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The ‘Global Financial Brain’ Is Here! Let’s Think!

April 26, 2017

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Today, most emotion has been taken out of trading and investing as computers, robots, smart phones, artificial intelligence, automated trading, and algorithms rule over trading and price changes. Essentially, the historical business cycle (where real human emotion used to rule) has been changed dramatically now that market ‘prices’ are mostly determined by trading algorithms, robots, and high frequency trading computers. Machines now rule over all our markets and the new concept is the Global Financial Brain. What is this? Where is all this heading?

Essentially, a master financial computer programmed to monitor and manage all financial markets automatically is now a reality. Computers can now be programmed to buy, sell, and manipulate any ‘price’ within our electronic/digital marketplace. A commodity, like gold, can be monitored for ‘price’ changes and select algorithms can be programmed to bracket the allowed ‘price’ changes for this commodity indefinitely. All this can be done with one master computer algorithm(s) with a private ‘source code’ which trades all (or select) electronic markets and controls the ‘prices’.

Electronic futures contracts and/or ETF’s can be purchased (by a Central Bank trader, for example) to monitor and then buy/sell a commodity so as to bracket the ‘price’ of this commodity for a policy purpose. This can be done with any commodity which trades on our commodity exchange markets (now all electronic). Computers can trade at near the speed of light with select algorithms which are programmed to trade for this purpose. And today, our Central Banks (especially the New York Fed and the BIS) have hundreds of real-time traders to effect this outcome. Trading strategies are the key to creating manipulated ‘prices’!

Actually, it could take only one high frequency computer (operating behind closed-doors) to monitor, bracket, and control the prices of select commodities like gold and silver. If our central policymakers desire that gold/silver be suppressed for political reasons, then a policy of controlling these ‘prices’ could be accomplished via automated computer trading (irrespective of what retail traders do). One computer trader with an automated trading robot plus a trading algorithm could monitor, elevate, suppress, or change these precious metals prices indefinitely. The historical emotional business cycle (which used to move gold/silver prices) has now been essentially eliminated.

We could have war with North Korea while simultaneously watching the ‘price’ of gold decline. We could have a major commercial bank go into liquidation/bankruptcy and simultaneously watch gold (the historical safe haven commodity) decline in price. Any dire event could simultaneously cause a declining price in this safe haven investment given today’s machine driven markets. If an algorithm sets the ‘price’ then all emotion is eliminated from trading and prices will respond to the buy/sell action provided by the algorithm. Today, we live with electronic exchanges and digital currencies. This allows computer machines to remove ‘all emotion’ from trading and prices can now respond to artificial algorithmic programs. Speed of light trading is what I witness in today’s digital markets!

The historical business cycle and dire geopolitical events (which used to cause price changes in predictable ways) is now over as our machine driven electronic markets rule over all trading and price changes. Trading is now a machine driven situation and all our ‘prices’ are mostly determined by programmed algorithms and their source codes. Trading robots, automated trading, algorithmic trading, and private programmed source codes can determine market prices and manipulate outcomes indefinitely (now that Central Banks trade our markets). One master Central Bank trading computer (operating behind closed doors) can manipulate select prices of any trading asset indefinitely and fool all the human traders who think with emotion and human logic.

What is emerging on the global scene is a Global Computer Brain which can monitor and control all prices (or select prices) globally. Computers and artificial intelligence is emerging rapidly for controlling our digital/electronic markets. A Global Financial Brain is essentially a global computer which is programmed to act and respond to internal algorithms which then trade and manipulate all/any markets. This is now realistic as our Central Banks trade our markets to achieve select policy outcomes. If these centralized (behind closed-door) traders desire for markets to elevate, then this can be accomplished via algorithmic trading. If they desire to suppress or crash a particular electronic market, then this outcome can be realized. What a world we live in today. All markets are interconnected, monitored, controlled and managed by select trading computers. The new words in finance are ‘computer manipulation’ and ‘machine driven markets’!

It is time to wake-up and think about what has changed these past 15 years. Our markets are now digital and living within a new space called ‘cyberspace’. All our stock and commodity exchanges (with a few minor exceptions) are now electronic and computer trading strategies set all the prices. The goal seems to be one Global Financial Brain for the entire planet (eventually). This Global Financial Brain will monitor, manage, control, and manipulate all digital prices so that centralized policy can be implemented for all our electronic markets. Human enslavement to electronic machines is now here. Passwords and private entry codes will soon determine who can buy, sell, invest, and trade. Essentially, the Mark of the Beast Financial System is HERE now!

Love it or hate it does not matter. We are controlled by machines and those in power over these machines control outcomes via the algorithms programmed within these machines. Those in power over us who operate mostly behind closed doors will RULE this planet and control all financial outcomes. Who are these select policymakers who control us? Think about this global financial cartel called our CENTRAL BANKS and their key administrators! Policy makers like Mario Draghi, Mark Carney, Janet Yellen, Haruhiko Kuroda, Xi Jinping, Stefan Ingves, Steven Mnuchin, Gary Cohn, and a host of insider financial elites (often called the Deep State) rule over the current corrupt global SYSTEM. These elites will decide what algorithms are programmed and what prices they desire to manipulate (digitally and electronically)! We live in cyberspace and mostly under virtual concepts derived via our internet society!

The old historical business cycle is now mostly defunct and obsolete as machines RULE our financial planet. We need to THINK differently today! We need to update our vocabulary to include words like: algorithms, trading robots, automated trading, electronic markets, source codes, virtual reality, quants, tick charts, price manipulation, high frequency trading, trading strategies, machine driven markets, cyberspace, electromagnetic frequencies, speed of light trading, interconnected markets, new world order, agenda 2030, centralized control, central planning, deep state, global banking cartel, behind closed-door decision-making, enslavement, controlled markets, and soon this concept called the MARK of the BEAST! Reality is NOW! We all need to wake-up to our new realities! Think for yourself! I am:

Some images to help with your understanding:

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Image result for interconnected global economy

Image result for Artificial intelligence, the global brain,

Image result for Artificial intelligence, the global brain,

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Image result for trading via robots and algorithms

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Image result for interconnected global economy and the mark of the beast

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A concept from scripture which reveals that we are now in the END TIMES for human government! As people wake-up (gradually) this concept will be rejected IMO! Unfortunately, nearly everyone is deceived and asleep today on most financial and spiritual issues. Until some real change and pain occurs within our global interconnected markets, I sense that the Global Brain concept will advance and grow (maybe for many years)! I may not live to witness this event, but I sense that it is emerging as I write this missive! We live in interesting times!





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