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Seek ‘Truth’ but recognize ‘Relativity’!

March 5, 2017

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‘Truth’ is another word for ‘Reality’. What is TRUTH is our message for today? What happens in real-time is that I experience a version of ‘reality’ or ‘truth’ when I live my life in the NOW. But is absolute ‘truth’ (reality) a thing which can be defined or lived by human beings as an unchanging event? I would suggest, NO. I can not live ‘absolute’ truth (reality) and I can not ‘interpret’ truth in any absolute manner (within real-time). This means that I live my life continually within a world of relativity/uncertainty/subjectivity. Is this what you experience?

Human beings are subjective persons at the core IMO (who can ‘seek’ reality/truth but who actually ‘live’ a point-of-view…a relative result). As of today, we have some 7.5 billion human beings on planet Earth. Can anyone (within this 7.5 billion group of individuals) interpret and then enunciate reality/truth ‘absolutely’ for themselves or for another person (within our real-time daily environment)? I (personally) don’t think so! Human beings interpret and enunciate a subjective ‘point-of-view’ always. This point-of-view is thus less than ‘absolute’!

I witness this subjective point-of-view whenever I talk or listen to another human being in real-time. The most knowledgeable person on our planet (I maintain) is unable to interpret/enunciate/live a continuing ‘absolute’ point-of-view. Truth is always an interpretation (assumption) and a perception. I seek ‘truth’ as my goal but I live my life (in the NOW) with less than whole truth. This means that I live with ‘relativity’ (to some degree) always. Is this similar for everyone on our planet? What do you think?

Today, I listened to a Christian pastor who stands behind a pulpit and claims that his ‘interpretations’ of holy scripture are God’s truth. This deceived pastor has not looked in the mirror or seriously reflected on his own imperfections…it would seem. He reads some ‘words’ in the Bible (say Ephesians chapter 4) and then he asserts that his ‘interpretation’ of the words is absolute and the WORD OF GOD  (for everyone). What a deception (IMO) and yet the whole group-think membership (attendees in the pews) fall for this deception daily/weekly/monthly/yearly. Why?

These parishioners (attendees) are all assuming (falsely IMO) that a pastor of a Christian denomination can read select words within a book (called the Bible) and then assert that his words ‘interpretations’ (assumptions) are directly equal to that of the Creator of our Universe (God). All the group-think parishioners (attendees) seem unaware that this pastor (a charismatic in his presentation) assumes that he can PLAY God Almighty with his pulpit enunciations/interpretations of holy scripture. Another pastor would likely provide a different ‘interpretation’ (set of assumptions) on this same scripture. This continues every day/week/month. No-one seems to discern the deceptions!

What I witness continually with all these religious people and their strongmen leaders is a GROSS deception of real-time reality as we live it. The hundreds and thousands of attending parishioners are actually being enslaved to select religious doctrines and Pastor deceptions…but they are unaware of their continuing deceptions (it seems). I would call this religious situation a type of mental ‘enslavement’ to ‘assumed’ doctrinal truths which (in reality) are NOT real TRUTH (capital ‘T’). What I witness is mental enslavement to words and concepts (which should be viewed as ‘subjective’ units of consciousness/interpretations…NOT real/absolute ‘TRUTH’).

Our entire planet (IMO) is mostly enslaved to many false ‘truths’ which our leaders (religious leaders, scientific leaders, economic leaders, political leaders, etc.) ‘interpret’ (assume) and then ‘enunciate’ via their subjective minds. A real challenge to all these deceived leaders would reveal that their so-called ‘Truth’ is nothing more than their subjective opinion (their point-of-view). I especially, chastise all the religious leaders (pastors, imams, rabbi’s, teachers, etc.) who continually deceive and misrepresent reality for their group-think religious followers. They should LOOK in the mirror of real-time experience to discern their deceptions!

Most people do not like to ‘think’ as independent persons (outside the box as singularities). Human nature (it seems) is fearful of reality/uncertainty/relativity. This creates a group-think mentality in most venues. Human beings desire ‘unity and agreement’ and the ‘assumption’ that reality is fixed and absolute (unchanging). They desire to assume that ‘Strongman’ (pastors, imams, rabbi’s, or scientists) who present their interpretations of reality with conviction and assumed certainty KNOW what they are talking about. This ‘assumption’, however, is totally misplaced IMO. Socrates revealed this reality way back in 399 B.C.

As I witness various venues where leaders talk and present their doctrines, I witness much uncertainty and many subjective interpretations of reality. Each strongman presenter, however, likes to ‘assume’ that THEIR view is the correct view and the ‘other’ is deceived. But is this a valid perception? I would suggest, NO. What I witness from each expert/speaker/interpreter is a subjective/uncertain point-of-view. None is able to ‘interpret’ or ‘enunciate’ any ABSOLUTE truth/reality for everyone! What does this imply for our planet (for each of us)?

What this implies is that ALL reality is relative on the grand scale and the micro scale. Within every moment of NOW, each person can only present THEIR subjective point-of-view. This point-of-view is uncertain/relative and less than absolute! There is NO absolute TRUTH being presented on planet Earth IMO. Absolute TRUTH is beyond the ken of any/every human being. Quoting and interpreting Holy Scripture (whether the Jewish, Christian, or Islamic scripture) results in merely a person’s selective/subjective POINT-OF-VIEW! Final TRUTH escapes us ALL! Change is continual and forever!

TRUTH is beyond the ken of any human being on planet Earth and it is now time for everyone to recognize that our charismatic STRONGMEN…pastors, scientists, political leaders, educators, etc., are MERELY presenting their subjective POINT-OF-VIEW in their real-time presentations. Reality is a NOW experience and within each moment of NOW ‘reality’ is subjective and less that certain/absolute. This is the marketplace of reality on this planet IMO. TRUTH (capital ‘T’) is progressive and beyond the ken of any STRONGMAN leader or any individual person! Deception, however, is a strong and potent elixir! Our strongman leaders feed on all this human frailty and desire for some FINAL truth!

The reality that I witness daily is a reality of ‘relativity’ and ‘uncertainty’ everywhere. The 7.5 billion human beings on planet Earth reveal themselves as subjective human beings at the core. Reality is an ‘interpretation’ (assumption) and this ‘interpretation’ (assumption) is always a NOW ‘interpretation’ (assumption). My message is that reality is SUBJECTIVE and RELATIVE. Experiences in the NOW reveal this reality to any ‘thinking’ person (IMO). I have my subjective point-of-view and you have your subjective point-of-view. All is uncertain to a degree! Give this philosophy some reflection at your leisure! Enjoy! I am:

Some additional images to consider:

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Image result for scriptural truth is an interpretation of truth

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Image result for scriptural truth is an interpretation of truth, which pastors speak the truth

Image result for scriptural truth is an interpretation of truth, which pastors speak the truth

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Image result for churches which tell only the truth

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The END of man’s concepts of TRUTH could be emerging fast. Our global internet is revealing the subjectivity of reality and truth. Who can interpret and/or enunciate absolute TRUTH? Is there ONE individual on planet Earth who can? OR do we each have a subjective POINT-OF-VIEW? The ‘truth’ is that there is ‘no absolute truth’!!!


Cyberspace – a ‘shadow’ (not a reality)!

March 2, 2017

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What is ‘cyberspace’? Few seem to comprehend that ‘cyberspace’ is not real in the traditional sense. Cyberspace is essentially a ‘result’ of connecting computers and their servers into a network. Cyberspace happens as a ‘result’ of this event…the concept does NOT describe anything which exists within our observable universe of objects (such as trees, houses, sun, moon). Few seem to comprehend the ‘nature’ of cyberspace and our cyber monetary system. Let’s explore this mysterious ‘inner’ concept!

What we now live with globally is a communication system which connects some 7 billion smart phones via various electromagnetic frequencies…which then transfer ‘words’ and ‘images’ from sender to receiver. The global internet system has allowed this inter-connectivity to occur for all of us. Text and images can be sent and received from any of the 7 billion smart phone owners on our planet. All this happens in real-time and at near the speed of light. Photons and our fiber optic system of underwater cables plus our above ground satellites allow this inter-connectivity to occur.

Since the early 1980’s our monetary units (dollars, euros, pounds, etc.) have been transitioning from observable space into this netherworld called ‘cyberspace’. Today, nearly all our monetary units are living within ‘cyberspace’ (as digits attached to photons of light). Ones and zeros and the logic of bits/bytes has created a new cyber bookkeeping system for nearly everyone who has a computer or smart phone. It started with our Central banks in the 1980’s and has progressed down to each person. Anyone with their own smart phone computer and/or home computer now lives (to some degree) within cyberspace.

The latest estimate is that some 7 billion smart phones exist and are used on planet earth daily. Some people own more than one phone. This result creates nearly one phone per individual on our planet (we have some 7.5 billion individuals on our planet). This new communication network (now global) has changed our entire global society from ‘snail’ mail communication to speed of light communication. We call today’s communication system a ‘real-time’ system as I can call/contact/write/transact in milliseconds with nearly anyone on the planet (instantaneously).

The biggest change for people in economics, money, investing, and banking is our new ‘digital’ currencies (now created via our banking lending operations and our Central bank QE operations). Essentially, our monetary unit is now a ‘cyber’ unit which lives within cyberspace and which we witness within our computer screens as an imaginary ‘number’. Our money is now an ‘extension’ of my/your consciousness (mind)…a concept that is difficult to grasp. I can now transfer my cyber money ‘digits’ from my computer/smart phone to nearly any commercial bank on our planet (for deposit or for a payment). It’s all done electronically and the units (called legal tender money) get accepted by almost everyone. Our digital system is now worldwide.

In reality, however, a cyber ‘digit’ ($1) is not the same as a paper ($1) note (our historical money item). A cyber ‘digit’ lives within ‘cyberspace’ whereas a paper note lives within ‘observable’ space. I witness a cyber ‘digit’ within my computer screen (cyberspace) and I witness a paper note with my eyes as an observable object in space/time. The difference is huge. Cyberspace is essentially a result of interconnected computers and their servers (cyberspace ‘results’ from these interconnections) whereas observable space is where real physical objects live. Real physical objects could be classified as objects which I ‘see’ with my eyes and which are ‘outside’ my consciousness (mind).

Cyberspace (this result) is thus a ‘shadow’ of observable reality (very different and ‘inner’). It is artificial and virtual (experienced within our consciousness). I experience cyberspace with my mind or consciousness but I can not ACCESS the text/images/appearances within this space. I am now writing this missive within ‘cyberspace’. The missive words appear in my computer screen as text images as I type. These text images, however, are not living within my observable reality…but they actually live within my ‘extended’ consciousness (mind). So what is ‘cyberspace’ in reality? Think of cyberspace as part of one’s ‘extended’ mind or consciousness!

Cyberspace is an ‘artificial’ space that does not technically EXIST within our observable universe of physical objects. I can not access the word images which I am now writing. I can not access the money units which live within my various cyber computer accounts. I am technically a ‘slave’ to the actions of bankers, traders, and policy-makers who manipulate, stimulate, destroy, and create these cyber digits and prices in which I am invested. Today, the ‘price’ of silver declined some $0.75/ounce in a few seconds (a huge decline). Reportedly, some 23,000 imaginary futures contracts were ‘puked’ into the cyber market (all at once)…immediately after the close of the European markets. This was some $2 billion in notional value. Who and why was this done?

This type of cyber price manipulation has been occurring for years and the culprits continue to escape the full awareness of our authorities who continue to allow this illegal manipulation of our silver/gold prices. All this is likely approved by our elite Central bank and Treasury authorities who seem to desire to enslave the entire planet with their cyber money and financial system. If investors, traders, and media pundits understood the nature of ‘cyberspace’ this corruption might stop. But the vast majority of pundits seem oblivious to what is happening within this new space called ‘cyberspace’. Lack of understanding is the key IMO.

It’s time to wake-up folks and think seriously about what has transpired within our financial markets since the invention of the global internet system and our global cyber markets. We now live within ‘cyberspace’ (for communication and finance) and this is really a ‘shadow’ of reality. It tends to ‘fool’ nearly everyone. It is NOT real observable space and the text, digits, and images within this space are a mere ‘shadow’ of observable space. Cyberspace is a virtual space which ‘results’ from the inter-connectivity of servers and computers. Look at your own computer screen (now) for evidence. Wake-up to this ‘shadow’ of reality and its use (by the elite) to enslave us all financially. It’s time to think about this shadowy netherworld.  I am:

Some images within cyberspace to consider:

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Our financial system now lives within cyberspace and this is the ‘dark’ side as money enslaves when people are victims of select banking authorities who manipulate their survival and behavior. Is it time to wake-up to our ‘enslavement’? I think so!!!

Sorry, Donald – ‘Evil can not be eliminated with counter Evil’!

March 1, 2017

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Great speech by the Donald last night. His presentation will go down as very Presidential and positive. But were his core ideas (on select issues) sound logic and philosophy? Can he actually create a New America with his core ideas? Let’s take his view on ISIS to start. The Donald desires to eliminate ISIS from the face of our planet. His method is to use military means to accomplish this objective. Can this actually work! I would suggest, absolutely NO. Evil can not be eliminated with counter Evil. The Donald is misguided IMO.

We now have some 6000 years of prior history on this planet where Might has been used to eliminate perceived Evil from the ‘other’. Here we are in 2017 and ‘evil’ is still present. Yes, ISIS does ‘evil’ acts. So did Hitler. So did Mao. So did Truman. Terrorism is an ‘evil’ act. But what is Counter-terrorism? If I use military might to eliminate perceived ‘evil’, I will set in motion another form of ‘evil’ with my counter-terrorism behavior. A negative action will eventually create a counter negative action. This is human nature. The ‘means’ does not work, Mr. President!

ISIS is essentially an ‘ideology’ not a thing which I can bomb out of existence. ISIS has a belief system (spiritual ‘ideas’) which motivates them to action. Ideas can not be eliminated with bombs, drones, guns, or any form of military might. If I kill all the current members of ‘evil’ (ISIS) in one venue, the ‘ideas’ will continue in another venue. The problem with the Donald’s philosophy is that ‘ideas’ can not be eliminated by killing a few members (flesh and blood) of the ‘ideology’. See history for our evidence.

Another idea of the Donald was spending some $1 trillion for infrastructure projects. In today’s world of ‘digital’ money this should not be a problem. Our private Central bank (the Fed) could create this $1,000,000,000,000 with the stroke of a computer key. Money today is a cyber unit which has no physical existence in space/time. So creating the $1 trillion (assume a bond as collateral) is no problem for our digital Central bank. We have witnessed all the QE operations (2008 – 2017) and this reveals that creating trillions is a mere punch of a computer key. But what does this mindset lead to (longer term)?

The problem is not the $trillions but the morality of this money creation procedure. The Donald stated that some $3 trillion of value has emerged since his election. This $3 trillion was mostly stock market digits (value) pumped into these electronic markets by select traders. It was not real goods or real wealth…which is real economics, but phony cyber ‘digits’. Again, the morality of this imaginary wealth creation is the real problem for the Donald and his economic team. What are they going to do about our imaginary monetary system (now living within cyberspace)? Was this issue addressed? I don’t think so!

The issue of creating ‘fair’ trade was another issue which the Donald presented in his speech to the nation last night. Fair trade, however, is nearly impossible today given the nature of our cyber monetary system (now global). Our currency unit, the dollar, is a unit of nothing and this means that it floats and changes (in value) with each trade transaction. Fairness is impossible given the nature of our current cyber trading system. Measurement of ‘value’ is impossible given our current system of floating/cyber/imaginary currencies. Notice what is happening in real-time within all our electronic index markets. Instability is everywhere! Bubbles are everywhere!

What about building the WALL along the 1000 mile border with Mexico. Is this going to work in a world of globalization and the world-wide internet? I don’t think so! I can find many alternative means to get into the USA given that so many leaders today reject this ‘idea’ of the Donald. A WALL sounds secure but a drone flying above this wall could transport me from Mexico into the USA. If I have friends within the USA to help me when I arrive then this WALL is not going to accomplish its intended objective. Walls and iron curtains did not work over in Germany (after WW II) nor in Israel (today), so does the Donald have a plan that can work in 2017 on our southern border? I don’t think so! His logic is unsound!

The final idea of the Donald which I suggest will not work is this concept of ‘making America great again’. The concept of returning to a history of the remote past does not seem feasible given the nature of today’s global society. We now live in a global economic society and a global communication society. Smart phones rule over our current economic system and our communication. Digital communication and digital data transfer is now a global affair. Trading of economic goods/services is a global affair. Traveling is a global affair. Pricing goods and services is a global affair. Central banks now rule over all our cyber markets. I don’t think going back to the remote past is feasible! What we need is a NEW MODEL for economics and politics!

The current global internet system means that all nations are now interconnected and intertwined. A web of computers now connects everyone. The world has become ONE extended marketplace of ideas, goods, services, and relationships. This will not change given what has evolved these past 70 years. All the core ideas of the Donald assume that we can all go back in time and live in a world of the past. This seems unrealistic to me and I think the Donald will discover similar in a few months. The speech tonight was a great presentation but the implementation of his ideas is the problem IMO. Enjoy! I am:

P.S. As I finish this missive our DOW index is UP some 255 points to 21,059. What caused this jump in the index? Think traders who are betting on a huge growth in our economy. Central banks may also be pushing the index UP. All this hype is temporary IMO. Nothing has changed in real terms and our DEBT has not decreased. Those on Food Stamps has not decreased. Those in poverty has not decreased. Our DEFICITS have not decreased. All the positive psychology is an ‘inner’ reaction to HOPE and CHANGE. Will this positive change emerge? I don’t think so! Problems are real and do not disappear because a speech is given by our President. Watch as events continue to develop. A problem must be dealt with to resolve the problem. Is this happening?

Why do ‘markets’ go UP…irrespective of real growth?

February 27, 2017

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This mathematical model of economics is what our Central Banks follow!

Image result for our bubble index stock markets

I witness a few minor down trends (in our stock indices) at times but when this happens markets soon reverse and head back UP. Why is this so prevalent in today’s global cyber economy? A key word is ‘cyber’ and another is ‘global’. Today, our markets are driven by speed of light computer trading. Guess who trades our markets in addition to our retail traders/investors? Yes, it is our Central BANKS. What is their motive and which Central Banks do the most manipulations?

Did you know that select Central banks have computers and sophisticated computer traders working for them? Did you realize that our American Central Bank called the FED has some 500 computer traders working for them (behind closed doors)? These traders occupy the entire floors (9th and 10th) within our New York Fed building at 33 Liberty Street, N.Y. Who oversees these traders and gives them their assignments? Yes, it is our FED policy-makers! Why is this so?

Did you know that the Central Bank for all Central Banks in Basel, Switzerland also has two computer trading venues? This Central Bank is called the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). They have one trading venue in Honk Kong and another in Switzerland. Could these select traders affect our global cyber markets with their trades and trading strategies? I think so! Could proxies (say primary dealers) who work for our Central Banks also have instructions to trade our global electronic markets (for select purposes)? Could they borrow at near zero for this purpose? I think so!

So could our centralized global network of Central Banks (now trading our global cyber markets) influence these electronic markets? I think so! Could they have instructions from select overseers to pump UP our markets irrespective of real economic growth? Yes, I think so! Keynesian economics is based upon continuing rising economic asset values so as to service our growing asset debt. Could our Central Banks desire that asset values continue to go UP and UP indefinitely (with brief pauses) so as to keep asset values rising? I think so! A general deflation or crash would destroy their mathematical model!

Did you realize that we now live in a centralized world of economics where our Central Banks (via a global network of computers) rule over our markets? Are you aware that we now live with ‘cyber’ money which can be created arbitrarily and indefinitely via QE policies and select Loan policies? Money is now a mere ‘digit’ within our computer screen. Did you realize this? There is NO printing of these ‘digits’… which our banking system calls our legal tender money. These ‘digits’ get created arbitrarily irrespective of any real economic growth.

The idea for a Keynesian is to influence DEMAND so that more businesses can expand and grow (irrespective of whether or not real growth emerges). We could have a declining level of real growth and still have rising index stock markets. The idea (for Keynesians) is to influence growth via more stimulus and money creation continually. It’s called Demand Management! This is the Keynesian economic model in a nutshell. Increase Demand by increasing the ‘digit’ supply and continue this indefinitely! Keynesianism is essentially a ONE WAY STREET!

Demand must grow and asset values must rise and debt must be serviced and not allowed to crash via deflation or a global liquidation. This is Keynesian economics in a nutshell. Today, our Central Banks trade our markets via their HFT computers to influence demand and to manipulate asset values. They also desire that traders and investors ‘hate’ our historical money called Silver and Gold. These commodities are barbarous metals which restrict their goals and desires (manipulating markets from behind closed doors). This means that silver/gold (prices) must be suppressed indefinitely and continually!

It is time to wake-up folks and recognize that we do not live with FREE markets today. Capitalism is essentially OVER! Our global markets are ‘cyber’ markets and our Central Banks CONTROL these markets with their high-speed computers and their unlimited access to cyber ‘digits’. Watch the electronic indices to witness their daily manipulations. It’s interesting to see their influence and their ability to FOOL almost every media pundit and cyber trader. Working behind closed doors is necessary for all this cyber corruption to continue! Enjoy! I am:

Additional images for your consideration:

Image result for trading at the central bank of New York Fed

The FED trading venue in New York. All is computerized today! Traders influence our cyber markets with their algorithms and source code instructions!

Image result for demand management is Keynesianism

Image result for demand management is Keynesianism

Image result for the bubble dow index

Image result for the bubble dow index

Image result for speed of light computer trading

High speed computers can influence and manipulate our cyber prices in real-time continually! Today, our Central Banks trade our electronic markets to influence demand, asset values, and the velocity of money. It’s called Demand Management! It’s all controlled ‘behind closed doors’ within a network of Central Banks!

Inner/Outer, Mind/Matter, Imagination/Things!

February 26, 2017

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Back in the late 70’s I learned about the psychology of effective communication during a valuation seminar in Chicago, Illinois. The speaker/psychologist stressed that ‘words’ can refer to both ‘things’ and ‘results’. Things are what we all observe within nature. Results emerge from our life experiences. Words like happiness, success, joy, sadness, progress, etc. are really ‘results’ not ‘things’ which exist. Apples on a tree or in one’s hand exist. Oranges on a tree or in one’s hand exist. Words, however, do not exist but serve as ‘pointers’ to either ‘things/objects’ or ‘results/events’.

This mindset of categorizing words into two different realms was extremely helpful when communicating with another person. Results are words which describe happenings or real-time experiences of people. Things are ‘objects’ within nature that I observe and then identify. A tree is a ‘thing’ but ‘falling’ is a ‘result’. A planet in the sky is a ‘thing’ but the action of gravity is a ‘result’. My tennis ball is a ‘thing’ but my ‘serving’ is a ‘result’. A food item is a ‘thing’ but a ‘satisfied’ stomach is a ‘result’. Other experiences which should be viewed as ‘results’ are: happiness, success, political power, sitting, jumping, running, throwing, serving, motion, flow of money, cyberspace, etc.

The word ‘dollar’, for example, starts out as a ‘inner/mental’ concept of our mind (a non-thing). It then can be given a reference within observable reality when an ‘object’ or ‘thing’ is selected for it to refer to. Our founding father, Thomas Jefferson, seemed to understand this psychology of ‘things’ and ‘results’…as I read the history of our money system.  In 1785 he (and others) chose this ‘word’ dollar for our American currency unit. After this word ‘dollar’ was chosen, however, he recognized that it needed to ‘refer’ to some ‘thing’ or ‘object’ from nature to have credibility in the marketplace. What meaning does a ‘dollar’ have without any referral to an ‘object’ from nature?

So what might this word ‘dollar’ refer to in the marketplace of objects/goods (this was the question of our founding fathers)? Jefferson discovered that people within a marketplace (who were trading goods/products) viewed various commodities as having some ‘value’ or ‘store of value’ when direct exchange was impractical (when a double coincidence of wants was lacking). Tobacco, for example, had some ‘store of value’ significance. Cotton had some ‘store of value’ significance. Silver (coins/bars) had some ‘store of value’ significance. So what did Jefferson (and others) conclude from this evaluation within our colonial marketplaces?

Jefferson concluded that a word like ‘dollar’ could have meaning as a ‘store of value’ IF the word referred to some ‘thing’ (silver was later viewed as the best ‘thing’ which represented a ‘store of value’). People in the marketplace seemed to agree with Jefferson. This led to the word ‘dollar’ being officially defined in terms of this ‘thing’ called silver. The existing piece-of-eight coin called the Spanish peso dollar was assayed to reveal that it had 371.25 grains of silver within the coin. This led Jefferson to the conclusion that 371.25 grains of pure silver is a logical definition for our American currency unit…’the dollar’. This led to $1.00 = 371.25 grains of Ag.

The word ‘dollar’ took on special meaning in the marketplace as people recognized that a specially minted coin (containing 371.25 grains of Ag) could be ‘stored’ and later exchanged for another item of production in lieu of a direct barter exchange of product for product. Money was invented for Americans and a currency unit was also invented to serve as our ‘tool’ for valuation of products within a marketplace. Money was silver and our currency unit was the dollar (specifically defined). Capitalism could now start to grow our economy as we had sound money and a sound currency unit.

Evidently, our Congress agreed (with the above logic) because they passed the Coinage Act of 1792 which gave this word ‘dollar’ and the above specific definition (official meaning). Today, all ‘tie’ of our ‘dollar’ to some ‘thing’ from nature has been severed. This happened in 1934 and after. Today (2017), our ‘dollar’ is a mere ‘word’ (mental abstraction) within our inner self (mind/consciousness) with no reference to any object/thing from nature. With the digitization of our ‘dollar’ (1980’s) we now live with a mere cyber unit ($1.00) which gets created from select minds (called banksters). Imaginary money has emerged for our marketplace and for our valuations of goods.

What does all this imply and mean for us today…going forward? I would suggest that we need to THINK like a Dualist when it comes to our economic psychology. A Dualist recognizes that we all live within TWO realms of reality (inner/outer, mind/matter, imagination/thing). Our ‘dollar’ is now a result derived from the thinking of select banksters and their computers. It is not a ‘thing’ which exists within space/time. This unit is invisible/inner/imaginary. It now lives within this space called cyberspace. Follow this timeline to understand the logic:

  1. 1784 and prior: the American ‘dollar’ a mere ‘word’ with no special meaning.
  2. 1785 until 1934: the American ‘dollar’ referred to a ‘thing’ (called silver…then gold).
  3. 1934 to 1971: the American ‘dollar’ referred to a paper note (called the FRN).
  4. 1972 to 2017: the American ‘dollar’ refers to a ‘number’ ($1.00).

What is the message of this missive? The message is that the word ‘dollar’ has acquired various meanings over our history. It started out as an ‘inner’ word of the mind (imaginary). It then became defined and given a reference (it became a ‘thing’). It was defined as 371.25 grains of silver. In 1934 and after it became a paper note issued by our Central bank. This note was called the Federal Reserve Note. In 1971 the ‘tie’ of this note to a ‘thing’ (gold at that time) was severed. The ‘dollar’ became a ‘number’ (mental abstraction). Today, this mental abstraction ($1.00) is called a cyber dollar as it lives within cyberspace and gets circulated by our electronic computers.

Americans have come full circle since our founding in 1776. Capitalism started with real money and a sound currency unit. Capitalism created most of our past wealth and prosperity. Today, Capitalism has become Welfare Socialism and our money has become a unit within cyberspace (nothing). Global Socialism is now prevalent and Americans must either adopt this model (philosophy) or crash our current Socialistic system so as to choose another (better) alternative. The end of Capitalism is here and the new question is: What do Americans desire for our future? I am:

Some images to consider:

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Image result for various goods used as a store of value

Image result for goods, economics

Image result for FDR calls in gold

Image result for nixon closes gold window

Image result for bernanke , i am not printing money

Image result for capitalism is over, socialism here

Image result for the philosophy of dualism, socrates/plato

Our system of Capitalism is now OVER. We live in a global economic society under the control and auspices of select Central bankers. Cyber money has emerged to replace items from nature. Time to think about Dualism as a psychological reality! Our ‘dollar’ is now a non-thing (a result). Valuation is measurement of imagination in $$$$!

Definition of ‘LIFE’ a serious problem!

February 24, 2017

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Does NASA waste our money with their imaginary pursuits? What do you think?

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The Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal have reported on the discovery of some seven exoplanets within our Milky Way Galaxy orbiting a star (given the ‘name’ Trappist – 1). So what does this mean for us here on planet Earth? Some of our astronomers like us to believe that ‘life’ can be discovered on, around, or within one of these exoplanets out in the vastness of empty space. Trappist – 1 is some 40 light years out in this vast empty area which we call space (in the constellation called Aquarius). Can ‘life’ be discovered out there? Is this sound scientific logic or mere fantasy (a pursuit of misguided imagination)? Just what does this word ‘life’ describe?

Science has defined this word ‘life’ as follows: The definition of life is controversial. The current definition is that organisms maintain homeostasis, are composed of cells, undergo metabolism, can grow, adapt to their environment, respond to stimuli, and reproduce. It is a challenge for scientists and philosophers to define life.[2][3][4][5][6] This is partially because life is a process, not a substance.[7][8][9] Any definition must be general enough to both encompass all known life and any unknown life that may be different from life on Earth.[10][11][12]

Let’s think about this so-called scientific definition of the word ‘life’. Does some organism which I observe within nature (our material universe) represent ‘life’ (say bacteria, a worm, a fish, or a bird)? Does a cell within some organism represent the word ‘life’. I would suggest that this word ‘life’ is not some ‘thing’ which exists within space/time (nature) but it is a word which describes my/your inner ‘spirit’. My speaking mere ‘words’ derives from my ‘spirit’ and this means that ‘words’ are spirit (life). Invisible ‘words’ which I/you speak are really ‘spirit’ units derived from our ‘spirit’ consciousness (also called our MIND).

Life does not exist as some ‘thing’ or ‘organism’ or ‘cell’ but ‘life’ describes what we ARE at the core of our being (we are spiritual beings). Consciousness can be used to describe my/your ‘life’. Words that I/You speak (which derive from our spirit consciousness) can be used to describe ‘life’. But an organism or unit of matter which are given ‘names’ like bacteria, cell, worm, carbon based matter, etc. can not be a sound definition of ‘life’. Science needs to wake-up and think logically about how we all function and live in the NOW. The NOW reveals the nature of ‘life’!

The NOW reveals that ‘life’ is invisible, eternal, spiritual, metaphysical, and that it can not be found, located, discovered, or imputed to some ‘thing’ moving on (or about) an EXOPLANET. Life can not be discovered as a ‘thing’ anywhere within our universe. Life is my/your eternal SOURCE within our being. Consciousness is the best example of the ‘nature’ of ‘life’. Words which I/You speak and communicate with are symbols, concepts, ideas, and units of our consciousness (spirit). Life describes our inner soul, being, spirit. Life can not be revealed anywhere outside our inner self.

These exoplanets some 40 light years from our planet earth are meaningless examples of discovering ‘life’. Think of these objects as stones, rocks, earth, and particles of matter. There is ZERO ‘life’ within inanimate objects. There is ZERO life within chemicals and elements that surround us. The word ‘life’ is being used to deceive, confuse, and misrepresent reality IMO. Science needs to wake-up and LOOK within themselves to discover ‘life’. Where do our ‘words’ derive from? What is the nature of our consciousness? What is a ‘name’ like Trappist – 1? Where did this ‘name’ derive from?

The definition of ‘life’ is similar to the economic word ‘dollar’. What is this unit of consciousness called the ‘dollar’? What does the unit refer to? Where is it? Who can find it? Who can discover a ‘name’ which derives from the human MIND (consciousness)? Our money is now nothing (no thing) and it is similar to this word we call ‘life’ (also nothing physical). Words are ‘no thing’ units! Who is aware of their ‘inner’ self? LOOK all around you (now). Where is ‘life’? Where is this unit of money called ‘dollar’? I suggest: nowhere, no place, not within space/time. Think – spirit (inner)! That’s my view!

Additional images to ponder:

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Where did this ‘name’ called Trappist – 1 derive from? Think on this!

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Do these scientists understand their ‘inner’ self? Where do ‘words’ derive from?

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Yes, Earth is our planet and ‘life’ is revealed by our ‘words’ (our inner consciousness)!

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Our Solar System was CREATED – it did not evolve from the imagination of science! Time was ‘invented’ (by conscious man) only a few thousand years prior to today!

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Think for yourself and define your ‘life’ as you experience it in the NOW!

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Yes, the word ‘life’ is within (inner). It can not be found out in empty space!

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From where did this guy derive his QE  ($$$$$$$$$$$$)? Think on this!

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From where do these Central Bankers derive their $$$$$$$$$$$$$ (or similar currency units)? What is a $1.00, Y1.00, E1.00?

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Prior to typing $$$$$ (or similar) into the computer screen, where did the $$$$$ originate from? Who is the human source which ‘thinks’ up the ‘numbers’?

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Some wisdom from the MIND of the person who ‘invented’ our $$$$$ and its definition (371.25 grains of Ag). A $1.00 without a definition is what????


Imaginary $$$ can ‘elevate’ markets (indefinitely)?

February 23, 2017

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In theory, our money units today can increase our index markets (essentially) forever! Think about our situation today. ‘Numbers’ are our money today and ‘numbers’ are units of our imagination (pure mental abstractions derived from our inner being). This means that (in theory) banks and our monetary administrators (our central banks) can elevate (increase) these ‘numbers’ (digits in the computer screen) indefinitely (essentially forever). Have you noticed how our DOW Index reaches new highs continually? It is now at 20,832 (a 1% increase in 5 days). At this pace we could witness a DOW of 57,000 within one year!

Have you noticed how nearly ALL the global index markets continue to get elevated irrespective of economic growth. Real economic production used to be the measure of prosperity. Today, it is elevated (increasing) digits within our computer screens. I read in the Financial Times today that HSBC bankers are noticing the slow down in growth within many Asian and European markets. But this slowdown does not mean (necessarily) that the DOW, DAX, CAC, FTSE, NIKKEI, or SHANGHAI indices will decline in conjunction with the slowdown in real economic production. These index exchanges (now all electronic and living within cyberspace) could ignore any economic slowdown and continue to elevate indefinitely. What a change from yesteryear! 

What we need to recognize is that our monetary system today is IMAGINARY (inner). It’s all in our ‘heads’ (also called our imagination). None of the digits (called money) today live within observable space/time (like silver/gold coins). These cyber units all live within ‘cyberspace’ (also called our extended consciousness). This means that all our imaginary markets (now living within our collective consciousness) could INCREASE (essentially) forever! Think about this. We live with IMAGINARY money, imaginary investing, imaginary savings, imaginary trading, and banks which can increase these imaginary units indefinitely (essentially forever)…via loans and QE.

The ONLY check on our imaginary markets and positive media psychology (which helps to push these markets to new records) is a CHANGE in real trader sentiment (our inner imagination). If the general public were to turn negative (mentally) and sense that all this psychological hype (within our markets) was mostly meaningless, then the money game would change immediately. Traders would sell short, borrowers would default, corporations would liquidate inventories, consumers would riot, and government politicians would publicize this change in sentiment via the media outlets. Blaming the ‘other’ would start everywhere!

How far will our Keynesian monetary authorities (globally) PUSH these markets to continue these new imaginary records? I think they will PUSH until a majority of traders/investors reject the markets as being meaningless. At some point production will decline for months and then a trend will develop wherein our Keynesian manipulators will find it difficult to reverse market sentiment (the short selling). But as of today, imaginary money and imaginary investing works for our imaginary markets. Imagination desires mostly a positive (high) continually. Who wants a crash which can not be reversed by our authorities? Keep the heroine flowing for now!

What we need to recognize is that the Keynesian economic model (which started after the last GREAT depression…in 1934) is a ONE-WAY STREET. This model requires ‘values’ to increase continually (essentially forever). Underlying this concept called ‘value’ is this concept called ‘debt’. Debt demands increasing ‘values’ (so the debt can be serviced). This trend of increasing ‘values’ (which started in 1934-44) has now been up and away for over 70 years. Who wants this trend in motion to END? I would suggest few! This means that our Keynesian monetary authorities will continue this upward PUSH indefinitely! The break is a change in majority sentiment! It’s not here YET!

Like the ‘tulip bubble’ of old, this current Bubble will continue until it ENDS. Our imaginary money (now digits within the computer screen) can continue this upward PUSH for the time being. Until the majority of traders/investors wake-up to the chicanery/distortions/corruption (being perpetrated upon them) the system will continue ‘as is’. It’s human nature not to change until the current trend is OVER! Keynesian economics MUST continue until it ENDS. DEBT can not be repaid so VALUES must continue UPWARD (essentially forever). It’s all an ‘imaginary’ NUMBERS game! Enjoy the ‘trip’! I am:

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Who is aware that our MONEY is now ‘imaginary’ (all within our consciousness)???

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