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A 2019 Debt Jubilee Requires 5 – 7 Years to Fully Resolve IMO!

December 16, 2018

A debt Jubilee is necessary as none of America’s debt can be repaid. This is also the situation worldwide as our world now has nearly $350 trillion of debt (excluding derivatives). None of this debt can be repaid and everyone with understanding knows this. Mr. Trump avoids this issue by saying he will be out of office when all this debt blows up. I assume that most politicians have this same thinking. This, however, is unwise/imprudent thinking. See our debt situation here:  (U.S. debt is approximately 20% of world debt). America’s total debt is now some $71 trillion (see the number published within this website) which means that total world debt is approximately $350 trillion (+-). I could find no solid numbers (for the world) but this is likely quite close to reality. One website gives the following for our global debt:

Total global debt crossed a troubling event horizon by going past the $200 trillion mark last year (2017).  Given the latest figures we are likely well above a total global debt of $230 trillion based on a comprehensive study done by ING last year.  The banking sector rummages for every possible way of accessing debt.  Global central banks from the Fed to the ECB to the Bank of Japan are now fully engaged in a digital printing end game.


Kicking the can down the road is possible as long as our global economy does not crash. We have been servicing all this debt to date via more borrowing (but low interest rates), QE operations, and bank loans. This could come to a halt, however, if asset ‘values’ decline via a serious financial crash in our markets. I expect this crash to develop in 2019 and this will expose all this global debt to the public as being unpayable. It nearly happened in 2008 but it was digitized via Central Bank QE operations. This is now ending (with no resolution of our debt situation)!


Liquidity is drying up all around the planet as I write (slowly but relentlessly). China has a debt issue, all of Europe has a debt issue, and this goes for the USA, Canada, and all of South America and Africa. Even Australia (after 28 years of growth) is now in trouble with growing debt. Higher interest rates will bring this world economy to a screeching slowdown in 2019 and this will culminate in a serious debt issue for the planet (after our stock markets crash). Money is debt and all this debt will get exposed (as unpayable) after the coming CRASH.


Our debt situation is likely to blow-up in 2019 IMO. Once our global economy crashes (let’s say in March/April of 2019) then all this debt gets exposed as unpayable. So what happens after the next financial crash? How will our debt situation get resolved? We will need a 5 – 7 year period to clean-up the debt mess globally IMO. In reality, we could merely DELETE the digits in our computers to rid the world of this debt. But our politicians are unlikely to approve this easy solution initially.


So this Debt Jubilee will eventually be necessary and we can now think in terms of a five – seven year transition period for extinguishing all this digital debt. Politicians and our media will be slow to educate the public IMO. My last missive covered the new ideas about eliminating money, value, and debt. You may want to read this missive and think about these ideas for our future. We do need a New Economic Model after the coming Debt Jubilee. Enjoy for now and get yourself educated for 2019!



I am:



New Thinking Could Create a New Economy for our Planet!

December 15, 2018

Kingdom Economics is building upon the thinking of prior economists/philosophers! We now need to THINK anew within economics as the current system is totally corrupt and dysfunctional!

After 50 years of thinking about our current failing economic system, I have some creative ideas for a New Economic System. Let’s think about changes that could be implemented to create this New System. It can start now with new thinking. I will briefly describe these changes in thinking which need to occur:

  1. We need a DEBT jubilee for our country and the planet to erase the imaginary numbers which represent this debt which can never be repaid. A DEBT jubilee could be implemented after the next financial crash. Mortgage debt could be gradually eliminated. Foreign debt could be eliminated. Consumer debt could be eliminated. National debt could be eliminated. This would disrupt the markets for a period (say five years) but the cleansing of debt from the system would create new energies within the markets. All this must happen after the next financial crash. See this website for the problem:
  2. After the Debt Jubilee we could eliminate this concept called VALUE (which is at the core of today’s economic thinking). This concept was invented at the beginning of Capitalism to calculate the wealth which people produced. Calculation resulted in the invention of this concept called ‘money’ and then ‘currency’ (as proxies for value). In reality, there is no such ‘thing’ as VALUE anywhere in our greater universe. This concept was valid when we had a money item which we viewed as having intrinsic value (inherent within the item). Today, this concept is unnecessary as we have robots and artificial intelligence to replace the slave labor of the past. Production can now be a 24/7 process with minimal labor involved. This concept called VALUE and MONEY could be eliminated from our economic education going forward.
  3. With the elimination of Debt, Value, and Money we could work to create a distribution system which allows for just-in-time inventory for all items of production. People could consume and distribute our production within a voluntary system of service. A new attitude of service would be needed. A servant mentality would allow for a system where debt, value, and money would be unnecessary. The new mindset would essentially be:  GIVE and then RECEIVE. Give of my talents and receive that which I need.
  4. The focus within economics would be to create SURPLUS production so that everyone could enjoy the fruits of the system. Food, Clothing, Shelter, Transportation, and Health Care would be made available for everyone on a real-time basis. Freedom would prevail as the historical money, debt, and value system would be history. People would come first and equality would be emphasized within the global marketplace. A mindset of servanthood would prevail within the economic system. An attitude of ‘giving first’ would be SOP.
  5. The interconnectedness of our global system would be crucial for progress and growth. Everyone would look to our internet system for information which promotes work, production, service, and distribution. A global network of production, exchange, and distribution would be developed. Abundance for all would be the goal within economics. Service from all would be the mindset which leaders would promote. All the imaginary concepts of money would be eliminated.
  6. All the planet’s resources would be shared under the concept that our Creator owns this planet and all that derives from our universe. All wealth would be viewed as items which can be produced, shared, and enjoyed for everyone equally. People would come first as all Debt, Money, and Value would no longer be relevant. There would be no billionaires or cartels which control and manipulate people. All politics would change as everyone would relate as equals. Uniqueness and difference would be celebrated under the mantle of our Creator as King.
  7. All banking and finance would change as money and currencies were eliminated. A new system of education would be implemented to promote individuality, uniqueness, and freedom for everyone. All this would be accomplished under the mantle of our Creator as King over this planet/universe. Man’s rule over this planet would be eliminated. Politics would change to promote the new concepts of equality for the people. One Planet Under our Creator would be the motto. Is this possible for our planet?


Personally, I think this is very possible as I believe our Creator will be instrumental in the establishment of this New System. The reality is that we humans are not technically IN CONTROL over this planet. The 6,000 year history of man’s rule is soon over IMO. This means that our Creator will establish this New System as we servants work with this King who rules this planet. All this will happen in accordance with that which is prophesied to happen. A New System is what this planet needs now. Think on this over the Holiday Season! The time is always NOW!


Enjoy the spiritual nature of this SEASON. Money, Debt, Value are all spiritual concepts which can be eliminated. It could start in the coming new year of 2019. I am: Help with my promotion of this New System!

News From Around The World! Crime Everywhere!

December 14, 2018

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a front page article on the criminal stock market over in Saudi Arabia. This market is pumped up after bad news so that select elites can profit from this market. The leader over in Saudi Arabia (Mr. Mohammad bin Salman) is part of the criminal trading activity. These criminals will use WhatsApp to notify a select group of investors when to trade their market (using public funds). Is this criminal or what?


But is Saudi Arabia the ONLY criminal on this planet? I don’t think so! Our entire Casino market is criminal. Our money is criminal and not even official legal tender. Our private elites running our banks are criminals with their counterfeiting of money units to further their private goals. Our Fed is a criminal operation and most thinkers have discerned this for years. Go to YouTube for videos on this criminal operation. Read the history of this criminal operation.


Over in Japan we have mostly ONE criminal who manipulates their market via trades from the public purse (now for years). His name is Hirohito Kuroda. Some 40% of the balance sheet of this criminal bank are trades done surreptitiously. Similar trading activity is done over in Sweden via their Riksbank (run by Stefan Ingves). The European Central Bank has been mostly run by this criminal called Mario Draghi. He is now stopping his QE for the time being.


Over in England we have the criminal Bank of England under the leadership of Mark Carney. India is fighting over who should rule over this Central Bank and who should issue their digital currency. Other criminal banks in the news regularly are this German bank called the Deutsche Bank, the J.P. Morgan Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, the New York Fed Bank, the Argentina Central Bank, the Venezuela Central Bank, and let’s not forget the criminal Peoples Bank of China.


Other news from around our planet include the bombers (Russian planes) landing in Venezuela. It appears these planes carry cruise missiles and other military hardware. Great Britain’s Brexit situation is unresolved and probably unresolvable. This will come to a head in March of 2019. Las Vegas housing softens as does Phoenix and a host of cities in California. This will continue into 2019 with a huge crash sometime later in 2019. The trends are obvious to those of us who have followed these markets.


Our public deficits are growing ominously and this will lead to further dire consequences later in 2019. We will soon experience over $1 trillion in annual deficits. None of our debt can be repaid and this should send a message to our millennials who desire meaningful change in our system. As I write our Dow Index is down some 475 points. Will our Plunge Protection Team come to the rescue and pump up this index? Yes, we have a PPT that intervenes in our markets regularly. This should be illegal!


It appears that Mr. Trump and his enemies will continue the soap opera in Washington D.C. going into 2019. I see no end for this polarized group of politicians. Those who love the Donald will support his cause. Those who hate him will continue a trend towards eventual impeachment. I see no resolution to this political feud in Washington. We live with a criminal political and financial system. This seems obvious to me. Nothing will change for now. We would need a huge financial CRASH to change events going forward.


Think for yourself on all these issues. I am: If you want me to advance as a teacher of reality, don’t hesitate to donate a few $$$ to help with my education. Enjoy the Holiday Season!

Reconstructing the Gospel of Yeshua!

December 13, 2018

Yeshua’s Gospel was a message about the Kingdom of his Father. His Father was the God who ruled during his lifetime (Yahweh/Jehovah). He did not view himself as KING!

Today’s Christianity preaches a false gospel which enslaves people and promotes idolatry. The ‘created’ can not be the CREATOR. The REAL gospel of Yeshua was a gospel of the Kingdom of (his) God (Yahweh/Jehovah). Let’s rethink this history which predates Christianity for understanding and wisdom. The time period was from 4 B.C. to 33 A.D. (give or take). Put yourself in this time period while reading this missive!


Around 4 B.C. a baby was born to two Jewish people in and around this area called Nazareth. This baby was circumcised on day eight after his birth and then dedicated to this God of Israel called Yahweh/Jehovah. This baby grew up and spent time at the Temple in Jerusalem learning about his prior history. This baby then developed a friendship with his cousin called John (the Baptist). Then what happened?


Around 30 A.D. (give or take) this person, now called Yeshua (he was Aramaic in his thoughts and language) chose to get baptised by his cousin, John. John was another Israeli who desired the Kingdom of Yahweh and he wanted people to repent so they could enter this KIngdom. Yeshua was baptised by John and then he received his anointing from his God (Yahweh/Jehovah). Then what?


A voice spoke to Yeshua within his inner mind (his spirit) and this voice desired that Yeshua start a ministry. The ministry centered around this idea called the Kingdom of God. Yeshua was chosen to promote this Kingdom and he selected followers to help him with this goal. The goal was to promote the Kingdom (Government) of his God (Yahweh/Jehovah). Yeshua preached in various synagogues and open-air venues promoting this Kingdom. He fully recognized that he was a servant of his God (Yahweh/Jehovah). He prayed the Shema daily!


Today’s Christianity ignores the REAL gospel of Yeshua and promotes a false gospel about the messenger. Today’s Christianity assumes that this messenger was God, born of a virgin via the Holy Spirit, and then assumes that mankind can be ‘saved’ by accepting this false gospel of salvation from sin. In reality, Yeshua, did not promote anything like this false gospel which today’s Christianity promotes. Let’s think further on this issue. What did Yeshua desire while preaching to followers?


Yeshua was not a Christian. The entire Christian belief system was not available to him during his life on this planet. Yeshua lived prior to this gospel of Christianity and prior to any written books about this gospel. Yeshua was a Jew (an Israelite) who looked to the Torah and to the writings of his scriptures for his beliefs and his guidance. The Christian bible (new testament) emerged many decades AFTER his death. Yeshua had no knowledge of this scripture while living on our planet.


The ideas of Christianity emerged slowly and gradually AFTER Yeshua’s death. Believers in Yeshua had many theologies about this person. Some viewed him as a false prophet, some as a prophet/teacher, some as an apocalyptic prophet. Some of his followers even thought he might be a resurrected John the Baptist or another Elijah. Finally, a few seemed to think he was a Messiah (meaning someone anointed by Yahweh God). What did Yeshua think about himself?


Yeshua seemed to think that he had special powers given him by his God (who we call Father in English). These special powers gave him his abilities to heal and to convert followers to his missionary goal (the Kingdom of his God). Unfortunately, this person never was able to fulfill his mission of creating the Kingdom of his God. His enemies won the day and this resulted in his death on the cross. After his death this new belief system emerged which we call Christianity.


The new belief system called Christianity had many twists and turns before it became the system which we witness today. Today, I witness a false belief system which promotes a false gospel and which mostly enslaves mankind with a group-think message. The messenger has been made into God and a false Trinity of person’s has been promoted as a Godhead. All this is a form of idolatry and totally contrary to the original GOSPEL of Yeshua (Jesus).


Soon this apostate religion called Christianity will crumble and fold under all its contradictions and false doctrines. The REAL God of history, Yahweh/Jehovah, will emerge to squash this false religion of Rome and Babylon the Great. A coming Tribulation is destined for this planet to clean-up all the contradictions and false doctrines which have developed since Yeshua’s death.


Soon the Kingdom of the REAL God of history will become known to mankind. This Kingdom is destined to replace false Christianity and the Kingdom’s of man’s world of politics. The real power over our planet and our universe is this KING who rules within us. I live in two worlds and I think you do also. This means that the Kingdom of God will arrive unnoticed by many. God is an invisible spirit who works within us. Think for yourself to discern these realities.


I am:



The ‘Virgin’ Birth Myth! Who Believes This False Doctrine?

December 11, 2018

Thomas Jefferson, America’s third President and primary founding father!


The mindset of our founding father, Thomas Jefferson, is also my mindset on this issue of the virgin birth. This is what Thomas Jefferson concluded about this virgin birth myth of this human being called Yeshua (Jesus):


Thomas Jefferson:  “The day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus by the Supreme Being as his father, in the womb of a virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter” (Thomas Jefferson, 1823).

I would also suggest that Yeshua himself did not believe that he was a child of the Holy Spirit. Yeshua viewed reality (himself) as a human being with a Jewish history. He had normal parents, brothers, and sisters. He recognized that his mother was Mary and his father was Joseph. He never mentioned anything about his birth (conception) or that he was born via a virgin birth. His view was that he was a child of his flesh/blood parents but that he also had a heavenly Father who ruled this planet. This Father was Jehovah God! Yeshua recited the Shema daily to show his devotion to Jehovah God.


So who developed this idea that Jesus (Yeshua was his name in Hebrew) was born of a virgin? First of all we need to recognize that there was no Christianity during the lifetime of Yeshua. He did not know anything about these gospels called Matthew or the other gospels (Mark, Luke, John). These gospels were written decades after his death. The writers of these gospels were Greek educated theologians (who had never met this person called Yeshua/Jesus). Think of these gospels as mostly theology (not real history)!


What has happened in our history is that this deceiver (called Satan) has desired to portray a human being as being God. Satan is fearful of the REAL God of this universe, Jehovah God. So Satan is being allowed (by Jehovah IMO) to deceive humanity for a season on many issues of reality. Anyone with some common sense, however, recognizes that a birth from another human is necessary for human conception. A Holy Spirit (this is not even a person) can not impregnate a young woman. This is theology derived from this deceiver called Satan (and written in a book to deceive the gullible).


Human beings fall for deception as the presenters of this false doctrine are leaders who need POWER over their followers. Yeshua, if alive today, would totally deny that he was born of a virgin impregnated via a spirit being. In fact, if this actually happened, Yeshua, would have said that he was Deity and the son of Jehovah. Yeshua said precisely the opposite. He said that his ‘Father (meaning Jehovah God) was greater than himself’. Read his words (assuming that this is recorded accurately in our scriptures).


I am the rtrue vine, and my Father (Yahweh) is sthe vinedresser.tEvery branch in me that does not bear fruit uhe (Yahweh) takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he (Yahweh) prunes, vthat it may bear more fruit.

Jesus was a Galilean Jew[12] who was baptized by John the Baptist and subsequently began his own ministry, preaching his message orally[24] and often being referred to as “rabbi“.[25] Jesus debated with fellow Jews on how to best follow God (Yahweh), engaged in healings, taught in parables and gathered followers.

In Mark, John (cousin of Yeshua) baptizes Yeshua, and as he comes out of the water he sees the Holy Spirit descending to him like a dove and he hears a voice from heaven declaring him to be God’s chosen (Mark 1:9–11). This resulted in Yeshua presenting his gospel of the Kingdom of Jehovah to his followers. The real Gospel of Yeshua was not this gospel of Christianity (salvation) but the KINGDOM OF GOD (his God)!


It is obvious (assuming that the general words in scripture are somewhat accurate) that Yeshua was fully human, he was a Jew from the tribe of Judah, he was born under the Law of Moses (a sinner), he followed the teachings of the Torah (as he understood these teachings), he never accepted a Trinity as his God, he was circumcised (per Jewish tradition), and dedicated to his Jewish God called Yahweh and/or Jehovah (by his parents). This was done at the Temple of Yahweh in Jerusalem, Israel.


As we begin to examine the ways Jesus introduced us to God as Father, let’s begin with Heavenly Father or Father in heaven (the I AM of history):

“… That you may be sons of your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:45)

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name….” (Matthew 6:9, NIV, KJV: “Our Father, who art in heaven….”). Referring to Jehovah God on the Throne.

“If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” (Matthew 7:11). This refers to Jehovah God who sits on the Throne.

“Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven.” (Matthew 10:32-33)

“In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost.” (Matthew 18:14). Again referring to Jehovah God on the Throne.

“Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.” (Matthew 18:19). Father = Jehovah!

Also Matthew 5:15; 5:48; 6:1, 14, 26, 32, 7:21; 12:50; 15:13; 16:17; 18:10, 35; 23:9. Interestingly, this phrase appears only in Matthew, with the exception of Luke 11:13 and Mark 11:25. Adding the modifier “heaven” or “heavenly” tends to describe the greatness and awesomeness of the One who is our Father, contrasting greatness with intimacy.


To me, all the above is enough evidence that Yeshua was not Deity and that he did not view himself as born via a spirit being (which impregnated his mother, Mary). This myth was concocted by deceived theologians who desired to PLAY GOD and enslave mankind. Think for yourself on these issues. I fully agree with Thomas Jefferson on this issue! Thomas did his own thinking and I like this critical thinker!


I am:

Monetary Insanity Leads to Political Insanity! Let’s Think!

December 11, 2018

Imaginary money leads to political insanity! Why?

Digital stock markets are all within cyberspace (our inner consciousness)!


A WALL and ego leads to global chaos in time. We live on a planet in space!

Really! Why the need for $5 billion of my tax money?

Today at the clubhouse we talked about the Trump wall and the monetary insanity which many now witness in our markets. My friend, Abe, recognizes (as do many) that our monetary system is a huge Ponzi scheme. Imagine what is now serving as our money. Our esteemed leaders have devised a system where ‘imaginary’ NUMBERS represent value. Think on this! What is a ‘number’ within our consciousness?


Mere imaginary NUMBERS are now serving as our money and these imaginary units of money give our politicians the clout to impose their will upon our markets. This, to many, is INSANITY and this leads to political chaos in time. Money is supposed to be a physical item from nature (like silver or gold) but our esteemed economic leaders have given us ‘IMAGINARY’ (funny) money created from their thinking. Is this insanity or what?


How can ‘imaginary’ money units created out-of-nothing serve as a trading unit for value? This is absurd and a form of mental insanity when understood. Our digital markets go UP and DOWN daily with no tie to our real economic production. Is this valid for international trade? I don’t think so! We live with insane leaders at the TOP who can not discern reality in front of their faces. What is a NUMBER? What is VALUE?


Does anyone understand that a ‘number’ (as a money unit) is IMAGINARY money? I call these ‘numbers’ funny money. Others call these ‘numbers’ fake money. Our esteemed monetary leaders use these funny/fake/imaginary units to advance their political agenda. Why? Because people can not discern reality from fantasy. Trading mere ‘NUMBERS’ is fantasy. What is a ‘number’ inside my mind? Is it a ‘thing’ which exists? What is it? Think!


Today, we have politicians who desire to create a $5 billion WALL down by our Mexican border. My friend, Steve, at the clubhouse says this is ludicrous. What will a WALL do to stop people from entering and exiting our nation? Can viable alternatives be implemented to avoid the consequences of a WALL? Steve says he will rent out DRONES so people can jump this WALL. Does he have a point? What good is a WALL when we now have technologies which can subvert this idea?


Our esteemed leaders seem to be living in a MATRIX of deception with their THINKING. Critical thinking is not being applied by these esteemed leaders at the TOP. Where do they get their ideas from? Who is controlling their thinking? Who is sending them invisible ideas to act upon? Could their be aliens at work behind the scenes? What do you think? The mentality of our esteemed leaders seems to be distorted. Where is the critical thinking? I witness little to none!


We need to start THINKING critically about what is now happening around our planet. Europe is in chaos. The Middle East is in chaos. Australia has a debt bomb in their real estate industry. America acts like ‘Mystery Babylon the Great’. Sweden is imposing the ‘Mark of the Beast’ and few to none comprehend. Our real problem is that I witness little to no CRITICAL THINKING. What is this money unit which we call the ‘dollar’? Where is it located? Can anyone ‘find’ a dollar which is inside my inner self (my consciousness)?


Do we now live in a global economic system or not? If our system is global and interconnected then what does this mean going forward? Will huge concrete WALLS solve anything? China has a 13,000 mile long wall. Israel has their walls. Do these concrete obstructions solve anything for people? I don’t think so! WALLS can not work in today’s interconnected global world. Our esteemed leaders seem to LACK critical thinking! Look at your smart phone for evidence of a new world!


Is it time to stop investing in leaders who lead us into military/political chaos? Is it time to squash this ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system which allows a select few to impose their WILL on the many? Is it time to recognize that we live on a planet in space. A planet which has no WALLS and where people are all interconnected? Is it time for some critical thinking on a NEW MODEL for this planet? Personally, I think so! Think for yourself and pass this missive on to our esteemed leaders.


I am:

Was Yeshua (Jesus) Without Sin? Let’s Think!

December 10, 2018

Baptism signifies that a person’s character is less than perfect. Yeshua was baptised and this means he viewed himself as less than perfect. Seems clear to me!

Yeshua desired to be baptised and this signifies that he viewed himself as less than perfect! This is the core meaning of baptism. Everyone is flawed to some degree!

Christian theology claims that Yeshua of Nazareth lived a life without any mistakes or imperfections, and that he broke none of the commandments of Moses (called the Law). Is this claim plausible/valid? Did this human being who lived on this planet from 4 B.C. to around 33 A.D. live a perfect (sinless) life? Was his daily character perfect? Why did this person desire to be baptised? What does baptism signify?


When I read the narrative of the life of Yeshua (from scripture) it seems obvious that this person had some flaws. First of all, he disobeyed his parents (at age 12) when he did not notify them of his choice to stay in Jerusalem at the Temple. Then at age 30 (give or take) this person requested that his cousin, John, baptise him in the Jordan River. Why does a perfect, sinless person want baptism? If I am perfect, then I need no baptism for my moral imperfections. If I am perfect than ‘death’ is not my ultimate destiny.


Today, over in Israel, the actual site of where Yeshua was baptised is given to us. You can witness this site on the internet. Christian theology likes to claim that their God person, Yeshua, was the ONLY perfect person who lived upon this planet. But is this theology realistic? I don’t think so! First of all, this person was a Jew and he was born ‘under the Law’. This means that the Law of God (the 10 commandments) were his guide to moral perfection. Did he live 100% morally and in accordance with this Law of Jehovah? Would Jehovah God conclude that Yeshua was PERFECT?


I don’t think any logical thinker can conclude that Yeshua, a Jewish Rabbi and carpenter, who lived for some 37 or 38 years on this planet lived with no flaws in his character. This is ridiculous to assert IMO as every human person is under the Law (which only Jehovah God can interpret absolutely). Did Jehovah allow this person called Yeshua to die? Then it is obvious that this person was imperfect to some extent. He lived and then died!


Perfect character does not end with death. The ‘wages of sin’ is death and every person who has lived on this planet dies from their various imperfections. Jehovah also confirms this reality in the book of Revelation, chapter 5. From Jehovah’s point-of-view NO-ONE is absolutely worthy. This means everyone (who ever lived on this planet) including this person called Yeshua (Jesus). Only one spirit is absolutely worthy and this is the Creator of us all. His name is Jehovah God! All of creation has some flaws and imperfections and we all recognize this in others.


The theology of Christianity is seriously flawed as it portrays their God person, Yeshua, as being perfect and without any sin. How did this theology evolve? It all goes back to various believers who tried to establish a salvation theology which is absolute and final. This salvation theology evolved after the death of Yeshua and gradually was used to create a class of priests who could subject anyone to their salvation doctrines. Salvation doctrines attempt to absolve my flaws with a theology of perfection.


Today, I witness the flaws within all these Priests of Christianity who attempt to impose their salvation theology on their followers. They try to impose a theology which they themselves can not uphold. Everyone is a sinner and only Jehovah God can assert who is exempt from his absolute commandments. Jehovah seems to be clear that no-one is exempt and none are (automatically) worthy. This means that ONLY Jehovah God can redeem mankind from its flaws in character. Christianity is playing God and this is their problem!


Take the time to study the narrative of this person called Yeshua (Jesus). He lived on our planet from around 4 B.C. to 33 A.D. He wrote no books and he did not know anything (during his lifetime) about this theology which emerged after his death (called Christianity and salvation from sin). The real Gospel of Yeshua while on this planet was the Kingdom (Government) of his God who he called Jehovah (Yahweh). He preached the Kingdom of God…not this gospel concocted by Christianity called salvation via Christ.


Soon we will enter Jacobs Trouble and/or the Tribulation Period. All this is necessary to clean up man’s misconceptions about reality. Today, we have FALSE prophets everywhere proclaiming their solutions. Just check out YouTube for all the prophets of doom. Why is all this happening? Could it be that we are at the END of an AGE? The end of false religion, false science, and false education could be arriving. Think for yourself to discern what is happening. I will do likewise!


One end-time website that is interesting to follow is the following site:

The events now happening over in the Middle East do suggest that mankind could be entering a period of serious trial and challenge. 2019 could be pivotal for our planet. Watch and think for yourself to discern future events. I am:

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