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Venezuela – Inner ‘demons’ battle Inner ‘demons’!

July 6, 2017

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The Wall Street Journal says “Crisis Deepens in Venezuela after Maduro Backers Storm Congress”. Are the ‘inner’ demons revealing themselves? We need to think about our ‘inner’ self/being!

Mr. Maduro says he will cling to power by any means necessary. His words “we will never give up, and what can not be done by votes, we will do with weapons”. Is this the mindset of a leader who can bring peace to Venezuela? I don’t think so! This mindset will lead to more challenges, more conflict, and more violence. The mindset of clinging to power so that one’s views can be imposed on the many (the people) will eventually lead to catastrophe. Is this a mindset which will develop over in Hamburg also? The G-20 meets tomorrow and Saturday in Hamburg, Germany, and my sense is that the issues will get contentious.

On Friday, June 7, Mr. Trump meets with Mr. Putin over very contentious issues which might also lead to conflict. The Russian economy is now under serious sanctions and America (our Congress) is mostly responsible for this condition. Blaming Putin and Russia for the 2016 election of Trump is another no-win attitude which can not improve our relationship with a Nation such as Russia. Sanctions and the issue of North Korea will be discussed over in Hamburg and I don’t think anything will get resolved. Putin will not back down (this is natural) and Trump’s mindset will likely create greater mental dysfunction within the dialogue.

Today, the bigger issue is WHO will rule the planet. Will America (under Trump) continue to rule with their Might makes Right philosophy Or will opponents arise who will challenge America’s Empire of hubris and control? My sense is that the core issues revolve around the spiritual concept called ‘demons battling counter-demons’. Human nature involves two faces. These faces are ‘inner’ and difficult to discern. But it is obvious, to me, that our battle on this planet is a battle of the ‘inner’ forces which determine a person’s outer persona.

Serious conflict and issues of difference bring out the inner demons within any/all leaders. We can witness this over in Venezuela today as their economy crashes and their political system becomes dysfunctional. Those in power and control will NOT give up their power and control. Those who demand change will not give up their demands for change. This leads to serious conflict, fighting, and eventually WAR. There can be no alternative given the nature of our current corrupted SYSTEM. Human leaders are similar to any individual which battles their ‘inner’ demons. The outcome is no-win for the people!

We live on a planet where select power elites RULE this planet. America is currently the biggest BULLY on our planet. America has developed a military which is second to none. We now have some 800 military bases around our planet to help us maintain our power, control, and EMPIRE. A country like Russia and China (given human nature) will desire a similar outcome for their hubris to survive. This is bound to lead to conflict over global hegemony and global political policy and philosophy. American thinks that their view of democracy for everyone must be imposed. This, to me, is a NO-WIN philosophy and a foolish political strategy!

Let’s learn from the situation over in Venezuela as human nature is similar all around our planet. The mindset of Maduro is a LOSE/LOSE mindset IMO. Will the mindset of TRUMP and PUTIN also lead to a LOSE/LOSE outcome? Watch what happens over in Hamburg, Germany this weekend. My sense is that NOTHING will get solved or resolved. North Korea is confronting the planet’s bully (America) and this can not lead to peace given the mindset of our leaders. That is my perception and hopefully I will be proven WRONG! Time will reveal what is reality and what is fantasy! Enjoy! I am:

Some additional images for your consideration:

Image result for venezuelans storm congress

When an economy collapses the survival of the system becomes the issue!

Related image

This poor soul has metal knuckles (right hand) to inflict damage upon his opponents!

Image result for venezuelans storm congress

The people sense that the system has collapsed or is near collapse! Survival demands action!

Image result for venezuelan military

The Venezuelan military is what allows a corrupt government system to prevail in times of collapse!

Image result for venezuelans storm congress

The Venezuelan leader, Mr. Maduro, has no awareness that HE is the problem! Blame the people is his mantra!

Image result for the putin/ trump feud over sanctions and north korea

Russia and China agree that America is the problem! North Korea views America as the planet’s bully!

Image result for putin or trump in hamburg, germany

Whose ‘inner’ demons will prevail at their meeting in Hamburg, June 7?

Image result for the putin/ trump feud over sanctions and north korea

Two egos backed up with military power! Where does this lead going forward?

Image result for america's military over in north korea area

Will America’s hubris (and military superiority) lead us to act on this emotion?

Related image

Who will back down so as to save humanity destruction via a nuclear bomb?

Image result for america's military over in north korea area

Kim Jong-un must envision America as a BIG bully which it must challenge! Is this his mindset?

Image result for Trump and his huge military machine

Kim and his trinity of military men who are determined to challenge America’s hegemony over planet Earth!

Image result for Trump and his military

Has the Donald given our military leaders the option to act on their instincts? This could be dangerous going forward!

Image result for Trump and his military

America’s military is second to none when it comes to its ability to destroy! But can an ‘ideology’ be destroyed?

Image result for Trump and his military

North Korea has just launched another missile. Does this guy have anything better to do with his life? Hard to believe that South Korea…..

Image result for America's naval power, now over near North Korea

America’s naval power could destroy North Korea and millions of its citizens and then what? Would this solve the issue?

Image result for putin's military power

Russia has weapons to maintain their hegemony over their territory!

Image result for putin's military power

Putin’s military power is sufficient to challenge any aggression by America and her military power! So can Might make Right work?

Image result for hamburg G-20 meeting

The Hamburg G-20 meeting is unlikely to solve any of our planet’s serious Geo-political issues! Why? Who rules this planet?




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