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Our Silver/Gold Prices Slammed Again! Why?

August 2, 2017


As I follow my precious metals daily, I am not surprised anymore at what happens regularly and often at precise times (on our electronic futures markets). The SMASH of precious metals (via algo’s) occurs whenever the price gets any momentum to the upside. Our Central Planners make sure that traders and investors will not make any money on their investments as the price is slammed whenever it reaches a level where some miners might make a buck. This means that there is no chance for investors in these mining companies or ETF’s to grow their portfolios (given what is happening to these prices). This is all done via computer trading and via algorithms. My losses continue even as more dire political/financial events grow globally. What a shame that our miners do not rise up and complain and picket our regulators. Why this complacency? Does anyone understand?

At 1906 ET last night (August 1),  Silver futures flash-smashed higher, running the day’s high-stops, before plunging (Tyler Durden). 

Gold futures also followed suit tonight, August 1, 2017 (see also for another chart on this price crash).

This would normally be shrugged off as just another example of the utter farce that global capital markets have become. However, a glance back in recent history at the silver market’s most recent chaos moment – on July 6th – and a ‘funny’ thing stood out!!! This from zero-hedge (Tyler Durden).

Gold also followed suit that night too…

h/t @TFMetal

At exactly 1906 ET on July 6th,  Silver futures flash crashed again.

And it even looks like the machines tried to front-run each other a little into the 1906ET mini-flash-crash.

So, we ask again, what is it about 1906ET that sends the algos in overdrive? Or is it all just coincidence? Probably nothing, right?

Thanks to Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge for the above documentation. 

Conclusion: Why invest in any mining companies when the leaders of this industry refuse to do anything to correct this injustice within our markets? This manipulation of silver/gold prices has now been obvious to me for over six years. I have written multiple missives on this issue. Yet I find that very few miners seem to desire to understand why their projects get so little following. Could it be that they do not care about how the system operates? Why the complacency? Why the lack of complaint? Does anyone understand why our miners do not act to try correct this problem? I am:

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