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Satan has been ‘allowed’ to RULE planet earth! Think Epstein Saga?

July 15, 2019

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The sex trafficking behavior of Jeffrey Epstein reveals the network of corruption at the TOP of our political system. Jehovah God has ‘allowed’ this deceiver called Satan to rule over our planet and our system. But the Epstein saga is bringing out the details (of Satan’s control) for everyone to witness. Jehovah God is now starting the JUDGMENT period of man (our world system) prior to the coming Kingdom Age.


Let’s look into this Epstein situation further to discern the action of this Prince of darkness called Satan. Jeffrey Epstein, apparently, has luxury palaces (homes) in Paris, New York City, Palm Beach, Florida, New Mexico, and also a temple facility in St. James island located off the coast of Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands. Dozens of elites with political connections have befriended Mr. Epstein and his sex network.


Mr. Bill (William) Clinton, for example has taken some 26 trips to St. James island to party with Mr. Epstein (according to the video below). It appears that Hillary, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, Robert Maxwell, and a host of elites have been part of this sex trafficking/social network. Some say that the Israeli Mossad is behind part of this network. You can review the video and get all these details by going to:


I have followed this story as I believe that this Prince of the ‘power of the air’ who I call SATAN is the real source of all this corruption on our planet. Jehovah God has ‘allowed’ this Prince of Darkness to sway human nature so as this ‘dark-side’ of our behavior gets magnified. Jeffrey Epstein has allowed his ‘dark-side’ personality to rule over his behavior IMO. All his socialites who like to focus upon this ‘dark-side’ (of human nature) also support the behavior of Jeffrey.


We live on a planet where Jehovah God rules (ultimately) but where his ‘dark-side’ demon (called Satan) has been ‘allowed’ to inject this spirit of darkness into masses of people and especially those in positions of POWER who control our MONEY. Power and money are keys to corruption and sex is at the core of man’s desires for a false happiness. I noticed this same behavior during my many years of bartending at various hotel facilities in Wisconsin and Minnesota. I watched human nature in action.


Human nature has TWO spirits ruling within one’s consciousness (dark and light). The spirit of ‘darkness’ and the spirit of ‘light’ rule within our consciousness. Money and power bring out the spirit of ‘darkness’ (usually) in people who can not control their ‘dark-side’ spirit. Human nature has this ‘dark-side’ personality which Satan uses to advance his agenda of corruption on planet earth. It’s part of each and every person on this planet. I am no exception.


Take the time to review this Jeffrey Epstein saga to discern all these factors within our human nature. Sex, money, power, and social acceptance is all part of human nature. Those with weak self control will allow their ‘dark-side’ to emerge and rule. Jeffrey Epstein is now in custody and his narrative will get transparency all around the planet. As of today, he appears to be in serious trouble but his MONEY could get him off the hook. Apparently, he is offering $500 million to get out of jail.


Watch this saga to discern the two ‘natures’ within each of us. The ‘dark-side’ and the ‘light-side’. I also am subject to these two spirits. Being AWARE of them is the KEY to controlling these spirits within me. I do not blame Jeffrey Epstein for his behavior (ultimately) as I realize that the REAL culprit is this spirit called Satan (working within). Satan works (invisibly) to influence human behavior. Awareness allows me to avoid all this corruption in real-time (mostly).


Think for yourself on these issues of reality. Have a great day! I am:

Some images to help you discern what is happening within the Epstein saga:

Image result for Epstein homes in paris, france

Jeffrey travels the planet first-class. He has two planes and five luxury homes!
Image result for The Jeffrey Epstein saga in pictures'

Jeffrey seems to traffic in the arena of the young (under age females).

Image result for The Jeffrey Epstein saga in pictures'

This photo reveals human nature and one’s desire for sex to satisfy inner desires!

Image result for The Jeffrey Epstein saga in pictures'

We all know the inclinations of President Clinton (don’t we)?

Image result for The Jeffrey Epstein saga in pictures'

These personalities also surface under this social network of Mr. Epstein!

Image result for The Jeffrey Epstein saga in pictures'

Many political elites allowed the sex trafficking of Jeffrey Epstein!

Image result for St James island

Jeffrey’s spiritual retreat on the Island of St. James (Virgin Islands)!

But the secretive Epstein–who paid scores of underage girls to give him naked massages in his Palm Beach mansion while he masturbated and poked at them 

with a vibrator–somehow remains welcome in society, academic, and philanthropic circles. As registered sex offenders go, the 61-year-old Epstein remains a wildly popular guy. Powered by his purse, the reported billionaire–who once palled around with Britain’s Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and other royals–remains a prominent patron and donor to individuals and organizations that seem to have little problem accepting money from the felon.

Image result for was Israeli mossad involved with Jeffrey Epstein

Is Satan the invisible source at the bottom of all this pedophile behavior? If not, who? Money and sex go hand in hand (I have noticed this as a bartender). 

Image result for was Israeli mossad involved with Jeffrey Epstein

Some 80 women are now coming out with stories about Jeffrey Epstein and his behavior! Why? Is Jehovah God allowing this new transparency?

Image result for was Israeli mossad involved with Jeffrey Epstein

Big personalities are all part of the Epstein saga!

Image result for women coming forward to reveal sex trafficking of Epstein

Some 14 women are currently exposing the behavior of Jeffrey Epstein.

Image result for women coming forward to reveal sex trafficking of Epstein

Victims are coming out of the woodwork to expose this sex trafficking network!

Image result for women coming forward to reveal sex trafficking of Epstein

Alex Acosta steps down as Labor Secretary over Epstein situation!

Image result for women coming forward to reveal sex trafficking of Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell appears to be part of the sex trafficking network!

Seeking ‘Truth’ vs. Fiction! On issues of God!

July 14, 2019

Image result for Did Yeshua (Jesus) worship himself

Did the historical Yeshua (also called Jesus) desire to be ‘deified’? In other words, did the historical Yeshua promote himself as God Almighty and also Creator of our universe? Is Yeshua part of a spiritual Trinity which rules our planet?  Who did this historical person think was God Almighty? What is valid and what is fiction. Let’s discuss this theological issue today for greater understanding!


My reading of the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) as well this gospel called John reveals to me that Yeshua was fully human and he worshipped the God of Israel (not himself) during his lifetime on planet earth. Yeshua lived from around 4 B.C. to 33 A.D. Yeshua desired his God (called YHWH) to be the God of our universe and also the God whom he desired a relationship with. I often use the name ‘Father’ to refer to this God of Yeshua. Yeshua probably used the name Yahweh and/or Jehovah.


This religion called Christianity, however, has misinterpreted his words and promoted this Jewish rabbi (the messenger) to the level of our Creator God. This is unfortunate and not based upon discerning this rabbi’s message when here on our planet. Yeshua prayed to his God (YHWH) who he learned about while attending the Temple complex in Jerusalem. This Temple was called the House of Yahweh (the God of Israel). Yeshua was an Aramaic Jew from the tribe of Judah who worshipped this God of Moses.


Yeshua not only prayed to his God (Yahweh and/or Jehovah) but he was baptised into a relationship with this God by his cousin John the baptist (sometime around 29 A.D.). John preached a message of repentance and a return to Yahweh (the Father) for forgiveness of sins. Yeshua chose to adopt this same message of his mentor, John, plus he added the dimension called the Kingdom of his God (to his gospel message).


The real message of Yeshua was this idea called the Kingdom of his God. He desired his spiritual Father (YHWH) to rule our planet as well as the full House of Israel (the 12 tribes). He promoted freedom and a government of his God (called Yahweh and/or Jehovah God). He did not desire to promote himself as our God or Creator. He sent out his disciples to preach this gospel of the Kingdom while living on our planet.


Unfortunately, his message did not resonate with his Jewish superiors (at the Sanhedrin and the Temple complex). These elites seemed to think that he was promoting himself as God Almighty. This was not the mindset of Yeshua, however. His behavior reveals that he desired to pray to his God (not himself) and he recited the Shema daily to show his allegiance to his God (Yahweh and/or Jehovah). He desired his God to rule (not himself).


Christianity has developed a gospel which is mostly a form of ‘idolatry’ when understood. They have chosen to exalt Yeshua (after his death) to a position equal with the Father (Yahweh) so as to worship the messenger rather than the real God of our universe. The glorified Yeshua (now at the right-hand side of Yahweh God) is not equal with the God on our Throne. This is not valid thinking when discerning the history of Yeshua (his life) and/or the scripture which emerged after his death.


To exalt a prior human being to a position of God Almighty along with another God (the God of history and the Old Testament) is creating a worship of a man as God. This is a form of ‘idolatry’ and it is pure fiction when understood. Our founding father, Thomas Jefferson discerned this reality within Christianity and viewed it as anathema. So have many other thinkers on theological issues.


Now is the time to expose Christianity as a false religion of man rather than a religion of God Almighty. God Almighty sits on our spiritual Throne as a singularity (not this Trinity which Christianity has created for their followers. This Trinity concept is a pagan concept derived from pagan roots. Islam and Judaism promote one God Almighty who rules over our planet (not three). We all should promote the real God of history (not a prior human being as our Creator God).


Man can worship only ONE God (Master). This concept of worshipping a man (Yeshua/Jesus) is not valid when thinkers understand our history and real-time events. God is not a man nor a prior man. God is a spirit being who lives within our consciousness. To discern this reality take the time to do some research on your own. For me this issue is obvious. Yeshua is fully human whereas our Creator God is an invisible spirit being who works ‘through’ us (our consciousness). Have a great day and think on this issue yourself!


I am:

Computer Money: Creation and Circulation! Details!

July 13, 2019

Image result for computer driven markets which are global in scope

The evolution of money reveals that this ‘proxy for value’ (called money) has changed over our history substantially. Money started out as this ‘proxy for value’ (within a barter community) and today this ‘proxy’ is merely an imaginary ‘number’ within the computer screen (controlled by commercial bankers). Let’s talk about how money gets created today and also how money gets circulated (now that money has evolved into a computer digit):

1. Creation of Money:
its now done via making on-line loans to clients. Loans get created from the thinking of a banker and then the loan amount gets deposited into a computer account (of a client) via ‘typing’ the numbers into the established account. The loan numbers are viewed as both an ‘asset’ and a ‘liability’. The asset (from a banker’s point-of-view) is the loan amount created and the liability is the new money which was thought-up by the banker (viewed as a liability for accounting purposes). Essentially, money is now created from a banker’s consciousness (out of his/her mind and/or out-of-nothing) and then the dollar number is entered into an online computer account (of the client). Today, computers do all the work and storage vaults have become obsolete (as money is now metaphysical). Physical money is being totally eliminated globally!

2. Circulation of Money:
Most money today is circulated by means of our electro-magnetic spectrum (from computer to computer). Photons of light (operating at near the speed of light) circulate money digits from computer to computer. Photons (these mass-less waves of energy) get displayed within the computer screen as money digits (mere imaginary numbers). These digits/numbers have no rest mass and are, therefore, nothing with substance. Circulation is usually called ‘money flow’. Our electro-magnetic spectrum consists of signals (waves of energy) which circulate these imaginary units (called money) from computer screen to computer screen. Essentially, we now live within a cashless computerized system of photon digits as representations of economic ‘value’. Think on this significant change which has occurred in just the past 20 years (and mostly since the financial crisis of 2008).



The key to understanding this new cyber system of money is to visualize people (some 5.2 billion on planet earth) who hold a smart phone in their hand. These smart phones can be used to buy, sell, invest, trade, save, and circulate these digits of light from computer to computer. Think of signals going from your buy/sell decision to a recipient bank which settles the transaction with another computer operation. All is electronic and these signals travel at near the speed of light from computer to computer. Amazing!



Soon the entire planet will be buying, selling, investing, trading, lending, borrowing, and saving within a cashless world of signals and computer digits. It’s all electronic and the system now operates within our consciousness (our inner self) when fully understood. There is no ‘outer’ money units for this new world of cyber transactions. It’s all ‘inner’ and metaphysical when fully understood. Metaphysical means that nothing material (with substance) is used for all these money transactions. All is inner and virtual in nature. What is a virtual currency? What is a digital currency? Think on this!



Virtual reality is here for all our monetary affairs. Computers display this virtual world to each of us as we look at our smart phone screen. We can assume that the entire world is going cashless and virtual (soon). Computers, the cloud, and our electro-magnetic spectrum has created this new world of finance for our global society. We live in a world of imaginary numbers which our authorities like to call ‘money’. Money, today, is actually inner and non-physical. Few comprehend what has happened in just the past 20 years (mostly). We now need to understand this concept called ‘consciousness’ if we desire to understand today’s money system. It’s crucial for our future understanding!



Consciousness now stores all our money. The cyber-cloud is actually an extension of our consciousness. We create our money via loans (derived from abstract thought) and we circulate our money via massless photons which get displayed within our computer screens. Cyberspace is the location of today’s money and money flows. Visualize trillions of money digits stored within the cyber-cloud and circulating globally. All debt and deficits are now stored within this cyber-cloud. All this points to a change in the evolution of finance going forward. We are living in a metaphysical cloud which is totally immaterial/spiritual (in its nature).



You can read my prior missives to get more understanding about these recent changes within our economic system. Soon the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system will be here for all to witness. It’s evolving daily as real physical cash is being eliminated from all our markets. We now live mostly with computer money (mere virtual digits) which then get circulated via photons of light from computer to computer. Money flows from computer to computer and the cyber-cloud is the storage concept for all virtual money. Amazing changes have occurred (mostly since the financial crisis of 2008).



Get yourself educated on all the new terminology for the coming age of the computer. Some terms to comprehend are: cyberspace, cyber money, the cloud, photons of light, signals of energy, electronic transmission, electronic exchanges, virtual currencies, digital money creation from a banker’s consciousness, circulation of money via the electro-magnetic spectrum, the ‘mark of the beast’, banker manipulation, metaphysical realities, artificial intelligence, algorithms, source codes, quants, flash crashes, QE, and much more.



We live in a new world of finance and money. Have a great day! I am:




Does Debt and Deficits Matter (for USA)?

July 11, 2019

Image result for america's debt and deficits (historical)

Think about this situation called debt and deficits. America’s trade deficit is now over $886 billion (up some 34 fold since 1980). America’s national debt is now some $22.5 trillion (up some 25 fold since 1980). It appears that America can live off the world system of production indefinitely. Or is there a limit to this trend?


America has a currency which allows them to purchase goods and services from all parts of our world with no real consequence (as of yet). America buys, spends, and increases its DEBT and DEFICITS with no apparent consequence. This has continued for over 45 years and many now think this can continue indefinitely.


Most nations must watch their spending and most nations must balance their international books. America, however, does not need to balance their books as they can buy/spend by merely adding more ‘numbers’ called money (debt) to the existing pile of debt. This has been our MO since the 1970’s. Why this advantage?


America is essentially the banker for the planet. Our dollar is the prime reserve currency for the planet. Our central bank is the prime institution which monitors all banks on our planet (via their dollar swaps, lending operations, derivative operations, etc.). America can sanction nearly anyone via the Swift payments system which is mostly under American control. Amazing!


We now live with a digital/virtual/cyber economy which was mostly initiated by America (after the last financial crisis). American monetary operations are key to balance of trade issues for nearly every nation. I would call America the BANKER for the planet. All this has evolved (mostly) since the end of WWII and the end of the Bretton Woods Monetary Agreement (1971). America is KING of the monetary hill (for the time being).


Can anyone sanction America? Can anyone create an alternative to America’s dollar system? Can anyone refuse to sell goods and services to America? Who can challenge the American monetary empire (today)? At the moment there is NO-ONE. Russia can’t challenge America’s monetary might. China can’t challenge America’s monetary might. Europe can’t challenge America’s monetary might. Money rules this planet and America is MONEY!


It appears that the ONLY way America’s monetary might will be challenged is via a global monetary CRASH. A stock market crash, a derivative market crash, and an asset value crash. Since all money is now INNER (within our consciousness) this coming CRASH would be an INNER crash of historical levels. Cyber money lives within us (our inner extended consciousness). This means that a crash in investor ‘confidence’ could bring America to its knees.


Computer algorithms have (give) no allegiance to any nation or any banking system. These algo’s (operating spontaneously at the speed of light in real-time) could create a FLASH CRASH in a matter of minutes which then could create a domino effect globally. All the monetary might of America and her banking system could not prevent this type of CRASH (given the nature of today’s cyber markets). Algo’s could do the damage without any human input or even awareness!


A cyber crash is silent and could happen when a threshold level of negative trading emerges (remember algo’s are mostly preprogrammed). Selling short is one type of negative trade done by an algorithm. Mass selling of select corporate giants (say the Dow 30) could also create this coming cyber CRASH. The selling could spread globally in a matter of minutes. Algo’s now trade some 75% of all markets (give or take).


We live with a machine driven market which is global in scope. Money is now a cyber number (imaginary/virtual). Trading is now mostly via algorithms and via automated programs/platforms. All markets are inter-connected and we now live with some 65 major electronic exchanges (globally). Asset values get created and destroyed in milliseconds as algo’s trade our markets (buying and selling).


Money today is essentially imaginary/virtual/inner. Nearly all finance lives within our collective consciousness. Look all around you for some physical evidence of money flows. I can observe NONE. I can see NONE. I can feel NONE. Today, our money is within ‘cyberspace’ and lives within our extended consciousness. Computers circulate all this cyber money. Are we living in heaven or what?


If money is now cyber/virtual/inner and our consciousness is inner, than where are we living monetarily? It appears we are living in a monetary ‘heaven’. I need to LOOK to my ‘inner’ self for evidence of where my money lives. Virtual money is replacing all prior physical money (paper and coins). We are evolving into a cashless world economy. So what is ‘virtual’ money? Is it inner? Is it living within my consciousness?


I think we are living within a spiritual universe monetarily. Few discern their own consciousness. Few discern the nature of our monetary system. Central banks try to monitor and manipulate this cyber machine driven system. But their control is limited. Algo’s could spoil their control in a matter of seconds. Speed of light trading could spoil their control in a matter of seconds. Negative shorting of the markets could spoil their control in a matter of minutes. A domino effect could emerge in a matter of minutes.


All seems positive as I write this missive. Our cyber markets are going up and up. Asset values are going up and up. Debt and deficits are going up and up. American sanctions are being applied to more and more nations and individuals. It’s all working for America as I write. But all is temporal and ephemeral when we understand the underlying issues. All could END suddenly and silently!


Prepare for major change in a few days, weeks, or months. An ‘inner’ market system is subjective and temporal. It could come tumbling down with a change in emotions. Emotions rule all our markets. As I write all is calm and copacetic. We will need to watch events to discern when a change in these investor emotions happens. And the silent ALGO”S could go into operation at any moment. Only God knows when the plug will be pulled. Enjoy for now!


I am:

Powell: Economy is ‘Strong’ but Crosscurrents (growing)?

July 10, 2019

Image result for Powell says economy strong but crosscurrents growing

Fed speak is often difficult to interpret. The testimony today of our Fed Chairman, Mr. Powell, suggests that he is uncertain about where our economy is going. He claims the economy is ‘strong’ (his words) but the crosscurrents are also present. What does this mean in layman’s language? Let’s decipher the jargon!


I would suggest that this means a 0.50% interest rate cut at the end of July (next FOMC meeting). I say 50 basis points as I think he will recognize the slowdown by the end of this month. His rhetoric today did not reveal his deeper emotions IMO. So I am suggesting that we will witness a 50 basis points reduction in the Fed Funds Rate later this month. This will lower mortgage and auto rates some.


All this will help to reduce the slowing action within our economy. I don’t think it will create another boom economy, however. The slowdown (the current trend) in global production and trade is evident and I am now witnessing price reductions on many real estate properties around the country. The lower interest rates have not reversed this crucial market sector (as yet).


The auto market is also slowing and this points to a real recession later this year (or 2020). The coming reduction in interest rates will help some but my sense is that our markets will continue to slow and this could accelerate later in the year. As I write the Baltic Dry Index is at 1759 indicating some expansion in trade. But I also witness these crosscurrents which Mr. Powell expressed in his testimony.


On the surface, I would agree with Mr. Powell. The economy ‘looks’ strong at the moment. But we now live with a digital/virtual economy which can change direction in a moments time. After some 10 years with no correction in our electronic markets, it appears that this growth trend is ending (even if slowly). Consumer confidence is also starting to decline (some).


Watch the real estate and auto markets for signs that our economy has slowed. It is unlikely that these markets can be reversed with Powell’s coming 50 basis point cut (some say 25 basis points). Consumer spending represents some 67% of gross demand and as I write I witness slowing of this spending (within real estate and the auto sectors). Will my perceptions prove to be valid?


We could know by the end of July what trend is developing. If Mr. Powell actually lowers interest rates by 50 basis points then this means that his crosscurrents are growing in his mind. My sense is that a trend in motion (this slowing action) will continue and a lower interest rate will not change this trend. A trend in motion will continue until it ends IMO. Think for yourself on these confusing issues.


Read my prior missive on the nature of our markets. We now live with virtual/digital/cyber/imaginary markets. The entire edifice lives within our consciousness. This means that consumer confidence will play a crucial role in what happens going forward. All our markets are subjective/inner/emotional. This means uncertainty when making predictions about the future. Have a great day!


I am:

All my ‘Money’ lives in the cyber CLOUD! What does this MEAN?

July 9, 2019

Image result for the cyber cloud

I now live with cyber money, virtual money, digital money, imaginary money, fake money. Are you aware of what has evolved since 2008? Our banking system and our financial system has gone virtual and all our money now lives in THE CLOUD. I have no real physical money any longer. I transact my financial affairs in this CLOUD (now part of my inner mental consciousness). Amazing!


My savings live in this cyber cloud. My investments are transacted within this cyber cloud. My banking is done via this cyber cloud. My buying and selling are done via a swipe of a magnetic strip which transfers all my money to this cyber cloud. What has happened to create this new financial environment for me and most of our world? Let’s review a couple of changes since 2008.


First of all, our dollar has become merely a mental abstraction which now gets circulated within this global cyber cloud as a virtual number. Our dollar used to consist of coins and paper notes. Today, some 97% of all financial transactions are done virtually and electronically and the numbers circulate within our cyber cloud. Most of our world is now cashless (meaning that all currencies are now fake mental abstractions).


Fake money is created ‘out-of-nothing’ and our banking authorities now just ‘think’ and then ‘type’ abstract mental numbers into their computer accounts (which then sends these numbers to our cyber cloud for circulation). Virtual numbers (mere mental abstractions) have become our financial system since 2008. All historical coin/paper money is being eliminated from circulation. There are only a few exceptions (globally).


A country like India and Sweden have mostly eliminated all historical coin/paper money and transitioned to a cashless society for all their financial transactions. The entire world is now going cashless and digital. The cyber cloud can store unlimited units of these fake mental abstractions (numbers) and we can call this our money system for the immediate future. It’s virtual, digital, and imaginary. Who discerns?


The ‘mark of the beast’ financial system is here and my suggestion is that the administrator of this virtual/computer system will soon arrive. All we need is a serious stock market crash so that our unelected financial authorities can establish this ‘mark of the beast’ system for the world. It’s all prophesied to happen soon. All we need now is a serious market crash so that our authorities can develop this beast system for the world.


We live in interesting times and also end of an age times. The age of Capitalism is essentially over and this new cyber cloud beast system has arrived (in proto form). It will likely be implemented when the time is right (like immediately after the next serious cyber stock market crash). All our stock markets are now electronic and live within this cyber cloud system.


Our financial affairs are now mostly virtual and inner. Look all around yourself for physical evidence of your money. If you can’t find this physical evidence (anywhere) it may be because all your money is living in the cyber cloud now. It’s all within cyberspace and this inner realm called our ‘consciousness’. All physical money is disappearing and fake mental abstractions ($$$$$) have arrived. Where does all this lead?


I leads to inner enslavement of the mind or spirit. Once this beast system gets set up all financial transactions will be via fake mental abstractions (mere imaginary numbers) which enslave the many who must buy/sell/invest/save using this beast financial system. Those who run the system (merely a few unelected elites) will benefit as the masses of people become robots/slaves of this beast system.


Try to reject this system and you and I will be rejected by this beast computer system. We will need to barter for our survival when all this happens. All this is emerging now in proto form and my sense is that it will be mandated some time AFTER the next serious financial crash. Our virtual/cyber markets are all electronic and this crash could happen in minutes once the stage is set.


Algorithms will do the damage and few will discern what has happened. Our markets are now all electronic and living within the cyber cloud. This type of market system is vulnerable to a ‘flash’ crash when confidence has been destroyed. The key word now is ‘confidence’ in the current fake system. When ‘confidence’ goes then the crash occurs. Watch our markets to discern these coming events. Your smart phone will reveal the outcome after it happens.

Image result for the cyber cloud

Have a great day. The weather should not be affected by this coming cyber crash. It will be a silent crash and the cyber numbers will be displayed electronically when it all happens. Look at your smart phone screen to discern this inner space called the cyber cloud. It’s part of my/your extended ‘consciousness’. I am:

System to Change: New System to be called ‘Kingdom of God’!

July 7, 2019

Image result for Kingdom of God on earth

Those with an understanding of history, eschatology, and scripture realize that the coming change in world events will be initiated by our Creator God. This coming NEW SYSTEM (now needed badly) can be called the Government of Jehovah God and/or the Kingdom of God. It is emerging as I write.


What is now emerging for those with discernment and wisdom on issues of reality is a change in rulership. This change is from the rulership of man to the rulership of our Creator God. It’s all changing daily and cumulatively. This gospel of the Kingdom started with our suffering Messiah back in 29 – 33 A.D. and it is now emerging as the final plan for planet earth and for those who desire to serve. Scripture teaches that we are now living at the END of man’s age of corruption.


Back in 33 A.D. our leader (Yeshua) was unable to bring us the Kingdom Age. Jehovah God (the Father) allowed his elites within the Sanhedrin and the Temple Complex (Jerusalem) to reject this new system (preached by Yeshua) and this new Kingdom Age. This rejection (of Yeshua’s gospel) resulted in our Church Age (33 A.D. to 2019 and after). History continues as our Creator changes events daily.


This Church Age (now nearly 2,000 years old) is ending with global apostasy and global fragmentation. What is arriving is a new system and a new age for this planet and its servants. This NEW AGE is usually called the Kingdom Age and/or the Government of our Creator God. It starts after a brief transition period called Jacobs Trouble. Within eschatology the words are the ‘coming tribulation’ and/or the ‘end of the age’.


Jacobs Trouble is soon to start on our planet IMO. We can all watch the start as events over in the Middle East heat up and change. The little Satan (Israel) and the big Satan (America) play a part in this period called Jacobs Trouble. Other players will be Russia, China, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Europe, and various minor players. Watch world events to discern who the various players will be.


Our Creator God will initiate this period called Jacobs Trouble and those with discernment should be able to watch as events unfold. A coming 3rd Temple of Yahweh is now in the planning stages. When the construction starts (on this 3rd Temple) then this period called Jacobs Trouble will also be in effect. You can watch Jerusalem News to discern when all this will happen.


Our world system is now in religious apostasy and all religions are part of this apostasy. Deception and misleading propaganda are part of the news items which confuse everyone on what is actually happening in real-time. Fake news and deceptive words will grow as pundits espouse their propaganda during this period of confusion and trouble. It was all prophesied to happen as it is happening now.


Those with a desire to learn and grow spiritually will enjoy this period of confusion and deception. It’s all part of understanding human nature and this spirit called God Almighty. God rules this planet but few discern this reality. Understanding one’s own consciousness is key to understanding events during this coming period of confusion. Do some research on this concept called the human ‘consciousness’.


You can get a start on all this by doing your own thinking and research. Forget all the guru’s who think they KNOW what is happening. None know with certainty. Do your own study, research, and thinking. Critical thinking is not easy as it requires one to abandon group-think. Most everyone likes group-think as this means that I do not need to THINK on my own.


Group-think is everywhere today. Science is full of group-think. Religion is full of group-think. Education is full of group-think. Politics is mired in group-think. Group-think is a system which allows a charismatic personality to sway my judgment in favor of his/her view of reality with mere ‘words’.  We have many who are endowed with this charisma. I call them ‘word’ smiths.


Think of our own leader, Mr. Donald John Trump. His ability to sway an audience is exceptional. Mr. Barack Obama was also specially gifted with his selection of words and slogans. Ronald Reagan was especially gifted in this area when he was our leader. Soon we will have new personalities with this gift of speech to sway masses with their ‘words’. Be especially careful with these gifted spiritual personalities!


The vast majority of people do not THINK critically for themselves. This has been obvious to me (for years) as I watch human nature in action. People prefer praise, adulation, and positive spin so as to FEEL good and grow socially with their special group. It’s all part of HUMAN NATURE. Try to disagree with a strong personality who desires confirmation of his/her viewpoint. It’s not easy to disagree with a strong personality!


Those in positions of authority desire AGREEMENT and positive spin. Watch Mr. Donald John Trump for an example of this trait (which all politicians display). Agree with him and you will get your positive spin back. Disagree and you will be shunned and rejected (mostly). Guru’s desire praise and support (with positive spin). Politicians must have ego support to rule over us. Thinkers see through all this deception.


Now is the time to develop a spirit of ‘critical thinking’. This means I must reject positive spin which distorts reality. This means I must ask questions continually. This means that I must do my own research to discern what is valid and what is garbage. All this requires mental toughness. If you want to grow into adulthood (philosophically) then you may want to develop some MENTAL toughness and spiritual discernment.


Think on this and have a great day! Watch the markets and watch the Middle East situation: I am:


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