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Hey, Central Planners, ‘Suppress’ the Price to Zero!

May 25, 2017

The past six years have revealed the psychology of our Central Planners! Their goal is to ‘suppress’ the prices of silver and gold to reduce global sentiment for these historic monies. Why are they doing this? They desire to promote a new cyber/digital currency unit for the planet. Cyber money gives these Central Planners control over the markets and they can then enslave all the citizens on this planet to their vision of reality. Why do they desire to enslave the citizens? This is necessary if they desire to impose their Agenda 2030 upon the citizens. Everyone must bow to the vision of these Central Planners and their select elites so that this vision is realized by 2030. You can read all about Agenda 2030 at the U.N. website!

One means which allows these Central Planners to pursue this sinister goal for our planet is their control over the psychology of money. Money rules this planet and those with control over the money can impose their VISION upon the planet. This is how our world works, folks! We are all enslaved to those who desire to RULE this planet. Money is the key tool for rulership! To rule this planet and the 7.4 billion citizens these Central Planners MUST have cyber money for buying/selling/trading/investing/saving under their control. Cyber money allows these banksters to impose their rules upon the entire market. Citizens have no voice on these issues!

Rules are now mostly passwords, numbers, math, algorithms, artificial intelligence, cyber symbols, and mental images which live within cyberspace. Cyberspace is the new environment for our elites to use for their impositions and rulership. We are now at the point where passwords and math rule over all commerce. The elite with billions of cyber money units can avoid most of the enslavement as they control the System. But the vast majority of consumers are victims and slaves of this cyber system. We need to collapse this system by changing the incentives for supporting these elites. Money is what we need to focus upon!

This change can be accomplished if we REJECT the cyber money units (within our savings accounts) and exchange these units for some ‘thing’ in observable reality. Cyber units are non-things (units of our imagination) and they allow our Central Planners to further their mental enslavement of the citizens. We need to REJECT these units by exchanging our savings for something real and physical. Historical monies are silver/gold/copper. We now need to accumulate these precious metals and REJECT the tools (mere numbers/math) which our Central Planners are pushing on us via a psychology of deception and control.

The vast majority of consumers and investors are deceived about the ‘nature’ of virtual reality. Virtual reality is really an ‘imaginary’ reality which gets imposed (upon us) so that our Central Planners can achieve their Agenda of deception and enslavement. Who are these Central Planners who desire to enslave us and impose their Agenda upon us? Think of these institutions: the U.S. Federal Reserve System, the European Central Bank System, the International Monetary Fund System, the Bank for International Settlements, the Bank of England, Sweden, Switzerland, China, India, Japan, and a few others. These banksters and their political lackeys desire to impose an Agenda called Agenda 2030 upon the entire planet. Read all about it at the U.N. website.

Rulership can not be achieved IF we REJECT their cyber money units. Money rules this planet and those in control of the money impose their WILL upon everyone. This is the history of our human race. Money is at the core of all evil including most deceptions and banksterism. If we REJECT the cyber money units and exchange these units for ounces of silver/gold (coins and bars) then the psychology of cyber money will collapse. With a collapse of the cyber money system, we can start to RESTORE freedom to our markets and to the global system. Think about the future of your children and all citizens. Isn’t FREEDOM worth fighting for?

Now is the time to RESTORE freedom to our markets by REJECTING the imaginary units being imposed upon us by our Central Planners. This can be done by exchanging current cyber money units (in savings) for silver/gold (only physical silver/gold). Do not buy cyber symbols which are supposed to represent silver/gold. These symbol investments are mostly worthless as a ‘store’ of value. Get into physical silver/gold (coins and bars) and get out of cyber money units. Ignore the ‘price’ of silver/gold which our current Central Planners ‘suppress’ for psychological reasons! The more the authorities ‘suppress’ the price the better. This allows me to buy more physical ounces. Price ‘suppression’ is a psychological tactic to reduce investor sentiment! It’s purely a gimmick of our Central Planners!

Think of restoring FREEDOM to our markets and rejecting a dictatorship of the elites. Elites like to RULE over us, but this only leads to TYRANNY and Enslavement. Communism has already been tried and it does not work. Freedom is what works. Let’s ACT now and buy silver/gold so that we can RESTORE freedom to our markets. This can happen NOW. We do not need to wait for any guru to assist us. Go out and buy with your savings (money units not needed for immediate survival needs). Think about our FUTURE as citizens on this planet. The FUTURE is Now for those who understand reality. Watch the markets as our Central Planners run for cover. This message will change their thinking over time. Enslavement can not survive if we ACT as individuals (ignore the price and buy ounces). I am:

Freedom is my goal and I hope yours also:

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Image result for thomas jefferson on money institutions

Image result for thomas jefferson on money institutions

Image result for thomas jefferson on money institutions

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Image result for trump is king

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Image result for central banks the problem

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Image result for central banks the problem

Image result for central banks the problem, they cause enslavement

Illuminati/Agenda 21:

Image result for agenda 2030

Freedom means that the VISION of our elites must be stopped! Their Agenda (called Agenda 2030) will create enslavement for the vast majority of citizens on this planet. Reject their Agenda by being pro-active and rejecting cyber money for your savings. Think about the future for this planet! Choose FREEDOM! Money rules this planet and cyber money gives CONTROL to the FEW!


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  1. therooster permalink
    May 25, 2017 11:06 am

    There is no good evidence to the claim that their goal is to ‘suppress’ the prices of silver and gold to reduce global sentiment for these historic monies.

    The suppression comes from many market players and the central banks stand ready to thwart price suppression,. The problem here is that they are in wait for the market to do its share by putting market gold into circulation as a market currency, debt-free. Free market capitalism is a full team effort. Jefferson would agree.

    Allowing gold prices to run up quickly on the basis that it’s not circulating is downright dangerous , Don. Had you considered this in light of people’s habits ? What is to prevent gold fever and gold hoarding ? If the debt paradigm maintains its almost exclusive grasp on liquidity and economic trades, while gold goes up to just $3000/USD/oz, what would the world look like on the basis of no gold circulating ???

    I found the best reference on this issue and the whole idea of gold as a form of debt-free currency , just yesterday. It’s well worth you time to discover some fresh thinking on the law of weights and measures.


  2. Muhd.Shukri Yaacob permalink
    May 26, 2017 1:10 am

    As long as interest based banking is allowed,the money will flourish,irrespective wether the money is commodity based or fiat.Take away this incentive and conventional banking will perish,God willing.


    • therooster permalink
      May 26, 2017 4:48 am

      There is nothing wrong with interest based banking as long as the total model is completed , which is in process and is a matter of adding the “Yang” (gold assets) to the existing “Yin” (fiat debt) in what culminates into a symbiotic relationship in real-time, between the measure and the weight. .

      A Yin without a Yang cannot survive and the Yin is completely aware of this.

      God’s riddle is revealed in the link.


    • May 26, 2017 2:24 pm

      I don’t understand your comments. Can you elaborate? D


      • therooster permalink
        May 26, 2017 3:27 pm

        Don … I think we understand the pitfalls of a debt based currency that levies interest.
        If left to itself, it cannibalizes itself.

        The blind-spot here is when we fail to see the debt based paradigm as a component to a process that is still in motion and still yet incomplete. The debt based liquidity system is simply a “Yin” looking for its “Yang” which is a complementary gold currency in circulation as a symbiotic influence. The price model had to be created before gold could come back into circulation. We’re following every breadcrumb that took place with Bretton Woods in the wake of the liquidity crisis in the 1930’s when the gold price peg was still intact.

        The gold first required a measurement system for relative value, something we call pricing, thus the fiat currency system had to precede the proper application of using gold with real-time floating prices.

        We’re now adding the “Yang” to the existing “Yin” in an order that can be defined as light coming out of darkness in the proper order of creation. Nothing new. .It’s all good.

        More can be examined on this in FaceBook.


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