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Bernanke, Draghi, Kuroda ‘Put’ – appears to have ended!

February 11, 2018


The mindset of our Central Bankers created the seeds for that which is now emerging! What we ‘sow’ we must eventually ‘reap’!

Rising interest rates and growing volatility will shake up our markets going forward. The Bernanke put of 2008 (QE to infinity) will have serious consequences as Draghi (ECB) and possibly Kuroda (Japan) follow the lead of our new Fed Chairman, Powell, and increase interest rates. The Economist magazine, February 16, 2018,  is concerned and they think the recent fiscal stimulus of Trump was not a wise decision. Deficits will grow substantially and all this will lead to great VOLATILITY later in 2018.


The recent edition of The Economist is entitled ‘Running hot’ – America’s extraordinary economic gamble. I fully agree that the gamble of more stimulus by Mr. Trump and his team will lead to financial chaos later in 2018. Mr. Trump’s economic judgment is misplaced IMO. After nine years of Central Bank stimulus (QE) and zero interest rates (some being negative) the consequences must now develop. What goes UP must come DOWN! It’s all a law of human nature. The next seven years will reveal the folly of past decisions!


The unwise policies of our elites within our Central Banks will now experience consequences. What a ‘man’ sows he will ‘reap’. It’s a law of human nature. Justice demands that the markets correct and this will happen in spades (during 2018 and 2019). I have been following these markets for 50 years. I have never witnessed such corrupt markets as we have today. All ‘values’ and ‘prices’ are corrupted and distorted to the extreme. All this means that a serious ‘correction’ will occur later in 2018 and all of 2019.


We now live with cyber markets which are metaphysical at the core. This is the first time in our history where cyber markets have been representing our economic system. Cyber markets are really nothing more than imaginary markets where the so-called ‘wealth effect’ is allowed to rule over all finance. What is this ‘wealth effect’ in reality? It is nothing more than Central Bank pumping up of asset prices to ridiculous levels to prevent a market from correcting. Today, this is done with ‘digital’ money units!


We have had nine years of pumping by our Central Banks and this is what I call the Bernanke, Draghi, Kuroda ‘Put’. These elites adopted a philosophy of official ‘counterfeiting’ (2008 – 2018) so that the so-called ‘wealth effect’ can be realized by our corrupted markets. Traders, investors, savers, consumers, and billionaires have benefited from this corrupt policy but what a man ‘sows’ he must eventually ‘reap’. We will soon REAP what we have sown. It’s all a LAW OF HUMAN NATURE!


We now live with cyber/metaphysical/spiritual markets as our MONEY is nothing but FAKE units of consciousness. FAKE money and corrupt elites (at the top) who have administered this FAKE system have benefited (temporarily) from this corruption. The rich have gotten richer and the vast majority of humanity is now enslaved by these corrupt prior policies. It is all leading to the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system which is prophesied. It’s here NOW in template form. The end product will emerge later.


Prepare for GREAT CHANGE over the next seven years. Jacobs Trouble is emerging and this is not a time period that we will relish. Foolish ‘pleasure’ will lead to existential ‘pain’. It’s all a LAW of Human Nature. We ‘reap’ what we ‘sow’ and the consequences are now starting to emerge. Problems are not meant to be ‘solved’ in some permanent form. Problems are the real ‘stuff’ of life. Let’s get used to ‘PROBLEMS’ as they will develop in all sectors of our markets going forward. Problems are positive! Think for yourself! I am:

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