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Isaac Newton and Thomas Jefferson believed in a Creator God!

August 5, 2017

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Two of the greatest minds of recent history, Isaac Newton and Thomas Jefferson, believed in a Creator God. Newton was born in 1643 and Jefferson in 1743. Both these thinkers are mentors of mine as they seem sound in their logic and philosophy. Let’s talk Theology today for this missive as the issue of a Creator God is essential for understanding self, consciousness, and one’s destiny. The neuroscience idea that my Brain creates my Consciousness is, to me, ludicrous (invalid). How can brain neurons and brain synapses create my beliefs, thoughts, words, and all my mental abstractions used in my thinking. This, to me, is totally absurd and beyond my logic to entertain as a serious theory of reality. The above two thinkers (most likely) would agree with this conclusion!

Consciousness is another word for spirit essence and/or that phenomena which is non-material and non-physical within us. As spirit essence, consciousness lives on after my Brain ceases to function…as spirit is an eternal essence (not dead inorganic matter). This implies, to me, that there is a Creator God which is behind all our thinking and our human destiny. So let’s think about the nature of this Creator God to discern this person’s reality. First of all, the Christian doctrine of the Trinity was rejected as bogus by both Isaac Newton and Thomas Jefferson. These thinkers were strong believers in a Deity but they dismissed the false doctrine which most of Christianity promotes called the Trinity doctrine.

Both Jefferson and Newton could not accept the logic of three (3) persons also being ONE GOD. This, to them, was totally illogical and unbiblical. Any serious reading of scripture (Old and New) reveals that there is only ONE singular God which acts within the human realm. The Old testament reveals this God as having the personal name Yahweh (YHWH). The New testament reveals that Yeshua (Jesus) also believed that he received his messages and his Gospel from this same Creator God (Yahweh/YHWH). Logic and a discerning spirit (while reading scripture) will reveal that this Trinity concept devised by Christianity (mostly after 325 A.D.) is bogus and without any serious merit. Both Newton and Jefferson came to this same conclusion.

Newton and Jefferson rejected this Trinity concept which grew within Catholic teaching (after Nicaea, 325 A.D.) and then within Protestant teaching after the reformation period. Personally, I have reached the same conclusion from my reading, study, and research on this issue. There is no Creator God which lives as three persons within a collective Godhead (that makes sense to me). There can be only ONE ultimate source (Creator) which created our universe and gave life to all human beings. There can be only ONE potter who allows the clay (you and I) to survive for a brief season on this planet prior to our exiting via some form of physical brain/body death.

Today, we need to start questioning all the false doctrines which are being promoted by well-meaning but deceived teachers and theologians. Our TV’s and our Internet are full of teachers who proclaim this Trinity God which is all love (and positive) and who supposedly controls all events on this planet. Real-time experience (for me) reveals that our Creator God is ONE person who initiates ALL historical events (not three). Most common sense blue-collar thinkers recognize this reality without any theological training. Three is three. Two is two. And One is one. One + one + one (does not) = One. The logic and also scriptural evidence says the OPPOSITE. This Trinity doctrine is false IMO and needs to be dropped as a realistic concept of theological teaching!

If you have read my missive on Consciousness, you may have discerned that I believe in Dualism as my basic worldview/philosophy. Dualism subscribes to the concept that my Mind is separate from my Brain. Mind is another word for Consciousness. Brain is another word for this three-pound ball of matter (within my skull) which gets activated by my Consciousness. My Brain has no inherent ability to create my Consciousness (thinking) IMO. None! When dead, the Brain reveals that prior Consciousness was essential to activate this ball of material matter. My words, thoughts, and all my mental abstractions (images, numbers, symbols) derive from Consciousness (mind)..not my neurons/synapses or the interconnections thereof. This seems obvious to me. Give this some reflection and thought.

For those who follow economics and money issues, you need to know that our money today also derives from a banker’s Consciousness (spirit). Today, our money is merely a ‘name’ and a ‘number’ living within cyberspace (this netherworld of our extended consciousness). These money numbers (like $1 or $100000) originate in the Mind of a banker (within our Federal Reserve banking system) and then get ‘typed’ into a computer screen (cyberspace) for people to witness and access (mentally). Our banking administrators call this fake (virtual) money our official legal tender money. In reality, it is not only ‘fake’ but it is ‘imaginary’ and without any intrinsic ‘value’ or material substance. It is ‘thin air’ money an acronym for ‘nothing’! Today, we live with illusionary money and illusionary value (mere mental abstractions). To comprehend all this one must dig deep into one’s own Consciousness for understanding.

In conclusion, both Isaac Newton (a great thinker within science and theology) as well as Thomas Jefferson (America’s greatest founding Father) both rejected this doctrine of Catholicism and Christianity called The Trinity. I also reject this doctrine and find it meaningless for revealing sound logic and thinking on issues of spiritual reality. Those who hold to this doctrine need to rethink the history of this concept and also challenge themselves as they read holy scripture from both the Old and the New testament. This doctrine emerged gradually AFTER the death of Yeshua/Jesus. It was not present during the lifetime of this prophet of Yahweh God. Trinitarianism gradually emerged during the first, second, and third centuries after Yeshua’s death. Yeshua died around 31 A.D. The Council of Nicaea was held in 325 A.D. Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Today’s Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on the thinking of Isaac Newton with respect to his religious beliefs. It was called “Newton’s God-Filled Universe” (page C7, August 5-6). This article states “the false tradition that most consumed Newton was the doctrine of the triune God. Jesus Christ, he believed, was separate and unequal to God the Father. Trinitarianism not only was the genesis of ecclesiastical corruption, in Newton’s schema, but also was inevitably accompanied by the complete loss of true scientific knowledge in Western Europe.”

Some images which follow from the above missive:

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The concept of ONE Creator God was the mindset of Isaac Newton (similar to that of Thomas Jefferson)!

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Isaac Newton was a great scientist and also a thinker on prophecy and theological issues! His views on God and theology were kept hidden until well after his death in 1727. I respect his great mind and his ability to discern reality (scientific reality and theological reality)!

Image result for thomas jefferson on the Trinity doctrine

Thomas Jefferson believed in the moral teachings of Yeshua/Jesus…but not most Christian doctrines (like the Trinity)!

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Thomas Jefferson was a strong believer in a Creator God (One ultimate Ruler of the Universe) but not in this doctrine of Christianity called Trinitarianism (three god persons in one Godhead). He also viewed Yeshua/Jesus as a historical person who promoted a sound Gospel of morality and righteousness! He considered himself a follower of the message of Yeshua/Jesus on all moral issues!

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This is a typical image of the Trinity (three persons, all equal, within one Godhead). Makes no sense to me! This doctrine emerged after the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. It then became the standard Catholic and Protestant truth for most believers after this date!

Image result for thomas jefferson on the Trinity doctrine


My reading of the Old and New testament leads me to the conclusion that there is only ONE ultimate Creator God (a singularity)!

Image result for the God of the Old testament

The above image is ‘Fake’…but it reveals the ‘idea’ of ONE Creator God over planet Earth! Scripture does not reveal an ‘image’ of this ONE Creator God which we can document as God. The personal ‘name’ of this Creator God, however, is generally considered to be Yahweh (YHWH)…also names like Jehovah, Father, or the Almighty Elohim. Under the religion of Islam this God would be called Allah…by most believers of prophet Mohammad and his Quran! I like the ‘name’ the Creator Source and/or the Ground of all Reality!



The Most Important Concept in Economics, Finance, Trading!

August 3, 2017

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There is one concept in economics that is foundational to all of economics and money. Few seem to comprehend the nature of this concept. Few seem to view this concept as part of one’s consciousness. Most traders and investors view this concept as inherent within objects (matter). What is this important concept of economics? The concept is called ‘Value’. Think of a barter marketplace where goods are traded without any money or currency. Think of people trading their products and objects with each other without any official money or currency. What is happening in this type of marketplace?

What is happening is that people are negotiating trades of ‘Value’. If I produce eggs and you produce peanuts, then we can trade these items between us. How many eggs for a cup of peanuts is up for negotiation. We bargain and negotiate until we reach an agreement. What are we bargaining about? We are bargaining about the ‘Value’ of what we desire to trade. This barter marketplace is where economics started. But what is a serious problem which emerges from a barter marketplace? The problem which emerges is coming to an agreement where various ‘coincidences of wants’ differ.

Gradually, over time, this problem was resolved by traders ‘inventing’ this concept called Money. Gradually, a money commodity was selected to serve as a ‘proxy’ for this non-material concept called ‘Value’. Keep in mind that this concept called ‘Value’ is an inner concept of my/your consciousness. Value is not some ‘thing’ which is attached or which is inherent within a good or commodity. Value is an internal concept of my/your consciousness (our subjective mind). Consciousness is that non-material source (entity) which activates my brain and which allows me to negotiate, communicate, think, and calculate an agreement to a trade.

Money tends to serve as a substitute for this fundamental concept of economics called ‘Value’. With the invention of a money item (say a silver coin of one ounce), we can now trade all kinds of products without worrying about this idea called the ‘double coincidence of wants’. We can use this ‘proxy’ for Value (called a silver coin) in lieu of direct trading of products. This makes calculating ‘Value’ more easy as we develop prices for various items to be exchanged. Price discovery allows new trades to occur without any serious haggling over how many of my objects should be traded for your objects. This ‘double coincidence of wants’ concept tends to disappear with the use of Money.

The history of Value and then the invention of Money leads eventually to an invention of an official currency unit (such as ‘dollar’) to make trading of value more easy to calculate (or measure). Generally, an official government institution will invent a ‘name’ for a currency unit which they desire to declare as legal tender (say dollar) and then units of dollars (math) will result in a paper note(s) with numbers. Paper notes make calculating ‘Value’ (prices) more easy and efficient for buyer and seller. If people in the marketplace have confidence in the paper currency and the issuing authority, then all works rather well (at least for a season).

If people lose confidence in the issuing authority, then people generally desire some historical money (like silver or gold) in exchange for their currency notes. Keep in mind that most currencies were originally ‘tied’ and/or ‘defined’ in terms of some commodity which initially emerged in a barter marketplace as this ‘proxy’ for Value. In America, the original ‘proxy’ of this non-material concept called ‘Value’ was silver and later gold. So, the history of money reveals that all economic activity STARTS with this non-material concept (of consciousness) called ‘Value’. VALUE is fundamental and foundational to all economic activity and international commerce.

Today, few understand the above history and why VALUE is the core concept of economics. Most think that the PROXY for Value (a money item like our dollar) is foundational. But, in reality, this non-material concept called VALUE is really the core concept of economics. Think about this history and also the NATURE of this concept called VALUE. The concept derives from our subjective consciousness (see my prior missive on consciousness) and then we trade VALUE (via some proxy) so that trade and commerce can occur. Today, all is corrupted within economics and the system is soon to collapse. Our money is corrupted and the concept of ‘Value’ has become corrupted. Think on the above to learn why a collapse is coming to all our global markets! Enjoy! I am:

Some additional images to consider:

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Venezuelans (today) barter diapers for food and toilet paper for created products from a customer! This is the beginning of economics and it continues today at many venues! The core concept in trading is this non-material concept (of consciousness) called VALUE!

Image result for barter marketplace

In India, the above lady waits for a customer so as to barter her products. The core concept underlying of all barter transactions is this concept called VALUE!

Image result for barter marketplace

This gentleman has a group of products which he will barter for other products! Wants and needs are key! Value is foundational to a trade!

Image result for barter marketplace

Today, the smart phone is a handy device to use for the barter of your products with others who have products to exchange. Value is the core concept to negotiate!

Image result for barter marketplace

Barter is the foundation of all economics and trade. The core concept (non-material concept) is this concept called VALUE!

Image result for international barter trade

Today, many nations also barter for products and exchange VALUE to complete a transaction! The trend is growing as various markets collapse!

All Economists need to Understand Consciousness! Why?

August 2, 2017

Image result for does my brain produce consciousness

Reality is what we all must bow to in the longer run. Reality is another word for ‘truth’. In today’s world ‘truth’ is subjective and less than absolute as human beings actually ‘discover’ truth…they do not originate ‘truth’. So what I propose in this missive is that we attempt to get ‘closer’ to truth recognizing that any final view on reality/truth is subject to change over time. Today, let’s think about this concept called ‘consciousness’. Consciousness ‘originates’ all our digital currencies today and consciousness ‘values’ all our products which we produce and distribute to the marketplace. This concept called ‘value’ is fundamental to economics and money. Where does it originate? Is it derived from consciousness?

So what is consciousness is the mission of this missive. Is it non-physical and beyond the realm of materialistic science (as some suggest)? Materialistic science assumes that all reality derives from material sources and forces. Matter in motion is the mantra which science promotes as reality. Today, however, there are many thinkers who reject this materialistic view of reality. I reject it as I sense (know subjectively) that this concept called ‘value’ is beyond any materialistic model of reality. My 50 years of experience with this concept leads me to my viewpoint. Value derives from consciousness (my mind) and it then is applied subjectively to units of production (goods). That is my basic premise.

I also sense (know subjectively) that our money today is virtual and that this unit of ‘whatever’ does not come from nature (our material world). I watch as our Central Planners (bank administrators and Central bankers) create our money digits from their thinking. Thinking, to me, is equivalent to my consciousness. So does my material brain produce my consciousness (as most of neuroscience claims)? I have watched dozens of videos and read dozens of scientific reports on consciousness and most of these experts claim and assume that my brain produces my consciousness. This means that my brain produces by words, thoughts, symbols, imagination, and my subjective thinking experience.

My sense, however, is that this materialistic model of reality, which assumes that brain activity produces my thinking and consciousness is less than valid. In reality, my sense is that my brain is the receiver of my consciousness and it is my consciousness which precedes any brain activity. In other words a ‘dead’ brain can not produce my consciousness (this we all agree upon) and a ‘live’ brain also can not produce my consciousness. What happens is that my consciousness actually produces my brain wave movements, my neuronal activity, and all the interconnected results which happen thereafter. For economists, this means that our money today is created from non-material consciousness and this money technically does not exist. The mantra that money derives from ‘thin air’ or from ‘nothing’ physical is a valid argument IMO.

To understand my/your brain and consciousness I would propose that you watch the following video. This video is a contrarian view on consciousness (from most neuroscience in the public domain) and this view fits with my understanding of economics and money. It proposes that my brain does not produce consciousness (a materialistic worldview) but that my brain is a receiver of my consciousness which originates within a non-material realm. “Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking in the radio for the announcer.” –Nasseim Haramein, director of research for the Resonance Project. This means that what we call digital money today are really units of our consciousness (which is non-physical and post-materialistic).

The above video gives an alternative view on consciousness which fits my view of reality. We could call this view a post-materialist view of reality. This view fits my perception that this concept called ‘value’ is a pure concept of a non-materialistic consciousness. Value is fundamental to all economic activity and is foundational to our history of money and finance. This concept called ‘value’ is what we use to get a mortgage loan on our property. When we trade products internationally, we trade value for value with our counterparty. If Russia wants our grain and we want their oil, we can devise a value for value exchange to complete a transaction.

So understanding the nature of consciousness is essential for economists, financial pundits, and all traders. Take the time to listen and watch the above video and then do some of your own research on consciousness. My research gives me the view that consciousness is a post-materialistic concept. Consciousness is non-physical and/or metaphysical and beyond the viewpoint that my brain is the source of my consciousness. The view of materialistic neuroscience is only one view of reality. My view derives from the philosophy of Dualism and Spirituality. Dualism and a post-materialistic worldview on consciousness seems like reality to me: Give this some thought and reflection. I am:

Some additional images to consider:

Image result for is the concept of 'value' a mental abstraction

Money and currency started (in America) because of this concept called VALUE. Notice the words in the above paper currency unit. The paper note was not viewed as a fundamental item of VALUE  and neither was the number (twenty) but gold and silver were. This mindset is what started America’s money system. VALUE was viewed as fundamental to money and currency! And VALUE derives from awareness and consciousness…VALUE was/is non-physical! Americans, however, adopted gold and silver as PROXIES for this non-material concept called VALUE!

Image result for dr gary schwartz, post materialism

Dr. Gary Schwartz is one neurologist who views consciousness as non-material and fundamental! I have this same understanding!

Image result for the brain and consciousness

All the compartments within my brain get activated by my consciousness. My brain does not produce this consciousness, however, as neurons and synapses can not create my personality, my thoughts, my words, or my subjective experiences. This means consciousness (spirit) is fundamental to human life! A dead brain has no activity (motion) and no ability to store our non-material conscious information!

Image result for the brain and consciousness

Information from outside my brain creates my thoughts, words, and ability to communicate…not my neurons, synapses, and the various interconnections between the 86 billion cells within my brain. The 16 billion cells within my cerebral cortex also can not create thoughts, words, and/or mental abstractions. We now need a Post-Materialistic theory of the BRAIN and CONSCIOUSNESS!

The biggest question so many of us have in life, one that thinkers have been seeking to answer for years: what happens when we die? Even modern day science seeks to answer this question today. Where does human consciousness come from and what is its origin? Is it simply a product of the brain, or is the brain itself a receiver of consciousness (similar to my smart phone which receives signals from outside the phone). If consciousness is not a product of the brain, it would mean that our physical bodies are not necessary for its continuation; that means awareness can continue outside our bodies after so-called death. Asking these questions is fundamental to understanding the true nature of our reality, and with quantum physics gaining more popularity, questions regarding consciousness and its relationship to human physicality become increasingly relevant. To understand quantum physics one must first be conscious. This makes consciousness fundamental to all our thinking, thought, and progress as living human beings. 


Our Silver/Gold Prices Slammed Again! Why?

August 2, 2017


As I follow my precious metals daily, I am not surprised anymore at what happens regularly and often at precise times (on our electronic futures markets). The SMASH of precious metals (via algo’s) occurs whenever the price gets any momentum to the upside. Our Central Planners make sure that traders and investors will not make any money on their investments as the price is slammed whenever it reaches a level where some miners might make a buck. This means that there is no chance for investors in these mining companies or ETF’s to grow their portfolios (given what is happening to these prices). This is all done via computer trading and via algorithms. My losses continue even as more dire political/financial events grow globally. What a shame that our miners do not rise up and complain and picket our regulators. Why this complacency? Does anyone understand?

At 1906 ET last night (August 1),  Silver futures flash-smashed higher, running the day’s high-stops, before plunging (Tyler Durden). 

Gold futures also followed suit tonight, August 1, 2017 (see also for another chart on this price crash).

This would normally be shrugged off as just another example of the utter farce that global capital markets have become. However, a glance back in recent history at the silver market’s most recent chaos moment – on July 6th – and a ‘funny’ thing stood out!!! This from zero-hedge (Tyler Durden).

Gold also followed suit that night too…

h/t @TFMetal

At exactly 1906 ET on July 6th,  Silver futures flash crashed again.

And it even looks like the machines tried to front-run each other a little into the 1906ET mini-flash-crash.

So, we ask again, what is it about 1906ET that sends the algos in overdrive? Or is it all just coincidence? Probably nothing, right?

Thanks to Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge for the above documentation. 

Conclusion: Why invest in any mining companies when the leaders of this industry refuse to do anything to correct this injustice within our markets? This manipulation of silver/gold prices has now been obvious to me for over six years. I have written multiple missives on this issue. Yet I find that very few miners seem to desire to understand why their projects get so little following. Could it be that they do not care about how the system operates? Why the complacency? Why the lack of complaint? Does anyone understand why our miners do not act to try correct this problem? I am:

Venezuela’s markets Melt UP but economy Melt’s Down!

August 1, 2017

Image result for caracas general index market in venezuela

The economic situation over in Venezuela is instructive for anyone who desires to understand today’s monetary system. As I write the Caracas General stock index is at 141,535.20. This represents an increase 100% (a doubling) in just two months and 300% in just six months. Think of this enormous change in just the past few months! This reveals the ‘mania’ phase of our index markets to the extreme. Those financial pundits who are now suggesting that our various global index markets (like the DOW) could double or triple in a year’s time do have a valid point/example with this Venezuelan market. You can witness the Caracas General Index via your CNBC App.

The goods economy in Venezuela is crashing and collapsing even as their index stock market hits a new hyper level. Just think of what is now happening! Our index markets are decoupling from the goods markets as our Central Banks flood the markets with digital money. Basic economics was supposed to focus upon the creation of physical wealth (goods) and our index markets were supposed to reflect this general market situation. But they don’t today? Today, we have money which is digital/cyber/imaginary and trading this unit of consciousness (via our electronic computers) reveals that a decoupling process is occurring in Venezuela.

This same situation could and probably will affect many other index markets soon. The Nikkei 225 is a serious candidate as are the Chinese index markets, the European index markets, and the USA index markets. Our Central Banks continue to flood the markets with their digits as they trade our private markets illegally and continually. These Central Banks have unlimited digits (called money) to influence all our imaginary markets indefinitely (if they so choose). Our monetary system is totally corrupted today as our money is imaginary and our trading is now mostly via public institutions (not private as many think).

Why are our Central Banks trading our index markets and pumping up prices continually? Think! If they don’t do this the markets collapse and they crash completely. Our money system is now living in cyberspace and our money units are cyber units of nothing (mere images in the computer screen). At some point our entire global monetary system will either hyper inflate and/or crash to zero (over a short time period). Our money units are the problem and few discern the problem. There is no ‘tie’ to a commodity like gold or silver today!

Think of trading mere cardinal numbers and symbols as our proxies for wealth creation. Can symbols, numbers, and names create prosperity and real wealth for our people? Our Central Banks are playing with a global nuclear explosion situation with their corrupted monetary policies. These index markets may hit record levels as they decouple from real wealth and our goods sectors. At some point people need to wake-up to what is happening globally. Venezuela is a relevant example of what could happen to many of our global index markets. Think for yourself! I am:

Additional images to consider:

Image result for venezuelan economy

The index markets melt UP as the general economy melts DOWN! A new trend in motion everywhere!

Image result for caracas general index market in venezuela

Basic consumer goods are disappearing as the 1% get super wealthy and prosper!

Image result for caracas general index market in venezuela

The Venezuelan leadership (Maduro, et al) seem oblivious to what is happening to the real economy!



Closer to Reality means eliminating ‘Illusions’!

July 30, 2017



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Kingdom economics is based on living life as we experience it. Illusions are not needed if we live life in the now and live life as we experience it in the now. Today, most people live with many ‘illusions’ and ‘delusions’ because our SYSTEM is set up with many ‘illusions’ and ‘delusions’. What we need (after the coming CRASH) is to understand reality as we experience it and then drop all the meaningless ‘illusions’. This is possible if we better understand the difference between reality and illusion. Let’s explore these two concepts called ‘reality’ and ‘illusion’ to better comprehend why most people can not discern reality today!

Definition of the word Illusion: a belief that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses or by real-time logic.
synonyms: miragehallucinationapparition, figment of the imagination, a deceptive appearance or impression.

What are some core ‘illusions/delusions’ which we all assume are mostly valid and real (but which are really ‘illusions’ within our thinking or our belief system) when fully explored? Let’s list a few and think seriously about these concepts to discern their core ‘nature’:

  1. Time:  this is a huge mental illusion which many assume expresses a valid reality…but which, in reality, is another mental ‘illusion’. What is ‘time’ (in reality)? What do we experience as ‘time’ in the Now? In reality, ‘time’ is an illusion because it does not ‘exist’. There is no such ‘thing’ as time within our space/time universe. Look everywhere all you want, but I don’t think you will find it. Why? Because ‘time’ does not ‘exist’ anywhere. It’s a mere ‘inner’ concept of our imagination which we use as a ‘tool’ for creating order and stability within our markets. Time started (my assumption) with the Egyptians some 5,000 sun revolutions prior to today. The idea was to use this concept (word) to create order when planting and harvesting. Time is a concept of my/your imagination which we use merely to help us with creating ‘order’ and ‘predictability’ for our survival needs. Many confuse ‘time’ with ‘motion’. Motion, however, is what I experience as I move through space and around our Sun. I travel at some 67,000 m.p.h. while revolving around our Sun. Motion is an outer reality (not mere mental imagination) but when we ‘attach’ time to motion we get an ‘illusion’ (this ‘past/future’ concept). Age and time are confusing. Past and Future are confusing. In reality, there is no ‘past’ and no ‘future’ (which we experience directly). All there is…IS the NOW moment. I live and experience life in the Now moment always (so do you). I can think of a ‘past’ via my memory system (within my consciousness) but I do this in a Now moment (always). The ‘past’ and the ‘future’ are experienced as NOW memories/imaginations (always). I LIVE in the Now and successive moments of Now (always)! This means that this concept we call ‘time’ (past/future) is an ‘illusion’ and/or a ‘delusion’ which has no relevance for our real-time living. It needs to be eliminated (after the coming CRASH). The NOW is real and the ‘past’ and the ‘future’ are deep-seated ‘illusions’! Think on this! See definition of ‘illusion’ above!
  2. Value:  this concept called ‘value’ is what started economics and the money system on planet Earth. We trade products between each other and this creates this concept called ‘value’. What is value (in reality)? Why is this concept an ‘illusion’? Does ‘value’ exist within any item or commodity on this planet? Is ‘value’ inherent/intrinsic to objects? If so, where? Where is this ‘thing’ called ‘value’? In reality, there is no such ‘thing’ as ‘value’. Value does not ‘exist’ within our space/time universe (anywhere). Value is a mere imaginary ‘inner’ idea which has no outer existence. Look all you desire for this thing called ‘value’. I don’t think you can find it. It does not ‘exist’. The concept started when we exchanged products (goods) in a marketplace. We exchanged this idea called ‘value’. Value for value is what started economics and money. To make ‘value’ objective and outer we invented this idea (word) called ‘money’. We chose a bead/metal/animal/object of nature as a proxy for ‘value’. This proxy (eventually a silver coin) then became an item of ‘value’ and we assumed that ‘value’ existed within the item. In reality, this is pure myth and illusion. Value does not exist (within any outer object) and we now realize that ‘value’ is an inner concept of our mind (a mental abstraction). It’s subjective and inner. It is pure illusion to assume that ‘value’ exists (within some ‘thing’). It does not. Prove me wrong! This means that we can eliminate this concept (value) and with its elimination we can eliminate both proxies for ‘value’ (money and currency). All are ILLUSIONS (of our mind)! We ‘invented’ these concepts to control behavior and advance production! They can now be eliminated!
  3. Life:  this concept called the origin of ‘life’ is another illusion of our mind which needs to be eliminated. What is life (in reality)? Where is life? Does life emerge from dead/inorganic matter? Is a cell also ‘life’? What is reality and what is ‘illusion’? In reality, life is our inner spirit. There is no origin of spirit. Spirit is eternal, invisible, immortal, and non-physical. Spirit is not a ‘thing’. It does not ‘exist’ as some outer ‘thing’ or object. Science try’s to convince us that ‘life’ has an origin. Life is supposed to emerge from inorganic matter/chemicals/or such. This is pure ‘illusion’ and deception. In reality, life has no origin and it has no beginning or end. Life is spirit (eternal). Life is consciousness. Life is inner. Try and find this idea called ‘life’? Look all you want, but I don’t think you can find life. You can not discover life. A cell is a cell. Bacteria is bacteria. Where is ‘life’ (which creates our actions)? It has no existence in our space/time universe. Life is my/your inner consciousness/spirit. It’s not a ‘thing’. It can not be found or discovered. So all the effort being spent (by our science community) to find ‘life’ is fruitless and meaningless. Life can not be discovered/found and it has NO origin. We are living another ‘illusion’ with this concept called ‘life’ and this concept called the ‘origin’ of life. Evolution from inorganic matter is pure myth/illusion! We need to eliminate this illusion (after the coming CRASH).

Think about a new System where the above three illusions (plus others) are eliminated from our thinking. I/you live in the NOW (always). We exchange things and products in the now to survive, but all these things and products have no intrinsic VALUE. Why? Because ‘Value’ does not exist (anywhere). We also need to quit trying to find this non-thing called ‘life’. Life is our inner spirit/consciousness (its inner). It also does not exist (as a ‘thing’). If we eliminate the above three ‘illusions’ from our thinking, then we can experience reality as we live it (more fully). Life is lived in the Now (always) and via successive moments of Now. There is no ‘past’ or ‘future’. The Now is how we live our lives. We can experience this NOW and NOW and NOW (forever for those who are awake).

If we live life without the above three huge ‘illusions’, then we can create a society which works without these illusions. Illusions just confuse and deceive the human mind. Illusions create misunderstandings and wasted efforts by our media, science, and education. Why not eliminate illusions and live life as we EXPERIENCE it (in the ever-present NOW)? This is my mantra for Kingdom Economics. Live and let live each moment of NOW. Eliminate illusions which aren’t real. Wake-up to reality as we live it in the Now moment. Forget the past. The past does not exist. Forget the future. The Future does not exist. Forget this concept called Value. Value does not exist. Forget money and currency as both do not exist. Live reality and drop all the ILLUSIONS! Think on this! More later! I am:

P.S. Some wisdom to consider:

Money: it’s invented. We can eliminate this concept if we choose.

Currency: it’s invented. We can eliminate this concept if we choose.

Value: it’s invented. We can eliminate this concept if we choose.

Time: it’s invented. We can eliminate this concept if we choose.

Life: it’s eternal. We can drop all efforts to find, discover, locate this non-thing.

Motion: it’s outer and discernible. We can detach ‘time’ from this concept.

Exist: that which has matter (mass). Concepts of the mind/consciousness have no matter (mass).

Now: that’s how I/You experience reality. Now…and successive moments of Now.

Past: a Now memory. I/You have no direct access to this memory.

Future: a Now expectation. I/You have no direct access to this expectation.

Reality: a perception, description, belief, understanding which conforms with real-time experience…within a Now environment.

Illusion: a deception, confusion, false belief, hallucination, apparition which leads us to false living and behavior.

Crash: an economic event which happens due to human illusions, deceptions, false thinking, and global deceptions of real-time reality.

Some additional images to internalize:

Image result for definition of illusion

Today’s human system is loaded with illusions, delusions, and deceptions! They need to be eliminated!

Image result for definition of illusion

The above is a partial list of causes. Others relate to how our current human system is set-up and administered!

Image result for definition of illusion

Image result for definition of illusion

Visual tricks and gimmicks can lead us to misconceptions and illusions. Time, Value, Money all are illusionary concepts!

Image result for money is an illusion

Money does not ‘exist’ in nature but we humans ‘invent’ it to control commerce, people, and production!


Image result for time is an illusion

Time is a huge illusion as humans don’t experience it. We experience ONLY the Now moment!

Image result for origin of life from nonliving matter is an illusion

Life is eternal and it does not emerge from non-life (abiogenesis). Life derives from prior life (biogenesis)!

Image result for myth of darwinian evolution

Time is an inner concept with no external existence! Dating is mostly meaningless as ‘time’ does not exist!

Image result for evolution of man from a common ancestor

There is NO origin of the human spirit. My/Your spirit core is eternal. Time is a NOW experience (always)! Time does not exist!

Image result for the coming stock market crash

The GREAT Crash is coming soon! Let’s rethink REALITY after this soon coming CRASH!

The Coming Melt-Up or will it be Melt-Down?

July 28, 2017

Image result for will there be a mania stock market or a crash

Both schools of thought think that a huge CRASH is coming within the next 18 months. But there is now a school of thought which thinks that we will have a major ‘melt-up’ phase prior to the historical crash and then there is another school of thought which thinks that a ‘melt-down’ is coming this fall. So which is it? Will the stock markets melt-up to 45,000 or 50,000 (as many are now thinking) or will the crash come this fall with the markets (the Dow) at say 22,000 (+-)? Personally, I am uncertain and I am waiting to discern what our Central Banks will do!

Those who think that a melt-up is coming first base this theory on past history with bubble markets. Most of our past bubbles (Japan, NASDAQ, 1929, 1637 tulip, etc.) believe that a doubling or tripling from here is in the cards. This would mean a Dow of 45,000 or possibly as much as 65,000 prior to the great CRASH of all history. These thinkers believe that getting out of the markets now (stock markets) would be foolish as the start of this melt-up is just beginning. It will grow into a mania phase later in 2017 and most of 2018. Stay for the ride is the mindset!

The other school of thought is that the mania and bubble situation has already arrived and we now must think in terms of getting OUT of all stocks and into safe-haven investments (now). This mindset is predominate at this moment in time, but the melt-up theory is growing with many as I write. There are some $70 trillion dollars sitting on the side-lines which could jump into our stock markets at some point (say the mania thinkers). This would be the catalyst for this mania phase which many think is developing as I write.

The big buyers in this mania phase will be our Central Banks (this is the assumption) as our Central Banks now trade all our markets. Japan already owns some 20% of their Nikkei 225 index and some 40% of all their own government bonds. China is heavily into their stock markets as are Switzerland and other Central Banks. Many think our Fed will follow as the markets start a correction phase then move to mania. With some $70 trillion on the side-lines now, this theory seems to have some merit.

The future, however, is impossible to predict with any assurance. Will a melt-up develop or has the melt-up already happened? The future is unknown and I certainly don’t know with any assurance. My sense is that we are NOW at a crucial fork in the road and either our Central Banks must commit fully to this melt-up mindset or it might not happen. Personally, I am betting on a fall 2017 crash. The 18 month melt-up mania phase is beyond my ken to discern. Watch the markets for signs! I will do likewise! Think for yourself!

The CRASH of all history, however, is booked (and waiting) in the minds of both schools of thought. It could happen this fall or it might be delayed until after a mania stock market phase initiated by our Central Bank trading desks (say 18 months down the road). With unlimited $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to pump into our markets, it is possible that human nature will buy into a wealth effect as the markets MELT-UP to 45,000 Dow and then 65,000 Dow. With money being mere digits (imaginary) this outcome is certainly possible! Enjoy the ride UP or DOWN! I will do likewise! I am:

P.S. The theory of some is that the money system needs to experience an end point which usually follows a mania phase. Are we at the end point now? To many this is not evident. History seems to suggest that we have a way to go before the CRASH of all history develops!

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