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What does the TRUMP win mean? Let’s speculate!

May 3, 2016

My sense is that the American people desire serious change. I witness this as I watch the elections in Indiana and the other States. But serious change means that the status quo must radically change also. As an economist/philosopher, I can wager that if Trump becomes our leader in November, our Keynesian economic model must change radically. Trump is not a Keynesian IMO. His mindset is to balance the budget, put America first on trade policies, probably allow gold to play a role within our currency system, and let the debt system collapse. What does this really mean going forward? Can anyone discern what must happen if this person becomes our Commander-in-Chief later this year? First of all, his WALL concept is not likely to work. What else?

Donald Trump is now less than 200 delegates from winning the nomination in July! He will emerge as the Republican opponent to Hillary Clinton! Bernie may have an outside chance if Hillary is indicted!

Trump recognizes that our $19.5 trillion National Debt must be dealt with. He recognizes that outsourcing of business production…merely to gain corporate profits and lower prices is an out-dated policy. My sense is that Trump and his administration would not agree with the Keynesian economic model which our leaders have followed for these past 85 years. John Maynard Keynes died in 1946 and his model of economics must now be abolished. What does this mean going forward? It means that our current debt based system must crash and collapse. Trump probably understands this concept of economics called…VALUE. His hotels and business deals involve dealing with this concept of economics. What is ‘value’ when debt is excessive, projects are priced beyond people’s ability to pay (called the affordability problem), and 46 million live on EBT cards (also called food stamps). These issues are only the appetizer!

America’s National Debt is unpayable! Our economic potential prevents repaying this debt…including our entitlement obligations! The Keynesian economic model (now 85 years old) must be abolished going forward! What does this mean during the transition?

A Trump Presidency with his new policy making administration in charge means that the establishment ORDER must collapse so that a new order can emerge. Trump is likely unaware of this reality of economics/politics. A major change in ideas/policy means that the status quo order must collapse. Keynesian politics and economics is soon over and the American people will vote in this change without knowing what they are doing (IMO). The result of this event means that our entire economic system will collapse and a period of debt defaults and debt liquidation will occur. Banks will become insolvent, trading strategies will short all our markets, foreign governments will fight to survive as our dollar collapses from the sale of government assets. The economic system will revolt but this is necessary for a Trump administration to change the system.

To make America ‘great again’ means abandoning Keynesianism and the establishment order! The New World Order plan of the LEFT must be abandoned and a return to America’s founding principles would be necessary! Will the LEFT allow this?

My sense is that Hillary will fight with the established order to survive and deny a Trump win in November. She will command $billions of Super Pac money to upset what the American people desire. The battle is now between the ‘establishment’ and a new ‘Trump order’ based upon change. The ideas of Trump, now being expressed during our election period, will not work once he becomes Commander-in-Chief. His idea of eliminating ISIS is pure fantasy IMO. ISIS is an ideology based upon a 1400 year tradition of religious beliefs. ISIS is not the warriors who are dying and fighting in the Middle East. ISIS is based (ultimately) upon a spiritual ideology which continues after all the select warriors are dead (their bodies). Trump’s idea that he can eliminate ISIS quickly and absolutely is pure myth and delusion. But he does not perceive this reality now! He is deceived!

Trump’s idea of eliminating ISIS quickly ignores the reality of history! ISIS is based upon a spiritual belief system which can not be eliminated with bombs, drones, or America’s military might! Expect much more dire events if this policy is followed!

Advisors, like Bobby Knight, who appears to desire a ‘nuke’ to eliminate an enemy is pure folly/delusion. This mindset will lead to total destruction of all mankind as a WWIII will result (given this mindset). Trump needs to think about reality (more deeply) if he is to administer a new policy for Americans and the World. Reality consists of ‘material things’ and also ‘non-material events’. Fighting a war where the goal is to eliminate a metaphysical ‘ideology’ is pure fantasy IMO. Violence will lead to counter violence! Military might will lead to counter military might! The battle for the mind of man can not be via the ‘sword’. Trump and his new administration (assuming he wins in November) will need to re-think these realities IMO. Anyway, I do sense that monumental change is on the horizon. My economic crash scenario is now more relevant than yesterday. Watch events going forward as the FIGHT has just begun! Enjoy the change which is coming! I am:



$55 (+) Trillion Stockmarket ‘Meltdown’ now starting (!?!?)

April 29, 2016

If I ‘value’ all the global stock markets on our planet I might estimate that some $55 trillion is the total ‘Value’ as of today. This number excludes our bond and mortgage markets. The U.S. stock markets total some $25 trillion according to The Financial Times and Bloomberg News. European markets total some $13 trillion, China some $6.5 trillion (after a 35% decline since 2015), Japan some $4 trillion, with the balance at some $5.5 trillion (+-). This so-called ‘market value’ is now residing within cyberspace (our computer screens) and the digits making up this total are subjective numbers within our computer screens. The concept of ‘value’ is an imaginary/psychological concept within our mind and this means that a meltdown in ‘value’ results in a vanishing and disappearing market (gradually all could to go to zero). Zero is eventually a possibility as all these cyber numbers (making up this so-called ‘value’) are mental abstractions. What I witness today is a cyber marketplace where all ‘value can eventually GO TO ZERO! This is Keynesian economics 101!

Our markets are now global and all ‘value’ resides within our computer screens (cyberspace)!

Few comprehend this concept called VALUE. What is this concept? Is VALUE some ‘thing’ which exists within our material universe? I don’t think so! VALUE is a concept within our subjective mind (consciousness) used as a tool for price discovery. It has no physical existence within our observable universe. Yet the core concept of Capitalism and Money is this concept which we call VALUE. The concept was created after people chose ‘private property’ as their means for economic survival and growth. Private property allows me to own land, production, and the results flowing from my land and production. When I exchange my production (called ‘wealth’) I can exchange these goods for alternative goods/services and/or its proxy (money). Money gets created because of this invisible/subjective concept which we call VALUE. Value can not be directly exchanged as it is metaphysical but its proxy (money) can be exchanged!

The concept of ‘value’ changes with policy decisions and consumer psychology! Value can go to Zero!

Money was physical/material until we invented the computer and the internet. We now have ‘cyber money’ which gets created subjectively by our banksters ‘out of thin air’. This money is subjective and derived from a banker’s consciousness/thinking (mostly). Very little paper note money is currently in circulation (say 4%) relative to our ‘cyber money’ (96%). What all this means is that our global stock markets today are residing within our computer cloud which we call cyberspace. This means that when a market collapses or declines we witness a mental loss…of VALUE. Value can disappear and vanish as markets crash from a loss of consumer and trader confidence. Basically, all our markets are a ‘confidence’ game and ‘confidence’ is a psychological phenomena. When confidence crashes, then values crash, and this results in the vanishing or disappearance of all our so-called cyber money!

Today, our money consists of units of our subjective consciousness! Silver has vanished from our vaults! Look for your ‘money’ within your mind!

Remember the bank vaults of old? Physical money existed! Today, all our money is imaginary and within the computer cloud (cyberspace)! Our banksters now create our ‘money’ from their THINKING!

Our cyber savings accounts can vanish. Our investment accounts can decline. Our trading accounts can disappear. And our so-called MONEY can vanish into our metaphysical heaven (the human mind). This is where we now live in 2016. Our money is imaginary and our investments can vanish into ‘thin air’ in a moment of time. Cyber money is what most of us now live with. This type of money is subjective and resides within our computer screen (also called cyberspace). Those who desire continuing increases in VALUE must depend upon our Central Bank computers, their Algo’s and their trading strategies to prevent this cyber crash which is now underway. Can our Central Bank elites who trade behind closed doors prevent a crash/collapse? We will need to watch our computer screens to witness what these banksters will attempt going forward. Watch our cyber markets and see if my view is developing! Personally, I sense the CRASH of all history starting (about now or soon)! I am:

‘The Mark of the Beast’ is here NOW! Let me explain!

April 28, 2016

Today, I went for breakfast at a local restaurant. At the check-out the lady at the counter asked for my ‘chip card’ for payment. Yesterday, at the local supermarket, the check-out lady also wanted my ‘chip card’ for payment. I currently carry mostly credit cards for payment of goods and services (my paper notes in my billfold are only for emergencies). What does this desire for a ‘chip card’ mean philosophically? Where does it lead? When I point out to those at the til (the check-out) who desire my ‘chip card’ (for payment) that this is form of ‘enslavement’ to a Mark of the Beast financial system, they all agree. The common blue-collar person recognizes that we are now living under the beginnings of this New Financial System called the Mark of the Beast! Why are our leaders mostly unaware of this reality? Let me explain! The issue is explainable!

A payment system of numbers (located within cyberspace) is the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system! It enslaves everyone! This system needs to be rejected as unfit for a free society!

Most of our leaders (politicians, banksters, economists, educators, scientists, religionists, and secular philosophers) are partly ‘mentally ill’ (dysfunctional) IMO. What do I mean! The ‘thinking’ of most economists gets formed by their Worldview. The philosophy of Keynesianism, one type of Worldview within economics, is what governs our monetary system. The Worldview of most of our leaders and educators (including most politicians) can be subsumed under the philosophy called Monism (substance monism and/or materialism). This mindset, called Monism, is a form of ‘mental illness’ (dysfunction) IMO as it prevents these leaders from discerning ‘reality’ correctly. Reality is what I pursue and, to me, Monism is a mindset of ‘mental’ dysfunction when understood. It does not represent ‘reality’ correctly!

The current payment system using ‘chip cards’ starts the clock on the Mark of the Beast financial system!

Monism or materialism assumes that there is ONLY one reality (and one substance) which we all experience within real-time. The general ‘name’ for this reality is Matter/Energy. Even the spiritual Non-dualists have a Monistic Worldview which, to me, is dysfunctional when understood. Whether a leader holds to a spiritual monism or an atheistic monism…both views, to me, are dysfunctional for representing reality correctly. A Monist assumes that our currency units are ‘things’ which EXIST. They would assume that our ‘dollar’ ($1.00) exists. The Yen, Euro, Pound, Krona, etc. all EXIST as ‘things’ (material items derived from this ONE substance which encompasses all of reality…’matter’). Their thinking is based upon this Worldview and this leads them to THINK that these cyber ‘digits’ within our computer screens (now used as our legal tender currencies) are real (a substance which ‘exists’). Numbers and symbols which represent these currency units EXIST within spacetime (now). This is the ‘assumption’! This, to me, is gross deception and this is what produces the Mark of the Beast monetary system (now in progress globally)!

Central Banks already control all our monetary affairs! This means that the Mark of the Beast System is here now! A ‘chip card’ is a tool for enslavement of consumers!

Our Keynesian Central Bankers now create our money as ‘digits’ and ‘numbers’ within our computer screen. Think of these symbols as representations of our money: US$1, A$1, C$1, HK$1, NZ$1. These symbols are supposed to represent currency units which EXIST (the American dollar, the Australian dollar, the Canadian dollar, the Hong Kong dollar and the New Zealand dollar). But do they actually EXIST within our spacetime universe? I would challenge these leaders who hold a Keynesian Worldview on money on this issue. Where are these units of currency (say $1.00) in reality? Where do our Central Bankers and their proxies actually GET these ‘numbers’ which they ‘type’ into the computer screen and call legal tender money? Do these units derive from their materialistic Brain (a material object) or do these units of thinking derive from their spiritual/metaphysical Mind. Think on this for a minute! Think of Mind as separate from Brain!

Physical money is now mostly obsolete for payments, investments, trading transactions! We now are converting all payments to an electronic system which operates within this netherworld called ‘cyberspace’! Virtual reality has replaced material reality! Chip cards and swiping a magnetic strip are examples of ‘funny’ money!

Cyber cash lives within ‘cyberspace’ and this allows our banksters to enslave us all via the computer! Historically, money was derived from nature (not a banker’s thinking)!

Do these ‘numbers’ (called cyber money) which our Central Bankers ‘type’ into their computer screen come from their spiritual (non-existent) Mind or do they emerge from their material (monistic) Brain? Which is it (brain or mind)? As a Dualist thinker I discern that my ‘symbols’, ‘numbers’, ‘words’, ‘names’ and such come from my MIND not my Brain. The ‘digits’ that I type into my computer screen are currently coming from my MIND not my Brain neurons/synapses. I am a Dualist and I view reality as composed of TWO separate realms. My Brain is a physical item of matter (some three pounds). My ‘words’, ‘numbers’, and ‘symbols’ used for speech, thinking, and communication, however, come from my metaphysical MIND. Can you discern the difference? Can you discern that our cyber currencies come from the MIND of our Central Bankers and NOT from their Brain? Think of QE as an example! Where does a banker get this QE money?

A Monist assumes my ‘consciousness’ emerges from my Brain! I am my Brain (essentially)! A Dualist assumes that my Mind ‘activates’ my Brain (Mind is fundamental)! I am metaphysical (essentially)! Which view is reality? Does a Monist view of reality hold ‘water’? Most of our leaders have adopted a Monist view of reality! Is this dysfunctional? I think so!

A Monist thinker assumes that numbers, math, and digits (in the computer screen) are real ‘things’ which EXIST. This, to me, is not reality. Look out at the observable universe (right now). Do you witness a currency symbol or a currency number? Do you witness a cyber currency anywhere within our spacetime universe? Do you witness this netherworld called ‘cyberspace’? Do you witness your own ‘consciousness’? What I discern are TWO realms of reality and this means that our currency unit (say $1.00) derived from a Central Banker’s mind should not be viewed as a ‘thing’ which EXISTS. Material objects exist. Mental abstractions do not exist. It is that simple! Our entire financial system is now living mostly within cyberspace. This is what creates our Mark of the Beast financial system going forward! Do you desire to be enslaved by cyber numbers forever? Is it time to challenge the ‘thinking’ of all our elite leaders, educators, and economists? I think so!

Monism and/or Materialism assumes ONE reality (even my ‘words’ and ‘thinking’ derives from this one material reality)! I see this as a deception within one’s thinking!

Let’s conclude with a brief list of well-known Monists and also a list of well-known Dualists for your reference. Monism (materialism) mostly started with Aristotle. Others who reveal this view of reality by their actions/writings were/are: Bertrand Russell, Daniel Dennett, John Maynard Keynes, Paul Krugman, Milton Friedman, Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, Mario Draghi, Haruhiko Kuroda, Zhou Xiaochuan, Barack Obama, most everyone in leadership over in Europe and almost every Western scientist. Dualism (which I espouse and accept as my Worldview) would also include these personalities: Socrates, Plato, Yeshua/Jesus, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Adam Smith, Rene Descartes, and a host of theologians and thinkers who believe that reality consists of dual realms! My sense is that the Mark of the Beast monetary system (now emerging) stems from the ‘thinking’ of those in control of our money! These rulers over ‘money’ need to assume that their cyber currencies are real! In reality, however, these units are ‘imaginary’ and a ‘fantasy’ when understood. Enjoy this challenge! One’s ‘thinking’ creates one’s Worldview is my assumption! I am:


Money and finance rules and also enslaves! This MBS needs to be rejected!

P.S. Get ready for the crash of a lifetime as ALL these cyber currencies (and the concept of ‘value’) will vanish and disappear in the coming years! Monism and its many proxies are a deception IMO and Dualism is much closer to reality as we live it! Reject the Mark of the Beast financial system! That is my missive for today! Enjoy!

Human Nature (+) our System is the real Problem!

April 27, 2016

Today, we live with a Ponzi financial system (mere ‘digits’ in cyberspace) and a populace and political system which seeks escapism from the real problems of life. Human nature generally prefers darkness over light, avoidance of discomfort over critical thinking, acceptance over sound moral principles, and positive thinking even as problems worsen. Basically, our society has devolved into a hodgepodge of groups which desire their selfish goals…over the hard realities of solving broken Systems. Yes, our current System is broken and the few who discern this reality are mostly shunned and ridiculed. I must commend Mr. Trump for his spontaneity when it comes to revealing a few of our serious problems. Few Americans, however, desire to hear about our ‘problems’ (this is negative thinking)…which are now mostly beyond any meaningful resolution. Why is human nature so desiring of avoiding ‘pain’ so as to maintain the status quo? We now need the mantra: No Pain equals No Gain!

People mostly do not change until the PAIN is felt personally! ‘No Pain’ does seem to mean ‘No Real Gain’!

My personal sense is that people live in the NOW MOMENT and if the ‘now moment’ is acceptable and bearable, then rocking the boat is viewed as negative and unacceptable behavior. Problems must not be discussed until the ‘situation’ reaches a crisis level. In other words, if I perceive that a huge tornado is approaching and likely to strike, I must not act upon this perception until everyone in my group senses this reality (personally). A problem is not to be dealt with until the problem is a present danger to the group. This mindset is what I witness today with most of Western society. I witness that our financial system is about to crash and collapse due to debt and a Ponzi trading system (along with a fake/phony currency unit) but this perception is meaningless for the masses (and pundits) as they do not desire to perceive this problem. Is this Human nature? I think so!

Everyone is ignoring this problem as it can not be resolved! But will the problem vanish? Who desires to understand this problem?

Today, our national debt is unpayable, our deficits are unsolvable, our entitlement programs are unsustainable, our military adventures are self-destructive, our trade policies are corrupt, our leaders are ineffective, and our money system is a fantasy. But the masses, the media, and most of the pundits desire NOT to focus on these problems…as RIGHT NOW events. All seems acceptable given that no real pain is noticed by most. The Sun shines and everyone can do mostly what they desire. Pain creates change but NO PAIN creates a mindset of misapprehension and a behavior of no action. A few sense the tornado on the horizon and desire to change their personal behavior, however, the masses (including most of the educated) will promote an aura of positive thinking as long as there is no ‘immediate’ crisis. All this appears to be part of Human nature and this mindset promotes criticism of those who sense this problem emerging! The tornado is now a few blocks away!

Don’t rock the boat, stay positive, and we all can survive indefinitely!

Last night after his sweep of five states, Donald Trump, outlined some of his thinking and he presented some serious problems which our current policymakers are hiding from the public. He said that manufacturing is declining substantially, people’s incomes have stagnated for some 18 years, our $19 trillion debt is being avoided and not talked about, and our politicians are mostly corrupt and ineffective. These comments are the mindset of someone who desires to talk about reality. But the majority of Americans (including all our administration neocons) continue to promote a mindset of ‘all is well’ in America and our economy is sound and prosperous. Why this mindset? Deception appears to be needed so our masses stay uneducated and complacent…that is my view! Don’t rock the boat until the boat starts sinking significantly! Again, this appears to be Human nature at work!

Nothing will change until we read another headline like above! Human nature is Why!

I am now resigned to the view that NOTHING will advance that is meaningful UNTIL a serious economic CRISIS develops. People will respond to a serious crisis but they will not respond to a continuance of the status quo. Our bubble markets continue to gyrate from day-to-day but we witness NO COLLAPSE. This means to the masses and our deceived leaders that ALL IS WELL. Don’t rock the sinking boat as our Central Bankers can bail out the water continually. Money rules this planet and those in control of our cyber/fake/phony money will continue this game of financial deception until there is NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE. Until a serious black swan event develops don’t expect anything but more positive thinking and deception from our banksters and politicians! That is my view for today! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. My principles for critical thinking include:

  1. Describe the Situation
  2. Identify the Problem
  3. Develop a Viewpoint
  4. Create realistic Assumptions
  5. Develop an Action Plan (the Premise)
  6. Deduce the likely Results
  7. Consider Alternatives
  8. Start over with #1.

Our ‘Elite’ thinkers – Deceived (mentally) IMO!

April 25, 2016

Today I asked three elite thinkers at my clubhouse here in Arizona the question: What is the difference between a ‘digit’ and a ‘silver coin’? The responses reveal that these elite thinkers are mostly ‘deceived’ about reality (without knowing it, IMO)! Thinking seems to derive from one’s Worldview. The three elite thinkers this morning were an engineer, a PhD. economist, and a retired female educator. I would personally view these three individuals as ‘elites’ and probably quite similar to most educated Americans/Europeans who hold positions of financial/political authority. Let me now reveal their individual thinking on the above question: what is the difference between a ‘digit’ (in the computer screen) and a ‘silver coin’ (say the 1 oz. American eagle called ‘dollar’ in my hand)? I explained to these elite that a ‘digit’ is now our legal tender dollar and we all are accumulating these ‘digits’ as our money today (savings and spending). Let’s think on this issue for today! This issue is rather complicated!

John Maynard Keynes created a philosophy of money, interest, and debt! Was he a monist or a dualist?

My engineer friend at first did not understand the concept of a ‘digit’. After explaining to him that our money units are now ‘digits’ in the computer screen (I showed him via my smartphone all the digits making up our DOW index) he then responded that a silver coin is heavy and weighs much compared to a digit. Yes, I responded this is valid. But what is another difference between a ‘digit’ and my ‘silver coin’, I asked? I asked him, are you aware that this ‘digit’ (visually seen in my smartphone screen) lives in cyberspace? This means that it does not technically ‘exist’ in observable space. Also, this digit derives from typing (a subjective process). My silver coin is much different, I stated. My coin has mass and is also an object in observable space. My coin is objective in that it does not live within cyberspace (this netherworld of subjectivity). My coin is outside my consciousness (look at it). My engineer friend said he would need to think about this. He left saying that I must be a commodity person. Yes, I said!

Ron Paul is likely a Dualist whereas Paul Krugman is likely a Monist (two different Worldviews)!

I then talked to my PhD economist (retired) and a female educator (retired). I asked them if they knew what the difference is between a ‘digit’ and a ‘silver coin’. I explained that our money units are now ‘digits’ within the computer screen and/or our smartphone screen. At first they were confounded but they soon agreed with me that these ‘digits’ should not be viewed as ‘existing’ in observable space. I then asked them if the objects around us (like the trees, cactuses, golfers on the green) were an extension of my consciousness or if they were objects ‘separate’ from me? My lady friend responded that all which she witnessed via her consciousness was inseparable from her consciousness. I said that she must be a ‘monist’ philosophically. I explained that a ‘monist’ has the Worldview that reality is ONE and all objects are merely extensions of my/her consciousness. This she agreed with! My PhD economist seemed confused!

Most Western scientists have the Worldview called Monism. Most historical theologians have a Dualist Worldview!

I then explained that I have a Dualistic view of reality (I am a dualist…not a monist, I said). I view material reality as consisting of objects (say the tree, cactus, golfer on the green) as ‘separate’ and ‘distinct’ from me (my consciousness). I said that I agree that a ‘digit’ does not exist but I also view reality as consisting of TWO realms. As a dualist (I said), I view a money ‘digit’ as part of my consciousness and not some object within observable space. I also view the objects outside my consciousness as ‘separate’ from me (not an extension of my consciousness). My lady friend then wanted to talk about the issue of ‘who am I’ in reality. Am I my body or am I (you) a spirit being? My response was that I am NOT my body and that I view her as a spirit being also. My body and me are not the same! This led to who is a monist and who (historically) is a dualist on issues of reality/philosophy.

This Fed Chairman/economist has a Keynesian Worldview and this means that he views ‘digits’ as REAL. Bernanke, Draghi, Kuroda, Carney,  and most banksters are all likely monists in their Worldview! QE, to them, is creating real money for our markets!

My suggestion to her was that her Worldview is monist (similar to Aristotle and Bertrand Russell). My Worldview is dualist (similar to Socrates and Plato). She liked this comparison. She said, along with my PhD economist friend, that they were going for breakfast and would need to think about all this. Anyway, my reflection upon these discussions has led me to the conclusion that our ‘elite’ thinkers (which these three certainly were) seem confused and deceived about the nature of money, reality, and what a ‘digit’ really is! My sense is that all three of these ‘elite’ thinkers probably view a ‘digit’ as not existing within our space/time material universe (similar to me), but they seem confused on the ‘nature’ of a ‘digit’ when compared to a ‘silver coin’. All three of these elite thinkers were monist thinkers (in my view). They viewed reality as ONE and would probably conclude that their Brain produces their Thinking (mind). This, to me, is gross deception! In reality, it is my MIND which activates my BRAIN (not the reverse)!

Philosophy 101 – most of our elite thinkers seem to have a monist Worldview!

Anyway, I must conclude this missive with the observation that our ‘elite’ thinkers (most likely those now in positions of POWER and AUTHORITY)…like our political leaders and our financial administrators…probably are ‘deceived’ within their MINDS when it comes to money, reality, and what is happening within our political/economic system. Deception is rampant (it seems to me) within academia and within those with secular views of reality. All these elites are mostly monists (reality derives from one’s brain) and they can not differentiate between a cyber ‘digit’ living in cyberspace and a ‘silver coin’ living within observable space/time reality. This means that most of our elite thinkers probably THINK that our cyber money units are REAL and physical units of nature. This, to me, is GROSS deception. The ‘words’ which I now write are not within the realm of material reality (the philosophy of monism). Words, names, units of consciousness, and mental images are really ‘separate’ from the material realm of reality IMO!

Dualism seems to be the mindset or worldview of most blue-collar workers (at least from my personal experience)!

I am a DUALIST and my Worldview separates an ‘object’ in our material world from its given ‘name’. A ‘digit’ in cyberspace is merely a unit of consciousness (a number/name) and not some ‘object’ which exists within material reality. This means that ‘digits’ will disappear when our markets crash and when valuations decline. The concept of ‘value’ is similar to a ‘digit’ or a ‘price’. All vanish and disappear when markets crash and valuations change significantly. A sharp decline in the ‘value’ of a physical item (say my house/car/land) means that all the ‘digits’ which represented ‘value’ prior to the crash are now gone forever! Digits, price, value are units of my MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS.  This is different from my SILVER COIN. My silver coin exists and continues to exist AFTER a crash/collapse in the value of our digital markets! Those who are DUALIST in their Worldview might comprehend this reality. All the MONISTS (the majority of our elite thinkers) will likely continue to be DECEIVED!

The age-old issue of WHO AM I? Who are YOU? Am I more than the cells and atoms which compose physical Matter? Does deception emerge from a false Worldview? What do you think? Personally, I am a Dualist! Socrates was also a Dualist!

Think about this difference between a Monist and a Dualist. Think about the history of money and currencies. Why has money (historically) always been an ‘object’ outside my consciousness (like silver/gold)? Why has a currency (like dollar, euro, pound) always been a political creation of the MIND? The word ‘money’ specifies an ‘object’ outside my consciousness (mind) and the word ‘dollar’ specifies an inner unit of my consciousness (mind). This is Dualism 101! Our elite financial thinkers are mostly monists and this means they can not differentiate between what is INSIDE their mind and what is OUTSIDE! This, to me is GROSS deception! Today’s markets are mostly built upon the Worldview of a monist (John Maynard Keynes) and this means that our banksters are also mostly monists. Banksters (and most of our elite economists) will view ‘digits’ as REAL money! I view ‘digits’ as disappearing units of NOTHING (mere units of my imagination/subjective mind)! Enjoy this challenge in thinking! What are YOU (monist or dualist)? I am: http:/

P.S. ARE DIGITS (our current digital money units) going to vanish and disappear? Is this their destiny? Can a Keynesian banker SHOW me a ‘digit’? I would like to observe/hold a ‘digit’ in real-time (Now)! 

I ‘accept’ the REAL and ‘reject’ the COUNTERFEIT! Why?

April 24, 2016

When it comes to the issue of what is ‘money’ (historically and also today), I can discern TWO dualities (the ‘real’ vs. the ‘counterfeit’). Our corrupt central bank authorities desire that I accept their ‘fake’ (counterfeit) digital money and that I agree with them that our historical money (silver/gold) should be abolished. This is why our elite authorities desire to ‘suppress’ the price of the REAL so their FAKE (counterfeit) currency can survive in real-time. The bigger issue is CONTROL and POWER over our marketplace (economic and political). Our elite authorities desire to RULE this planet via their corrupt fantasies and fakery. Personally, I will not bow to these corrupt authorities or their fakery! I would suggest that you also think about ‘rejecting’ the digital currency pricing system and support real prices derived from supply/demand! Reject the ‘Mark of the Beast’ monetary system!

America chose silver/gold as our Constitutional money and paper notes (backed with silver/gold) as pricing tools! Today our elite banksters push ‘fake’ digital currencies! Why? Think about two issues: control and continuing power to rule! The ‘Mark of the Beast’ is their goal for the masses!

Digital (fake) money accelerated with the policies of this bankster!

Money rules over our entire planet and those with ‘control’ over the distribution of money can rule and enslave the masses. This has been the history of economics and politics. Gaining positions of ‘power’ and ‘control’ is what our elite powerbrokers desire. Once in power and control the next agenda is gaining MORE power and control. Ultimately, these power-hungry elite desire to RULE our planet and enslave the billions of unaware/undiscerning sheep. I can discern this reality by watching what our elite powerbrokers are ‘doing’ in realtime (now). The current insider agenda has already been made public to the masses. Pope Francis, Obama, and the United Nations hierarchy call this agenda by the name AGENDA 2030. Enslavement of the masses is the goal and few seem to discern their hidden motives! I discern these motives and many others are now waking-up to what is occurring…mostly behind closed doors!

The above Agenda is that of our elites…working behind closed doors! Effective start was January 1, 2016! Who is aware? Where does this Agenda lead for the masses? Think – Communism!

Human nature has TWO dualities within one’s metaphysical consciousness (mind). Part is intended for good (freedom) and part is intended for control/power (enslavement). Human nature desires to ‘play God’ and ultimately impose a human solution to all problems via Machiavelli’s view of: The End justifies the Means. This human solution means that those in positions of POWER must devise rules, regulations, and written laws which apply to the masses (not to them) so rulership can be absolute. The history of POWER reveals the motives of our elites. Get a copy of THE PRINCE by Niccolo Machiavelli and read about the mindset of those desiring POWER and then more POWER. The descriptions within The Prince have the general theme of accepting that the aims of princes—such as glory and survival—can justify the use of ‘immoral means’ to achieve those ends:[8] 

Agenda 2030 is part of this ruler’s goal for our planet! Read about it on our internet!

Basically, a PRINCE (we can identify many on the world stage today) who desire to rule will follow the mindset: The END justifies the MEANS! Morality is relative and achieving a desired goal (say Agenda 2030) means that the ‘MEANS’ must be secondary to ‘ENDS’. Machiavelli writes that reforming an existing order is one of the most dangerous and difficult things a prince can do. Part of the reason is that people are naturally resistant to change and reform. Those who benefited from the old order will resist change very fiercely. By contrast, those who can benefit from the new order will be less fierce in their support, because the new order is unfamiliar and they are not certain it will live up to its promises. Inevitably, he will disappoint some of his followers. Therefore, a prince must have the ‘means’ to force his supporters to keep supporting him even when they start having second thoughts, otherwise he will lose his power.

Today, I can discern that our elites desire to promote a ‘digital’ financial system for our planet. This fake/counterfeit system can work if the masses will only reject the historical ‘REAL’ (silver/gold as their money). The elite will work behind closed doors to manipulate, rig, and suppress the ‘prices’ of the REAL so as to promote the FAKE (digits within the computer screen). The masses are mostly unaware of what is ‘real’ and what is ‘fake’ and this makes this goal of a PRINCE likely to prevail. Marketing or promotion is essential and having the official media (CNBC, FOX, etc.) behind their schemes helps immensely. It is interesting to watch the elites manipulations via my smart phone app and my laptop computer. I can go to: and pull up the real-time charts to watch the algo’s and robots manipulating the digital prices of silver/gold daily. Why this manipulation goes unnoticed by the masses!

Government by the People is over! Our elites have chosen to impose a New World Order via stealth!

The masses of investors and traders do not seem to care what our elites are doing behind closed doors to manipulate all our markets. They merely look to select gurus who are under the power of these elites to advise them on their financial decisions. Let the elites do as they wish is the meme of the masses. I will merely buy into the corruption and earn my ‘imaginary’ portion of the pie. Don’t rock the boat which our elites create as this only makes them more prone to ‘kill’ the messengers of truth and reality. Killing the messengers has been the history for truth-tellers. Think Yeshua, Socrates, Garfield, Lincoln, Kennedy and who knows how many others. The elite must RULE over the sheep and today this rulership is mostly via our ‘digital’ technology and decisions ‘behind closed doors’! Enjoy the ride to ruin! It’s coming! I am:

‘Non-duality’ thinking vs. ‘Duality’ thinking! Which is ‘Reality’?

April 23, 2016

Zen, The Buddha, and Science have promoted a form of thinking which many call Non-duality. The idea is that ALL is ONE and if I ignore the dualities of life (right/wrong, good/evil, matter/mind, self/other, physical/metaphysical, etc.) then I can achieve peace, wholeness, oneness, and a healthy mind/brain. Separation and distinction must be eliminated so I can be ONE with everyone and at peace with the world. Is this reality or is this a type of ‘mental illness’? Today, many are attempting to achieve contentment, peace, happiness, and a relationship with everyone based upon acceptance and non-judgmental thinking. Accept all lifestyles, behavior, and beliefs as being ‘equal’ and ‘right’ so everyone can think that they are normal, healthy, mindful, and without any ‘mental’ illness!  All this thinking is supposed to lead to a healthy brain/mind (says neuroscience) and eventually to peace and happiness for all who adopt this mindset. But is this ‘reality’ or a form of ‘mental illness’?

Mental illness can affect each of us and does so via our thinking! I do not exclude myself! The mindset of Non-dualism seems to promote escapism from NOW realities!

Science basically views ‘matter/energy’ as the ONE reality from which I am supposedly composed…even my Mind/Consciousness derives from matter! Science generally denies the reality of ‘spirit’ or ‘mind’ as separate! To science ALL is ‘matter/energy’!

Peter Russell views reality as Consciousness (matter is an illusion). The message of nonduality is that the true nature of reality is non-dual. Non-duality simply means “not two” (i.e. that there is no separation in life). It is only our over-reliance on the mind or dualistic thought that makes it seem as if things exist separately. Consciousness is fundamental and the ONE reality!

A definition of Non-duality:  In the last century Western scientists are arriving at the conclusion: That the universe does indeed consist of a single substance, presumably created during the Big Bang, and all sense of being – consciousness – subsequently arises from it. This realization has ontological implications for humanity: fundamentally we are all individual expressions of a single entity, inextricably connected to one another, we are all drops of the same ocean. Science and Nonduality is a journey, an exploration of the nature of awareness, the essence of life from which all arises and subsides. Welcome on board!

All is ONE and I am one substance!

This growing movement towards ONENESS appeals to many who have the belief that ‘reality’ is ONE and that science and philosophy have revealed this oneness via their thinking and research. All reality can be subsumed under the label ‘matter/energy/consciousness’ and even my ‘words’, ‘ideas’, ‘thoughts’, derive from this substance (matter and its derivatives) which science and non-dual thinkers assume as the ONE reality. The word ‘God’ (to these Non-Dualists) can be used to describe this ONE substance/non-substance and everyone is within this collective Source! There is no unique separate ‘individual’ or ‘self’  to discover. ALL is ONE! This mindset is, to me, a form of ‘mental’ illness and a ‘non-reality’ when lived in the NOW (real-time). What I witness as ‘reality’ (right NOW) is a DUAL nature which can not be internalized as ONE. Matter is separate from Mind (to me)! This is real-time reality as I live it (NOW)! Economics, to me, proves my view of ‘reality’!

Reality involves TWO or dual categories/realms!

Let’s focus on a substance which has served as ‘money’ for most of our economic history. This substance is currently called by the ‘name’ SILVER. Silver is also within this category of reality called ‘matter/energy’. If I break down my silver coin into atoms and then into the most minute particles (subunits of atoms), I still have a ‘thing’ which exists (in real-time). Even if I witness a particle entangled (mentally) with motion and energy (E=mc2), I still end up with the element called Ag or silver (in real-time). There is no way to remove this substance from my now ‘reality’ (unless I cease having awareness/consciousness). This means that a substance like Ag (silver) or any other element within our periodic table lives within one category of reality continually. Matter/energy are ONE and also interchangeable…within ONE category of reality! But is this final reality for me/you?

I am not separate from you…or the rose flower (this is non-duality)! In the reality of NOW, however, I witness TWO realities! The rose flower is one reality (separate) and my image of the rose within my consciousness is the other!

The second area or category of reality can be called the ‘Name’, ‘Word’, ‘Concept’ given to the substance (Ag) which exists (right NOW). The ‘name’ silver and/or argentum derive from my metaphysical Mind and/or Consciousness. This means that I live (right NOW) within TWO realms/categories of reality…not ONE! Reality, to me, is always: successive moments of now! The NOW is how I live, move, and have my being! We, therefore, could say that my ‘Words’ and my ‘Names’ derive from a different realm of reality (my metaphysical Consciousness) than the substance called Ag or silver (or any other ‘object’ from our material universe). This proves (to those who live in real-time or the NOW) that reality is DUAL and that Non-Duality is a fantasy/myth/mental illness! People live within TWO realms of reality continually and always (if they are living in real-time…the NOW). There are TWO different realities which I experience and which you experience! Economics and common sense reveal that Dualities are real and this includes all aspects of reality! We need to live in the present moment, however, to discern this reality!

As human beings (living in the NOW) we give ‘objects’ in space a ‘name’ (say Milky Way)! This implies TWO realms of reality as the ‘name’ is separate from the ‘object’! The ‘object’ in space lives separately from my inner ‘name’ derived from my consciousness. My ‘name’ is a tool for identification of various ‘objects’ in space/time!

I witness good/evil, right/wrong, self/other, negative/positive, prosperity/poverty, happiness/sadness, peace/war, cold/hot, brain/mind, etc. Life is lived in the NOW and the NOW reveals that I live within TWO categories/realms of reality continually. Non-Duality is a form of thinking which does not correlate with NOW realities. Those espousing this philosophy are promoting a form of ‘mental illness’ IMO. Denying the present moment is a form of ‘mental illness’. Denying one’s flaws is a form of ‘mental illness’. Attempting to deny existing problems as illusions is a form of ‘mental illness’. Promoting a mindset of positive thinking as always relevant for happiness is a form of ‘mental illness’. Those who promote one reality (Non-Dualism) as a ‘group think’ mindset for everyone are promoting a form of ‘mental illness’ IMO. Life is lived in the ‘now moment’ (always and continually). There is no past or future which is separate from the ‘now moment’. Think NOW and live in the NOW! That is my view of reality! Enjoy this view! I am:

The above is the philosophy of Kingdom Economics! Reality is lived as: successive moments of NOW! Within the NOW are two realities (matter and mind)!

P.S. An economic/financial holocaust is on the horizon and assuming that it can be avoided via ‘positive’ thinking or a mindset of oneness is ‘mental illness’ IMO. Economic reality has been based upon the reality of Dualism for thousands of years (two separate realities for exchange). The word ‘money’ (historically) describes a physical substance (say Silver/Gold) and the word ‘currency’ describes a non-physical derivation from one’s Consciousness (Mind). Silver/Gold are units of ‘matter’ and Dollar/Yen (currencies) are units of ‘consciousness’! Today’s currencies (now digits) are living within our ‘consciousness’ and this creates a form of ‘mental illness’ for those who can not recognize this real-time reality! Mental Illness is ubiquitous today within finance and economics IMO! Who is aware of these Dualities?


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