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Kingdom Economics, Truth is Progressive!

April 25, 2015

The recent revelations on the real birth Father of Barack Hussein Obama does change my thinking about this President. I did not vote for Barack but I did sense that his administration was not based on American values or on sound principles of truth. The progressive revelations about the real history of Barack are now coming out and this will not please those within his administration. We could find that impeachment proceedings will develop in the very near future. Listen to this video and the history to discern for yourself what is ‘truth’ and what is ‘deception’.

After watching the video a couple of times, I sense that major deceptions have been foisted upon the American voter and when these deceptions are internalized, the image of our President will tumble! Truth does matter for most voters and for most Americans. Will the controlled media publish any of this history? Will Fox News follow-up on this story? What about CNN or NBC? The test for the media is whether they will follow-up with further interviews and additional evidence!

Who is the birth Father of Barack Obama, President of the United States of America???

Does Truth (relative truth) Matter to the American Voter? Where is this new ‘truth’ leading???

History is interesting and beliefs are key to one’s desires! What are the real beliefs of Barack Hussein Obama? Does he desire Communism for America? What do you think?

The claim is that Frank Marshall Davis is the real birth Father of Barack (not the Kenyan person which American voters assumed)! Will Fox News follow up on this information? What about CNN?

Will the President give his side of the evidence to the Media and then to the American people?

We all know that America is in serious trouble economically! But we now may find that we are also in serious trouble politically! The next few weeks should provide some evidence! I am:

Kingdom Economics, The FIVE behind Suppression of ‘Gold’ Prices!

April 24, 2015

It’s now time to speculate on which computer trading rooms are behind the suppression of the gold/silver markets. I have watched this Algorithmic suppression (of gold and silver prices) for some five years and I am convinced that select Central Bank trading rooms are the culprits. But who (specifically) has given the instructions for the suppression scheme? Let’s speculate on specific names for this missive! I don’t think I will be proven too far off! We all now know that trading manipulations are ubiquitous. The single day trader from London, England who was recently indicted as a participant (trigger) in the May 6, 2010 FLASH CRASH (of some $1 trillion in losses within the stock markets) was Navinder Sarao. This single individual used ‘spoofing’ and ‘layering’ strategies to gain some $40 million in profits from his day trading platform. Is he or similar individuals responsible for all the trading manipulations/price suppression schemes today?

Navinder Sarao was the Flash Crash trader accused of being a trigger to the $1 trillion drop in prices!

Is this individual responsible for all these trading manipulations which we now witness within our cyber trading markets? I would suggest, NO! This one individual, however, may help us better understand how our current cyber monetary system works. My sense is that the real monetary/trading criminals behind all the price suppression schemes (like within our gold/silver markets) are really the HUGE trading rooms within key Central Banks on our planet. Are you aware that our Federal Reserve Bank in New York has a huge trading operation at 33 Liberty Street (9th floor)? What are they trading? Are you aware that the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland has trading rooms in Basel and also Hong Kong? What are these secret trading rooms doing and what are they trading? Why are Central Banks trading in our markets and who can compete with their trading platforms and cash?

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange was used by Navinder Sarao to trade futures! He claims his quickness to click the mouse button allowed him to use ‘spoofing’ strategies to gain his trading profits! Who else might be using these strategies? What about our Central Bank trading operations?

The New York Fed has a huge trading room (similar to above) for trading stocks, bonds, derivatives, and possibly also suppressing our gold/silver prices! Who can compete (freely) with a Central Bank trading operation?

My sense is that these trading rooms and many others are directly involved in the price suppression schemes of our silver and gold markets. These banksters hate gold and its history and they also hate silver and its history. Both these metals have been the choice of the common people but our bankster elite hate these metals (as they create discipline within the price discovery markets). What our bankster elite prefer is to manipulate all our markets as a Central Planning process with currencies that they can create ‘out of nothing’. This, to me, is criminal behavior. Let’s now speculate on WHO might be behind the decision-making to suppress the gold and silver markets. I will start with five individuals who I have followed for some time and who seem like candidates for this illegal suppression scheme. I use the word ‘illegal’ as an economist and philosopher who teaches the principles of Capitalism! Capitalism should involve Decentralized markets and a money item which comes from nature!

1. William C. Dudley – Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 33 Liberty Street.

2. Jean-Claude Trichet – Director of the International Bank of Settlements, Basel, Switzerland.

3. Stanley Fischer – Vice Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C.

4. Jacob Lew – Treasury Secretary of the United States of America, Washington D.C.

5. Mark Carney – Governor of the Bank of England, London.

Prior elite who are now out of office who also may have been behind this illegal and criminal price suppression scheme are: Ben Shalom Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, Mervyn King, and also Alan Greenspan. All these elite understand the history and attractions of gold for retaining historical value over time. They also recognize that these metals do not allow them to do their Central Planning of the markets via their Algorithms and Keynesian econometrics. Will the price suppression scheme eventually END? Yes, it could if countries like Russia, India, China, and others desire to rid the world of the ‘faith’ based currency called the U.S. Dollar. What now needs to happen is for other countries to BUY up all the gold and/or silver (the physical coins/bars) being offered within our markets to EXPOSE these manipulative criminals! Think about what these elite are doing in their secret TRADING ROOMS! This, to me, is criminal behavior!

Prior Bank of England Governor, Mervyn King! Candidate for price suppression scheme of gold and silver prices.

Prior Fed Chairman, Ben Shalom Bernanke. Candidate for price suppression scheme of gold/silver!

Prior U.S. Treasury Secretary. Candidate for the suppression of gold/silver prices!

Prior Fed Chairman for twenty years, Alan Greenspan. A candidate who understands the role of gold!

In reality, all these Central Bank trading rooms should be ILLEGAL. Who can compete against entities which can create unlimited trading currencies OUT OF NOTHING? Answer: none! Think! Today, we do not have any real Capitalism. All our markets are ‘rigged’ via computer Algorithms, high frequency trading, spoofing and layering trading strategies, naked short selling, and many other computer trading gimmicks. The entire house of cards needs to be exposed for what it is: CRIMINAL! I am:

Kingdom Economics, The Ultimate Money ‘Control Freak’!

April 24, 2015

Those of you have followed my blog for the past 8 years probably realize that I view reality as divided into TWO realms. I call the ‘outer’ realm the physical/material realm. I call the ‘inner’ realm the spiritual/metaphysical realm. That which is ‘outside’ my consciousness (mind) is what I observe within our Space/time universe (our planet, trees, cars, houses, sun, moon, stars, etc.). That which is ‘inside’ my consciousness (mind) are what I call Metaphysical (my words, ideas, thoughts, concepts, notions, math symbols, numbers, cyber digits, cyberspace, names, and such). The words which I now type for this blog are derived from my ‘inner’ space (mind/consciousness). The computer keys, computer laptop, computer screen, etc. (which I now observe) are items which compose my ‘outer’ observational reality.

Dualism is my model for Reality! My body/brain is separate from my mind/consciousness!

You also probably recognize that I view reality as that which I experience in the NOW. I do not view the ‘past’ or the ‘future’ as real ‘outer’ experiences (these are totally ‘inner’). The ‘past’ and ‘future’ are NOW memories (past) and NOW expectations (future). This means that reality is NOW…and successive moments of NOW. You probably also recognize that my real expertise is in the area of money and the history of money. I trace this concept all the way back in history (my now memory) to the Sumerians/Akkadians (some 5000-7000 years prior to this missive…which I am now writing). The very first issue which started all this talk about ‘money’ starts with the issue of ‘private property’ (this legal concept) and the issue of what happens within a Barter marketplace. This concept called ‘private property’ also creates what we call Capitalism!

There is No ‘past’ or ‘future’ which I experience (except within a NOW reality…my memory/mind)!

Within a Barter marketplace we encounter the ‘inner’ concept of VALUE. What is a ‘thing/item’ worth in exchange/trade. This concept of VALUE, then develops over successive moments of now into the desire to create a physical substitute for this ‘inner’ concept. Eventually, the marketplace invents the concept of ‘money’ and a money commodity. The first items chosen were from the agricultural environment and gradually a money commodity was refined into the best of all commodities…for being perceived as containing VALUE. This is why Silver and Gold emerged as our best type of ‘money’ (representing ‘value’) for our various marketplaces for thousands of years. Overtime, silver/gold became stored mostly within our public (governmental) warehouses and ‘paper’ notes replaced these metals. This created our ‘faith’ currencies of today! This started for our ‘dollar’ in 1933-34 under the FDR administration!

Historical money was physical/material (with silver and gold emerging as best for preserving ‘value’)!

Our ‘faith’ currencies (like our paper dollar) gradually evolved into our ‘faith’ digital currencies which we now trade within cyberspace. Today, we have our mobile devices, smart phones, and computers controlling the entire global monetary system. So, what has emerged over time for our ‘money’ was ‘things/items’ from nature serving as the tools for valuation of production/wealth… to ‘non-things/cyber digits’…derived from our inner consciousness serving as the tools for valuation and trade. This major change from Material items as money to Non-material items as our money is huge. Nature used to control the supply of our money for our marketplaces. Nature also controlled our ‘prices’. Today, select policymakers (I call them Banksters) control our money supply/prices/interest rates…and the creation/distribution/circulation thereof.

Digital money (from banksters) has replace all our physical commodity money from nature! Banksters can now create ‘digits’ (after thinking up numbers in their metaphysical MIND)! We call it QE!

The concept of QE (which started primarily in 2008) represents this major change within our Monetary System. There was no QE until all our commodity money (such as silver/gold) were eliminated from general use within our marketplace. QE is a concept which emerged because a policymaker like Ben Shalom Bernanke (our prior Fed Chairman) recognized that he could create ‘digits’ from his Fed Computer to serve as our money (dollar). Since 2008 many additional Central Banksters are using this operation (called QE) to create/counterfeit/circulate their official national digital currencies. We witness this in Sweden, Japan, Great Britain, China, and the Eurozone. The historical price discovery functions of currencies has been corrupted by policymakers who desire to prevent any type of serious market correction. This should be viewed as criminal!

Price discovery is now corrupted with Algorithms, manipulations, and bankster QE operations! Look at this ‘tick’ chart for the volatility for the commodity called Silver! Who creates this volatility?

This corrupted operation of creating our currencies Out-of-Nothing (the mind of a Central Banksters) is now ubiquitous globally. Our global internet and the nature of Cyberspace has allowed a select few banksters to control our entire financial/economic/monetary systems. This ‘inner’ system of cyber money (a type of counterfeiting) is creating the environment for the End of Capitalism and the emergence of a One World Political/Banking Control System. The nature of politics and money is CONTROL over the marketplace (people) so that the FEW can Rule our planet from their Central Planning Control Headquarters. As of today, the Central Bank for all Central Banks is the BIS (Bank for International Settlements…in Basel, Switzerland). This Central Bank (along with policymakers from the International Monetary Fund…IMF) will likely create the coming Single digital currency for our planet. It’s likely by 2016!

The BIS is now the likely bankster entity which could initiate the Mark of the BEAST!

For those of us who discern the spiritual nature of our ‘inner’ reality (our MIND), we sense that the End of Capitalism is here and the beginning of a New World Order (under the ‘control’ of a financial Beast entity) is emerging rapidly. Scripture calls this person/computer combo the ‘Mark of the Beast’. The word ‘Beast’ refers to a person/bankster who has Control over the entire global monetary system and all the financial entities which are interconnected within the computerized system under his control. The word ‘Mark’ refers to the chip/identity-card/RFID-code/biometric-mark which all participants within this System must accept to Buy and or Sell within the global marketplaces. To CONTROL the financial interconnected global system, this BEAST person (and his computer henchmen) must control all buying/selling/trading. Who is likely to emerge (in the near future) AFTER the coming financial CRASH as this Angel of Light (which I call the Beast)?

The ‘mark’ used to control all buying/selling is emerging fast! What it will be is not known as of this missive!

My speculation (as of today) is that this Angel of Light (in the mind’s of the masses) will likely be of Jewish heritage. Why would I say this? Did you realize that 48% of all Billionaires are Jewish? Did you realize that most of our huge corporate financial entities are mostly controlled by those with a Jewish background/heritage? Did you know that many of our Central Banks and Investment Houses are controlled by those with a Jewish background/heritage? Take a look at this website for some history on this issue: Another website for your consideration is: Yes, those of Jewish heritage are specialists on the issues of MONEY/BANKING/FINANCE/ECONOMICS/CONTROL. It is part of their HERITAGE (it would seem)!

Stanley Fischer is now Vice Chairman of the U.S. Fed!

This nice Jewish bankster is Stanley Fischer and he KNOWS money better than most! Read his speech at the Per Jacobsson website! I don’t view him as the BEAST, however!

Another great website for understanding WHO knows money/banking/finance/economics is the Per Jacobsson Foundation website: David Lipton is the current President and all the noted finance experts have attended meetings sponsored by this foundation. A recent speech which I read fully was that of our Fed Vice Chairman, Stanley Fischer (also of Jewish heritage). Other noted Jews within the Obama Administration (current and former) are the following:

Barack Obama Administration:
Jews in the Administration

(Updated January 2015)

Current Members
Tony Blinken Deputy National Security Advisor
Danielle Borrin Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and Deputy Director of Public Engagement
Gary Gensler Chairman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Jonathan Greenblatt Special Assistant to the President and Director, Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation (Domestic Policy Council)
Jack Lew Secretary of the Treasury
Eric Lynn Middle East Policy Adviser
Matt Nosanchuk Associate Director, Office of Public Engagement for Jewish Outreach
David Plouffe Senior Advisor to the President
Daniel Rubenstein Ambassador to Syria
Dan Shapiro Ambassador to Israel
Gene Sperling Director, National Economic Council
Aviva Sufian Special Envoy, U.S. Holocaust Survivor Services (Inaugural role)
Adam Szubin Director, Office of Foreign Assets Control (Treasury)
Janet Yellen Chairwoman, Federal Reserve
David Cohen Deputy Director, Central Intelligence Agency
David Saperstein Ambassador for Religious Freedom
Former Members
Ben Bernanke (2006-2013) Chairman, Federal Reserve
Mary Schapiro (2009-2012) Chairwoman, Securities and Exchange Commission
Steven Simon (2009-2012) Senior Director, Middle East/North Africa, National Security Council
Rahm Emanuel (2009-2010) Chief of Staff to the President
David Axelrod (2009-2011) Senior Advisor to the President
Elena Kagan (2009-2010) Solicitor General of the United States
Peter Orszag (2009-2010) Director of the Office of Management and Budget
Lawrence Summers (’09-’11) Director National Economic Council
Mona Sutphen (2009-2011) Deputy White House Chief of Staff
James B. Steinberg (’09-’11 ) Deputy Secretary of State
Dennis Ross (2009-2011 ) Special Assistant to the President
Ronald Klain (2009-2011) Chief of Staff to the Vice President
Jared Bernstein (2009-2011) Chief Economist/Economic Policy Advisor to the Vice President
Susan Sher (2009-2011) Chief of Staff to the First Lady
Alice Rivlin Member, National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility & Reform
Lee Feinstein (2009) Campaign Foreign Policy Advisor
Mara Rudman (2009) Foreign Policy Advisor

This Jewish billionaire is only one of the 48% on our planet! He brought down the British pound, however!

Paul and James Warburg were instrumental in promoting the Central Bank called the Fed and also the ‘faith’ currency unit called the Federal Reserve Note!

The banking House of Rothschild is still operating on planet Earth! Who can bring it down?

Those of Jewish heritage make up less than 1% of the global population, yet their desire/motivation/drive and intelligence has allowed these chosen few to dominate our positions of Authority on our planet. This can be viewed as very favorable but it also can be viewed (when it comes to money) as dangerous for freedom and for individual prosperity for the masses. It is possible that my premise of a Jewish BEAST could be incorrect, but as of today I would view this possibility as rather likely and possible. Others within the religious segment of our world also view this BEAST as the Anti-Christ. This Angel of Light (to the masses) could be operating from the DARK areas of one’s ‘inner’ self. We will need to watch and think about who might emerge AFTER the coming financial CRASH…which I expect in the very near future. Enjoy and give this scenario some reflection! I am:

David Lipton, Christine Lagarde, and Timothy Geithner (possible candidates for the Angel of Light)! As of today, I would suggest the name, David Lipton! It’s merely a hunch!

P.S. I suppose many will call me anti-Semitic for the above possible scenario, but this is not my intent. I have many Jewish friends and I am basing my evidence on what I sense within the NOW! The evidence for a Jewish Angel of Light is rather strong as of this writing!

Kingdom Economics, Part XV, Money does not EXIST!

April 22, 2015

Few pundits or the general public are aware of the ‘nature’ of money! Are you AWARE that money (in reality) does not EXIST? Yes, the word ‘money’ is merely a metaphysical ‘word’. This is the beginning point for understanding our monetary system. What we humans do is take a ‘word’ like MONEY and then choose some ‘thing’ within nature to represent this ‘word’. What items within ‘nature’ have humans chosen within the past 6000 years? Think of wheat, oats, cows, chickens, cowrie shells, wampum, nails, beads, tobacco, peanuts, silver, gold, copper, iron, lead, and today an ‘imaginary’ digit within cyberspace. All the above are within ‘nature’ except the ‘digits’ which we now display with cyberspace.

Our money today is created and transferred within cyberspace as imaginary ‘digits’! Who discerns the Bankster Ponzi Scheme behind the operations? FEW!

Yes, in reality, the ‘word’ MONEY has been used to represent all kinds of objects and images. Today, the extreme has arrived. We now use an ‘imaginary’ unit of our consciousness for MONEY. Who, however, is aware of what these ‘digits’ really are? Who understands the ‘nature’ of cyberspace. My mobile smart phone now transfers money ‘digits’ from my ‘digital’ banking account to whomever I choose. I can email ‘digits’ to my son. I can pay my groceries with ‘digits’. I can speculate in the stock market with ‘digits’. I can borrow ‘digits’ from a bank. I store my ‘digits’ as savings within a ‘digital account’. Digits have emerged as our MONEY and what does this allow our elite BANKERS to do?

Our entire planet is now a Cyberspace communication system of ‘imaginary’ digits! Our banksters have assumed control and their global Ponzi Scheme is destined to enslave all mankind! Think!

Bankers can make me a loan of ‘digits’ from NOTHING (their thinking). A banker can provide me with a mortgage loan by merely creating a ‘digital’ account for me and then in-putting ‘digits’ as both an Asset and a Liability within the bank ‘digital’ books. The loan is viewed as an Asset and the ‘digital’ dollars (mere numbers) are viewed as a Liability. Wau Lau, I now have financing for my house, or my car, or a personal loan. What we call MONEY is now created ‘out-of-nothing’ and in-putted into a computer ‘digital’ account. There is no real cost to the banker as the ‘digits’ (in reality) do not EXIST. What a neat Ponzi Scheme our bankers have created.

Digital bankster money is now global and all is created (freely) OUT-OF-NOTHING!

Banksters can now create MONEY…’out-of-nothing’…and input numbers (called dollars) into their computer account simultaneously. This is so easy and free that one’s MIND can not grasp the process. The WORDS that are used by our banksters confuse everyone. I SEE a number (like $1.00) in my digital account and I immediately THINK that this number is real. In reality, this ‘number’ and all the ‘numbers’ are created from the MIND of banksters who then survive by forcing me to pay ‘interest’ digits to the bankster. The bankster than makes NEW loans (out-of-nothing) to other borrowers to expand their ‘imaginary’ wealth and control over the community, society, nation, and world. What a neat Ponzi Scheme banksters have created.

Imaginary symbols, digits, numbers are created from the MIND of banksters! The ultimate goal is enslavement of all mankind under their bankster Ponzi Scheme!

Furthermore, our banksters now do all this manipulation within a non-physical space called CYBERSPACE. Cyberspace is NOT within our Space/time universe and this means that banksters can now make us all SLAVES to their metaphysical/controlling schemes and shenanigans. In reality, the entire bankster Ponzi Scheme is so subtle that few seem to discern the charade. Why should we consumers even pay any TAXES to our government today! Think about it! Digital MONEY can now be created ‘out-of-nothing’ (the bankster MIND) and then given to whomever and whenever! Why should we pay TAXES, or any rent, mortgage payments, grocery bills, gas bills, etc. Money from BANKSTERS is basically FREE (when we discern the Big Picture)! Think about what is now transpiring in our markets (locally and globally)!

Have you done any research on the history of our Federal Reserve Act of 1913? How was this operation conceived and who were the original actors? 

Who are the banksters? Do our banksters even KNOW what they are doing? Could they have ‘good’ intentions and yet be unaware of their bankster Ponzi Scheme? What do you think? How can we change this Ponzi operation? Will a market crash of historic proportions create the opportunity?

Do bankster operations (done mostly in secret) allow this Ponzi Scheme to go unnoticed? Why the non-transparency within our bankster network (now global)?

He tried (but failed) to EXPOSE the bankster Ponzi Scheme! Why? Are the people partly to blame? The ultimate global Ponzi Scheme continues as of NOW! Enjoy!

Is it now time for ACTION by the voting public? What do you think?

All our ‘digital’ MONEY is now totally IMAGINARY and DIGITAL. We should call this bankster money CYBER MONEY. It’s created from the MIND of banksters and credited to bankster clients by merely typing numbers into ‘imaginary’ digital computer accounts. We call the process ASSETS and LIABILITIES as banksters…and borrowings or credit as clients. The entire SYSTEM is so ludicrous that any THINKING person is shocked into accepting the system by PURE confusion of the ‘words’! Yes, WORDS are used to deceive and manipulate all of us. We see these manipulations in science, religion, economics, politics, and education. WORDS are really spiritual and/or metaphysical creations. Think about the illusions that we all live with! Enjoy this day! I am:

Kingdom Economics, Part XIV, Digital Money Schemes!

April 21, 2015

If the Kingdom Economics model were to be adopted, all digital, chip card, cyber money will be abolished. The reason is that this type of money creates criminal behavior among the Administrators. Think about what is happening NOW. We have some 10 – 20 global banking policymakers creating digital/cyber units (called money) from their inner Consciousness (their MIND). They then type ‘numbers’ into their Central Bank Computer Screen to increase their digital banking account. This crime is being implemented in a host of countries as I write this blog. Policymakers (being corrupt to a degree) create digits/cyber money (out-of-nothing…their thinking) and then increase their own Digital Account so they can manipulate our markets and rig our trading venues. What kind of behavior is this? I call it CRIMINAL behavior! Let’s identify a few of these monetary criminals who are/have participated in Official Counterfeiting of their currencies and rigging of our markets:

The Ten Most Wanted Monetary Criminals (as of today)!

1. Ex-Fed Chairman, Ben Shalom Bernanke, U.S.A. (2008 initiator of QE)

2. Fed Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, U.S.A. (acquiescent)

3. Ex-Central Banker, Mervyn King, Great Britain (initiator of QE)

4. Governor of the Bank of England and Chairman of the G20’s Financial Stability Board, Mark Carney

5.  President of the European Central Bank (19 countries), Mario Draghi (initiator of QE)

6. Governor of Central Bank of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda (initiator of QE)

7. Governor of Peoples Bank of China, Zhou Xiaochuan (initiator of QE)

8. Governor of Sweden’s Riksbank, Stephan Ingves (initiator of QE)

9. President of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, William Dudley (rigging markets)

10. Board of Directors, Bank for International Settlements, Jean-Claude Trichet (rigging markets)

The above 10 Most Wanted criminals and probably dozens more who are now participating in the policy of rigging our trading markets, rigging silver/gold markets, rigging interest rate markets, distorting asset values, and counterfeiting our various national digital currencies (via their algorithms and computer software programs) need to be identified for these monetary crimes (which our official Media desire to ignore). Why are these policy-makers participating in criminal activities with no repercussions from the public? Let’s think about the purpose of MONEY; the role of ‘price discovery'; the morality of ‘counterfeiting'; and the concept of ‘value’! These concepts are now mostly corrupted by our Keynesian policy-makers at the highest levels of Authority! Few seem to understand!

Read the History of the Federal Reserve Act for evidence of the crimes!

Today, all our global markets are mostly ‘rigged’ by computer Algorithms and overt administrative policies of our Central Banks. At the center of all this rigging and counterfeiting is the Central Bank of all Central Bank’s called the BIS (Bank for International Settlements, in Basel Switzerland). Visit their website at: Review their role and their current policies. Think about the purpose and philosophy of how REAL Capitalism is supposed to work. Do we have any REAL Capitalism today? Do we have any REAL ‘price discovery’ today? Are ‘interest rates’ set by the market? Are ‘values’ of collateral and assets determined by a free market? Are Central Banks suppressing asset ‘prices’ like Silver and Gold (via computer Algorithms)? Like Foreign Currencies (via Algorithms)? Like Oil prices (via Algorithms)? Think about who is ‘rigging’ all our markets today! Are not these the REAL criminals?

The Master Mind’s were Paul Moritz Warburg (middle right) and Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich (Senate Republican leader…not pictured)!

Have any of the citizens of these countries ELECTED and voted for the above monetary criminals? Who selects these policymakers and why do most meet in SECRET for their decision-making activities? Have you studied the HISTORY of these financial institutions and their non-transparent ACTIVITIES? Have you read the history of the U.S. Federal Reserve Act? Who was behind the creation of this ‘unconstitutional’ ACT? The history is now available if you Google the Jekyll Island secret conference! Have you researched the HISTORY of the Bank for International Settlements? Have you thought about the recent Libor (interest rate) rigging? What about HSBC and other banking scandals? The evidence is everywhere for those who desire to LOOK!

This image says in all! Who occupies the ‘bottom’ of the pyramid? Why?

Yes, the evolution of money from Silver coins, to Paper notes, to Gold backed currencies, and now to ‘imaginary’ cyber money is available to study for those interested. The new trend now emerging are millions of Chip Cards (plastic cards with computer chips enclosed). Starting this October, 2015, all banks are supposed to convert their existing magnetic strip cards to the new Chip Cards. All this digital money may seem great for individuals who lack a full understanding of the Hierarchy which creates all this ‘funny money’. But for us who understand and who discern the inner workings of these operations, we realize that the Mark of the Beast will follow these operations. Now is the time to start thinking about what is happening within our global markets. It’s TIME to voice your opinion! Enjoy! I am:

Some websites to copy into your URL box for review (these will provide evidence of the criminal activity taking place)! Take the time to do your own research so you understand this issue prior to the election of 2016.


2.  (documented evidence of price manipulations)



5.  (documented evidence of suppression and manipulations)







12.  (Ron Paul speaks out on debt, manipulation, coming WAR)

Kingdom Economics, First Principles, for cousin Eric G. of Sweden!

April 20, 2015

This missive will cover some of the First Principles of economics and money for my 16-year-old cousin in Sweden. Eric G. has a real desire to get into politics and economics (down the road) and he desires to learn more about the fundamentals of historical Capitalism as part of his quest. After knowledge of the basic concepts of Capitalism are digested and understood, Eric may desire to delve into the current economic chaos (of today) which is not really economics but criminal behavior at the highest levels. But to discern what is transpiring NOW (today) one must first understand the history which has led to our current mess! So let’s start with the key (core) Principles and see where it leads! First I will outline only the key concepts:


1. Private property  (the start of Capitalism and Politics)

2. Production of goods (supplying basic needs…for survival on planet Earth)

3. Wealth (the core Goal of economics is production from our natural resources)

4. Marketplace (the stage where all productions are displayed/sold/negotiated)

5. Barter (the starting point for buy/sell transactions and the exchange of Value)

6. Exchange (that which happens via subjective negotiations between the parties)

7. Value (the core subjective concept within Capitalism which few comprehend)

8. Money (the invention which represents #7 above…also called a proxy for value)

9. Currency (a unit of money which allows for calculation of prices/values)

10. Valuation (the subjective process which leads to price discovery)

11. Price Discovery (the calculated number after negotiation is complete)

12. Surplus productivity (production which is not immediately consumed)

13. Savings (accumulated production which allows for new services/activities)

14. Good(s)  (physical things which are produced for the marketplace/consumers)

15. Services (activities like…teaching, painting, driving, writing, politicking, banking)

16. Gold/silver standard (a system of discipline for money/currency administration)

17. Entrepreneur (one who plays the game of economics with skill and efficiency)

18. Wealth effect (the imaginary illusion of prosperity created by debt/credit)

19. Inflation (the result of bidding up prices with excess currency in the marketplace)

20. Deflation (the result of value destruction due to lack of effective demand)

21. Intermediary (banks and other institutions who provide credit/financing)

22. Central Bank (the overall administrator over monies/currencies/finance)

23. Prosperity (when all consumers are well supplied with material products/services)

24. Depression (a breakdown in the logic/principles/administration of Capitalism)

25. Communism (where a central body administers/distributes all production)

26. Socialism (where Governmental polices dominate the marketplace/production)

27. Fascism (State domination/dictatorship/Central Bankism/Corporate domination)

28. Dictatorship (Central control over all money/finance/politics/trading activity)

29. Globalization (interdependency within finance/economics/money/trading)

30. Global Governance (hierarchical rulership over all politics/finance/economics)

31. New World Order (the idea of select elites ruling the entire planet)

32. Digital Money (currencies created by the computer and other mobile devices)

33. Cyberspace (a memory space within Consciousness which allows communication to flow via invisible frequencies from sender to receiver)

34. Space/time (that which we experience OUTSIDE our mind’s as Motion/Objects)

35. Consciousness (the inner core of our Being/thinking/awareness/abstracting)

If Eric G. comprehends the basics of the above concepts and principles he should be miles ahead of his age group and headed in the right direction to meet his future goals. Each of the above concepts can become a day’s discovery to fully comprehend and understand. The above is merely a general beginning of First Principles which must be understood if one is to function effectively within politics and economics going forward. I will expand upon these concepts if Eric desires to grow intellectually after this initial START. Enjoy! I am:

P.S. One suggestion for Eric:  Google each of the above concepts as you do your study/thinking. Write down what you discover that is important. We will discuss when I come to Sweden in July. D

Kingdom Economics, Part XIII, Past/Future thinking – a deception!

April 19, 2015

After attending my weekly church service in Tucson, I noticed some serious flaws in the ‘thinking’ of these religious leaders (pastors) behind the Pulpit!  Religion promotes a mindset of Past/Future thinking…this has been my revelation. This mindset has been part of the Christian religion since the death of Yeshua in 31 A.D. Christian believers constantly focus on Past events (from scripture) to provide evidence for their sermons. Then the audience of believers in the pews are supposed to internalize these sermons (messages) as Gospel Truth for the present. When these leaders are not talking about the Past (via historical scripture passages), they usually talk about a Future where their Messiah will return to create their new World. This Past/Future thinking appears to me to be a HUGE deception as it has no relation to the NOW (present moment) realities of life. Isn’t reality a life within the NOW?

Rick Warren is only one Pastor/Teacher within Christendom who preaches Absolutes!

Preaching behind a Pulpit protects the speaker from contrarian points-of’-view!  Deception can emerge from the Pulpit and the ‘group think’ sheep would not understand! Why not allow contrarian viewpoints?

Furthermore, these religious leaders (pastors and teachers) have created a venue (the church facility) where the audience (in the pews) are mostly ‘passive’ and ‘accepting’ of all the enunciations coming from the pulpit. This format within most of our churches of Christendom creates a ‘group think’ atmosphere among their followers and creates a waiting mentality when it comes to action in the NOW. It appears that this controlled mentality at the top and the passive mentality at the bottom, is beneficial for the top leaders (the elite) in that these leaders can assume a God-like image over their flock (called the sheep). What deception! Yet the believers (mostly ‘group think’ believers) tend to accept this format (system) as they assume this is normal behavior. They ‘assume’ that TRUTH (in some final form) is being presented! What deception!

Those in the pews rarely can Challenge the elite behind the Pulpits! Group-Think emerges! What deception! Who is capable of enunciating ABSOLUTE Truth within Christendom?

Who can ‘interpret’ Scripture in some FINAL/ABSOLUTE form? Socrates says NONE! I agree! Words can be given Spiritual ‘spin’ from any PhD pastor/teacher and/or highly educated presenter! Deception emerges! The Sheep remain confused!

In reality, there is NO ‘past/future’ dimension that I/you live within on this planet. This is pure realtime ‘deception’! The Past is always a Now Memory and the Future is always a Now Expectation. There is NO reality to this type of Past/Future thinking, yet the churches of this world continue with this false deception via their hierarchical system of control. Pastors and teachers have created venues and formats where the audiences in the pews (the Sheep) are totally PASSIVE and unable to challenge this THINKING at the top. The idea that all these pastors/teachers are preaching Absolute Truth is pure myth and fantasy! Why the thousands of denominations and millions of different perspectives on their scriptural interpretations? None of these leaders seem to discern the falsity of their system and the destructive nature of their teachings! Why? What deception!

Was Socrates (who died in 399 B.C.) basically correct with the above statement?

Socrates displayed Wisdom with the above words! Christendom displays foolishness under the myth that Truth is ABSOLUTE! Who, in reality, knows the mind of God?

The reality of LIFE is that I/you live our lives in the NOW (always). The ‘present moment’ is reality and ‘successive moments of Now’ is how we live our lives. I do not live in some Past dimension (other than within my memory)…which I experience in the Now.  I also do not live in some Future dimension (other than within my imaginary mind)…which is also a Now event. In reality, I live in the NOW (always)…and successive moments of NOW. There is NO ‘past’ and there is NO ‘future’ which I experience while on this planet! All is NOW and successive moments of NOW. So all these religious leaders (pastors and teachers) are perpetuating a False Reality for all their ‘group think’ followers (called the Sheep). This is shameful and pure deception! How can this change going forward?

Did Bill Cosby say the above? If so, I agree! The NOW is reality (always)!

The Now reveals that TRUTH is subjective and relative! Past/Future thinking is also a deception! Yet, our religious elite continue with the myth! 

What now needs to happen is that ALL these pastor/teacher elite need to Step Down from their assume positions of Authority and allow contrarian viewpoints within their halls of ‘group think’! This may create some chaos for a season, but eventually this would allow the controlled followers (called the Sheep) to grow and learn and contribute their own voices on what is Real and Active within their inner spiritual souls. As of Now, the elite leaders ASSUME that they must be in control so that their version of TRUTH (their imperfect perspective) will prevail (at all costs to that which is REAL)! Those in the pews need to inform their elite leader(s) that opinions (even from Scripture) are SUBJECTIVE/relative…and that each person has a right to their subjective/relative OPINION.

Think about the above statement! Who can prove that God is within themselves or another person? Isn’t God a subjective reality (assumed on FAITH)? Why call subjective reality a FACT? Think! Also, the ‘word’ existence seems inappropriate when describing an inner reality!

Yes, ‘interpretations’ of words in scripture (and all the various Versions of scripture) are subjective and individual! Today, we have hundreds of different Versions of historical Scripture and millions/billions of different ‘interpretations’. Turn on the Web or TV for evidence! All these ‘interpretations’ are somewhat SUBJECTIVE and personal to each reader of scripture. Who has the ABSOLUTE truth on any set of ‘words’ from Scripture? Who can enunciate the precise TRUTH of the Creator God…by reading historical ‘words’? Who is all-knowing and fully knowledgeable to discern the MIND of the All-Mighty Creator? How can anyone claim that their INTERPRETATION is the final/absolute/correct ‘interpretation’? Who (in the final analysis) should PLAY GOD? Think about these ideas on your own!

Versions/Translations of Scripture (also called the Bible)! Each is different!

What is the ‘absolute’ interpretation of the above scripture? Are their many voices/interpretations?

Image result for versions of the Bible

What is the ‘absolute’ interpretation of the above words? Is there any voice which can claim absolute/final/correct TRUTH?

The vast ‘deceptions’ within religion/science/philosophy are available for everyone to discern today. We can listen to experts/elite from all parts of our planet and discern that NONE knows anything with surety. Socrates was totally CORRECT in 375 B.C. when he enunciate that Wisdom emerges when I recognize that ‘I KNOW NOTHING’ (with surety)! Reality is NOW and we can all discern that opinions are subjective and relative! Pastors and moral teachers should STEP DOWN from their lofty positions of ‘assumed’ Authority and open up the debate on reality to EVERYONE (all the Sheep sitting humbly in their pews)! The Past/Future myth needs exposure in the NOW! That is my suggestion and relative opinion! Yes, my view is also Subjective and Relative! Enjoy! I am:


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