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What is Money? part III (my challenge to pundits)!

June 5, 2017

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Our money system today is pure fantasy when fully understood. Only 8% of all money on planet earth is physical the rest consists of virtual accounting units. What we have for money today is merely a ‘accounting unit’. We have no real ‘thing’ as our money. Our accounting unit is virtual and lives within cyberspace. Think about what we have for money today. A ‘virtual’ accounting unit ($1.00) and this unit represents nothing of substance. We should call this unit a FAKE abstraction of our mind which has been imposed upon the markets by our banksters.

This virtual unit is technically illegal as it has not been adjudicated within our American court system as constitutional legal tender. This unit is also unconstitutional as our Congress has not approved a VIRTUAL dollar ($1.00) for our economy. Our House Banking Committee has not approved virtual money and our Senate Banking Committee has not approved virtual money. So why are these virtual units being imposed upon our markets? What is virtual money? Where does it derive from?

Virtual money derives from our thinking (our consciousness) and these units have NO existence within our space/time universe. We all live within a space/time universe and we create our money from this universe (historically). To abandon the material universe and accept a virtual money unit is a major change from all our past history. Virtual reality (and virtual money) lives within this Netherworld called cyberspace. This space is not part of our space/time universe. Think on this. Where is cyberspace located? What do I mean by stating that virtual money lives within our ‘extended’ consciousness?

Cyberspace is really an extension of my/your mind or consciousness. Cyberspace does not exist as a substance or thing within our material universe. Does our Congress realize this? Do our elected leaders realize this? Do the American people realize this? Do our world trading counterparties realize this? Cyberspace and cyber money can work ONLY as a ‘accounting unit’ and then only for a limited time period. When traders and nations become aware of the flaws with virtual money they will REJECT this FAKE money. These fake units do not fulfill the core functions of money!

Think of money serving core functions. A virtual money unit (our current ‘accounting unit’) does not fulfill the role of a ‘store of value’. How can I ‘store’ a mental abstraction? How can I ‘store’ a non-substance? How can I ‘store’ a fake/virtual image living within my computer screen? How can I ‘store’ an imaginary ‘number’ living in cyberspace? In reality, this accounting unit is pure fakery on the nations which trade with us. We ask them to sell us real material products (oil, consumer goods, and such) and we give them units of our imagination (virtual accounting units) circulating within our computer screens. Is this fair trade? Is this free trade? Is this just and/or moral? I don’t think so!

Our current virtual accounting unit also is not a real medium of exchange or a standard of value. These functions of money require that the medium live within our space/time universe and that some physical ‘thing’ be exchanged as a ‘standard of value’. Virtual accounting units can not fulfill these two functions in any meaningful way. Again, virtual money resides within our extended consciousness. This means that our current money unit ($1.00) which works as a ‘accounting unit’ does not work long-term as a ‘store of value’, ‘standard of value’, or a ‘medium of exchange’. Our pompous elites, however, are attempting to impose this fake/virtual/cyber money unit upon the entire world.

We all need to start thinking about what is happening within real-time commerce. We need to ask our elected leaders to get educated on virtual reality, cyberspace, digital money, cyber banking, and money creation ‘OUT-OF-NOTHING’. Many call this money creation out-of-thin air. I call it FAKE money which has no existence within our space/time universe. Give my missives on money some reflection. What is Money? Do you know? If not, let’s help our leaders to get educated on this issue. Enjoy! I am:

Some additional images to consider:

Image result for money is an illusion

Image result for money is an illusion

Image result for money is an illusion

Image result for money is an illusion

Image result for money is an illusion

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Whether I look at my laptop screen, my smart phone screen, or put on goggles to watch my screen, it is all VIRTUAL. I experience virtual reality within my inner self (called my consciousness). Virtual money within my computer screens derives from my ‘extended’ consciousness. Do our elected leaders comprehend the ‘nature’ of our money today? I don’t think so! We need to educate all our leaders and the public on what is happening today within our markets! HELP!



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  1. therooster permalink
    June 5, 2017 1:17 pm

    The value is not in the currency application. The value is in the price ratios in support of debt-free trades through direct price comparisons.

    When comparing ratios, the “dollar units” cancel out so you are left with a ratio that is just simply a number.

    Compare the price of gold with the price of the new suit, establish a fair settlement weight and trade debt-free.


  2. Muhd.Shukri Yaacob permalink
    June 5, 2017 5:36 pm

    Are you implying that the trade settlement must be on the exchange of real asset (Gold against Suit) but to measure the value of the two against fiat currency?


    • therooster permalink
      June 5, 2017 7:13 pm

      The fiat measurement tool is the bridge. I think it’s inappropriate to call it a fiat currency in this application. It’s not acting as a medium of exchange.

      Think of the USD like a segment of sting, a segment that has two distinct and separate ends …. one being the currency (debt), while at the other end, we find the price measure, a value measurement tool of relativity and comparison in the global price model created by central banks. It is the price model that now allows and supports debt-free, real-time transactions for consumers in the real economy. The trades cannot be done without this vital tool to compare the price value of two debt-free widgets so that they can trade directly with NO DEBT involved in the transaction. ZERO. Barter , in spirit.


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