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MONEY does not EXIST! Let me Explain!

May 29, 2017

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Money is similar to this concept called GOD. God, in reality, does not really ‘exist’ (as an object in nature) and neither does ‘money’! We now need to think anew about that which ‘exists’ and that which is ‘abstract’ and/or ‘imaginary’! We live in TWO worlds (mostly unknowingly)!

Today, I was at McDonald’s for breakfast. The question I proposed for a few of the person’s eating was:  ‘what is money’. Two senior citizens, three McDonald’s workers, and the Manager all participated. The question at issue was: What the heck is ‘money’? The responses were varied and interesting. The two senior citizens said that they were unsure. Money is used to get our needs but what specifically ‘is it’ was uncertain. One worker said money is ‘paper’. Another said that money is the Federal Reserve. The manager said money comes from above. All the responses were interesting but NONE could define specifically ‘what is money’. Why this confusion over this crucial question of our reality?

I think I have the answer. In reality, money does not really EXIST as a physical object (anywhere within our material universe). There is ‘no such thing’ as money within our sight, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting world. Yet we all know that ‘money’ is a force within our world. We buy/sell/invest/save but we know not what this ‘thing’ called money IS. What we need to understand is that ‘money’ derives from our inner self (our metaphysical/spiritual self). Money, the word, derives from our consciousness/spirit and this makes it unresponsive to any of our five senses. None of us can find, locate, or discover a ‘thing’ which denotes actual ‘money’. This makes this concept so confusing to those who ‘think’ about the question!

So does this mean that money is a ‘non-thing’ (not composed of this substance called ‘matter’)? I think so! Money does NOT exist as a ‘thing’ or ‘object’ within our material universe. What we need to comprehend is that human beings LIVE within TWO realms of reality. It’s called Dualism. What we experience with our five senses could be viewed as one realm. What we experience within us (our inner spirit/consciousness) is another realm. This means that we can confuse ourselves by not knowing which of these TWO realms are operating as we think. Thinking derives from our inner self. Seeing, however, produces the objects/things which we experience outside of our inner self. All this creates confusion when we think about concepts like ‘value’ and ‘money’.

Today, we have a confusing situation as ‘seeing’ within cyberspace (our smart phone screens) gives us the ‘illusion’ that our ‘inner’ self is really part of our ‘outer’ self. We all ‘see’ objects within our cyber screens and usually ‘think’ that these virtual objects are ‘outer’ things. The virtual images appear to be part of the material/outer world of things. We often ‘think’ that ‘seeing’ money symbols (within our computer screens) are the same as our historical physical money. In reality, however, we are living an ‘illusion/deception’ without knowing it. In reality, the ‘seeing’ of images in cyberspace (our computer screens) are really part of our ‘inner’ world. It is our ‘inner’ world which we now need to separate from our ‘outer’ world so we can comprehend reality. This means that Dualism is the philosophy of today/now!

Dualism goes all the way back to Socrates and Plato. It proposes that human beings live within TWO worlds. The world of ‘forms’ or ‘mental images’ and the world of matter (things/objects). Mental abstractions (images) derive from my ‘inner’ world. I then apply a ‘name’, ‘symbol’, or ‘number’ to some material ‘thing’ which I presume is ‘outer’. Today’s computer/cyber world creates much confusion when it comes to our money. Most people perceive that this concept called money is part of my outer world. Our tradition has been that ‘money’ exists as some ‘thing’ within this ‘outer’ world. Money has always been viewed as some ‘thing’ (like paper, silver, metal coins, gold, or an object from nature). But today, all this has changed…with FEW comprehending the CHANGE.

We now have VIRTUAL or CYBER symbols ($$$) as our money. Mere mental abstractions (numbers) have become our legal tender for all money transactions. Physical monies (paper notes/coins) are being removed/discredited/abolished so that cyber symbols ($$$) can replace all these historical monies. The trend is towards a cyber world of money symbols ($$$) with NO physical existence (within our ‘outer’ world). A cashless world is being promoted by our Central Banks and our political establishment. Cyber symbols (all inner and living with cyberspace) are replacing all our ‘outer’ historical objects which we assumed were money. All this gets us closer to truth and reality as I have known for years that I live within TWO realms. Dualism has been my philosophy for the past 50+ years.

So let’s conclude this missive with the message that MONEY (in reality) does not EXIST. There is no such ‘thing’ as money within our material space/time universe (that which most assume is our real world). Money should be viewed as an ‘inner’ concept which appears to be ‘outer’ but which is not! Money is ‘INNER’ and lives within my/your Consciousness. Confusion results because our Central Authorities are now forcing all humanity into this ‘inner’ world of cyberspace (but calling it ‘outer’). Cyber money is being forced upon everyone so that the VISION of our rulers can be achieved (called Agenda 2030). A centralized world where a few select elites RULE this planet via a system of ‘cyber’ money and cyber manipulations. Who is aware?

We are gradually being ENSLAVED by cyber (inner) objects which we THINK are ‘outer’ (but which are really ‘inner’). Seeing objects within our computer screens has fooled us and deceived us. Our authorities are also fooled and deceived IMO. We need to wake-up to the reality that we all live within TWO worlds/realms. There is an ‘outer’ world of physical objects and also an ‘inner’ world of mental abstractions/concepts/images/symbols/numbers. The ‘inner’ realm is now called VIRTUAL reality and CYBERSPACE is part of this ‘inner’ realm. What is now needed is a wake-up to this NEW reality called Dualism! Read this missive over a few times to discern these realities. Pass this missive on to your friends for their evaluation. Enjoy! I am:

Some images which are relevant to the above missive:

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Aristotle created the scientific mindset of assuming that we live within ONE realm of reality. Matter/energy is all that there is to reality!

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In contrast to Aristotle’s scientific mindset we have the mindset of Socrates and Plato. This mindset views reality as composed of TWO realms! We all live within TWO realms of reality called the MIND and the BODY!

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The Dualistic mindset proposes that my ‘inner’ self is separate from my ‘outer’ self. I live in TWO realms/worlds!

Image result for descartes dualism

Descartes furthered the view that Dualism is more real that Monism. The problem, however, is called the Mind/body problem and is not easy to prove! How can my inner self be separated from my outer self? Am I my ‘body’ or am I really my ‘mind’?

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Money has now entered this realm of the ‘inner’ self called cyberspace. This creates confusion within our markets!

Image result for money derives from the philosophy of dualism

Money, in reality, does not EXIST (as an object) today! It is purely an ‘inner’ abstraction (within our mind)! This makes it ‘imaginary’!

Image result for money derives from the philosophy of dualism

Bitcoin is an example of a ‘virtual’ currency which technically does not EXIST (as an object from nature)! It lives within cyberspace!

Image result for money derives from the philosophy of dualism

Paper notes are being converted to ‘inner’ symbols/numbers to create our global Cashless/Cyber society!

Image result for money derives from the philosophy of dualism

This historical money (silver) is being abolished so as to create a global cyber money system…an ‘inner’ system!

Image result for money derives from the philosophy of dualism

By eliminating physical monies our Authorities are creating an ‘inner’ money system (this leads to human enslavement)!

Image result for Agenda 2030 leads to human enslavement

Agenda 2030 is the new mantra and policy of our elites. This leads to enslavement and rulership by the few! Select unelected elites will administer a centralized system of commerce for the entire planet. Religion falls into the trap of promoting this mental enslavement. Science (under Monism) also falls into this trap of promoting cyber money for our planet. We need to WAKE-UP to reality (DUALISM)! MONEY, in reality, does not EXIST! Abolish ALL monies from this planet! During the transition BUY silver/gold coins, food items, any item which you can barter! Educate people on this reality called DUALISM!




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  1. therooster permalink
    May 29, 2017 12:51 pm

    Fiat currency is and has been a means to an end, a process. Without the development of free a floating price model how could we conduct balanced trades that were fair and in lock step with the law of supply and demand ?

    All debt-free trading platforms that we now use rely on the vital tool of price comparisons. That’s a relative price comparison model, like in the trading of a weight of gold for a new suit.

    Think of the USD like a segment of sting, a segment that has two distinct and separate ends …. one being the currency (debt), while at the other end, we find the price measure, a value measurement tool of relativity and comparison in the global price model created by central banks. It is the price model that now allows and supports debt-free, real-time transactions for consumers in the real economy. The trades cannot be done without this vital tool to compare the price value of two debt-free widgets so that they can trade directly with NO DEBT involved in the transaction. ZERO. Barter , in spirit.

    Now that we have developed the price model to maturity, we can reverse the debt accumulation by allowing debt to be purged with the increased use of gold as a weight based settlement currency.

    More info on facebook.


  2. May 29, 2017 3:50 pm

    Dan, Shame on you. Since money does not exist any price/value model is meaningless. What meaning do virtual units have for measuring value? These units derive from the mind of bankers who enslave their subjects. They have no function for developing a price model in real-time. Your two ends of a string concept is meaningless for revealing any price model. Debt never gets extinguished as bankers create virtual numbers with the punch of a computer key. Shame on you for promoting pure fantasy. D


    • therooster permalink
      May 29, 2017 4:14 pm

      You asked. I’ll answer . Don’t look for an event oriented solution but a process oriented one.

      The price model is a tool that allows for comparative values that are relative.

      When a dollar is used as a currency in the sense of an absolute value, I support your argument. It makes to sense .

      The price tool “on the other end” is a different story, It can be used to compare numeric values such as the gold and the new suit.

      The comparative price application can be likened to you measuring 6 ft tall and then me measuring 6 ft tall and concluding that we are the same height.

      The price tool can make the same measurement compassion between the gold and the new suit. This is a real world application. It;s used in real-time trade applications

      The process that works toward true price discovery is a process that includes increased economic support from gold currency and the subsequent safe debt purging that follows. Price discovery becomes progressively more organic as debt levels fall.


  3. Muhd.Shukri Yaacob permalink
    May 29, 2017 4:58 pm

    Mankind had involved in trading long before the introduction of fiat currency.They exchange real value i.e gold,silver or other acceptable commodities like barley,dates or salt in their trading.This practised had been observed until 15th.August 1971,when Nixon rescinded on the Bretton Wood Agreement unilaterally.Now the money is imaginary.Number is imaginary.Roman numerical,Chinese numerical or Arabic numerical of same value but different forms.Unlike the weight used to measure value,it remain eternally.A simple thing had been turned into complication due to imaginary money.Life had been made difficult due to expansion of it by bankers through debt/credit creation.If money is of something tangible/real,this unscrupulous practice by banks can be controlled.I am more inclined towards Don’s thinking on money.We are being ripped off by this monetary system.Our blood,swear and tears are paid by a piece of printed paper or digitally through computer.This paper did not store the value for our usage later but our labour remained to be enjoyed through generations.


    • therooster permalink
      May 29, 2017 6:28 pm

      I take the view from the standpoint of the just law of weights and measures, Don.

      When the fixed price peg was severed in 1971, the price of gold was set free to the market.
      That set the stage for the re-monetization of gold by way of the market with mass as the natural unit of account. That mass now has a fundamental trade value that is governed by the market, not set by fiat from the apex of government.

      A fixed price peg is an abomination of market law !!!. The gold mass can now stand as the currency with mass as the unit of account and the USD price tool can stand as its measure.

      Who needs oil when the USD can be the price measure for gold in a global currency application ?

      Everyone wins …. the economy, the price of gold and the whole fiat currency system as debt gets safely purged,

      Why does the dollar have to be the currency in your mind, rather than gold, itself ?

      Shame on you now Don. What I have outlined operates within the law of weights and measures.

      More ….


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