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Earth’s Money Casino Visualized!

June 27, 2017

The World’s money casino can be visualized below. What is striking is that all the silver in the world is only some 1 billion ounces (say $17 billion dollars @ $17/oz). This reveals why our Deep State wants to suppress the silver price using ‘naked shorts’ on the futures markets. The quantity is so small that the price would run up into the multi-hundreds (per ounce) if it was not suppressed. This type of run-up would collapse the confidence in the entire monetary system in a short time.

All the gold in the world is only about 5.8 billion ounces (say $7.25 trillion dollars @ $1250/oz). This number is also just a fraction of the 1.5 quadrillion money quantity (counting derivatives) in the world as of today (say 0.005%). So this precious metal (gold) must also be suppressed to maintain positive sentiment in our digital casino (now a house of cards about to collapse).

For purists, who believe money refers only to currencies such as bank notes, coins, and money deposited in savings or checking accounts, the total is somewhere around $80.9 trillion globally (with gold’s value being only 9% of this total). Silver represents only some 0.0002% of this number (too small to have meaning). So I can see why our corrupt Deep State operatives and our corrupt Central Bank operatives desire to suppress the cyber prices of these metals. People would clammer for these historical precious metals and the prices would approach infinity (in $$$$$$$$ or any other digital/imaginary currency). What does this mean for the wise?

In my mind, this means that the wise should purchase some quantity (ounces) of both silver and gold for the coming disappearance of our virtual currencies (some time in the near future). Most likely within my lifetime. Virtual currencies which live in cyberspace will eventually disappear completely as they are derived from pure ‘imagination’ (our inner consciousness). Virtual units have zero substance. At least those who own silver ounces and gold ounces can use their metals to pave the streets when the game of money is over.

Any new system will emerge without any money as its tool as people will recognize the folly of this item for growing our prosperity and security. People will recognize during this collapse period (some 10 years let’s say) that money is ‘invented’ and has no meaning for real economic growth, prosperity, or social security. The money casino will END at some point down the road and those with WISDOM will prepare for this event now (likely within my lifetime). When the casino starts into its collapse mode is when it may be too late to accumulate physical ounces. Enjoy the below visual display of money history. I am:

P.S. Keep in mind that all our cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, etc.) will demonitize or devalue to zero at some point also…as these virtual currencies derive their ‘value’ from an official government currency (like our dollar, euro, yen, yuan, etc.). These cyber/digital currencies are also ‘imaginary’ units and could not stand alone as an item of value (independent of an official currency which serves as their valuation metric).

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