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Babylon ‘America’ and her ‘One World Trade Center’! What does it Portend?

June 20, 2017

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Freedom Tower and/or One World Trade Center is 1776 feet high and represents America’s hubris to be Great Again (completed in July 2013)!

My view is that America is ‘Babylon the Great’ (as prophesied in the book of Revelation and Daniel). Babylon means ‘confusion’, ‘deception’, and ‘hubris’. This fits America of 2017 and also our brief 240 year history since our founding. Babylon signifies that America is destined for destruction at some point down the road (rather soon IMO) by a decree from our Creator. The new One World Trade Center, built after the 911 events, could be the modern-day image of the historical Tower of Babel which Nimrod built and which led to the scattering of their people’s in all directions. Let’s think on this issue for today!

Back around 2200 B.C. is when this Tower of Babel was likely built (some time after the Flood which likely occurred around 2304 B.C.). So we could estimate that some 4200 years prior to today (give or take) is when Nimrod and his buddies built this Tower and some say it was not completely destroyed until the days of Alexander the Great. Anyway, all these estimates are not key to understanding (the message) that our Creator was in charge and his decree determined the result. The hubris of Nimrod and his crew (attempting to build a Tower to reach the higher heavens) was a mindset that our Creator used to confuse the languages and scatter the people.

Today, there are approximately 6,500 spoken languages on our planet (give or take). The theory is that there was one basic language back in the days of Nimrod and then our Creator entered the consciousness of those people and created new languages (words are spirit phenomena and words give us our languages) and this gradually has resulted in the many languages of today. Today, some 1.5 to 2.0 billion people speak the English language and this represents some 20-27% of all humans on our planet (we now have some 7.4 billion on planet Earth). So who is in charge of change on this planet? Think: our Creator who is The Logos is in charge (the originator of ‘words’ and the one who lives within our consciousness).

The Big Picture is that human beings are not in control of the big events which happen on this planet. I live ‘at effect’ and I believe that you also live ‘at effect’. Being ‘at effect’ means that we each construct our reality from our consciousness and our inner ‘words’ are key to our behavior. Behavior follows from our thinking and our thinking consists of ‘words’ and derivatives from our ‘words’. The ideas of our elite educators are mostly garbage (to me) and their attempts to eliminate our Creator are pure folly, hubris, and deception. What happens is ordained to happen and what is prophesied to happen (if one’s interpretations are valid) WILL happen.

The words from our various Holy Books (even though fragments of reality and rather vague and uncertain as to their historical accuracy) are still a general guide to what is likely to emerge in the coming days, months, and years. My sense is that America will represent Babylon the Great (a symbol of prophecy) and that her destiny is determined by this imagery. The newly built World Trade Center (some call it The Freedom Center) is one image which likely can be tied to prophecy and the image of Babylon the Great (America). If I am correct (in my interpretation), then we can expect our Creator to create events (within the consciousness of people) so that these prophecies emerge and become reality.

What we now need to recognize is that most of our prior education in our public arena of education is MOSTLY false, bogus, and deceptive. The idea of eliminating our Creator from reality and creating secular/materialistic dogma’s (under the assumption that we all emerged from primordial chemicals is pure hogwash). My inner being is spiritual and my consciousness is spiritual (and I believe that yours is ALSO). Words are the key to our behavior and ‘words’ are derived from outside our brain/body organism (not the brain neuronal system). The human MIND is key to understanding reality and the MIND is separate from our Brain/body IMO!

I am not my body/brain and neither are YOU. That seems obvious to me. Look in the mirror and what do we see? I see my body as a reflection. But is this body ME? I don’t think so. Is my ‘name’ ME? I don’t think so! As a thinker/doer I perceive that my MIND is who I really AM (in reality). Where do my/your ‘words’ derive from? Can a ‘word’ derive from the body/brain? I don’t think so! Words derive from my MIND and I think your situation is similar (identical). All the garbage within my prior education should be deposited into a trash-can and dumped in the sea. False education is worthless education! We need to think in the NOW and learn to accept that we live ‘at effect’. America’s founding posited a Creator and this (to me) is obvious! Providence prevailed at our founding and will prevail going forward! Think for yourself! Enjoy! I am:

Some additional images for your consideration:

Image result for the tower of babel

The Tower of Babel constructed by Nimrod and his buddies back around 2200 B.C.

Image result for the tower of babel

Today, our money is virtual and part of our inner consciousness! Our elites can now create their Tower of Babel (material goods) and their Agenda 2030 to create Utopia on planet Earth! But will our Creator agree with our elites and their hubris, deceptions, and manipulations?

Image result for the tower of babel

Another Tower of Babel is over in Europe! Man desires to play God and rule the planet!

Image result for the tower of babel

Our Creator confused the consciousness of people and this created some 72 new languages!

Image result for the tower of babel

Location of the original Tower of Babel (today’s Iraq). How could people develop new nations without this decree?

Image result for remains of the tower of babel is in today's iraq

A precise location of Nimrod’s Tower near the Tigris River area!

Image result for remains of the tower of babel is in today's iraq

The precise location of Nimrod’s Tower of Babel (built after Noah’s flood)! A possible scattering after this decree!

Image result for observation deck at World Trade Center

Observation deck at the One World Trade Center (also called the Freedom Tower)!

Image result for observation deck at World Trade Center

The Empire called America (could be Babylon the Great in prophecy)???

Image result for observation deck at World Trade Center

America’s Tower of Babel (completed in July 2013) was meant to Make America Great Again! Will this happen?

Image result for is america babylon the great

Who is the modern day Babylon the Great? Could it be the Empire called America?

Image result for is america babylon the great

This is the question for today? Is America the prophesied Babylon the Great of scripture? My sense is Yes!

Image result for is america babylon the great

If America is Babylon the Great, what does this mean going forward? 

Image result for is america babylon the great

The prophesied destiny of America can be visualized in the above image!

Image result for is america babylon the great

The Empire of America and her allies could be destined for destruction in the near future! Our Creator will determine the result! Providence will prevail as it did at America’s founding! Beware!





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