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Evolving Data: Vaccines do not create Herd Immunity!

September 6, 2021
Scientists racing to understand new COVID-19 variants and whether they will  derail vaccination efforts | CBC News
Coronavirus evolving: How mutations arise and new variants emerge

The new data reveals that mutations of the Covid virus prohibit the result called ‘herd immunity’. What is now emerging in the data is that vaccines do not solve our virus problem. To mandate vaccines for everyone will not work as the vaccines produce mutations (variants) which ignore an end point (herd immunity).

This evolving data is being ignored by some policy makers as they continue with mandates and lock downs. Over in Melbourne, Australia the official policy is to lock down the city and demand vaccines for everyone. This policy can not work going forward. The virus creates mutations which ignore the current vaccines.

The Delta variant is only one of many new variants which are emerging. Those who have taken the jab and the extra dose are still not fully protected. This means that all the mandates will NOT solve this virus problem. The better solution is ‘natural’ immunity. These vaccines prevent natural immunity from emerging.

The recent interview of Robert Malone is excellent for understanding our virus situation. You can watch this interview here:

This doctor is worth listening to. His knowledge is exceptional.

We are heading for a conflict of major proportions on the issue of government policy. The data that is evolving shows that this Covid virus can not be eliminated via the vaccines currently being offered to the public. Public policy needs to follow the evolving data. To ignore the data is tantamount to medical malpractice. Let’s allow contrarian viewpoints to surface so that public policy can be in tune with the evolving data!

I am: Donald B. Swenson,

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