live their daily lives. Sin is supposedly not an issue for many Christians. Is this a valid theology?


My view is different. My interpretation of Yeshua’s gospel is different. My many friends within Pauline Christianity do not live more sinless lives than my non-Pauline friends (generally). Attendance at church (by Pauline Christians) gives them a group-think mindset which deceives them from the reality of their own sin. None of these Pauline Christians IMO are free from sin or from human nature (our flawed inner self).


Paul of Tarsus came up with a gospel which was different from this anointed one called Yeshua (Jesus). Yeshua was born ‘under the law’ and he was fully aware that he was a sinner. He chose baptism by his cousin, John, as a recognition of his personal sin. Later in his ministry he stated that ‘none is good’ except God (Yahweh). He said ‘Why do you (speaking to a fellow Jew) call me good? No one is good but God alone’.


Yeshua then said with reference to the greatest commandment, ‘Hear O’ Israel: The Lord our God (Yahweh), the Lord is one; and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ Yeshua taught his disciples these ideas. Paul of Tarsus, however, came up with his own contrarian gospel (a gospel of grace). Paul claimed that his gospel was a revelation from the glorified Yeshua.


But was this gospel of Paul a valid gospel. I would suggest that it was not. Paul did not know the living Yeshua and he had no communication with this living Jew (rabbi). Paul came up with his gospel of ‘grace’ many years AFTER Yeshua was dead and gone. Did a glorified Yeshua ‘appear’ to Paul and change his own gospel which he preached while living on our planet? What was the gospel of Yeshua while living on this planet?


Yeshua had a gospel which biblical scholars called the ‘Kingdom of God’. Yeshua desired that his Jewish God (the God he worshiped at the Temple in Jerusalem) would establish a Kingdom/Government for all of Israel (the 12 tribes). Yeshua’s God was the God of Abraham and Moses. This God had his presence within the Temple of Yahweh located in Jerusalem. This God was viewed as the Creator of mankind and the sovereign Lord over our universe. His Hebrew ‘name’ was Yahweh!


Yeshua also viewed the Law of Moses as applicable for believers. He claimed that not one jot or one tittle shall pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Matthew 5: 18.

The World English Bible translates the passage as:

For most certainly, I tell you, until heaven
and earth pass away, not even one smallest letter
or one tiny pen stroke shall in any way pass away
from the law, until all things are accomplished.


This reveals how different the gospel of Yeshua was from the gospel of Paul. Paul is the one who has created most of modern-day Christianity. His letters and theology is what most churches follow. I find this interesting as Christians have devised so many doctrines that contradict their Messiah, called Yeshua/Jesus. The Trinity doctrine is meant to promote a human person as God. This is actually idolatry. Yet Christianity can not discern this.


The virgin birth myth is derived from pagan mythology. None of these ideas were espoused by the historical Yeshua. His gospel was based upon his experiences with his God called Yahweh. In English we use the word Father in place of Yahweh. My sense is that this person called Paul of Tarsus has misguided millions of believers into a false gospel and belief system. All this is now being exposed by our biblical scholars.


This video gives some recent scholarship on this person called Saul of Tarsus who later became Paul of Tarsus. I find part of this video very relevant for understanding why Paul became so popular within orthodox Christianity. We now need some new research on the gospel of the historical Yeshua/Jesus! Why did Yeshua teach the Kingdom of his God? What was he desiring for the world? It’s essential history for today’s End of Age eschatology!


Do some study on your own. Enjoy! I am:

Our FAKE Economy (called Capitalism) is being Recognized by Many as an Illusion!

February 16, 2019

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There are a number of articles in today’s Barron’s, the Economist, and today’s Wall Street Journal which touch on our ‘fake’ economy and ‘fake’ Capitalism. The headlines reveal the issues:

  1. Today’s Barron’s: Avi Tiomkin says “Again, the Fed Seems Oblivious to a Crisis”
  2. Peggy Noonan in the WSJ says “Republicans Need to Save Capitalism”
  3. Lance Morrow, Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, says “America Is Torn Between Trump’s Fibs and Progressive Fantasies”
  4. The February Economist Magazine says “The Rise of Millennial Socialism”. Do the radical left’s ideas about democratizing the economy make sense?


What do all these opinions suggest about our fake economy? Thinkers are now waking up to the illusions within this Fed rigged (centrally planned) economy. Avi says that there is little doubt that the world economy is sliding into a recession. He says “global sociopolitical unrest is rampant. The only effective measure to stave off a crisis is budgetary and fiscal expansion on a dramatic scale.”


Peggy says “The Democratic Party is going hard left. Millennials, the biggest voting-age bloc are to the left of the generations before them.” Peggy says we need a cleaned-up Capitalism. All this must be done with a sense of how Americans on the ground are seeing things. Republicans (she says) need to change themselves and save Capitalism. What is Peggy missing in her analysis?


The Economist says “For the American generation which has grown up since the downfall of the USSR, socialism is no longer the boo word it once was. On the left, a log of Americans are more skeptical than they used to be about Capitalism. Indeed, what might be called ‘millennial socialism’ is having something of a cultural moment.” Why this situation?


All these opinions point to what I have been saying for years. Real historical Capitalism has vanished as our fake digital money system has grown. Today, we have a centralized system of wealth where the rich get richer and everyone else falls into a debt induced despair. Some 1% of the super-rich own some 40% of all global wealth. Is this a Capitalism that can last?


The reality is that we no longer have Capitalism. We have a central bank driven system of illusions and fantasies. Money is now an ‘imaginary’ unit of the human mind with no tie to material reality. How can this be called Capitalism? We should call it Illusionism and/or Delusionism. It has no foundation which can last. Mere units of a bankers mind ($$$$$) are created to control and distribute this so-called digital wealth which we witness within our computer screens.


The current trend towards Socialism makes sense for these millennials who have no history of real historical Capitalism. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her supporters are thinking logically even though their ideas are unworkable. They witness the phoniness of today’s Capitalism and ask if a better system cannot be imagined. I understand their frustration. The SYSTEM is the problem!


We need to recognize that our SYSTEM is now the problem. It’s not the millennials or those who propose fantasy solutions. It’s the current FAKE system run by our central planners in Washington. We live with fakery, rigging, and mental illusions which need to be exposed to all the public. Our money is fake. Our debt is unpayable. Our elites who run this system are mostly fake politicians and media pundits who can not discern obvious realities in front of their face.


Look out your window to discover reality! Where is this imaginary unit called the American dollar ($)? Where does it come from? Who types this unit ($) into our computer driven currency system? Can ‘counterfeiting’ of money create a Capitalism which works (lasts)? The entire system is phony and fake. What is the concept called QE? I have been writing about this for YEARS!


Wake up to reality folks. We are living an ILLUSION/Delusion with our current fake monetary system. Illusions can not last longer term. It is time to ‘fold’ this current system and unfold a new alternative (based upon reality as we live it). Don’t blame the millennials. They are at least thinking logically. It’s our elites within politics, the media, and our education system which need exposure. Those in control are the REAL problem IMO!


That is my point-of-view. Think for yourself! Check out the reality at this website: I am:

The Stock-market is NOT the Economy!

February 15, 2019

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In today’s speech to the Nation, our President expressed his view that our economy is booming even as other nations economies have slowed. His view was that the booming stock-market represents our economy. Is this a valid view of economics?


I think our President has a distorted view of our economy and real wealth creation. Just because the stock-market is up (some 330 points as Mr. Trump was speaking) does not mean that our economy is booming. Digits go up with algorithmic trading even as our real wealth declines. Does Mr. Trump comprehend this?


As I write the retail sector of our economy is slowing significantly. The auto sector is slowing. The Baltic Dry Index (a measure of trade activity) is now at 628 (down some 50.59% since January 1, 2019). Exports from Japan are down. Exports from Germany are down. Real estate sales are slowing significantly.


Just because our digital stock-market goes up and up does not mean that our real economy is booming. Mr. Trump needs new economic advisers who can discern what is really happening at the ground level. Do any of his advisers comprehend that more computer digits does not mean real economic growth?


Our electronic markets can distort what is really happening at the ground level. I have noticed this for years. Algorithms can pump up these digits which show up on our stock indices boards. These digits, however, are not wealth. These digits do not reflect real wealth creation. They reflect what traders are doing with their algorithms.


We have a distorted and rigged trading market which deceives our politicians and most financial pundits. The purpose of a real stock index is to reflect what happens at the ground level. Is real wealth being created and produced? Are more cars being manufactured. Are consumers buying more products at our retail outlets?


If consumers are buying less and production is not growing then our real economy is actually declining. Stock digits can deceive as these numbers get created artificially by our traders and their algorithms. Today, trading is mostly algorithms and high-speed computer operations


Mr. Trump may think all is well when he sees these stock indices going up and up. When our money was tied to material reality, this was a valid view. Today, our digit money units are tied to nothing and represent nothing. There is NO VALUE in these computer trading digits. These digits are ‘imaginary’!


It may be wise for our President to get some new economic advisers. His lack of discernment and understanding is unhealthy for his marketing program of Making America Great Again. That is my personal view. Think for yourself! As I write the Dow Index is at 25,755 (up some 316 points)! Where is the new wealth?


I am:

Venezuela: A Model of What is Emerging for the World!

February 14, 2019

Venezuela is heading for a civil war and/or a military solution with the USA playing the key role. The idea that Venezuela will return to a form of non-violent democracy is not realistic. Democracy is nothing more than Mob Rule with the winning mob subverting the will of 50% or more of the people. Might makes Right is the solution for our human governments.


America has a form of Mob Rule as I write. The Left controls some 50% of people’s loyalty and the Right the other 50%. Neither can rule effectively. This is similar in almost every country on our planet. Venezuela has a deeper problem (than most) and the resolution of this problem is unlikely to be solved without violence and the military. Watch events as they evolve over in Venezuela.


Our world works via violence and military solutions. Just look at who remains in power when push comes to shove. Who has the guns? It’s whoever has the most guns and whoever has the support of a military force. Might makes Right is the only solution for man’s governments (as of today). The situation over in Venezuela will blow-up soon and the USA is part of the problem IMO.


Human nature is very complex. Both Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guaido are vying for power and control over this country of 30 million. Neither has the support of the total population. Neither can govern without the military, violence, guns, and a command system. Watch what happens over in Venezuela as this country is a MODEL for what we will witness in many countries over the next dozen or so years.


Our world is falling into chaos as our leaders can not command the support of their population. Our instant internet world makes political decisions transparent to the masses who have many different points-of-view on these issues. Agreement and cooperation is unlikely in this type of environment. Human nature is subjective and no leader will get the support of all the people.


A 50-50 system of Mob Rule is the best that man can expect in today’s world of the internet. Watch events over in Venezuela these next few weeks. The system is collapsing and agreement is unlikely. This means that the old Might makes Right solution will be implemented. A military solution today is extremely dangerous and it will make all these problems MUCH WORSE.


Leaders need to step down from power. Money needs to be eliminated from the marketplace (gradually). We need a new system where all are able to relate with equality, freedom, and within a non-violent environment. This will not happen, however, until our current system collapses and is rejected by the masses. Watch what happens over in Venezuela and then think about this concept called HUMAN NATURE!


I am:

Capitalism, Socialism, Communism! Key Differences!

February 13, 2019

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Today the Green New Deal is making headlines all over the planet. This ‘new deal’ outlined by our Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, from New York (along with a cadre of supporters) will promote a culture where everyone becomes a slave of the State. The State will administer this Green New Deal for the benefit of everyone. But wait, what are the consequences down the road if this ‘new deal’ is implemented?


What we need to understand are these three philosophies called Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism. What are the core concepts within each of these philosophies? Why is America now heading for Communism? Let’s explore some of the basics:


  1. Capitalism was America’s political/economic system from its founding until the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR implemented the beginnings of Socialism and this concept has grown since the 1930’s.
  2. Capitalism was based on this concept called ‘decentralization’. The government (State) would protect the citizens but the private sector would grow our wealth. Private individuals and private corporations would seek growth within a decentralized system (with minimal interference from our State systems).
  3. Key to Capitalism was a money system based upon this concept called ‘value’. Money was physical and it represented ‘value’. Valuations were measured via money which was defined as a measure of weight. Our leaders chose silver and gold (defined by law so everyone knew the definition).
  4. The idea of our State creating money via a private banking system was anathema to Capitalism. Money was chosen as a proxy for ‘value’ and then it was mined from our soil (the land) and minted into coins for distribution to the public. Every citizen had the option of mining silver/gold and bringing their product to the mint for coinage. Death was the punishment for corrupting the definition of money.
  5. Capitalism was a system which focused upon creating material wealth for the marketplace. Material wealth was derived from the land (natural resources). The idea of paper or digital units serving as ‘value’ and money was viewed as a corruption of Capitalism.
  6. Capitalism encouraged self-reliance and self-responsibility in the creation of wealth and prosperity. The idea that the State could replace the individual was not valid under Capitalism.
  7. Basically, Capitalism involves the actions of private citizens within a limited State system. Decentralized markets and an Open Outcry system for determining ‘prices’ was foundational to Capitalism.



  1. Socialism emerged in America after the Great Economic Depression of 1929. Corruption within our banking system caused this great depression. To solve this corruption our banksters created a more powerful banking cartel system. It was called the Federal Reserve System (1913 to present).
  2. This new banking system called the Fed created a centralization of power under the auspices of private elites. These private elites gradually eliminated our gold/silver money system and replaced it with a paper note system. Money became a ‘faith’ concept and ‘value’ became a subjective concept of our mind.
  3. The definition of money (which previously was provided by law) became a meaningless derivation of the human mind. Banksters could now create faith money via their thinking (our dollar became merely a ‘number’ on paper).
  4. After the closing of the gold window in 1971, our money unit became merely an imaginary ‘number’ (a bookkeeping entry). A floating dollar emerged and this evolved into a floating global currency system. Some attachment to material reality was maintained via the Petro dollar scheme.
  5. In the 1980’s and 90’s a computer system emerged. Our faith dollar now became a computer digit. After 2008, the Open Outcry system for determining prices was abolished and a faith computer money system evolved.
  6. Our entire monetary system was gradually centralized so that Central Banks could rig and manipulate the price/value system globally. Today, computers and electronics circulate all our money and value. A computer (algorithmic) system has emerged for trade, valuation, and circulation.
  7. This Green New Deal (Socialism) is now possible for our marketplace. Money can now be created by the State and funneled to bureaucrats for administration. The private citizen is becoming enslaved to numbers, centralized bureaus, and immense debt.



  1. With the emergence of the United Nations (after 1947) and this Agenda called Agenda 2030 in 2015, our elites now plan to create a global One World Political/Economic System for the entire planet.
  2. Our global Pope Francis has blessed this new Socialism for the planet and all 193 members of the United Nations. America has also bought into this global Socialism which is becoming Communism as of January 1, 2016.
  3. Read all about Agenda 2030 here: and also here:
  5. Our elites are now creating this One World Global System which I refer to as the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system. It is a digital system run by elites who are not responsible to any private system of economics or politics.
  6. This Green New Deal is a logical extension of what has emerged in just the past ten years. America is heading for Communism and a global system of enslavement to mental abstractions. Money is now a mental abstraction and not a ‘thing’ within nature. Computer money leads to enslavement of all mankind eventually.
  7. Central Banks now administer our entire global financial system. A few elites operating behind closed doors run our system. It’s totally corrupt and illegal. But most of our voting citizens are zombies who lack comprehension of what has emerged since (mostly) 2008.


Conclusion:  Capitalism has been replaced by Socialism which is leading to Communism. All this has happened gradually and relentlessly since the original New Deal of FDR. Our State is assuming control over all private affairs and the ‘mark of the beast’ (a numbers system) is replacing historical Capitalism. All this leads to enslavement of the individual and a dictatorship over the global marketplace.


Our only salvation is a revival of individualism, self-reliance, and self-responsibility. Will this emerge after the coming financial crash. Will people get themselves educated on all these issues of history? We must wait and watch what happens. As of today, this Green New Deal and similar concepts of Socialism seem to be growing in appeal. Send this missive to millions so our internet society can start to comprehend these issues.


Enjoy this day! I am:


Update on our Creator’s Throne Room!

February 11, 2019

Image result for throne room of yahweh


Comments: Those of us who view a Creator as the source of all events, believe that this Creator actually governs this planet of ours. Man rules in theory but our Creator rules in fact. That is the view of myself and many others who believe in this concept called a Creator, God, Higher Intelligence. America was founded upon this idea of reality. America was founded as ONE Nation Under the Creator!


If you click on the above link you will discover a template of this invisible government which rules our planet and our 7.5 billion citizens. Study this template to discern that our Creator rules over all events (both positive and negative). Our Creator brings us peace and war, love and hate, life and death, gain and toil, killing and healing, sorrow and laughter, wrath and salvation. All derives from our SOURCE (our Creator).


Why do so few comprehend these realities? I would suggest that most thinkers desire visible proof on events which are happening. Visible means that everyone watches the actors and not the ideas which motivate the actors. In reality, I act out my invisible ideas and you do likewise (the source is hidden). I can observe events happening as people act out their ideas on our stage. But the REAL governing source is the ‘invisible’ realm (this hidden realm).


Ideas are invisible and I act on these invisible notions. You see my movements but not WHY I move as I do. I see your actions but not WHY you act as you do. The WHY is hidden to the eye of a person as our source is ‘invisible’ (hidden). Our source is spiritual and this must be discerned with deep thinking and serious comprehension. Most do not think deeply. Most just watch what I do (you do) and not WHY I do (or you do) what we do.


Reality is governed by sources which are mostly invisible. Even our money system is now mostly invisible. I click on a buy button as I invest in the market. My click creates an ‘invisible’ signal which then performs the transaction. All is ‘invisible’ but the results can be watched in a computer screen. Our Creator God also sends signals to his servants who then act on these signals. But who can discern what is happening? Few to none!


Our world system is governed by ‘invisible’ spirit beings. The actors which think they are in control are really zombie puppets. Trump is not in control. Putin is not in control. Jinping is not in control. Etc., etc. All these politicians act out their invisible ‘ideas’ and we all watch them act. But where do their ‘invisible ‘ideas derive (come) from? This is a mystery to most actors. They assume that they are in control even though they are not!


The REAL source of human action is the above Throne Room and the spirits which act from this governing realm. Yahweh/Jehovah/the Most High Creator is this source. All the 7.5 billion (human) servants of this Creator act out their ‘invisible’ ideas and events happen as ordained. What happens is determined by our Creator. Good and bad (positive and negative) derive from this source. There is a ‘time’ of everything and a season for all events: Ecclesiastes 3: 1-5.


Image result for throne room of yahweh

Image result for ecclesiastes 3

Image result for God's prophetic timeline

We are now in the end of the End-times IMO. Our Creator’s time-line is uncertain but the SEASON can be discerned clearly. Think for yourself as you study the REAL governing authority over planet Earth. What happens going forward derives from this SOURCE. That is my belief and worldview. Think for yourself. Enjoy! I am:



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