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ABORTION no longer legal (Federally)! States will now decide!

June 24, 2022
Trump’s appointments made the difference!
Pro Life crowd likes the decision of our Supreme Court!
The Pro Choice crowd will disagree and protest this decision!

Our Supreme Court overturned the ‘ROE’ abortion issue with a 6-3 vote. The issue will now become a STATE issue. Some State’s will allow abortion and others will not. Since the original decision in 1973, some 60+ million legal abortions have occurred. This is an average of over 1 million/year. But is this issue a Constitutional issue? Some say Yes and some say NO!

The Supreme Court vote in 1973 said YES! The vote today says NO! What does this reveal? Are decisions SUBJECTIVE and changing with the members on the COURT? I think so! So-called ‘conservative’ members mostly think abortion is NOT an issue expressed within our Constitution. Liberal members, however, read this right into our Constitution. It’s all a matter of ‘interpretation’ and very ‘subjective’.

I have expressed my personal view many times. I am simultaneously PRO CHOICE and also PRO LIFE. Choice comes first as I view reality as ‘subjective’. Moral ideas are subjective (for me) and each adult person must make their OWN decision on issues of morality and other personal life issues. I prefer LIFE over DEATH but that is MY worldview. I honor anyone who has a ‘contrarian’ viewpoint. We each ‘interpret’ reality differently. Have you noticed this reality in your own venue?

Is a 7 month fetus a human being? The original Roe/Wade decision allowed a fetus less than 28 weeks to be legally aborted. The view was called ‘viability’! Today, many have reduced this to 15 weeks (some to 5 weeks). It’s all very subjective and each person must weigh in on the subjectivity on their own. Personally, I like those who put LIFE first. But I also respect those who see the issue differently. This means I must speak for myself on this issue! What is a ‘person’? Is a fetus a ‘person’? We see this reality differently!

What will be the implications of this decision for our country? My sense is that it will further ‘polarize’ the citizen/voter. We could witness a 50/50 split on this issue when election time comes (this November). Most God believers will view a PRO LIFE view as meaningful. Most secular thinkers will view PRO CHOICE as meaningful. Most of my older friends here in Arizona are PRO CHOICE. My Christian friends are mostly PRO LIFE. It’s all a matter of BELIEF and based on one’s WORLDVIEW.

But the abortion issue will get much MEDIA attention and this means that the voter (come November) will find this issue polarizing and also meaningful when entering the voting booth. Most democrats will vote for those who are PRO CHOICE and most republicans (the conservative ones) will vote PRO LIFE. Personally, I am PRO CHOICE and simultaneously PRO LIFE. I will choose LIFE over death when I must choose! The killing of a fetus is a rather gruesome visualization.

I call this using pliers to remove the body! It’s rather gruesome!

American’s, however, must allow an adult person to determine their own morality on all these issues of life. God is not on our planet to decide for each person. This means that each (adult) person must CHOOSE their own morality and then accept responsibility for this decision. That is my worldview!

It is interesting that ladies who get pregnant within the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) tend to choose an abortion 52% of the time. Amazing! Our politicians are (apparently) quite sexually active (so it seems) and young ladies get pregnant in this venue more often that any other venue in America. For example the State of Missouri has less than 1% (who get pregnant) choosing abortion. Our political CAPITOL (in contrast) has 52% (who get pregnant) choosing an abortion. All this might change going forward??? Or maybe it won’t???

Anyway, the decision of our SUPREME COURT was historic. After some 50 years a reversal in the legal argument has occurred. Donald Trump and his administration will get some credit for this outcome. Biden and his administration will try to reverse this outcome in our Federal Courts as events continue. The issue is polarizing and will not create UNITY for the American voter. That is my view!

I am: Donald B. Swenson (Svensson), Economist/Philosopher,

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