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Looks Like Khashoggi Was Murdered And His Body Dismembered!

October 14, 2018

The journalist who worked for the Washington Post and other media outlets had a perspective which the official Saudi’s (at the top) disliked (so it appears). It appears from my research that this journalist, Mr. Khashoggi, died on October 2, 2018, from a planned murder by the political regime of Saudi Arabia. His body was dismembered at the Turkey Consulate in Istanbul. The hit squad then flew back to Saudi Arabia.


This killing event appears to have occurred via a 15 man ‘hit’ squad ordered from the highest political levels within Saudi Arabia and one of the hit men was officially a body-guard of the Crown Prince Salman. Is this significant for our economy and for world foreign affairs. I think so! The markets could crash on Monday from this event…if proven valid. The Nikkei is already down some 300 points as I write.


ANKARA, Turkey — Top Turkish security officials have concluded that the Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on orders from the highest levels of the royal court, a senior official said Tuesday. The official described a quick and complex operation in which Mr. Khashoggi was killed within two hours of his arrival at the consulate by a team of Saudi agents, who dismembered his body with a bone saw they brought for the purpose.


What is the message of this assassination? To me this illustrates the corruption of political leaders at the very top. Politics is a corrupt enterprise and we all witness this corruption daily as we read the news. To rule a country a leader needs conformity to his/her policies. We call this political correctness. If there is excessive criticism from counterparties who dislike a leader then methods can be arranged to eliminate this criticism via negative means.


The situation with John F. Kennedy is a similar situation which comes to my mind. This leader developed enemies within the Deep State System (those who rule over our system) and this led to his assassination in November, 1963. The assassination of Mr. Khashoggi seems like a similar situation (but it involves the Saudi political system). We need to recognize that rulers can not govern if they are criticized in a major manner. Conformity to the ideas of the rulers is required in order for these elites to rule over us.


Watch the news for new updates on this situation over in Saudi Arabia. America is directly affected as we sell $billions to this corrupt government. Will Mr. Trump and our Congress act to sanction Saudi Arabia (if this killing is proven to be fact)? I would think so! But all the facts are still not fully revealed. We should know more within a few weeks. I am:

Money – the idea emerges from VALUE!

October 13, 2018

Let’s think about the origin of this idea called ‘money’. Money, technically, does not exist within our greater material universe and there is no such ‘thing’ as money on planet earth. So why do we have ‘money’ and what is it suppose to accomplish? Money is actually ‘invented’ by people in a marketplace as they negotiate an exchange of ‘value’.  Money and Value go ‘hand in hand’ as mental concepts! Since ‘Value’ is subjective and imaginary we invent ‘money’ as a proxy (substitute) for this concept called ‘Value’.


The concept called ‘Value’ emerges because of ‘private property’. When I own a piece of land and produce a product on that land, I can then exchange my product for your product or for a ‘money’ item which you give to me. The underlying issue in our exchange is this concept called ‘Value’. What is the ‘Value’ of my product and what is the ‘Value’ of yours? We need to exchange ‘Value’ for ‘Value’ and this can be difficult at times.


We need to understand that this concept called ‘Value’ (say of my smart phone) is subjective. The ‘Value’ of my smart phone may change from one venue to the next. It may also change based on the desire of a buyer who wants to own my smart phone. Any exchange from me to you is made easier if we have invented some ‘money’ item to exchange (say dollars). I get your dollars and we monetize my smart phone with these dollars. This makes the transaction logical and real.


But what is a dollar? This currency unit needs to be ‘invented’ by some official authority so that I have confidence that this ‘dollar’ has ‘value’. In reality, a ‘dollar’ does not exist until we ‘invent’ this concept and make it real for buyers and sellers. If we ‘invent’ a dollar and then ‘define’ this name as one ounce of silver (let’s say), then I have a good idea what I am getting in exchange for my smart phone. But if we fail to define this currency concept and you merely give me the ‘name’ and ‘symbol’ ($1.00) – (from your mental thinking), then I would not exchange my smart phone for this imaginary number/symbol.


What we need to comprehend is that reality is based upon our various ‘inventions’ and we then need to convince the marketplace of these ‘inventions’. In reality, our money item (say dollars) needs to be invented and then given some physical existence. Without a definition in terms of a physical item (say silver), the word ‘dollar’ is merely a name/symbol ($1.00) which derives from your/my mind (our consciousness). It is then merely a spiritual/metaphysical concept which has no material existence in real-time.


Can you discern these issues of money? Let’s review. Money, in reality, does not exist on planet earth. There is no such ‘thing’ as money anywhere within our greater material universe. But the ‘idea’ of money is important for exchange in our marketplace. So we need to ‘invent’ some item to serve as money. Our first lesson in the history of money is this concept called ‘value’. What has ‘value’ for exchange in a marketplace? Can we ‘invent’ something which we can agree upon? If not, then barter and monetization of the exchange is difficult.


America’s history of money started with the Plymouth Rock traders back in 1620 and after. These traders (people from Europe) found that trading items with the Indians gave them items for their survival. Trading cigarettes for deer skins was one trade that worked. Trading silver coins for a bushel of corn was another trade which worked. Gradually, the Plymouth Rock leaders invented the idea of private property and the idea of a money item for trading. The best item emerged from the marketplace over time.


Over time, the best item that emerged was silver coins of a specified weight (say one ounce of pure silver). This coin could then be given a ‘name’ (say dollar) and then we could trade these dollars for other items in the marketplace. Over time this definition of dollar was changed to a paper note (convertible into one ounce silver). Then in 1934, FDR changed the definition of dollar to a mere paper Federal Reserve Note (no silver allowed). What is our dollar today? You may be surprised.


Today, our dollar is a ‘digital’ number (a digit) within our computer screen. This digit is revealed as a ‘number’ in our smart phone screen (or computer screen). This number is really nothing physical. A banker can merely ‘type’ this ‘number’ into his computer screen and then set up an account for me/you based upon this transaction. The goal of banking today is to eliminate all paper notes (called dollars) and all metal coins (called dollars) and transact exchanges with mere digits in the computer screen. Is this sound finance? Is this cashless world viable for trading internationally?


The problem with mere digits in the computer screen is that these digits are not a real ‘thing’ which we can access directly. All we can do is ‘visualize’ these digits in our computer screen. I can not access the ‘number’ (digit) as this ‘number’ lives in this imaginary space called ‘cyberspace’. So essentially our money (currency item) has evolved into a mere ‘number’ typed into cyberspace (the computer screen). The ‘number’ has no independent existence in real-time. Is this sound economics and finance?


I would suggest that a mere ‘number’ typed into cyberspace is equivalent to a counterfeit dollar unit. A banker does not need to mine or produce this dollar from the soil of planet earth, but he/she merely can ‘think’ up numbers in their mind and then ‘type’ these numbers into the computer screen. This means that our so-called money (now counterfeit or fake money) can grow to unlimited amounts (theoretically) and these ‘numbers’ (being imaginary) can vanish and disappear with a market crash.


What has evolved since our founding in 1776 is a money system which is ‘imaginary’ and without any physical foundation. Mere ‘numbers’ (digits) in cyberspace are not real objects or ‘things’ which exist in real-time. Numbers are derived from the mind of a banker and this means a banker can favor select clients and funnel these imaginary numbers (called money) to whomever he/she chooses. Is this legal and sound monetary policy? Has this type of money been vetted by our Congress and our Courts?


I would suggest that cyber digits are not real legal tender (money) and these units (imaginary numbers) can not serve as real money which represents value in exchange. What we have today is FAKE money, COUNTERFEIT money, and a form of FUNNY money. All this fake money must fail at some point down the road. We need a total RESET of our monetary/financial system after this FAKE money fails. As I write, we are experiencing a mini-crash within our stock markets. I expect this to grow in the coming days, weeks, and months.


Today, our National Debt is over $21 trillion. Our total debt exceeds $71 trillion. Our unfunded debt is some $200 trillion. And our derivative obligations exceed $600 trillion. You can witness this debt situation by going to: The problems today are monumental and systemic. We all need to understand this concept called ‘money’ and this concept called ‘value’. Also this concept called ‘debt’. Then we need to understand the difference between that which EXIST’s and that which does not EXIST.


Take the time to read this missive a couple of times. After teaching on these issues for over 50 years, I can say categorically that it takes time to learn these ideas and their meaning. Thanks for reading this missive. I am:

Can ‘God’ Crash Our Financial Markets? Let’s Think On This!

October 12, 2018

The question of God ‘crashing’ our financial markets may seem absurd…but is it? Are you aware that our money today is a ‘unit’ of consciousness (spirit)? Yes, we all use spiritual money to transact our business daily. What is a dollar? What is money? Few comprehend the realities of finance. But our digits (called money) which our bankers now ‘think up’ (internally) and then enter (type) into a computer screen are actually units of ‘spirit’ (also called consciousness). We live in the spiritual realm (unaware)!


We are all using spiritual money units (daily) and most (99%+) seem unaware of this reality. In fact, this concept called ‘money’ started out as a unit of consciousness (an invention of the human mind). There is technically no such ‘thing’ as money within our greater material universe. Try find ‘money’? Money is really an ‘idea’. What we do as human beings is merely ‘invent’ this idea (called money) from our spiritual consciousness…and then transact with this idea (via our accounting principles).


The spiritual realm is involved in all our monetary transactions and we humans are merely ‘agents’ of our Source (God). God lives within our consciousness and few seem aware of their own inner consciousness. God created our monetary system and he will CRASH this system when he so chooses. God can send a ‘word’ to the right person(s) and the result is sell, sell, sell. The markets could crash in minutes and all this could be the desire of our real Source (God Almighty).


Who was the agent of God in 1910 which resulted in our Federal Reserve Act? One individual (not even an American at the time) was the primary agent…and then a meeting at Jekyll Island (off the coast of the state of Georgia) resulted in legislation and then the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913. God used his agents to set up this system which we now live with. Funny money was created (mere numbers within a checkbook) and accounting principles created our government’s money for spending.


A Central Bank (with a checkbook) could create our funny money units in exchange for mere paper government bonds. I create a $1.00 as a liability and then I give a $1.00 to the government for their bond (described as an asset). I set up a money system (dollars) from nothing and use my ‘thinking’ (consciousness) to create a system of logic for the marketplace. Who was behind all this thinking? Could it have been our Creator God? I think so! God rules over this entire planet!


Yes, God, created our monetary system back in 1910-13 via his agents and he can also CRASH this funny money system whenever he chooses. The Creator is technically in charge of our entire global financial system and we now can witness his actions in our daily markets. God and money are both spiritual concepts. Our dollar is a ‘unit’ of consciousness. Consciousness is spirit. God created our system and he can crash our system when he chooses. It could happen at any moment.


Look all around yourself (right now). Where is this ‘thing’ called money? Where is this non-thing which gives everyone such pleasure and happiness. It is really NO WHERE and in NO PLACE. There is NO SUCH THING as MONEY! Money is invented. Money is an idea. Money is a unit of consciousness. Today our Central Bankers control all our money units with their decisions and policies. But their thinking is beyond their own control. In reality, God rules this planet and he will determine WHEN our markets CRASH.


Think for yourself on this. Try ‘find’ a ‘thing’ called money anywhere? It is really within myself/yourself. It is a UNIT of CONSCIOUSNESS. I am spirit and so are you:



5% Mortgage Rates…Slowing Markets!

October 12, 2018

Average rates are now up to 5% for first time buyers in my area. Some 45% of Freddie Mac lending goes to first time buyers (according to Wall Street Journal). This is up from 30% in normal times. All this means that real estate will suffer big time in a few months. Applications will decline, home sales will slow, new permits will dry up. The beginning of 2019 is my estimate of when the ‘s…’ hits the fan.


The real estate cycle is key to the overall business cycle IMO. As real estate goes ‘so goes’ the general economy (eventually). We could witness a few more months of side-ways action as many buyers do act at the last-minute to get into a home or condo. But by early 2019 we should witness a serious slow-down in our real estate sectors. Prices will need to drop to get the existing inventory occupied.


My area of the country is over-building at the present time. Subdivisions are going up and new developments appear monthly. I witness many builders using the marketing tool of building on ‘Spec’ and then hoping that buyers will arrive to buy their ‘Spec’ homes. The word in my area is ‘move-in ready’ homes. But as the market slows these ‘move-in ready’ homes will not sell at the current prices.


Values must decline in 2019 if builders are to sell their existing and growing inventories. But the awareness of a slow-down is missing among all the sales people as of today. I talked to a lady who sells homes here in the Tucson area. She admitted that rates are now up to 5% for many buyers but she sees no slow-down in buying. This mindset is typical of sales people, builders, and most investors. They can not discern a change in the prior trend until it happens in spades.


The big picture is that our business cycle is changing from BULL to BEAR. It changes subtly at first and few can discern the significance of the change. Our Fed and the global Central Banks may try to ‘mask’ this change with trading gimmicks for a time. But by 2019 (say March) I think most pundits will acknowledge that a cycle change has occurred. Interest rates and real estate buying is my key to discerning this change.


My sense is that some liquidity is drying up and borrowing is slowing in most markets around our planet. This means that inflation in asset prices will change to deflation at some point. The big picture is DEFLATION for 2019 and after. Today’s money disappears and vanishes as equity values decline. This reduction in the quantity of cyber digits (our overall money supply) will change our markets to a deflationary environment at some point down the road.


Did you notice how quickly an Index market can decline? The 1300 point decline in our Dow Index (over two days) happens in minutes and the digits vanish and disappear. To offset this decline our Central Planners must add new liquidity to the market system. This is not happening at the moment. QE has mostly dried up and new borrowing is not increasing. All this implies a slow-down and eventually a deflationary environment.


The average price of a home in my area is $300,000. Mortgage payments (at 5%) mean that the monthly outlay is up some $300 and with taxes and insurance also going up this means an increase of around $350/month for an average home. First time buyers will find that these numbers can not be met (on average). As a prior underwriter of mortgages I know how affordability works. Affordability is now a serious problem for many buyers (those who need a mortgage to qualify for a purchase).


Keep watching the market in real-time and over the next 6 months for evidence that our business cycle has changed. I sense the change but few in my area agree with me. Most think that we will return to a BULL market for 2019 and after. Predicting the future is impossible (I agree) but my sense is that the evidence for a slow-down is everywhere. Mr. Trump is right in his perception that ‘interest rates’ are the problem. But will the Fed change course? I have my doubts. Think for yourself on all these issues!


I am:

Cycle Change or Merely a Temporary Drop?

October 11, 2018

All my investor friends came to the clubhouse today to get my view on the markets. I said that I think that a ‘cycle’ change could be developing. I do not express certainty as I know that our markets are manipulated by our Central Authorities and this could change my perspective down the road. But my sense is that a ‘cycle’ change has been signaled and this means that the roaring bull markets (now 113 months in duration) are essentially over. The coming days, weeks, and months will determine if a change has occurred.


What is a ‘cycle’ change? To me this means that the general global sentiment has changed from BULL to BEAR. If this is real (I think it is) then we will witness more stock market declines in the coming weeks and months. A major cycle change is due and I think the signal has been given. I am acting on this news and few of my investor friends agree with me. Most everyone (here at the clubhouse) think’s that the markets will REVERSE in a few days. None are getting calls from their brokers to change or rebalance their portfolios.


So the general mood at my clubhouse is that more BULL is coming and that a cycle change has not occurred. I disagree. The markets are telling me that a serious cycle change has been signaled. The Japan markets (NIKKEI) dropped nearly 1,000 points. The Hang Seng (HSI) also dropped nearly 1,000 points. This signals that sentiment is changing globally and my sense is that this will continue going forward. The evidence is strong that a cycle change has occurred.


The Caracas General (over in Venezuela) however is up today nearly 6% (some 19,000 points) and this reveals that our electronic indexes can be manipulated by our Central Authorities. An economy can go into a depression while the electronic markets go up and up. Will this happen in the USA? Personally, I don’t think so! My sense is that our Fed will continue reducing their balance sheet and also continue with higher interest rates. Our Fed sets the tone for our global markets IMO.


Our real estate markets will probably set the tone for this major cycle change later this year. These markets are directly affected by the higher interest rates and this means a major slow down now with values starting a decline in 2019. Auto’s will also witness a major slow down later this year and next. All the interest sensitive sectors will initiate a slow down and this gives credence to my view that a CYCLE change has occurred.


Some pundits who support my general perceptions are Ray Dalio, John Williams, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Michael Pento, Catherine Austin Fitts, Mac Salvo, Jim Rogers, Alasdair Macleod, Eric Sprott, and Rob Kirby. You can get the views of all these and more by getting the gold/silver app. Could a cycle change also affect the price of silver and gold going forward? I would suggest yes but I also expect more price suppression at the same time. An algorithm can suppress these prices even as demand grows.


Yes, our electronic markets are changing and the manipulation of these markets could get more pronounced. Our Central Banks can trade all these electronic markets and if they desire to pump up and/or pump down a particular electronic index this is possible today. The Caracas General is a prime example of electronic manipulation in real-time. Venezuela is in an economic depression and yet the electronic market goes up today nearly 6%. Is this logical? NO! But we live with manipulated/electronic markets.


Watch the Dow Index in the coming weeks to give us a clear signal on the issue of a CYCLE change. I am betting on this change and the SIGNAL arrived yesterday IMO with the 832 point drop in the Dow, and nearly 1,000 points drop in the Nikkei and the HSI. The signal has arrived IMO. We are heading for a BEAR market for the next few years. This could change everything as it grows and metastasizes. Think for yourself on all these issues!


I am:







800+ Point Collapse – more to come! Why?

October 10, 2018

A silent crash of some 832 points reveals that our stock markets are now heading down. This signal today was significant and reveals that our markets are now changing from positive to negative. This is likely to continue and we could witness new point drops much more severe in the coming days and weeks. A trend in motion will continue until it ends.


Our Central Banks may try to reverse this downward trend with pump priming of their counterfeit digits. But the change today is significant as the drop was over 3%. This reveals that our markets are changing from positive to negative. Sentiment is key to what happens going forward. I now sense that sentiment has changed permanently.


Our economy has peaked and this is evident in our stock and real estate markets. I am not an expert on our bond markets, but I sense that this market is also in turmoil. Emerging countries can not survive with these higher interest rates. Their debt is too high. The only solution to our current dilemma is to lower interest rates and reinstall more QE (counterfeit money).


Will our Central authorities reverse the policy of stopping QE and increasing interest rates so a new policy of pump priming can begin? I doubt that this will happen. This means that we will witness more crashes within our electronic stock markets in the coming days and weeks. Expect that equities will drop in value for months (maybe years).


Today’s 832 point drop is likely a change in trend going forward. See this website for new  data:


Tomorrow will reveal a change in trend IMO. Watch and act on this new data. I am:

Video from the past which foretells the situation of now:





Christian Doctrine Promotes ‘Idolatry’! Why?

October 9, 2018

The Father (Yahweh) has control over all events on this planet. Doesn’t it make sense to worship this SOURCE who rules over our planet and universe?

Do you desire to worship a human being or a prior human being? Do you desire to promote a doctrine where three deities (called person’s) are Creator of our Universe? Christian doctrine (with a few exceptions) is promoting pure ‘idolatry’ IMO. Idolatry means a worship of an ‘idol’ which can not change anything on this planet. Idols have no power to change our destiny in any meaningful manner!


But who is aware? A human being can not be the Creator of our Universe. Yeshua (called Jesus in English) was a human being. He lived on our planet from 6 B.C. to around 30 A.D. Was he promoting himself as God Almighty? I don’t think so! Read about his history. He was an Aramaic Jew who worshiped his God (called Yahweh). Yahweh was a singularity not a Trinity. Yahweh was not a human being but a transcendent God living within the spiritual realm. See: Mark 12:29 for the mindset of Yeshua while living on this planet!


Three deities (called person’s by Christian doctrine) implies that three God’s are worshiped as our Creator God. This is Polytheism. This is not Monotheism.  The logic and doctrine of Christianity (on this issue) is pure hogwash. I fully agree with Thomas Jefferson, our founding Father, on this issue. The Trinity is a FALSE doctrine! This doctrine is a form of ‘idolatry’…not a doctrine which promotes the Kingdom of God!


Think about this doctrine called the Trinity. Trinity derives from Greek and Latin history and promotes ‘THREE’ person’s as equal and all being God person’s. It implies that Yahweh is not the God of our Universe by himself but is sharing his power and authority (equally) with a prior human being (Yeshua) and that his Holy Spirit (part of himself) is another separate God. Is this rational? Does scripture support this irrationality?


This doctrine of the Trinity is what keeps Christians from seeking reality in the here and now. One minute they pray to Yeshua (Jesus) and the next they pray to the Father (who many think is Jesus) and then they claim that the Holy Spirit is a person (which they assume is another God person). They think and act as one who worship’s an IDOL (unknowingly). The logic of this Trinity concept is total fantasy and based on pure irrationality IMO.


There can be only ONE God and Creator. All of history and our holy scripture points to this ONE God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, and Yeshua (this God called YHWH). Today, most Jews use the word HaShem for this God. Others will use the name Allah (if they are of the Arabic culture). Others will use the name Jehovah if they are English or reading English scripture. See: Isaiah 44: 6 for evidence of ONE Creator God (not three).


All thinking believers who have sound logic recognize that our Creator is a transcendent spirit being (not a human being or a prior human being). Moses can not be God. Yeshua can not be God. Mohammad can not be God. Donald Trump can not be God. I can not be God. You can not be God. Isn’t this common sense? Do you desire to worship another human being who was ‘created’ by our Creator? Do you desire to worship yourself?


Christian doctrine is forced upon millions of believers by ‘strongmen’ called pastors and theologians who occupy positions of authority in our various denominations and houses of worship. These ‘strongmen’ will use spin and rhetoric to promote these false doctrines upon the sheeple in their pews. Who can challenge a pastor who controls the pulpit and has ‘strongmen’ as his/her supporters? These ‘strongmen’ (many) have Ph.D’s to support their desire for control over the sheeple.


The system within our houses of worship is totally Satanic when understood IMO. But sheeple who bow to these ‘strongmen’ are unable to remove these Pastors and strongmen from their houses of worship. The system is totally corrupt but few can discern this corruption in real-time. We need to stop supporting all these ‘strongmen’ (monetarily) who control our houses of worship. These individuals are servants of Satan (unknowlingly) IMO. That is my view! Think for yourself.


I am: Since reality is based upon the spiritual nature of man, we all need to think on these spiritual issues which create these falsehoods and beliefs of deception! Let you Pastor know that this Trinity concept is pure hogwash! Ask him/her to explain the logic. If they can’t respond with reason, then recognize that they are a false prophet. Following a doctrine which promotes ‘idolatry’ is not promoting progress for our human race IMO.

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