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Biblical Scholar ‘Debunks’ Evangelical Christianity!

June 13, 2017

We live in an age where new ‘truth’ gets revealed to the masses now that our world is interconnected via the worldwide web. Personally, I grew up with the Christian scripture and the teachings of the bible. The stories were taught every Sunday as I attended my church and learned select books, chapters, and verses from this Holy Book. I was taught that the words in my bible were inerrant and absolute as the writers were inspired by the Holy Spirit. I never fully adopted this mantra and I felt that my teachers were mostly desiring to push their own beliefs upon me and others. Playing God is a strong internal impulse!

All this historical teaching is now being ‘debunked’ by biblical scholars who have studied the various manuscripts which underlie this scripture called the Bible. Bart Ehrman is one scholar who has extensive knowledge and experience on these issues and I think every Evangelical Christian should take the time to listen to his words and his conclusions (even if they disagree) about these stories which we all have learned from childhood. Are the stories valid in today’s world of  Now? Did the writers of scripture have a direct connection to God our Creator as these pastors and teachers espoused? What is ‘truth’ and what is ‘conjecture’? Let’s explore!

It appears that scholars are now uncovering much from our history which reveals that we have been deceived on many issues of reality. Truth is derived from interpretations of words and interpretations of words reveal that all is subjective. Objective TRUTH (capital ‘T’) is not a reality which humans can obtain. Writers of scripture have their own biases and desires and this leads to writings which are less than absolute. The Apostle Paul and his writings are one example. Paul did not even know the historical Yeshua/Jesus, yet he promoted a gospel which Evangelicals assume is absolute.

Is it now time to question all the writings within scripture and start thinking as an independent student? I think so! Reality is revealed in the Now as we live our lives. The Now reveals that human beings (including all our elites) are less than absolute on almost every issue. Pastors and scholars will differ on interpretations of words in scripture and this leads to subjective conclusions. This is our real-time reality. Listen to Bart Ehrman as he reveals the diversity which started this religion called Christianity. I sense this same ‘diversity’ today within Christendom. Listen and learn. I am:

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A realist is a person who lives in the NOW. What is real (in the Now) is what I think must prevail when it comes to reality! All human beings are less than absolute when it comes to TRUTH (capital ‘T’). Diversity prevails within the human arena of thought! Accept diversity and be willing to ‘agree’ to ‘disagree’ on many issues! Let God be TRUTH and every man a liar! My wisdom from my personal experiences!



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  1. Muhd.Shukri Yaacob permalink
    June 13, 2017 4:31 pm

    We were taught that what is revealed to Abraham,Moses,Jesus and Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon them)are The Truth.The writing of learned and pious men of the Revelations in expanding and elaborating the meaning thereon are subjected to the progress of the days we live.The Revelation stood but the explanation written may differ.Totally agree with you.Truth from interpretation is subjective but TRUTH man cannot obtained.A subjective truth which is accepted by right mind people is the humanly truth derived from the Revelation but not the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.Therefore,accept what is Revealed but be critical of the interpretation of the Revealed.


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