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Will September 23 (Saturday) be Significant?

September 18, 2017

The special formation of stars, planets, Sun, and moon on September 23 in the constellation Leo and Virgo is drawing great attention from both secular thinkers and religious thinkers. Even some financial thinkers have adopted a view which creates some concern about this date. What is my view on this issue? My view is as follows!

My sense is that warning signs are appearing all over our planet and within our universe to warn human beings that significant change is about to occur. Our Creator, who rules this planet (ultimately), may be giving us humans a warning sign that events are about to happen to change our current thinking (including all our bubble financial markets).

My view is that real change does not happen until the economy heads South and a major correction develops. Economics is central to real change and when the economy heads into a major correction of 20% or more, then people will begin to wake-up. Money and economic confidence (or lack of such) is the key to real change.

Until our markets correct significantly and over many months real change will remain a side issue to investors, traders, the media, and the general public. Today, our Central Banks can postpone a bubble marketplace as all our markets are electronic and computer driven. Just a few traders with connections to the Big Boys on Wall Street, can pump up these digital markets indefinitely.

The Caracas General exchange over in Venezuela is now at 423,373 even as the general economy continues to deteriorate. What does this imply? To me, this implies that our Central Bank insiders can keep this bubble going irrespective of economic fundamentals for a time period. They will likely attempt to prevent any major correction in sentiment.

Will a higher authority intervene to change the thinking of our markets? Will Providence intervene in the events here on planet earth in the near future? It’s possible in my view. Watch events after the September 23 star/planet formation in Leo and Virgo for some indications. Personally, I sense that events will change soon. I am:

P.S. Also watch Hurricane Maria and Jose as they might still provide us some change! We live in interesting times.


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