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Netanyahu’s speech reveals his inner BELIEFS!

March 3, 2015

The beliefs of Netanyahu derive from a position of Might makes Right! This philosophy is NOT viable for todays globally interconnected world! America should not support Bibi!

After listening to the speech of B. Netanyahu of Israel today, I left with the message that this leader is one who desires to RULE over others via a platform of Might and Military Power. He apparently desires that Iran’s nuclear infrastructure be dismantled as Iran will not change their mindset on wanting to destroy his Nation. He claims that the present proposal between the group of six and Iran is unworkable as it will not change Iran’s ultimate mission (to destroy Israel).

The Might of Israel can not solve a spiritual/ideological issue between Iran and Israel! Might makes Right appears to be Netanyahu’s MO! He needs to step down from Power!

He also maintains that Israel now has the MIGHT to defend itself. And he claims that they will…yet he also desires that American join Israel when it comes to dismantling all of Iran’s capability to produce nuclear material. He does not want the current plan of Obama’s to prevail but he desires a new plan which he thinks will prevent Iran from any further progress. His entire message seemed, to me, to be a message of MIGHT overcoming compromise with the Iranian leaders. He seemed to present his message (of fear) from a platform of I Know What I am Talking About!

What Netanyahu does not reveal is the nuclear programs within Israel! Where are his missiles hid? Where are his nuclear bombs hid? Pointing the finger at the other (Iran) is NOT solving the issue!

My personal sense is that Netanyahu is NOT the right leader for Israel at this time in history. He needs to step down from POWER and remain on the sidelines. The coming Israeli elections, March 17, should reveal if his message of Might makes Right will rule (over the Israeli’s). Personally, I could not support Netanyahu’s philosophy or his tactics.  His mindset is a mindset of WAR! The Iranian position is as follows:

The bigger issues are not being discussed! This means NO solution going forward!

Iran rejected as “unacceptable” a demand by US President Barack Obama that Tehran freeze its sensitive nuclear activities for at least 10 years, the semi-official Fars news agency reported. “Obama’s stance … is expressed in unacceptable and threatening phrases … Iran will not accept excessive and illogical demands … Tehran will continue nuclear negotiations with the six powers,” Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was quoted as saying by Fars. In an interview with Reuters on Monday, Obama said Iran must commit to a verifiable halt of at least 10 years on sensitive nuclear work for a landmark atomic deal to be reached between Tehran and six major powers. The United States and its European allies fear Iran wants to develop atomic bomb capability. Tehran says its program is for peaceful nuclear energy only.

Iran and America can not solve the ideological issues underlying the Muslim/Judaic belief system via Might! This spiritual conflict goes all the way back to Abraham! Dialogue is the only alternative going forward!

The problem between Iran (Muslim beliefs) and Israel (Judaic beliefs) can not be reconciled as they both desire to eliminate the other. This mindset of total rulership over the other is mutually destructive and can only lead to WAR and ANNIHILATION for both ethnic groups. The real issue underlying all the jargon is a spiritual issue which goes all the way back to Abraham. What is now needed is a spiritual dialogue between all the Nations on who should RULE this PLANET! That would be my view! I am:

Evolution of American $1.00…from SOME ‘thing’ to NO ‘thing’!

March 2, 2015

Let’s review the evolution of the currency unit called the American dollar. Let’s notice what happens as we separate the ‘name’ Dollar from various objects used to represent our dollar. This is fascinating! Watch the evolution and debasement process as it progresses!

1. The ‘name’ dollar started out as representing a minted silver coin (1792). Watch what happens over time.

Notice the ‘name’ Dollar imprinted on this silver coin. The ‘name’ Dollar started out in 1792 as representing 371.25 grains of silver minted into a coin. What happens if we SEPARATE of ‘name’ dollar from this silver coin (and place the ‘name’ on a paper object)?
2. The next evolution is engraving the ‘name’ Dollar on a paper note (a gradual debasement of our currency unit has started). This started in 1863 and after.
Engraving the ‘name’ Dollar on a paper note (as above) creates some debasement in value and most consumers do not notice. Now what happens if we SEPARATE the ‘name’ Dollar from a paper note (and type merely the ‘name’ into a computer screen)? Watch!
3. After starting with the ‘name’ Dollar representing a silver coin (1792) we debase the ‘name’ by engraving the ‘name’ on a paper note (1863). The last step in the evolution (debasement) process is when we SEPARATE the ‘name’ Dollar from both the coin and the paper note (leaving merely the ‘name’, ‘number’, and ‘symbol’).
The final debasement of the ‘name’ Dollar is when we merely create the ‘number’ $1.00 and type this ‘number’ into a bankster computer screen (say 1980 and after).
Now the ‘name’ Dollar represents ‘NO thing’ (it is not imprinted on a silver coin and it is not engraved on a paper note). The ‘name’ Dollar has now evolved into a METAPHYSICAL unit of consciousness (circulating as a Cyber dollar)! Does this $ exist?
The above evolution of the ‘name’ Dollar is very interesting and enlightening. Our elite leaders (our politicians) desired that our Dollar be sound and physical at the start. Then gradually, our Dollar was debased by SEPARATING the ‘name’ from a metal silver coin. Then we SEPARATED the ‘name’ from a printed paper note. Then finally we merely allowed the ‘name’, ‘number’, and ‘symbol’ to represent our Dollar. This final step created what we now experience as our Cyber Dollar. This Dollar is not physical or material (it is not imprinted or engraved on a ‘thing’). In fact, this Dollar is totally METAPHYSICAL (a unit of consciousness derived from a bankster’s MIND). Many call this our QE Dollar!
Ben Shalom Bernanke initiated America’s QE Dollar. It was not silver and not paper! It was merely derived from his thinking and then TYPED into the computer screen!
QE consists of official counterfeiting our Dollar symbols and typing these symbols into the computer screen!
What an interesting history of the ‘name’ Dollar. Can you discern this evolution? Can you SEPARATE a ‘name’ like the ‘name’ Dollar from each of the above objects (silver coin and then a paper note)? Can you discern the FINAL evolution…when our Dollar becomes merely a ‘name’, ‘number’, and ‘symbol’ (circulating in cyberspace)? Think of $$$$$ and 1.00, 1.00, 1.00, 1.00, 1.00. Now circulate these ‘numbers’ within your computer screen…called CYBERSPACE. What do we end up with? I would suggest we end up with a unit that is NOTHING, NOWHERE, NO FIXED LOCATION, A UNIT NOT WITHIN OUR MATERIAL UNIVERSE!!! Enjoy!

Panic, Crash, Contagion now likely! Why?

March 2, 2015

The evidence is overwhelming! All our stock markets are in a bubble! Many key financial institutions could set off a financial panic, crash, and a run…which would lead to contagion and an immediate crash of our Dow or a similar Stock Market Index.  The weapons of our regulators and our Fed are now limited (as compared to 2008). Our Fed does not have the Authority to use its 13 (3) provisions as in 2008 to bail-out an institution which becomes suddenly insolvent. The Dodd-Frank legislation of 2010 has restricted the options of our Fed to provide immediate liquidity to stem a panic and contagion. Our Treasury Secretary (Jack Lew) and our President (Barrack Obama) must now decide what actions to take if a major financial institution goes insolvent and starts a trend of contagion.

Watch these two policymakers as the coming panic, crash, contagion commences! Our Fed is now on stand-by due to Dodd-Frank and the above two are the actors who must decide what to do!

The recent article in the Wall Street Journal, page A13, March 2, 2015 provides the evidence. The Committee on Capital Markets Regulation has reviewed all the evidence and they are now warning that our Financial System is still dangerous and vulnerable to a panic. Visit their website at: The top financial experts are now sensing what I have sensed for months and that is that our Markets are in a Bubble! The NASDAQ exceeded 5000 today and the index dollar reached a 11 year high of 94.49. It has been 15 years since the NASDAQ was over 5000. Remember what happened back in 2000?

The NASDAQ Composite fell another 10 on Friday the 14’th of April 2000 signaling the end of a remarkable speculative high-tech bubble starting in spring 1997. The closing of the NASDAQ Composite at 3321 corresponds to a total loss of over 35% since its all-time high of 5133 on the 10’th of March 2000.

Conclusion: all our markets are now in a huge Bubble and a panic and run on the major Exchanges could happen any day. The start of this panic could be a major SIFI financial institution (going insolvent) or a major flash crash set off my select computer traders. Today, all our markets are interconnected and global. Russia is now entering an economic depression and they would likely want to blame the Americans. Traders over in Russia might be the catalyst for setting off a global financial panic, crash, run, and contagion! Watch the markets daily for this coming calamity within our markets!

The NASDAQ exceeded 5000 today! All global exchanges are now in BUBBLE territory! A major crash and panic is in the making some time soon!

Our Fed is now mostly impotent when it comes to acting spontaneously when the panic ensues. The Dodd-Frank legislation has passed the buck to our Treasury Secretary and our President as the key policymakers for the next panic/crash. What will Jack Lew and Barrack Obama decide is the issue? Will they act in time to prevent contagion? I doubt it! Our interconnected markets can dump stocks and derivatives within seconds and no one in Authority can prevent this crash. Watch the markets daily for the coming panic in confidence which then sets off the run on our markets! I am:

Today’s American $ – a complete JOKE! Why?

March 1, 2015

Our American dollar is now a metaphysical unit which has no connection to our material reality (our goods and our physical production). We call this ‘dollar’ a ‘digital’ dollar. Another ‘name’ is our ‘cyber’ dollar. Another ‘name’ is our ‘virtual’ dollar’. And I would suggest that we should also call this unit our QE ‘dollar’. The unit is pure FICTION and has been such for some 43 years. Dollar units are created from the Consciousness of Banksters (via loans) and the friends (the super wealthy) of these Banksters have mostly benefited. Today many call these the 1% (the super wealthy who control Wall Street) who can borrow and spend without any serious consequences. The economic equality gap has now reached such monstrous levels that even the elite are feeling guilty for all the favors.

The average Bull market is 2.1 years. Our current one is now 5.5 years! The END is nye!

We all live physically and socially within a material universe…supposedly composed of a substance called ‘matter’. All the objects which we ‘see’ (observe) seem to have some mass and they occupy space. Common examples are: trees, tables, chairs, planets, stars, silver, gold, oil, dogs, cats, autos, human bodies, roads, rivers, Sun, moon, and stars, etc. Scientists discover NEW objects daily (via our telescopes and such) and then give each object or thing a ‘name’. Scientists have generally assumed that our Milky Way Galaxy (a ‘name’ for an observation in our night sky) contained four huge arms spiraling out from a core (called a black hole). Today, some scientists have suggested that we have only two arms (not four).

Prior to the 1930’s we all thought the entire Universe was within this object called the Milky Way! Today, we realize that there are billions of galaxies and trillions of stars!

Anyway, if we give some ‘object’ or ‘thing’ a NAME and later discover that the object was imaginary, we then need to remove the ‘name’ as representing this object. Historically, people would look up at our MOON and see all kinds of weird images. Some reporters would give these sightings various ‘names’ to give readers of their newspaper the impression that these images were REAL and that they EXISTED on our moon. We have now had astronauts on our moon and the close-up pictures have revealed that there are no ‘lakes’ or ‘goblins’ on our moon. The problem with ‘names’ is that many people think that a ‘name’ (derived from my/your mind) is also an ‘object’ or ‘thing’. But is this valid thinking! Are ‘names’ (like the ‘name’ dollar or pound) things which EXIST? Just what does the ‘name’ DOLLAR denote within our material universe?

Imagination of moon creatures and other weird images were reported by newspapers back in the 1950’s. We now know (after visiting the moon) that it is barren of life and water!

Objects are given a ‘name’! But is there a difference between the ‘name’ and the ‘object’? Where does a ‘name’ derive from? 

Back in 1785 our political leaders decided that America should have their own currency unit. We had separated from our Mother Country, Britain (via the Revolutionary War) and we desired our own money system (pounds, shillings, pence were not desired). So what should be the new official ‘name’ of the American currency unit for our new Nation? The decision was made (around 1785) that the ‘name’ DOLLAR would be our basic currency unit. A currency unit is necessary (within a Capitalistic economic system) so that VALUE can be calculated in the marketplace. The concept of VALUE is subjective so inventing an official currency unit helps with the calculation of VALUE.

The Piece of Eight or the Spanish milled dollar was what Thomas Jefferson used as a reference point for defining the American dollar! 

But is a mere ‘name’ (like ‘dollar’) sufficient (by itself) for calculating VALUE (of say a cow, bushel of wheat, etc.)? Does not this ‘name’ (dollar) need to denote some REAL thing (object) so that we can make a value calculation meaningful? What credence does a mere ‘name’ have when calculating Value? Think in terms of barter (one good for another). How is VALUE derived in a marketplace full of goods and items which people desire to exchange. Do people desire merely a ‘name’ (without any definition) as their substitute for VALUE? I don’t think so! Names and Numbers help with calculation but each currency ‘name’ needs to be tied and/or defined in terms of some ‘thing’ real (material)!

The role of a currency is to help calculate VALUE! This is why a sound currency is essential for trade!

After some thought on the above issues, both Alexander Hamilton (our first Secretary of Treasury) and Thomas Jefferson (our first Secretary of State) proposed specific ‘definition’ for this word/name called Dollar. The decision was made that our American Dollar should be ‘defined’ in terms of a REAL object called silver. The reference point for this decision was the Spanish silver coin called the ‘piece of eight’ or the Spanish milled dollar (which circulated within our colonial marketplace and which traders accepted as a valid item of VALUE). After an assay of this coin it was determined that it contained some 371.25 grains of pure silver. This assay then served as the reference point for ‘defining’ our American Dollar.

The importance of a SOUND currency is reflected in the above legislation! Today, we create $$$ out of nothing and provide favored benefits for the 1% (the super wealthy)!

The Coinage Act of 1792 was passed by our Congress (after a review of the above logic) and our American Dollar (as defined above) became the basic currency unit for America. This process of selecting a ‘name’ for our currency unit (in 1785) and then defining this ‘name’ in terms of MATTER/MASS (Ag) served to give people ‘confidence’ that the American Dollar had substance and viability in all trading markets. The idea that trading would emerge over time into a marketplace of mere ‘names’, ‘numbers’, and ‘symbols’ (as today) would have been laughed off the political stage. Who would trade mere ‘cyber numbers’ (as today) for goods and services within the International marketplace?

Today, cyber money (called dollars) get created by ‘typing’ numbers into a computer screen! What a JOKE on the intelligence of our international traders (of real goods)!

Now let’s fast forward to March 1, 2015. What do we have for a currency unit today? Our government no longer creates our currency unit via minting metal coins (of real silver) and we now don’t even print paper notes for most of our monetary transactions. Today, we just THINK up numbers within our metaphysical Consciousness and then TYPE numbers into a computer screen as representations of real currencies. Our ‘dollar’ (which started out as a defined unit) has evolved into a UNIT of Consciousness (a no ‘thing’ unit) which Banksters can type into select computer accounts via their psychological whims. QE is a good example of what is now happening within the corrupt ‘halls’ of our Bankster clans!

Cyber money and cyber criminals are the new mode of financial warfare in 2015!

We call today’s Dollar a digital currency; a virtual currency; a cyber currency; an imaginary currency; and a unit of consciousness currency. Today’s currency (and this includes all global currencies) are now a complete JOKE and an embarrassment to all thinking people as trading for goods is no longer a VALUE for VALUE transaction. America has enjoyed a favored status within our World as a result of its POWER and MIGHT (militarily). America helped to win WW II and this helped us to create a Dollar which was viewed to be AS GOOD AS GOLD. All this ended with the closing of the gold window in 1971 but Americal is still living on the momentum which the World gave America after winning the global WAR in 1945.

Cyber money is used to SUPPRESS cyber prices of silver and gold! Who do you think is behind this price suppression scheme?

Today, our POWER and MIGHT is waning fast and our monetary ‘tricks’ are being viewed as a JOKE (from the viewpoint of our counterparties to trade). QE revealed that our ‘dollar’ is NOTHING and that it is created OUT OF NOTHING. Bernanke demonstrated (via his QE policies) that the Emperor had no clothes. Our Fed is a JOKE and our ‘dollar’ is a JOKE. The rest of the World is now catching on to this illusion, delusion, JOKE. A RESET of the entire System is now needed! 2015 could be the YEAR for this Reset! Watch our phony stock markets as they begin their CRASH into oblivion (zero)! This process may take YEARS, but the beginning of the END is NYE! Enjoy the ride! I am:

Yellen ‘lied’ (or deceived) Senator Bob Corker at Hearing??? Let’s consider!

February 26, 2015

At the February 24 Senate hearing on Monetary Policy, Janet Yellen stated that “her portfolio of $4.5 trillion (also called the Fed Balance Sheet) does EXIST. Bob Corker asked her if the $4.5 trillion of assets was REAL and EXISTED. Yellen stated, yes Senator, “they do EXIST”. This is technically a ‘lie’ (or a deception or a lack of understanding by Yellen). Today, the entire portfolio of assets (treasuries and mortgage securities) making up the $4.5 trillion within the Fed balance sheet is LOCATED in what is called CYBERSPACE. Yellen can observe (within her computer screen) the ‘numbers’ and details about the $4.5 trillion but, in reality, these ‘numbers’ (representing dollars) are actually within CYBERSPACE. So let’s focus on the issue of ‘existence’ and if these ‘numbers’ are ‘real’. You can read what the WSJ said about this on page C12 of Wednesdays, Wall Street Journal (under the heading: Overheard)!

Bob Corker, Tennessee Senator, asked: Do your securities (on your Fed balance sheet) EXIST! He was curious if the securities were ‘real’ and within our space/time universe!

When Janet claimed that the $4.5 trillion ‘exists’ she is implying that the ‘numbers’ (the assets) are ‘real’ and within SPACE/TIME. She is implying that these assets are material objects that one can ‘find’ and/or ‘discover’ within our material Universe. Is she correct? Can cyberspace ‘numbers’ (representing the $4.5 trillion of assets) be ‘found’ and/or ‘discovered’ within our SPACE/TIME universe? I would suggest, NO! In reality, ‘numbers’ stored within CYBERSPACE do not ‘exist’ and are not ‘real’ in the sense that Bob Corker asked. Bob Corker implied that these assets (numbers or dollars in ‘cyberspace’) may not ‘exist’ and may not be ‘real’. Was he correct? Did Janet ‘lie’ when she stated: yes, Senator, they do ‘exist’!

Janet’s response to Bob Corker was: “yes, Senator, they do EXIST”! Does Janet understand that all these securities are now within CYBERSPACE? What is ‘cyberspace’?

What this dialog reveals is that Janet Yellen does NOT understand the ‘nature’ of CYBERSPACE (where her $4.5 trillion of assets is now stored). Cyberspace is NOT material/physical/objective SPACE. In reality, ‘cyberspace’ is virtual/artificial/non-existent/metaphysical space (it’s a memory space within our metaphysical CONSCIOUSNESS). What is ‘consciousness’? Consciousness is NOT within our material/physical Universe (that which we think of as ‘existing’). Cyberspace is like our ‘extended consciousness’ which can not be ‘found’ or ‘discovered’ within our material ‘space/time’ universe. Try and locate a ‘cyber’ dollar! Try to find a ‘cyber’ dollar! Try to hold a ‘cyber’ dollar in your hand! Try to ‘discover’ a ‘cyber’ dollar (or the $4.5 trillion Fed balance sheet) within our SPACE/TIME universe! Go for it!

All our Fed assets are now in Cyberspace! But who understands the ‘nature’ of Cyberspace!

Do ‘numbers’ (representing dollars) in Cyberspace ‘live’ within our material/physical Universe (and ‘exist’)? Does Janet Yellen understand the ‘nature’ of cyberspace?

Does Janet Yellen’s computer screen (the ‘numbers’ she ‘sees’) represent that which we call our ‘space/time’ material Universe? How does one access ‘cyberspace’ WITHOUT A COMPUTER? How does one ‘locate’ and ‘get’ a cyber dollar(s) which are within ‘cyberspace’? Not possible!!! All human beings are now SLAVES to this fraudulent reality!

Definitions of Cyberspace (where Janet’s $4.5 trillion of QE asset purchases are stored):

The putative or apparent ”space,” be it mental (within consciousness), electronic, or ”virtual,” in which computer phenomena, operations, and experiences take place; in particular, the universe of computer networks.

The space in which computer transactions occur, particularly transactions between different computers. We say (imply) that images and text on the Internet exist in cyberspace, for example. The term is also often used in conjunction with virtual reality, designating the imaginary place (within one’s memory) where virtual objects exist. For example, if a computer produces a picture of a building that allows the architect to “walk” through and see what a design would look like, the building is said to exist (saying that images ‘exist’, however, does not mean that they DO ‘exist’) in cyberspace.

I would suggest that either Janet Yellen is deceived about the ‘nature’ of cyberspace or she is unaware of where her $4.5 trillion of assets are ‘stored’ or she ‘lied’ to Senator Bob Corker at the hearing! Which is it? Did Janet ‘lie’ (probably not as she probably was deceived and unaware of her deception). She can ‘see’ numbers in her computer screen and she ‘sees’ all the documented cyber assets within her computer screen. But she, probably, is not savvy on the ‘nature’ of these virtual/artificial/non-existent cyber assets! My conclusion is that SHE should not be viewed as ‘lying’ but I would view her statement to Bob Corker as misrepresenting reality and a deception on ALL who are aware that CYBERSPACE  is not within our material/physical UNIVERSE! That is my view on this matter! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. In reality, all our public DEBT and all our public SPENDING (including the Fed’s QE asset purchases) are NOW outside our material/physical Universe of Space/time. Practically all global debt is also now within cyberspace (the metaphysical consciousness of people). All our fiat currencies are now Cyber Currencies (illegal units of tender IMO). We live within this memory space daily with our mobile smart phones and our computer screens. The human race (all people on our planet) are becoming robots and slaves of Cyber money (which does not EXIST within our greater material UNIVERSE). What a tragedy and fraud against human FREEDOM!

A Philosophy of ‘Freedom’ demands Relativity!

February 25, 2015

Many of my close friends are of the view that we need ABSOLUTES to live on this planet. I would take issue with this view! In reality, we need to recognize that each person is unique, different, and subjective. This means that the 7 billion unique persons on this planet ALL have a point-of view (which is relative/subjective/partial/less than absolute). The problem with a RELATIVE philosophy is that governing man becomes nearly impossible! Who can govern man if ALL is relative, subjective, and less than absolute? This is a huge issue and we need to transcend human RULERSHIP if we want a true philosophy of FREEDOM.

How can FREEDOM emerge without a philosophy of RELATIVITY? Impossible!

The goal of every person IMO is to be totally FREE to choose. Milton Friedman, deceased economist/philosopher, wrote a book called ‘Freedom to Choose’. I read this book back in the 80’s and I totally agree with Milton that FREEDOM is the goal of every person on this planet! But can FREEDOM be achieved under the RULE of man? I would suggest, NO! As long as I or someone desires to RULE over another person (via government and/or institutional procedures) freedom can not emerge (for everyone)! If I am under the rulership of another human being (via laws, rules, edicts, dogma’s) I am subservient to another human being! This is not real FREEDOM!

Milton understood that FREEDOM demands each person’s right to CHOOSE!

America was founded on the principles of FREEDOM. The key concept which creates real FREEDOM is the concept of a CREATOR. The American Declaration of Independence states that ‘all men/women are created equal’ and we are endowed by our CREATOR with specific RIGHTS. Freedom is one of these RIGHTS. For freedom to emerge for our planet we need to think in RELATIVE terms. I need to be subservient to the CREATOR and allow each person whom I come into contact with to be a unique, subjective, separate, relative human being! Once I implement ABSOLUTES that are unchanging and fixed (for myself or others), I create an environment of slavery for those under this ABSOLUTE dogma! Can you discern this message? Freedom demands a relative point-of-view!

The above words need to be internalized and made immortal! Freedom demands the equality of each person! This does not mean equal production! This means equality as a unique/subjective/less than absolute…created BEING!

Currently, we have some 7 billion unique human beings on this planet. Each desires to be FREE and INDEPENDENT from the absolutes of another! This is understandable! Who wants to be a SLAVE of another person who assumes that their VIEW is ABSOLUTE? In reality, all is relative and this philosophy is absolutely (relatively absolutely) necessary for FREEDOM to emerge for our planet! A philosophy of Freedom demands RELATIVITY! A philosophy of FREEDOM demands a CREATOR as the ultimate SOURCE! The American Declaration of Independence provides this core philosophy! All men/women are created equal and endowed by their CREATOR with unalienable rights! Think on this principle! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Watch this video on the philosophy of freedom:,

Yellen’s Senate Testimony: ‘mostly nonsense’! Why?

February 24, 2015

Today’s testimony in front of the Senate was Janet Yellen’s opportunity to educate our Congressional leaders about the operations within the Fed. This she did not do! Her statements were mostly nonsense in that there was nothing new nor did she provide any info which was relevant for today’s confused markets. She wants 2% inflation and more accommodation for our markets. She does not desire a GAO audit of her monetary policy. She fears deflation and thinks she has the ‘tools’ to avoid this event. Basically, she said nothing important and the Congressperson’s (asking the questions) did not challenge her history, thinking, or her philosophy. What a shame!

Janet Yellen, Chairperson of the Federal Reserve System!

If I were to question her I would have asked some deeper questions about money, value, history, and philosophy. For example:

1. What is ‘money’ today? Can you provide me some history on the currency unit which we call our ‘dollar’? Was this unit of consciousness defined? What was the definition?

2. The purpose of money is to represent VALUE. Can you provide me with your concept of VALUE (what does this concept mean) and what is its role within our Capitalistic system?

3. When did America first choose the currency called ‘dollar’ for our markets? Why did our first Secretary of the Treasury (Hamilton) and our first Secretary of State (Jefferson) define our ‘dollar’ in terms of SILVER and GOLD? Do you have a clue as to why these metals were chosen?

4. How many Central Banks has American experienced in our 238 year history? What was the political/moral/philosophical controversy which centered around the creation of our various Central Banks? Who promoted the first, the second, and the third? Why?

5. Why did F.D.R. choose to create the fiat Federal Reserve Dollar in 1934? What was his motivation and concerns? How much gold backed our fiat dollar back in 1934 – 44? Why did many view our ‘dollar’ to be “as good as gold”? Why was silver nationalized in 1937?

6. What backed our ‘dollar’ after the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944-46? Why did Richard Milhous Nixon choose to close the ‘gold window’ in 1971? After, 1973, what new commodity was portrayed as the backing for our ‘dollar’?

7. What is your role on the Board of the BIS (Bank for International Settlements)? What is the role of your cohort, Mr. William C. Dudley, on this Board? Why do both of you have ‘diplomatic immunity’ as members within the BIS organization? Is your core loyalty to America (and its system) or the Greater Global Monetary System?

8. Do you understand the nature of our current Cyber Dollar? When did this cyber currency first emerge and what is it (specifically)? Could you provide me with a definition of Cyberspace? How many computer traders do you employ at the New York Fed (9th floor) for your monetary manipulations within our markets? What is the role of your Desk Manager(s) for your SOMA at the New York Fed? How often does Dudley (or his proxies) report to you about realtime trading operations which occur at the New York Fed? Do you have any clue, Janet, as to why all our Stock Markets continue to inflate?

Would it not have been interesting to get answers (from Janet) on the above questions? Would not these answers reveal her real knowledge and understanding about monetary issues for our Country and our System? But who would ask these questions? The nonsense questions proposed during her testimony appeared to be mostly NONSENSE! I doubt that we will learn much more tomorrow at the House hearing. Anyway, that’s the way it is in 2015! Enjoy! I am:


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