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Freedom means ‘NO’ Group-think!

November 16, 2017

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What I witness in science, business, and religion is massive ‘group-think’ and conformity to tradition. This is where the leaders of a group, church, organization demand that discussion be limited to the ideas and beliefs which the inner hierarchy views as correct. In science and religion this is usually called ‘the truth’ espoused by the leaders of the group or organization. The leaders assume that their ‘truth’ is absolute TRUTH!


If I desire to challenge the dogma of a church denomination (for example) this is not allowed as each denomination has a hierarchy of leaders who determine what is valid for the group to believe (this is usually called ‘the truth’ for the group). Beliefs are at the core of every group. Select beliefs are assumed to be absolute for the group!


The particular church which I often attend believes that this person called Jesus is God Almighty (equal to Yahweh/Father). This belief is firm and if I challenge this belief then my challenge will not be considered or even accepted as a point of order. Any belief which the leadership views as central to their group can not be challenged openly and is dismissed categorically. Most churches have this mindset for their group.


This is what I call group-think as only certain beliefs are accepted as valid. Freedom of discussion is restricted when the leadership adopts this type of philosophy. This is a mentality which leads to control over thoughts and limits growth for the group as a whole. Group think is prevalent in almost all churches and to attend these groups one must adopt a mindset of subservience. What a shame on these leaders and thinkers. They assume wrongly that their views are the only correct views!


Jim Jones was a pastor who practiced an extreme form of group-think and this eventually led to the death of nearly everyone within his church group. You can find information about this pastor via a Google search. There are countless others which have practiced this mindset of control over ideas/beliefs and we witness this in spades with the ISIS believers. History reveals this mindset within politics and religion everywhere.


I, personally, witness this mindset in nearly every political group, church group, science organization, and most business organizations. Group-think is everywhere and this leads to a society where real growth and progress is limited and where ideas are controlled (by special elites). Political leaders seem to demand group-think so they can implement their goals and vision for a nation or country. Think of Xi Jinping and his administration over in China as an example.


Real freedom demands that we eventually destroy this mindset called group-think. Truth is subjective and every person should be able to participate in group activities and discussions plus have the opportunity to challenge all beliefs and ideas within a group. God is the ultimate source of truth but God is not on our planet. So human beings should accept the reality that subjectivity is normal and acceptable for all situations. None has a doctrine which is infallible and absolute for everyone. Allow alternative perspectives!


Think about this idea called GROUP-THINK. Who should be the source for what is TRUTH within any group? Who should set down beliefs that can not be challenged or changed? My view is that reality is subjective and no living person (on planet Earth) has any ‘absolute’ truth which is not subject to being challenged. Group-think within all our churches, businesses, political organizations, and education reveals a satanic mindset which needs to be stopped/eliminated.


Each person should have the option to challenge any beliefs (mine or yours) and the challenger must also allow any counter-challenge. This is real freedom. Kingdom Economics promotes a philosophy of subjectivity (at the core of human nature) and the individual is supreme (not the State or the Group-think leaders). Watch out for group-think going forward and expose it when you can. Reality reveals that human beings are subjective, uncertain, and without any FINAL (absolute) truth! I am:

Check out these images and messages:

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Group-think creates subservience to select authorities who desire to be absolute in their beliefs! This is really satanic thinking IMO. To challenge these leaders and their beliefs is viewed as subversion! It should be viewed as an opportunity to grow and to dig deeper into an issue!

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This mindset permeates most churches, business groups, and political groups! It’s satanic thinking in my view! The leaders demand unity, conformity, and acceptance at the expense of critical thinking and openness. 

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  1. Encourage participants to share their point of view, especially when their view differs from that of the majority or that of the group leaders.
  2. Allow and encourage disagreements to be discussed openly, with proponents for each view presenting evidence for their position. As the leader, facilitate an examination of the evidence and remain open to alternative interpretations of scripture.
  3. Unless the group must make a decision, allow disagreements to be unsettled.
  4. Prohibit group members from suggesting that other group members views are invalid because of low intelligence, lack off education, or wrong motives.
  5. Present and discuss these rules in your first group meeting, and review them with the group from time to time.  Also present and discuss them with new people who join the group. This needs to start at the top within organizations!

Xi Jinping – LORD and KING over 1.4 billion Human Slaves!

November 15, 2017

Xi Jinping has emerged as the Lord and King over China and some 1.4 billion servant/slaves. To live in China one must give one’s ‘allegiance’ to this person, his image, and his inner vision for all of China. This is real Communism in action. To live in China this one leader must be served and given allegiance. Political correctness at an extreme level is evident in this Communist nation.


Human leaders must receive acceptance from their citizens in order for government to work for these leaders. The vision of China can not be achieved without total allegiance so that the goals of this leader can be effective. To give allegiance to another authority (religious or human) would restrict the effectiveness of this leader, Xi Jinping. This is real Communism in action!


Think about what is now emerging over in China and which could emerge in Europe, India, the Islamic nations, and even in America. Billions of common people could become enslaved to human dictators who desire to create their particular utopia for their country and eventually the entire planet. These human authorities view themselves as LORD, GOD, and KING over their constituents. Is this healthy government? Is this what has evolved since the founding of America?


Why not give allegiance to the real KING of our Universe, YHWH the LOGOS (the invisible ruler who actually rules this universe)? Why give allegiance to a man like Xi Jinping or a similar man who desires to enslave everyone under his kingship? Communism is an ideology which assumes atheism as their philosophy of reality. Atheism means that some man (or woman) must rule over the people as God.


What I now witness over in China is a pure Communism where the people are enslaved to a system of digital money, hierarchical rule, and policies which require that everyone give their allegiance to an imperfect human leader who desires POWER and KINGSHIP. Is this the trend for all nations going forward? Will the entire planet of 7.5 billion bow and give allegiance to various human leaders and their ideas of political correctness? Is this what is starting to happen globally now that our world is digitally interconnected? Prophecy seems to indicate that this trend will continue for a season.


All this smells like a mindset where an ULTIMATE leader will emerge for the entire planet at some point. Those of us who follow prophecy call this the spirit of Anti-Christ. It’s a spirit where allegiance is given to a centralized governmental system where select elites govern under the ultimate authority of ONE man who desires to PLAY God. Is this what is subtly happening over in China and which could emerge everywhere?

Let’s review some events which others are describing which support this thesis that Xi Jinping is LORD, KING, EMPEROR:

Story highlights

  • Key political meeting concludes in Beijing, putting Xi on par with Mao
  • Analyst: Move means Xi Jinping can be “emperor for life” (God/Lord over 1.4 billion people)

Beijing (CNN)

China has elevated the stature of President Xi Jinping and cemented his grip on power by including his name and political ideology in the Communist Party constitution. At the end of a pivotal twice-a-decade meeting, party delegates voted unanimously Tuesday to make “Xi Jinping and his thoughts on Socialism a guiding principle for the party and the nation going forward.

China’s President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan waving as they board their aircraft to return to China, at Manchester airport, on Oct 23, 2015. PHOTO: REUTERS

Boarding the aircraft back to China at Manchester airport: As the couple bids goodbye and heads back home, we can’t help but notice that Ms Peng has committed a cardinal sin in the fashion world: repeating an outfit twice in less than a week! Ms Peng had earlier worn this look on her first day in Britain. Notice that image is important for world leaders so that the people give their allegiance to the leader’s vision of (political correctness). Xi Jinping is now LORD, KING, and EMPEROR over 1.4 billion Chinese. Will Americans bow to a human leader?

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Visible, dignified, ritualistic displays are of critical importance to the Chinese. On that score, therefore, Trump gave Xi what he wanted most from this first meeting: vivid images of respect for China as a great nation and for him as a great leader.


As Henry Kissinger has noted, Chinese emperors historically treated foreigners “humanely and compassionately in proportion to their attainment of Chinese culture and their observance of rituals connoting submission to China.” On that test, no one trumped Trump.
The Trump team understood that Xi’s overriding objective for 2017 is to consolidate his personal power at home where he will be “elected” for a second five-year term and where he is planning to put in place his choice of new members of China’s highest political body — the Politburo Standing Committee — that will allow him to extend his rule thereafter. The Deep State controls China and their people!
Communism is what is now emerging everywhere on planet Earth. The official mantra is called Agenda 2030 and this is precisely what Xi Jinping wants for China. Eventually, he wants the Chinese model to expand to the entire planet. Why not? Communism is Godless and promotes human leaders as their ULTIMATE authority. America must not follow this model! We need to give allegiance to the invisible KING which rules this planet and universe, YHWH or the LOGOS!
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Wrath and Love come from ONE Source! This is the invisible God over planet Earth! Wrath comes first and then Love! Prepare for Jacob’s Trouble soon!
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The real God and King over planet Earth is YHWH or JEHOVAH (also called the LOGOS or WORD)! This God gives ultimate authority to those who desire his Kingdom. So who should rule this planet? Should Xi Jinping or a similar man rule and play God or should the invisible SOURCE who rules spiritually be given Allegiance and Authority? Give this some attention! The END game is soon here according to the book of Revelation and Daniel. 




Some Science: Time and Value (do not exist)! Why?

November 15, 2017

Yesterday, I had lunch with an engineer/scientist who claims that our planet is billions (if not trillions) of years old. His evidence is this concept called ‘time’ which he views as a real ‘thing’ which exists. I challenged this view of reality and he had no rebuttal. This issue of ‘time’ and also this economic concept called ‘value’ are similar.


Those of us who view ourselves as ‘spiritual’ beings with a consciousness (also called a ‘mind’) view reality as dualistic. In other words, the material world of science does ‘exist’ (as one reality) but the immaterial world of the mind (also called consciousness) does ‘not’ exist (as material/physical).


What we Dualist’s believe is that we live within TWO realms of reality (that which is material and exists) and that which is immaterial (and does ‘not’ exist). In other words, concepts of my mind (such as ‘time’ and ‘value’) do not ‘exist’ because they derive from my inner self (which is spiritual).


The idea of ‘time’, for example, started with civilized man and civilized man started only some 6,000 years prior to today. Time was invented by a conscious person and then given meaning so as to create order and regularity. This was mostly for economic/farming reasons.


To understand a Dualist view of reality we need to separate ‘time’ from MOTION. Motion occurs as our planet moves in space. But ‘time’ is invented by observations of motion. The idea of a day emerged as we became aware of our planet’s rotation. The idea of a year emerged as we became aware of our revolution around our Sun.


The idea of millions, billions, trillions of years is ludicrous to a Dualist. Time derives from civilized man and this invention was created for a purpose. Today, many of us recognize that ‘time’ is internal (inner) and part of our consciousness. Consciousness is spiritual and does not ‘exist’ as a material ‘thing’ or ‘object’.


Think this out on your own. My view is that TIME and VALUE do not EXIST. These ideas are part of our subjective/inner CONSCIOUSNESS. Think for yourself! I am:

Four Unelected ‘Criminals’ Meet in Frankfurt!

November 15, 2017

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Today’s Wall Street Journal article, page A7, was entitled “Central Bankers Defend Stimulus”. Their meeting was in Frankfurt, Germany, November 13-14, 2017. This meeting of our Central Bankers reveals who rules over our planet financially.  The above four unelected financial tycoons should be viewed as financial criminals if one understands what is happening! Why?

  1. They have created ‘trillions’ of currency units (now digital units) from their thinking mind to distort, manipulate, and corrupt all our financial markets. Are you aware that digital financial units are ‘inner’ units (derived from the human mind)?
  2. They report to no-one as they operate independently from our elected system of governance. Who has voted for these tycoons? Independence is their mantra so they can rule without voter oversight.
  3. They are protected by security forces and military might so that none can interfere with their decisions to rule. Who is aware of what these four can create so as to distort, manipulate, and corrupt all our global electronic markets.
  4. Their core means to distort markets is criminal as they now use ‘digital’ money (created from their thinking) to fund a cyber computer system of finance. Digital currencies do not exist (physically) but get created from the consciousness of these unelected individuals. We do not use gold or silver (physical money) as our unit of value today!
  5. Since the financial crisis of 2008 the digital dollar, digital euro, digital pound, and digital yen have been used to manipulate prices, increase liquidity for select operatives, and distort price discovery for most assets classes globally. Today, our markets are nearly all digital/electronic and cyberspace (this netherworld of metaphysics) rules over global finance. What is cyberspace?
  6. Central Bank balance sheets have skyrocketed (since 2008) as these four criminals (plus others) have independently increased digital money (in the trillions) to paper-over this corrupt global financial system.
  7. A new study by Credit Suisse reveals that there are now 15 million U.S. based millionaires as of 2017 (up 1.1 million in just the past 12 months). Digital money is flowing to select elites to cover-up the underlying corruption within all our markets. The entire system is going digital and inner going forward. This should be called the ‘mark of the beast’ financial system!

What we need to realize is that just a few ‘dark’ state forces ruling over planet Earth and our global monetary system control us all. The above four are primary as they have attained their authority without any input from the voting public and they can operate ‘independently’ behind closed doors to create their vision of utopia (against the will of the masses).

In reality, their vision will eventually lead to ‘dystopia’ as the system is now so corrupt and distorted that it will eventually crash/collapse from internal malformations. Our debt is part of the issue. Our imaginary digital money is part of the issue. Hierarchical rulership is part of the issue. Malinvestments are part of the issue. Lack of consistent price discovery is part of the issue. And much more!

Yes, we now live with hierarchical control over all our global financial markets and the above four are mostly at the core of our problems. Will they recognize their situation and step down from power? This is unlikely as they desire the accoutrements of their power and control system. They are not being noticed (by the masses) as corrupt as they hide behind closed doors and a corrupt media which refuses to expose their gimmickry.

One philosopher/economist who has recognized the nature of Central Bank operatives and tried to expose these criminals was Murray Rothbard. You can get a general overview by listening to this video on our Federal Reserve Banking System. Listen and learn as the issue is crucial going forward: Take a few moments to gain understanding of this important issue. Enjoy! I am:

P.S. the above video reveals the history and the corruptions within our banking system! Everyone should watch and learn:

News Alerts plus select Monetary Issues!

November 13, 2017

It now appears that military strikes over in the Middle East could start at any moment. Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Lebanon are all unable to resolve their issues and each country now desires to challenge the other with negative consequences. This could lead to a serious war as conditions are unlikely to improve. Can Russia and the USA change this situation or is a civil war likely in this area? The next few days/weeks should give us the answer.

The issue over in North Korea has not been resolved and U.S. naval carriers make the situation much more dire as of today. It does not look like Russia or China can solve this issue with North Korea. This means that some action/reaction will occur in the near future. My sense is that North Korea may initiate some situation which provokes President Trump to act. This then starts WW III. Given that man desires to rule over man, the end result is some type of war and destruction.

The bigger issue is that man can not govern man. Human government is a self-destruct situation. Human nature desires to rule over others and this mindset means that war must emerge at some point. We live in a WIN/LOSE world where human leaders attempt to rule over the other. None of this works and it leads to conflict, war, and destruction. The whole mindset of our leaders leads to a self-destruct result. None wants to step down from power. So, I can state categorically, that war is coming for our planet.

With respect to our monetary system, I read in today’s Wall Street Journal that some trader dumped 40,000 gold contracts on the market (some 4 million ounces of gold) to suppress the gold price. What does this reveal? It reveals the corruption of our monetary authorities who continue to suppress, manipulate, and change real-time gold/silver prices so as to promote their ‘mark of the beast’ monetary system. Digital money is what allows all this corruption. Did you know that these traders do not even trade the physical metal (gold).

What they trade is an ‘imaginary’ digital contract (on our electronic futures markets) which claim that 4 million ounces are being traded. In reality, there is NO physical metal being exchanged between the counterparties (and there is no delivery of any actual physical metals) and this reveals that the entire trading system is nothing but corruption at the highest levels. It’s pure ‘price’ manipulation and suppression by our computer traders at our Central Banks (via their proxies). Few seem to notice this corruption!

What will the global trade policies of our Trump administration lead to in time? He desires this mindset of America First. America must be First when he negotiates a deal. This leads to Russia First, China First, Germany First, Vietnam First, Brazil First, etc., etc. Each nation puts their country FIRST and all this is pure ‘selfishness’ at the highest levels. With limited natural resources under the control of select nations, this mindset of Trump leads to more selfishness and corruption for the world trading system. It does not lead to progress and cooperation.

The mindset of our leaders is shameful, when I think about what is now happening. None of these economic policies which are now being implemented will lead to a better world for the masses. Ego’s rule over our planet and this can not bring us progress (longer-term). We are destined for ‘tit for tat’ corruption and national cheating at the highest levels of commerce. America First leads to everyone else desiring to be FIRST. What happens when a resource is not available (say wheat) for everyone? Who ends up with ‘nothing’? If everyone desires to be First, then what is left when a resource is depleted?

Our leaders are now so corrupt that they are unaware of what they do. All these ideas to put America First , China First, Russia First, etc. will not lead to longer-term progress for the people. The system is our problem and the people at the TOP are unaware of the consequences which will develop from their policies. At some point a ‘trigger’ situation will develop which will crash all these policies. Given that our markets are now electronic/digital and operate within cyberspace, the ‘trigger’ issue could happen soon.

Prepare for you own survival and ignore all the pundits who desire that you support their markets. It is time to think of our own personal survival and not about solving the issues on the world stage. The bigger issues are now spiritual/metaphysical and this reveals that we are all ‘at effect’ (without any solution to the current problem). A New System is needed and this can not happen until the current system collapses. So seek understanding and wisdom and let the markets go where they desire to go. That is my view! Think for yourself! I am:


Can Our Creator (the Logos) Speak?

November 11, 2017

Dust off your hidden black book ,called the Bible, and turn to the end book in this exceptional source book. Focus on reading chapters 1 – 5 (then stop and think). The book is called The Revelation (to John) and it claims to have come directly from our Creator (the Logos). The message (especially chapters 4 and 5) reveal who is on the Throne above and who rules this planet (and our universe).

Isn’t it important to comprehend who rules this planet? Who determines what has happened, is happening, and will happen. This person (a singular Source) called God Almighty, YHWH, and/or the Logos speaks for the entire planet and determines all events (ultimately). Nothing happens which is not ordained from this Throne Room (where God Almighty sits with no equals).

The core message from our Logos is that ‘NONE’ on planet Earth are ‘worthy’, fully ‘righteous’, or completely ‘saved’ from tribulation and problems which will transpire on planet Earth. Read these words over and over to discern the core message:

Revelation 5:1 “And I saw in the right hand of him who was seated on the Throne, a scroll written within and on the back, sealed with seven seals”;  5:2 “And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is ‘worthy’ to open the book (the title-deed to planet Earth), and to loose the seals thereof?”

“Strong angel”: The identity of this angel is uncertain, but it may refer to the angel Gabriel, whose name means “strength of God” (Daniel 8:16). The words “who is ‘worthy’ reveals that NONE (except this singular person who sits on the Throne is ultimately ‘worthy’)”. Not I, not you, not anyone in heaven or anyone within our entire universe is technically ‘worthy’! Only the SOURCE (who sits on the Throne is worthy…but this source can ALLOW another to open the scroll and reveal the events determined upon mankind. YHWH is allowing the lamb (also called the glorified Yeshua) to open the scroll!

Image result for the lamb is allowed to open the scroll and reveal the seals


Revelation 5:3 “And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book (the title-deed to planet Earth which reveals Earth’s destiny), neither to look thereon.”

“In heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth”: A common biblical expression denoting the ‘entire universe’. There are some things that man cannot do.  The seven-sealed scroll is thought to be the title-deed to the earth (with a sequence of events which happen and are absolute). In Practical terms, it seems God the Father (our Creator/Logos/YHWH) holds this title deed and our destiny in his hands. The elders speak and YHWH allows the Lamb to be ‘worthy’ for this important sequence of events soon to happen!

Yes, this vision in the book of Revelation (received by John while on the island of Patmos) was derived directly from our Singular Creator who plans and ordains all the big events on our planet (ultimately).  The ONE source who is ‘worthy’ is the LOGOS (or the final word from the Throne of God Almighty). The first words of this book state:

1:1 – The revelation from Jesus Christ (the glorified Yeshua), which God gave him (God is the singular person on the Throne) to show his servants (you and I) what must soon take place. He (God/the Logos) made it known by sending his angel (probably Gabriel) to his servant John (living on the island of Patmos), who testifies to everything he saw (in vision)—that is, the word of God (the Logos) and the testimony of Jesus Christ (the glorified Yeshua). Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near (very/very near as of this writing).

What should we take away from this message (revelation) to John on the island of Patmos (around 90 – 95 A.D.). First of all, the ultimate SOURCE of this message was from the singular spiritual Authority who resides on the Throne of our universe. There is only ONE person who rules over our universe (ultimately). This person is none other than the God of scripture (also called Yahweh, Jehovah, or the Logos). ONLY this source is ultimately ‘worthy’!

Ultimately, ‘words’ determine our destiny. All of us are controlled by our inner ‘words’. Action results from our ‘words’. Providence happens as a result of ‘words’. This means that the ultimate SOURCE of WORDS (the LOGOS) determines the destiny of our universe and all the events which happen on planet Earth.  Words create our reality and the SOURCE of words ultimately determines our destiny.

The Book of Revelation is for today’s world. It reveals that our Creator (YHWH) is governing our universe and has a plan for our society and our planet. This plan is ultimately the Kingdom (Government) of our Source with no equals (human beings) in charge (except as ‘agents’ or ‘servants’ of this SOURCE). God will rule this planet!

Think on this for a few minutes. Our so-called elites who think they will determine events for this planet/universe are really impotent and unable to create their Tower of Babel to enslave the entire planet. This system (now governed by elites and banksters) which is currently crumbling with digital money and political intrigue, will continue to crumble and collapse until everyone recognizes that the ultimate Government/Kingdom is our Creator. The person in ultimate AUTHORITY governs planet Earth (not our so-called elites who now ‘appear’ to have authority)!

This will happen as man is ultimately NOT in control of himself or the destiny of this planet. In reality, everyone operates ‘at effect’ (not ‘at cause’) with words which (ultimately) come from the Throne Room above. This inner spiritual Source within our metaphysical realm (also called the LOGOS) will determine what happens going forward. All is determined by our Creator Source and NONE is ‘worthy’ to alter this destiny. Get ready for new events coming directly from this THRONE room within us.

If my assumptions about reality are valid, then the above scenario is very relevant for today’s world. It is obvious, to me, that man is not in control of the big picture events happening on our planet. All our elites who think they will RULE our planet will eventually discover that they are impotent and without any mechanisms to create their false UTOPIA (often called Agenda 2030) for this planet. Watch as events happen from within to create the coming change!  Enjoy this outline. I am:

Who is the ultimate SAVIOR for planet Earth?

Image result for the ultimate savior is Yahweh

One ‘name’ for the ultimate SOURCE and/or LOGOS who rules planet Earth!

Related image

The ultimate AUTHORITY over all events which happen on our planet!

Image result for the ultimate savior is Yahweh

The End-time events will reveal who is the ultimate AUTHORITY over our planet!

Related image

Revelation 5:1-2 reveals who sits on the THRONE over our universe and planet!

Image result for the ultimate savior is which God, Isaiah 43:11

The final ‘word’ derives from this ONE source (also called the Logos or God Almighty)!

Image result for the ultimate savior is which God, Isaiah 43:11

The above WORD…was, is, and will be the FINAL word on the issue of who rules this planet! Read again and again to get the full meaning!

Image result for ONE GOD, Isaiah 43:11

The God of CREATION was YHWH. The God of Abraham was YHWH. The God of Yeshua was YHWH. The God of Mohammad was YHWH. The God on the Throne within us is YHWH. There is ONE GOD (not two, not three)! One FINAL Authority over planet Earth! That is the message of this missive! Think on this! I AM who I AM is another way of referring to the ultimate Authority and Ruler over planet Earth!


Some Reality vs Mere Hope!

November 10, 2017

Image result for Reality is an inner experience

As human beings we live with uncertainty, fear, hope, and core beliefs. Today, I asked a few seniors at the clubhouse if they had received a ‘word’ from the LORD. Two seniors said no (no ‘word’) and one said (yes) ‘hold on and don’t give up’ was his answer. Another said that we can not do anything to change events on this planet (we were talking about the killing event in Sutherland Springs, Texas and similar events).

What do these seniors reveal with their comments? First of all, I would fully agree that we humans are ‘NOT’ in control of events on this planet. We act out our beliefs and thinking (after the fact). This, to me, is obvious! This means that a ‘higher’ source actually is in control and we merely ‘ACT’ out our daily destiny from our inner beliefs and thinking. We are actually agents (not principles) and this is getting obvious to many.

Yes, human beings think and act on their beliefs but the ultimate SOURCE of our beliefs and thinking transcends human control and human observation. This makes us all ‘servants’ or ‘agents’ of spiritual powers and forces which transcend our ken. Destiny continues from moment to moment as we think and act but (in reality) human beings are NOT in control of destiny. What does this mean? Can you discern that you (as an individual) are NOT in control (of anything significant)?

I have recognized that I am not in control for some 50 years now. I am nearly 75 and this means that I have been aware that I am not in control for nearly 50 years. Those who discern REALITY (its spiritual and beyond our ken) recognize that being in control of events (destiny) is a myth and mere fantasy. Human beings ‘discover’ reality but they do NOT create reality. This means that human beings are ‘agents’ for higher principalities, forces, sources, and powers. Who is the ‘highest’ SOURCE or power?

As scripture states, we are NOT waring against ‘flesh and blood’ humans (on this planet), but we are waring against principalities and powers in the higher realms. These higher realms are spiritual in nature and WORK ‘through’ each of us (our inner self). As ‘agents’ of these higher powers we think and act out our personal destiny (as best we can) BUT we can not change REALITY (our planet’s destiny) with any of our powers. We are mere ‘agents’ and mostly unaware of the higher PRINCIPLE and/or SOURCE!

Who is this HIGHER principle? Who has the master computer in the spiritual realm which RULES planet Earth? Who has the software and programmes to create our destiny and create REALITY for the planet? To discern this reality we need to look inward. The Kingdom of our Source is not via ‘observation’ (looking outward) BUT it is ‘within’. The Government over this planet is discerned by ‘looking’ INWARD. My inner self is where I can discern real REALITY!

The wisdom of Socrates and Yeshua reveals that one’s INNER self is key to understanding what is happening. If I look ‘inward’ I can discern what others can not discern by mere ‘observation’ and ‘outward’ thinking. Most of our elites and most educators want me (us) to look ‘outward’ for reality. Just look at nature and objects within nature. This is diversion from that which is REAL. Most serious philosophers recognize that it is the INWARD look which produces sound thinking and understanding.

An example of looking outward is this concept called the bodily RAPTURE theory. Prophecy teachers, pastors, and theologians are all looking outward (into the sky above) and assuming that this ‘observation’ mentality reveals reality. This is pure myth and fantasy IMO. If you desire a RAPTURE experience then you (I) need to seek an ‘inward’ experience. This ‘inward’ experience reveals our inner spiritual nature. In reality, I (you) are spiritual beings with an ‘inward’ spirit (mind). Did you know this? Probably not!

Dualism is reality and few seem to discern their own DUAL nature. Dual means that I am NOT my body (neither are you). Dual means that my real ‘self’ in within my spiritual consciousness and/or mind (not my BRAIN…as our deceived educators like to assert). My BRAIN can not produce my beliefs, words, thinking, or reveal my inner self. This diversion of neuroscience and secular education is pure MYTH and FANTASY. If we want to make progress on this planet we need to LOOK ‘inward’!

Wake-up to REALITY and look ‘inward’. Discover your real nature and then discover why YOU and I are NOT in control. We are mere ‘agents’ and ‘servants’ for powers, principalities, and forces beyond ourselves. Have you received a WORD from the LORD recently (our real SOURCE)? If so, write me. If not, then this means that you are mostly UNAWARE of who you really ARE. Sleeping is zombie behavior and this is what I discern when I talk to MOST people. Is it time to WAKE-UP and discover REALITY? Enjoy this day! I am:

Who rules planet earth (give this some thought for today):

Image result for Reality is an inner experience

Trust that you can discover your ‘inner’ self! I find this key to growing spiritually!

Image result for Reality is an inner experience

Any ‘out-of-body’ experience reveals the DUAL nature of reality!

Image result for Reality is an inner experience

We all LIVE in two worlds or realms (inner and outer)! This is called Dualism!

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The inner world may (initially) create some ‘fear’ and ‘trepidation’ but this can be overcome with perseverance!

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My reality gets created from my ‘inner’ beliefs and assumptions! I think you are similar!

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This view (called Monism) should be relegated to the dust bin of history. I experience a CLEAR spit between my ‘inner’ and my ‘outer’ daily. The evidence is this monetary unit called our ‘digital $’. What is a ‘digital $’? I discern that this unit is ‘inner’. What do you discern? Can you find a ‘digital $’? Where is it? Think!

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The ‘digital $’ lives in cyberspace and derives from my ‘inner’ consciousness! Were you AWARE of this reality? If not, then try FIND this ‘thing’ called the digital $!

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My thoughts, text, images, originate within my ‘inner’ world and then I can create virtual images within my computer screen (for you to observe/visualize)! This is Dualism! Monism assumes that my BRAIN creates these images! I call this gross deception! Show me evidence that MY brain creates my words and ideas?

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Socrates and Plato recognized that we all live in TWO realms, worlds, or dual realities! Math and money symbols derive from the spiritual world, words derive from the spiritual realm, ideas derive from the spiritual realm. The ultimate SOURCE(S) for our destiny derive from principalities, forces, powers, and other metaphysical entities BEYOND human control! Go ‘inward’ for details!

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We humans are NOT in control of our destiny. It is time to wake-up to REALITY!

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NOBODY is another word for our CREATOR. Our Creator is the invisible SOURCE who rules over planet EARTH. Is it time to wake-up to this reality? I think so!

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The spiritual realm is ‘invisible’ to observation. I must go ‘inward’ to discern this realm! My ‘inner’ being lives within this realm!

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Enslavement is the result of the SOURCES ruling over human elites! These elites are unaware of WHO is ruling over them! They are ‘agents’ of higher principalities! They act without understanding and discernment!

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Where is this ‘heavenly’ realm? Could it be ‘inner’ and could our power brokers and rulers be unaware of their OWN ‘inner’ realm? My sense is Yes!

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The world works via MONEY and Elite POWER centers. Money rules over our 7.5 billion human citizens. Those who administer money can influence trends and then enslave the entire human civilization. All is done to RULE over others and maintain CONTROL! The above institution is part of our enslavement. It’s totally ‘unconstitutional’ but those in power flourish as a result of this corrupt/evil institution! When will people wake-up to this REALITY? The individuals are unaware (it seems) of their enslavement policies! They act with a lack of discernment and morality! Who can expose this evil institution to the people?

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One philosopher who understood the dangers of money interests and the elites who control our money institutions. What was his ‘name’? He defined our original dollar! Digital money $$$$ would be anathema to this founding Father!




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