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ICE to set Silver Price! Will it Help?

July 15, 2017

Image result for Intercontinental Exchange to set silver price this fall

Today’s Wall Street Journal had an article on page B10, saying “Ice to Run Silver-Price Auctions”. Basically, the Intercontinental Exchange (a 100% electronic exchange) will assume control over setting this benchmark price (previously called the Silver Fix). Some may think that this will help with the rigging issue which has suppressed our silver prices for the past six (6) years. I would suggest that this will do nothing of the sort. Why?

First of all, the rigging of the Silver Price is a separate issue from the Silver Fix. In fact the Silver Rigging (now done on our electronic futures markets) is what has SET the silver fix for the past 6 years. Silver bugs call this rigging issue the so-called Paper Market. The issue concerns traders (probably via algorithms) who use ‘naked’ shorts on our futures markets (like the Globex) to suppress the silver price without taking delivery of any silver. Give this some reflection!

Basically, what happens is that all these short contracts (increase the artificial supply of silver) as no real physical silver is delivered (settled) after the contract is executed. The contracts never reach the settlement stage as HFT allows withdrawals, cancellations, with no settlement in the physical metal. This is why we call this strategy of trading a ‘naked’ short.

Imaginary digital silver is essentially purchased (on an electronic futures market) to increase the ‘imaginary’ supply of silver on the markets (distorting price discovery) with no actual delivery of the physical silver to settle the contract. Speed of light trading (via algorithms) can execute these ‘naked’ short contracts where millions of ounces are assumed to be traded. In reality nothing is traded but a traders ‘imagination’. This creates the artificial increase in supply which technically does not EXIST in reality.

The whole game of shorting silver (with no settlement) allows all these short contracts to suppress price and then when the Silver Fix is done (after the price is suppressed) the Fix is based on electronic prices which are fraudulently presented on our electronic markets. The whole procedure (strategy) is a complete FRAUD on the buyers, sellers, traders of silver (also gold) and this allows our corrupt insiders (who desire a suppressed price) to promote their mantra which is: DIGITAL currencies for all our cyber trading markets.

The government authorities and our Central Bank traders ‘hate’ silver and gold as these metals create ‘honesty’ in our markets. Honesty is not what our corrupt elites desire. They desire a manipulated/suppressed price so the ‘sentiment’ for their Cashless Society can be advanced. Digits for money is what our central planners desire and ‘honest’ money is a hindrance to their goal of Global Governance and a single digital currency for the planet. We now live with corrupted markets, corrupted price discovery, and corrupted governmental leaders. The GAME is Rigged, folks! Wake-up and SCREAM! I am:

Some additional images for your consideration:

Image result for naked shorts rig silver prices on futures exchanges

Notice how silver prices have declined these past five years (41.81%). The money supply and our stock markets have increased my multiples of there 2012 price. Why this suppression of our silver prices? Think! It’s all fraud, manipulation, and rigging by select traders (probably using private algorithms)! The goal is to promote ‘sentiment’ for our imaginary digital currencies and create discouragement for silver/gold investors. So far the authorities have won and our deceived traders/investors have no idea what is happening!

Image result for Intercontinental Exchange to set silver price this fall

Rigging of the silver price has been ubiquitous since 2011. Who is behind this rigging? Think!

Image result for naked shorts rig silver prices on futures exchanges

Naked shorts on our futures markets can suppress silver prices continually as no physical metal is exchanged (it’s pure fraud)!

Image result for what is a naked short

Speed of light trading, immediate cancellations, immediate withdrawals, and no settlement (immediately) creates price suppression. The above rule (is worthless) given our HFT computers and our speed of light executions. Who cares about any physical settlement (3-4 days later) when trades are now done electronically in milliseconds or microseconds. There is no time for settlement and delivery! Why haven’t our authorities figured this reality out? The game has changed and delivery/settlement is impossible (for most short contracts) given today’s speed of light markets! Paper shorts (that which suppresses our prices artificially) must to eliminated!



A Well Presented Overview of America’s Fraudulent Money System!

July 14, 2017

Mr. Mike Maloney has designed a video which covers the essentials of money and its exponential multiplication so that everyone can visualize the process and comprehend the details. After watching this video I decided to offer it to all of my readers of this blog. After viewing the video, please think about the consequences of what this fraudulent money system creates. At some point the entire Ponzi scheme must collapse as the foundation consists of mere ‘mental abstractions’ which derive from the human imagination.

Numbers and Names make up the mental abstractions which we call ‘money’. We could also say Math and Symbols make up the system. Today, we need to understand this history as we will soon need to reconstruct a replacement for this fraudulent ‘scheme’ of our elites. Those who have done their homework and comprehend this fraud on the people will be able to offer constructive criticism going forward. Those in the DARK must end up being VICTIMS of the coming consequences.

Take the time to listen to the above video as it provides the essentials for comprehending what has been done to all of us by well meaning elites who did not understand their own ‘human’ nature. The final process that follows from understanding the above is a growth in our understanding of ‘human’ nature and why select power brokers desire to rule over others. Human enslavement is the end result of this Ponzi system. Watch and learn as our TIME is short! I am:

Some additional images for your consideration after watching this video:

Image result for Mike maloney's history of money and the Fed

Does President Trump comprehend the message within the above video on money?

Image result for Mike maloney's history of money and the Fed

Yes, the money game is nothing but a counterfeiting operation designed for those who RULE over us!

Image result for Mike maloney's history of money and the Fed

I agree. The coming deflation will expose the fraud within all our Central Banks (especially our Fed)!

Image result for Mike maloney's history of money and the Fed

From 1913 to 2017 is 104 years of enslavement. Do we desire more? That is the core issue!

Image result for Mike maloney's history of money and the Fed

The elites who control our fraudulent money system will attempt to create a NEW system for their benefits!

Trump supports ‘Financial’ Dictatorship (it appears)!

July 14, 2017

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The most powerful political group on our planet is the G-20. It’s agenda and policies dictate what these twenty nations (making up over 80% of global GNP) must follow. The recent meeting of this group over in Hamburg has resulted in an agreement which puts the Financial Stability Board ( FSB) in charge of global financial supervision. This means that these elites can dictate policy which all twenty nations must follow (including the United States).  The Hamburg summit’s official statement says “G-20 leaders welcome the FSB’s monitoring and regulation of the global finance”. Trump signed on to the communique which runs counter to his pledge during his campaign.

The article to read is in the Friday’s Wall Street Journal, page A-15, entitled “Has Trump Flipped on Financial Regulation?”. This article by Peter Wallison, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Insititute, assumes that Trump may have signed on to following this dictatorial global board called the Financial Stability Board. Mr. Wallison says “let’s hope that G-20 communique he signed was a mistake”. My sense, however, is that this was NOT a mistake and that our newly elected President is now shifting gears and supporting (maybe unaware) a Global Financial Dictatorship (in the making). Watch out for this global board and their desire to create global monitoring and regulations for all nations.

The website of the Financial Stability Board (FSB) is as follows: Check this site out for your own view on these issues. The website claims some 25 nations are members (including USA) plus some 10 additional supranational organizations (like the Bank for International Settlements, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, etc.). The site seems like it is evolving into a global financial dictatorship over all finance and money. Heading up this Board at present is England’s central banker, Mark Carney. Mark is a globalist and his leadership assures that this FSB organization will create more Globalism and financial dictatorship.

For the USA the key elites are the Fed, the  Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Treasury. The mandate of this organization has evolved from 2009 when the G-20 established this Board to monitor global financial events. The mandate reads: The FSB promotes international financial stability; it does so by coordinating national financial authorities and international standard-setting bodies as they work toward developing strong regulatory, supervisory and other financial sector policies. It fosters a level playing field by encouraging coherent implementation of these policies across sectors and jurisdictions.

The FSB, working through its members, seeks to strengthen financial systems and increase the stability of international financial markets. The policies developed in the pursuit of this agenda are implemented by jurisdictions and national authorities. In the USA the new group called the Financial Stability Oversight Council assures that policies of the FSB will be implemented and followed. Does Mr. Trump understand what he has done by signing on to this Global Dictatorial Board/Council? He and his administration are signing on to a global financial system run by a few elites (mostly from Europe, China, and those other countries who desire this New Global Governance System for our planet)!

The Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) is a United States federal government organization, established by Title I of the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which was signed into law by President Barack Obama on July 21, 2010. What happened over in Hamburg is historic as what Mr. Trump has done is to give this FSB credence and new power (the opposite of what he campaigned on prior to his election). The Deep State is definitely is charge of Mr. Trump and his key leaders within his administration. I regret to inform you that we now have a Globalist president who can no longer be viewed as a Populist/Nationalist. Do your own research: I am: 

Some additional images for your consideration:

Image result for financial stability board

The FSB is another Deep State organization which desires governance by a centralized group of elites. Mr. Trump appears to now support this evolving trend!

Image result for financial stability board

This governing chart reveals the nature of this new FSB and its mandate for control of all financial affairs that affect global monetary situations!

America’s FSOC meeting in the Cash Room of our Treasury in 2011. All this started after the 2008 financial crisis. The trend is towards global financial governance of our planet! The individual becomes enslaved to central power brokers!

Image result for financial stability oversight council

Prior members of the FSOC during the Obama Administration. Trump campaigned against this centralization of finance and politics (didn’t he)?

Image result for Trump signs on to financial Stability Board polices at the G-20 in Hamburg

The Donald is now a Globalist and part of the Deep State financial dictatorship (it appears)! Is he aware of what he is signing on to? I doubt it! Photo from Hamburg!

Our Prices are now Manipulated with Algorithms!

July 12, 2017


Image result for algorithmic trading

It’s time to wake-up, folks, to a new technology which creates most of our daily prices and also manipulates price discovery for our markets. The word is ‘algorithm’. Now that computers trade all our markets (mostly) this new invention for creating our prices is the ‘algorithm’. What happens is that a special agent called a Quant will program a trader’s computer with a source code and then this code (set of instructions) within an algorithm trades our markets. Algorithmic trading is now ubiquitous and most of our resources (energy, commodities, stocks, and futures) can and are traded with the help of algorithms.

High Frequency Computer Trading and Algorithms can use a ‘source code’ to trade in microseconds and the counterparty to the trade is another Algorithm. This type of trading (also called machine trading or automated trading) is becoming the default method for trading and creating changes in our daily electronic prices. Today, our Central Banks have trading computers which can also change our cyber prices using automated trading algorithms. This is because our markets are now electronic and machine driven. The human aspect to trading is being transferred to the computer and an ‘algorithm’. It is the reality of today’s markets!

The problem with all our digital trading markets is that the human aspect to trading is being removed (totally). Most of all trading is now electronic and all our major exchanges are now electronic. This makes artificial intelligence the best means for trading today’s markets. Robots and algorithms are the best option for most trading activity. In fact our speed of light markets almost demand that traders use algorithms and source codes for effective trading. There are all kinds of different algorithms which can trade, learn from prior trading decisions, and set parameters for getting in and out of trades. This is now reality for every computer trader.

Why do our markets continue to go up irrespective of geopolitical events and trader emotions? Why can a price (say for silver or gold or oil) be manipulated up or down with a trading strategy using algorithms? This has become the default method of trading for most of our traders and institutions. Supply and demand (via human negotiation) has been mostly replaced with speed of light spoofing and other trading gimmicks (with algorithms as the means). Following is a description of the concept called ‘spoofing’:

Spoofing is a disruptive algorithmic trading entity employed by traders to outpace other market participants and to manipulate commodity markets.[1][2][3] Spoofers feign interest in trading futures, stocks and other products in financial markets creating an illusion of exchange pessimism in the futures market when many offers are being cancelled or withdrawn, or false optimism or demand when many offers are being placed in bad faith.[4] Spoofers bid or offer with intent to cancel before the orders are filled. The flurry of activity around the buy or sell orders is intended to attract other high-frequency traders (HFT) to induce a particular market reaction such as manipulating the market price of a security.

In Australia layering and spoofing in 2016 referred to the act of “submitting a genuine order on one side of the book and multiple orders at different prices on the other side of the book to give the impression of substantial supply/demand, with a view to sucking in other orders to hit the genuine order. After the genuine order trades, the multiple orders on the other side are rapidly withdrawn.”[16]

Our trading algorithms can now be programmed with a source codes which can spoof and layer trades without anyone being aware of what is happening. So far, our corrupt officials at the CFTC and the SEC do not seem to deal with all these trader source codes. This allows private Quant’s and similar programmers to create algorithms which manipulate our prices and our various markets with no oversight. Who can compete with speed of light trading, cancellations of trades, withdrawals of trades, and all the other gimmicks which our algorithms can accomplish at near the speed of light.

We need to get educated on the NEW trading environment which is now ubiquitous. Forget the Open Outcry Trading mentality. This is nearly totally abolished given today’s electronic markets. Human decision-making is being replaced with robots, automated trading, algorithmic trading, and high frequency trading. The new word for everyone to remember is ALGORITHM. We live in a NEW world of electronic trading, price discovery via algorithms, price manipulation via algorithms, and fraudulent trading by centralized authorities (also via algorithms). Machines rule over prices and Quant’s rule over source codes used by algorithms. Basically the markets today are RIGGED and the system is CORRUPT. I am:

America’s Self-Righteousness Screams Hypocrisy!

July 11, 2017

The United States presents itself to the world as a beacon of liberty, freedom, and a proponent of human rights for everyone. America wants the world to believe that they are ready and willing to stand up for and defend the downtrodden. This mantra of our politicians is ubiquitous as they simultaneously use their philosophy of Might makes Right to bully any opposition which opposes their game plan. The game plan is to conquer the planet and impose America’s view of reality on everyone. I think the real underlying evidence is rather strong for this view.

The U.S. has been at war for over 220 of its 241 year history. Think of this reality! During that time, America has shown a complete lack of respect for the human rights of both the citizens of the nations against which it wages war, and also its own soldiers. Let’s take a look at examples from recent history, and see how the U.S. continues these barbaric practices today. The philosophy of Might makes Right is obvious and this means that this END justifies the MEANS! But does it? Can the philosophy of using Might to achieve select ENDS lead to what most Americans desire (real freedom, peace, happiness, and progress)?

Source: Wikipedia

The above record of America reveals the strategy which our leaders have followed since our founding. The entire 241 years of our history is mostly a history of war over opponents who think and live differently from us. Yes, many of these wars were mutually created in that our opponents were also at fault. This, however, has not led America to confront (question) their core philosophy of Might makes Right or their idea of the End justifies the Means. Along with our desire to change the mindset of others, America desires to bully the opposition economically and via our media propaganda machine. Since the time of our first World War in 1918-19 and our second World War from 1941-45, America has used its military power to intimidate and dominate opponents who block our path to our select goals.

So what are America’s goals for the planet? It appears that we desire that everyone adopt our model of democracy (rule by select politicians who can influence the public to further our concepts of some form of democracy). To accomplish this objective, America has used its economic muscle to bully others so that Americans can grow at the expense of others. Just look at our situation today. America is the banker for the planet (mostly). America can acquire products from any venue on our planet now that our currency is the reserve currency for the planet (mostly). America has used its economic might to build up an INTIMIDATING military machine (2nd to none). Bomb the ‘hell out of them’ says Trump. This is typical of America’s strategy since the end of World War II. Trump is only following the prior mindset of our past leaders!

What Americans need to recognize IMO is that our core philosophy and our core logic to dominate and bully all opponents to our point-of-view on issues is really shameful and hypocritical. Today, America wants to BLAME Russia for the recent election results. But what do our 17 Intelligent Agencies do to intimidate and interfere with other countries political situations? Are we innocent? I don’t think so! We have 17 Intelligent Agencies which work full-time to gather scandalous information on others who challenge our hegemony and our vision of reality. Is this innocence? My sense is that America is the primary CAUSE of what other countries must do to challenge our bullying mentality. What is a BULLY? To me, a bully is one who demands one’s way or the alternative is immediate FORCE (military might for America is the alternative to not agreeing with America’s mandates)! This, to me, is shameful behavior!

Look at our record above. Is Russia the problem with our planet or is America the core problem? Is China the problem with our planet or is America the core problem? Is North Korea the problem or is America equally the problem with our dominance, missiles, bombs, cruise missiles, and media propaganda? Who is the CORE problem on this planet? Who is the Big Bully on this planet? Give this some reflection. As an American I do not like pointing out these issues but to solve today’s problems we need to START with ourselves. America needs to turn inward and review their own historical behavior. An alcoholic can not solve their own problem until they FIRST look inward at themselves. America is the core PROBLEM IMO! America needs to LOOK inward at themselves! Think on this! I am:

Some additional images for your consideration:

Image result for america's 17 intelligence agencies

Who understands what the above 17 Intelligence Agencies are doing (behind closed doors and with little transparency to the citizens)?

Image result for America's intelligence leaders

America’s intelligence agencies work to further America’s goals and vision! What is this goal/vision?

Image result for america's 17 intelligence agencies

Did this intelligence official report what his agency does to undermine political regimes in other countries?

Image result for america's 17 intelligence agencies

What intelligence does this FBI leader know about Russian elections and Chinese political polices? Did the FBI interfere with other countries political, economic, and social relationships in the recent past? Where is the transparency for the American voter?

Image result for america's 17 intelligence agencies

What does this intelligence leader say, do, and advise so that American goals and policies prevail internationally?

Image result for america's 17 intelligence agencies

Who is more guilty when it comes to interference in the affairs of others? The USA or Russia? 

Image result for america's 17 intelligence agencies

Has this American done anything other than EXPOSE the corruption at the top?

Image result for america's 17 intelligence agencies

The USA has some 800 military bases all around our planet to promote its goals and visions. Might makes Right for America! Are we the BULLY? What is America attempting to accomplish with its philosophy of Might makes Right?

Image result for is America the big bully on planet earth, 800 military bases

Look at all the military bases which America has to promote their hegemony/control over the entire planet!

Image result for is America the big bully on planet earth, 800 military bases

Does Russia want a war with the USA or is Russia protecting themselves from the big BULLY on planet earth?

Image result for America's philosophy is might makes right and the end justifies the means

Who mostly rules this planet? Who desires to control results? Who uses bombs, missiles, drones, guns to further their vision/goals?

Image result for to solve a behavioral problem one must look at yourself first

When America looks in the mirror what does she see? Are we the problem or the solution! Which comes first?

Image result for to solve a behavioral problem one must look at yourself first

What is happening today socially, politically, economically, and philosophically which reveals that America may be the core PROBLEM on planet Earth? Give this some reflection at your convenience! If America is the problem, then what needs to happen FIRST? Can America continue with her self-righteous behavior indefinitely?



Digital Currencies – why they can not work (much longer)!

July 10, 2017

Image result for digital currencies

Let’s think about all the digital currencies now in vogue within all our markets. We have some 800+ cryptocurrencies which are all digital. We have some 150+ official governmental currencies which are now MOSTLY digital (some 95% of all money transactions are done digitally). Today’s Wall Street Journal had an article entitled “Why Bitcoin Is Booming”. This article implies that Bitcoin can/will succeed as this currency is non-political and does not rely on centralized law. The authors of the article were Mr. John O. McGinnis and Kyle W. Roche. But what are these author’s missing in their understanding?

First of all, Bitcoin and all the other 800+  cryptocurrencies are really inner (metaphysical) currencies. The Bitcoin image is virtual and it derives (initially) from one’s consciousness (also called one’s ‘mind’). All these cryptocurrencies are inner (metaphysical) units and the image I witness within my computer screen is virtual/imaginary. The unit has no outer existence (as a paper note or a silver coin). I can not exchange the unit from my hand to yours. I transfer this unit within my inner mind (consciousness) and accept its legitimacy as valid because I can use math and numbers to create a ‘value’ for this unit (as of today).

But would this metaphysical/virtual currency have any validity as a stand alone currency? Could we eliminate the official fiat dollar (for example) and still consider this currency valid for international trade? What gives this Bitcoin image its ‘value’ in the marketplace now? I can transfer the unit from person to person, but what happens when I desire to ‘spend’ this unit for goods/services? Don’t I need to convert the unit (Bitcoin) to dollars prior to spending? So what good is Bitcoin as a replacement currency for one of our official currencies (or all of them)? Where would this virtual image currency get its ‘value’?

Let’s assume that we eliminate ALL official governmental currencies via a reset. Now let’s implement Bitcoin (or an equivalent) as the new currency. Could this virtual image within the computer screen work as a unit of ‘value’ for trade? Who (which counterparties) would desire a ‘virtual’ image in the computer screen as a unit of ‘value’ for oil, wheat, consumer products, or automobiles? How could it be ‘valued’ given that all official currencies are eliminated/abolished (say via a reset)? I don’t think anyone with economic common sense would desire this virtual image as an exchange for real production (autos, steel, oil, grains, etc.). Think on this!

Now let’s briefly think on the issue of our official fiat digital currencies ($, euro, pound, krona, yen, etc.). These currencies are also digital images (virtual) within our computer screens (for the most part). Some 95% of all money transactions are now done digitally and via computers. These virtual units get created by a decision (a human being with consciousness). The $ (for example) gets typed into the computer screen and then is declared official legal tender. There is no ‘tie’ of this unit ($) to anything material (like silver or gold). This makes this unit an image ($) in the computer screen created from consciousness. Think on this!

What is an image ($) in the computer screen created from consciousness? Does it have any material existence within our real-time markets? Does it ‘exist’ as a unit of matter/energy? If not, what is it (in reality)? Would it not be a metaphysical unit of the mind? Would it not be a non-material unit? Would it not be a subjective unit? Does this type of money unit ($$$$$), mere numbers within the computer screen, have any ‘value’ or long-term sustainability as a price discovery mechanism? The unit enters our markets surreptitiously via a bankers stroke of the computer key. This makes it subjective and an ‘invented’ unit with no outer ‘value’. Think on this!

Today, we have a global electronic/digital currency system which consists of cryptocurrencies and official currencies. Both of these currency types are mere images within the computer screen (inner units of consciousness). Can inner units of consciousness (mere mental abstractions/virtual images) work longer term for trade and a store of value? What happens when our markets finally decline precipitously and meaningfully (a serious 20-30% correction)? Do not all these currencies disappear back into our consciousness? Value certainly disappears as asset prices decline…so what gives any of our digital currencies stability during a serious downturn?

I think we need to start thinking about a serious correction within all our bubble markets. This will happen at some point down the road. When this happens, what survives as a ‘store of value’? Can images of the mind (all our current digital currencies) survive/exist during this value collapse process? I don’t think so! All these metaphysical currencies (we could also say ‘spiritual’ currencies) will vanish and disappear during this major crash event within our electronic markets! Digital money is worthless after this next major crash event! Can anyone go into their inner consciousness/mind and fetch this assumed ‘store of value’?

What is now happening within all our markets is similar to the Tulip Bubble markets back in the 1600’s. Traders, investors, speculators are using mere mental abstractions/virtual images to pump up all our bubble markets with math/numbers. This is perceived as ‘making money’ for all these persons. But will these deceived persons understand what happened when our markets finally correct (significantly)…say 20-30% or more? My sense is that most investors and traders today are grossly deceived about the nature of reality. REALITY will prevail eventually! Isn’t it time to get REAL? I am:

Some additional images for your consideration:

Image result for digital currencies

Cryptocurrencies are technically imaginary. We call them virtual. They do not have any outer existence. They are units of consciousness (inner)!

Image result for digital currencies

Bitcoin is a virtual image (a unit of consciousness) which gets its assumed ‘value’ from bouncing off an official fiat currency like the Dollar ($)! It can not stand alone!

Image result for digital currencies

Some additional cryptocurrencies which are getting pumped up in ‘dollar value’ at this moment! These will disappear back into our consciousness when demand vanishes!

Image result for digital currencies

Most all official currencies are now digital (virtual) and derive from a banker’s consciousness (their inner mind)! Who understands ‘consciousness’?

Image result for digital currencies

All digital currencies will eventually vanish and disappear during a major financial crash/correction! Why? Ask yourself: What are they (in reality)?

Image result for what happens during a financial crash

This is what happens during a digital financial crash! The banks close, the gas stations close, the super markets close! The system implodes!

Image result for what happens during a financial crash

When the Bubbles finally burst, then the games of bankster manipulations END! The Keynesian economic experiment would be OVER! All debt is cancelled!

Image result for what happens during a financial crash

Bankers who have created (invented) all our imaginary credit/debt will cry that the game has ended! Their power wanes immediately!

Image result for what happens during a financial crash

Traders will watch as their imaginary money vanishes and disappears (back into their inner consciousness…where it all started)!

Image result for what happens during a financial crash

These well-known power brokers will sense their loss of self-esteem and ego powers as their casino will have ended!

Image result for what happens during a financial crash

This billionaire will not lose everything as he has already purchased a hoard of physical gold as his insurance policy!

Image result for what happens during a financial crash

Bitcoin investors will have lost all their value in an instant of time! How could this happen to me?

Image result for trump and his hotels

The Donald’s hotels will decline in value to a fraction of what they are valued today!

Image result for what happens during a financial crash

This lady of finance will rush for some solace from her contemporaries who have given her all their advice to follow!

Image result for what happens during a financial crash

Theses investors over in China will wonder what happened as their leaders promised that China would grow indefinitely!

Image result for what happens during a financial crash

These experts will talk on the internet and TV about why the crash of all history was unexpected and not their fault!

Image result for jim sinclair and all his gold

This gold investor will smile as his ego is inflated after this coming historical crash of all history! But can gold return to our markets as money?

This author thinks that barter, private enterprise money, and debits/credits, will replace money. But does he understand this concept called ‘value’? His ideas are worth evaluating, however, to get a sense of where events are going!

Image result for Kingdom Economics

My ‘alternative’ to our money/economic problem is outlined within my blog:!



Digital Money = Rigged Markets! Why?

July 8, 2017

Image result for rigged markets

Today’s Wall Street Journal had an article entitled “Silver Futures Plunge For a Flash Crash Moment”. The issue was the dumping of futures contracts (naked shorts) on the CME electronic exchange (probably the Globex Exchange: Some 5,000 contracts were dumped at the late hour of 7 p.m. EDT. The price of silver dropped from $16 to $14.30 in a moment (second). Is this an error or is this typical of what our government can now do to manipulate prices in real-time?

I have been watching this same trading action for the past 6 years on and other electronic websites. Some trader will dump digital futures contracts on the markets to suppress our historical silver/gold prices at weird hours (early morning and/or late in the evening). All this merely to create huge price drops in these historical precious metals. Is there a REASON for this behavior? I think so! Our corrupt digital money authorities desire that silver prices and gold prices be suppressed to further their agenda of creating a global cyber money system.

Today, we live with a rigged international cyber trading system. Digital money allows our Central Banks (who can create these digits out-of-nothing) to trade our markets and rig prices at will. Why do you think that our general stock markets continue to go up and up as dire international events happen daily? These government traders can rig any market with their digital money (now unlimited) and this deceives, manipulates, distorts, and causes all these flash crash events within our computer screens. The system is rigged, folks, from the TOP…and few seem to discern this reality.

Think of a system where a few select Central Bank trading rooms (say in New York and Basel, Switzerland) are purposely trading all our electronic markets and causing these upward movements within our electronic stock markets and simultaneously causing silver and gold prices to be suppressed continually. All this can now be done using ‘algorithms’ and trading robots. Our speed of light trading markets allow HFT robots and algorithms to trade and manipulate all our markets at the choice of select governmental authorities. All this is done because our markets are now digital/cyber/imaginary markets (operating in cyberspace).

Think of traders in facilities (operating behind closed doors) with instructions to trade select markets, stocks, bonds, commodities, options, and futures to merely influence a trend so that confidence can be sustained among the vast horde of private traders and the public. This is now possible as our Central Banks trade our markets. Think of Central Banks with unlimited digits in which to trade our markets. How can this be fair and equitable for our overall trading system? It is pure fraud, corruption, and illegal actions by select traders working for our criminal governments.

Yes, all our electronic markets (some 65 major markets on our planet) can now be illegally traded by our Central Banks and their governmental proxies. The silver price if left to private trading would now be in the multi-hundreds. Gold would be in the range of $5,000 or more. These historical metals would be warning us that the SYSTEM is corrupted and dysfunctional. But select governmental authorities have chosen to suppress the prices of these metals to further their corrupt regime of cyber money. It is OBVIOUS to me as I have been watching this activity for the past 10+ years.

It is time to expose these governmental criminals who operate behind closed doors. The operation at the New York Fed is one institution which needs media attention. Someone needs to request that the these traders on the 8th, 9th, and 10th floors, 33 Liberty Street, N.Y., be exposed and monitored.  The other is the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. This Central Bank of all central banks has at least two trading operations manipulating our markets. One in Basel and another in Honk Kong. What other Central Banks are trading our markets? Does anybody know?

Some of the other manipulators which continue to distort our markets with their policy decisions are: the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank, the Bank of England, the Peoples Bank of China, and the Bank of Switzerland. Another market which is absolutely corrupt is the stock market in Venezuela (Caracas General: This market ignores the economic issues and merely pumps up the few stocks held by the extreme wealthy in Venezuela and ignores the general economy which is totally collapsing.

With digital money and rigged markets we now need to expose the culprits (I call them criminals which operate behind closed doors). Exposure brings ‘light’ to their operations and this would allow our private traders to witness this corruption and illegal activity. Digital money is technically illegal as it has not been approved by our Constitution, our Courts, or our Congress as official legal tender. Digital money creates ALL our rigged electronic markets. Think on this! I am:

P.S. Also think about the nature of economics when you think about who rigs all our markets. We have a TOP/down system where a FEW governmental elites and their proxies dictate who gets this corrupted money and who can survive when our cycle changes to a correction. Essentially, those who understand money will recognize that our system is now a DICTATORSHIP of Central Banks and a few governmental elites! The public are now enslaved to this hierarchy of Central Banks and the criminals who run this system. Let’s wake-up the media pundits who can expose these criminals!

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Rigging of silver and gold prices has been a policy since 2011. It is obvious to me!

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A few are waking up to the rigging, manipulation, distortions, and price suppression schemes!

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Who trades merely to suppress a metal like Ag and Au? Think of governmental proxies operating behind closed doors!

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A trading algorithm most likely caused this instant drop in price! Who is behind this action?

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This happened on Thursday, June 6, at 7 p.m. EDT! Who was behind this drop (from $16.00/ounce to $14.30/ounce)? This has been SOP for years! It’s time to EXPOSE the culprits operating behind closed doors. All our markets are now RIGGED!!!



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