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Vancouver Shouts – The End is Near!

January 22, 2018

I am currently visiting the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference in Vancouver, Canada. Some 8,000 people were in attendance over the two-day conference. There were some 400 exhibitors and some 100 speakers at the conference. Let me review a few voices which shouted loudly about our economy, gold, bitcoin, crypto currencies, the Fed, Trump and his policies, gold, uranium, copper, silver, and a host of additional issues. I will give you a flavor of the conference with a few words from various speakers which I heard:

  1. Peter Schiff:  he shouted (loudly) that the Trump economic polices are bogus (won’t work), that bitcoin is a mania/speculation (going to zero eventually), that inflation will soon arrive in spades, that the stock bubble will burst  in the near future…along with the bond bubble. His view is that an investor must prepare now for a complete change as the economy changes later this year. Interest rates are key to the change and when the bubbles start to burst the Fed will resort to QE-4 or much worse.
  2. Jim Rickards:  he shouted (quietly) that the future of money is some return to gold and that this could happen as the many bubbles start to burst. His timeline was uncertain, but his message was clear that Geo-political issues will bring about major change in the near future. Jim viewed Bitcoin as mostly bogus as it could not create the vision of the founders or the wish of the millennials who seem to clammer for this option.
  3. Bill Murphy/Ed Steer:  these speakers revealed the history of banker shenanigans when it comes to price manipulation (especially of gold and silver). Both of these speakers belong to: and they have many years of data showing how and why gold/silver prices are suppressed and manipulated by select banks and also the Federal Reserve Bank. Few, however, seem to follow these thinkers.
  4. Bo Polny:  his view of history is that a new paradigm has emerged as of September 23, 2017. This new world (based upon the book of Revelation and other prophetic events) will lead to the greatest gold rush in world history with the American dollar falling to extremely low levels later in 2018-19. Dates to watch for the start of this new world (of gold/silver and this new age) are January 24-25 and February 20-21. Bitcoin may go to 50,000 and he expects silver at $160 later in 2018.
  5. Frank Holmes/Teeks Tiwari:  both of these speakers view crypto currencies as viable options and great speculations. Millionaires and billionaires are investing in these tokens and their blockchain payments system. The tokens will be here for a long time as an alternative to our centralized banking cartel system. Bitcoin has already existed for 10 years (says Teeks) and this new token along with blockchain technology will help to revolutionize our monetary system over time. Get into these currencies now with part of your speculative funds.


Many additional views were presented from speakers such as Doug Casey, Rick Rule, Byron King, Marin Katusa, Peter Spina, David Morgan, etc., each with their own spin on current events and potential future events. I found the conference very interesting as I was able to visit with many folks from various parts of the world. I made a number of new friends from all these visits. The conference was worth my time and energy.


In summary, I would suggest that major CHANGE is in the air as this conference revealed that people are tired of the status quo system. The record attendance (some 50% increase over 2017) reveals that people think change will occur in 2018 and many are seeking new ways to manage their investment portfolios to avoid any real pain going forward. The case of investing in gold and silver was favored by the vast majority of speakers. But we all need to think for ourselves on all these issues. Enjoy! I am:

U. S. Government Shut-down – then DOW of 30,000 to follow? Why this Result?

January 20, 2018

What happens after a dire event is that our corrupt Central Bank traders (using their high-speed computers and their trading algorithms) pump up the DOW and the other indexes to cover-up the pain. I have witnessed this paradox many times these past 9 years. A dire event happens and then the DOW sky-rockets to another HIGH (anyway). Will this happen again on Monday morning?


I have watched our DOW, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 continue to new highs as sobering events happen on this planet. A new launch of a ICBM rocket by Kim, the Brexit event, war clouds in the Middle East, or hurricane destruction in Houston, Florida, or Puerto Rico does not affect our electronic indices. They usually increase after every dire event. Why this paradox?


My sense is that our corrupt Central Bank traders at 33 Liberty Street, New York and/or similar venues in London, Tokyo, Basel, or Frankfurt are given orders to pump up the indexes so that the dire event will not be felt economically. This is now possible given that all our indexes are electronic exchanges. Central Banks now trade all our markets and this reality has created all our bubble electronic markets (globally).


We live in a computer driven cyber marketplace where select trading computers (operating behind closed doors) can change an index easily. The DOW consists of only 30 stocks. All I need to do to pump up this index is buy a few select DOW stocks (in sufficient amounts) and the index reaches a new high. This can be accomplished with the click of a trader’s mouse. The result is a new high on the index. Retail investor concern can be ameliorated by our Central Bank traders who trade with unlimited trading digits (via their high speed computers).


Sobering events in the political, social, or military arena do not seem to change our electronic markets from reaching new high’s. In the old days, any dire event would affect the emotions and confidence of traders and the markets would experience a sharp decline. The price of gold would increase substantially. This does not usually happen today with our electronic markets. These markets are driven by computers, algorithms, and high frequency trading. Emotion has been taken out of these markets.


Watch the various world indices on Monday and see what happens. My sense is that our Central Bank traders (with unlimited digits to trade with) will pump-up these electronic markets irrespective of the recent U.S. Government Shut-down. We could witness a substantial increase in the DOW…on its way to 30,000 eventually. We live with very corrupted markets and corrupt insider trading. Central Banks are the culprits IMO. Markets can go up irrespective of the seriousness of the dire event.


Think for yourself! I am:



Which Option: Government Shut-down or Central Bank Shut-down?

January 20, 2018

To solve our political and economic problems we could shut-down the Central Government in Washington (which appears to be happening as I write this missive) or we might shut-down our Central Bank in New York. Which would be preferable? You know my view. Our unconstitutional Central Bank needs to be shut-down!


We need to think about shutting down the real source of our political, military, and economic problems. A Central Bank shut-down would bring all these issues to the forefront and the American people would wake-up to who rules this planet. Money rules and our unconstitutional Central Bank is the real source of our problems.


Why should a few unelected elites rule over the entire planet? Does this make any sense? Money (today) is merely a unit of the mind which becomes a digit in the computer screen. Should our world be controlled by a unit of the mind and a digit in the computer screen?


Central Bankers have ruled over us now for 100+ years and our Central Bank called the Fed has been at the core of this rulership. It all started in 1910 at Jekyll Island, Georgia with a few criminal banksters and politicians meeting to form our Central Bank monstrosity.


These men (no women) met and schemed to form a system where Central Banks would evolve into the system we witness today. The goal is to rule the planet with their select Deep State cronies. Criminal men (no women) met and schemed and then created this monstrosity which we witness today.


These schemers meet in secret in New York, Washington, London, Basel, Davos, and other secluded venues to control the finance for our entire planet. Give me the control over the money system and I can RULE planet Earth. That is the mantra for these criminals.


Nothing will improve for the 7.5 billion citizens of this planet until we change our corrupt centralized banking system. Today, this system is a network of digits which these criminals can create from their thinking. Think and grow rich is the mantra for this 1% which rules over all of us.


The emerging Mark of the Beast financial system is now happening. Select banksters, digital money, and centralized venues will control the entire 7.5 billion on planet Earth. Is this a future for our children? I don’t think so! It is an emerging nightmare!


Listen to this video on the origin of our central bank operation. It all started on Jekyll Island in 1910 (some 107 years prior to today). Get yourself informed and then let’s work to change this corrupt system in 2018:,,,

I am:







Market Rigging Viewed as Proper Behavior by a Central Banker!

January 19, 2018

New York Fed official, Mr. Simon Potter, celebrates a century of market rigging! Read for understanding at BIS website:

Last month an official of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York celebrated a century of cooperation by central banks in secret interventions in the markets. His address was posted on the internet sites of the New York Fed and the Bank for International Settlements, but mainstream financial news organizations have yet to take note of it.

The official, Simon M. Potter, executive vice president of what the New York Fed calls its Markets Group, spoke December 20 at the bank’s “Commemoration of the Centennial of the Federal Reserve’s U.S. Dollar Account Services to the Global Official Sector”:

December 20, 2017
Simon Potter, Executive Vice President
Keynote Remarks for the Commemoration of the Centennial of the Federal Reserve’s U.S. Dollar Account Services to the Global Official Sector, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, New York City

Comment: Our world is run by a few criminals who operate behind closed doors and use money to secure their control over everyone. A discerning reader of the above speech can discern why secrecy and hidden operations rule over our planet and all our markets. It is part of global politics and YOU and I are not part of this secret/criminal system. We are the enslaved, however, by this criminal system with NO VOICE in matters that really matter!


Anti- Supernaturalism – no longer invalid!

January 18, 2018

The modern mind emerged back in the 1750’s and after. This period was called the Enlightenment period. Our elites during this period developed a mindset which rejected Supernaturalism as myth and invalid. The clergy were corrupt and out of touch with reality (was the conclusion of many). Experience and observation within our material/science realm was promoted as the only valid realm for study. The philosophy of John Locke, Hume, and Rousseau were some of the main philosophers who promoted this Enlightenment thinking for our education system.

But today, we live with money which is spiritual in nature. This brings the Supernatural back into vogue. Are you aware that our money (our cyber money) is now a spiritual item living within our extended consciousness? Digital money is created from our spiritual mind and it circulates as a unit of the Supernatural realm as it derives from our consciousness. My/your consciousness is part of this Supernatural realm.

Look out at nature and the material realm of reality. Notice the Sun, Moon, Stars, and all the objects on our planet (the trees, water bodies, houses, cars, planes). All these objects (in the sky above) and also all the objects here on our planet are material objects. But the units of money which we spend ($$$) and the value ($$$) are mere symbols derived from our inner self. Our inner self is spiritual and part of the Supernatural realm. Consciousness is part of this spiritual/supernatural realm.

Our elites who reject the Supernatural realm as myth and unimportant need to rethink their philosophy. The Supernatural is all around us as we shop, save, and spend within our cyber marketplace. All the crypto currencies are also spiritual images which circulate within our extended consciousness (cyberspace). Bitcoin is a spiritual concept. Ripple is a spiritual concept. We now live with thousands of digital/virtual images which we assume are material but which actually are spiritual items.

The Supernatural realm is everywhere today within finance and economics. Our dollar is a mental abstraction (spiritual) and part of our consciousness. All the fiat currencies are now digital and part of this virtual/spiritual realm. We live within our consciousness and this is part of the Supernatural realm. So being Anti-Supernatural is missing reality as we live it. We need to get in touch with our inner self to recognize this reality.

Wake-up to the Supernatural realm as you spend, invest, save, and value products in our marketplace. The Supernatural is all around us and within us. Words derive from this realm. Concepts derive from this realm. Visualizations derive from this realm. And our thinking derives from this realm. The Supernatural is all around us. Why the dysfunction within our education system?

Education dismisses this realm as they do not look within themselves. We do not look inward and reflect on our thinking, words, visualizations, images, and concepts. We assume that our brain is producing all our words and our concepts from material matter. This myth has deceived the elites who refuse to look within themselves. Today, however, all you need to do is reflect upon our monetary system. This system is now operating within the spiritual/supernatural realm. Think for yourself. I am:

Bitcoin is Non-Material (Spiritual)!

January 18, 2018

Today, I discussed the nature of Bitcoin with an economist friend at the clubhouse. He did not dispute my claim that Bitcoin and all the other Alt currencies are non-material and/or spiritual currencies. This unit (called Bitcoin) gets created via an algorithm and a mathematical code which derives from human consciousness.


All that derives from human consciousness is non-material/virtual and/or spiritual in nature. We now have over 1,000 Alt currencies floating around in cyberland and claiming to be viable currencies for trade and monetary exchange. In reality, however, these spiritual currencies can not work for international trade as stand alone currencies.


As of now, these crypto/cyber currencies get their real-time ‘value’ by bouncing off another official digital currency (like the dollar, yen, euro, etc.). Traders and investors bid on these crypto’s as if they are real commodities in space/time. But, in reality, these currencies (call them algo creations) are mere units of my consciousness (spiritual creations).


Cyberspace is another ‘name’ for my extended consciousness. My consciousness is non-material and/or spiritual in nature. Is yours similar? This makes all creations within cyberspace non-material items. We should not call Bitcoin a commodity as this implies that it exists in real space/time. It does not! Bitcoin should be viewed as a SPIRITUAL currency with no substance/matter. Think for yourself on this! I am:

China Prepares for WW III! The Message!

January 17, 2018

China has a military of some 2.1 million soldiers. These troops are located in some 4000 different venues within China. Xi Jinping is now preparing his military for the eventual war with America as only ONE Super Power can actually rule this planet. Any strongman knows that he must overcome his opposition and challenge anyone with a different perspective or worldview. Xi is a strongman for China and his opponent is the Donald (representing America). Watch the video!


America has a similar mindset as Xi as it also desires to rule our planet. America has been ruling this planet (mostly) since the end of WW II. America has some 800 military bases around the planet and our dollar is the reserve currency for most trade. So America can maintain control over the sea lanes, the land areas, the sky, the natural resources, and the core beliefs which are at the center of rulership (as of now). America also has control over the monetary payment system of this planet (as of now).


To rule this planet, I (or any strongman) must eliminate any challengers from being able to destroy one’s vision, goals, and plans. This is what strongmen do. The key strongmen on planet Earth as of today, are Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin. Trump represents the West, Xi represents the East, and Vladimir represents the North. There is no current strongman in the South. So we have basically three strongmen and their administrations who desire to rule planet Earth.


Kim of North Korea is not a real strongman IMO as he must bow to China for economic survival. Xi and Vladimir do not need to bow to any external power. These strongmen can survive with the control systems which they currently have. So what is now emerging on the world scene. I would suggest that WW III is emerging fast. Who will rule this planet is the bigger issue. America has ruled for some 72 years (say since 1945) and America will not relinquish control without another taking that control from America.


The issue of whose worldview will prevail over the planet and the 7.5 billion people is the issue for our strongmen and their administrations. America is now the Great Satan from the viewpoint of many on this planet. Israel is viewed as the Little Satan. The spirit of Satan rules (invisibly) over all these strongmen but none recognizes this reality. From the viewpoint of these human strongmen, they (their mindset) must rule and they must overcome their challengers.


Today, the process for control over planet Earth is this philosophy called Might makes Right. Whoever has the most MIGHT can usually rule over the challengers. But the problem which has emerged recently is this technology called the Nuclear Bomb. A country with sufficient Nuclear Might acquires an IMAGE of power that never was present in the past. There are currently eight countries with the ability to launch and direct a nuclear bomb upon a challenger.


There are eight sovereign states that have successfully detonated nuclear weapons.[1] Five are considered to be nuclear-weapon States (NWS) under the terms of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). In order of acquisition of nuclear weapons these are: the United StatesRussia (the successor state to the Soviet Union), the United KingdomFrance, and China.

Since the NPT entered into force in 1970, three states that were not parties to the Treaty have conducted nuclear tests, namely IndiaPakistan, and North Korea. North Korea had been a party to the NPT but withdrew in 2003.

Israel is also generally understood to have nuclear weapons,[2][3][4][5][6] but does not acknowledge it (Israel maintains a policy of deliberate ambiguity), and is not known definitively to have conducted a nuclear test.[7]Israel is estimated to possess somewhere between 75 and 400 nuclear warheads.


The above reveals that the three core Nations (West, East, and North) which view each other with enmity, suspicion, and distrust are America, China, and Russia. Also, these three have unique worldviews which none will relinquish (so it seems). America desires democracy for the planet. Russia desires regional power blocks for the planet, and China desires global Socialism/Communism for the planet. All these core beliefs are mutually exclusive when it comes to rulership and control over the planet.


WW III is just around the corner IMO as Human Nature has not changed in the last 6,000 years. I expect that a nuclear device will be launched within the next few months to a year. Only Providence knows the exact date. Who will initiate the launch is impossible to predict as of today. As I write it looks like America could start WW III over the issues in North Korea. But all this is impossible to predict with assurance.


The issues underlying the coming war, however, are crucial as the global economy is deteriorating fast and survival demands that a strongman must emerge to decide which direction the world must take. Economics and money rule over planet Earth at the human level. As of today, America has the upper hand. But this could change in a moments time. Get ready for WAR in the near future. I see no way out of this mess! Watch the above video and then think for yourself! I am: http:/

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