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Politicians ‘instinctively’ recognize where their POWER derives from!

August 21, 2018

Trump criticises Powell on the issue of higher interest rates! He needs low rates to get his cronies elected this fall!

Putin needs his Central Banker to follow his wishes so he remains in power!

Stefan’s support will be key to the politicians over in Sweden! The election is this September, 2018!

Ricardo Sanguino. (Archive)

President Nicolas Maduro announced the appointment of a new head of the country’s Central Bank (BCV) Sunday following the resignation of current president Nelson Merentes, who occupied the position since 2009.


Today’s Wall Street Journal had a couple of articles which reveal the nature of our corrupt political/economic system. Article #1 has the heading “Trump Points to Fed Chief in New Complaint on Rates”. Article #2 reads “Putin’s Secret Weapon: His Central Banker”. These two articles reveal what I have been saying for years, MONEY rules over everything and select elites who control the money system can IMPOSE their diabolic ideas upon everyone.


Today, we live with a money system which is digital and where these units can be created directly from the MIND of our Central Bankers. Bankers can merely THINK up ‘numbers’ within their consciousness, ‘type’ these numbers into their master computer, and then witness MONEY arriving into their computer account. It’s a system where the people’s MONEY gets created out-of-nothing (the MIND of bankers). Can you discern what is happening? Can you discern the corruption which emerges from this system?


Why is Mr. Trump saying that American interest rates need to go down? Think! He wants money to flow to his cronies so his party can get more POWER from the coming election this November. America is electing new representatives to its Congress this fall and he recognizes that our ECONOMY is key to his goal for more POWER. If our Fed, his new Chairman, continues to raise our interest rates (now nearly 3% for a ten-year bond), then the economy slows and the PEOPLE may choose his adversaries (not his cronies).


Have you noticed this same situation over in Russia? Mr. Putin has his Central Banker, Elvira Nabiullina, to serve his interests so that he can maintain his RULE over the people of Russia. This lady even has body guards to protect her within the bank building. Why this need to protect a lady who runs his Central Bank? It’s necessary as the Russian Central Bank sets the agenda for who gets what in Russia. MONEY (now digital money) is key to the survival of all these politicians. Get the picture?


Digital money rules our planet today. All nations have Central Banks which can create their digital currencies from their THINKING. These unelected psychopath’s (my word) serve their LEADER’S wishes…as today’s MONEY is an inner ‘number’ which gets created OUT-OF-NOTHING (the human mind). Can you discern the game? Can you discern the need for these politicians to control their Central Bank administrators? Trump is no different from any other politician. His survival depends upon the general economy being PERCEIVED as strong and growing.


Money rules over this planet and those who CONTROL our money (now an inner ‘number’ of the MIND) get to RULE this planet. Look at what is now happening over in Venezuela. This crony politician, Mr. Nicolas Maduro, is creating new digital money for his nation so he can CONTROL the people. He wants everyone in Venezuela (some 30+ million) to register for his new electronic ‘Fatherland Card’ so he can load this card with digits and then receive LOYALTY from his enslaved constituents.


The enslaved people need to survive economically and they will mostly bow to this corrupt politician when push comes to shove. Why? because they NEED these electronic digits to buy food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. Economics is at the bottom line for all POLITICIANS (and they know it). Economics involves controlling the MONEY for the people. I find that my friends in Arizona could care less about the problems facing our world. All they want is for their stocks to go UP and their investment accounts to go UP. It’s all about me and my money!


If the general economy is strong (from the viewpoint of the investment community) then all is well for nearly everyone. MONEY rules over all of us as we NEED this item to survive. Politicians recognize this factor and they now need their Central Bankers to funnel money (mere electronic digits) to those who will KEEP them in POWER. Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump are no different from Mr. Maduro over in Venezuela. MONEY rules this planet and all people are victims of this corrupt money system (now digital/electronic/cyber)!


Wake-up to reality, folks, we live with politicians and their money men (and women) who administer these electronic digits via their computers (behind closed doors). Central Bankers call the shots on who gets what (these money digits) and our politicians recognize the importance of these digits for their survival (politically). There are less than 200 Central Banks on this planet. Some 50 are key to our economy going forward. Where is your Central Bank located? Who controls the computer which creates these digits in your nation? Do you know?


In the USA we have the Fed and its computer in New York City. The European Central Bank is located in Frankfurt. The Bank of England is located in London. The Bank of Japan is located in Tokyo. The Riksbank is located in Stockholm. The Russian Central Bank is located in Moscow. Each central bank can now create digital money units via a process where mere ‘numbers’ get ‘typed’ into a computer account. Our money is now digital/electronic/cyber and it flows within cyberspace.


Central Bankers are KEY to the survival of all our politicians. Watch what Mr. Powell does to support the wishes of Mr. Trump (with regard to interest rates). Watch what Elvira does to support the wishes of Mr. Putin and his cronies over in Russia. Watch what Stefan Ingves does to support the politicians running for Prime Minister over in Sweden. Sweden has an election in September. Watch what Mark Carney does to manipulate the economy of Great Britain and their relationship with the EU. Watch Maduro over in Venezuela.


We live with a corrupt monetary/political system which is emerging into a global system of unelected elites. None of our Central Bankers are elected by the voters (the people). These cronies get SELECTED by our politicians who gain POWER over us. We are enslaved and we are victims of this corrupt monetary/political SYSTEM. Wake-up to reality, folks. Our system is leading to the MARK of the BEAST. We all become enslaved to electronic/cyber numbers. It’s happening as I write.


Think for yourself to discern these realities: I am:


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Mark of the Beast – now Present in Venezuela!

August 20, 2018

Venezuela’s Mark of the Beast card is called the ‘Fatherland card’! It’s electronic and the government controls the subsidies loaded monthly to the card! Read about all this in today’s Wall Street Journal.

This ruler, Mr. Maduro, creates an electronic money card so free Bolivar subsidies can be loaded to the card…and so loyalty to the leader can be continued. He’s a psychopath of the worst kind IMO (a type of Anti-christ). Who can discern what is now happening all over our planet?


The nation of Venezuela is a forerunner of what will likely happen over the entire planet in the very near future. Political rulers, with their guns and military power, will initiate an electronic card (much like today’s EBT cards to control the survival needs of each person). This has already been created for the 30 million people over in Venezuela. It’s called the ‘Fatherland card’ and it must be registered with the government prior to using.


This electronic card  plays on the emotions of the people as everyone must have their basic needs met to survive (economically).  Mr. Maduro initiated this electronic card in 2015 and currently most of the 30 million Venezuelans have acquired this card. This electronic card allows Mr. Maduro (a type of Anti-christ) to offer financial subsidies to his people to obtain their loyalty and devotion. Money (the Bolivar) is the tool for control.


The ‘Fatherland card’ is now the main tool of Mr. Maduro and his cronies to control the political and economic system over in Venezuela. The Venezuelan people must register their card prior to obtaining food subsidies which they need for their economic survival. Prior to voting, this card is also required. Mr. Maduro also has control of the Central Bank over in Venezuela and can add Bolivar subsidies to each card as he wishes.


Can you discern what has happened to the people over in Venezuela? These people are now enslaved by an electronic card (a ‘Mark of the Beast card’) which allows them to survive if they bow to the dictator who rules over them. Mr. Maduro is their dictator and savior and he can use his authority to obtain loyalty to his programs merely by controlling the economic survival of his constituents. Money is key to one’s survival.


The Mark of the Beast has arrived in Venezuela and it likely will arrive in other nations as their economic situation gets more dire. American’s have the beginnings of this diabolic system now with their electronic EBT cards. Some 40 million Americans survive because of these electronic cards which get ‘loaded’ with new digits monthly. We could say that our Social Security recipients are also under this enslavement to monthly digits from their government.


Economic enslavement is here. The Mark of the Beast is here. We need to wake-up to the spiritual nature of all this corruption. Politicians who rule with might and a military system can impose their ‘Mark’ on all their citizens as economic survival is key to everything. Without food and necessary needs for survival I can not continue to survive on this planet. Politicians recognize this reality and we see the results currently over in Venezuela.


Venezuela was one of the richest countries in the world just a few years prior. Today, it is a basket-case nation with some 30 million people under Socialistic enslavement. Money is the tool being used to enslave all these people. Mr. Maduro (a type of Anti-christ) has the political control to administer this system of enslavement. Who can stop this enslavement? It’s difficult to imagine. We need to wake-up to what is happening over in Venezuela as this tool (electronic money) will enslave the entire planet eventually.


Central Banks and politicians can enslave us all as they have control over the military and our monetary system. Human nature wants peace, security, and tranquility. Rulers want control over the system so as to impose their ego upon their people. This is how our world works. We live with a corrupt political system which ignores the people when push comes to shove. Politicians will enslave to maintain their RULE over this corrupt system.


All political, religious, and economic rulers will work to enslave the masses of people as the economy turns down. We are heading directly for the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system. It’s here NOW over in Venezuela. It will arrive everywhere as the global economy turns South in the coming months and years. All this is prophesied and therefore it will happen. Mankind is not in control.


We war not against ‘flesh and blood’ (mankind) but against principalities and powers in dark spiritual venues. The MIND of rulers (our politicians) receive their instructions from these invisible hidden spiritual powers. Think for yourself on these matters. Our system is totally corrupt and nothing will change until people wake-up to the core problems. We need a new system and a NEW economic model for the planet.


I am:

Thomas Jefferson vs. Evangelical Pastors!

August 19, 2018


Let’s think about some issues of theology for this missive. America was founded on the idea of a Creator God. This Creator was mostly the idea of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin and was expressed in our Declaration of Independence. Others had a similar view and there were also many who held a Trinitarian Evangelical view (differing with Jefferson, et al). The situation has not changed since our founding as the same battle over theology continues today.


Thomas Jefferson did not accept that Jesus (Yeshua) was our Creator. He did not accept this idea that there were three persons in a Godhead as Creator (this Trinity concept). He viewed this as fantasy and anathema to sound thinking. Yet, Thomas Jefferson did view himself as a Christian (a church of one). He liked the ideas of Yeshua (Jesus) as sound moral teachings. But he did not view Jesus (Yeshua) as our Creator or God Almighty. I would agree with this founding Father.


Personally, I agree with much of the thinking of Thomas Jefferson. Yeshua (Jesus) was a created human being who lived on this planet from around 6 B.C. to 30 A.D. This person was born an Aramaic Jew from the tribe of Judah. This person was circumcised (day 8 after birth). His parents then dedicated him to the service of the Jewish God, called Yahweh. Yeshua then grew into an adult and was baptised by his cousin John (say 29 A.D.). His name and his followers were mostly Aramaic Jews. He did not speak English!


Yeshua attended the Temple facility in Jerusalem and preached his message of the Kingdom of Yahweh (his God) to followers. He learned about his Jewish heritage and he recognized his flawed nature (prior to his baptism in the Jordan by John). After his baptism, Yeshua had an epiphany (or similar) which resulted in him starting a preaching ministry to his fellow Israelites (the 12 tribes of Jacob). This ministry was mostly about a coming KINGDOM of his GOD, Yahweh. Kingdom means ‘Government’ of his God.


Yeshua was a fully human person with a ministry to mostly his own people (the 12 tribes of Israel). All his followers were mostly Jews or Israelites (mostly from the Galilee area). Around 30 A.D. this person was challenged by his peers (in Jerusalem) on theology. Are you the Messiah was the issue! Messiah means the ‘anointed one’. His response was unclear to most of his followers. We know little about his actual ‘words’ as he wrote nothing down (no writings) so his followers had to memorize what he said (for later publication). This produces unreliable sayings and unreliable meanings over time.


The Jewish elites at the Temple did not accept his theology, however, and sought his death via the Roman political system. This happened under Roman laws administered by Pontius Pilate around 30 A.D. Yeshua was crucified at Golgotha (near Jerusalem) and he died as a fully human person (reportedly for blasphemy and also for improper behavior under Roman laws). What then happened? After his death, it appears that this person’s spirit lived on (in the spiritual realm). It appears that his God, Yahweh, glorified his spirit (his inner self) and he then ‘appeared’ in vision form to various followers (soon after his death).


His various followers, such as James, John, Matthew, Phillip, Andrew, Simon, Mary, Johanna, and others saw ‘visions’ of the glorified Yeshua within their inner spirit mind. These ‘appearances’ (visions within one’s inner consciousness) led to the theology that Yeshua was alive and the real Messiah (God’s final messenger) and also a special person whom Yahweh had elevated to a position of authority in the heavens. His followers then started to promote this glorified person (as the Christ) and eventually they exalted this human to a God person. He became equal with Yahweh God (called the Father in English). Later he evolved into this Trinity concept which Evangelical Christians promote.


Biblical scholars now recognize that Yeshua did exist on our planet and that he was a fully human person who lived identical to each of us. His life revealed his humanness and his relationship with his God, called Yahweh. Yeshua prayed to his God, Yahweh, revealing his subservience to this Jewish God. Yeshua viewed himself as a sinner (as he chose to get baptised for repentance of sin by his cousin John). This all happened around the age of 29 or so. His cousin John was called John the Baptist and many think that Yeshua was a follower of this person prior to his death.


Yeshua then had his epiphany (spiritual experience) which led to his ministry around Galilee and the surrounding territory. His ministry was called the coming Kingdom of his God. He seemed to desire that God (Yahweh) rule over everyone and this gospel was promoted by his preaching and teaching. His gospel, however, was rejected by his superiors at the Temple (and those representing the Jewish Sanhedrin). They questioned him and concluded that his gospel was blasphemy against their God and their traditions.


After being rejected by his Jewish elites at the Temple, he was handed over to the Romans for crucifixion. His Jewish elites viewed this a necessary as they could not directly punish this person in accordance with their beliefs. Some viewed Yeshua as King of the Jews, a Messiah figure and some a insurrectionist. After his death and later glorification (by Yahweh) he was exalted to a God (equal with Yahweh). Christianity was born and we now have experienced this religion for some 2,000 years. Thomas Jefferson and other founders of America did not accept the view that Yeshua (now part of a Trinity according to Christians) was our Creator.


The Declaration of Independence recognizes that America is founded upon the premise of a Creator God. This Creator God, however, is not Yeshua (this historical human) or the glorified Yeshua (the Jesus who emerged after his death). America’s Creator is a ‘transcendent’ spiritual being…a singularity which rules over our entire planet and our greater universe. America is ONE nation under this Creator God (this ‘transcendent’ spiritual person). Thomas Jefferson rejected the idea of the Christian Trinity and the idea that Yeshua was a glorified God and equal with our Creator.


Thomas Jefferson read all about this historical person called Jesus and concluded that this person was a great moral teacher and prophet (but not our Creator God). He even created his own scripture to reflect his worldview. America was not founded upon the exaltation of a human being to a God position. This is totally anathema to what America stands for. America is a Nation which believes in Monotheism (one Creator God) who is transcendent, invisible, and who lives within our inner consciousness.


Evangelical Christianity is anathema to the worldview of Thomas Jefferson and many other of our founding Fathers. A CREATOR GOD is part of the American value system but the exaltation of a historical human being (Jesus/Yeshua) to this Creator God is not a valid representation of our American values. Jesus/Yeshua also did not view himself as God while living here on our planet (6 B.C. to 30 A.D.). He prayed to his Jewish God, called Yahweh (in Hebrew). Think on these issues as you reflect on America and her history!


Thomas Jefferson would likely view the historical Jewish God, Yahweh, as our Creator. This God is transcendent, invisible, and living within the spiritual realm (and also within our consciousness). Here are a couple of videos which reveal the theology of Thomas Jefferson, imperfect person but probably our greatest founding Father:



I am:





Mea culpa, Mea culpa – should be mantra of every Catholic Bishop, Priest, and Pope!

August 17, 2018

Catholic Bishops who are enslaved to a false religious system!

Pope Francis should set an example and step down!

Image of a false God and Idol for Catholic believers!


The church hierarchy in Rome needs to rethink their spiritual validity in today’s world. I have been noticing the sexual abuses of many Catholic Bishops and Priests for my entire lifetime. This news is not new. Today’s Wall Street Journal had a comprehensive article about the many sexual abuses of some 300 Catholic priests over the past 70 years (just in the state of Pennsylvania).


The coverup of these elites within the Catholic church system continues and continues. This coverup has continued since my youth. What is the problem? The problem is mostly the church system and the controlling environment of the leaders (including the top leaders at the Vatican in Rome). Their mantra should be mea culpa, mea culpa (I am the problem). They should then close down this religious system!


What has happened in this religious culture is a mindset of focusing on the ego’s of those in power positions so as to promote a false doctrine of reality. Those in power positions are subject to their human nature (their lower nature) and it is rather easy for these elites to coverup their behavior within the system. The church system is the problem and it goes all the way to the top over in Rome, Italy.


The entire Christian church has evolved over these past 2,000 years espousing a false premise about reality and the real gospel of their leader (Yeshua). The Gospel of their idol (Yeshua of Nazareth) has been misinterpreted and maligned. The church leaders have created a system where their idol (Yeshua) has been exalted into a God (the God for many) which this person never desired from the get-go.


Yeshua desired that his followers promote the KINGDOM (Government) of his GOD (Yahweh). Not a religious system of ego’s. The gospel of the Kingdom was his message to those living at that time in history (30 A.D.). The Kingdom of God is another name for the Government of our Creator (Yahweh). The followers of Yeshua (after his death) forgot his real Gospel and promoted a false gospel of the messenger. This false gospel has continued for some 2,000 years.


This false gospel has created a huge bureaucracy of elites who try to force fantasy ideas upon the common people (some 2 billion Christian believers). After Constantine centralized the Christian religion after his council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. this monstrosity called the Catholic Church emerged and evolved. Mere human Pope’s claimed authority (over all humans)…as they interpreted their power as deriving from the spiritual realm (God Almighty).


This false church started out with good intentions but the premise upon which it was founded was seriously flawed from the get-go. Yeshua (called Jesus) was NOT our Creator God and his exaltation to the position of God was a huge mistake and flaw of well-meaning theologians. The entire Catholic system is seriously flawed and based upon concepts which border on fantasy. It needs to be abolished and shut down.


Fantasy ideas have been allowed as the hierarchy at the top has not cleaned up their thinking on real issues of reality. The mantra for these elites at the top should be Mea culpa, Mea culpa (I am the Problem). ‘I’ means those who occupy positions of authority within this religious system. The priests and bishops must pander to all these false ideas which have festered since the death of their idol, Yeshua of Nazareth.


To resolve all these sexual perversions and acts of disgrace to common people, the entire Catholic system needs to be shut down. It needs to start at the TOP. The Pope, called Francis, could start the clean-up by stepping down from his position of authority. This might set the stage for a house cleaning within the entire system. Think for yourself on these matters. Mea culpa means ‘I’ am the problem!


I am:


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All Currencies have NO anchor! Why?

August 16, 2018

Today, we live with some 180 fiat digital currencies on this planet. They are fiat as they get created by select Central Banks or proxy governments (out-of-nothing). They are digital because they circulate within cyberspace and appear as numbers (digits) within our computer screens. They have no anchor as they are mere units of consciousness with no TIE to a material object (like silver or gold).


Historically, we used the word MONEY to denote an object from nature which was accepted as having intrinsic value. We used the word CURRENCY to denote a note, coin, or number which allowed us to ‘value’ a transaction. In other words, money was different from a currency. Money was supposed to represent ‘value’. A currency was supposed to ‘calculate’ value.


Today, we have NO object/commodity/thing which acts as a proxy for ‘value’. Our governments have eliminated gold and silver from our monetary systems. Each nation or group of nations have a currency that circulates and which we use to value transactions. But this currency is not tied to anything tangible. This means that we have floating digits (in cyberspace) as our currencies.


These digits work for the time being. But they are actually non-physical items and I would call them ‘imaginary’ items as they are ‘virtual’ in nature. Think of a ‘number’ with no tie to physical reality as our currency. Think of mere ‘numbers’ being created by our banksters for circulation within our marketplace. Think of numbers as our currency and money and ask yourself if this is a sound/lasting system?


What we use today for money is scandalous. Select banksters merely ‘type’ numbers into select accounts and call this sound economic thinking. This is criminal activity if we think of our history of money and our legal tender laws. Select banksters can simply ‘counterfeit’ currency units from their thinking and reward select cronies with these units of wealth. Is this leading to growth, prosperity, peace, and happiness?


Those with a semblance of ethics need to inform our elites that this type of system is scandalous and corrupt. Check into these realities on your own to comprehend what is happening today. Call your representative in Washington D.C. and inform them that you reject this system. Our future depends on rejecting this fantasy called digital money. Ask yourself this question: What is a digital dollar? Where is it?


I am:


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Worship the Creator – not the created!

August 16, 2018

America was founded upon the concept of a Creator. This spirit person was viewed as a transcendent being who ruled over the entire universe (reference: the Declaration of Independence). A transcendent being is not a person like Yeshua (Jesus to most) who lived as a human being on this planet (from 6 B.C. to 30 A.D.). A transcendent being is beyond the surface of our planet and outside of our inner consciousness. Think on this for a few minutes. What does this word ‘transcendent’ mean?


We need to recognize that God is not a human being (who lives currently on planet Earth or who lived at some prior time period on this planet). Civilization has existed some 6,000 years (since the Sumerians) and human beings have not been capable of being our Creator God.  All human beings (now, past, and future) are flesh/blood beings and less than God (our Creator). This should be self-evident to a thinking person!


Those who worship the historical Jesus (Yeshua, his name in Aramaic) are essentially worshiping a human IDOL…not the Creator of our Universe. This is shameful and can not lead to the Kingdom of God. Today, we have pastors, teachers, theologians, and politicians who PLAY God daily (playing on the emotions and gullibility of people). They want me to assume that their human IDOL is God Almighty. What a shame!


Playing God is not a wise form of behavior IMO. It is much better if a person recognizes their subservience to a transcendent Source which is the real God of our Universe. Our Creator God is invisible and works THROUGH one’s inner being (consciousness). Think of ‘words’ as spirit phenomena. This Source (spirit being) is not a flesh/blood person on this planet. We have some 7.6 billion human beings currently living on planet Earth. None are our Creator!


Estimates are that some 15 billion human beings have lived on this planet since the dawn of civilization (some 6,000 years prior to today). Evolutionists will estimate that some 100 billion have lived and died on this planet. The number is unknown and not really important. The point is that a human being can not be the Creator of life and of civilization. A human being is part of the ‘created’. Created means that a Source other than me created me/you.


Religion is a scam and a hoax when pastors, teachers, and followers try to promote a human being as our Creator God. Yeshua (this person many call Jesus) was a HUMAN BEING. He lived on this planet from around 6 B.C. to 30 A.D. He was flesh/blood and died near Jerusalem after select elites and politicians rejected his message and teachings. Many think that this person never lived. Others claim that he was a myth. But my view is different!


My view is that Yeshua lived as an Aramaic Jew and taught a message or gospel promoting his Father (Yahweh) as God and Creator. Yeshua desired that God (his God) would rule over the entire planet. He called this the Kingdom of God. We could say that he desired a transcendent SOURCE to RULE this planet. His God was also called Yahweh (in Hebrew). In English we refer to this God as Father or similar. Some use the word Jehovah and Muslims use the word Allah.


The idea that Yeshua desired to promote himself as God and also Creator of our Universe is ludicrous. This mindset of many Christian pastors, teachers, theologians, churches, and politicians is anathema to his real teaching and thinking. This person prayed to Yahweh (his God). This person lived as a Jew and attended worship meetings at the Temple of Yahweh in Jerusalem. He preached about his God, Yahweh, and died after being rejected by elites who thought he wanted to RULE over them.


His last words were likely the following “Into your hands I commit my spirit.” (Luke 23:46). He committed his inner self to his God (Yahweh). He also said: “Father (meaning Yahweh), forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” Luke 23:34. He may also have said: “My God, my God, (meaning Yahweh) why have you forsaken me?”
Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34.


It is obvious, to me, that Yeshua (who most call Jesus) did not desire to be worshiped nor did he assume that he was God. He bowed to his Creator, whom he viewed as Yahweh (this invisible spirit being who rules over planet Earth and who created all human beings on this planet). Today, the discerning person views our Creator as a transcendent being. A transcendent being means that this Source is not living on planet Earth.


Those who promote a human being or some prior human being as God are totally deceived and they should be rejected as teachers and pastors. Christians need to start thinking independently from their pastors who espouse these false doctrines. Jesus was fully human. He lived from approximately 6 B.C. to 30 A.D. He was not a myth or some demon in the sky (as some propose).


This person was likely glorified (made a conscious living soul) after his physical death on the cross. The person ‘appeared’ in vision form to many believers AFTER his physical death. But this person can not be GOD Almighty as he was a created human being prior to his death. Created human beings can NOT be God. Think on this and pass this word to those who desire to worship a human IDOL (the historical Jesus).


A deceived PERSON is probably not AWARE that they are deceived. Deception is rampant today within all sectors of education. Churches and pastors can be at the core of this deception. Help them to grow out of this mindset by getting them educated on issues of reality. The internet is available for education on many of these issues. A person must be discerning, however, and must think independently of the crowd.


Enjoy this day! I am:


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Real Money (Silver) is $14.32 as I write! How Low can it Go?

August 15, 2018

I watched the spot price of silver decline to $14.32 today. This, to me, is shocking as a one ounce coin (480 grains of pure silver) is tangible and real. The price, however, is intangible and a fantasy. Today, we live with fantasy prices as most people can not discern the difference between VIRTUAL reality and OBSERVATIONAL reality.


The price of silver changes from moment to moment within our computer screen as this PRICE is virtual. Virtual means that the price is now determined by a computer algorithm. Supply and demand for the physical metal is unimportant to an algorithm. This software trades this metal and manipulates the price in milliseconds.


But is a virtual price of $14.32 a good buy? I would suggest, absolutely. Our cyber money system still works and as long as our banking system survives, we will have virtual prices to accept or reject. A price of one ounce silver (coin form) is a great buy. It is insurance for the day when the entire cyber money system collapses. It is also a wise decision as this virtual price will likely increase to multi-hundreds at some point.


So far, investors have not discovered the virtual nature of price discovery. I talk to investors and educated traders daily and I find that they all THINK that a cyber price is real. They look at their computer accounts and assume that all is well as the numbers have mostly increased for years. They assume this will continue.


In reality, however, these ‘numbers’ will soon head south (decline) as our cyber investment system is in a huge bubble. This bubble goes unrecognized by most as when numbers go up and up for years, the assumption is that they will continue to go up and up for years. This lack of discernment to our sentiment cycles is shocking to me.


Sentiment changes these rising numbers to declining numbers. We live with an emotional money system which can go south suddenly. Emotion is fickle and temporary. Cycles of emotion happen suddenly and without prior notice. Get ready for a change in sentiment soon. I can’t give a date, but I can say that sentiment will change. Think for yourself and watch the fake cyber markets to discern.


I am:

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