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Wake-up Church – Yeshua (Jesus) was NOT a Christian!

June 16, 2019

Yeshua, who is called Jesus by most in the English West, lived and thought as a Jewish rabbi. He did not sanction any of the 27 books called the New Testament. He did not relate to his disciples as a Christian. He did not worship himself. He did not preach a gospel of grace/salvation (from sins). He was not perfect (sinless). He lived as a Aramaic Jew and worshiped his God (Jehovah/Yahweh) at the Temple in Jerusalem. He got baptised by his cousin, John, in the Jordan River.


This historical person, who Christianity worships as God, had no interest in this religion of man called Christianity. His religion was based upon the Torah and the writings of the Jewish prophets. He lived and thought as an Aramaic Jew. He recognized the Shema as his daily mantra: Hear ‘O’ Israel (all 12 tribes) our LORD is ONE (meaning a singular God) and his name in Hebrew was Yahweh and/or Jehovah to most believers today. His bible was the Torah (mostly). His advice was to seek spiritual awakening (being born again).


Christianity has taken this historical person and bastardized his gospel so as to create a religion of man (a human being). Yeshua desired the KINGDOM of his GOD (Jehovah/Yahweh) as ruler over planet Earth. He prayed to his God daily. He chose baptism to cleanse himself from his own imperfections. He then received his anointing from his God (Jehovah/Yahweh/Father) which led to his ministry. His ministry was a preaching of the KINGDOM of his GOD. He had no interest in making HIMSELF God. His spiritual Father (Jehovah) was his God!


What Christianity has done over the past 2000 years is totally bastardize his gospel and his message to promote a gospel which Yeshua would view as idolatry (if living today on this planet). IDOLATRY is making a human person into a God and then worshiping that human God. Yeshua had no interest in human religions or group-think congregations (today’s denominations). His gospel was meant to advance the KINGDOM of his God (Jehovah/Yahweh/Father) to the throne of each person’s thinking.


The 27 books of our New Testament were not read by Yeshua (these books had not been written). He did not know this person who called himself Paul (Saul) of Tarsus (during his lifetime). He did not sanction any of the letters of Paul (some 13 letters). And the other 14 books also were not sanctioned by this living rabbi called Yeshua (in Hebrew) and Jesus (in English). The TORAH was his scripture. The writings of select prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, etc.) were his additional scripture. His mindset was Jewish and he spoke Aramaic.


Yeshua lived from around 4 B.C. to 33 A.D. (some 37 years). He died over in Jerusalem as a result of crucifixion. His life was lived under the Law of Moses (and the prophets). What happened AFTER his death resulted in this religion called Christianity. Yeshua, however, did not sanction this religion or any of its various doctrines (during his life on this planet). If here today, he would likely denounce (renounce) most of the teachings of today’s Christianity. Christianity has totally bastardized his original teachings IMO.


The essential teachings of Yeshua were the promotion of his God’s government and his God’s Kingdom. He desired the KINGDOM (government) of his God for the entire planet. Man should not be ruling this planet or any of the people living on this planet IMO. Man should submit to Jehovah/Yahweh (the God of Yeshua) and promote HIS Kingdom for the entire planet. Peace and Freedom would then result. The Kingdom of Jehovah is what this planet called Earth needs IMO. Think on this history as you reflect on our spiritual reality. Much of what religion promotes is anathema to the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus)!


Give the following some reflection as you think about the history of Yeshua/Jesus:

Have a good day! The Kingdom is coming IMO. I am:

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