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Cyber$$$ vs. Gold$$$ – and the winner is?

January 27, 2017

Image result for goldThe age-old battle of what should be money continues. Today, the battle is between the banking establishment and the masses of people who trade our markets. The establishment desires to enslave the people with their imaginary ‘cyber’ digits and a cashless society. The people, however, desire a tangible object (like silver/gold)…but the ‘price’ of this object is controlled by the cyber marketplace (which is currently controlled by our cyber banksters operating behind closed doors).

The establishment (select political elites and central bankers) have been suppressing the cyber price of gold and silver relentlessly (since 2011) to depress demand and simultaneously enhancements in the cyber ‘value’. All this can now be done with algorithms and computers in our various global electronic cyber markets. Banksters and select political elites who desire to create their socialistic utopia on this planet (I call it enslavement of the people) will do nearly anything to make sure their concept of money prevails.

I watch this battle daily as I look at the silver/gold tick charts which reveal the suppression scheme in real-time. You can do likewise by going to and clicking on the charts for silver and gold. Check a series of the day charts over a number of weeks to recognize the suppression pattern. Since January 2017 the charts are mostly trending upward (for a change) but our central planners can reverse this direction at any time on the various global electronic futures markets.

The strategy is called selling ‘short’ and using HFT algorithms to push the cyber price down (where no physical settlement/exchange happens). Cyber $$$ can be accessed easily by our bankster traders for this suppression scheme. Our central banks have unlimited cyber $$$ if they so choose. These units can then be used for this suppression scheme. Some call this selling ‘naked shorts’ (in the paper market) as no real exchange of any object (real physical silver or gold) occurs. The transaction is all ‘imaginary’!

All that happens is that the cyber ‘price’ gets pushed or slammed down when these huge short contracts are executed (in this so-called ‘paper’ electronic market). The ‘name’ for this market is an oxymoron as it is really a ‘digital’ computer market. The general tendency is for this cyber ‘price’ (of gold/silver) to increase in times of stress and uncertainty (as we witness today). But these select elites operating behind closed doors can use their computer strategies to accomplish their suppression scheme goals (irrespective of the general market sentiment). Some call this ‘manipulation’!

I have been watching this suppression scheme for the past six years + and the scheme is relentless. But we now have a Trump team of policy-makers who may or may not continue this suppression. We shall see as the weeks roll by. What does this reveal about our corrupt banking establishment? To me, this reveals that the real WINNER in the arena for this concept called MONEY will (ultimately) be GOLD and SILVER. The corrupt elites probably recognize this but their deception scheme is perpetrated on the traders none-the-less. It seems to work for now!

Eventually, Gold and Silver will WIN the battle of what is superior MONEY. This will happen when the supply of these metals are basically unavailable (probably due to purchases from foreigners who desire to rid themselves of all their cyber $$$). Keep in mind that cyber $$$ are ‘imaginary’ units which live exclusively within cyberspace. This means that these units can be ‘deleted’ from existence within our computer screens. At some point traders will catch on to this trickery of our bankster community.

Imaginary money units are not stable money units and these units also are not a store of value (when times get really tough). This means that these units reside exclusively within our mind’s eye (not within the space/time universe). When the collapse eventually comes for all our cyber markets, then people will wake-up to this reality. They will ask: where is my MONEY? Today, however, I witness bankster deception working and our corrupt political elites have control over our system. This will eventually END, however, IMO!

Until the game of deception and Ponzi finance ENDS, you can watch a daily tick chart at and visualize this game of cyber intrigue in operation. Cyber ‘prices’ will go UP and then get SLAMMED by a computer algorithm in real-time. This happens on our electronic exchanges and a tick chart reveals the changes. We now have some 45 global electronic exchanges where this could occur. I watch mostly the Globex electronic exchange. Enjoy this battle for the ‘concept’ called MONEY…and the winner is…GOLD (eventually)! I am:

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  1. therooster permalink
    January 27, 2017 8:13 pm

    The CB’s of the world have created a global price model. This was hatched in 1944. The price model held the USD as being the “measure of measures” and the price of gold, which was priced in USD’s was fixed at $35.00 USD /oz. The stage was set for long term good will and development of that price model and after an appreciable time, the price peg on gold was severed, leaving a comparative price model that could be used to support debt-free trading and where gold bullion could be used as a standard “barter bench mark” with variable price. (USD/oz)

    We are back to a debt-free trade environment , by market choice, where we can trade gold for a new suit, but where the gold has fully scalable price (and liquidity) for the sake of fully scalable global economic support.

    All are invited to the great wedding of the measure and the weight in the church of real-time transactions.


    • January 27, 2017 8:24 pm

      Dan: I hope your scalability creates a free market price if $10,000/ounce. D

      On Jan 27, 2017 7:13 PM, “Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now” wrote:




  1. GOLD Will Win Out Over the Current Concept of Money - Eventually! - munKNEE

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