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Digital Currencies, Electronic Trading, Robots, and Algorithms! Repeat!

January 22, 2019

After attending four days of financial conferences in Vancouver, I can conclude that these experts and their followers (some 8,000 attendees) have little to no real understanding of how our markets work. This is shameful as education should be the main goal of these conferences. I talked to some of the speakers and to many attendees and I found that few use any terminology relating to our electronic/cyber markets. This is shameful IMO!


Chris Martenson, who writes a Crash Course on Economics and has his videos about Peak Prosperity,  had a great video presentation on the bigger picture, but his analysis and worldview did not mention any words relating to how today’s markets work for a trader. After listening to the entire video presentation, I did not hear any words like: digital money, electronic trading, cyberspace, virtual currencies, robotic trading, artificial intelligence, high-speed trading, speed of light communication, algorithmic trading, algorithmic clearing, algo market-makers, algorithmic price discovery, or automated trading. Not one word relating to our current electronic computer driven markets.


I listened to other economists like David Morgan, Adrian Day, Jay Taylor, and Peter Schiff and these thinkers also did not use one word which I headed above. Nothing was said about digital money, digital currencies (like our dollar, euro, yen, etc.), trading algorithms, global interconnectivity, cyberspace distribution of funds, flow of currencies within cyberspace, virtual currencies, robotic trading, price rigging via algorithms, speed of light execution, or algorithmic market makers. Nothing was said and no education was given on any of these current issues.


When I talked to some attendees, they also seemed in a fog with respect to all the above ideas and concepts. How can these major investor conferences continue with no education of how our current markets work? It’s totally shameful that we have no education on these ideas which are now ubiquitous. YouTube has education, but these major investor conferences have basically NONE. Are you aware that our markets are now RIGGED? What is rigging? Who rules over all these digital markets?


Rigging is when select policymakers and their computer driven algorithms set prices which do not reflect reality. Today prices are monitored, controlled, and determined by algorithms and not via SUPPLY and DEMAND (in many situations). Why is my blog not given more credence in today’s market environment? Is it because most thinkers are unaware and unknowledgeable on issues which I present? I think so! Followers who know me, personally, at least understand that our markets are now DIGITAL and Electronic. The Open Outcry system has been eliminated from our current markets.


Most understand that Bitcoin is a virtual (imaginary) currency. Most of my friends at the clubhouse (all investors) recognize that algorithms trade our markets and that algorithms act as market-makers when trades are executed. Most understand that some 95% of money transactions are now digital. Most also understand that the trading markets are now manipulated, monitored, and controlled by our Central Banks. Yet none of this was even mentioned during my four days of education at these conferences in Vancouver. This is shameful and those in charge are not doing their job to educate IMO.


My sense is that our major investor education is mostly done by zombies who do not challenge their own thinking. I was really surprise that not one speaker talked about silver/gold rigging and silver/gold price manipulation. They all seemed to ASSUME that rigging was not a problem. did not attend this conference. Speakers like Rob Kirby or Bill Murphy did not speak. Nothing was said with regard to why silver prices are rigged, controlled, and suppressed. Not one speaker spoke about the gold price being rigged or manipulated. Why?


It is shameful that the leaders at the TOP for these conferences are so politically correct in their thinking. None wants to challenge their own thinking to learn and grow on the hard issues of money, investing, and trading. Peter Schiff gave a great ending speech on why our Fed will capitulate and likely lower interest rates and re-start QE. His logic was sound but he did not mention anything about our computer driven markets or about money creation via digital monetization. He used the word ‘printing’ a couple of times to refer to money creation by the Fed. This is outdated language given today’s markets.


There is no ‘printing’ of currencies by our Fed today. These banksters merely think up numbers in their head and then ‘type’ these numbers into cyberspace (their computer screen). Money is virtual. Money is imaginary. Money, today, is a photon digit within cyberspace. Look at your computer screen for evidence. Go to your bank and notice that there are NO storage vaults anywhere. All we see are computer screens, digits, and agents manipulating digits within our virtual accounts. We have a computer driven system and mere imaginary ‘numbers’ represent our money.


Who is educating our investors on issues of current REALITY? I found NONE at these two conferences in Vancouver. One is called the Metals Investor Forum,, and the other is called the Vancouver Resource Investor Conference, and The leaders appear to be Jay Taylor for the Metals Investor Forum and Marin Katusa for the VRIC. Both are nice people but they work under this philosophy called Political Correctness and/or Group-Think (my view).


Some of the mavericks who should be educating these investors/traders should be those who understand that our markets are now cyber, virtual, digital, interconnected, where trading is done mostly via algorithms, high-speed computers, and where money flows within this space called cyberspace. Those who understand our Central Banks and how these entities work to manipulate our markets should also be educating these investors. Nothing will change until we abandon these ideas called Political Correctness and Group-Think. Human nature likes to control education. This, to me, is our REAL problem!


Start thinking for yourself and start using alternative media to get educated. Following are a couple of websites which might help you get started. Enjoy and get ready for more rigging and manipulation in 2019:




Listen to the above two videos and then take the time to educate yourself by using ‘alternative media’ sources for further education. Stop going to these conferences which refuse to educate investors on the REAL issues of reality. I am:


Can Digital Stocks go UP as the General Economy goes DOWN?

January 18, 2019

DOW up some 6,355 points since the Trump election. Amazing what confidence traders must have in our Republican President and his policies? The economy is BOOMING in 2019 (so it seems within our virtual cyber screens)!

  • Dow: 18,332.74, +73.14, (+0.40%) on Nov. 8, 2016
  • S&P 500: 2,139.56, +8.04, (+0.38%) on Nov. 8, 2016
  • Nasdaq: 5,193.49, +27.32, (+0.53%) on Nov. 8, 2016

Who can predict what our rigged markets will present us since all these markets are now digital/electronic. They operate in cyberspace. There are some 65 digital/electronic exchanges on our planet today. Each operates via digital/electronic trading computers. We also have select Central Banks trading our electronic markets daily with their computers. So what might happen going forward? Who can cause these markets to go up even as the general economy slows and declines.


Our general economy is slowing and we have evidence everywhere for this reality. Real estate sales are down, auto sales are down, the confidence index is down (slightly), the Baltic dry index is down some 15.26% for the year, mortgage applications are down…yet our electronic stock markets are on a tear UP. The DOW index is up some 6% for the year, the NASDAQ is up some 8%, and the S & P some 7%. Where does all this wealth come from? What happened to the down markets of December, 2018?


After watching the Caracas General electronic market over in Venezuela, I have noticed that these markets do not necessarily respond to what is happening in the general economy. This also goes for many other markets. Since our Central Banks trade these markets, they can pump up these markets via trading gimmicks (continually). The Dow Index has some 30 stocks. If eight key stocks of the thirty are pumped up, then the entire Index can go up. The key is trading momentum.


The idea for a Central Bank is to create momentum (and false confidence) for select stocks so that traders use their Algo’s to follow suit. Some 80 – 85% of trading volume is now done via Algo’s. And who can create unlimited trading digits for these Algo’s? Yes, our Central Banks can do this all day long. All this means that our Index markets can go up even as the general economy goes down. What a game of rigging which few discern. Amazing!


Personally, I have zero confidence in the credibility of these digital trading markets. This rigging game could continue for weeks and months. Traders seem to desire an UP market regardless of how well the economy is doing. My investor friends hate when the Dow goes down. They get negative when I say that the markets are rigged. Most want a rigged market as long as their stocks go UP. This is evident to our Central Planners (so it seems).


How long can this Ponzi Casino Game continue before it crashes? No one knows! My sense is that our Central Banks will continue the Ponzi as long as possible. Maybe they can change the trend of a slowing economy? That might be their game plan. Personally, I see an end game coming. But the precise date is impossible to predict. Rigged markets could continue for much of 2019 if traders desire this outcome!


I talked to a number of investors today at the Metals Forum in Vancouver. Some 500 investors are attending this hard asset forum. The speakers seem hesitant to predict what might happen going forward. I sense that these experts are confused and I certainly am also. Markets were designed originally to represent our general economy. This all changed in 2008 with the advent of electronic/computer trading.


Today, our Central Banks rule over all these electronic markets. Our Fed in New York has some 500 day traders who trade these markets. Japan’s Central Bank trades our markets. The European Central Banks trades our markets. The Swiss National Bank trades our markets. The Peoples Bank of China trades our markets. And the Bank for International Settlements trade our markets. I read today that Mr. Draghi is now changing his tune on QE for his markets. He is (apparently) continuing the QE which was supposed to be stopped at the end of 2018. Interesting!


If our Central Banks go back to more QE we could see a re-liquification of our markets and then negative interest rates everywhere. We might see these electronic markets crash UP which would be an oxymoron event. We live in a crazy world of manipulation and intrique. Policy makers desire UP markets. Even Trump is now passing on going to The World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. But the Deep State will be attending. Interesting!


For now, safe haven investments such as silver/gold are not moving up (as many predicted). Rigging and manipulation does seem to work in the short run. Personally, I sense that the Mark of the Beast financial system is emerging. This system lives off digital money, artificial intelligence, algorithms, and auomated trading. Is this Capitalism or is this Digitalism within a VIRTUAL reality marketplace of Zombies? Think for yourself on these issues! Have a good day!


I am:

John on Patmos – He Never Left the Planet! His ‘Rapture’ was Spiritual!

January 15, 2019


The prophet, John, had a vision in his spirit (mind) and he then wrote down this vision as our book of Revelation. The vision was from Yahweh God, then the glorified Yeshua, then an Angel, and then to the mind of John. Read the first words of this book to discern who originated this vision!

John wrote down his vision (much like Mohammad and much like the prophet Moses had done). John never left Patmos while having this visionary experience from his God, the Lamb, and the Angel. His ‘rapture’ was spiritual (inner)!

Island of Patmos is still here…off the coast of today’s nation, called Turkey. John wrote his visionary letter while living on this Island. He died here or on the coast of Turkey. His vision pertains to Yahweh’s actions during the last days of man’s rule over planet earth. We are now living in these LAST DAYS!

Another view of John’s likely location on Patmos as he wrote the book of Revelation. His spiritual vision could be part of what we now experience during these end-times. His message was for these END TIMES.


Notice that God (Yahweh) gave this vision which then was passed on to the glorified Yeshua and then to an Angel for final deliverance to John’s spiritual mind. The Source of all human action derives from our Creator God who sits on the THRONE (within us/our spirit). We are all ‘spirit’ beings and words can come from God to any person. God is no respecter of person’s.

The messages that John received in his vision were destined for some seven churches which were active at the time off the coast of Turkey. His vision includes a period of Judgment for mankind and then a new world after this Judgment period.

John was ‘raptured’ spiritually into his inner world of the spirit (called a vision). He wrote what he perceived was the message for these end-time events now starting to occur. I discern this message and vision when I read this book called Revelation.

This virtual picture of a bodily ‘rapture’ is being taught today in most prophecy conferences and by most Christian churches. This is a false perception of the ‘rapture’ IMO. John did not leave Patmos during his ‘rapture’ experience . Select believers who assume that they will vanish into the sky above could be seriously DECEIVED. Gravity will keep us all here on earth (until final death).

Think of a ‘rapture’ as similar to an ‘out-of-body’ experience. Man’s consciousness is spirit and when I dream I have this ‘out-of-body’ view of reality. I would suggest that you are similar when you dream. We are spiritual beings at the core!

Being ‘caught up’ and/or ‘raptured’ does not mean that I leave the planet and defying gravity so that I can bodily escape the coming Tribulation. This teaching of many prophecy preachers is false IMO. We all stay on this planet until the end and/or our final death. There is NO bodily escape as many are being taught today. Prepare to go through the coming Tribulation and the wrath of Almighty God as he Judges this planet. All of us are ‘sinners’ in the MIND of the MOST HIGH GOD! Read Revelation 5: 1-4. None is ‘worthy’! Salvation, however, will arrive at the END!

At the recent prophecy conference in El Centro, Ca. the teaching was that a ‘rapture’ and/or ‘catching away’ was to occur for select believers. This ‘rapture’ concept was said to be a bodily ‘catching away’ into the first heaven above our planet. Supposedly, the glorified Yeshua, now living within the 3rd heaven will descend to our atmosphere (first heaven) and then all these select believers will immediately be ‘raptured’ up and into the heavens above.


This teaching is deceiving the many IMO. John, of Revelation, is teaching that NONE are worthy as we all are ‘sinners’ in the MIND of the Almighty God. God is HOLY but man is part un-holy at the core. I have both a dark side to my inner spirit and a light side. I suggest that you have similar. Man is incapable of ‘saving’ himself. We are ALL at the mercy of the MOST HIGH CREATOR GOD. Think for yourself as you read and study!


I am:

A Theological Error Within Christianity Exposed! The Incarnation Idea!

January 14, 2019

A created being can not be our CREATOR God of the universe! Think on this!

The glorified Yeshua, this historical man, was made God my institutional theologians! All this happened AFTER Yeshua died and was elevated to the right-hand of Yahweh (Father)! 

Does a person pray to himself? I don’t think so!

The REAL invisible Creator God, the God of Israel, is not a man that he should lie, or a son of man, that he should repent. Think on this!

Think also on these words: The Creator is separate from his creation. Our Creator can not be a man, animal, star, or some object which has already been created. Our Creator is a Spirit Being who lives within my/your consciousness (our inner being). Our Creator is invisible and works ‘through’ each of us to accomplish his purposes. This should be OBVIOUS! Our Creator is not a prior human being who lived on our planet!


The theology of Christianity has created a dogma called the Incarnation. This dogma espouses that a man became God via a virgin birth. This pagan idea has been around for thousands of years and some theologians within the Catholic Christian institution desired that a ‘man’ (namely Yeshua of Nazareth) be God and equal with the REAL Creator God, Yahweh the Almighty. All this gives power to ‘man’ and to those who desire to RULE over man via select institutions.


The reality is that this ‘man’ called Yeshua was a human being just like you and me. He was born from parents (similar to me/you) and he lived under a culture which espoused that God was our invisible Creator. This Aramaic Jew from Nazareth was born, circumcised, dedicated to his God at the Temple in Jerusalem, and then he lived as a man his entire life. He ate, drank, talked, worked, and learned just like you and me. He prayed and worshiped his Jewish God (the God of Israel). He did not worship himself!


But what happened AFTER his life on earth and AFTER his death? This human being, a Jew from Nazareth, was gradually ‘elevated’ to a Deity status by select theological contemporaries. Greek thinking contemporaries (mostly), calling themselves theologians (along with a church hierarchy of Latin/Roman derivation), desired that this human being be EXALTED to a God. All this was primarily for political and religious purposes so that the common man could be controlled via institutions.


Common sense says that a ‘created’ being can not be our CREATOR. But politicians and religious zealots will usurp this idea of common sense to further their ego of pride and power. In 325 A.D. and then again in 451 A.D. this organization called the orthodox Church body (now ruling over the common masses) promoted ideas which ‘elevated’ and ‘exalted’ this human being called Yeshua (now dead and glorified) to a status equal with our Creator God. Amazing!


The Council of Nicaea and the Council of Chalcedon (both original cities over in today’s land of Turkey) created dogmas which promoted this idea called the INCARNATION. The Council of Nicaea created the idea that Yeshua was a God, equal with Yahweh (the Father), and the Council of Chalcedon created this idea that Yahweh’s spirit impregnated Mary so that she gave birth to a perfect son with no sin (now our God in the heavens). The common masses could now have a God like themselves to worship and adore. The creators of these ideas could promote enslavement of mankind via these ideas.


The Trinity concept was born and the sinless nature of Yeshua was adopted as TRUTH. We can now be SAVED from our sins and imperfections by making this new God our LORD and SAVIOR. And the hierarchy which created all this dogma could RULE over us indefinitely. Church (religion) and State (politicians) became our Creator, Savior, and our Enslaver. Real freedom became bowing to these Institutions which perpetuate enslavement and group-think so as to rule our planet.


In reality, Yeshua, never desired any of this enslavement to select hierarchical institutions. His REAL gospel was the Kingdom of his God and Creator, namely Yahweh/Jehovah/theGodofIsrael. Yeshua desired this invisible Spirit Being which rules within us as our God. His gospel was the Kingdom and/or Government of this higher God which rules the entire universe (as a Singularity). Real freedom comes from recognizing that our Creator God is King over our planet. The idea of Yeshua (himself) being our God was anathema to his thinking. His behavior revealed his thinking!


America was also founded upon this idea of a Creator God. Thomas Jefferson recognized this invisible Source as our Creator in our Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin also recognized this invisible Source as our Creator. So did many others who had critical thinking skills. But ideas of select institutions can be powerful as they get CONTROL over a body of people. Today, we live with these institutions of group-think which rule over us.  Select dogma’s and political correctness rule over us. How do we shed all this control and enslavement so that real freedom can emerge?


We need to get back to reality as we live it. The NOW is reality. Our invisible Creator rules over this planet. Our Creator is not part of that which he created. Our Creator is separate and beyond the creation. Our material universe is a created universe. But the Creator of this universe is BEYOND and ABOVE this creation. We need to get back to our Creator God as King and Ruler over this planet. This would give us REAL freedom, prosperity, and happiness. This Incarnation dogma is part of our enslavement!


Think for yourself to discern these realities. I am:

The 2nd Coming? How? Who? When?

January 13, 2019

The 2nd Coming is another concept for the coming Kingdom of Yahweh (God)!

The coming Kingdom arrives invisibly and without any observation!

The LORD is another name for Yahweh/Jehovah. Christ is another name for the Messiah/Lamb who sits at the right-hand side of The LORD!

Confusion over the 2nd coming is ubiquitous. Those who spoke at the Prophecy Conference which I attended in El Centro, Ca. concluded that the glorified Yeshua (now at the right-hand side of Yahweh/Father in heaven) will actually descend from his glorified position in the 3rd heaven and land on planet earth (specifically Jerusalem). He will then materialize and become a flesh/blood person at this coming so that everyone will see him physically. This is called a literal 2nd coming. Is this valid? Is this what scripture means and says? Personally, I don’t think so!


I would suggest that the Kingdom of Yeshua derives from his spiritual Father, Yahweh, per Revelation 4 and 5 and via Daniel 7: 13-14. Yahweh is our real God (a Singularity on the spiritual Throne) and it is his Kingdom which will come. The glorified Yeshua (Jesus) plays a role in bringing the Kingdom to each of us (as God’s right-hand messenger/agent) but all this happens spiritually and invisibly from the Throne Room in heaven. Yeshua (Jesus) does not come back (physically) to earth and materialize into a flesh/blood person. This does not seem valid. All is invisible and without any ‘observation’.


Both the God of Israel called Yahweh/Jehovah and Yeshua (Jesus) are of a spirit nature and manifest themselves to me/you spiritually (via our inner selves). In reality, we are all spiritual beings (at the core) as our consciousness (our mind) is spirit. My inner self is spirit. Your inner self is spirit. God and his administrators work THROUGH us via their spirit essence. My/Your ‘words’ are spirit. Our thinking lives within this realm called the spiritual realm. Today, we call this our consciousness!


The Kingdom of God (Yahweh and Yeshua) are NOT coming with signs to be observed. See Luke 17: 20 – 21. We will not say “Lo, here it is or Lo here he is’. But rather we will say “behold the Kingdom of God is within’ myself. Any external evidence of this Kingdom flows from the actions of me/you who have received these spirits within us. As it was in the Days of Noah (God worked invisibly during Noah’s time) so will it be during the coming Kingdom Age. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! A SPIRIT!


God does not come down to our planet as this would cause total chaos. God is much beyond any human composition or material form. God is SPIRIT and the CREATOR of our universe. His administrators on the right and the left are also glorified spirit beings. See my earlier missive called the Throne of our Creator God (visualized). God is invisible and he can not be discerned as some ‘object’ within our material universe.  Technically, God and his spiritual agents do not ‘exist’ as objects or material things. Spirit is not ‘matter’!


Science says that God does not ‘exist’ and this is accurate. God is spirit and so are his glorified agents. This means that God and his agents do NOT ‘exist’ physically. The Kingdom of God comes invisibly and without ‘observation’. So don’t expect that this glorified person called Yeshua (Jesus) is going to ‘fly’ down to our planet and materialize with a flesh/blood body over in Jerusalem. This, to me is invalid and without scriptural support. God works THROUGH us (moment by moment).


All those who expect Jesus to Return and appear in bodily form in Jerusalem could be deceived IMO. We need to recognize that glorified spirit beings do not appear in a physical body on planet earth. They operate as spiritual beings and then work THROUGH me/you via their spiritual ‘words’ and their spiritual ‘mind’. Let’s read some words from Daniel to confirm these ideas. Daniel had a spiritual ‘vision’ which seems valid on this issue. A ‘vision’ is like a dream that happens ‘within’ us.


Daniel says “I saw in the night visions, and behold, with the clouds of heaven there came one like a son of man (Yeshua), and he came to the Ancient of Days (Yahweh/Jehovah) and was presented before him. And to him (Yahweh/Jehovah) was given dominion and glory and kingdom, that all people’s, nations, and language should serve him (Yahweh/Jehovah). His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom one that shall not be destroyed.”

We are living in the Kingdom right now. God (the Father) is King right now. His agents and messengers work THROUGH us spiritually (our inner being). Our consciousness receives ‘words’ and ‘thoughts’ from this spiritual realm. Let thy KINGDOM COME in its fullness should be our thinking! At the moment this Kingdom is partial and not here in its FULLNESS. That would be my interpretation of scripture. You will need to derive your own meaning and conclusion on these issues. Enjoy!


I am:

Millennials Dislike Today’s Capitalism! It’s Understandable to Me!

January 13, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez standing

A vocal spokesperson for the Millennials (those under 35) is this new politician (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York) who is likely to become rather popular with the masses of millennials in 2019. A member of the Democratic Party, she has been the U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district since January 3, 2019.


Ocasio-Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. Before running for Congress, Ocasio-Cortez was a community organizer working in the Bronx and serving as an educational director for the 2017 Northeast Collegiate World Series for the National Hispanic Institute. At the age of 29, she is the youngest woman to serve in Congress in the history of the United States.


Today’s Wall Street Journal had an article on Capitalism entitled ‘A star for the left as doubts grow over Capitalism’. I have been saying (for years) that Capitalism is over because we now have a system where our Central Banks rule over all finance. This is unlikely to change going forward and, personally, I don’t blame our millennials for hating our current system of economic inequality (falsely called Capitalism).


Are you aware that some 78% of all Americans now live from pay check to pay check? Currently, some 800,000 government employees are laid-off due to the polarized shut-down over the Trump Wall situation. These employees are now getting hand-outs from Credit Unions, Banks, and Mortgage Companies (to survive) as these employees are unable to pay all their bills. All this will add to their dislike of our current mis-named system called Capitalism.


If the shut-down continues for another two months we could have some 38,000,000 food stamp recipients also without funds for living. This could really create a Yellow-Vest type revolution here in America. This Yellow-Vest concept derives from the economic problems currently happening over in France. Thousands of French millennials are unhappy with their mis-named system of Social-Capitalism.


We have a real mess on our hands when our markets get shut-down as the masses of people can not live adequately under our current pseudo system. The wealth under our current system goes to the top 5% (primarily) and the masses must live from month to month (with no real savings to fall back upon). All this is because we have a system of corruption which starts with our money and banking system (and our bloated DEBT economy).


Capitalism worked when the distribution of wealth was fair and balanced (the 50’s, 60’s, and early 70’s). This ended in 1971-75 (under Nixon) and has gotten much more dire since then. Today, we have a digital money system where money goes to select corporate elites (like Amazon, Google, Netflix, Facebook, Boeing, Apple, Exon, Goldman Sachs, etc.). These corporate elites can receive unlimited funds directly from our banksters (due to their favored status).


Our banksters prefer bigness and eliteness over private entrepreneurs who must start from scratch. And we have Central Banks which can funnel excessive money units to all these elites who obtain favor from our corrupt financial system. There is little that our month to month millennials can do given this corrupt economic system which we now live with. This lady from New York, Ocasio-Cortez, could become a popular politician and spokesperson for all these suppressed millennials.


We need to recognize that America does not have any REAL Capitalism today. We have a Fascist system which distorts and rigs all economic activity via computers. I have been writing about this corrupt system for years. We need to start thinking about a NEW MODEL for economics going forward. Our current DEBT model is soon going to end. You can witness the end as you watch this website:


I am: Help with a donation if you want more education on philosophy and economics. Thanks!

Prophecy Conference – El Centro, California! Details!

January 12, 2019

I just finished a two-day conference on issues of prophecy and the end-times. The speakers were David Reagan, Tom Hughes, and David Hocking. All three have absolutist views on reality and that which is about to happen here on planet earth (soon). Essentially, their message is that Yeshua (Jesus) is about to return to Jerusalem and he will govern this planet after his arrival.


All three view Jesus (who I call Yeshua) as Messiah and also God. They assume that scripture can be discerned absolutely and that their view on scripture is final and absolute. I tried to ask a few questions which challenged the views of these strong believers, but none were really open to any alternative opinions or interpretations of scripture. This is typical of strong-men who view their view as correct.


These Christian prophecy experts take the view that the glorified Yeshua, who now sits at the right-hand of Yahweh (Father), will ‘fly’ down from his position in the 3rd heaven and materialize as a body of flesh and blood here on earth (soon). Yeshua will then gather his elect to help him rule this planet for the next 1000 years. This is called the Kingdom Age. Are these experts on prophecy expressing reality or a fantasy view of reality. What do you think?


My sense is that some of their thinking is pure fantasy and false imagination. Personally, I view God as working through people (invisibly) and that a bodily appearance of the glorified Jesus (Yeshua) here on earth is not realistic. Why would Jesus leave his position at the right-hand of the Father and descend to earth from the 3rd heaven to rule this planet? This seems unrealistic (to me) as the Most High God is already ruling this planet (invisibly). God rules now via his spirit and words!


God can accomplish his plan for planet earth from his current Throne Room within the spiritual realm. He does not need to send the glorified Jesus to this planet to rule (bodily). He can choose select people via invisible words sent to people…which can accomplish his plan and goals directly. The reality is that our Creator has ruled this planet from day one and he will continue to rule going forward…as he is Creator and the Sovereign King.


These prophecy experts assume that they and their followers will soon be RAPTURED (bodily) up to the 3rd heaven to prepare for their coming rule with their Messiah. After seven years they will return to earth. All this happens in phases prior to and after this period called the Great Tribulation (soon coming). Tribulation happens to everyone accept them (so it seems). They get to escape via a bodily RAPTURE.


What I have discovered in all this is that prophecy experts interpret words within their Bible (called scripture) to form their belief system about the End Days. They refuse any real challenge to their viewpoint as they ASSUME that their view of coming events is absolute. All this points to how deceptive human nature can be. None of these experts seems aware that their view/interpretation may be partial/incomplete/invalid.


Strong believers with media help, scripture, and a charismatic presentation can get followers to accept their logic. Followers (in the millions) usually do not think critically about what is said by these so-called experts since they ASSUME that these select elites can interpret the words in scripture accurately. So let’s conclude with a general overview of this conference:

  1. A Rapture of believers is soon to happen. This is a bodily rapture (catching up into the clouds above). Millions will avoid gravity and ascend into the clouds above.
  2. The Last Days of man has arrived and Jesus will return at any moment. First to Rapture his select followers and then to return to rule this planet (after a tribulation for the many).
  3. Believers who buy into their dogma (called being SAVED and/or Born Again) will experience this escape called the Rapture and then a return to planet earth some seven years later to rule with their Messiah/Christ (called Jesus).
  4. Israel is key to all coming events as the Most High God views Israel and Jerusalem as key to what is happening. Replacement theology (the church being Israel) of general historical Christianity is false in the mind’s of these experts.
  5. Jesus (the glorified person in heaven now) will descend from his position at the right-hand of Yahweh (Father) and materialize (bodily) so as to consummate all affairs on this earth. Jesus is God in the minds of these prophecy experts.
  6. The Day of the Lord is soon to emerge and this is a seven-year period of trial/test/tribulation/wrath so that the rule of man comes to an END.
  7. America is heading for serious decline and this nation will experience the wrath of the Almighty during this coming period of Tribulation.

Some of the websites which you can visit to obtain further teaching on all this are the following:   (David Reagan)  (David Hocking)  (Tom Hughes)


If you keep in touch with my website, I will continue to update all these prophecy views plus include my own view. We are definitely living in interesting times. I am:

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