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Understanding our Electronic/Cyber Markets – Part IV

May 24, 2017

The Arizona Daily Star claims that some $14 trillion of American savings are in IRA and 401(k) accounts. Let’s think about this situation. What makes up this $14 trillion? Is there any substance to this $14 trillion of cyber units stored within computer IRA and 401(k) accounts? To comprehend this situation we need to ask some important questions. Why do these $14 trillion of money units have no substance or physical existence? Are you aware that this $14 trillion lives within cyberspace? So what is cyberspace? Can anyone define this space which we witness when we look at our computer screen accounts?

Cyberspace is not the same as observable space (that which I see with my eyes when I look at nature). When I look at nature (say a mountain or river) I see substance. I see objects which exist within our space/time reality. But what do I ‘see’ when I look within cyberspace? Basically, I see nothing of substance as cyberspace has no substance. There is no ‘thingness’ or ‘substance’ when I look at cyberspace (my images within my computer screen). Why do many think that this space has substance? Could it be because I can ‘see’ images in front of my eyes (in the computer screen)? I think so!

People think that cyberspace has substance because they see virtual images (text, objects, colors) within their computer screen. These images, however, have no substance or physical existence. Did you know this? Are you aware that images within cyberspace are virtual images. Virtual means that I can ‘see’ these images in my mind (or consciousness) but I can not access, touch, feel, observe these images. The images are mere illusions within my mind and/or consciousness. They have no ‘substance’ or ‘physical’ existence.

So what are these $14 trillion of savings which Americans have in their IRA and 401(k) accounts? In reality, this $14 trillion consists of mere images (we call them money units) and all these units could vanish and disappear if power is shut-off and if these accounts are wiped clean from cyberspace. This $14 trillion of savings is actually just images in our minds which give us confidence that these money units can be spent over time. We assume that the authorities which control this cyber system (all money units are now mostly living within cyberspace) will allow these units to grow and continue to live within cyberspace.

But all this is mostly wishful thinking as this $14 trillion of money units could vanish and disappear instantaneously via many causes. If the power grid is damaged or destroyed by cyber hackers/criminals then all of these $14 trillion units would not be available for spending. The units (which we call money) are really ‘imaginary’ units (within our minds) and these ‘imaginary’ units can vanish/disappear/become unavailable within an instant of time. A computer shut-down could also make these $14 trillion units unavailable. A bank holiday of days/weeks/months could make these units unavailable.

What we need to understand is that what we call ‘money’ today is really nothing but units within our ‘imagination’. As a banker, I create these units from my thinking (mind) and I ‘type’ these units in this space called ‘cyberspace’ with a punch of select computer keys. The units represent legal tender money but, in reality, this legal tender money does not exist within ‘observable’ space. Historically, money has always been some ‘thing’ which exists within ‘observable’ space. Money started out as some object from nature (say a bead, coin, or paper object). Today, this has changed materially.

Today, our $14 trillion of IRA and 401(k) savings are mere units of our imagination (living within cyberspace) and these units can vanish/disappear/become unavailable within seconds. A flash crash or a shut-down of cyberspace is possible and realistic in today’s world of cyber hacking, cyber crime, and cyber banking. Our banking authorities can now control, manipulate, and crash all these cyber money units with the click of a computer mouse. The money system is centralized today and computers control all of these units and their distribution and their availability.

A smart saver today will understand this situation and provide some alternative for this situation. One alternative is to exchange a portion of these $14 trillion of cyber money units for some real ‘thing’ which exists within observable space (say silver coins, gold coins, food items, transportation items, shelter items). Items which ‘exist’ within observable space and which are within one’s possession can continue to serve as money when all the $14 trillion vanishes from cyberspace. Cyberspace must be understood today as we live with smart phones, laptops, and home computers. Cyber images are what we use today for our money.

A good definition of cyberspace might be the following:

“The space in which computer transactions occur, particularly transactions between different computers. We say that images and text on the Internet exist in cyberspace, for example. The term is also often used in conjunction with virtual reality, designating the imaginary place where virtual objects exist. For example, if a computer produces a picture of building that allows the architect to “walk” through and see what a design would look like, the building is said to exist in cyberspace.”

Comment: the ‘word’ exist is used above but this ‘word’ is not really a good ‘word’ to use. The images within cyberspace do NOT actually ‘exist’ (as in a physical substance). Exist generally means that we can possess, touch, or observe these images within space/time. In reality, cyber images (text, numbers, money units) are virtual images which have no ‘existence’ (as we traditionally experience). Virtual images are a better way to think of today’s money units. Virtual images appear in my smart phone screen to observe, but I can not take possession of these images. This means that I have no control over their reality. The authorities which control the computer accounts (our Central Banks mostly) actually determine who gets these units and who gets nothing (a shut-down or stoppage of the approval for using the account).

What is emerging slowing and relentless is a Centralized Computer Control System (some call this an AI Global Brain) over all money accounts. The Cashless Society is one way to look at this new system which is emerging. Sweden and much of Europe already are mostly ‘cashless’ and these people are victims of their Central Authorities (mostly unknowingly). What is emerging slowing and relentlessly is a ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system where everyone must bow to select Central Authorities to buy/sell/invest and survive. Control is what these Central Authorities desire and with money units that reside within our imagination (cyberspace) these Authorities can control each/all of us via their AI (artificial intelligence) technologies.

People will soon need the approval of a Centralized Computer Source (run by select banksters) to buy/sell/invest and transact commerce. We will need to give our allegiance to this Global Brain System to survive as economic citizens. All our $14 trillion of cyber money units could be monitored and controlled so that spending is done in accordance with the Global Central Planning Authority. Free market Capitalism is now over and a NEW system has emerged which is controlled by Central Administrators (mostly our Central Banks and their political lackeys). Free market transactions will soon be history as physical money will be eliminated from our planet.

A Cashless World of cyber money units has already emerged in most of Western society. Just look at your own smart phone for evidence. All nations on our planet are now adopting these cyber units for money and this means that we are heading for a Globalized World where Central Banksters and select Political lackeys will RULE this planet and each person. The general ‘name’ for this is called Agenda 2030 and the United Nations is working to enforce this Agenda upon everyone! I, personally, do not approve of this Agenda or its program, but my VOICE is not heard by any of these Authorities which RULE over us. I am a ‘voice’ in the wilderness of cyberspace! Few listen or read my thinking!

My blog is read by few and only a few comprehend all this change which is happening in front of our eyes. Human nature does not like to ‘rock’ the boat of change and most everyone does not like to challenge a System which currently provides for their survival. I am a ‘voice’ of ONE which can only educate the FEW. My sense, however, is that all this change is part of a much Bigger Picture which is actually beyond the control of all of us. My sense is that we are all operating ‘at effect’ and that metaphysical forces/sources/spirits will ultimately determine the ‘fate’ of planet Earth and each of us. This is my sense as of today! Take the time to think on these issues on your own.

Thinking is not easy and challenging the status quo system is also not easy. My ‘narrow road’ approach to reality is not for everyone. Positive thinking and non-challenge to those who RULE over us is the status quo for the many. I witness this mindset daily as I talk to friends, associates, and relatives on all these issues. Social media (like Facebook) is a good venue to discern the mindset of the many. The mindset of the ‘many’ is the broad road mindset. This mindset says don’t ‘rock’ the boat and don’t challenge the System. Live and let live and don’t allow any negative actions to create real-time change for me and mine. Think positive and allow what is happening to occur. Unfortunately, I must reject this mindset!

My calling is the ‘narrow road’ approach to reality. This means that I think outside the box and challenge those within the box. Hopefully, I can do this in a positive manner even though my message is mostly against the status quo and the current System. I plan to continue my blog for the FEW who like to think outside the box. Today, I witness our cyber money system collapsing in Venezuela and many other nations and I will continue to follow what is developing internationally. Terrorism, to me, develops because of our current corrupt System and all the positive thinking people will not change the core of Human Nature. Human nature prefers (darkness) over (light). What I see as ‘darkness’, however, is generally seen as ‘light’ by the many!

Are we living in the last of the LAST DAYS for our current corrupt financial/political System? My sense is YES! We are now living in the LAST DAYS and we all will witness the changes coming to our planet. Prior to a NEW SYSTEM, we must experience some difficult times and challenges. The start of the difficulties will happen when our current cyber money economy is temporarily shut-down due to the cyber criminals who operate behind closed doors. Cyber crime will eventually SHUT-DOWN the entire cyber system. Money is now living within cyberspace and cyber money is ‘imaginary’ money. Think for  yourself to discover this reality! I am:

Some additional images for your consideration:

Image result for what is cyberspace

Cyberspace operates as a ‘virtual’ mental experience!

Image result for examples of cyber money

Cyber money units get ‘typed’ into cyberspace for further distribution!

Image result for what is cyberspace

The 1’s and 0’s create a cyber logic which produces our cyber images within our screens!

Image result for what is cyberspace

The entire planet is now connected via a cyber web of electromagnetic signals!

Image result for the centralized Global Brain

A centralized Global Brain (AI) will eventually rule all commerce. People become victims of the rules which our Central Planners select!

Image result for the centralized Global Brain

Many thinkers assume that the Global Brain is positive for humanity!

Image result for the centralized Global Brain

Inter-connectedness allows a Central Authority to RULE over the 7.4 billion citizens!

Image: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says “Global superstructure” needed to advance humanity under totalitarian control

Mark Zuckerberg and the United Nations Agenda 2030 are promoting Centralization of all Authority for the planet!

How do you go from a nerd who developed a popular social media website to master decider of the universe and the future of Humankind? Easy: You turn that social media site creation into a multi-billion dollar platform and presto, instant credibility.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says “Global superstructure” needed to advance humanity under totalitarian control

Image result for the mark of the beast financial system is here

The ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system is here NOW! Few comprehend as our economies are favorable for the many (those on the ‘broad road’)!

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  1. Muhd.Shukri Yaacob permalink
    May 24, 2017 4:00 pm

    Not many who can comprehend and appreciate your take on digital money/fiat money.Although fake and not in existence,it can be used for trading transaction.Some resistance was mustered by France for eg in the early days of Nixon severance of Bretton Wood Agreement but the US might and its shrewd maneuver with Saudi and the introduction of Petrodollar,had imposed on the world the fake monetary system we know today.However,the movement towards real money is gaining strength.Praise to God for having people like you,Ellen Brown,Positive Money,Realmoney,Bill Still,Mark Maloney,Sheikh Imran Hussein and many more.Dont give up, I enjoyed reading your missive and helps me understand better.As you said that we are in the last days of The Last Day when we shall meet our Creator and to answer to Him of all our deeds including the monetary system that we practised.I seek His mercy.


    • May 24, 2017 4:33 pm

      Thanks Muhd. I appreciate your encouraging words. Your list of realists in the area of money are also mine. Stay in touch. D

      On May 24, 2017 4:00 PM, “Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now” wrote:



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