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Putin’s Speech at St. Petersburg International Economic Conference! “Unipolar World Is OVER”!

June 17, 2022
Vladimir gives us HIS viewpoint on issues of the day!

Vladimir Putin sees the WEST as barking up a tree that has no meaningful future. He proclaimed (today) that the Uni-polar World is over and Russia will prevail over America and NATO. He views inflation as a creation of the Central Banks via their QE actions. He says his special military operation was forced upon him by the WEST. He had no choice but to protect his security interests. He views the economic sanctions as detrimental to all who desire progress within commerce. You can visit his viewpoint here:

What is obvious is that Russia (under Putin) will not back down to the military counter actions of the WEST (America/NATO). Putin says that he has no problem with Ukraine joining Europe. This is their choice and if Europe wants them to join he will not object. What Putin wants is a Multi-polar World with Russia as one of the actors on the world stage. His desires are Multi-polar for planet Earth!

My sense is that Russia (under Putin) will ultimately prevail over the WEST on the CORE issues of what kind of world will emerge. The WEST’S view that the world must be run under a Uni-polar structure (with the WEST in control) is obviously not realistic. Our world is made up of billions of ‘viewpoints’. Viewpoints are subjective and this means agreement on the CORE issues will diverge. The idea of a Uni-polar voice for the planet is ridiculous IMO. Every ‘viewpoint’ must be FREE! Man’s RULE is our ‘problem’!

The Kingdom Government will give us this real FREEDOM. Man’s political governments desire one voice to rule over all. This is ridiculous and can not work in real-time. As I write we have Man’s governments ruling this planet. Putin wants his voice to be ultimate. Biden wants his voice to be ultimate. Xi wants his voice to be ultimate, etc. All political leaders want THEIR voice to be Uni-polar (ultimate). This is ridiculous! Reality is subjective and diverse. ONE voice can not RULE over others!

Our planet consists of 8 billion voices (all subjective/unique). Each voice must be FREE. This can not happen under Man’s rule. We need our Creator’s Rule if this is to happen. Where is Man’s rule leading us? We are heading for WAR and eventual CONFLICT over who will rule/control the planet. Who should RULE is the issue! Biden and the WEST desires THEIR voice (called Democracy) to rule (all to be accomplished via a One World Government System). One Anti-Christ over the entire planet seems to be the plan!

Putin and Xi want THEIR voice (called a Multi-polar world voice) to rule. Biden and the WEST want a Uni-polar voice. I can understand the CONFLICT of issues of RULERSHIP and CONTROL. The WEST has a different point-of-view on many issues of politics from that of Putin and Xi. We could add many other political actors to the list (each different). ALL want the ultimate VOICE when push comes to shove. It’s all about POWER politics and CONTROL over the planet’s system. You and I are victims!

None of this rulership by MAN can work for our planet IMO. All these POWER viewpoints lead to WAR and CONFLICT. Total destruction of our planet is the END RESULT under Man’s Rule. We can witness the beginning of this war/conflict with the Ukraine War. I see this as the beginning of WW III. It will get MUCH more DIRE as events continue. Neither Russia (Putin) nor the WEST (Biden/NATO/EUROPE) will relent. Each will continue the CONFLICT until mass destruction occurs for the many!

Tit for Tat will continue until the NUCLEAR bombs fall upon major cities of our planet. It’s POWER politics in the making. Man’s desire to RULE is the problem. God is ignored. Prophecy is ignored. Our Creator is ignored. The Most High Ruler is ignored. The KINGDOM AGE is ignored. All this mental ignorance will lead us to WAR and DESTRUCTION. It’s obvious, to me, as I watch the MENTALITY of our politicians in real-time. The mindset of our leaders is the PROBLEM.

The reality is that Man’s Rule is our problem. It’s so obvious that Man’s Rule can not bring us PEACE or FREEDOM. Man’s Rule brings us WAR and DESTRUCTION as each VOICE (political viewpoint) wants control over the SYSTEM. Biden wants CONTROL. Putin wants CONTROL. Xi wants CONTROL, etc. Each politician wants CONTROL and POWER to mandate his rules, laws, and regulations upon the OTHER. The game is LOSE/LOSE. But the people do not comprehend! Few have the wisdom or spiritual discernment to comprehend the issues! Amazing ignorance!

Our ONLY solution to these issues of POWER and CONTROL is to give up power/control so that our real SOURCE can RULE this planet. Our MOST HIGH KING (our CREATOR) must RULE. The invisible must rule over the visible. The SPIRIT must rule over the flesh. The SOURCE must rule over the 8 billion children. Planet Earth must SEEK the SOURCE and allow the SOURCE to be our SOLUTION. It seems obvious!

Man is essentially the PROBLEM. Our SOURCE is the SOLUTION. It’s that simple. The Ukraine War is the beginning of the end. The END TIMES are here NOW. The relevant words are the WORDS of Revelation. Let the KING who created us RULE over us. GIVE UP all political rulership. Become the PROBLEM and let the real SOLUTION assume control over planet earth (the 8 billion agents). That’s my perspective. Nothing less can work. Prepare for BIG changes going forward. God will WIN. Man will LOSE!

The SPIRIT of the MOST HIGH must rule this planet!

Have a great day! I am: Donald B. Swenson, Economist/Philosopher,

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