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Going ‘Negative’ is the trend – last Straw of Keynesianism!

February 11, 2016

The Swedish Riksbank has lowered its core rate to -0.50 from -0.35. This negative trend is now the last straw for many Central Banks who operate under the Keynesian economic model. The purpose for this action is to boost asset values and create inflation within the overall economy. What Central Banks now desire is more inflation in asset values to prevent the holocaust of deflation from engulfing the markets. Deflation must not occur, say our elite Central Bankers, as this means that all the historical DEBT underlying asset values will be exposed and this leads to defaults, bankruptcies, insolvencies, and imploding ‘values’. The Keynesian economic model is built upon rising asset values over time, more debt and credit, and a continuing ‘wealth effect’ for consumers. This game is now collapsing as the Keynesian economic model is broken!

Stephan Ingves of the Swedish Riksbank continues to lower interest rates into negative territory to perpetuate inflation! He and other Central Bankers must follow this policy to prevent economic collapse!

After some 80 years of continual inflation and increasing asset values (generally) we now are entering a period of disinflation, deflation, and eventual collapse of the entire Keynesian superstructure. Keynesian math is becoming dysfunctional! Our Western economies can not handle declining asset values…as our underlying debt becomes exposed and impossible to repay. The derivative time-bomb will eventually explode and this leads to bank insolvencies, value write-downs, and eventual bankruptcy of the entire system. This is why the Riksbank and other Central Banks are trying to create ‘negative’ interest rates to revive borrowing and credit expansion. It is the last straw of this Keynesian economic model which we have followed since its inception in 1934. How long can this negative trend continue?

Central Bankers under Keynesianism can not allow the above trend to develop!

I suspect that all Central Banks will eventually be entertaining ‘negative’ interest rates as events play out in 2016 to 2023. There is no other alternative to this option. QE has not worked and negative interest rates will also not work for long. We need to understand why this policy decision is now being promulgated. The entire reason has to do with asset values. The best example for the lay person is to think about their house value. What was your house (property) value in 1934? A typical 1500 square foot house could be built and sold for $4000. This identical house and property would command some $250,000 today (on average). The Keynesian economic model has allowed underlying DEBT on this typical property to increase from zero to over $200,000. What happens if asset values decline under $200,000?

Economics is based upon historical CYCLES. The cycle of disinflation and deflation is now the trend!

What happens is that the DEBT gets exposed and as ‘values’ continue to deflate the salability of this property stops. Who carries this underlying DEBT? Some lender carries the debt and becomes the real owner of the property. This is what is now happening to our entire Western economy as asset values disinflate and then deflate. The ‘wealth’ effect which allows us to continuing borrowing stops and defaults and bankruptcies emerge. All this is part of the Keynesian model of economics which is now culminating. The cycle of debt and credit is starting to reverse as demand and confidence in this model wanes. The biggest time-bomb that will soon ignite is called the Derivative Time Bomb. Derivatives (like CDS) have allowed debt to continue and low-interest rates perpetuate the trend of borrowing and credit extension for a period.

The derivative time-bomb is the eventual harbinger of a total collapse of the Keynesian model!

The key concept in economics under Capitalism is the concept called VALUE. This subjective concept is why we invented MONEY. We then invented our CURRENCIES in order to measure (calculate) VALUE. Under Keynesian economics this concept called ‘value’ must continue to increase so that debt can continue to expand. Asset values must continue to inflate indefinitely and forever! This is the foundation of this model called Keynesianism. This game is now mostly over and the transition to a New Model will take many years of pain and depression. The Second Great Economic Depression is starting and it will continue for many years. Our elite Central Bankers will attempt to delay this inevitable result via their Ponzi gimmicks of QE and Negative Interest Rates. The eventual outcome, however, is certain! We need a New Model going forward!

House values have continued to increase (generally) for some 80 years under Keynesian economics!

But DEBT is now the problem going forward! A decline in asset values means that DEBT is exposed as unpayable!

Now is the time to get out of our Ponzi fiat currencies and get into a material ‘thing’ which can be exchanged from hand to hand. None of our cyber currencies qualify as a material ‘thing’. This units are cyber/virtual/imaginary. Now is the time to get into items like silver coins and gold coins for this coming transition period. Silver and Gold are God’s money as they have existed for nearly 6000 years. Cyber money is recent and depends upon our computers, forced loyalty to our elite politicians, and eventually loyalty to a 16 digit number which controls one’s buying and selling. This is what we now experience with our credit card money, smart phone money, and all our cyber computer money! Get out of these units to the degree that you can and get into physical silver/gold coins, bars, and similar items which we can exchange from hand to hand.

Money (historically) was always some ‘thing’ perceived to contain VALUE!  Today’s cyber money has ZERO value and no existence in space/time! Central Bankers like this as they can create these units OUT OF THEIR ‘consciousness! Central Bankers just ‘type’ numbers into their computer screen!

2016 will be the beginning to this transition period. The transition will likely last for some 7 or more years. Some say 10 or more years. But the message is clear. The End Game of Keynesian economics is near and negative interest rates, QE, and other Central Bank gimmicks will likely continue during this collapse period. Economics is not math and numbers. In reality, economics is about growing material wealth and prosperity for a society. Wealth can be viewed mostly as food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and health care. These are the basics. Scarcity of these items of production are not the issue today! We have robots and machines which create most of our material wealth. Any New Model for economics will be much different from the current Keynesian model. Wake-up and think for yourself! I am:

Obama, Sanders, Trump – they lack understanding and wisdom!

February 10, 2016

Our current President proposes a $4.1 trillion budget for 2017 and deficits of $6 trillion over the next 10 years. He wants to increase taxes on crude oil by 24 cents to help government continue its growth and expansion. If gas prices stay low (this is uncertain) he thinks this tax will solve his finance assumptions. Then we have Bernie Sanders and his economics. Bernie just won a primary election in New Hampshire over Hillary Clinton. Sanders wants to increase general taxes by 5% and tax Wall Street speculators so he can expand government and give the young free education and free health care. His wisdom is more government, more Ponzi finance, and eventual Communism for all Americans.

This leader lacks wisdom on issues of Economics, Finance, Accounting, and the Keynesian model! Our National Debt has nearly doubled under his leadership!

These guys lack wisdom and understanding on current economic events and also prior history IMO!

Then we have our billionaire hotel developer, Mr. Trump,  who wants to recreate another America of greatness with more military power, tariffs on the Chinese, killing all the ISIS warriors, and building a huge 800 mile wall to prevent immigrants from entering America on our Southern border. Do any of these guys have any understanding or wisdom? My sense is that they lack these qualities of character! What is now emerging (in reality) is the biggest financial crash in the history of our planet and these guys are proposing more Ponzi economics to fool and deceive the uninformed public. Our American public fall for all these gimmicks and rhetoric as most are totally unaware and uninformed on world events and global economics.

Donald Trump wants an 800 mile WALL to separate Mexico from America on our southern border! Will this solve the human problems which are the real issues in economics?

Our educational system has not taught the public to think as independent persons or to question grandiose assumptions espoused by leaders who desire to promote false models for our Nation and our planet. In reality, America is bankrupt and about to fall over the financial cliff from unpayable debt, deficits, an imaginary dollar, and a worldview of deception and illusion. Reality seems to be what our public wants to avoid and this deception will soon be magnified (in spades). Why are the American people so deceived and unaware of global economics? I have been teaching on this issues for some 40 + years and I have noticed that 99% seem uninformed and deceived when it comes to understanding money, finance, banking, the gold standard, economic value, wealth, and a host of similar issues.

The Keynesian economic model is based upon pumping up Asset Values forever! A pure deception!

Our education system has promoted a false set of assumptions on finance, banking, and economics for some 70 years. The model being taught in our higher institutions of education is called Keynesian Economics. This model has deceived and fooled our best students into thinking that math, numbers, and formulae can work as long-term symbols for our prosperity and economic growth. Our growth and wealth has been focused on math and numbers and not upon the hard realities of material reality. Math and numbers are not real wealth. Math and numbers are not material prosperity. Economics is about growing wealth! What is wealth? Can we ‘eat’ or ‘consume’ math and numbers? Where do math and numbers derive from? Do you comprehend?

John Maynard Keynes used ‘math and numbers’ as tools for continual growth! This game is now mostly over!

Math and numbers derive from our Consciousness (our inner mental source). Math and numbers are merely a ‘tool’ for growing wealth…not wealth themselves. Math and numbers are ‘imaginary’ units of our Consciousness and they vanish when real wealth loses its ‘value’. Keynesian economics (this model) assumes that math and numbers are representations of real wealth! This is pure deception! Obama’s $4.1 trillion budget and our $19 trillion National Debt are mere math and numbers! Bernie Sanders proposes more math and numbers for his government programs. Donald Trump does the same! What are they missing in their economic thinking? Can math and numbers grow forever and provide the basics of economics (food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and health care)?

Math and numbers create our prices, GNP, and accounting! This works until the game becomes illogical and corrupted! We are now at that point and the problems are now global and systemic!

In reality the game of Keynesian Economics is soon over! We now have math and numbers which can not be reconciled logically on our accounting books. Computers and algorithms now deceive the masses into thinking that math and numbers can grow forever and that real material wealth will follow? This, to me, is pure deception! Look at the Nations of Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Russia, China, most of Africa for clear evidence that math and numbers are not working!  The price of crude oil has recently crashed to $30/barrel. This reality is starting to create dominos which will affect all the derivative lenders who have guaranteed most of the debt of these nations. The derivative ‘time bomb’ will soon explode (some time in 2016 is very likely) and then all our banking institutions will ‘implode’. The concept that few understand is the concept called ‘VALUE’.

Keynesian economics demands continual increases in Asset Values! The end is now near!

Both China and Japan have extended increasing Asset Values to the Max! The trend is now changing and the trend is DOWN! Declining ‘asset values’ mean that debts can not be repaid! Eventually, this means a CRASH!

Asset ‘values’ have generally been going up, up, up for some 80 plus years. This is what Keynesian Economics has lived off. Pumping up Asset Values indefinitely is the model called Keynesian Economics. We now have ‘negative’ interest rates in many countries. All this happens so that Asset Values will not decline precipitously. But the game of increasing Asset Values is now mostly OVER! This means that all the underlying DEBT will be exposed! Derivatives have helped to carry all this global DEBT for the past 40 years. But this game is now also mostly OVER. What does all this mean? To me, this means that a CRASH of asset values is coming! All the Central Bank pump priming and QE can not stop this event from happening! The game of Keynesian Economics is SOON over!

Property ‘values’ have increased (generally) since the last Great Depression in the 1930’s! Keynesian economics depend on continual increases in Asset Values! This game, however, is now mostly OVER! 

Negative ‘interest rates’ are the last straw of Keynesian Economics! This is now being promoted (globally) to prevent the eventual financial CRASH! It may work for a short period but IMO not long (maybe a year)!

Our President Obama, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump (along with all the other candidates) do not recognize these realities of economics. They ASSUME that math and numbers can continue to deceive and fool the markets forever! I think otherwise! We now need to prepare for the CRASH of all history (as our problems are global) and then start thinking about a NEW MODEL for economics going forward! My model is called Kingdom Economics! I think this model is ripe for real-time reality! But everyone needs to get understanding and wisdom! The young need to rethink the Keynesian model and discern why this model can not work going forward! Our presidential candidates need to get some economic wisdom soon as our economic problems will deteriorate from here! Think and learn on our own! Use the internet for your learning! Enjoy! I am:

Who is ‘naturally’ born? I am! Why?

February 8, 2016

The issue of who is a ‘natural’ born citizen of the United States of America is a confusing issue to many. Our Constitution states that to be President of the USA the person must be ‘naturally born’. What does this mean? The word ‘naturally’ can also be defined as ‘native’ born. Native means a person of the ‘soil’ and the ‘blood’! Am I ‘native born’? Let’s review! My parents were immigrants from Sweden who became ‘naturalized’ citizens of the USA. Both were ‘naturalized citizens’ when I was born on January 24, 1943. I was born in Roseau, Minnesota on Sunday (around 5 a.m.) on the 24th of January. This means that I am a child of the ‘soil’ of America and also a child of the ‘blood’ of citizens of America. I think this qualifies me as being ‘naturally’ born. But who may not be ‘naturally’ born citizens according to this definition?

We now have a number of individuals who desire to be President of America who ‘may’ be citizens of the USA but ‘may not’ be naturally born (native citizens). Who are these individuals? Our current President is called Barack Hussein Obama. Was he ‘naturally born’ in the USA? He apparently has not proven his credentials as we have two birth certificates for this person. The internet shows a birth certificate from the State of Hawaii and it also shows another birth certificate from the Nation of Kenya. Which is valid is part of the issue. Why don’t we citizens of the USA have strong evidence (verified evidence) on where this person was located when physically born? Was the hospital in Hawaii the location of Barack’s birth or was the location at the hospital in Mombasa, Kenya?

My evidence as of today suggests that Barack was conceived in Hawaii but possibly born at the hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. Is this correct or not? Why can’t Barack demonstrate (convincingly) what actually happened so all Americans can have a clear conviction on this issue? It also appears that Barack’s father may have been Kenyan or possibly the person called Frank Marshall Davis (a friend and social companion of his mother, Ann, during this time period). Frank Marshall Davis was born in Kansas and later lived in Hawaii (where the mother of Barack lived at the time of his conception). Ann, apparently was a social friend of this person called Frank Marshall Davis. See this evidence:

So was Frank Marshall Davis the real father of Barack or was his father the Kenyan who married Barack’s mother while in Hawaii (and later went to Mombasa with his mother to visit relatives of this Kenyan person)? Who was the real birth father of Barack is the bigger issue? My sense as of today is that the real birth father of Barack is Frank Marshall Davis! Am I correct or not? Only Barack can clear up this issue by revealing all the evidence on his history and the history of his mother and her companions during the period prior to his physical birth (August 4, 1961). If Barack’s father was really Frank Marshall Davis, and if he was actually born in the state of Hawaii on August 4, 1961 (with a valid birth certificate showing this birth there) then he would be a ‘naturally born’ citizen of the USA.

But if his real father was Barack Sr. from Kenya (what his published book states) and if he was actually born in Mombasa (the hospital where another birth certificate suggests that he was born), then he would not be ‘naturally’ born IMO (a ‘native’ citizen of the USA). Barack Sr. was a Kenyan and did not have any citizenship in America. So if Barack, our current President, is a child of this person from Kenya, then he ‘may’ not be a valid President or have loyalties to the American Constitution and Laws of the United States of America (as required by this concept which we call ‘naturally born’). Who is this person called Barack Hussein Obama (in reality)?What is the ‘truth’ on this issue? Who was his birth father at the time of conception? That is the core question!

When I look at images of Frank Marshall Davis who was a social friend of Ann Dunham while in Hawaii…I get the message that this person may be the real father of our President. The images of Frank suggest that he most likely is the real father and not Barack Sr. from Kenya. The only person who could clear up this issue is Barack (assuming he desired to make all evidence available for us to study). Why is there so much secrecy around the history of Barack and his real loyalties? Is he a closet Muslim? Is he loyal to the philosophy of Frank Marshall Davis (Communism)? His behavior suggests (to me) that his loyalties are not really American! Does he subscribe to the philosophy of our founding fathers (such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin)? Who is this person which now occupies the highest office in the land of the United States of America? Why does he not seem legitimate?

Barack’s mother, Ann Dunham, while in Hawaii (prior to his birth)!

The internet is full of information which suggests that Barack is not really an American who has loyalties to our American culture and values. We have videos and statements from his supposed relatives in Kenya which are very contradicting and confusing. Read this for example as one item from the internet: “I am mad as hell. Our President, Barack Obama, admitted, in 1991, to being born in Kenya and no one seems to care. This is not conjecture. It is documented. This is not a typical “bombshell” because the truth is that we have known about this for well over a year and some have known for much longer than that. The problem is that no one wants to report it or talk about it. The media and lock-stepping useful idiots will either make excuses or simply pull out the insults.”

Is this a valid birth certificate? Only Barack can clear this issue up! 

Further evidence is: “Breitbart News has obtained a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, which touts Obama as “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” The booklet, which was distributed to “business colleagues” in the publishing industry, includes a brief biography of Obama among the biographies of eighty-nine other authors represented by Acton & Dystel. It also promotes Obama’s anticipated first book, Journeys in Black and White–which Obama abandoned, later publishing Dreams from My Father instead.” What does this information suggest and imply?

Likely birth hospital of Barack on August 4, 1961, in Mombasa, Kenya! According to Obama’s Kenyan step-grandmother Sarah, he was born at the Coast Provincial General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya.

The actual real-time behavior of this person called Barack Hussein Obama suggests (to me) that his history is ‘clouded’ in jargon which is unclear and possibly false. This makes me think that he is not loyal to American values, our Constitution, or our history of individualism and self-government. He now desires to promote a United Nations Agenda 2030 which is not based upon American values or our history. Marxism and Communism are not American desires when fully understood. Is it time for Barack to come ‘clean’ on his history? This could happen if he desired it to happen! Barack must desire to come clean and clear the air on all these contentious issues of his personal history. Think for yourself on these and all issues! Pass this missive on to Barack for his reflection and consideration. That is my suggestion! I am:

P.S. The other persons now desiring to be our President with confusing credentials on this issue of being ‘naturally’ born are Ted Cruz (born in Canada and with only one parent being an American citizen at the time of his birth) and Marco Rubio (born in America but with parents who were not citizens of America at the time of his birth). Is it time to get our Supreme Court involved in this issue of who is a ‘native’ or ‘naturally’ born American (and eligible to run for our President)? Our Constitution, Article I (section 1) does imply that our President must be a ‘naturally’ born citizen (and loyal to the values and history of our Nation)!

Mind over Matter! Our ‘currencies’ have Decoupled!

February 4, 2016

We now have a great problem in finance and economics. Our currencies have lost their ability to ‘measure’ wealth and production. The purpose of a currency is to ‘measure’ the value of wealth being produced from the land. This purpose is now lost as our currencies have decoupled themselves from reality (material matter/mass/substance). An example to think about is the substance we call ‘crude oil’. Crude oil is wealth as it has substance/matter/mass and is useful for creating more wealth for our society. But what do we now ‘measure’ crude oil with? We measure with a cyber currency (like our ‘dollar’) which has no substance/mass/matter. This means that when I ‘measure’ the supposed ‘value’ of this substance (crude oil) I am merely applying a ‘number’ to each barrel which has no real attachment to material reality. Think on this!

Crude oil derives from the land and is ‘wealth’! We ‘measure’ our production with a currency unit! This is now impossible! Our currencies are all corrupted!

Throughout our history, under Capitalism, we have measured production (material wealth) via a ‘coin of the realm’ which had substance/mass/matter (like silver and/or gold). Today, silver and gold are out of the global system as tools for ‘measuring’ value of production (wealth). We now use a subjective currency unit (a cyber ‘dollar’ or similar) which gets created from bankers consciousness (their mind). Loans are made without any real measurement of what a stable ‘value’ might be for the product (say crude oil). QE is created by our Central Bankers without any new production coming on-stream to the markets. All this phony/fake/imaginary currency which gets created (and supposedly represents ‘value’) distorts price discovery and distorts stability when attempting to ‘measure’ value. The ‘measurement’ system is now subjective and corrupt!


Valuation of crude oil is impossible as we now ‘measure’ with a cyber currency which has no substance/matter/mass! Price discovery can not stabilize when we use subjective currencies for valuation! 

Capitalism can not continue with phony/fake/cyber currencies which are created ‘out of nothing’ and which distort the whole purpose for having money. The purpose of money is to ‘measure’ value (wealth) which we produce from the land. This is impossible today with all the phony/fake/imaginary cyber currencies which our banksters create (via loans and counterfeiting). QE is counterfeiting and making loans with a currency which emerges from the ‘consciousness’ of the bankster is not Capitalism. All our markets (globally) are now fake/phony/cyber markets which are about to crash/collapse/deflate. We now need to wake-up and inform our leaders that Capitalism is over and that counterfeiting currencies by the trillions is corrupt/illegal/evil. Think on this!

Get out of ALL cyber money (used as savings) and get into a material item which can be exchanged during the next 10 years of turmoil/collapse/transition! Do this NOW!

That is my missive for today! The human MIND now supersedes MATTER. Currencies derive from the human mind and economic wealth derives from matter. Our money is now metaphysical/spiritual/imaginary. Capitalism can not survive 2016 with this type of money. Get out of ALL cyber currencies now and buy a store of value which is real/material with substance and composed of matter/mass/energy. What do I recommend? I recommend silver and gold and/or other items of matter/mass which hold their exchange value over the next 10 years. A crash in all our cyber markets is emerging in 2016 and this will continue for years! Get your savings out now and get into some ‘thing’ with matter/mass/substance (I suggest silver and gold)! Good luck! I am:

My vote for ‘who’ are the most ‘corrupt’ administrators on this planet!

February 2, 2016

Political and economic corruption is what I now witness in government and on the world stage. There are currently some 7 billion people on this planet. If we scale down to those who administer our economic/political systems the number gets into the thousands. If we scale down further to those who have the most control over our monetary system (now global) we get down to hundreds of key administrators. Keep in mind that ‘money’ rules this planet and those who follow the ‘money’ can discern what might occur globally in real-time. And if we scale down still further to the few elites who can use ‘money’ to effect their desires and vision for the planet we can get down to just a dozen or so. But who would I choose as the TWO most corrupt administrators of our global ‘money’ system? Think on this!

We now have some 7 billion people on our planet! But who are ruling this planet…monetarily?

America, after WWII, became the economic Super Power for our planet and the American ‘dollar’ became the tool for administering the visions and goals of our elites. Read some history from 1934 and after to discern why the American ‘dollar’ became the supreme currency on this planet and became the key ‘tool’ for administering the desires and goals of the few elites who control this unit of economic activity. After our last Great Depression the American dollar became a fiat currency for Americans (1934 and after) and then a gold backed currency for foreigners (1934 -1971). Then our American President, Richard Milhous Nixon, closed the gold window to all foreigners and this created a fiat/imaginary dollar for the world. This is what has transpired!

American President, R. M. Nixon, was the key decision-maker over our currency unit called the American Dollar! What did he create since 1971?

Then in 1973-74 Nixon and Kissinger talked OPEC into pricing all oil in our ‘dollar’ so as to create a Petro Dollar which everyone must use for their purchases of oil. This Petro Dollar is now collapsing as I write and our key foreign competitors now desire to abandon the American Dollar as the official Reserve Currency for our planet. This is happening as I write this missive and soon the global stock markets will collapse and a new attempt to RESET the International Currency System will commence. This coming RESET will last for years as there are NO good alternatives to the digital currency units now ubiquitous internationally. The coming RESET must happen, however, as ‘money’ rules over this planet and a few elites control the ‘money’ apparatus.

Nixon and Kissinger created the Petro Dollar to replace our Gold Dollar! A deception which worked in real-time to fool nearly everyone!

Kissinger saved the American dollar in 1973 by negotiating (with OPEC) that everyone buy OIL only with dollars! America’s currency was saved temporarily!

America is at the center of this economic storm and there are TWO key administrators which I would vote as the MOST corrupt when it comes to manipulation and rigging of our monetary system. To understand why I vote for these TWO you would need to understand real-time administration and how our computer/algorithmic currency system works. We now have a centralized computer monetary system and electronic money determines who gets what. Who has the most control over what is happening within our real-time markets? Who has the ‘slush’ fund dollars to manipulate and rig our national markets and influence the decisions within our global markets? You can go to: for relevant information on this history! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Let’s reveal my choices for monetary ‘corruption’ 101!

#1 most corrupt administrator on planet earth IMO: Jacob Joseph Lew! U.S. Treasury Secretary and sole administrator of the corrupt Exchange Stabilization Fund in Washington D.C. What is this secret fund called the ESF? Read and think on this issue to discover why I vote this appointed (unelected) person as the most corrupt administrator on planet earth! Check out the history of the ESF at: Listen to the five videos for this history! Prior to this Treasury Secretary there was Timothy Geithner and prior to Geithner there was Henry Paulson. All these appointed administrators had access to rigging and manipulation of gold, the dollar, algorithms, QE policies, and our stock markets. Americans are totally unaware because the ESF operates behind closed doors and has funds which are not on any official accounting books. Congress is mostly unaware!

#2 most corrupt monetary administrator on planet earth IMO: William C. Dudley of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. This appointed (unelected) official is also a permanent member of the powerful Federal Open Market Committee (which sets policy that affects all global markets) and a member of the Central Bank of all Central Banks called the Bank for International Settlements. This guy is subservient to Jacob Joseph Lew and his Exchange Stabilization Fund (which is a U.S.A. slush fund started in 1934) but is the go to guy for market manipulations, rigging of the stock markets, and general corruption within our global monetary system (now about to collapse). Prior to Dudley there was Timothy Geithner who was elevated to Secretary of Treasury during the Obama administration. Prior to Geithner there was Henry Paulson and his manipulations and rigging activities.

Who understands how our monetary system works better than those at the top who can create their realities using the American dollar as their tool? What has happened under the Obama administration monetarily? Are you aware that our National Debt is now over $19 trillion. It had increased some $9 trillion under the Obama watch! Where has he led us? He now wants to be Secretary of the corrupt United Nations after 2016! The U.N. is the new administrator of the corrupt Agenda 2030 program…which is a leading the world into global Communism? But who cares? Vote your choice in 2016 and witness the results in real-time!

Jack Lew

Operation HOPE and I are deeply honored to host U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew as our lead keynote speaker for our HOPE Global Forum Annual Meeting 2016 for Operation HOPE, in Atlanta, Georgia. This builds on the announcement ceremony last week, renaming the Freedman’s Bank Building in Washington, D.C., where HOPE Global Spokesman Ambassador Andrew Young, HOPE Award Recipient Rev. C.T. Vivian and I joined Secretary Lew for a private lunch, a substantive policy brainstorming session, and the ceremony in the Cash Room at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. What is the ‘Cash’ Room?

The secret (private) trading room on the 9th floor of the New York Fed. William C. Dudley oversees all our Central Bank trading activities (now with some 500 traders on the 8th, 9th, and 10th floors of the New York Fed). Recently, another trading room has been opened in Chicago (also operating behind closed doors). Why all the secrecy and money manipulations? Computers and algorithms (along with artificial intelligence robots) can now be used to pump up our electronic cyber markets. Is this Capitalism? I don’t think so! Corruption and rigging is what maintains the appearance of stability! In reality, this CASINO is a house of cards about to collapse! Think for yourself and avoid the official media for information! We now have the internet where political correctness can be avoided!

Rob Kirby from Kirby Analytics joins me to expose extremely important economic information which the majority of the world knows nothing about. Rob says, “We are talking about something here that is extremely dark. This is a very dark entity. This is one of the most closely guarded secrets that America has.”from SGT Report:  The men behind the curtain have been using this top secret deep state funding source to manipulate world events and currencies for nearly 100 years.

MUST LISTEN: America’s Most Closely Guarded Secret: The Covert Fund That Controls It All — Rob Kirby

Bernie Sanders – his Worldview is Secular Socialism?

February 2, 2016

The young are supporting the philosophy of Bernie Sanders for President of the U.S.A. Bernie and Hillary are fighting for the loyalties of those who desire to vote another Democrat into the highest office of America. Last night Bernie received 50% of the vote from the democratic constituency in Iowa. He nearly upset the corrupt philosophy of Hillary Clinton! Most likely Bernie will win the support of the voters in New Hampshire next week. His support among the millennials (those under 40) is substantial and this group (who seem to lack historical wisdom) thinks his philosophy will lead to prosperity, happiness, and justice! But what is lacking in the thinking of these millennials and Bernie Sanders?  Why do the young lack an understanding of Bernie’s Worldview? Do they lack an understanding of prior history? Bernie should know better IMO!

Bernie has excellent ideas on our economic issues but lacks wisdom for resolving the issues IMO!

Bernie does have some good ideas and his analysis of our economic situation is mostly ‘right on’. But the young seem unaware of history and the realities of communal solutions to social problems. Socialism and Communism are both ideas which promote communal solutions to our economic and social problems. The administrator of these communal solutions is BIG Government…and economic enslavement to taxes (for the administration of this system). Big government creates more inefficiencies and corruption for the communal society and more taxes creates economic enslavement for the masses. The young who listen only to the ‘words’ emerging from the mouth of a politician, such as Bernie Sanders, do not look back at our history for wisdom. What is lacking today, IMO, is economic and political ‘wisdom’! Bernie should know better as we have much evidence from real-time history that Democratic/Secular Socialism does not work!

Socialism and Communism create a huge STATE to administer their utopian ideas! It never works in real-time reality! Our young millennials need to seek wisdom from prior history! The evidence is clear IMO!

Secular Socialism is also called by Bernie…Democratic Socialism. The ‘name’ is unimportant but the underlying philosophy is a form of communal solutions to our economic problems. Communal solutions must be administered by someone! Who becomes the administrator of Bernie’s Socialism? Think! The Administrator is Bernie and a host of like-minded bureaucrats in Washington. To make this philosophy work they must create a mindset of ‘political correctness’ so that everyone buys into their program and their thinking. Big money and the official media must also buy into this mindset of Democratic Socialism so that the public can be indoctrinated with the principles of Bernie’s Socialism. What is the Worldview of Democratic and/or Secular Socialism? It never works in real-time! History is our teacher!

When Communism arrives everyone becomes a SLAVE of the administrators and bureaucrats! Is this freedom?

The key principles, of this philosophy, are that reality is composed of ‘matter’ and ‘energy’. The entire worldview is based upon matter/mass/energy and Materialism. We have lots of history on this philosophy as Mao of China imposed this mindset on billions of Chinese. Lenin and Stalin of Russia also imposed this mindset (worldview) upon the citizens of greater Russia. What happened? What happens is that the administrators of this philosophy must attempt to ‘impose’ the principles of secular Socialism upon everyone if it is to work. These principles are that the STATE is God. There is no higher spiritual power within our universe and the STATE is supreme (the God of everyone). This worldview also desires that everyone ‘assume’ that a select group of elites can administer justice, fairness, and prosperity for everyone via their mandates, regulations, and legal impositions. This mindset is a fantasy/myth!

Capitalism worked from 1776 to 1934! We now have progressive socialism and Agenda 2030 (currently the Worldview of Obama and our Global Pope). Will this lead us to Communal Communism (under these administrators or similar)! Will this create utopia for our planet or economic/social enslavement under the ‘Mark of the Beast’? Think! You know my view!

The STATE becomes the God of the universe and the people become the SLAVES of the administrators who run the STATE. This is what happens in real-time and we have years of experience with this mindset. Read your history and think about how Bernie’s Socialism will work in real-time for the U.S.A. and ultimately the entire planet. In reality, Bernie is deceived about what happens in real-time when he becomes Czar of his Democratic Socialism. Bernie becomes the supreme ruler over everyone and group enslavement results for the citizens who buy into his program/philosophy. We now need to think more seriously about the Worldview’s of our candidates for elected office. Who understands history and real-time reality? This is the issue going forward! Enjoy and read some history on what Bernie Sanders desires for America and our planet! I am:

Amazing technology will revolutionize communication!

January 31, 2016

Google has a secret operation which is now becoming public…it’s called Skybender.  They are planning to introduce a 5G communication service using Drones so as to increase the frequencies for cell and computer communication. This could become effective in 2016. Samsung and others are also working on a 5G service for their communication services. This is revolutionary as the service should be more efficient and less costly. Everyone will want this service within a couple of years. Our global financial network will also desire this service for their upcoming ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system. Keep your eye out for more details on this technological revolution. Our World is changing fast and globalization is the word for 2016 and after!

Project SkyBender is reportedly using drones to experiment with millimetre-wave radio transmissions. Tests are in the initial phase, but this is not the first time millimeter waves are taken advantage of.

According to a records obtained by The Guardian, Google is testing solar-powered drones at Spaceport America, a New Mexico facility that formerly played host to Virgin Galactic.

Google is now testing the technique with a new solar-powered drone called Centaur and other units made by a division known as Google Titan, which the company formed after it acquired drone maker Titan Aerospace in 2014. However revolutionary the millimeter waves might be, they have their own limitations. Using what’s called a phased array, however, Google and others could potentially focus the transmissions over greater distances.

The codename of this latest venture of Google is called “Skybender” and its main motive is to carry out many of its transceivers and UAVs (drones) utilizing millimeter wave radio transmission.

One of the drawbacks in using millimeter transmissions is that it has a short-range (28 GHz) in frequency; however its speed is massive compared to the 4G internet that we are using.

In reality, millimeter frequency generator has the ability to deliver large numbers of gigabits every second; hence resulting in 40 times faster internet connection than that of the speed we are now receiving using 4G LTE systems.

Cell communication in real-time (globally) will become more ubiquitous!

Data transmission using millimeter wave technology is getting a lot of press lately. First, the startup Starry has an event where it shows off a super-expensive router and its vision of how it might become a wireless ISP of-sorts: using high-frequency spectrum to transmit data signals to and from a box that hangs outside your house or apartment, which should (presumably) get you gigabit speeds so long as you have line-of-sight between the receiver and transmitter.

And now, a new report from The Guardian reveals that Google is also testing out millimeter wave technology for high-speed Internet access. Google’s plan appears much different, however. First off, it’s conducting its tests in secret—under the alleged codename of “SkyBender” (which sounds a bit more like the title of a James Bond film than an actual project).


This is what our money looks like today! Symbols in the Cyber Cloud! Our money is now metaphysical/spiritual!

The entire planet is now in transition and Capitalism is essentially over! Capitalism is based upon a material mindset where people accumulate ‘things’ (stuff). Our money is physical (paper or metal) and our currencies are physical (paper and convertible). This world is vanishing fast as the New Digital Age has arrived. A new global economic and political model is now needed for the planet. But will a new model be imposed upon us or will everyone get to choose? This is the question going forward! The elite desire to impose a new model called Agenda 2030. This model has now been approved by our United Nations and became effective on January 1, 2016. Few, however, are aware of what is now happening. A new age has arrived and a transition phase will be necessary.

Watch this video for enlightenment on what is emerging! Do the elite know what they are doing? Who desires ‘identity codes’ in order to buy and sell?

The transition phase could be messy as there are multiple strongmen who will desire to IMPOSE a new system to their liking. Agenda 2030 is one of the options which our elite may try to ‘impose’ upon everyone via stealth. Personally, I oppose this agenda and its core philosophy of materialism, matter, and one reality. We now need to start thinking as individuals and voicing our opinions on all these issues as reality is (in reality) subjective. The plans of our elite are merely ONE alternative! Do the masses of citizens of our planet desire global Communism? Do people desire a ‘Mark of the Beast’ economic system where ‘identity codes’ define the person? Should a select few rule over the many? Can one strongman rule over all citizens with logic, justice, and agreement? I don’t think so! I am:



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