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A Well Presented Overview of America’s Fraudulent Money System!

July 14, 2017

Mr. Mike Maloney has designed a video which covers the essentials of money and its exponential multiplication so that everyone can visualize the process and comprehend the details. After watching this video I decided to offer it to all of my readers of this blog. After viewing the video, please think about the consequences of what this fraudulent money system creates. At some point the entire Ponzi scheme must collapse as the foundation consists of mere ‘mental abstractions’ which derive from the human imagination.

Numbers and Names make up the mental abstractions which we call ‘money’. We could also say Math and Symbols make up the system. Today, we need to understand this history as we will soon need to reconstruct a replacement for this fraudulent ‘scheme’ of our elites. Those who have done their homework and comprehend this fraud on the people will be able to offer constructive criticism going forward. Those in the DARK must end up being VICTIMS of the coming consequences.

Take the time to listen to the above video as it provides the essentials for comprehending what has been done to all of us by well meaning elites who did not understand their own ‘human’ nature. The final process that follows from understanding the above is a growth in our understanding of ‘human’ nature and why select power brokers desire to rule over others. Human enslavement is the end result of this Ponzi system. Watch and learn as our TIME is short! I am:

Some additional images for your consideration after watching this video:

Image result for Mike maloney's history of money and the Fed

Does President Trump comprehend the message within the above video on money?

Image result for Mike maloney's history of money and the Fed

Yes, the money game is nothing but a counterfeiting operation designed for those who RULE over us!

Image result for Mike maloney's history of money and the Fed

I agree. The coming deflation will expose the fraud within all our Central Banks (especially our Fed)!

Image result for Mike maloney's history of money and the Fed

From 1913 to 2017 is 104 years of enslavement. Do we desire more? That is the core issue!

Image result for Mike maloney's history of money and the Fed

The elites who control our fraudulent money system will attempt to create a NEW system for their benefits!

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  1. Glen permalink
    July 14, 2017 8:31 pm

    excellent video. in some ways better than the Zeitgeist videos and the Venus project, although I recommend seeing them all.


  2. Muhd.Shukri Yaacob permalink
    July 15, 2017 3:55 am

    The money creation is fueled by interest as rightly mentioned by MM.Take away the interest part,then the whole scam will collapsed.



  1. A Great Visual Explanation Of How Monetary Systems Work - munKNEE

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