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Mark of the Beast – now Present in Venezuela!

August 20, 2018

Venezuela’s Mark of the Beast card is called the ‘Fatherland card’! It’s electronic and the government controls the subsidies loaded monthly to the card! Read about all this in today’s Wall Street Journal.

This ruler, Mr. Maduro, creates an electronic money card so free Bolivar subsidies can be loaded to the card…and so loyalty to the leader can be continued. He’s a psychopath of the worst kind IMO (a type of Anti-christ). Who can discern what is now happening all over our planet?


The nation of Venezuela is a forerunner of what will likely happen over the entire planet in the very near future. Political rulers, with their guns and military power, will initiate an electronic card (much like today’s EBT cards to control the survival needs of each person). This has already been created for the 30 million people over in Venezuela. It’s called the ‘Fatherland card’ and it must be registered with the government prior to using.


This electronic card  plays on the emotions of the people as everyone must have their basic needs met to survive (economically).  Mr. Maduro initiated this electronic card in 2015 and currently most of the 30 million Venezuelans have acquired this card. This electronic card allows Mr. Maduro (a type of Anti-christ) to offer financial subsidies to his people to obtain their loyalty and devotion. Money (the Bolivar) is the tool for control.


The ‘Fatherland card’ is now the main tool of Mr. Maduro and his cronies to control the political and economic system over in Venezuela. The Venezuelan people must register their card prior to obtaining food subsidies which they need for their economic survival. Prior to voting, this card is also required. Mr. Maduro also has control of the Central Bank over in Venezuela and can add Bolivar subsidies to each card as he wishes.


Can you discern what has happened to the people over in Venezuela? These people are now enslaved by an electronic card (a ‘Mark of the Beast card’) which allows them to survive if they bow to the dictator who rules over them. Mr. Maduro is their dictator and savior and he can use his authority to obtain loyalty to his programs merely by controlling the economic survival of his constituents. Money is key to one’s survival.


The Mark of the Beast has arrived in Venezuela and it likely will arrive in other nations as their economic situation gets more dire. American’s have the beginnings of this diabolic system now with their electronic EBT cards. Some 40 million Americans survive because of these electronic cards which get ‘loaded’ with new digits monthly. We could say that our Social Security recipients are also under this enslavement to monthly digits from their government.


Economic enslavement is here. The Mark of the Beast is here. We need to wake-up to the spiritual nature of all this corruption. Politicians who rule with might and a military system can impose their ‘Mark’ on all their citizens as economic survival is key to everything. Without food and necessary needs for survival I can not continue to survive on this planet. Politicians recognize this reality and we see the results currently over in Venezuela.


Venezuela was one of the richest countries in the world just a few years prior. Today, it is a basket-case nation with some 30 million people under Socialistic enslavement. Money is the tool being used to enslave all these people. Mr. Maduro (a type of Anti-christ) has the political control to administer this system of enslavement. Who can stop this enslavement? It’s difficult to imagine. We need to wake-up to what is happening over in Venezuela as this tool (electronic money) will enslave the entire planet eventually.


Central Banks and politicians can enslave us all as they have control over the military and our monetary system. Human nature wants peace, security, and tranquility. Rulers want control over the system so as to impose their ego upon their people. This is how our world works. We live with a corrupt political system which ignores the people when push comes to shove. Politicians will enslave to maintain their RULE over this corrupt system.


All political, religious, and economic rulers will work to enslave the masses of people as the economy turns down. We are heading directly for the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system. It’s here NOW over in Venezuela. It will arrive everywhere as the global economy turns South in the coming months and years. All this is prophesied and therefore it will happen. Mankind is not in control.


We war not against ‘flesh and blood’ (mankind) but against principalities and powers in dark spiritual venues. The MIND of rulers (our politicians) receive their instructions from these invisible hidden spiritual powers. Think for yourself on these matters. Our system is totally corrupt and nothing will change until people wake-up to the core problems. We need a new system and a NEW economic model for the planet.


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  1. Donna Rak permalink
    August 20, 2018 8:52 pm

    Almost 2.5 million have left. How many will come here????

    Sure looks like End Times.

    Sent from my iPhone



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