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A Central Planner’s Perspective on Money, Society, and Economics!

June 24, 2017

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The MACRO perspective of a Central Planner starts with a viewing of our world at the global and/or planetary level! Planet Earth is one family of 7.4 billion people (now all interconnected)! Our Central Planners must now think of the entire global community as they plan their policies!

As consumers and investors we look at our monetary system from the perspective of a micro picture. This is natural as we are not seeking to affect the entire global economy with our decisions. Our goal is to grow our own micro wealth and distribute it as we see fit. A Central Planner(s), however, will develop a perspective much different from the average consumer/investor/voter. A Central Planner (currently our Central Bankers mostly) who work for the Deep State will think about how the entire global system functions and the decisions which should be made to keep the global economy stable and growing. For purposes of this missive let’s think BIG and look at our world and our planet from a MACRO perspective. Let’s look at reality from the perspective of a Central Planner(s) who will use a network of group-think elites and special feedback (called sustainable macro goals) to determine their various polices and decisions.

The first requirement that I (let’s say I am the key global Central Planer) must realize is that this item called ‘money’ is extremely important in my thinking. Money does not really exist within our global marketplace (anyplace on planet Earth) yet it is key to our progress economically and socially. Money (this tool) is ‘invented’ (not discovered) by those in POWER and those who desire to distribute rewards to workers and entrepreneurs. Those who supposedly increase global wealth according to a vision or plan from the Deep State will be favored.  My job as a Central Banker/Planner is to create my ‘invented’ money in the amount and in sufficient quantities so that I can ‘distribute’ this item fairly (or unfairly) to anyone who conforms to the overall vision/goal of the Deep State. Wealth is defined by a Central Planner as goods and resources which can grow the global economy over time and create the vision of the Deep State.

Today, I look at the balance sheets of my primary dealers and the primary wealth producers on our planet (say Amazon, Wall-Mart, Google, IBM, General Motors, Caterpillar, Ford, Exon, and a host of other wealth producers which work internationally). If I favor the wealth producers first then I can work on helping those who benefit from the trickle down effects and lastly the workers, retired, young, and those in poverty, etc. My job is to get all the other Central Planners (today mostly Central Bankers and select Deep State operatives) to see reality as a group-think project for the entire planet. Money (today’s virtual units of consciousness) can be created in unlimited amounts so as to affect the greater markets and keep the goals of the Deep State progressing. This is my HOPE as I plan and scheme to follow a program, designed by the Deep State, which is called Agenda 2030 by our United Nations and those who agreed to follow this agenda.

I also recognize as a macro thinker that money is a ‘tool’ (for accomplishing my goals) and not wealth in itself. Money, as I said above, is ‘invented’ by me the Central Planner(s) to create my vision (or the vision of the Deep State which rules over me). I create my digits (out of nothing) and distribute these digits (called money) to whomever my Deep State authorities desire should get these digits. The vision today of our Deep State is to create Utopia on planet Earth via money, distribution of money…and then creating a centralized authority for controlling the entire planet for the benefit of those who rule. Power and authority is necessary to accomplish these goals and anyone who challenges my vision (today’s Agenda 2030 vision) must be removed from any ability to affect this outcome. This is a given (it’s the Chatham House Rule for those in power)!

If a Kennedy type person should challenge my money creating operation or challenge my macro goals seriously, then this type of person must be dealt with seriously. If a Trump type person assumes a position of power which contradicts my macro vision (this Agenda 2030 vision today) then this person must be dealt with appropriately. I (as a Central Planner/Authority) with my Deep State operatives as core decision-makers will choose the process and methods for dealing with any serious challenge to my (our) vision and goals. This is how reality works IMO and it has worked in this manner since America was founded. A Deep State has been involved from day one! The American consumer/voter, however, is mostly unaware of this system and/or the reality of this Deep State mentality which rules.

Given today’s global internet age and the interconnectedness of all sectors of rulership, the model for the Deep State is changing daily. What is happening today is that the common citizen/voter is becoming more aware and informed on what our Central Planners are doing and saying (to a greater degree). This creates the need for our Deep State operatives to increase deception so as to gain their foothold. Today, some 70% of all wealth is controlled by a mere 1-5% of all the people on our planet. Some say approximately 350,000 decision-makers globally control the decision-making for the entire 7.4 billion people on our planet. This means a fraction of 1% rules over the entire planet. Is this a situation which the masses will accept going forward? My sense is NO. Wealth is so unevenly distributed and control involves so few (mostly wealthy elites) that the masses (as they become aware) will likely revolt from this situation going forward.

As the current unfairness spreads globally and as conditions become more dire, the masses will revolt and a serious revolution will result. This is starting as I write this missive and I think it will grow exponentially in the next few years. Central Planners will feel the ‘heat’ from the masses as general conditions start to deteriorate. This means that all the negatives within human nature will get revealed. Killing, fighting, bombs, missiles, and guns will attempt to settle differences. This negative environment is a consequence of the unfairness within our current non-System and this gets magnified as events (cycles) turn south. Think of how our Central Planners will react as these new events emerge. Is Marshall law on the agenda? Look at events from the MACRO perspective is my suggestion.

A good example of what is emerging (for Americans and the West) could be the situation over in Venezuela. This country is deteriorating daily from lack of leadership, unpayable debt, food shortages, political corruption, military corruption, and general dissatisfaction with the slow process of meaningful change. The people are suffering and the Deep State in Venezuela is doing basically nothing to ameliorate the situation. The wealthy are pumping up their stock market (for the elites) and inflating their currency (the Bolivar) to levels that prevent any hope of a return to normality. This means revolution and a military take-over if this country is to survive. The mindset of the Deep State is more Socialism and Communal living via a centralized State system. None of this will work for the people!

It is now time to learn from the experiences of the marketplace. Americans and Europeans are heading in this same direction with their model for reality. The Agenda 2030 program will lead the West and the entire planet into a survival mentality where more centralization will be demanded. Socialism and then Communism seems to be the Deep State agenda for this planet. None of this is likely to work as history has revealed that central authorities can not manage a society with diverse philosophies and diverse beliefs. We now need new thinking and a NEW model for this planet. Kingdom Economics is my choice. What is yours? Give the above trends some reflection and review. I am:

Some additional images which a Central Planner must consider to rule this planet:

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Central planning is a type of group-think where the Deep State uses political correctness to accomplish their goals!

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Central planning involves working with existing institutions to further the vision of the Deep State operatives! Today this is Agenda 2030! This policy (program) was approved by the 193 countries who are members of the United Nations as of January 1, 2016!

Related image

This lady who looks at the macro picture for the IMF (International Monetary Fund) will likely approve of Central Planning for the planet!

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Our religious elite are also part of the Deep State which desire a centrally planned world under their set of beliefs!

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These Central Planners report to the Deep State operatives for their vision and direction! Agenda 2030 is that vision today!

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Prior to today’s Agenda 2030 there was agenda 2021. The G-20 is another group which reports to the Deep State for direction! 

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The Nation of Venezuela is rich in oil and many commodities but the central planning government is the problem (along with general politics)! 

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Venezuela reveals what happens when Socialism/Communism takes over a country! The situation gets dire!

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Central Planning leads to lack and eventually corruption at the highest and lowest levels! Base instincts emerge!

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Human nature resorts to a survival mentality where each person is out for themselves! This is natural for survival!

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Importing new products is difficult as money is scarce and exporters are few!

Image result for venezuela collapsing economy

The Central Bank prints and prints and inflation (price increases) reach 800% and growing! Collapse is the result!

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The Bolivar (mostly a paper currency) has depreciated in value to nearly zero on the black market!

Image result for president maduro venezuelaCorruption at the top goes unpunished as those at the top have the GUNS! Maduro stays in power due to his corrupt military!


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Blessing the NWO is part of the desire of our religious leaders who hold major positions of power. Pope Francis is doing the bidding of the Deep State and promoting this goal of global Socialism/Communism for the planet!

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Man must rule over man is the view of the Deep State and the 1% with all the wealth must control the positions of POWER. This means World Government at some point if these elites can pull off their vision!

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Central Planners will work to reach the above goals as they convince politicians to follow their lead!

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The above Agenda was officially operative as of January 1, 2016. The Deep State desires world Socialism and then world Communism for the planet! The masses have no voice in the bigger goals of our Deep State operatives. Money rules this planet and the Deep State has control over all money. Money is ‘invented’ and then ‘distributed’ so the goals of the Deep State prevail and are realized! I see no way that this agenda will succeed when the masses of internet users (now a global community) become fully AWARE of the consequences of this vision/agenda! The vision has already been tried and it has failed miserably! Think for yourself on these issues!




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  1. Muhd.Shukri Yaacob permalink
    June 25, 2017 2:30 am

    What encourages the money creation and distribution?I think the INTEREST/USURY is the incentive for the growth of money supply globally.Without this,money creation will collapse.The three great religions of the world,Jewish,Christian and Islam prohibit interest taking.If the followers of this religions held strictly to the teachings,then this menace of money creation can be checked.


    • June 25, 2017 7:51 am

      Good point. Virtual money is the bigger problem in my opinion. Thanks for comment. D


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