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Trump’s visit to Temple Wall – the ‘Implications’!

May 23, 2017

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All of Trump’s key advisers visited the Western Wall of the historic Temple of Yahweh on Monday, May 22, 2017. What does this ‘imply’ to a student of human nature. To me, this ‘implies’ that our political leaders are technically not in control of events on this planet (as they assume). They act as if they determine events and happenings on this planet but this visit to the site of Yahweh’s Temple site reveals the opposite (to me). The Most High God of our universe is actually in control of events and these politicians recognize this reality down deep in their soul. This is obvious to a student of human nature (myself)!

I have been saying for years that man is (at the core) ‘at effect’. This means that we all live out our destiny via our ideas and thinking but the real SOURCE of our ideas and thinking derives from the Most High God (who lives within the spiritual realm). The Throne Room of the Most High determines events on planet earth and this reality has been evident to me for most of my life. I live ‘at effect’ and I believe you do likewise. This means that we construct our reality AFTER receiving our inner spiritual ideas from the spiritual realm. We think we determine our destiny but this thinking is actually fallacious and inaccurate. We are deceived!

The Most High Creator (YHWH or choose your name) is ultimately in control of events and happenings on this planet. As humans we have lived on this planet for some 6,000 years (since the creation of Adam/Eve) and the destiny of each of us is determined by our Creator Source. Currently, we are living in the last of the Last Days for man’s rulership of this planet. Man rules today without real wisdom or understanding…and this leads to conflicts, war, poverty, misery, terrorism, extremism, etc. Man ruling over Man results in all this strife and misery. Does Mr. Trump and his advisers recognize this reality? I think so (down deep in their souls)!

Politicians probably recognize this reality (down deep in their soul) but they refuse to admit it publicly. Why? Because they want to play God and give all the sheep on this planet the sense that they control events and our destiny. Playing God is temporarily fun for these Big Ego’s who like to rule over us (and deceive us). They can implement their strategies and corrupt policies and temporarily have fun ruling the masses of sheep (who have no idea what is happening on this planet). The vast majority of human sheep simply FOLLOW the dictates of these God playing rulers who think they determine events. What a shame!

Yes, the implications of going to the Temple Wall (also called the Western Wall of Yahweh’s historic Temple in Jerusalem) gives an astute observer of human nature the awareness that these God playing politicians really don’t have any real control of human events. They PLAY GOD (as if they control events) but, in reality, they have zero ultimate control. If the sheep would wake-up to this reality, we could ask all these God Players to step down and become normal human beings. Yes, they should ALL step down and become equals with the masses. But this is unlikely until more dire events happen.

Eventually, the sheep will wake-up to the lies, deceptions, and false agenda’s which our God Playing politicians present to us. This can happen as more sheep start to think independently of the crowd. As of today, I do not witness much progress. Independent thinking is for the very few elect but the masses still prefer to be spoon fed by the God Players (who like to ‘fool’ and ‘deceive’). Playing God is what I witness today with most all our politicians, religious leaders, education leaders, financial leaders, and media leaders. The sheep will continue to SLEEP until a final wake-up call arrives (some major economic or military disaster to our planet). It’s coming IMO. Think for yourself! I am:

Some additional images for you to consider:

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

The Donald, Tillerson, Masters, Ivanka, Jared, and Melania at the Western Wall (Yahweh’s historic Temple site)!

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

The Donald sways and prays at the Temple Wall and puts his message in the rocks for YHWH to receive! Yahweh is the God of the Israelites!

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

Ivanka Trump says her prayers to the God of our planet (YHWH) as she prays during her visit to the Temple Wall in Jerusalem!

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

The historic Temple Wall goes back to the days of Yeshua and the beginnings of historic Christianity. Yeshua was a servant of his God called YHWH (in Hebrew)! The American philosophy of freedom is based upon God (the Most High King) ruling over all of planet earth!

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

Mr. Trump and all his advisers reveal that they (when push comes to shove) are NOT in control of human events! They are at the mercy of a Higher Power! Human rulers like to Play God but, in reality, they have zero ultimate control of events/happenings!

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

Melania prays at the women’s section of the Temple Wall in Jerusalem! What does this imply? Who is her ultimate Creator? Does this image reveal her inner thinking?

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

Trump and Netanyahu confirm that they are allies and that they will overcome their enemies! But does the Most High God approve of their ideas?

Image result for trumps visit to western wall in jerusalem

The Donald and Middle Eastern politicians think they can create their own reality for our planet! Is this sound thinking?

Image result for trump and the last days

The Last Trump signals that this age of Man’s Rule is OVER! Does the Donald recognize his destiny? Are we living in the LAST DAYS???

Image result for yahweh

Only the Most High knows what will happen on planet Earth! Are you aware of this? Our destiny is determined by forces, sources, powers, beyond this immediate planet! We war NOT against flesh and blood but against spiritual powers beyond our control! Words and ideas derive from this higher realm!

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