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Central Banks trade all our Digital Markets! Why is this corrupt?

September 6, 2017

Since 2008 our global stock and bond markets have changed from mostly privately traded markets to mostly institutionally traded markets. Today, it is our Central Banks which continually pump-up all our stock, bond, and derivative markets so that their BUBBLE economy will not deflate precipitously. An extreme example of pump priming is the Caracas General Stock Market. In just the past 12 months this market has increased 1000 percent (10 times). What a joke on intelligent traders and investors.

The real economy of Venezuela has crashed completely in the past 12 months and yet the digital/cyber/electronic stock market has increased 10 fold. Does this make any sense? Who can pump-up a market to this extent when the general economy is near a depression level? Who has the digits (called money) to inflate a market indefinitely and continually? Think: Central Banks. All this happens because today’s markets are electronic/digital and computer driven. Central Banks have their own trading desks!


The bubbles are so extreme that many investors and speculators think this is normal behavior. The markets can now go up forever (it would seem). But what is really happening to pump-up these markets and keep this game going (now over 100 months long)? The awareness that we all need today is that our Central Banks can now trade our markets for the sole purpose of preventing a precipitous decline of these markets. These centralized entities have the digits (called money) to continue this bubble game (irrespective of real economic facts) until it finally ends (with a total loss in confidence by traders/investors/speculators who follow this foolishness). When will this pump priming finally END?

My sense is that investors and our retail traders are finally getting fed up with our phony Central Bank bubbles. The bubbles being created do not justify themselves when the real economy is factored into the picture. Venezuela is an extreme example yet one which reveals the extremes which can occur when digits (called money) are unlimited and used to trade our markets. Central Banks can create these digits from their thinking (decision-making) and continue this bubble game until all confidence wanes and crashes. This event is soon to occur IMO. Confidence is now waning and I sense that this will continue to grow in the coming weeks and months. Watch and prepare!


269,781.07 (September 5, 2017) This index was under 25,000 some 12 months prior.

+12,95%  [+30,328.22] (increase in one day on September 4)

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Image result for caracas general stock market index

The Russell 2000 is in a bubble (in America) yet when compared to the Caracas General Stock Index (Venezuela) it appears to be stable and healthy. All this electronic growth (in the Caracas General) is due mostly to big corporate purchases and Central Bank purchases. What a joke on those who think that our stock indexes are supposed to reflect the reality of our real economies. In reality they reflect mere pumped-up imaginary numbers (called a wealth effect) created by our Central Banks and those who receive special privileges from these Central Banks. The game is ludicrous and shameful.

Which Central Banks (other than Venezuela) are primarily behind all this hype and fantasy? Think of our Federal Reserve Bank and select Western Central Banks over in Europe and Asia. Our money today consists of mere imagination (digits in the computer screen). Digits can be created in unlimited amounts (by our banksters) to fool, distort, manipulate, and control any electronic market. Today, we have some 65 major electronic markets (globally). All these markets are now in huge BUBBLES. When will all this end? When will confidence wane and crash?

It will end when it ends. But my sense is that the end is rather SOON. The distortions are now so great that most intelligent investors are recognizing these bubbles. Real estate is in a bubble. Stocks are in a bubble. Bonds are in a bubble. Derivatives are in a huge and growing bubble. The pricking of this bubble must be rather SOON. When this eventually happens the game of Keynesian economics will essentially be OVER. The debt created under this 75 year Keynesian model will be exposed as unpayable. A new system will be required. Watch and wait is all we can do as of now. Prepare, however, for this debt jubilee on the horizon! I am:

P.S. Look at this website for the distortions within the American economy: This website reveals the 75 year Keynesian consequences which must eventually be recognized as impossible to solve!


The Petrodollar soon to Vanish! Why?

September 5, 2017

Image result for china announces gold backed Yuan for oil imports

China announced on September 4, 2017, that they desire to import their oil using their Yuan currency (backed by gold)…not the U.S. petrodollar.  Since China is the biggest importer of oil on our planet this decision should/could dramatically alter the perceptions of traders within the oil markets globally. The U.S. petrodollar could become less prominent for all exporters of oil. If the Saudi’s should decide to sell their oil to China and others for Yuan rather than dollars, then this situation will change global markets significantly and permanently. De-dollarization will accelerate globally and the dollar will gradually become less of a global reserve currency. Watch out for this move in the coming days, weeks, months. This is significant!

“In 2014 Russia and China signed two mammoth 30-year contracts for Russian gas to China. The contracts specified that the exchange would be done in Renminbi [yuan] and Russian rubles, not in dollars. That was the beginning of an accelerating process of de-dollarization that is underway today,”. Russia and China are now creating a new paradigm for the world economy and paving the way for a global de-dollarization.

“A Russian-Chinese alternative to the dollar in the form of a gold-backed ruble and gold-backed Renminbi or Yuan, could start a snowball exit from the US dollar, and with it, a severe decline in America’s ability to use the reserve dollar role to finance her wars with other peoples’ money,” Engdahl concludes.

All export countries (such as Nigeria, Venezuela, Iran, Russia, and especially Saudi Arabia) could change our global markets to punish the USA and their control system over global markets. This is ominous for Americans and their entire financial control system. The American dollar has been dominant for all international trading since Bretton Woods. Even American sanctions (now so prevalent and ubiquitous) will be affected as this decision becomes known to the world community. Our world financial system could change dramatically and permanently soon!

“Yuan-backed oil and gold futures mean that users can be paid in physical gold, said Alasdair Macleod, head of research at Goldmoney, a gold-based financial services company based in Toronto. While some potential foreign traders have expressed reservations that the contract would be priced in yuan, according to analysts who spoke to Nikkei Asian Review, backing the yuan-priced futures with gold would be appealing to oil exporters — especially to those that would rather avoid U.S. dollars in trade.”

“It is a mechanism which is likely to appeal to oil producers that prefer to avoid using dollars, and are not ready to accept that being paid in yuan for oil sales to China is a good idea either,” Macleod said. These recent moves by the Chinese are part of a larger de-dollarization strategy by other world powers (Russia and Iran mostly) intent on creating a more multi-polar global framework. The petrodollar, which was created back in 1975 by Henry Kissinger, following the closing of the gold window, could be history soon. This will expose the U.S. dollar as a ‘naked’ currency unit with no tie to any real material wealth.

Watch the oil/dollar markets for evidence of the coming effects. Also watch the dollar index to see if this affects the ‘value’ of this reserve currency. My sense is that this move by China and Russia (mostly) will change all our international markets soon. The dominance of the U.S. dollar will diminish and the ‘nakedness’ of this fiat/digital/imaginary dollar will be exposed. At some point this will mean that our Congress will need to address this situation. Will our authorities change their policy and create a tie of our dollar to gold? This is likely IMO (temporarily). Watch closely and adjust your investments based on these emerging changes. I am:

P.S. the RMB and YUAN are ‘names’ for the Chinese currency. A tie of this currency to gold allows traders the option to exchange this currency at the Shanghai gold exchange for real physical gold if they choose. The Yuan would be viewed as backed. The dollar would be viewed as naked. The definition of a gold Yuan is still unknown, however. What would be the exchange rate? Let’s watch and see what emerges!


End-time Economic Events Happening Everywhere! Why?

September 2, 2017

Today, I witness what is happening over in Sweden as I travel from North to South in this country called Sverige by my Swedish friends. I have been traveling all over Sweden as I visit my many cousins and friends in this country. The country is now mostly cashless and digital money is used for nearly 96% of all money transactions. The physical Krona is disappearing and mere digital numbers are replacing this Swedish currency. A popular digital concept over in Sweden is this concept called Swish.

Mobile payments app Swish

Swish is easy to use, has high acceptance and a high level of trust, which is important when we talk about digital payments. Being able to offer deposits via Swish is an important step towards our goal of building the best customer experience in the world for savings and investments” – Peter Dahlgren, CEO of Nordnet.

During the summer of 2017, the regulations for Swish have been amended. It is now possible for individuals to make financial transactions with companies, and thus make payments to companies without the transaction directly matching the purchase of a product or a service.  Now, Nordnet is the first Swedish bank to use Swish in order to offer its customers faster and easier deposits of money in real-time. Read more about how our customers can utilize Swish for their savings and investments in our press release.

This trend towards a cashless society is what will lead eventually to what many prophetic speakers call the ‘Mark of the Beast’ economy (not only in Sweden but also in all of Europe). To buy and/or sell people must have a ‘number’ which connects their digital checking/savings account to their money transactions. Numbers and names (as money) will soon replace historical money (the physical units) and all money transactions will become inner and metaphysical. Metaphysical money is soon going to replace all historical physical money (paper, coins, silver, gold). Swish is merely a tool which is leading the way towards this coming ‘Mark of the Beast’ economy. But who is AWARE?

Awareness of what is emerging is only for a very few persons who can discern the ‘times’. Prophecy and history are not understood by most pundits who teach economics and monetary finance. Only a few are aware of what is emerging and the significance of these evolving events. Money is at the core of all economic behavior. Money rules this planet and all the people. But who rules over money? Today, we have machines called computers, smart phones, and AI (artificial intelligence) which rules over our monetary system. All is now done within cyberspace and via electronic frequencies.

Signals are sent from one computer account to another computer account and all this happens within a metaphysical space called cyberspace. Who is aware of what cyberspace involves? Who understands how our digital ‘numbers/names’ (called money) get created and then circulated so that money transactions can happen. It all seems mysterious to those whom I discuss this matter with over in Sweden. Ask a Swede what is happening and they may say that all is happening to further their prosperity and happiness. It’s all being done to make the economy better, faster, more efficient and more meaningful for everyone.

But is there a downside to all this digital money and this Swish account activity? Who is behind all this metaphysical manipulation and control? Do any of the Swedes discern what is happening within themselves? My sense is that most do not. Metaphysics and Consciousness (two key concepts of our digital age) are not understood by most Swedes (hardly anyone). Who is aware that digital money emerges from consciousness? Who is aware that virtual money (mere ‘numbers/names’) emerges from the human mind (that which is inner and metaphysical)? Who understands the network of Central Banks which allow all this money manipulation and control to occur? Few to done is my perception!

What is happening today is historic and prophetic. Our emerging cashless world is revealing that all finance and economics is based upon spiritual forces and sources (at its core). Forces and sources which transcend human perception (without some input from a higher authority) are at the core of economics and finance. Today, our economy is global and machine driven. A network of computers allows everyone to communicate and transact business within a world of cyberspace (a metaphysical inner space). We witness the Internet of Things as at the core of this technological revolution.

Decisions now occur at the speed of light and our electromagnetic spectrum (mere metaphysical frequencies of photons) create this revolution within finance, economics, and money. Photons are sent from computer screen to computer screen to reveal all the ‘numbers’ and ‘names’ called money. Money is now a symbol $$$ and our authorities now use mere inner ‘names’ as our currencies. These ‘names’ include the dollar, krona, euro, yen, pound, peso, real, dong, and shekel (plus many more). Currency ‘names’ get revealed as our tool for settling issues of economic ‘value’.

All economic activity occurs around this metaphysical concept called ‘value’. Value transactions is what makes our economic world go round. I ‘value’ whatever the authorities tell me has ‘value’. This seems to be the mindset of today’s marketplace. Today, we ‘value’ mere inner ‘numbers’ and ‘names’ as our money and our wealth. Wealth was supposed to represent real material units of production (food, clothing, shelter, and transportation). All wealth started out as material/physical. And measurement of ‘value’ was done with a material/physical unit of money. Silver and gold were the chosen items for most international ‘value’ transactions.

All this has now changed. We now live in an inner world of money and value. Consciousness is what is at the core of money and value today. Physical coins, paper notes, and paper checks are being replaced with virtual/digital units. Virtual money is being created in the trillions ($$$) as it is easy to create these units of consciousness and then type these units into a computer screen to represent our money. All that is required is a metaphysical ‘decision’ by an Authority with the ‘power’ to do so! Money then emerges from consciousness to represent this decision. Think of QE as one example of money emerging from consciousness!

Yes, we are now living in the End-times prophetically and observationally. The End of an Age has arrived. Playing out this end-time set of events is what I now witness everywhere. Later this week I will attend the Biohax International conference on computer security and other micro-chip developments here in Gothenburg, Sweden. Computer security and tools for monitoring and controlling all these digital events is the issue at this conference. Micro chipping human employees is part of the process which eventually leads to this ‘Mark of the Beast’ economy. This is now being done in Sweden and also the USA.

The ‘Mark of the Beast’ economy is rapidly approaching and few seem AWARE of what is happening economically and prophetically. It’s all part of our inner consciousness and few even comprehend their own inner consciousness. Most view their physical brain as their mind and consciousness. This deception is prevalent everywhere. My brain is not the same as my MIND. The two are different and consciousness is at the core of this deception within neuroscience and philosophy. What is consciousness? How does my brain get activated so that my consciousness can function and operate? Who comprehends metaphysical reality? Few to done!

The sleeping public can not discern the times which I now witness everywhere. Sleeping and unawareness is everywhere today. A few are awake and discerning the times but the many are merely sleeping and drugged with metaphysical deceptions. Who will wake-up to these end-time events now prevalent everywhere? The process is slow as most prefer to live in darkness and unawareness. My goal is to help bring AWARENESS to issues of reality. It’s time to WAKE-UP! Think and learn on your own is my suggestion! I am: http:/

Some additional images to consider when thinking about end-time events:

New app lets Swedes transfer cash via mobile

Sweden’s major banks have joined forces to launch an app allowing users to transfer money in real time using mobile technology, simplifying restaurant bill-paying and moving Sweden one step closer to being a cashless society.

Banking in Sweden…Internet Banking, Wire Transfers and Swish!

The Swedish payment market in transformation, Björn Segendorf and Anna-Lena Wretman*
Björn Segendorf works in the Financial Stability Department and Anna-Lena Wretman works in the Cash and Payment Systems
Major structural changes are now taking place in the Swedish payment market. Increasing
numbers of payments are being made electronically, sometimes with the use of new
technology. At the same time, cash usage is declining and it is also becoming more difficult
to deposit or obtain cash. The widespread availability of the Internet, tablets and smart
phones is changing households’ purchasing patterns and payment requirements. The
banks, which long dominated the payment market, are now facing competition from new
players. Even if the overall development is positive, some households, associations and
companies perceive it as negative. Who, however, perceives this as leading to the ‘Mark of the Beast’?

What Was the Real ‘Purpose’ for the Invention of Money?

August 28, 2017

The history of money reveals that there was a real purpose for its invention. The survival of any group or community of people requires that people find resources, refine these resources, and then distribute these resources, so that the basic needs of man can be met…and then to create surplus resources for a rainy day. The basic needs of man are food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and health care. All these needs require that man find, then produce, and then harvest and distribute these resources. Storing up a surplus is also necessary as needs continue even when nature disrupts a group or community (such as the recent storm in Austin, Texas).

The invention of a marketplace allows people to trade and exchange their items of ownership and items of production. Trade reveals that people have various needs and wants and that this issue called ‘value’ is very necessary to understand and measure. Value can not be exchanged directly so this requires the invention of some item or thing which can serve as a substitute or proxy for ‘value’. The item gets chosen, initially, within a marketplace where people reveal their choices to each other. The item chosen has always been some item from nature (beads, beaver skins, tobacco, silver, gold, etc.)…until recently!

So this concept called ‘money’ gets invented to serve as a temporary tool for trading this concept we call ‘value’. Governments like to take over the control of this concept called ‘value’ with their gimmicks and trickery. This has been the history of money and value. Governments desire to control a marketplace for their select purposes and benefit and then allow the common people to work within their control system. The most important ‘tool’ for governments and politicians is this concept called ‘money’. Today, we live with a corrupted system of money which is finally starting to reveal the inner corruption of the control freaks in charge.

Think of our Central Banks (and their elite administrators) as the core control freaks who desire to impose their vision upon the common people. Today, we can identify all these control freaks by name. They operate as our Central Bankers and as Deep State Operatives at all the major institutions of banking, finance, and foreign policy. Think of those at our Fed, the IMF, the CFR, the BIS, the ECB, the BofE, the BofJ, SNB, and the BofC as core operatives. All these administrators desire to CONTROL you and I and our economic behavior for their select purposes. This is the issue today! We live with control freaks who must not allow you and I to control our own destiny.

The game of money is at the core of all this corruption within politics, finance, religion, science, and foreign policy. Who will gain control of this money system and who will use it to accomplish their vision of reality? Today, it is a small group of Dark State administrators and Deep State operators who work behind closed doors to promote their vision of reality. We might call today’s vision Agenda 2030 or similar. Globalism, International Governance, or World Centralization can also be used as labels for these Deep/Dark State operators. The vast majority of common people have ZERO input into this vision of these corrupt control freaks.

We all need to view our world as a hierarchy of people who CONTROL this Dark/Deep State global system. The hierarchy can be identified and named if we think in terms of following the money. Those who control the money system also control all the people. Who uses MONEY to further their agenda? Who acquires power to further their agenda? Who uses government to further their agenda? Who uses foreign policy to further their agenda? Identify and name the person’s and then lets reveal these individuals to the world. With our internet society, it is now possible to reveal and name all our control freaks. Give this some thought! I am:

P.S. If we don’t reveal these individuals, then they will continue their policies of control (now via a digital currency system). The ultimate control system will be this Mark of the Beast Monetary System which is now emerging globally. Now is the time to reveal all the elites (by name and position) who operate behind closed doors to further this agenda of global control over all the common people! Let’s ask them to step DOWN from their ivory towers of control…and the sooner the better!

AI, Robotics, Scarcity, and now Potential Abundance!

August 23, 2017

Image result for economic abundance

Due to new technologies which are rapidly emerging our human family of 7.4 billion could now develop a new model for governance of planet Earth. The current model of using money to solve problems can be updated with a new model where all money is eliminated from our planet. Volunteers could take the place of money. Money and scarcity go hand in hand. Today, if we live as one human family of 7.4 billion and cooperate with nature’s Creator as our Source. We could develop a model of super abundance for everyone given today’s technologies. This choice is available for those with courage and determination!

Our problem today is that we war against the human family to gain control over those who see reality differently. We war to gain and control scarce resources. Christians war against Muslims, Jews, and anyone who views reality uniquely. Muslims war against sects within Islam and also with Christianity so as to gain control over the ‘other’. Secularists and humanists war with those who do not view reality as material and within the scientific paradigm. The human family is at war with difference, scarcity, and uniqueness of beliefs. This seems to be continuing daily and with no resolution. The core issue today is our BELIEFS!

What we now need is to view the world as one family of humans (7.4 billion) with unique differences and with subjective beliefs. Why war against diversity and difference? Makes no sense to me. Why war to gain access to select resources which could be shared equally? It makes no sense to me. Why war over different beliefs about reality, God, science, and culture. Makes no sense to me. The model of our past has led to more conflict, war, and killing. All this could cease if we all abandoned this present SYSTEM for a new and better alternative. Our system creates most of our current problems and conflicts.

A world of abundance is now realistic if war and violence stops. If leaders accept difference of beliefs as a reality. We have the technologies that could create super abundance for each and everyone on this planet (in time). Money is at the core of our current corrupted system and our problems. Who should control the planet and decide who gets what? Money has been the tool for allocating resources to various persons and entities. This has led to conflict, war, and enslavement of the individual. Is it time to change the game? Is it now time to eliminate money from this planet? I think so!

In lieu of money being the tool for determining who gets what, why not eliminate money and allow volunteers (who would view reality differently) to allocate our resources. Volunteers (relating as equals) within a decentralized system of economics and governance could and would resolve most of our human problems so that everyone could achieve their God-given potential. Our current political systems could be abolished (globally). Our current bankster system of money could be abolished (globally). All debt could be extinguished. All current politicians could step down from their positions of power and control and relate as equals with the masses. All this is now possible!

The key to change is a new attitude about truth and reality. Why promote illusions and myths which merely confuse and create unnecessary conflict. Today, our entire money system is mostly an illusion/myth of our minds. In reality, money does not exist within our material/metaphysical universe. Currencies and value do not exist. We live with an ‘illusion’ and a ‘myth’ without realizing it. Money is/was invented. Currencies are/were invented. This concept called ‘value’ is/was invented. All this can and should CHANGE now! A revolution in thinking is what is needed. Seeking reality is what is needed. Seeking truth (subjective as it is) is now needed. Think on this!

It’s time to wake-up to reality and truth. Those with clear heads and minds must set the example for the many who live with illusions and myths. What I witness today is mental illness everywhere. This is mostly caused by our corrupted/illusionary economic/political SYSTEM. Think about changing our SYSTEM and creating a world based upon truth and reality! Reality is always a NOW experience. The present moment and successive moments of now reveal reality to all of us. Let’s get rid of money (a mental illusion) and create a new SYSTEM now. Think on this for a few days! Enjoy! I am:

Some additional images to ponder:

Image result for money is an illusion of the mind
All construction can be done with volunteers. Money is unnecessary going forward!
Related image
Consciousness and the human mind create all reality on this planet! It’s all INNER!
Image result for money is an illusion of the mind
Beliefs create our reality! Those in power understand that our beliefs need to be groomed to support those who desire to rule over us!
Image result for money is an illusion of the mind
Money (this illusion of our imagination) can be totally eliminated from our planet! Volunteers can replace money, banksters, lenders, and politicians!
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Image result for money is an illusion of the mind


Self Government and Elimination of all Money!

August 21, 2017

Image result for self government

Kingdom Economics has a goal and a vision. The goal and vision are self-government (for each individual) and the eventual elimination of all money (today’s currencies) from planet Earth. Today, we live with a centralized government of elites who impose continuing mandates upon each of us. We are gradually becoming robots of the STATE and those who administer this centralized STATE system. Our basic freedoms and our private activities are being controlled, monitored, and manipulated via the rules, laws, and regulations of this STATE system (now being centralized and mostly operating behind closed doors). Who is aware of what new mandates will be imposed upon us going forward? Who can reject this system of imposition?

The other factor which is now unnecessary (for progress) pertains to our current corrupted monetary system. In reality, money does not exist within our greater material/metaphysical universe. We humans invent this tool called ‘money’ so that survival is maintained and so that progress can be continued. But today, this tool is so corrupted and manipulated that we are all becoming slaves to mere ‘numbers’ (called money) and ‘names’ (called official legal tender). All our money today consists of mere cardinal ‘numbers’ and metaphysical ‘names’. Think of American money as a 1.00 (number) and a dollar (name). Swedish money is a 1.00 (number) and a krona (name). This goes for every currency on our planet. All currencies are mere ‘numbers’ and ‘names’ (yen, euro, dollar, pound, ruble, dong, peso, real, krone, etc.).

We live today with metaphysical money which our elite bankers create out-of-nothing (their inner consciousness). This ‘imaginary’ money (called digital money) allows us to purchase goods and services but it also creates a class system where the wealthy (the 1%) rule over the growing masses of workers (the 99%). Enslavement is the result of this corrupted system which has evolved (mostly) over the past 45 years. Enslavement to ‘numbers’ and ‘names’ (called currencies) which get created out-of-nothing (the human mind) is our situation. Is this the best that we can accomplish on this planet? Is this an economic system which creates individual freedom, self-government, and a growing prosperity for our 7.4 billion people? I don’t think so!

Since the breakdown of the Bretton Woods Monetary Agreement of 1944-46, we have lived with mere ‘numbers’ and ‘names’ as our money. In 1971, our global leader, Mr. Richard Milhous Nixon, closed the ‘tie’ of our money unit (the dollar) to its physical commodity (gold). This created our current index (number/name) monetary system. Some call this system a Floating Currency System and others call this a Fiat Currency System. I call it a metaphysical NUMBER/NAME system. What are ‘numbers’ in reality? They are mere metaphysical units of my/your consciousness (mind). This entire monetary system is now mostly ‘IMAGINARY’ and INNER. Think on this!

Nearly our entire monetary/financial system is made up of mere ‘numbers’ which are now distributed via an international computer system. Mere ‘digits’ within the computer screen make up all our global currencies (our so-called money system). We trade trillions of money ‘numbers’ daily (with various official ‘names’) and use these ‘imaginary’ units to create our ‘prices’ for all goods and services. Prices result from our trading actions via our interconnected global computer system. We trade, buy, sell, save, lend, and borrow using mere INNER units of consciousness as our money. Mere imaginary ‘numbers’ (with selected ‘names’). What is a dollar ($1.00) in reality? Think on this! What is a euro, yen, krona, or pound? It’s nothing and nowhere? Try find or locate an ‘imaginary’ NUMBER!

This entire global HOUSE of cards (numbers and names) will soon collapse and vanish from our sight. The ‘numbers’ within our computer screens are mere extensions of our consciousness (mind/spirit) and these ‘numbers’ have NO physical existence. The numbers are IMAGINARY (inner). They need to be completely DELETED from our computer screens so that we can eliminate ALL money from this planet (now). Why have money for the elites (the 1%) to use as their tool for controlling and manipulating each of us? Does this make any sense? Why should a few select Central Bankers (operating behind closed doors) control, monitor, manipulate the entire planet’s resources, all prices,  and all the 7.4 billion people living on this planet?

Who enjoys enslavement to mere ‘numbers’ and ‘names’ which get created artificially via a few CENTRAL administrators operating behind closed doors (the New York FED, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of England, the Peoples Bank of China, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank (ECB), the Riksbank of Sweden, etc.? Who desires enslavement to the ‘inner’ metaphysical ‘numbers’ which a few select elites impose on our people (the 7.4 billion) artificially and selectively? Is this reality or the crime of enslavement? What is a better alternative? Let’s think on this word ‘alternative’!

A much better alternative is to completely ELIMINATE all money from this planet. Money is now a corrupted set of ‘numbers’ living within cyberspace (our computer screens). All these ‘numbers’ (what we call credit and debt) can be DELETED with the stroke of a computer key. Deletion of all these ‘numbers’ is what is needed so that we can create a new economic system with PEOPLE first. People (under self-government) can create all our wealth without the aid of mere ‘inner’ numbers and names. People can administer a decentralized system of economics without money, credit, debt, or the global bankster community. This is now possible and feasible for those with a creative mindset. Think on this!

Decentralization of all economic activity is now possible. Solving economic problems where they reside (within decentralized communities) is now feasible and possible. All money could be ELIMINATED from this planet. All money cartels, power centers, select elites, and political gimmickry to enslave the masses could be ELIMINATED. Our planet is now interconnected and wired so that a decentralized system of economics could prevail. Problems can be solved/resolved with volunteers who desire to serve a given community. People would come FIRST and all money units would be deleted and allowed to vanish back into our metaphysical consciousness (where it all started).

Money started some 5000 years prior to today. It has served its purpose and we now can choose to ELIMINATE this tool of the rulers who desire to impose their mandates over the masses. People (the 7.4 billion) need to come FIRST and a tool like money must now be completely eliminated from our system (the planet). We now have AI (artificial intelligence), mechanical robots, and an interconnected/wired communication system which allows for this change and revolution to occur. Think about ELIMINATION of all money from planet Earth! Then think about SELF GOVERNMENT over all the planets resources! Kingdom Economics is the best ALTERNATIVE going forward! Give this your attention! I am:

Some additional images to ponder over:

Image result for self government

Image result for self government

Image result for self government

Image result for self government

Image result for money, an illusion

Image result for money, an illusion

Image result for money, an illusion

Image result for money, an illusion

Image result for money, an illusion

Related image

Image result for money, an illusion

Image result for money, an illusion

Related image

Decentralized economics is now possible if we eliminate money, banksters, and political power centers. With AI (artificial intelligence), smart phones, robotics, and global interconnected communication, we could eliminate money from this planet. Self-government could replace all our political power centers. Think on this as a better ‘alternative’ to what we all witness now. Reality, going forward, is a NOW experience! Change evolves from a mere ‘idea’ which gets implemented within successive moments of now!


Isaac Newton and Thomas Jefferson believed in a Creator God!

August 5, 2017

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Two of the greatest minds of recent history, Isaac Newton and Thomas Jefferson, believed in a Creator God. Newton was born in 1643 and Jefferson in 1743. Both these thinkers are mentors of mine as they seem sound in their logic and philosophy. Let’s talk Theology today for this missive as the issue of a Creator God is essential for understanding self, consciousness, and one’s destiny. The neuroscience idea that my Brain creates my Consciousness is, to me, ludicrous (invalid). How can brain neurons and brain synapses create my beliefs, thoughts, words, and all my mental abstractions used in my thinking. This, to me, is totally absurd and beyond my logic to entertain as a serious theory of reality. The above two thinkers (most likely) would agree with this conclusion!

Consciousness is another word for spirit essence and/or that phenomena which is non-material and non-physical within us. As spirit essence, consciousness lives on after my Brain ceases to function…as spirit is an eternal essence (not dead inorganic matter). This implies, to me, that there is a Creator God which is behind all our thinking and our human destiny. So let’s think about the nature of this Creator God to discern this person’s reality. First of all, the Christian doctrine of the Trinity was rejected as bogus by both Isaac Newton and Thomas Jefferson. These thinkers were strong believers in a Deity but they dismissed the false doctrine which most of Christianity promotes called the Trinity doctrine.

Both Jefferson and Newton could not accept the logic of three (3) persons also being ONE GOD. This, to them, was totally illogical and unbiblical. Any serious reading of scripture (Old and New) reveals that there is only ONE singular God which acts within the human realm. The Old testament reveals this God as having the personal name Yahweh (YHWH). The New testament reveals that Yeshua (Jesus) also believed that he received his messages and his Gospel from this same Creator God (Yahweh/YHWH). Logic and a discerning spirit (while reading scripture) will reveal that this Trinity concept devised by Christianity (mostly after 325 A.D.) is bogus and without any serious merit. Both Newton and Jefferson came to this same conclusion.

Newton and Jefferson rejected this Trinity concept which grew within Catholic teaching (after Nicaea, 325 A.D.) and then within Protestant teaching after the reformation period. Personally, I have reached the same conclusion from my reading, study, and research on this issue. There is no Creator God which lives as three persons within a collective Godhead (that makes sense to me). There can be only ONE ultimate source (Creator) which created our universe and gave life to all human beings. There can be only ONE potter who allows the clay (you and I) to survive for a brief season on this planet prior to our exiting via some form of physical brain/body death.

Today, we need to start questioning all the false doctrines which are being promoted by well-meaning but deceived teachers and theologians. Our TV’s and our Internet are full of teachers who proclaim this Trinity God which is all love (and positive) and who supposedly controls all events on this planet. Real-time experience (for me) reveals that our Creator God is ONE person who initiates ALL historical events (not three). Most common sense blue-collar thinkers recognize this reality without any theological training. Three is three. Two is two. And One is one. One + one + one (does not) = One. The logic and also scriptural evidence says the OPPOSITE. This Trinity doctrine is false IMO and needs to be dropped as a realistic concept of theological teaching!

If you have read my missive on Consciousness, you may have discerned that I believe in Dualism as my basic worldview/philosophy. Dualism subscribes to the concept that my Mind is separate from my Brain. Mind is another word for Consciousness. Brain is another word for this three-pound ball of matter (within my skull) which gets activated by my Consciousness. My Brain has no inherent ability to create my Consciousness (thinking) IMO. None! When dead, the Brain reveals that prior Consciousness was essential to activate this ball of material matter. My words, thoughts, and all my mental abstractions (images, numbers, symbols) derive from Consciousness (mind)..not my neurons/synapses or the interconnections thereof. This seems obvious to me. Give this some reflection and thought.

For those who follow economics and money issues, you need to know that our money today also derives from a banker’s Consciousness (spirit). Today, our money is merely a ‘name’ and a ‘number’ living within cyberspace (this netherworld of our extended consciousness). These money numbers (like $1 or $100000) originate in the Mind of a banker (within our Federal Reserve banking system) and then get ‘typed’ into a computer screen (cyberspace) for people to witness and access (mentally). Our banking administrators call this fake (virtual) money our official legal tender money. In reality, it is not only ‘fake’ but it is ‘imaginary’ and without any intrinsic ‘value’ or material substance. It is ‘thin air’ money an acronym for ‘nothing’! Today, we live with illusionary money and illusionary value (mere mental abstractions). To comprehend all this one must dig deep into one’s own Consciousness for understanding.

In conclusion, both Isaac Newton (a great thinker within science and theology) as well as Thomas Jefferson (America’s greatest founding Father) both rejected this doctrine of Catholicism and Christianity called The Trinity. I also reject this doctrine and find it meaningless for revealing sound logic and thinking on issues of spiritual reality. Those who hold to this doctrine need to rethink the history of this concept and also challenge themselves as they read holy scripture from both the Old and the New testament. This doctrine emerged gradually AFTER the death of Yeshua/Jesus. It was not present during the lifetime of this prophet of Yahweh God. Trinitarianism gradually emerged during the first, second, and third centuries after Yeshua’s death. Yeshua died around 31 A.D. The Council of Nicaea was held in 325 A.D. Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Today’s Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on the thinking of Isaac Newton with respect to his religious beliefs. It was called “Newton’s God-Filled Universe” (page C7, August 5-6). This article states “the false tradition that most consumed Newton was the doctrine of the triune God. Jesus Christ, he believed, was separate and unequal to God the Father. Trinitarianism not only was the genesis of ecclesiastical corruption, in Newton’s schema, but also was inevitably accompanied by the complete loss of true scientific knowledge in Western Europe.”

Some images which follow from the above missive:

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The concept of ONE Creator God was the mindset of Isaac Newton (similar to that of Thomas Jefferson)!

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Isaac Newton was a great scientist and also a thinker on prophecy and theological issues! His views on God and theology were kept hidden until well after his death in 1727. I respect his great mind and his ability to discern reality (scientific reality and theological reality)!

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Thomas Jefferson believed in the moral teachings of Yeshua/Jesus…but not most Christian doctrines (like the Trinity)!

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Thomas Jefferson was a strong believer in a Creator God (One ultimate Ruler of the Universe) but not in this doctrine of Christianity called Trinitarianism (three god persons in one Godhead). He also viewed Yeshua/Jesus as a historical person who promoted a sound Gospel of morality and righteousness! He considered himself a follower of the message of Yeshua/Jesus on all moral issues!

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This is a typical image of the Trinity (three persons, all equal, within one Godhead). Makes no sense to me! This doctrine emerged after the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. It then became the standard Catholic and Protestant truth for most believers after this date!

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My reading of the Old and New testament leads me to the conclusion that there is only ONE ultimate Creator God (a singularity)!

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The above image is ‘Fake’…but it reveals the ‘idea’ of ONE Creator God over planet Earth! Scripture does not reveal an ‘image’ of this ONE Creator God which we can document as God. The personal ‘name’ of this Creator God, however, is generally considered to be Yahweh (YHWH)…also names like Jehovah, Father, or the Almighty Elohim. Under the religion of Islam this God would be called Allah…by most believers of prophet Mohammad and his Quran! I like the ‘name’ the Creator Source and/or the Ground of all Reality!



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