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Kingdom Economics, Part IV, Money (not needed)?

March 30, 2015

Self government, Subjectivity, Divine ownership (of our planet) means NO money going forward! The tool called ‘money’ was invented to solve the riddle of ‘value’ under the philosophy of Capitalism. The concept of ‘value’ is at the core of Capitalism and since this concept is subjective and metaphysical, MONEY was created (in the marketplace) to act as a substitute (or proxy) for this invisible/non-physical concept called VALUE. Yes, the core concept of Capitalism is this invisible concept called VALUE. Capitalism is now OVER! But let’s review this concept called VALUE for understanding!

Money was INVENTED as a proxy for the concept called VALUE. Value emerged because of our desire for Private Property! Capitalism emerged due to these two concepts (private property and value)!

Capitalism emerged because of the legal concept called Private Property. Since people wanted to OWN things (land and production from the land), the legal concept of Private Property emerged. This concept then led to the economic philosophy of Capitalism. As we barter goods in a marketplace we encounter this invisible concept called ‘value’. Barter leads (in time) to a more efficient process where exchange of ‘value’ is improved. Money is then ‘invented’ (in a marketplace) so that counting/calculating VALUE is more efficient. Money starts out as a thing which is perceived as containing ‘value’. In time the best item for representing ‘value’ became silver/gold. This led to a currency (shekel, drachma, lira, pound, or dollar) so that ‘value’ could be measured/calculated more efficiently and precisely.

Money was INVENTED. There is no money within Nature! Money was merely a ‘tool’ which was needed for the exchange of ‘value’ under the philosophy of Capitalism!

Historical Capitalism collapsed in 1971 with the closing of the gold window by Richard Milhous Nixon. Keynesian finance (also called financial Capitalism) then emerged with our index currencies…and this has led to our current digital currencies. Digital currencies are really ‘imaginary’ currencies located in a memory space called Cyberspace. Cyberspace is metaphysical and this distorts ‘value’ and also ‘prices’ (as we witness today). We have now lived with some 15 plus years of digital currencies and the bubbles which emerge from these metaphysical units. QE and QE to infinity are concepts which describe today’s bubble markets. This will soon lead to a market Crash and the need to rethink all our philosophy about economics. This is good!

People lived without MONEY (in many societies) but this was very difficult. Today, we have the technology and a social network which can replace MONEY! Robotics can replace Labor! Computerization can create new efficiencies for production, scheduling inventories, distribution, and accounting.

Yes, a Crash is coming…including a total wipe-out of all these digital currencies and the Digital Wealth derived from these currencies. We will then be back to barter and the need for a New System and a New Economic Gospel. Step IV in the model called Kingdom Economics is the elimination of ALL money from our planet. Under the Model of Kingdom Economics we will NOT need MONEY or the derivatives thereof. Goods, Services, Activities can be accomplished much better with volunteer efforts of the populace. Food, clothing, shelter, transportation, healthcare, the internet, smart phones, electricity, solar energy, wind energy, consumer goods, etc. can all be increased and distributed without the NEED for any MONEY. The ‘curse’ of money can be eliminated from our planet!

Money was necessary because of Capitalism (private property and the concept of value). Money is a ‘word’ which was ‘invented’ from our consciousness! There is NO ‘money’ within Nature! It’s ‘invented’!

Freedom from the slavery of money, credit, borrowing, debt, bonds, stocks, derivatives, etc. will soon be a reality (for our planetary citizens). All money instruments and their history will disappear from our planet…under Kingdom Economics. People (we have some 7 billion as of today) can create all our Wealth…and Technology can act as the Labor for nearly ALL production of goods/products. Robotics will create abundant wealth for everyone as the New Economy under Kingdom Economics develops. Politics will change. Banking will be eliminated. The money cartel/cabal will be eliminated. Counterfeiting via QE will be eliminated. Debt will be cancelled and eliminated. People, places, things, and events will be the core of a New Economy (without MONEY)! Abundance for everyone is now possible!

The money cabal can be eliminated under Kingdom Economics (the New Model)! Central banks will disappear! The 1% who control all our Wealth will be part of the 100%! Equality will emerge!

The history of MONEY goes back some 5000 years. Money is INVENTED (from our consciousness) to serve a role within economics. We have now arrived at a day where we can eliminate MONEY from our planet. All we need to do is CHOOSE to eliminate this curse. The blessings of eliminating MONEY are many. People become primary. Natural Resources get distributed (and shared) so that production of real goods is maximized. Technology replaces hard Labor (the historical sweat shops). Computerization of distribution, transportation, and consumption patterns replaces monetary transactions. Financial corruption is eliminated. Social interactions replace the money cartel/banking/debt/slavery. Poverty gets eliminated in time. Economic prosperity for EVERYONE will emerge!

Wealth can now be maximized using Robotics and Computerization! Hard Labor is mostly eliminated! This trend is now global and frees up people for more efficient activities!

Part IV of the Model (Gospel) of Kingdom Economics is the ‘elimination of money’! After some 5000 years of slavery to MONEY we now get to enjoy our planet, resources, social interactions, and real prosperity for the entire population on our planet. All this is coming if people desire it! The CHOICE is ours. We can eliminate MONEY from our planet if we CHOOSE! Think about the benefits of this New Model under Kingdom Economics. Money becomes history. Gold and silver can be used to improve our lives as ingredients for health and personal growth. Digital technology can replace the need for MONEY with a new emphasis on robotics and machine driven production from Computerization.

A Digital Crash is coming! Value (expressed in money) is then eliminated! Trillions of digital units ($$$) will vanish into thin air (via the delete key)! We must now eliminate ALL money from our planet (starting NOW)!

Our internet society has helped us reach this stage where MONEY can finally be eliminated from our global marketplace. People and volunteering can replace the tool of money manipulation by Central Authorities and financial gimmickry. Think about this Part of Kingdom Economics (the benefits) and start to promote this mindset as you talk and text your friends and associates. The time to eliminate MONEY is NOW! The WILL to eliminate MONEY is NOW! Reality is really:  Successive Moments of Now! Capitalism is OVER. The banking cartel/cabal needs to step down so that a NEW Model can emerge! People replace MONEY! That is our future! Enjoy! I am:

Kingdom Economics, Part III, Natural Resources (who owns?)!

March 30, 2015

Part I and II have covered the issues of Self Government and human Subjectivity/Relativity. Let’s now focus upon the issue of Who Owns our Natural Resources! The future of economics for our planet depends upon the planet’s Natural Resources (oil, lumber, coal, gas, grains, steel, uranium, silver, water, air, etc.). For the past 6000 years our Natural Resources have been viewed as in the hands of those who CLAIMED the land and then occupied the land. Recently, governments have been primarily at the center of determining WHO owns what, where, and when? But is this necessary? Do ‘man’s’ Governments really OWN this planet? I would suggest, NO!

Who owns our planet (in reality)! That is the issue! For me this is simple: our Creator owns it! Our Creator also owns all that derives from the earth, air, and water (called our Natural Resources)!

In reality, our Creator OWNS our planet and ALL the natural resources. Man owns ‘nothing’! What now needs to happen is that OWNERSHIP of our planet and ALL the natural resources needs to be GIVEN back to our Creator (God Almighty). God owns our planet and all that derives from our planet and the space above. Man merely occupies this planet…the REAL title-deed belongs to our CREATOR. So what now needs to happen is that we the people need to recognize this reality and reject any claims by ‘man’ and by ‘man’s governments’. The entire planet Earth and all our Natural Resources belong to our SOURCE (also called our Creator, God Almighty, Logos, King of the Universe, or whatever other ‘name’ one desires to choose)!

View of our planet Earth from the Moon! Who created this planet and all our Natural Resources? Think! Who is the rightful OWNER?

The role of ‘man’ is to preserve, protect, and distribute these Natural Resources so that ALL human beings can benefit from these goods. Sharing the global resources is Part III of Kingdom Economics. Step #1 in this process is to cancel all the bogus records and deeds to our land claims and then RETURN the ownership to the rightful OWNER (our SOURCE)! This is simple and easy once one recognizes this reality (that God owns our planet and all that derives therefrom). The process is simple BUT the ‘will’ of those now in Control may need some changing! This can happen AFTER the coming global market CRASH which is rapidly emerging! Our current corrupted system is soon to collapse and vanish!

Before the emergence of ‘man’ there was the planet! Did it have a ‘name’? Who gave our planet its NAME?

What we now need to recognize is that ALL monetary wealth (which is supposed to represent our production since Day 1) consists of merely IMAGINARY numbers and symbols (on our records). What ‘man’ calls his Wealth is really (in reality) Metaphysical ‘numbers’, ‘names’, and ‘symbols’. This ‘imaginary’ wealth can be cancelled with the DELETE of a computer key. We would then be back to square one and the issue of WHO owns what can be ‘deleted’ from our cyberspace markets. ALL can be reprogrammed so that our SOURCE (Creator God) receives the Title Deed to all land and the entire planet (eventually)! It is actually rather simple and direct. The problem is WILL and the elite who now CONTROL (falsely) the system!

View of Australia from space. 85% of the people (on our planet) BELIEVE in a Creator God! So whose view should prevail when it comes to our planet’s OWNERSHIP?

We now need to internalize this reality that GOD owns our planet and ALL that derives therefrom! For me, this is easy and simple. I sense that some 85% of people on this planet will also desire this simplicity (once the current system collapses). The fight will likely be from the 15% who THINK (falsely) they are the owners! Can the 15% prevail over the 85%. I doubt it! Beliefs determine action and 85% of the people on this planet believe in a CREATOR GOD. The 15% will need to step down from their hubris (positions of Power) so that the 85% can create a new and better World! That is my missive for today! Part III of Kingdom Economics concerns: Who Owns our Planet! I am:

Kingdom Economics, Part II, Subjectivity and Relativity!

March 29, 2015

The next portion of my New Model for our planet relates to the issue of Truth. Is there an ‘absolute’ Truth which Man can discover and implement? I would suggest, NO! Truth is dispersed throughout all of society (as a goal and objective) but no single person/group/community can assert final/absolute Truth for everyone (within our NOW reality). The concept of Truth (capital ‘T’) is beyond the ken of any person, group, or culture. This concept called Truth is a metaphysical concept. All metaphysical concepts are subjective to some degree. As human beings we each discover some ‘truth’ (small ‘t’) as we live our lives. Experience, however, teaches us that there is NO Truth (capital ‘T’) which is final and absolute over time.

Is there ONE person on this planet with Absolute Truth (for everyone)?

Seeking Truth is commendable! But we need to recognize that Truth (in realtime) can not be determined in any Final/Fixed/Absolute manner!

We could say that Truth is progressive over time and does change to some degree (as we live our lives)…as Man does not have the intellect to assume the role of God Almighty on this planet. This means that we must live with subjectivity, individuality, various opinions, and relativity as our ongoing mantra. TRUTH should be viewed as relative and subjective…this is Part II of my New Model for reality on this planet! All the Truth purveyors (scientists, theologians, pastors, imams, rabbis, philosophers, and educators) need to recognize that any single VIEW on an issue can be interpreted differently by others. This should seem rather obvious in today’s age of the internet!

This philosopher recognized the ‘Subjectivity’ of truth but refused to accept Relative Truth. This, to me, is illogical. If each person view’s Truth subjectively (right now) than we end up with Relative Truth (right now)! Subjectivity creates relative viewpoints of reality!

What does this mean, however, for any New Model for economics, politics, science, and religion? This means that Absolute (fixed) laws, rules, commands, edicts (designed for everyone by an elite leader(s)) are NOT possible in today’s world. Each person, group, culture tends to interpret reality uniquely to some extent. The goals of freedom and equality demands that leaders think in relative terms. Alternative points-of-view need to be allowed and encouraged. Absolute thinking by one person or group which is designed to be implemented upon the many is not realistic today. Albert Einstein initiated the concept of Relativity within nature. This same concept is now relevant for all social relationships on this planet.

Versions of Truth emerge daily! But who can enunciate ABSOLUTE TRUTH???

A relative and subjective world means that a new language needs to emerge. We all need to promote diversity at the expense of sameness. A good model for diversity within our social relationships are the many different belief systems now prevalent on our planet. The Shia, Sunni, Christian, Jewish, Atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, Secular, etc. worldviews reveals the diversity of beliefs on this planet. Look at the diversity within just the belief system of Islam below. This same situation occurs within Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Science, Philosophy, etc. Beliefs are subjective and this reveals the Relative nature of reality on this planet!

Relativity and Subjectivity is an obvious reality in our world today. The idea of Man ruling Man is impossible in a world of subjectivity and relativity. Whose beliefs will be imposed on who? We now need to recognize that Absolutes are really ‘relative absolutes’. Hard and fixed concepts (which one person or group thinks is reality) will be rejected by another person or group (at least to some degree). Take the economic concept of ‘VALUE’. What is the ‘value’ of a given piece of Art (for example)? What is the ‘value’ of a unique private Estate? The economic concept of ‘value’ reveals that this concept is interpreted uniquely by most everyone (to a degree). Capitalism is based on this economic concept. This now means that Capitalism is unworkable in our World of subjective views and opinions!

Just within Christianity we have some 4000 different versions of Truth (also called Denominations)! Which Denomination can claim ABSOLUTE TRUTH?

This measure of Truth is realistic for today’s World! Eternal dogmas are no longer relevant for today’s global multi-cultural society! 

The above enunciation seems Relatively Absolute, to me! This may be why I seriously respect T.J. and his general philosophy of life! I, personally, have many ideas which I view as Relatively Absolute (as of today)! My views, however, should not be assumed to be ABSOLUTE in some final/fixed/forever sense!

In conclusion, Part II of my New Model (gospel) is the reality of Subjectivity and Relativity…within all of our global society and within all our global economic/political markets. We live in a Relative World where fixed Absolutes are no longer relevant. This means that we do need a NEW MODEL for our planet going forward. Freedom demands relativity and subjectivity! Experience demands relativity and subjectivity! Common sense demands a world of subjectivity, diversity, individuality, and RELATIVITY! Today’s world is now crumbling and collapsing from all the fixed Laws, Rules, Edicts, and Commands of our political elite. Our Ruling Elite now need to Step Down from their role of Power, Control, and Rulership! Think on this new reality going forward! Enjoy! I am:

A New Model for our Planet: Part I (Kingdom Economics)!

March 27, 2015

We now need to start thinking about a NEW model (and Gospel) for our planet. Keynesianism is over and Capitalism (the Adam Smith version) is also over. A new model needs to be based on today’s technology and the realization that we are all part of one interconnected social system. Essentially we are now ONE planet of some seven billion individuals living within an interconnected/interdependent economic environment. The Internet and smart phone technology has created a new world of realtime communication for our entire planet. We can now relate to anyone and everyone on our planet in realtime (also called NOW time). This reality is changing our World and creating the NEED for a new model going forward!

Can Man Rule this planet for the benefit of everyone? Who should RULE this planet? That is the core Question of Kingdom Economics! Man’s RULE leads to a King of the Hill philosophy! This is unworkable!

This reality of realtime communication and our interconnected/interdependent economic system is foundational to any NEW economic model (Gospel). We all now recognize that all our Natural Resources must be shared so that everyone can survive and prosper. We can not continue under our Nation/State system of competition and conflict over who gets what! This is a lose/lose proposition! The entire planet is now ONE global system and all our RESOURCES must now be shared so that all the 7 billion people (including new population growth) can survive and prosper. So what is the core principle which is at the ground level of Kingdom Economics? What is different today which demands a NEW MODEL?

Our current MODEL is much as above! This model creates SLAVES of everyone except those who RULE! Is this workable going forward? Can MIGHT create RIGHT for everyone?

Human nature is the key to developing any NEW model (Gospel) for our planet. We need to understand that ‘human nature’ has two dimensions (a dark side and a light side). To discipline my/your dark side we need to choose a higher Metaphysical reference point as our Source (Ruler). The idea that our ‘dark side’ will be disciplined via any type of Anarcho-communism philosophy is a dream not worth pursuing. Human nature needs discipline if any NEW model is to work in realtime. Kingdom Economics is based upon the idea that we live within TWO realms of reality. The Metaphysical Realm is the primary realm where discipline develops. When I recognize that I am firstly part of the Problem (partly flawed) the concept of discipline becomes obvious! Basically, the ‘dark side’ of human nature MUST be disciplined!

Human Nature is Dual (dark and light). How do I overcome the Dark? This is impossible under our current Model of ‘Man ruling Man’!

The concept of a man ruled system (now with some 6000 years of history) is not workable going forward. My model (Kingdom Economics) proposes that each person must be a SELF governing singularity. Self Government is what we now need for this planet. So what is Self Government? Self Government is where I govern myself under the higher realm of a Metaphysical Source (discipline emerges from this model). Another way of saying this is that we need One Planet Under God! This means that God becomes the Sovereign Ruler over this planet and man becomes a Self Governing individual (under this Metaphysical Source). This would create the DISCIPLINE within our human nature so that true Freedom could emerge for our planet!

Seeking the Source (God) in our Sky is fruitless! God does not EXIST as an object within our Material Universe! The Divine works within and above one’s Consciousness! Look IN and then UP!

Human nature repels from the idea of Man ruling over Man. Who desires a corrupt/flawed group of elite Rulers governing over the many. After some 6000 years of Man ruling over Man we should be able to discern that this type of system is unworkable. A Man centered system of Rulership creates what we witness today. We witness conflict, war, strife, competition, greed, envy, hubris, and all the negative emotions of human nature. The negative produces more negative and the END is total destruction of everyone (good and evil)! We witness this happening today with the American philosophy of Might makes Right! This philosophy leads to Man fighting Man to the point where all Men (people) are destroyed!

America’s philosophy of Might makes Right is self-defeating! It leads to TOTAL destruction of all life on our planet (if followed logically)! Who will be the last person standing!

Any NEW model (Gospel) needs to eliminate the Rulership of Man over Man! This is part I of Kingdom Economics. This means that Individual SELF GOVERNMENT is what must emerge. Self Government creates positive emotions, positive psychology, and positive contributions. We can witness Self Government among the rich and powerful (as they hold their group meetings and conferences to discuss new options for eliminating problems). Self Government is what the rich and powerful desire for themselves. The problem is that they do NOT desire this same environment for the many (the public). Their HUBRIS does not allow these elite to SEE their own behavior!

So Part I of Kingdom Economics includes the concept of SELF GOVERNMENT for each person (all 7 billion human beings living on our planet). Self Government, however, can not work under a materialistic World View of Reality. Materialism assumes that the Outer World is the only meaningful world. This is anathema to Kingdom Economics. There is also an Inner World which is primary to each person but which is ignored by the materialists. We all LIVE within TWO realms of reality. The INNER is primary and the OUTER is secondary. Self Government must derive from our INNER world! Think on this issue and the concept of Self Government (under the ALMIGHTY)! Enjoy! Look IN and then UP! I am:

Then End of Keynes…revealed by Bernanke’s Fed in 2008!

March 24, 2015

John Maynard Keynes may have had a centralized view of money and finance but he did not support official ‘counterfeiting’ of currencies as is being done today. Since 2008 we have had the Bernanke QE, the King QE, the Kuroda QE, the Draghi QE, and the Ingves QE (there may be more which I am unaware of). Our U.S. Fed Chairman, after the 2008 crisis, started this trend of Official Counterfeiting…also called QE by the media and the public. This policy of counterfeiting a national currency marks the END of Keynesianism IMO. John would never have supported this type of behavior by our Central Banks. The shame of Central Banking can not be placed on historical Keynesianism!

Big Ben replaced our paper dollar with a DIGITAL (virtual) dollar after the 2008 financial crisis! Trillions of ‘typed’ computer dollars (digits) replaced the printing of America’s paper dollar! The operation was called Asset Purchases by Big Ben, but the media called it QE (quantitative easing)!

This movie reveals the nature of our dollar today (its invisible and metaphysical)! The unit can not be discovered within our material Universe! Show me the money reveals the ‘nature’ of today’s money!

The Congressman from Texas, Ron Paul, ‘smelled’ the hypocrisy within our U.S. Fed but his efforts to get an Audit have proven ‘fruitless’! Our elite Senate and House finance committee’s have not supported Ron and those of us who desire a FULL AUDIT!

Control over the Fed’s behavior derives from our Congress. This body of elite have not wanted to expose the corruption within this Central Planning entity…which is private not governmental! Why do you think that exposure (via a full audit) is prohibited by select elite power brokers at the highest levels? 

This guy, Jim Rickards, understands the corruption at the highest levels! His book called the Death of Money is a good read for those who do not discern what is happening with our currency! You can get his views at 

Paulson and Bernanke in 2008! Only Ben knows how to create new ‘dollars’ Out of Nothing via his High Speed Computer at the New York Fed! Ben knows that ‘printing’ money is not necessary today. He can now digitize new money units via his computer keyboard!

This image reveals the ‘nature’ of our money today! It is spiritual and/or METAPHYSICAL! I call today’s money units…money from Heaven! Ben probably thinks the same (or does he)?

This guy (or guys) loved all the new money units from Heaven! Debt has increased by trillions under Bush and multi-trillions under Obama. None of this DEBT can be repaid. America is BANKRUPT! How much do we owe? The number is beyond comprehension!

Ben reveals to ABC and CBS that he is NOT ‘printing’ todays dollar. He now has a new technology called the digital computer. Money now emerges from his ‘thinking’ and then gets ‘actualized’ via the computer keyboard! Few seemed to have noticed what he revealed during these interviews!

Ben and Tim Geithner at a G-20 meeting. The G-20 now supersedes the decisions of our Congress when it comes to international monetary affairs! The G-20 has created a new international body called the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to determine what policies are right for our dollar and all the international currencies! America has a similar entity called the FSOC (Financial Stability Oversight Council) which rubber stamps the decisions of the FSB. One World Finance and Global Regulation is now a reality.

Image result for Bernanke, show me the dollars money

Janet Yellen now determines some American policy as our new Fed Chairwoman. But is she really in control of policy and realtime trading strategies for our dollar? Who does she look to for ‘Forward Guidance’?

U.S. Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, and the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) officials now provide Forward Guidance for American monetary issues. Our finance and money is now global and mostly out of the purview of our elected Congress!

Turkish Bankers, Christine Lagarde, and Jack Lew at a G-20 finance ministers conference. The G-20 is now a world ruling body of international elites who determine the destiny of all Nations on our planet! The G-20 emerged after the 2008 financial crisis and is now the premier global forum for those who rule over our economic destiny!

The above elite now rule over the entire planet and all 7 billion citizens. Our world has become globalized and internationalized and interconnected. We are now ONE planet under the rule of banksters and the money elite (the 1%). Money rules and money determines the destiny of all! To buy and sell we must have MONEY. Money is God and the Rulers over money determine what is reality for the planet! Is this the best we can create for this planet? Yes, we are now all monetary slaves of the money RULERS. Few, however, discern this reality! Wait until the next downturn for this reality to SINK in. Enjoy! I am:

Metaphysical ‘words’ create our global realities! Think Big!

March 24, 2015

Listen to the metaphysical ‘words’ of this very intelligent Finance Minister (try to discern the two realms of reality which we all experience as human beings). Realm #1 is our body/brain and all the material objects on our planet. Realm #2 consists of metaphysical ‘words’ which emerge from our mouths (consciousness)! Listen to the ‘words’ emerging from the mouth of Natalie. Her ‘words’ derive from her MIND and/or her CONSCIOUSNESS! This lady will give you an education on politics and economics if you listen carefully!

We now need a model which encompasses all people (the human family) who live and occupy space ON our planet! Some 7 billion human beings ‘ride’ this planet as it spins and revolves around our huge SUN! Think about a NEW model which includes all people and all the planetary resources as being SHARED!

The model which we now need to internalize is our planetary world (think about the ‘whole’ planet as our economic/political community). Currently, we have some 7 billion human beings on our planet (called Earth). Think about this greater family of human beings, who all live in the NOW. All people live in a NOW reality and successive moments of NOW. What is it that makes our global society work within realtime? Our ‘ideas’ create our ‘words’ which then create a person’s REALITY/behavior. Focus on a person’s WORDS when they speak! Let’s take the ‘word’ money or dollar as an example.

There is no such ‘thing’ as MONEY or DOLLAR within our material/physical universe. Look all around you at this moment of NOW. Where is this ‘thing’ called MONEY? Where is this ‘thing’ called DOLLAR? Both these ‘words’ are derived from our ‘mind’ and/or ‘consciousness’…and then get ‘applied’ to some object (as our medium of exchange). The ‘word’ money comes out of my/your MOUTH as a metaphysical unit of CONSCIOUSNESS prior to being applied to an object. In fact, all ‘words’ are derived from my/your metaphysical consciousness and reveal themselves as metaphysical units for understanding. REALITY is created from our WORDS. Words are ‘metaphysical’ units derived from our MIND. What is our MIND? Where is our MIND? Why is understanding MIND the key to reality?

What we need to understand is that my MIND and my BRAIN are two different aspects of my reality. My MIND is invisible and the SOURCE of my ideas/words. My MIND is also part of my general CONSCIOUSNESS. Consciousness is a ‘metaphysical’ aspect of reality. I can not SEE my consciousness. I can not HEAR my consciousness. I can not SMELL my consciousness. I can not FEEL my consciousness. And I can not TASTE my consciousness. What does this reveal about REALITY? To me, this reveals that I live within TWO realms of reality. Realm #1 includes my FIVE senses. Realm #2 includes my SIXTH sense called my metaphysical MIND. Are YOU any different?

Think of MIND as the ‘light’ within! Brain is the ‘dark’ matter which contains my neurons/synapses! Brain is ‘dependent’ upon the ‘light’ within (one’s MIND). Mind is the ‘metaphysical’ aspect which creates all reality on this planet! Words and ideas derive from MIND (not brain)! Reality is mostly a result of our WORDS!

As human beings we LIVE daily with our ‘ideas’ and our ‘words’. I THINK about needing groceries for my body/brain and I then pursue a trip to the Supermarket for my material goods. THINKING involves ‘ideas’ and ‘words’ which derive from my MIND. My brain neurons are activated by my metaphysical MIND which is the SOURCE of my thinking. The most important ASPECT of reality is our MIND (ideas and words). WORDS create communication and communication creates human ACTION. Today, we live with a MAN centered political/economic system. The realtime ‘words’ of our elite leaders determine the destiny of our lives. MAN governs this planet using WORDS to create laws, rules, restrictions, commands, rhetoric, and our money. Listen to the ‘words’ coming from the MOUTHS of the following:

Listen to his ‘words’ and what he desires for our Foreign Policy! Action derives from ‘words’! Our planet is at the mercy of our elite leaders and their ‘words’ and ‘ideas’ (all ‘words’ are mental/metaphysical phenomena)!

John Hagee on the coming Four Blood Moons! Notice his ‘words’ and his view of coming actions/events! The ‘ideas’ within our metaphysical MIND determine our beliefs, our Worldview, and our Actions/behavior!

Now listen to this politician and notice his WORDS coming from his mouth and derived from his MIND!

Barrack Obama, President of the U.S.A. thinks and then enunciates WORDS! Where do his ‘words’ come from? Does he have a MIND distinct from his brain neurons? Is his BRAIN activated by his MIND? Derive your own conclusion!

Finally, listen to the ‘words’ of this politician who views his Worldview as relatively absolute. Bill Clinton had the support of the masses at the time of this speech. His rhetoric is always very convincing! Notice the response from the audience!

This leader continues to create new realities with his WORDS! Where do these ‘words’ come from? Why does Bill believe in unity via man’s rule (collectivism/socialism)! Is his model of reality creating freedom for the World? Think for yourself! 

Ted believes that his ‘words’ will lead to actions which will create a better world! I hear these positive ‘words’ every few years as new elite emerge with new WORDS! Listen and ask: where do ‘words’ derive from? Why do our ‘words’ create our reality?

In conclusion, all the above believe that the concept called Democracy depends on their Worldview. Freedom, in the mind of the above, is a man-centered Worldview where select elite RULE over the masses (the 7 billion). Is there a better vision of FREEDOM for our planet? Can a better model of reality be derived with more realistic WORDS? I say, YES! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Keep in mind that my/your ‘human nature’ derives from the metaphysical realm (the realm of our MIND). When I lie, cheat, deceive, exaggerate, and speak with confusing metaphors to fool an opponent, these ‘words’ (which emerge from my mouth) are part of my metaphysical reality! My brain neurons do not produce lies or any deception. My brain is passive and can only activate when my MIND is active! Mind precedes Brain. The metaphysical precedes the material. Think BIG and discern what is REAL!

The Gospel of Keynes! Now Over!

March 22, 2015

John Maynard Keynes set in motion a Gospel and a Model for macro-economics and political prosperity. This Gospel started back in 1933-34 (during the Roosevelt administration) and it has continued now for some 82 years. This gospel/model is now, however, about over and the End Game of Keynesianism is nye. The Gospel, however, is being stretched to the extreme so as to extend some semblance of economic activity in our current realtime markets. Just what was this Gospel? What were the key principles which made this gospel last for 82+ years?

The basic principles of Keynesianism are as follows:

1. Demand precedes supply…also called Demand management

2. Credit and debt produce (create) demand and then supply (production) follows

3. Some asset inflation (higher general prices) is necessary so that Debt can be continually serviced

4. Fiat money is the key and Centralized control over fiat money is necessary to further continual growth

5. Governments (under the authority of Central Banks) can give us continual Guns and Butter (prosperity)

6. In the End (long run) we are all dead, so live for the NOW (ignore long run consequences)

7. Governments supersede private markets when push comes to shove (serious recessions)

8. The General Business Cycle can be mostly abolished via a model of borrow and spend

Basically, the Keynesian gospel produced a model where Credit and Debt create Demand and credit/debt will initiate more supply (production) to grow all our markets continually. To create progress and assure continual growth and prosperity governments need to help the private markets by Spending and Borrowing (as deemed necessary). Mr. Keynes started his gospel during the Administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt (after the last Great Depression). He helped to advise Franklin (FDR) to depeg gold from the American dollar and allow a fiat (faith) dollar to emerge. This started in 1934 and was expanded internationally in 1944-46 (with the Bretton Woods Agreement).

The concept of defining the American dollar to gold during the Bretton Woods Conference (at $35/ounce) was really not part of Keynesianism but it was necessary to get International agreement at the Bretton Wood Conference. The concept of gold as money, however, lasted only until 1971. On August 15, 1971, our then President, Richard Milhous Nixon, closed the International Gold Window and the result was the Keynesian fiat dollar (with only ‘faith’) as our global currency. Faith and oil then created the fiat Petro dollar in 1974. America was KING over monetary affairs and politics and gold was mostly demonetized as a currency for international trade.

The new currency for International trade and International reserves (balance of trade) became the American fiat/Petro dollar. With oil prices pegged in American dollars, the fiat (faith) dollar became viable as the International Reserve Currency for the entire planet. We have now experience some 41 years of the Petro dollar as the Reserve Currency for the World. This period is now coming to an End as our International counterparties have chosen to separate from this American Ponzi scheme dollar. Russia, China, Brazil, India, South Africa and many other smaller nations are now choosing to develop alternative schemes for International trade and finance.

The END of Keynesianism and the American fiat dollar is nye! An International RESET is developing and this could create the Crash of the American dollar and its hegemony in 2015. A crash of our major Stock Markets and/or Bond Markets could set-off this RESET. Yes, the Gospel of Keynesianism is mostly OVER. The economic MODEL of Keynesianism (mostly abstract numbers and math) are being viewed as unworkable going forward. What started out as a sound theory in 1934 is now being exposed as mostly a huge American Ponzi Scheme and our Dollar is being exposed as a Cyberspace fantasy. Math and cyber numbers (our current currency) can not last much longer as our pricing mechanism for goods and services.

We have entered the End Game for Keynesianism and for American hegemony over finance, money, economics, and politics. A huge market crash is brewing and about to reveal itself in 2015. The principles of Keynesianism (Credit, Debt, Inflation, Fiat money, Central Bank control) are being revealed as a FALSE Gospel. The Gospel of Keynesianism is now essentially OVER. A Reset is likely to start in 2015 and a NEW Gospel and Model is now needed. Few seem to recognize the failure of this Gospel of Keynes. John died on Easter Sunday, 1946. His Gospel, however, has lasted for nearly 70 years since his passing! What will be the New Gospel going forward? Everyone now needs to THINK on this issue! Enjoy! I am:




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