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Events Must Get Worse Before Change Happens!

May 11, 2018


I just finished talking to a Swedish economist/sociologist and his message was that change is nearly impossible today due to a public apathy for learning and for critical thinking. His view is that most voters refuse to think critically about our problems and the needed changes as they are satisfied with the status quo. He also thinks that those in power positions (with money) do not desire any change which would rock their boat. Is this thinker reflecting reality?

I tend to agree with this Swedish thinker. I witness a similar situation here in the USA. Most people turn off any ideas which seem logical but which are radical…in that implementation would require change in their status quo. Change is absolutely needed in our world of economics and politics today, yet few seem interested in thinking about real alternatives. Today we live in a world of abundance (for most) and scarcity is a diminishing reality. Money was invented because of this concept called ‘scarcity’.

Our new technologies are now allowing us to produce more food, clothing, shelter, and transportation for the entire world society and this situation could grow exponentially if money were eliminated from our planet. Money is technically not needed in a world of abundance. We could eliminate this idea (money) from our planet if we would think creatively and realistically. The original purpose for money was to deal with a scarce set of resources. Production was done via intense labor as robots and computers were not available.

Today, our manufacturing and production is mostly automatic…with robots, 3-D printing, digitization, and artificial intelligence replacing all the hard labor of the past. We are now living in a new world where abundance can be achieved for everyone. This means that we need new thinking and a new model for this world of abundance. The old model of money and valuation is no longer needed. Money (and this concept called ‘value’) is now a curse upon society and it favors the few at the expense of the many.

Those in control of our system perpetuate this money economy to favor the few…and those in power. What my Swedish friend understands is that all this is now unnecessary if people would think and adopt a new model for the digital/computer age which we now experience. Eliminating money, banks, investments, and value (over a short time horizon) could be possible in this age of mass communication (our global internet). The young would buy into this new model with a vengeance if they were educated on the issues.

The future is now. Those who desire to help us develop a new model for the future need to read my blog and help to promote this blog. Kingdom Economics is a blog for now and future moments of now. The young need to get educated on issues of economics and philosophy so they can help promote a new model for our planet. Pass this missive on to those in the 15 to 30 age group. This group has a future if they adopt a new model for economics. Money is basically a curse upon humanity today as it favors the 1% and not the many. In fact, this concept called ‘money’ (as administered today) is a fantasy merely for the elite power brokers and select proxies so they can enslave the many.

Unlimited production of basic needs and basic wants is possible given all our new technologies. We could close down all the money institutions (over a couple of years time span) and then decentralize production, distribution, and consumption of all our economic goods. All natural resources could be shared. Each decentralized community could administer their own economic system for their constituencies. Volunteers could act as administrators. Power centers could be eliminated completely. It’s all possible if the young get educated on the issues. Jobs would be plentiful for all!

Pass this missive around to those in the age bracket of 15 – 30. Ask them to think about a new model for our planet. Ask them to challenge the status quo in their immediate political area. Yes, we need to challenge the status quo with these new ideas. Change is always difficult as people must change their thinking. A change in thinking requires humility and persistence. There is no need for violence. Change can be accomplished with mere words and better ideas. Ideas change behavior. Ideas are the key to change!

Isn’t it time to start thinking about a NEW ECONOMIC MODEL for this planet? Isn’t freedom important? Isn’t reality better than fantasy and fakery (our current system)? Today, we live with fake money, fake news, fake power centers, fake leaders, and fake thinking. Let’s start thinking as individuals and then challenge the status quo with concepts of reality. Start reading and thinking on your own. Challenge the status quo thinkers in politics, the media, education, and religion. Think independently and autonomously. Pass this missive on! Enjoy! I am:

Six Days UP for Dow! What’s Next?

May 10, 2018


Today’s digital markets allow our Central Banks or select proxies to continue pumping up stocks via trading strategies. This is giving everyone a feeling of continuing confidence. The Dow is now UP for six consecutive days. It may be seven after tomorrow. Jobless claims are now at 211,000 and people looking for jobs is nearly 7 million. Unemployment is at 3.9% and corporations are continuing to show revenue increases. The markets are showing that all is ideal and few seem to think that a downturn is coming.


Economists at Goldman Sachs are thinking that there will be no recession for 2018 and all of 2019. Some are saying 2020 -21 or after before a recession might develop. The BULL market appears to have legs which few have been anticipating. I, personally, have not felt that all is well with our markets. But I also recognize that we have very unique markets now that our Central Banks and select proxies can trade these markets with unlimited trading digits. All the negatives are being covered up for the time being. But for how long?


When I look at this website:, I see many problems which are emerging. The primary problem is our growing deficits and debt. But our GNP is now over $20 trillion and our interest rates are not excessive (as yet). All the underlying problems are being ignored for now and few seem to think that a recession or worse is on the agenda for the next couple of years. My sense is that all this confidence and positive spin could change in a moments notice.


When everyone assumes that all is well then I worry that a real change is about to occur.  We could witness a reversal of all this confidence and positive spin if one key factor emerges. If the real estate industry peaks in 2018 and if affordability problems continue to develop, then we could witness a serious crash in our real estate markets by the end of 2018. This factor would likely change all the confidence and positive spin in a moments notice. My sense is that this reality is rapidly emerging as I write.


Affordability is not favorable to a growing populace of buyers. Rents continue to go up and up. House prices are continuing upward in most major cities. All this could develop into a serious concern by the end of 2018. I, personally, don’t think this boom in our stock markets will continue much longer. Later in 2018, we will witness some of these dark forces emerging. It’s all math and history. Timing is impossible to predict, however. My personal sense is that real estate will be the canary in the coal mine.


Watch the 10 year treasury rate. It is now at 3.0%. This rate sets the general rate for a 30 year mortgage loan. If mortgage rates get to 5%, then an affordability crunch could develop. Currently, mortgage rates are going up, rents are going up, and house prices are going up. This mix can not continue. At some point affordability will put a halt to buying and the markets will start a deflationary trend. Here is what many are now saying:


With mortgage rates increasing, home loan borrowers could end up paying as much as 15% more by the end of this year. That’s according to Arch Mortgage Insurance Company, the mortgage insurance provider, which warned last month that U.S. housing became less affordable during the first three months of the year and that it will only get worse as the months go on.

According to Arch Mortgage Insurance, during the first quarter, U.S. home affordability worsened by 5%. What’s more, monthly mortgage payments could increase an additional 10% to 15% by the end of 2018. If that were to happen, Arch Mortgage Insurance noted that it would be the worst annual decline in home affordability during the past 25 years.


Real Estate could be the canary in the coal mine for our general economy and this could emerge by the end of 2018. Watch interest rates and affordability. Enjoy for now! I am:






American Money Is Technically Silver/Gold! Why?

May 9, 2018

America chose a monetary system back in 1792 and this system still represents our constitutional money system. The Coinage Act of 1792 established our money and our constitution codified the decision of our Congress. Article I, Section 8 & 10 is still official when it comes to our money and this concept called value. America has not officially approved a digital money system…which is now being foisted upon our markets by our Central Bank (the Fed).


Money, for Americans has always been a physical item from nature. Our founding fathers chose silver and gold as the best proxies for this concept called value. Value was to be expressed in terms of the defined grains of silver and gold in a minted coin. This was America’s monetary system until Franklin D. Roosevelt eliminated this constitutional money from our markets. Later, Richard M. Nixon eliminated gold from all international money transactions. This was the Nixon shock of 1971.


After 1971, Kissinger negotiated a petro-dollar with Saudi Arabia and this became accepted for international trade. Today, we have a digital dollar which gets created from the mind of commercial bankers and central bankers. It’s a ‘no thing’ dollar and it technically does not exist as a physical thing. This digital dollar circulates in cyberspace and this makes it a virtual/cyber dollar. It is nothing (no thing) and derives from nothing (human consciousness).


Today, my coffee group (a few seniors here in Arizona) discussed these changes in our money and we concluded that our money today is essentially living in the spiritual realm. Cyberspace and the cloud are concepts derived from a bankers consciousness. This makes cyber money and/or digital money equivalent to spiritual money. Money derived from human consciousness is what we live with today. Consciousness is spiritual and this makes our money spiritual.


What does this mean for our markets going forward? It essentially means that we now live in the spiritual realm (our consciousness) for all monetary transactions. I think up a purchase and then I pay for this purchase with units of my consciousness (this is the same as spiritual money). I swipe a card or use my smart phone to send cyber frequencies to my bank computer so that my purchase gets recorded. It’s all spiritual and/or part of my mental realm.


We need to recognize that our entire global monetary system is now living within this spiritual (cyber) realm of reality. Cyberspace is not physical or observable. Cyber money is not physical or observable. Mere frequencies send digits from my computer (smart phone or chip card) to my bank’s computer system. Numbers get exchanged and all this happens within cyberspace/the cloud. We now live within ourselves (our mental self). Money and monetary transactions are now accomplished within our consciousness.


Look all around yourself (now). Where is money? Where is a digital dollar? Where is your financial account? Is it in cyberspace (your computer or the bank computer)? I think so! We now live with money which is spiritual/metaphysical and which lives within our inner self. What does this mean going forward? I think it means that the spiritual realm of reality is key to our future. Physical money is over. We now live mostly in a cashless society. Look at your computer screen and then think cyber money.


The world has changed and we now live within a virtual environment when it comes to finance, money, and economics. Values are established by thinking. Crypto-currencies are now in vogue. Digital currencies are now in vogue. Smart phones are ubiquitous. We live within cyberspace and the spiritual cloud which emerges from our connection of computers into a network of computers. It’s all spiritual and few comprehend. Start thinking for yourself to discover these realities. It’s the key to our future. Enjoy! I am:

Peace Through Strength – an Illusion!

May 8, 2018

Politicians think that peace through strength is the best option for stability and happiness. This, to me, is a total illusion and history reveals that this is an illusion. For some 6,000 years political leaders have assumed that their might will prevail indefinitely. In reality, peace via military might lasts only a short period and then another opponent uses the same mindset to remove the prior. It’s a win/lose mindset!


The illusion of peace via strength seems viable as it works for a short time period. Human nature lives in the now and if a political leader can achieve temporary peace then he/she continues to rule. In reality, however, this mindset leads to more war and destruction. Peace through strength is a win/lose strategy. It works short-term until an opponent gets up the strength to counter this prior achievement. America is now using a philosophy which will LOSE big-time. We need a win/win philosophy for today’s world.


America is a nation which has used this mindset of peace through strength for some 80 years. It has worked to a degree but not totally. In today’s real-time world (a now world) this mindset may not work for more than a few weeks or months. Opponents will emerge to challenge this move of America. The Trump mindset is a losing mindset and it will be proven to be a loser as Russia and China and Iran challenge this move of hegemony. Then what happens?


What happens is more war and destruction and usually the prior winner via this peace through strength mindset will lose in the next round. The mindset of our administration is a win/lose mindset and this type of thinking can not work longer term. War is now assured in the Middle East and America will eventually be a HUGE loser. The only strategy which works long-term is a win/win strategy. Win/win is positive whereas win/lose is negative.


Reality is based on human nature. Human nature demands freedom from any type of enslavement. America’s policies enslave their opponents. This mindset is a loser and it will be proven a loser in the next few years (or sooner). Might does not make Right. Peace does not emerge (long-term) from military might. There is only one solution to this mess. We must return rulership over this planet to our Creator source. All other alternatives are losers. That is my view. Think for yourself. I am:

The Riddle of Low Inflation – Solved!

May 7, 2018

Currently the Euro-zone has an inflation rate of only 1.3%. This is after some $2.9 trillion of QE stimulus since 2015. Low inflation all over the planet is a riddle to many economists. But what are they missing in their thinking? My sense is that the issue is the IT robotic industry which is replacing people and increasing production everywhere. Our Central Banks have stimulated the money supply for years and yet inflation is low or very low. Let’s explore why this riddle is confusing to discern.


Cow-milking robots now help to do more with less is the title of an article I just read. This article in the Wall Street Journal, May 7, is typical of what is happening everywhere. Robots can now milk a cow, clean the teats, feed the cow, and cool the milk which emerges (all this happens automatically). Production of milk takes less labor and the quality and quantity increases. This reduces consumer purchasing power and simultaneously increases production (the supply of goods). The robot industry is growing exponentially in all areas of commerce. This means that abundance of goods is prevalent and inflation is minimal to none.


Now that our Central Banks are starting to restrict the supply of money digits within the global economy, via higher interest rates and less QE, we could witness even less inflation going forward. Inflation is a result of increasing the money supply relative to the goods supply. Today, the goods supply (globally) is growing continually and overcoming the tremendous stimulus which has resulted from our Central Bank monetary policies. This means less inflation in the overall markets as goods supply grows globally. A primary catalyst for this growth is the robotic industry.


Personally, I have noticed this phenomena in my area of the planet. Tucson and all of Arizona have a growing supply of goods everywhere. Stores are full of inventory. Prices may increase on some goods but the alternative items available…which I can purchase allow me to obtain a basket of goods for less each year. Exceptions are items like energy (gas and oil) where robots are less of an issue. The robotic industry is growing exponentially (globally) and this allows for increased production with less labor.


Less labor means less purchasing power as wages do not need to be paid to all these robots. Europe has had less that 2% wage growth these past 9 years. Yet their supply of goods has grown substantially relative to actual needs (demand). America has also had minimal wage growth and this means that purchasing power (overall) is not pushing up general inflation much. We may have 2% inflation now (excluding food and energy) but this is unlikely to grow given the current policies of our Central Bank. I sense that a deflationary trend is starting to emerge.


The big change these past 10 years has been the growth of IT capex – replacing humans with machines. The dairy industry is just one example of how robots can increase the production of milk products with less and less labor. This trend is happening in all our industries. Abundance of goods is the result of more production via robots. Scarcity is disappearing at the present time. Abundance is growing and this may continue if the economy does not crash completely. We live in interesting times. Inflation is mostly over for now. Low inflation may continue if the economy does not falter.


The danger is now deflation as purchasing power diminishes relative to goods supply. Robots have helped to give us abundance and this is good for the general economy. Deflation, however, is dire for our Central Banks and the debt economy. Debts can not be paid back if inflation does not continue. At some point the crunch will assert itself and general deflation could force Central Banks to change their QE policies. At the moment, however, we may continue with abundance and no meaningful inflation (for most Western nations).


Exceptions to low inflation are countries which are collapsing economically. The prime example is Venezuela. This nation is growing their money supply (digits) much greater than their goods supply. So huge inflation results and people starve. We could also say that the real estate industry and our stock markets have also experienced huge inflationary increases. But if we ignore these exceptions (where robots are not the issue), then we can attribute the current low inflation (overall) mostly to our IT robotic industry and the huge growth in goods supply. Give this some consideration as it may explain this riddle of low inflation in the general economy. I am:

Karl Marx (200 year birthday) Gets World’s Attention!

May 5, 2018

China gives statute of Marx to Trier, Germany (birthplace of Karl Marx)!


The 200 year birthday of economist, Karl Marx, is May 5, 2018. This economist is probably the most noted economist who criticised Capitalism and the consequences which Capitalism brings. Karl is now the in-vogue economist for the New World Order crowd and the current United Nations program called Agenda 2030. His critique of Capitalism left him with the view that only Communism can survive long-term as it gives our markets and the people real freedom. Did he have it right?



What were the core ideas of Karl Marx? The primary idea was this concept called ‘private property’. Karl desired that all private property be returned to the State and the State would then administer all commerce for the planet. This concept called the State (the Global State) would act in the interests of the public and the workers could then be free to receive according to what they needed and give according to their abilities. Karl envisioned a central bank, a central government, and a central warehouse for all economic goods.



The State would then distribute all goods to the people based upon their needs. The people would give according to their abilities so that the economic warehouse was abundant for everyone. The philosophy of Karl has been tried in China and Russia and various other venues (like Cuba and Plymouth Rock) and so far this concept (also called advanced Socialism) does not seem to work. What is the problem? The core problem is human nature. Human nature does not like a State (a few elites) controlling all production, innovation, and distribution.



With a State controlling all economic production, all the resources, and then the distribution of these resources, it leaves no room for market freedom or for the creativity of the individual.  Yet, the philosophy of Marx says that Communism will eventually replace Capitalism and the State will become all-powerful. Our elites call this Agenda 2030. What I witness today is a growing body of believers in this mindset of Karl Marx, even though history shows that this philosophy does not work. Read what Xi Jinping says about Karl Marx below:



Driven by leader Xi Jinping, China is going all out to celebrate Marx’s 200th birthday on May 5 like no one else—and has even gifted a huge bronze statue of the German political theorist to his hometown, to be unveiled tomorrow. Last week, Xi ordered his colleagues to study Marx’s 1848 Communist Manifesto, written with German philosopher Friedrich Engels. Earlier this week, he paid a visit to the prestigious Peking University—which will hold a forum for Marxism researchers worldwidetomorrow—and thanked it for its role in promoting the left-wing theory. The state broadcaster has been carrying a five-part education show titled “Marx is Right.” And state papers have run dozens of articles remembering the German philosopher who predicted that workers’ struggle would lead to a classless society, with one saying (link in Chinese), “Let’s go back to Marx, and be people with ideals.”

On Friday (May 4), Xi delivered a big speech (link in Chinese) reviewing the revolutionary figure’s life, and hailed him as “the greatest thinker in human history.” Speaking in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, the Chinese president vowed that Marxism will always be the guiding theory of China and the Communist Party. It’s a “powerful ideological weapon for us to understand the world, grasp the law, seek the truth, and change the world,” he said.




Comments:  The world system is heading for Communism and the philosophy of Karl Marx is now the in-vogue philosophy. America must follow the lead of China, India, Europe, Asia, and all the other countries which have adopted this program called Agenda 2030. You can read all about Agenda 2030 at the U.N. Website. It became official on January 1, 2016. The program was adopted by all 93 nations which are members of the U.N. America, under Barack Obama, agreed to follow this Agenda going forward (mostly). But who is aware that the philosophy of Agenda 2030 leads to global communism. A Global STATE which rules the planet and all our commerce.



Personally, I am not in favor of Global Communism. Human nature is corrupt at the core (we witness this daily in all realms of politics) and with a few elites running the planet we can be assured that the overall system will get corrupted (absolutely). The end result of this will be enslavement for the many and favoritism for the elites. A central warehouse of resources, controlled and distributed by the Global State, will eventually lead to scarcity and then to death and destruction. Check out what has already happened from prior attempts to install this philosophy in Russia, China, and Cuba.



A better alternative is KINGDOM ECONOMICS. Kingdom Economics promotes a decentralized system and full equality for each person. The State is eliminated and the INDIVIDUAL is promoted as a sovereign/unique person. Self Government is the system under Kingdom Economics. One planet under our Creator is the better alternative. We could also call this the Government of our Creator. Take some time to think about what is now emerging globally. Are we heading for personal freedom or are we heading for enslavement? How can a Super Global State, governed by a few select elites, govern the entire 7.5 billion citizens? It’s ludicrous and unworkable.



Centralization is the model under economist Karl Marx and his followers. Decentralization is the model under Kingdom Economics. Enslavement is the model under the Karl Marx philosophy. Freedom is the model under Kingdom Economics. Current trends are leading us towards the Karl Marx model. This, to me, is unfortunate. History has already demonstrated that this model does not work for the many. It is a model for the elites and their favored few. Kingdom Economics is a model for the many. Think for yourself on these issues. I am:


John, Chapter 17, A Clear Message to Believers on Planet Earth!

May 3, 2018

Did Yeshua (also called Jesus) view himself as God Almighty (the Father)? Anyone who reads the Gospel of John, chapter 17, can discern that Yeshua (Jesus) did not view himself as God. This mantra that Jesus is God is a claim of Evangelical Christianity and it is clearly a false message (without any foundation in reality). Think for yourself as you read the words below. Then go and read the words in scripture to exegete the words so that a clear message is discerned. Try it!


John 17 is the seventeenth chapter of the Gospel of John in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. It portrays a prayer of Jesus Christ (also called Yeshua in Aramaic) addressed to His Father (Yahweh), placed in context immediately before His betrayal and crucifixion (31 A.D.), the events which the gospel often refers to as His glorification.[1] The book containing this chapter is anonymous (the writer is unknown to bible scholars), but early Christian tradition uniformly affirmed that John (the Apostle) composed this Gospel.[2]


Jesus refers to His Father (Yahweh) six times in this chapter, calling God “Father” (Greekπατηρpater), “Holy Father” (Greekπατηρ ἅγιεpater hagie, John 17:11) and “Righteous Father” (Greekπατηρ δικαιεpater dikaie, John 17:25). The God of Yeshua was called Yahweh in Hebrew. Jesus (Yeshua) was a Jewish rabbi who prayed and worshiped his heavenly Father (Yahweh). The Jewish Temple was where Yeshua was ‘named’ (4 B.C.) and then dedicated to Yahweh by his parents. The Greek words above are the only occurrences in the New Testament of the vocative forms αγιε and δικαιε, used in direct address to God (YHWH).[3]


While I was with them in the world (says Yeshua), I kept them (his born again believers) in Your name (the name of Yahweh). Those whom You (YHWH) gave Me I have kept; and none of them is lost except the son of perdition (Judas), that the Scripture might be fulfilled.[4]


The above verse clearly reveals that Yeshua was/is a messenger of Yahweh (God Almighty) while on this planet (4 B.C. to 31 A.D.). The God of Yeshua was Yahweh (this God who spoke (inwardly) to Moses and all the Prophets). The God of history, the Torah, and our current God (now on the spiritual Throne) is Yahweh (Father) and John 17 reveals this clearly IMO. Revelation, chapter 4 and 5, also reveals the nature of Yahweh who sits as a singularity (one person, not three) on the Throne over our universe and our planet.


Those who cling to this Trinity concept need to get back into scripture to discern that God Almighty is not a Trinity (three persons with supposedly a single will). This Trinity concept is word deception coming from false spiritual messengers IMO. Thomas Jefferson, America’s primary founding father,  and many others (like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, and John Adams) discerned this reality as they read and digested the words in scripture. You can discern this reality also if you read and digest John 17 fully. Think on words like the following (supposedly spoken by Yeshua while on this planet):


Yeshua (Jesus) ‘lifted up’ his eyes to heaven and said, “Father, the hour has come; glorify me, that I may be glorified in thee. Comment: clear words referring to a Source other than Yeshua.


And this is eternal life, that believers know thee (the Father), the only true God, and also Yeshua (Jesus) whom thou hast ‘sent’. Comment: clear words that Yeshua was a messenger and not the Father (God Almighty on the Throne).


Everything that thou (YHWH) gavest me is from thee; for I have given them (your chosen followers) the ‘words’ which thou gavest me. Comment: clear words of two persons (one on planet Earth and the other in the spiritual realm).


I do not pray that thou (YHWH) shouldst take them (your chosen believers) out of the world, but that thou shouldst keep them (your chosen followers) from the evil one (Satan). They (those chosen and born-again) are not of the world, even as I am not of the world (this current world system which is under the rulership of man). Comment: clear words that this ‘rapture’ concept of Evangelical Christianity is a false/deceptive concept. All believers remain on our planet (no escape) even as they may experience an ‘out-of-body’ experience to discern Yahweh on the Throne.


The deceptions of Evangelical Christianity are many, but the above words from scripture reveal (assuming that they are inspired words from the Father) that Yeshua was/is NOT God and that this Trinity concept is false (a pure deception of select theologians). Another concept which is false IMO is this bodily escape into the heavens called The Rapture (now preached by numerous false prophets everywhere). Our Creator God does not suspend the Law of Gravity so that a few select sinners can escape the trials soon coming to this planet. This makes no sense to me.


The coming period called Jacob’s Trouble (or the Tribulation) is meant so that believers will change their thinking and promote the Kingdom of the Father. The Kingdom of Man is closing down. Man’s rulership is soon over. The new KING is the Father (Yahweh) who rules from his spiritual realm (this inner realm within each person who has been born- again). Our consciousness lives in this spiritual realm. Read the above words from scripture to discern reality. Also read Revelation, 4 and 5, to discern who sits on the Throne. Think for yourself and ignore false tradition! Pass this missive on to other believers. I am:


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