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How can Freedom be Restored to our Markets?

May 24, 2017

We now live under the enslavement of cyber money, passwords, electromagnetic frequencies, and a Centralized System of Authority (which controls all markets and soon all individuals). Freedom of thought is being censored by those who desire to promote Globalism, Centralization, and a Fascist/Totalitarian State. Our recently elected leader called Donald Trump is now part of this cabal which desires to RULE our planet. The big battle is a battle for control over the MINDS of the sheep who refuse to THINK for themselves. A few Marxists, Fascists, Globalists, Totalitarians are working to create their planetary utopia called Agenda 2030.

Soon the minds of contrarians and truth tellers will be silenced so that the above corrupt Agenda can be installed. America has fallen to these globalists/cabalists and the American people are falling into this ‘trap’ of mental enslavement. Few can discern the trends as few can think outside the manipulated mindset of those who control our media/education/religious/scientific/philosophical system. Religion is part of our enslavement as is economics, philosophy and science. I am shocked at what is now happening but I think all this must eventually lead to a breakdown within all our cyber markets. It can happen NOW!

How can concerned people with some savings bring our cyber controlled markets to a halt? Is it possible to bring our markets some freedom which our centralized authorities can not stop? I think this could happen rather easily if a few billionaires and average investors would simply follow my advice. What we need to do to collapse all these false/illusionary/fake markets is buy up ALL the historical money units on this planet. This could be done rather easily by purchasing ALL the physical gold and silver on this planet (or most of it). When I say ALL, I do not mean every ounce of physical silver/gold. I mean MOST of the free ounces which are offered for sale on our markets.

Why would this work? What is now happening is that our Centralized Authorities are purposely manipulating sentiment (the psychology) within our silver/gold markets to prevent any challenge to their CYBER (fake) money markets. The ‘fake’ cyber money units are being accepted by the gullible sheep as they do not understand history or real economics. These cyber sheep (with their ubiquitous smart phones) will desire the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system without understanding what they are doing. They view these new technologies as a step toward greater freedom and individuality as they can not discern the END game of our Globalist Cabal.

The END game of our Central Planners is to enslave all the cyber sheep with passwords, numbers, and control gimmicks so they can RULE this planet. The Big Picture is controlling the planet via controlling the decision-making at the TOP. Those at the TOP will RULE over the gullible cyber sheep who are unable to think as independent agents. This has been history as human nature does not change. Contrarian thinking is allowed as long as the Central Planners at the TOP are not being challenged in any serious manner. The one option left for free market thinkers is to refuse to save funds ($$$$$$) within these cyber controlled computer accounts.

What we need to do is create such a demand for historical monies (silver/gold) so that the manipulated/controlled price regime (run by our Central Planners) fails. These Central Planners (operating behind closed doors) promote sentiment (the psychology) for our cyber units. This is their strategy for getting investors out of historical monies such as silver/gold. Why do you think that the prices of silver/gold are being suppressed continually? Could the Central Planners have a reason? I think so! They KNOW that historical monies are a serious Challenge to their plan to enslave all mankind with their cyber gimmicks. If we can buy up ALL (most) of the existing supply of silver/gold coins and bars, then the Central Planners will recognize (get the message) that their plan to enslave us with cyber money will fail.

Think about restoring FREEDOM to our markets by refusing to SAVE in cyber money. Cyber money is for the cyber sheep who desire not to learn from history. We are living in a FAKE world of cyber money and cyber symbols which have nearly everyone deceived. We need to STOP this trend towards our enslavement by challenging these FASCISTS and GLOBALISTS who desire to RULE over all of us with symbols, passwords, numbers, and cyber gimmicks. Let’s buy up ALL the physical supply of silver/gold ASAP so our enslavement can be STOPPED. Our Central Planners will get the message when they can no longer rule over the psychology of our markets with cyber gimmicks, tricks, manipulations, and illusions. Their controlled MEDIA will also get the message from the common people!

We can restore FREEDOM to our markets if we THINK prior to acting. Think about getting rid of ALL your cyber savings (illusionary money now living within cyberspace) and exchanging these units (of nothing) for REAL physical silver/gold coins and bars. Watch as the Central Planners run for cover and hide in the rocks as the PEOPLE restore FREEDOM to our markets. We now KNOW who all these Central Planners are and where they are. The Federal Reserve in New York, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of England in London, the Swiss National Bank, the Bank of China, the Bank of Japan, the Central Bank of Sweden, and especially the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany are these CENTRAL PLANNERS.

All the above CENTRAL PLANNERS will discover that sentiment (the psychology) can not be manipulated any longer. Savers can change the psychology with their exchange of cyber money units for REAL physical silver/gold coins and bars. The Central Planning Banksters will RUN for cover as they watch their assumed EMPIRE collapse and implode. The cyber system is pure FAKERY and ILLUSION. Wake-up and ACT to challenge this ‘fake’ house of cards. Do it NOW! Reality is always NOW…and successive moments of NOW. Let’s RESTORE freedom and individuality to our MARKETS! Get this missive out to everyone on your email list. We can CHANGE our markets if we desire! Think and then ACT! I am merely your messenger! I am:

Think about changing the psychology within our markets (now)!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

THINK about exchanging your cyber (fake) money units for REAL silver/gold!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

Buy from reputable dealers in your area (now)!

Image result for buy silver now

Ignore the cyber price (the low current price is manipulated)! Buy and ignore price! Something (a ‘thing’) is better than Nothing (fake cyber money)! Let’s send a message to our Central Planners that enough is enough! Freedom must be restored to our markets!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

Historical monies can change the psychology within our controlled cyber (fake) markets!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

THINK and then ACT! Let’s restore FREEDOM to our global markets. Vote for freedom and individuality within our markets!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

Exchange your fake cyber money units for our historical store of value money!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

Cyber money units are FAKE (mere illusions of the mind). Exchange these units for something tangible and physical!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

Convert your savings (not needed for immediate needs) into gold/silver coins/bars! Do this NOW!

Image result for buy gold and silver now

Reality is always NOW…and successive moments of NOW! Think and then ACT (now)!

Image result for banksters are central planners

Those who desire to enslave us have revealed their psychology many times within our history. Central Planning is a form of Communism/Totalitarianism/Enslavement! Fooling the sheep with psychological deception works as human nature generally follows those within positions of POWER. Leaders in positions of POWER can impose select illusions (deceptions) upon the sheep who refuse to think outside the box! Thinking is not easy so most sheep will follow a guru or rhetorician who can use psychology to deceive! We are now being deceived by fake money and an illusionary system of cyber technology! WAKE-UP and act now to stop this enslavement!


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