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The ‘Cause’ of the Texas Shooting?

May 18, 2018

This 17-year-old killer must have had a reason for his behavior. Do actions of a person  (say, me or you) happen without a ’cause’? I don’t think so. Was the cause his brain neurons? I don’t think so. Many claim that my/your brain neurons cause our behavior. Neuroscience seems to assert this reality. My PhD friend at the clubhouse seemed to agree with this reality. If this is valid then it was the inner brain neurons which caused behavior which is evil. Who buys into this nonsense?


My behavior is not the result of my brain neurons (as many in science, politics, and education assert). Behavior is a result of my ‘ideas’ and my ‘thoughts’. Ideas, beliefs, and thoughts are spiritual phenomena. Dimitrios should not be viewed as evil even though his ‘ideas’ and ‘actions’ were evil. He killed some 10 innocent students and injured another ten. What was he attempting to accomplish? Where did he get his ‘ideas’ from? What are ‘ideas’ (in reality)? Are they units of ‘matter’ or units of spirit ‘consciousness’?


My view is that my behavior and yours is caused by our inner thinking. Our inner thinking is spiritual at the core. The human mind is not identical to my brain. Mind is my spiritual consciousness. Are you aware of this reality? Probably not. Matter and energy do not cause evil actions, killing, murder, etc. Matter and energy (that which makes up my brain neurons) can not cause events like I just witnessed in Texas. All the focus on my/your brain activity will not help with getting to the cause of human behavior.


The likely response of our elite authorities will be more ‘security’ and more focus on effects rather than causes. Arming teachers, arming officials at the schools, etc. will be the natural response from our elites. This will not help with the killing problems resulting from human nature. Killing others is part of human thinking. It derives from one’s spiritual consciousness. In reality, we are all spiritual beings with a spiritual consciousness. We war not against ‘flesh and blood’ but against principalities and powers in heavenly venues.


The biggest killers on this planet are our political leaders on this planet. Kim (called the rocket man) will kill to advance his inner political agenda. Trump (this leader of America) will kill to advance his inner political agenda. Putin (this leader of Russia) will kill to advance his inner political agenda. History shows that killing starts with governments and those in positions of authority. Who killed millions over in the Middle East these past 15 years? Who is killing innocent civilians in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Venezuela, Pakistan, Israel, Afghanistan, and a host of other nations?


Is the USA part of the problem or part of the solution? Who is looking inward at the real causes of evil behavior? Can brain neurons cause all this killing on planet Earth? I don’t think so. All the security in the world will not advance our solution given the mindset of our authorities. Guns do not kill. People with guns kill. People think and act after they reflect on their inner thinking. Inner thinking involves our spiritual ideas, our spiritual mindset, and especially our inner beliefs. Until we look inward (at ourselves) no solution will emerge. Think for  yourself and watch as events continue to get more dire.


Our Creator Source (acting invisibly) is providing us with evidence of who we really are. We are NOT mere globs of matter/energy and neuron thinkers. We are spiritual beings with beliefs and ideas which derive from the spiritual realm. Scripture says: we ‘war not against flesh and blood’ but against principalities and powers in dark spiritual venues. Does our Creator understand human behavior? I think so. Creating an environment of armed security at all the school venues will do nothing in the longer run. I can out-think all these options with my criminal mind.


Human nature involves two spirits. The good and the evil. Opposites create our real-time realities. We could also say the ‘old man’ and the ‘new man’ make up our inner self. We could also say the Yin and the Yang reveal our inner nature. As spiritual beings we all have ‘ideas’, ‘beliefs’, and ‘thoughts’ which derive from the spiritual realm. Reality is based on this spiritual realm of reality. Materialism is essentially over IMO. We now live in a dualistic world where subjective beliefs create our realities. Dualism (mind over matter) is reality in 2018. Think for yourself. I am:



Pope Francis says: Money is ‘Dung of the Devil’!

May 18, 2018

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article about the philosophy of Pope Francis and his Vatican Financial Information Authority. Our global Pope (so it appears) does not approve of much of that which is happening within today’s Capitalism. He views today’s Capitalism as a system which promotes inequality and injustice. He views money as the ‘dung of the devil’. He thinks we now need a global Central Bank to regulate the international financial system. He wants banks to serve “works of religion”.


The problem with this philosophy of our global Pope is that his system of a centralized financial system, monitored and controlled by select elites (probably under his authority to some degree), is essentially a form of global Communism. Why would our Vicar of Christ, who supposedly represents the glorified Yeshua (in the heavens), be promoting a system which the historical Yeshua would denounce as false, unholy, and man centered. Yeshua desired the Kingdom of his Father (God) and not global Communism (under man’s auspices). Read his words in the Gospel of Mark.


The article in the WSJ was entitled ‘Vatican, in Paper, Supports Stricter Market Regulation’. The Pope appears to understand that money is the ‘root of all evil’ and this may be why he called it the ‘dung of the devil’. Personally, I also view today’s digital/cyber money as ‘dung’. So I agree with Pope Francis on this issue. But to create a centralized monstrosity at the Vatican or another venue (say Basel, Switzerland) to regulate and control all finance is anathema to past church history and to individual freedom. It’s contrary to the philosophy of the historical Yeshua (Jesus).


I am surprised that our Holy Father, who supposedly acts as the substitute of Yeshua (on Earth), would desire a global centralized bank to regulate all commerce for this planet. This reveals, to me, that this spiritual leader does not understand human nature or the history of money. A global Central Bank would allow enslavement of the masses to mere cyber numbers. This enslavement would reduce freedom and individual responsibility (hallmarks of past Christian philosophy). Also, a global Central Bank would favor the rich and well-heeled at the expense of the masses.


I don’t think Pope Francis is properly representing the historical Yeshua (Jesus) with this mindset. What would Yeshua (Jesus) do is a relevant question? My sense of history and scripture is that Yeshua would abandon money completely (if he were here today). He certainly would not desire the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system…which is now emerging with a vengeance. Our current digital/cyber money system is a direct progenitor of this ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system. It’s here now. Is the Pope aware of past history, economic theory, and human nature?


Our global Pope needs new advice IMO on issues of economics and money. We certainly do not need global Communism (with a few elites running the planet from behind closed doors at the Vatican or Basel). This is totally anathema to all teachings of Yeshua and his followers. Yeshua desired the Kingdom of God (his Father). Yeshua preached that his Father’s Kingdom would eventually replace all the ‘isms’ of this world. God (Yahweh) would rule over the entire planet. Freedom for each individual would be primary under this Kingdom.


Send this missive to Pope Francis for his consideration. Maybe he will change his mindset on some of these financial issues. His view on money is valid IMO. Money is the ‘dung of the devil’. Today’s money is merely a ‘symbol’, ‘name’, and a ‘number’. It has no outer reality to it. We are living with spiritual ‘dung’ today and I applaud the Pope for this reference. But we certainly do not desire enslavement to a centralized committee of corrupt elites. This mindset is totally anathema to the mission, message, and philosophy of the historical Christ (Yeshua). Think for yourself! I am:

Currency Problems are the Core Issue for Venezuela, Argentina, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan!

May 17, 2018

The Wall Street Journal reported that inflation in Venezuela is now at 13,000%. What value does a paper currency hold when official authorities merely print new ‘numbers’ on the bills. We now use cyber currencies (mere money symbols) within our computers as our money. What is emerging now on the global financial stage? Watch as all our currencies get in trouble in coming months/years!


Venezuela is experiencing 13,000% inflation. This must qualify as hyper-inflation. Yet sellers of prime real estate in Caracas must discount their prices to accomplish a sale. What does this suggest? Price inflation can affect select sectors of an economy and not others. Food and energy are being affected as hyper-inflation hits these items first. Real estate is a different story. Lights are going out in Caracas and garbage is collecting on the streets. Yet people do not seem to understand that money is at the core of all these problems. This concept called ‘money’ is at the core of all our social problems today!


Over in Argentina, interest rates are up to 40% as the Peso collapses relative to hard currencies (the dollar, etc.). This country will continue to deteriorate as their money gets rejected on the international stage. Countries like Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Afghanistan also have currencies which are collapsing relative to hard currencies. I sense that this situation will grow exponentially as currency problems magnify in the next few years. Digital money is corrupt money as it has no tangible value independent of the official banking establishment.


Today, we live with fiat/digital/cyber currencies globally. All these currencies fluctuate subjectively from day-to-day (relative to other currencies). None of these currencies are tied or defined in terms of a tangible good. The gold standard was abandoned in 1971 by Mr. Nixon. This set the stage for our cyber currencies which are mere symbols in the computer screen. Mental symbols ($) and mental numbers (1) are subjective units of one’s consciousness. These units can not work when a country’s currency collapses. History is our teacher.


Venezuela should be a lesson to all financial pundits that these units of nothing (inner units of consciousness) will all collapse over time. Cyber money only works in a progressive economy where prices and values go UP and UP. When values and prices collapse, then trade can not work with these currencies. Cyber money which gets circulated within our computer screens can not be held in one’s hand. This type of money is worthless when an economy collapses (like we now witness over in Venezuela). Argentina could be next and then a host of countries which have weak and/or inflated cyber currencies could follow.


Our entire globe is now functioning on cyber money and money which gets created from the consciousness of our banksters. I call this INNER money. It is INNER as it has no outer existence. Try to hold a cyber $ or a cyber currency in your hand. Try to dig into your computer screen for a cyber money unit in your account. I wish you luck. Cyber money is subjective and worthless as economies collapse and crumble. It has happened in Venezuela and is now starting in Argentina. Iran is in serious trouble. A host of nations with weak cyber exchange rates (relative to the dollar or a hard Western currency) will experience a similar situation to Venezuela. It’s all emerging gradually.


We need a global RESET to our cyber currency system. This must happen even though this will not solve the money dilemma. History shows that money (to work in a collapsing economy) must be tangible and viewed as having exchange ‘value’. Today, we have NO currencies which are tied to gold or silver. This means that our cyber currencies will ALL collapse at some point. The start of this collapse has already happened over in Venezuela. Watch as more nations experience a similar situation. Think for yourself! Our world system is in serious trouble! I am:

Money Show Presentation by Peter Schiff!

May 16, 2018

The best presentation at this year’s Money Show, May 14-16, Las Vegas, was that of Peter Schiff. His one hour presentation (today) was comprehensive and convincing. Peter speaks truth to power and this is why many will not allow his voice to be heard on any of our official media platforms. Bloomberg, for example, will not allow Peter to give his view on our financial situation. The media does not want to hear voices which reveal that all is not well with America, banking, politics, and economics. I commend Peter for his commitment to truth and reality!


Peter laid out the history of our monetary policies since the 1960’s. He covered the reasons why our money has no tie to gold and/or anything tangible. He says that our bankers have created a policy situation which can not be corrected with more money creation or more QE. Essentially, America is bankrupt and the coming financial collapse will be much worse than 2008. He envisions higher interest rates, then a serious correction/collapse, then high inflation (possibly hyper-inflation) as the Fed attempts to lower rates and reflate the markets.


All these policy prescriptions will not work as our policy options are now not relevant for the hyper distorted markets which have emerged. Peter sees a new round of QE (eventually) and a Fed balance sheet of double or triple its current level. Prior to this new QE, he sees crashing real estate markets, bond markets, and most global stock markets. The dollar will weaken as foreigners exchange all their unwanted reserves for American hard assets. Prices could hyper-inflate as foreign dollars come after hard/tangible assets.


Gold will double, triple, and other assets will get either hyper-inflated or hyper-deflated (all depending upon what the Fed does as the markets crash and burn). All this could happen in 2018 and 2019 as confidence wanes and our markets crash. Peter claims there is no solution to our financial cook books. The deficits will get much greater, the debts will become unpayable, and the citizens will become members of a banana republic. He is convinced that nothing can solve the current problems given that all is now beyond the Fed’s capability of resolving. Past policies have set the agenda for this dire scenario.


Basically, the cards have been played and America is a huge loser as Humpty Dumpty comes crashing down. All this is absolutely assured, says Peter, as all viable options have already been played. He loves America but not the current American policy agenda. Peter gave a very convincing presentation to those who understand reality. I commend him for his honesty and spontaneity. We need more Peter Schiff’s in this country of ours. Those who listened to Peter (some 200 or so) will likely agree with this paraphrase. Think for yourself. I am:

Money Show, Las Vegas, the Message!

May 15, 2018

Approximately 5000 attended the Money Show, May 14 – 17, at Balley’s in Las Vegas. The message was essentially that NO recession is on the horizon but that the BULL market is mature and not far from over. But the general consensus was that we could have another 18 months before investors need to worry. Every speaker with the exception of Peter Schiff seemed to view our current global markets as continuing upward for now. Peter was the bear/contrarian.


Gary Shilling, Ken Fischer, Mark Skousen, Keith Fitzgerald, Robert Eisenbeis, John Buckingham, Craig Johnson, Mary Ann Aden, and James Stack all thought that the current BULL will continue for 2018 and into 2019. Others felt that 2020 would be likely with a Dow of 29,000 later in 2018 and likely 35,000 later. Mary Ann Aden thought that gold would rise after investors flee the stock market (some time later). But even Mary Ann did not sense a recession coming in 2018.


The general advice was for investors to stay in stocks and bonds and not worry about the negatives for now. If these prognosticators are correct we could witness the longest BULL market in all history. Add 18 months to the current 108 months and we get 126 months. The prior longest BULL was 120 months and the average BULL market is around 60 to 65 months. My sense is that these experts could get a surprise later in 2018. I don’t think this BULL has more than a couple more months given current trends.


My view is similar to David Stockman. A financial crash is immanent and I don’t think we will have many months left before ? hits the fan. I talked to a number of attendees and found that most are mostly positive about our markets and our economy. The negative crowd is less than 20% of these attendees. An interesting twist at this Money Show was all the emphasis on cryptos. Many still view cryptocurrencies as our future. Based on prophecy this makes sense. Digital money is advancing exponentially. Cryptos are merely a special form of digital money.


Steve Forbes was supposed to speak at the conference but he called in as being sick. So Mark Skousen spoke for Steve and promoted his conference called the Freedom Fest. Mark has a huge Libertarian conference scheduled for mid-July here in Las Vegas. I have attended his conference a couple of times. It is basically excellent but it does not focus on our real problems…debt and deficits or Central Bank planning. Mark’s conference is basically political and Libertarian. Some 2500 usually attend this Fest annually.


My view is that our Fed is the key to what will happen with our economy. If interest rates reach 3.5% (10 year treasury) then I think a crunch will occur in real estate. A deflationary crunch would set the tone for the next recession. The trends seem to be dire for a continuing BULL market. We are now at 109 months and the general complacency reveals that this market is essentially over. It is possible that interest rates may be forced down in coming months. This could extend the BULL into 2019. But my sense is that this BULL is essentially over.


Watch what happens globally to general interest rates. If Germany, Japan, and the Eurozone start to increase their interest rates than the game is over. If they stimulate their economies and maintain low rates, then the USA economy could continue to flourish somewhat longer. The key factor is general interest rates. Cost of money will determine the results IMO. At this writing, the key interest rate (10 year treasury) is 3.05%. Will it approach 3.5%? Only God knows! Enjoy for now! I am:



Silver at 80:1 vs Gold shows no Life! Why?

May 14, 2018

Many pundits think the investment of the decade is silver. Their logic is sound but their knowledge of algorithms and price suppression is weak. The World Bank now forecasts no growth in price for silver or gold in 2018.


World Bank Thinks Gold and Silver Have Seen their Best Days In 2018

I think I know why we will see no price growth in silver and gold. Have you heard of this concept called a ‘policy’ decision to suppress these prices indefinitely? Why would our money authorities allow silver or gold to increase in price beyond a token amount? This would send a dire message to the currency markets. The digital currencies must now be protected and any significant price appreciation in silver or gold would send the wrong message to the markets. So price suppression is the official policy IMO (indefinitely).
The price of silver has remained in a controlled bracket for years. Currently, the spot price is bracketed in the range of $16 to $17. Silver miners can barely make a profit at this price. Yet, a few can profit and stay in business. First Majestic Silver and Endeavor Silver are two miners who can survive in the current environment. There may be a few more. But overall, don’t expect any real price growth in any of these mining stocks for the time being.
The ability of our official authorities to suppress prices is now easy. We have an electronic futures market which allows shorting of these metals. Yes, shorting (the naked type) is now ubiquitous at the CME electronic exchanges. I can purchase short contracts where no settlement is required. I call this a ‘naked’ short contract. The contract adds to the supply (the imaginary supply) and suppresses the spot price (electronically). This is now happening with silver, gold, and also bitcoin.
So don’t expect any real price growth in any mining stock for the time being. With oil prices increasing this also lowers profits of these miners. Their ‘all-in sustaining costs’ are key to their survival. Silver is now at 80:1 vs gold and yet this ratio is mostly meaningless. Price suppression via electronic trading on our futures markets can continue indefinitely. Sorry, but we do not have free markets today. Algorithms and official policy trading can manipulate, suppress, and control any digital price.
We live with electronic trading today. Our financial pundits have not figured out this reality (so it seems). They continue to spout the mantra that an 80:1 silver ratio means higher silver prices. This mantra is not valid IMO. The ratio is likely to remain at 80:1 for years (give or take a few points). It’s all a result of official policy to suppress these precious metals for policy reasons. Why allow investors to make money in silver/gold when our official authorities desire digital currencies for the world? Think of who rules over our markets?
Wake up to who controls our markets. Wake up to algorithms, robots, and naked short contracts. Our official policy makers now trade our markets (via their official proxies). This has been the situation since 2008. We live with digital money and electronic markets. The tool for trading is now the algorithm and a computer which trades automatically. I can suppress any price which has a futures market. It’s that simple. Silver is a super buy but the electronic price is likely to be suppressed for years. Buy physical silver as an insurance policy. But not as a speculation. Think for yourself. I am:

The Now, Truth, Relativity, Reality! Watch!

May 13, 2018

Living in the NOW is my reference point for understanding ‘truth’. We all live continually in the NOW moment! Try eliminate the NOW? Is it possible? I don’t think so! This means that we can use the Now as a reference point for ‘truth’. Can I walk on water Now? I don’t think so. Can you? I don’t think so. This means that ‘walking on water’ is not a ‘truth’ which we should ascribe to Yeshua (Jesus) either. He also lived in the Now! Everyone who has lived on this planet has lived in the Now moment and then successive moments of Now. That is my view of reality.

Religion and Science are famous for desiring absolute truth. Yeshua said, “no one comes to the Father but via him.” Was this his ‘truth’? I think so. Must I or you accept ‘his’ truth? No, we must think for ourselves on all these issues. This reveals that ‘truth’ is relative and my ‘truth’ may not be your ‘truth’. This idea that my/your ‘truth’ is absolute for everyone is not an idea which we need to accept IMO. In reality, we all have our own unique point-of-view (perspective on truth). My guru for this mindset was our founding father, Thomas Jefferson.

Each person has a unique point-of-view about reality. This means that no-one can claim absolute truth for the whole (everyone). Is any human being God Almighty? Is God anywhere on planet Earth? I don’t think so! Isn’t God in another realm called the spiritual realm? The Logos is another word for God Almighty. The Logos could be viewed as absolute truth, but not me or you. We are limited/imperfect and less than absolute in our abilities and perspective. This seems obvious (self-evident) to me! Can you enunciate absolute TRUTH?

The above three video’s provide a deep understanding of reality as we live it. We all live our lives in the Now Moment and then Successive Moments of Now. This means that all our ideas are less than absolute. Truth can be viewed as progressive and forever changing as human beings are agents…not principles. Our Creator is a principle. You and I can be viewed as agents. As agents we think and act on the ideas given to us. We are not the originator of our words, concepts, ideas, and/or talents. This makes us agents.

Yeshua believed that he had words directly from Yahweh (the Father). This allowed him to say: ‘I’ am the ‘truth’. Kingdom Economics is based on the idea that man is not in control over this planet. Man is ruling this planet but the Source of our words and ideas transcends each of us. We war not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in heavenly places. The real Source of our words and ideas controls events on this planet. That is my view of reality. Eschatology and real-time events also support this view. I am not in control and You are not in control. We act out our destiny ‘after’ the fact. This means that we are essentially operating ‘at effect’…not at cause. Recognizing this reality is essential for progress on this planet IMO. Think for yourself on these issues. Enjoy! I am:


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