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Isaac Newton and Thomas Jefferson believed in a Creator God!

August 5, 2017

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Two of the greatest minds of recent history, Isaac Newton and Thomas Jefferson, believed in a Creator God. Newton was born in 1643 and Jefferson in 1743. Both these thinkers are mentors of mine as they seem sound in their logic and philosophy. Let’s talk Theology today for this missive as the issue of a Creator God is essential for understanding self, consciousness, and one’s destiny. The neuroscience idea that my Brain creates my Consciousness is, to me, ludicrous (invalid). How can brain neurons and brain synapses create my beliefs, thoughts, words, and all my mental abstractions used in my thinking. This, to me, is totally absurd and beyond my logic to entertain as a serious theory of reality. The above two thinkers (most likely) would agree with this conclusion!

Consciousness is another word for spirit essence and/or that phenomena which is non-material and non-physical within us. As spirit essence, consciousness lives on after my Brain ceases to function…as spirit is an eternal essence (not dead inorganic matter). This implies, to me, that there is a Creator God which is behind all our thinking and our human destiny. So let’s think about the nature of this Creator God to discern this person’s reality. First of all, the Christian doctrine of the Trinity was rejected as bogus by both Isaac Newton and Thomas Jefferson. These thinkers were strong believers in a Deity but they dismissed the false doctrine which most of Christianity promotes called the Trinity doctrine.

Both Jefferson and Newton could not accept the logic of three (3) persons also being ONE GOD. This, to them, was totally illogical and unbiblical. Any serious reading of scripture (Old and New) reveals that there is only ONE singular God which acts within the human realm. The Old testament reveals this God as having the personal name Yahweh (YHWH). The New testament reveals that Yeshua (Jesus) also believed that he received his messages and his Gospel from this same Creator God (Yahweh/YHWH). Logic and a discerning spirit (while reading scripture) will reveal that this Trinity concept devised by Christianity (mostly after 325 A.D.) is bogus and without any serious merit. Both Newton and Jefferson came to this same conclusion.

Newton and Jefferson rejected this Trinity concept which grew within Catholic teaching (after Nicaea, 325 A.D.) and then within Protestant teaching after the reformation period. Personally, I have reached the same conclusion from my reading, study, and research on this issue. There is no Creator God which lives as three persons within a collective Godhead (that makes sense to me). There can be only ONE ultimate source (Creator) which created our universe and gave life to all human beings. There can be only ONE potter who allows the clay (you and I) to survive for a brief season on this planet prior to our exiting via some form of physical brain/body death.

Today, we need to start questioning all the false doctrines which are being promoted by well-meaning but deceived teachers and theologians. Our TV’s and our Internet are full of teachers who proclaim this Trinity God which is all love (and positive) and who supposedly controls all events on this planet. Real-time experience (for me) reveals that our Creator God is ONE person who initiates ALL historical events (not three). Most common sense blue-collar thinkers recognize this reality without any theological training. Three is three. Two is two. And One is one. One + one + one (does not) = One. The logic and also scriptural evidence says the OPPOSITE. This Trinity doctrine is false IMO and needs to be dropped as a realistic concept of theological teaching!

If you have read my missive on Consciousness, you may have discerned that I believe in Dualism as my basic worldview/philosophy. Dualism subscribes to the concept that my Mind is separate from my Brain. Mind is another word for Consciousness. Brain is another word for this three-pound ball of matter (within my skull) which gets activated by my Consciousness. My Brain has no inherent ability to create my Consciousness (thinking) IMO. None! When dead, the Brain reveals that prior Consciousness was essential to activate this ball of material matter. My words, thoughts, and all my mental abstractions (images, numbers, symbols) derive from Consciousness (mind)..not my neurons/synapses or the interconnections thereof. This seems obvious to me. Give this some reflection and thought.

For those who follow economics and money issues, you need to know that our money today also derives from a banker’s Consciousness (spirit). Today, our money is merely a ‘name’ and a ‘number’ living within cyberspace (this netherworld of our extended consciousness). These money numbers (like $1 or $100000) originate in the Mind of a banker (within our Federal Reserve banking system) and then get ‘typed’ into a computer screen (cyberspace) for people to witness and access (mentally). Our banking administrators call this fake (virtual) money our official legal tender money. In reality, it is not only ‘fake’ but it is ‘imaginary’ and without any intrinsic ‘value’ or material substance. It is ‘thin air’ money an acronym for ‘nothing’! Today, we live with illusionary money and illusionary value (mere mental abstractions). To comprehend all this one must dig deep into one’s own Consciousness for understanding.

In conclusion, both Isaac Newton (a great thinker within science and theology) as well as Thomas Jefferson (America’s greatest founding Father) both rejected this doctrine of Catholicism and Christianity called The Trinity. I also reject this doctrine and find it meaningless for revealing sound logic and thinking on issues of spiritual reality. Those who hold to this doctrine need to rethink the history of this concept and also challenge themselves as they read holy scripture from both the Old and the New testament. This doctrine emerged gradually AFTER the death of Yeshua/Jesus. It was not present during the lifetime of this prophet of Yahweh God. Trinitarianism gradually emerged during the first, second, and third centuries after Yeshua’s death. Yeshua died around 31 A.D. The Council of Nicaea was held in 325 A.D. Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Today’s Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on the thinking of Isaac Newton with respect to his religious beliefs. It was called “Newton’s God-Filled Universe” (page C7, August 5-6). This article states “the false tradition that most consumed Newton was the doctrine of the triune God. Jesus Christ, he believed, was separate and unequal to God the Father. Trinitarianism not only was the genesis of ecclesiastical corruption, in Newton’s schema, but also was inevitably accompanied by the complete loss of true scientific knowledge in Western Europe.”

Some images which follow from the above missive:

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The concept of ONE Creator God was the mindset of Isaac Newton (similar to that of Thomas Jefferson)!

Image result for isaac newton on the Trinity doctrine

Isaac Newton was a great scientist and also a thinker on prophecy and theological issues! His views on God and theology were kept hidden until well after his death in 1727. I respect his great mind and his ability to discern reality (scientific reality and theological reality)!

Image result for thomas jefferson on the Trinity doctrine

Thomas Jefferson believed in the moral teachings of Yeshua/Jesus…but not most Christian doctrines (like the Trinity)!

Image result for thomas jefferson on the Trinity doctrine

Thomas Jefferson was a strong believer in a Creator God (One ultimate Ruler of the Universe) but not in this doctrine of Christianity called Trinitarianism (three god persons in one Godhead). He also viewed Yeshua/Jesus as a historical person who promoted a sound Gospel of morality and righteousness! He considered himself a follower of the message of Yeshua/Jesus on all moral issues!

Image result for thomas jefferson on the Trinity doctrine

This is a typical image of the Trinity (three persons, all equal, within one Godhead). Makes no sense to me! This doctrine emerged after the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. It then became the standard Catholic and Protestant truth for most believers after this date!

Image result for thomas jefferson on the Trinity doctrine


My reading of the Old and New testament leads me to the conclusion that there is only ONE ultimate Creator God (a singularity)!

Image result for the God of the Old testament

The above image is ‘Fake’…but it reveals the ‘idea’ of ONE Creator God over planet Earth! Scripture does not reveal an ‘image’ of this ONE Creator God which we can document as God. The personal ‘name’ of this Creator God, however, is generally considered to be Yahweh (YHWH)…also names like Jehovah, Father, or the Almighty Elohim. Under the religion of Islam this God would be called Allah…by most believers of prophet Mohammad and his Quran! I like the ‘name’ the Creator Source and/or the Ground of all Reality!



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  1. Muhd.Shukri Yaacob permalink
    August 5, 2017 4:52 pm

    The uniformity of the law of the universe,is evident of the One God.Believe in God The Creator must be followed by ascribing to all of His commandments including in the field of trade and finance.The believers must read the Scriptures,understood and implement.Then only life in this brief world will be in peace and a blissful Eternal life to those who faithfully practised the Commandments.


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